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LEAD STORY - Buying decisions this Autumn by Ian Turner

Ultimately the performance you get from your cattle each year is governed 70% by the environment and 30% by genetics. To simplify that to pure economic terms, unless your management and feed quality is at a good level, performance will be supressed and you are not going to be able to justify spending more money on better genetics when you purchase replacement bulls or breeding females. You would be far better off and get a bigger return for your investment

if you spend resources and time in getting the environmental factors up to a level where animals can fully express their genetic potential. However, any genetic advice is given on the pretext that management levels are “up to scratch”. After all, who of you is going to declare that your management is substandard? Obviously all production is very reliant on the weather gods but management does involve stocking rate decisions based on climatic reliability.

Therefore let’s discuss buying attitudes when looking to purchase new sires for your herd. Firstly, seedstock producers will obviously promote the positives of the bulls and breed they are offering. Every breed and every bull offers some advantages. The process and decisions prospective purchasers need to make is to decipher the information available and select the bulls that best match their production objectives. Amongst information available these days are independent

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Breedplan figures and often structural assessment scores as well. Make the most of this information and concentrate on the most relevant ones; those that will have the biggest impact on your returns, and don’t get too hung up on the less relevant ones. However, all these points can become irrelevant because of buyer attitudes. The information is given to allow buyers to find the bulls to best suit their needs, yet many let a price factor be the overriding consideration. Do you put yourself in the game by identifying and operating on the most suitable bulls, or do you ultimately end up letting others decide which bulls you’ll purchase by not operating on them once they pass your preconceived cheaper price range? If you can get top cattle cheaply, great, but you must be prepared to pay more for better quality. Of course, everyone has to have a budget, but based on today’s cattle market reckoning, quality beef bulls should be making $5000 plus on a “terminal sire” basis alone. Bring into play the quality of female replacement breeders you are producing, the prices most producers budget on is way below what is really affordable. Really the only expensive sire is the one that doesn’t suit your breeding objectives. Keep yourself in the game.

Boonaroo sire power Boonaroo will offer a line of 80 Angus bulls, featuring soft, well-muscled bulls with outstanding structure and docile temperament. We have focussed heavily on fat cover and muscling in our breeding program, combining these two traits to produce cattle which can run at higher stocking rates without losing their ability to finish and be fertile. Lot 2, Boonaroo Kennedy K16 (pictured on cover) is a great example of growth, muscle and optimum fat cover. He has the growth to make him a trait leader within the entire Angus breed but also optimal fat cover which enables this super sire to produce calves that will grow like steam but also finish easily, and to any market. Bulls like this are rare, but we are endeavouring to create a line of sale bulls with the same balance of traits right through; calving ease (short gestation length), growth, muscle and fat cover with good fertility traits. At Boonaroo we believe this inherent do-ability is a critical factor in making beef production a profitable enterprise in these modern times. Commercial reality sees all beef producers having to be able to produce more kg of beef per hectare in seasons with far more climatic variability than the past. It is all very well to produce big animals with high growth rates, but if these animals can’t be finished off efficiently to the carcass standard required by the meat industry then they instantly impact on our profitability. That lack of ability to finish also means those females with low fat scores will struggle to join up early further impacting on profitability with empty cows and late calvers. All bulls are structurally assessed, fertility tested and guaranteed for three years on a pro rata basis. At Boonaroo all bulls are

vaccinated in the Zoetis Star programme and are free of all known reproductive diseases. Buyers can purchase with complete confidence that their bull will get the job done. New Zealand genetics feature strongly in the catalogue, providing a robust, sound and deep bodied line of bulls. Many of our cattle now have New Zealand genetics back in several generations of the pedigree, we find these cattle are strong and robust, and do well in grass fed situations, they have excellent longevity highlighted by excellent structure. Boonaroo Federation, who is a trait leader for the Angus breed for short gestation length, has produced a line of bulls with tremendous calving ease, while still having the ability to grow on. Irelands Garvoc who is a trait leader for fat cover and eye muscle, two traits which when put together produce an easy finishing but highly productive animal, has well and truly stamped his line of bulls, they are incredibly deep with plenty of muscle but still fleshy and easy finishing. We urge you to try and get to either of our field days and see for yourselves that the type of cattle we are breeding at Boonaroo back up these ideals. Please join us for our field days at “Clifton,” Hamilton, on Wednesday 3rd of February; Monday 8th Feb, at Boonaroo, Casterton; and our Sale on Friday Feb 19th, 2016 at Boonaroo at 3pm Vic time. The Boonaroo team

Right (top) - Jodie, Tom, Claire & Shane Foster of Boonaroo Angus. Right - Lot 21 Boonaroo Kilarney K145 at 15 months


LANARK ANGUS Tyrendarra Show

22014 014 R Royal oyal A Adelaide delaide Show Grand Champion Steer Carcase

February 13 This year is the 98th running of the event as the Tyrendarra Pastoral & Agricultural Society aims to provide an affordable day for families, as well as a chance for people to showcase their talents, livestock and produce. Contact Show Secretary Robyn Nunn on (03)5529 5271 for further information or log onto www.tyrendarra au Gates open at 9am.

