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NO SLOW COACH Personal Trainer Sharon Clare gives her top fitness tips for the season Autumn is often a time when people lapse from their exercise routine as the beach body season has ended and Chritmas is just around the corner. The days get shorter and the nights darker, so keeping fit often gets forgotten, but there’s every reason not to be deterred by the damp: Here are five different ways to keep yourself active this autumn:1)- If you have a dog – try Cani Cross walking and running -a fun social way to keep fit. Find a local group in your area. 2) Boot camps - Join a local circuit boot camp group and get fit and have fun in a team environment. 3)Calisthenics- Body weight exercises can be performed anywhere - in the park, gym or at home, so no excuses! 4) Buggy Fit- If you have a baby or young children – this is a great way to meet new mums and get fit. 5) Parkour Running- Or Free running, is great way to get fit out in the park or open spaces Sharon Clare at Body Coach Fitness offers these services and is located near Sudbury in Suffolk. Please see for further details or contact / 07875086760

Become an

everyday athlete

Making small improvements and behaving as an ‘Everyday Athlete’ can improve life span by more than three years, according to Vitality, the health and life insurer. Based on analysis of 6,600 members over the course of 12 months, Vitality found that previously sedentary members who increased their activity levels to the Government recommended 150 minutes a week saw their life expectancy boosted by more than three years (3.1 years). Members who increased their activity levels to 90 minutes saw an increase of almost three years (2.7 years) and exercising just 60 minutes a week saw an increase of more than two years (2.4 years). The research was calculated through analysis of each individual’s ‘Vitality Age’, an aggregate measure of wellness that evaluates the gap between physical body age and actual age. By surveying members before and after they made changes to their everyday behaviour, the data pinpointed the impact of behaviour on life expectancy. Further research conducted by Vitality found the main barriers preventing people from taking part in sport or exercise include time constraints (31%), the expense (21%) and people not enjoying it (19%). The aim of this campaign is to inspire people to make small changes to everyday behaviour to realise long term health improvements. Activity needn’t be timeconsuming, expensive or unenjoyable, and positive small steps can be easily incorporated into everyday life. Such everyday activities include walking up the escalator rather than standing. The campaign is supported by Vitality Ambassador Jessica Ennis-Hill, who took time out of her busy Olympics training schedule to raise awareness of an issue that is close to her heart.

Discover the benefits of the little and often approach to exercise, and how to make this work with today’s busy lifestyles

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