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The right workout wear can not only help you feel more comfortable working out, it could even enhance your performance... With the working-out-naked trend taking off, we might imagine a world where workout clothes – and clothes in general – just don’t exist. For some who are completely comfortable in the way they look, this would be the dream. But for others who are shy, workout clothes will always be an important part of their exercise regime. Choosing the right style of clothes, made from the best quality material, is important to make sure your body is supported, and you feel good about yourself too. Keith McNiven - Owner of RIGHT PATH FITNESS - has given us 5 tips for choosing the best workout clothes for your body type and discipline. 1. BODY TYPE – we all sweat during a workout, but some people suffer more than others. If you’re a sweater, you can buy clothing that wicks sweat away from your body, allowing it to breathe. Examples include tops with breathable patches under the arms and materials designed to dry quickly, instead of staying wet, as well as towelling headbands to stop sweat dripping down your face. 2. DO YOUR RESEARCH – before heading off to the shops or going for an online shopping-spree, take the time to read about different styles of fitness clothing from a variety of brands – that way, you’ll know the price range, colours and materials available before you part with any cash.


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3. THE MATERIAL – some people are big fans of lycra, whilst others prefer loose, cotton clothing. This can be for a variety of reasons – either you would rather skimp over any lumps and bumps, or you find it helps your skin breathe better. Sports bras with soft lining are a god send, after all, who wants chafing? Ouch! 4. TYPE OF EXERCISE – the clothes you choose for a high-intensity bootcamp session are going to be very different to the ones you choose for a chilled-out yoga class. For the gym, road runs and HIIT, clothes made from robust materials such as lycra are your best bet – ideally shorts/leggings and shortsleeved tops or vests. For a gentler session like yoga or pilates, you’ll want loose t-shirts with tracksuit bottoms or yoga pants.

it’s never too late! The options for trainers are endless, with so many different styles and shapes to choose from. When it comes to running or ‘performance’ trainers, the look isn’t actually that important. Make sure you choose a pair that suit your activity level and have the amount of support you need. This is particularly important if you’ve suffered an injury.

5. TRAINER STYLE – a true gymgoer has a trainer collection to be jealous of. If this isn’t you yet,