Mark & Lynn Fairlie (08) 8739 6567 or 0428 849 622 Email: lanark.angus@ Facebook: Lanark Angus Beef & Bull | 03

Diamond bull sale With cattle prices reaching an all-time high this year, we have seen several clients of Diamond Sale receiving in excess of $2000 per head for lines of steers. This gives us great confidence that the bulls we are offering are doing the job in these beef herds under a wide range of climatic conditions. On the 4th of March this year, we will be offering 48 bulls at “Yoho� on the Gap Road, Frances. To ensure buyer confidence, all bulls will be semen tested, vaccinated with 7 in 1, drenched with Dextomax and tested PI negative for BVD ( PestiVirus). This is again a quality line up of bulls showing the strong cosmetics, growth and structure that the sale is renowned for. Yambro A very good selection of quality 19 month to two year old junior sires will be presented at Yambro. Yambro Contrad E64, Wrattenbullie Dictator D8 Yambro Federation D30 and Yambro Falcon F42 form a very solid sire line that has produced consistent, well muscled, good skins and eyes and most importantly, very sound structure and good temperament. Once again, it is so very interesting to see the progeny from crossing Wrattenbullie Dictator over Federation and Conrad based females. Likewise with the Federation / Falcon 42 sire line joining up with Yambro Velocity breeders. Yambro Conrad E64 progeny have been very beneficial to the beef industry, and the female progeny will play a big part in future years The above breeding has proved to be great grass converters in the varied seasonal conditions that we have been experiencing. Wellworth a visit before, or on sale day. Roeston Park At Roeston Park this year we are offering bulls

by three sires. The first by Morganvale Fisher - a bull that is moderate frames, has got good muscelling pattern and has a good soft skin with big panda eye pigmentation. His progeny are all showing these great attributes. Also, there will be bulls by Yambro Federation G68, which are very stylish bulls with great structure and growth. Finally, there will be bulls in the sale by the old faithful Newsome The Hoff, not big in figures but breeds great medium framed correct bulls with heaps of muscle. All the bulls

have great commercial attributes and would do well in a vealer enterprise. Wrattenbullie Wrattenbullie will offer 6 bulls, 3 of which are sired by Elite G241, a MSU Revolution son, who is renowned for his carcase traits. His progeny are low birth weight calves with good carcases and are early maturing cattle. Yambro G68 has two well grown bulls displaying good colour, muscling and structure.

Bra-Ma Hereford Stud

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Bendulla The Bendulla bulls being offered in 2016 will give beef producers an opportunity to acquire moderately framed well shaped sires, suitable for self replacing herds. This stud has been very happy with the sires of these bulls and how they have produced within the Bendulla herd. Bowen Fremantle is a very structurally correct bull and has bred very consistent uniform calves. A bull bred and retained by the stud Bendulla Gillies was used as he has an outstanding body constitution with excellent depth. Bendulla Gambler also bred by and retained by Bendulla stud was sired by the well known Merawah Frontpage who left an exceptional female line which has bred on consistently. The stud used an outside bull Days Calibre through AI. This bull was sold for a record price at Dubbo. He is not only an exceptional type bull, but has some excellent breedplan figures behind him. A share was purchased in the bull Cannawigarra Steve. This bull is an early maturing bull with great temperament. Free delivery will be provided within 150kms. Inspections prior to the sale are welcome and can be arranged with the vendors. We hope to see you on sale day where lunch and refreshments are supplied.

Best ever draft as Woonallee fulfils client needs Beef industry genetics that clearly rate with the best of any breed anywhere in this country are something Woonallee principals could easily lay claim to on the evidence of their stud and commercial sales over the last dozen years, but they never have. Instead the Baker family are single-mindedly focussed on producing the best quality cattle they can to suit client needs and market feedback, and have let their cattle and clients do the talking. This has seen their Furner based bull sale grow from an initial 16 bulls in a joint vendor sale with Waterfront (32 bulls in total) up to their February 2016 stand-alone offering of 100 highest quality Woonallee bulls. Not only have the numbers increased, but also the range and quality. It has been well documented that Tom and Lizzy Baker have searched the world for Simmental genetics that will perform to, and beyond expectations off grass in the open range grazing regimes in Australia. Where they have found them, mainly in South Africa, the USA and Canada, they have invested heavily to bring Australian producers highly productive and profitable beef genetics. This has seen the Woonallee herd go from traditional coloured and de-horned Simmentals to a herd that is now multi coloured and about 90% being polled. The Bakers have always been adamant that while poll cattle is their objective and is highly desirable, any introduced into the Woonallee herd had to also measure up for high performance and easy doing characteristics. With the dominance of black in commercial herds in southern Australia, Woonallee introduced Black Simmentals a few years ago in association with Lewis Farms in Canada.

