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TOBIE & MATT Australian Premiere – Monday 10 March at 8.30pm Exclusive to LifeStyle FOOD TOBIE & MATT is the new stunningly photographed food, wine and travel series from LifeStyle FOOD Channel. Featuring best mates, chef Tobie Puttock (Fifteen Restaurant Melbourne and Jamie's Kitchen Australia) and sommelier and wine writer Matt Skinner (Head of wine operations for Fifteen Restaurant Group and author of The Juice), TOBIE & MATT is a fantastic food and wine journey through Europe with our backpacker gourmets. "The audience for food programs is changing. It’s getting younger and more male, it’s cool to be able to cook and know something about wine,” said Trevor Eastment, Director of Programming and Production for LifeStyle FOOD. “We think Tobie and Matt are the right talent for the times. They are accessible and have a chilled out, relaxed attitude to good food and wine and good times, which is perfect for this new audience. At the same time they have the knowledge and credibility to appeal to more traditional food audiences.” Tobie returned to Australia from Europe in 2005 to set up Fifteen Restaurant in his home town of Melbourne and Matt returned to Australia late last year. Seizing their last opportunity for some time to travel around Europe together, they visit four famous food and wine destinations – Barcelona Spain, Bergerac France, Lucca in Italy and Athens, Greece. Some are favourite haunts and some are new experiences.


Their first task in each area is to find expat Aussies, friends of friends or locals who have spent time in Australia to act as their local guides and mentors. They then set themselves the challenge of taking just three days to absorb the local sights, flavours, wines and cooking styles. At the end of this time Matt selects a stunning local wine which Tobie then matches to a menu of three locally inspired dishes cooked in real time to serve up for their hosts and mentors. Their quick assimilation of the local flavours in each destination gives the viewer a fantastic insight into the local food and wine, while giving the guys a challenge to put their knowledge to the test. Discover some of Europe’s famous food and wine destinations with recipes and wine recommendations from Tobie and Matt delivered in their easy to follow, Aussie way. This four-part series is produced by Wall to Wall Pictures for LifeStyle FOOD Channel. Screening Mondays at 8.30pm and Saturdays at 7.30pm from 10 March on LifeStyle FOOD, available on FOXTEL and AUSTAR. For further information or to arrange an interview, please contact: Sharyn Whitten, Publicity Manager T: 02 9813 7015 M: 0408 471 116 E: FOR IMAGES PLEASE LOG ON TO:

EPISODE ONE - BARCELONA, SPAIN Premieres Monday 10 March at 8.30pm EPISODE TWO - BERGERAC, FRANCE Premieres Monday 17 March at 8.30pm EPISODE THREE - LUCCA, ITALY Premieres Monday 24 March at 8.30pm EPISODE FOUR - ATHENS, GREECE Premieres Monday 31 March at 8.30pm

TOBIE PUTTOCK International award-winning chef Tobie Puttock began his career working in Melbourne’s ‘Caffe e Cucina’ before travelling to the beautiful and picturesque Lake Como in Italy to work for Hotel Florence. After many years of perfecting his Italian language and culinary skills Tobie found himself on English shores working at the world famous ‘River Café’ with its equally famous chefs Rose Gray and Ruth Rogers. It was here he worked with and became great friends with Jamie Oliver. Returning to Australia in 1999 Tobie set up his own restaurant ‘Termini’ in Melbourne which went on to win 'Best Italian Restaurant 2002' by the Young Australian Achiever Awards. It wasn’t long before his old mate Jamie Oliver had a bigger challenge to offer him and in 2001 Tobie returned to the UK to become Head Chef of the first Fifteen Restaurant, a venture that teaches under-privileged young people how to become chefs. Tobie seized the opportunity and was instrumental in helping 'Fifteen' achieve the status of Tatler's 'Restaurant of the Year' Award in 2003. In 2005 Tobie returned home to Australia to make his own dream a reality and in September 2006 Australia’s first Fifteen Restaurant and Foundation opened in Melbourne. Here Tobie continues Jamie and the Fifteen Foundation’s work by giving 15-20 under privileged youths the chance to become qualified chefs each year. With his light-hearted approach and passion for food, over the last few years Tobie has been a regular on Australian shows such as Good Morning Australia and Ready Steady Cook; as well as starring alongside Jamie Oliver in the hit Channel 10 series Jamie’s Kitchen – Australia. Tobie writes a monthly column in food magazine Delicious; his first cook book Daily Italian is a best seller and his second book is due for release in August 2008. Now presenting the food, wine and travel series, Tobie & Matt, with his best mate, sommelier Matt Skinner, Tobie and his wild head of hair is fast becoming known as one of Australia’s most loved and favourite celebrity chefs. Tobie lives in Melbourne with his wife Georgia. TOBIE & MATT screens Mondays at 8.30pm and Saturdays at 7.30pm from 10 March on LifeStyle FOOD, available on FOXTEL and AUSTAR.