Earlier this year and to fast track their ability to present the numbers of Black Simmentals and SimAngus that clients were calling for, they purchased the entire Webb Black Simmental herd from Victoria, one of the country’s oldest and most respected Black Simmental studs. This means Woonallee will now have 40 Black Simmentals and

20 SimAngus in their February 2016 bull sale, 60% of the offering. When you add in the option of some all red Simmentals, commercial producers now have a real smorgasbord of selection options. While the Baker family is modest about the success of their cattle, they are tremendously committed and proud of the quality they have been able

to produce on a regular basis. Thus when Tom Baker says, “This is clearly the best draft of bulls we have ever presented,” one should take note. When this is repeated by Elders Stud Stock’s Ross Milne post ball sale cataloguing, it is time to really take note. The 100 bulls on offer will be made up of approximately 35 traditional coloured Simmentals, five solid Reds, 40 Black Simmentals and 20 SimAngus. Full details and their 2016 sale catalogue will be available on-line where producers can search the many options to find the best bulls to give their breeding program a lift in performance and profitability. Whatever your needs, they will probably be there.

in FREE to 72,500 rural people East SA South West VIC & South Issue 8 - September, 2015

South East Shearing providi

ng shearing and mobile

Samantha 0419 870 573 Richard 0429 679 640 |

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crutching services m


Above - Woonallee’s breeding objectives are clearly focussed on commercial productivity, tested all the time in their own highly productive commercial herd. Regular sale topping results from their commercial steers and heifers is evidence of the quality their bulls produce, as is this steer, Woonallee Pauly, Breeder’s Class winner hoof & hook at the RAS steer competition last September.

WOONALLEE SIMMENTALS For the very best in Simmental .......... ....... whatever the requirement

Dates to Remember Victorian Beef Field Day: Tuesday 2nd February 2016 Mortlake SA Beef Field Day: Monday 8th February on Property


35 Traditional Simmental 40 Black Simmental

Contact: Tom & Lizzy Baker Mob: 0428 475 066

5 Red Simmental 20 SimAngus PMB 52 Millicent South Australia “For the Commercial Edge”


Woonallee Elite Production Sale: Thursday 11th February 100 bulls - The best draft we have ever presented!

Always improving at Ryeview

Testimonial - Merial’s ECLIPSE

Ryeview aims to breed Charolais bulls whose offspring will suit a range of markets which you wish to meet. The stud aims to breed for structural soundness and ease of calving. Ryeview mates its stud Charolais heifers to stud Charolais bulls. Ryeview has been breeding Charolais since 1998 when they purchased a group of females and two stud sires from the Katalpa stud dispersal. Good muscling is vital at Ryeview to produce top vealers. Ryeview sired vealers have been among market toppers at both Millicent and Mount Gambier meat markets, being purchased by both the supermarket trade and feedlotters. Another priority at Ryeview is breeding animals with good temperament, which are easy to handle in both the paddock and yards. Ryeview’s cattle are strictly run under commercial conditions. The animal you see is the animal you get, and Ryeview’s stock are renowned for improving. The current stud sires in use at Ryeview are two

Bill Varcoe (pictured right) has grown the 3,000 acres he inherited from his father into an impressive 15,000 acre cattle enterprise, running over seven properties with 1,200 Red Angus cattle, which he exports overseas or sells locally. While all within South Australia, Bill’s properties are spread over 110kms, meaning he can face different climatic conditions over a number of properties at any one time, and consequently could be dealing with a different parasite mix on each property. The fourth generation farmer is the first to admit he “runs his cattle pretty hard”, so he needs an efficient and effective drench he can rely on. Previously a Dectomax® Injection user, incorporating Merial’s ECLIPSE Combination Pour-On for Cattle into his drenching program was a strategic move for Bill, as he wanted to break out of his current drench routine and ensure he was getting the most efficient kill of all the major worms present; including any resistant to the single-active drench he had previously been using. “ECLIPSE contains two drench actives – abamectin and levamisole – instead of just one, so I thought it had to work. We had started hearing reports that worms were developing a resistance to the

bulls from the Morgiana House stud of Allan Crozier, in Victoria. A third was purchased in March last year for $7500.Ryeview has been very pleased with how these genetics are working and have observed continual improvement in the quality of stock that is being produced for selection. Michael and Julie Osborne are looking forward to this year’s Lower South East Field Days and welcome all past and prospective clients to their property at Burkhills Lane, Millicent, to inspect their Charolais bulls for sale and to enjoy their hospitality. On display will be bulls for private sale, a group of young stud heifers, entered in the South Australian Stud Breeders Field Days Competition, and some of Ryeview’s older stud females. Hoping to see you there. All enquiries welcome in person or by phoning (08)8733 3393 or 0408 838 568.

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traditional single-active drenches.” As an EU accredited exporter, it is important that Bill’s Red Angus cattle put on weight quickly so he can sell them off faster and potentially at a higher price. “We made the switch to ECLIPSE and have had a really good result,” says Bill. Since using ECLIPSE Bill has also found his cattle join quicker, and he reports a dramatic improvement in joining times and rates since using ECLIPSE. “We made the switch to ECLIPSE and have had a really good result.” See product label for full details. 1. Merial data on file. Merial Australia Pty Ltd, Building D, 12–24 Talavera Road, Macquarie Park NSW 2113 (ABN 53 071 187 285). ®ECLIPSE and the cattle head logo are registered trademarks of Merial Limited. ©2015 Merial Limited. All rights reserved. ECLP.15.09.0241o “Our breeders join much faster after using ECLIPSE on them. We changed the southern end of the operation over to a spring drop and cut a month off the mating time – and have seen a significant improvement,” says Bill. Farming is truly in the family for Bill, who works with his wife Deb, and veterinarian daughter Libby and son Aaron. Bill hopes that Aaron, who is already in the farming business, and Libby will one day take over the current Narrawa Pastoral operation.

Nearly two out of three properties tested had resistant worms.1 Eclipse is the only dual active pour-on, that’s proven to eliminate >99% of worms, including resistant ones.1,2 Effective internal parasite control can boost your profits by up to 60 kg per head.3

See ECLIPSE product label for claims and directions for use. References: 1. Data on File ECLIPSE trials 2012–14. 2. Data on file. 3. Watt and Eppleston, 2011. Merial Australia Pty Ltd, Building D, 12-24 Talavera Road, Macquarie Park, NSW 2113. ABN 53 071 187 285. ECLIPSE® is a registered trademark of Merial Limited. ©2015 Merial Limited. All rights reserved. ECLP.15.03.0075.

Gubbins of Coolana excelling

On the back of an exceptional sale year in 2015, Mark and Anna Gubbins and their son Max launched their Coolana Angus and XSimm Black Simmental seedstock program under the one banner of ‘Gubbins of Coolana’. Holding three bull sales and one female sale in the 2015 calendar year in Victoria and South Australia from their two breeds, they sold 225 bulls and 143 registered females at auction, plus significant private and commercial sales. This is a 20% increase in bull sales over the previous year; growth based on recognition of the quality of the Coolana cattle and the way they are performing for their purchasers, backed up

by exceptional client service. The Coolana venture into Black Simmentals was a move to offer crossbreeding advantages of up to 40% to their clients with Angus herds, without affecting the colour of their overall herds. Last year their XSimm bulls were offered in conjunction with the Victorian Spring Angus bull sale, rather than separate sales as in the previous years. This decision proved to be a wise one with several buyers purchasing from both catalogues. Client productivity and after sales service are the key motivators for the Gubbins family and their great staff at their Chatsworth and Meningie properties. They have a real passion for breeding beef cattle

and work from a base of 2000 cows, run under commercial management conditions. There is no room for passengers in the Coolana breeding herd, with only the high and consistent performers retained, whether assessed for structure, mobility, fertility, or breeding performance. This ensures Coolana bulls have already passed significant reliability and performance tests well before they get to sale, plus they have a higher fertility background and their soundness ensures buyers consistently get extended years of service from the Coolana bulls. Longevity is a key component of their female herd. Further verification of Coolana’s quality


Join the largest growing manufacturing workforce in Australia. The Th Australian Meat Industry offers real opportunities op for people who want to “get ahead” and an build a career rather than just hold a job. Te Australia operates beef processing plants Teys We offer REAL across ac Australia and has some of the largest b beef production facilities in the country. CTS SPE PRO Te Teys is looking for motivated and suitable for career ccandidates to join the team in Naracoorte. commencement, T To be considered for this position, you will advancement, n need the following: on and g nin trai • Proven work experience with safe . nce erie work practices the job exp • Willing to learn and reliable with This is a GREAT a good attitude • Own transport to travel to and from work OPPORTUNITY • Flexible to work AM/PM shifts and also for long term some Saturday work employment • Ability to work effectively in a team or individual environment and stability. • Able to pass drug & alcohol testing and a functional assessment Teys also has a number of vacant positions available locally and nationally for skilled and semi-skilled meat process workers for those who are interested in a career in the meat industry. Roles involve repetitive work, manual handling and candidates will be required to work in a fast paced environment.