MATT SKINNER Australian born Matt Skinner has an insatiable passion for wine. With over 13 years’ experience, he is well known to International audiences as an author, broadcaster and writer on the subject. In October 2002 he was invited by Jamie Oliver to head up wine at Fifteen and to teach the subject to its students. After five years in London, Matt returned home to Melbourne in December 2007. He’ll still be spending plenty of time in London and Europe, and will retain his involvement with Jamie as wine editor of and with the Fifteen Restaurant Group, overseeing each restaurants wine list. Matt has a refreshing take on the industry and a knack for making wine simple. His first book Thirsty Work was awarded ‘Best Educational Wine Book UK’ at the 2005 Gourmand World Cookbook Awards and to date has been published in sixteen countries and ten languages. October 2007 saw the publication of the third edition of his award winning annual wine guide The Juice 2008. 2008 will see the publication of two new books – Heard it through the Grapevine and the fourth edition of his annual wine guide The Juice 2009. Matt also writes a monthly wine column for Waitrose Food Illustrated Magazine and a weekly wine column for Sunday Magazine (Sunday Herald Sun and The Sunday Telegraph). Matt is really excited to be involved in a new TV project with best mate Tobie Puttock for LifeStyle FOOD. Matt and Tobie share good times, travel, food and wine across Europe in their stunningly photographed series, TOBIE & MATT. His enthusiasm for wine is only surpassed by his dedication to encouraging people of all ages to feel more comfortable, passionate and enthusiastic about the subject. Matt lives in Melbourne with his wife Carly and their young daughter Indi. TOBIE & MATT screens Mondays at 8.30pm and Saturdays at 7.30pm from 10 March on LifeStyle FOOD, available on FOXTEL and AUSTAR.

EPISODE ONE - BARCELONA, SPAIN Premieres Monday 10 March at 8.30pm Tobie and Matt are in Barcelona, Spain and visit expat Aussie chef Sarah Stothart, owner and chef of downtown restaurant, Tapioles 53. At Tapioles 53, Sarah has created a restaurant where the menu changes daily as she sources only the freshest ingredients from small local suppliers. Over lunch of pepper quail with purple congo mash, Tobie and Matt explain their challenge to Sarah - Matt is going to choose a wine variety from the area and Tobie is going to make three dishes using local produce to complement the wine of Matt’s choice. Sarah gives them tips on the local produce, including Black Forest Chickens and how locals like to stuff these with apples and lemon, and promises to take Tobie and Matt to the local markets the following day to source their ingredients. Tobie and Matt arrive early next morning to meet Sarah at the central Santa Catarina markets. Boasting unique architecture and a huge range of local produce Santa Caterina Market was the first covered market in the city. Tobie then meets with Moses, a local fisherman the following morning at the wharves. Moses teaches Tobie how to make a traditional fisherman’s dish, Suquet. Moses keeps an eagle eye over Tobie to ensure the authenticity isn’t compromised throughout the preparation of the dish. Meanwhile Matt is looking for a wine to accompany Tobie’s chicken. With the help of vineyard owner Jurgen Wagner of Capçanes vineyard in the Montsant region, he finds a Rosé and meets another local, Sandra, who he invites along for the taste test. Matt returns to Barcelona just in time to have lunch with Sarah and Tobie at one of Barcelona’s hottest tapas bars, Quimet & Quimet. Sarah invites Tobie and Matt to her parents’ place in the middle of the wine region, Penedés. In Penedés, Tobie takes over the backyard and prepares his version of Spanish croquettes or “bombas” and a roast chicken stuffed in the traditional way with apples, lemon and sage. It’s then over to Sarah and Sandra to judge whether or not the boys were successful in their Spanish food and wine matching challenge. TOBIE & MATT screens Mondays at 8.30pm and Saturdays at 7.30pm on LifeStyle FOOD, available on FOXTEL and AUSTAR.