were carcase wins in major competitions in 2014 for clients Bungeeltap Pty Ltd, Macedon, Vic and Longerenong College, Horsham, Vic. In 2016 buyers will have the same opportunity to purchase some of the country’s best Angus and Black Simmental genetics from the three bull sales. Gubbins of Coolana’s program kicks off with their SA Autumn Angus bull sale on Wednesday 17th February at The Basin sale complex at Willalooka. This is followed by the Victorian Autumn Angus bull sale on Thursday 3rd March at their Wetlands Complex at Chatsworth. On Thursday 15th September they will hold their Victorian Spring bull sale, again at their Wetlands selling complex, where they will offer bulls from both breeds. There will be approximately 70 Angus bulls on offer at each of the three sales, plus approximately 30 Black Simmentals or SimAngus at the Spring sale. Field Days will be held on-property at Chatsworth on Tuesday 2nd February as part of Victorian Beef Week, and at Meningie on Tuesday 9th February as part of the SA Beef Field Days. The Gubbins family welcomes enquiry on the auction sale bulls from both breeds, or for private sale bulls at any time throughout the year.

Above - Buyers inspecting bulls at Coolana’s spring bull sale last September. In 3 sales last year Gubbins of Coolana sold 225 bulls at auction. Beef cattle producers will have those same opportunities in 2016.

TO APPLY: Please contact

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Gubbins of Coolana Consider Coolana

Count on Coolana

For outstanding performance under all conditions 2 Autumn and 1 Spring bull sale annually in 2 states - approx 220 bulls

Autumn Spring

SA: Wednesday February 17th - Willalooka Vic: Thursday March 3rd - Chatsworth Vic: Wednesday September 14th - Chatsworth

We love our cattle at Coolana

For full details check our website

Contact Mark & Anna 0428 593 913 Max 0439 593 913 Email


Bulls also available privately


All your agricultral lime & road rubble needs

Lucindale Show • Yakka Park, Lucindale • February 27 Held in conjunction with the Lucindale Horse Show, the Lucindale Show showcases the best of country living with all the usual attractions. Email Laura Mitchell at or call 0427 350 024. Gates open at 9am.

Although BRUHN Limestone is predominantly known for their quarrying of dimensional limestone blocks and decorative moulds for the building industry, it is fast becoming known as a quarry diversifying its product range and is now bulk producing high grade agricultural lime and road base rubble for the Lower South East of South Australia, and the Western Districts of Victoria. Andrew Carmody, from BRUHN ,said as the composition of our limestone is rich in magnesium and calcium it offers a premium level agricultural lime that boasts a 95% neutralising

value. “Clients are welcome to call on our APAL testing documentation to fully understand the exact element breakdown of our lime,” he said. “Here at BRUHN we are also committed to keeping our lime prices affordable and stand by our claim we offer the absolute best price for our high quality lime.” Currently we have a large stock of dry lime now in storage ready to go, so if your land is ready for rejuvenation contact our office on (08)8721 8000 where we can link you to one of our many well established distributors for delivery direct to site.


Wood, Wine & Roses Festival • Heywood Town Green February 27


There is FREE laser tag, food and wine, tractor pulls, truck and ute show, an illusionist, children’s entertainment, khanacross trials, a street parade, local dance groups, karate exhibition, wood chopping, stalls of all different assortments as well as the ever popular festival rides. Runs from 10am 11pm.

at the South East lowest prices Tested by APAL to a total neutralising value of 95% Tons of stock on hand

Call us on 8721 8000 To be directed to our preferred distributors

Insist on BRUHN Agricultural Lime for guaranteed quality and best prices Beef & Bull | 12

Client success dominates Banquet’s focus Client success is a huge focus for the Branson family through their Mortlake based Banquet Angus herd. Therefore they have great pride in the many sale topping successes clients are regularly achieving around the country. Their success verifies the Branson family’s belief that their Banquet type consistently produces young cattle that grow quicker to market weights and that growth rate can be sustained for longer through to heavy weights if desired. This also makes them a favourite for processors and backgrounders. The Banquet type is bigger, wider through the loin and hindquarter and stronger boned than most Angus, having the skeleton to carry the extra muscling that comes with exceptional growth off grass. The two standout features are their power with softness, plus the extreme docility of the herd. The versatility these attributes give commercial beef cattle producers allow them flexibility in marketing and subsequently, to target a range of markets depending on prices and feed availability. “These types are more efficient feed convertors and we find they are more profitable more often. It is very pleasing when clients continually verify this,” Banquet principal Stephen Branson said. The number of repeat buyers at their autumn

bull sale last year is very strong endorsement of the results clients are getting. “Our clients are very faithful. They also realise they get much more than just a bull when they purchase at Banquet,” Stephen Branson said in reference to the after sales service they offer. Long term client David Geddes, Holbrook said of the Banquet cattle, “The strength of our program is the quality of our breeding females. Too many producers just

look at their sale cattle and not the quality of their replacements when assessing bulls for purchase. It is the ever improving quality of our females that is resulting in corresponding improved quality and prices for the young cattle we turn off.” 2015 was a huge year for Banquet. After a hugely successful February bull sale, they launched their inaugural spring bull sale in September. Combined, the two sales saw 135 bulls clear at a $7874

average. Restructuring of their female breeding program meant numbers needed to be adjusted in the short term, so for the first time in their 24 year history, they offered a substantial number of females for sale in November. Such was the demand that this resulted in a clearance of 110 head to a top of $30,000 and an average of $6681. 2016 will see a continuation of the two Banquet bull sales. On Thursday 25th February at 4pm, 100 Big Bold Banquet bulls will be offered. An hour earlier approximately 150 commercial Angus heifers from commercial clients, sired by and mated to Banquet bulls will be offered. Then in spring on September 6th, another 50 bulls will be offered. The Banquet sale team for February can be inspected during Victorian Beef Week on Tuesday February 2nd and again at Jim Shaw (right), ‘Winnieburn’, Hamilton is with his weaner heifers that sold on 15th January 2015 for a full sale team inspection $867/head, weighing 327kg at 265cents/kg. He also day one week before the sold weaner steers at Hamilton on 6th January for sale on Thursday 18th $876 (376kg at 233cents/kg). February.

Phil Canavan (right), ‘Raheen’ (with David Tutten) is in front of his steers that were the top priced pen at the Hamilton Independent Agents Weaner Sale, Jan 2015. His pen made $852, weighing 375kg at 227cents/kg.

Doug Robertson, ‘Nangana’, Grassdale is with his steers that topped the Hamilton Agents Weaner Sale on 6th January 2015. His steers made $924/head, weighing 409kg at 226cents/kg. Doug also sold weaner heifers on 15th January at Hamilton for $940/head (320kg at 294cents/kg).


Yes - these producers all bought Banquet bulls - & they're still smiling! They all sold sale topping weaner progeny last summer in weaner sales

Beef Week Field Day

• Tuesday 2nd February

Above - It is the strength of the Banquet females Inspection Day that gives Banquet bulls their incredible • Thursday 18th February and sustained growth off grass, coupled with power, softness and Congratulations also to Kevin Wyatt (centre),‘Wrights extreme docility. These 3pm Approx 150 commercial Angus heifers (by Banquet bulls and mated to Banquet bulls) Swamp’, Portland who sold weaner steers at Hamilton same advantages flow on 6th January for $867 (369kg at 235cents/kg), and weaner heifers on 15th January for $814 through to commercial Send to Banquet for Your Catalogue (311kg at 262cents/kg) producers, many of whom UTT Name ...................................................................................................... have experienced sale Steve & Noeleen Branson, PO Box 166 Mortlake, Vic 3272 Address .................................................................................................. topping results at young AND Ph: 0419 884 839 Email: .................................................................................P/Code .................. cattle markets around the ONE Ph/Fax ............................................................................................................. country.

Annual Sale

Thursday 25th February - 4pm • 100 bulls

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Murray Greys - A pleasure to own, profitable to run

Lindsay Murray Greys at Pigeon Ponds enters a new phase in the studs’ history by holding its Annual Sale at the studs’ home base for the first time on March 1st 2016. After being held in conjunction with Boonaroo Angus, Principles Craig and Jacinta Grant say the time is right to once again establish Lindsay

as a stand-alone quality Murray Grey offering. The opportunity to have flexibility to offer stud and commercial females and the process of not having the bulls travelling to and from another venue on sale day made an on farm sale appealing. Lindsay will offer 30 quality Murray Grey bulls consisting of 10 autumn

drop and 20 spring drop performance recorded young sires. Also available will be a selection of Stud heifers and 15 very good rising 2.5 yr old PTIC autumn calving commercial heifers. Well bred, marketed and prepared Murray Greys are making their mark on a buoyant beef industry in recent

times mixing it with the best in store and fat markets achieving some great results. Lindsay Murray Greys aim is to offer clients with industry relevant beef cattle with growth, muscle and softness while maintaining the breeds’ outstanding maternal traits, calving ease and superior temperament. All cattle at Lindsay are breedplan recorded with most having growth, carcase and fertility traits available. The herd has comprehensive health assurances which include MN3 status, and the sale bulls are ear notched free of pestivirus and zoetis star accredited. FIELD DAY 2016 Take the time to view the Lindsay offering and a selection of the stud herd at its on property field day during Victorian Beef Week on Wednesday Feb 3rd 2016. SALE DAY 2016 The 36th Annual Lindsay Production Sale will be held at Pigeon Ponds, Vic on Tuesday 1st March 2016 at 11.30am. Contact Craig and Jacinta Grant on 5570 4227, email lindsaymgreys@activ8. or visit www.