EPISODE TWO - BERGERAC, FRANCE Premieres Monday 17 March at 8.30pm Tobie and Matt have arrived in Bordeaux, France and head south to visit chef Dany Chouet and partner Trish Hobbs who live in the beautiful Perigord area not far from a town called Malcournet. Trish and Dany opened the famous 'Cleopatra' restaurant and guest house in Blackheath, Blue Mountains in 1984 where they were decorated with countless awards for excellence for the food and the ambiance. After 17 years they decided it was time move back to France, Dany's birthplace, to start up cooking classes with a difference. They want to invite people to experience the flavour of the local produce, markets and traditional cooking methods of south-west France. After travelling for some time and relying on Tobie’s map reading the boys finally arrive at the rusty gates in front of Dany and Trish’s beautiful house. Tobie takes a tour of Dany’s herb garden to collect ingredients for a rabbit dish that Dany is going to cook them for dinner while Matt catches up with Trish to find out more about their plans and cooking classes. Tobie then gets some cooking hints from Dany in her kitchen as she stuffs and trusses the rabbit ready for the oven. The next day Matt heads out to visit Winemaker Hugh Ryman at Chateau De La Jaubertie near Bergerac where Hugh gives Matt a tour of the vineyard and they select a wine for the challenge. They decide on Mirabelle 2004. While Matt is visiting Hugh, Tobie is at the Villereal and Issigeac food markets with Dany getting a run down on the local produce and spices. Matt leaves Hugh with an invitation to lunch the following day to taste Tobie’s dishes and see if the wine match is right. Matt heads to the markets to join Tobie and they buy duck breast for the first recipe. Matt gives Tobie a run down on the wine he has chosen to check that Tobie has the right ingredients. The first recipe is grilled duck breast with cured zucchini, basil, mint and rocket salad. Plus a version of Dany’s potatoes with parsley and garlic. After catching the beautiful morning light at the 18th Century manor Chateau Rayet, Tobie and Matt prepare to cook in the Chateau’s kitchen. The second dish will be pork neck stuffed with bread, prunes, pistachios and basil. To accompany the meat, cannellini beans flavoured with sage, garlic and tomato. Later in the morning they move outside into the beautiful grounds of Rayet to cook the third dish: local mushrooms on toast with garlic, parsley and white wine. Now it’s time for the verdict. Tobie, Matt, Trish, Dany and Hugh discuss the success of the three meals that Tobie has prepared and how they work with the Mirabelle 2004 wine Matt has chosen for the occasion. TOBIE & MATT screens Mondays at 8.30pm and Saturdays at 7.30pm on LifeStyle FOOD, available on FOXTEL and AUSTAR.

EPISODE THREE - LUCCA, ITALY Premieres Monday 24 March at 8.30pm This week, Tobie and Matt journey to one of Tuscany’s best kept secrets, Lucca. Approximately 150kms from Florence, Lucca is one of the richest areas in Tuscany for history, tradition and culture. Surrounded by ancient stone walls they walk through the streets of Lucca to take in some of the history and then visit Marco Ribechini at his restaurant Villa Bongi. After a few laughs they get down to business explaining their mission to Marco and why they’ve come to visit. Matt will choose a wine variety from the area and Tobie is going to make three dishes using local produce to complement the wine of Matt’s choice. The boys turn to Marco for some tips on the local produce just as Marco’s truffle man arrives to make a delivery. They are invited on a walk with the truffle dog to see if anything can be found near by. Back in the kitchen, Marco creates a delicious pasta dish from scratch for their lunch while teaching Tobie traditional Italian cooking techniques. Tobie and Matt then visit Sandy Farfor from Melbourne now living in Lucca. Sandy’s son Tim is an old friend of Tobie’s and invited the boys to visit. Sandy lives just outside of Lucca in a house which is on an Estate owned by Baroness Diamantina overlooking the picturesque valley. They decide to cook their first dish, Pappa Pomodoro, outside on her terrace to take advantage of their inspirational surroundings. Next stop is the town of Panzano in Chianti to visit a famous butcher called Dario Ceccini who Matt says is, “like a maniac with a great big knife but he’s got some of the best meat in the world.” Dario whips up a quick snack for Tobie and Matt before sending them on their way. Sandy has arranged for Tobie and Matt to visit the Baroness Diamantina Scola-Camberini at the beautiful Villa Tunuta Di Forci - a 1,000 acre working farm which produces the best olive oil in the area plus olives, a number of wines, fresh ricotta and honey. As a bonus the boys stop on their way to the Baroness to visit a shepherd called Ardo who lives on the property. Ardo tends to the sheep on the property and his wife makes the fresh ricotta which local restaurants covet. When the boys arrive at Forci, Diamantina shows the boys the ancient olive oil press and the grape drying room where Matt explains to Tobie the older style methods of drying grapes. After their tour, Tobie cooks Bistecca Tagliata with rocket and parmesan reggio on the grounds of the Villa Forci. Matt then pays a visit to Giovanni Manetti and his vineyard Fontodi near the town of Panzano, not far from Lucca. Giovanni gives Matt a tour of Fontodi which sits in the Conca D’Oro, Chanti Classico, explaining the landscape’s features and his practices. Matt and Giovanni then have a wine tasting session in the cellar which sees Matt picking his wine, a Sangiovese. The boys then head for Villa Barsocchini where Sandy will hold her cooking schools. Tobie whips up his final dish Spaghetti Chitarra with Slow Braised Bolognese Sauce and they discuss the food and wine challenge ahead and their visit back to Marco for the verdict. The boys finish up at Marco’s restaurant Villa Bongi for the taste test. Will Tobie be able to impress the critical Marco with his interpretations of traditional Italian dishes? TOBIE & MATT screens Mondays at 8.30pm and Saturdays at 7.30pm on LifeStyle FOOD, available on FOXTEL and AUSTAR.