Above - 13-15 month old Lindsay Stud heifers. Beef & Bull | 14

Morganvale celebrates 10 years of bull sales Performance personified at Days Whiteface

Morganvale’s 10th anniversary bull sale will be held on Tuesday 23rd February at 11.30am on property at Morganvale sale complex. The offering will include 50 performance recorded bulls with genetics to improve growth, carcass and maternal traits.This will give clients an opportunity to secure quality bulls at value for money prices, whether they require bulls for domestic, feeder or EU markets . The sale features three new sires in Morganvale Spark G4 , Morganvale Gideon G384 and Days Calibre G74, along with proven sires in Redgate Ramsey Braybook Federer and home bred sires in Morganvale Flynn Filmore and Forsyth. All sale bulls are P1

tested negative for pestivirus and vaccinated with 5 in 1 and are protected for BJD. The herd is accredited EU , this along with free freight and a comprehensive guarantee is offered on all sale stock sold at the sale. The sale bulls, along with teams reserved for the Dubbo and Wodonga National sales will be penned for your inspection on Tuesday February 9th at the annual field day. The sale listing is available for viewing at www. or www. morganvalebeef For a catalogue or an inspection at any time contact Allan or Heather on 0408 859 953 or (08)87578271.

Above - Lot 9-WLMK160 Days Calibre G74

The Days Whiteface prefix should need no introduction or explaining to anyone, but just in case you haven’t heard any beef cattle news for the last few years, Lachy and Lou Day’s Poll Herefords are bursting through breed ceilings. The Dubbo National record bull price of $90,000 is just a starter. That bull, Days Calibre G74 didn’t end his headline making ability at that event, for he is now also excelling in the breeding stakes. His first impressive progeny were offered last year with more up again in Days Whiteface’s 40 bull draft, on offer at their 2016 annual sale held in conjunction with Allendale on February 22nd. Calibre will not only have top sons on offer, but his full brother is one of the many standout lots. His maternal brother topped the last sale in February 2015 at $17,000. The Days Whiteface 2016 annual sale offering is made up with all autumn drop bulls. Besides Calibre, his sire Allendale Waterhouse D1 and Days Robin Hood H38 feature very strongly as sires. These three sires are all in the top 1% of the breed for eye muscle area. The average figures for the entire draft places them in the top 5% of the breed for EMA and scrotal size and the top 10% for 400 day weight, carcase weight and all indexes. Further, Waterhouse D1 is in in the top 1% of the breed for the newly released Net Feed Intake (NFI) EBV. While homebred bulls are prominent, select infusions of top outcross genetics are introduced from time

to time. This sale draft also includes the first sons of USA sire TH 70R 11X Mr Hereford 34Z. This bull is already a trait leader for 200 and 400 day weight, while being below breed average for birthweight. He is also in the top 5% of the breed for EMA and all indexes. Good phenotype has always been strong in the Day family’s selection priorities, and while top end measured performance is the objective, it is pursued only with structurally sound cattle with top rating structure and breed type. The success of Days Whiteface at the 2015 Adelaide Royal Feature Breed showing would indicate the highest standards have been achieved in this respect. Days Wizard K5, a son of Calibre, was the supreme beef exhibit and also headed the two interbreed pair classes won by Poll Herefords. Great success at Wodonga for the last two years further enhances those credentials. However performance that is most relevant to commercial clients is at the top of mind for Lachy and Lou Day. At Dubbo last June the more important ribbon in the pre-sale judging was the winning of the champion EU Performance class with Days Enforcer J126, while Days Banner J37 was second in the Supermarket Performance class, won by co-vendor MN2 and brother, Alastair. Both the Days Whiteface bulls were sired by the grand breeding sire, Allendale Waterhouse D1. The sale team for the on-property auction will be on display during the SA Beef Field Days on Tuesday 9th February at Bordertown.