EPISODE FOUR – ATHENS, GREECE Premieres Monday 31 March at 8.30pm In this episode, Tobie and Matt are in Athens to catch up with a mate of theirs, Kostas, who Tobie worked with at Café Cuccini in Melbourne 13 years ago. The boys arrive at Kostas’ restaurant, Amada, where Kostas greets them warmly. The three catch up on lost time. Tobie and Matt explain to Kostas why they are in Athens, and they receive some wise advice from Kostas, “If you understand the culture, you understand the food.” Kostas talks them through the flavours and food culture of Greece. They discuss local produce that is available and with this information Tobie decides on his three dishes with Kostas’ approval. While walking the streets of Athens, Matt and Tobie bump into another friend, Aris Tsanaklidis who owns a restaurant called Kuzina. The terrace of the restaurant has a stunning view looking out over the Acropolis. Aris, in true Greek hospitality, invites them to use his kitchen and terrace. Tobie cooks his first dish of snapper with an accompanying salad of fennel, parsley, dill and caper berries on the terrace. Tobie and Matt also meet one of Greece’s most famous pastry chefs, Stelios Parliaros. Stelios is preparing to make chocolate mousse and agrees to show Tobie how it’s done. Stelios prepares his chocolate mousse with three pure ingredients, impressing Tobie with its simplicity and distinct flavours. Matt visits his friend Yiannis, a sommelier at The Restaurant 48 nearby. Matt explains he knows little about Greek wines so Yiannis offers information and several wine tastings to get Matt started on his Greek wine tasting odyssey. While Matt is getting his run down on Greek wines, Tobie and Kostas are in the flurry of the Athens meat and fish markets. Kostas walks Tobie through the hustle and bustle of the markets and then visits a cheese shop where Tobie is introduced to one of the lesser known Greek cheeses, Mizithra. The next day the boys travel out of Athens along tree-lined winding roads to a fishing village called Mili in the Peloponnese. They wait in the early morning light for the boats to come back to shore with the ingredients for Tobie’s next dish, fisherman’s stew. When Tobie has his fresh ingredients straight off the fishing boats, they set up their kitchen with the backdrop of the quiet Mili village. They prepare the fisherman’s stew and it’s a “crowd pleaser” with a beautiful display of seafood. Matt then heads off to meet wine maker Yiannis Paraskevropoulous at Gaia wines about one hour’s drive from the village of Mili in Nemea. Yiannis walks Matt through his vineyard which has stunning views over the valley and surrounding area. They discuss the development of wine making in Greece and the changes that are occurring as it is considered a “new country” in the wine business. Yiannis invites Matt into his cellar for a wine tasting and Matt’s professional opinion.


After the tasting with Yiannis, Matt now has two wine selections and hopes that Tobie will like one to complement his dishes. The boys meet up and settle on the Kostas Lazaridis, Ameythstos 2005 as recommended by Yiannis at The Restaurant 48. The boys set up camp with the sublime ocean as a backdrop to cook Tobie’s third and final dish of zucchini fritters. Tobie and Matt’s invited guests, Yiannis and Kostas, arrive to try Tobie’s three dishes with the wine Matt has chosen to see if they’ve met the challenge of bringing the flavours of Greek food and wine together. Have Tobie and Matt captured the essence of Greece? TOBIE & MATT screens Mondays at 8.30pm and Saturdays at 7.30pm on LifeStyle FOOD, available on FOXTEL and AUSTAR.

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TOBIE & MATT is the new stunningly photographed food, wine and travel series from LifeStyle FOOD Channel.