We invite you to inspect our performance selected Poll Herefords



LOT 26 WLMK302


Above - Days Wizard K5, a son of the $90,000 Days Calibre, was the supreme beef exhibit and also headed the two interbreed pair classes won by Poll Herefords at the 2015 Royal Adelaide Feature breed showing. This high quality standard is the aim for all of the Days Whiteface cattle, with several half-brothers in the 2016 offering. SEE ADVERT PAGE 19

Beef & Bull | 15

Mandayen Limousin & Angus

Many bulls – Many baskets – Same objective

Mandayen is Australia’s largest Limousin cowherd registering 330 Limousin and Lim-Flex calves in 2015. We sell over 100 bulls each year and place strong selection emphasis on the economic traits, structural soundness, muscle & docility. Our 11th Annual Bull sale will be held on Wednesday 24th February at 12:30pm on property at the ‘Eight Mile’ sale complex, Keith SA. The offering will consist of 65 high performance bulls with the genetic potential to improve docility, muscling & softness. This will give our client’s a great opportunity to secure quality bulls at value for money prices. Sire lines include Wulfs Zander, RUNL Xtra Loyal, WZRK Prime Cut, Wulfs Spring Loaded, Hunt Mr Jock & the homebred sires Duracell D1098, Energizer E1338 & Fat Boy F1596. The sale bulls will be DNA tested for homozygous polled & homozygous black,

The decades of success behind Allendale Poll Herefords provides the strongest of foundations behind their 2016 offering. Alastair and Jayne Day and family will again offer 40 Poll Hereford bulls at their February 22nd sale, again combined with a similar number from Days Whiteface. The thing that is most noticeable about the Allendale bull draft is the evenness of the draft, but with a wide range of successful sires represented, giving a large diversity of genetic options, yet their progeny all match together extremely well. This genetic diversity with a common breeding objective means the herd does not become too reliant on one sire for its success and gives many diverse breeding options to clients and for future breeding direction. Excellence for phenotype has always been of the highest priority at Allendale, giving purchasers of their bulls confidence that they will remain sound and give longevity of service. Early bull breakdown is a huge, but rarely mentioned cost for commercial producers. While the suggestion is to come to the stud’s field day on Tuesday 9th February with an open mind on bloodlines, there are several sires represented well worth mentioning. Remittall West ‘Game Day’ T47(ET)(USA) comes with USA National Grand Champion titles behind him, but he is also a low birthweight bull with powerful performance and full

vaccinated & ear notch tested for pestivirus. Once again we will deliver the bulls for free in SA & Vic. The entire bull sale offering will be on display at our 2016 on property field day. A draft of Angus sires featuring MILLAH MURRAH genetics & Limflex (Limo X Angus) sires will available for private sale at our field day on Tuesday 9th of February. The angus bulls are sired by Te Mania Emperor E343, Vermillion Dateline VRD, Ardrossan Equator A241 & BT Right Time 24J & are out of our foundation Millah Murrah females that we purchased at their record breaking 2013 stud female sale. The Mandayen team

Above - A line of full ET brothers to our herd sire Energizer E1338 are the feature of the 2016 draft.

pigmentation. He has an outstanding son in this year’s team. Harvie Tailor Made 7W(ET)(Canada) is again represented, but it is several homebred Allendale sires that are particularly impressive. Allendale Chisel G161 was sold to Senior Park at Dubbo for $16,000, but after they had finished using him, Allendale bought him back last year. He has growth figures ‘off the charts’ with +51 (200 Dwt), +84 (400 Dwt) and +112 (600 Dwt) and is in the top 5% for the breed for Supermarket, Grassfed and EU indices. Allendale Washington G82 had progeny last year and is again well represented. Sired by the great Allendale Waterhouse D1, and out of Allendale’s top cow A Fancy Z59, the dam of five sons averaging $14,500, G82 is a great ‘all-rounder’. He offers multiple purpose suitability with terrific carcase traits and visual conformation and is in the top 5% for all indices. Allendale Bullseye F38 is another son of A Waterhouse D1 whose first sons topped at $9500 last February. He offers length and great phenotype coupled with performance, being a trait leader for all weights, plus being in the top 10% for Supermarket, Grassfed and EU indices. Then add in Allendale Anzac R114 for good measure. He was sold at Dubbo in 2011 for $30,000 to the Centennial and Injemira studs where he is ‘blowing their socks off’. For example, at the 2014 Injemira sale, 19 sons averaged $10,395. It is not hard to ascertain that right through the Allendale bull draft, there is the genetic strength needed for purchasers to get consistent high performance from the progeny of any of these Allendale bulls.






DAMIAN GOMMERS 0418 824 799 Beef & Bull | 16

Above - These two young Allendale bulls pictured last June are typical of the quality you will find in the Allendale draft of 40 bulls on offer on Monday 22nd February. SEE ADVERT PAGE 19

Exciting times in the cattle industry It is an exciting time to be in the cattle business. Never before has there been a better time to own cattle in all segments of the industry, demand for Angus cattle has never been higher. The season has been short and the dry has set in very early causing many to turn their stock off much earlier than usual and cashing in on the good returns. Being able to turn your weaners off early with good weights is all important- Granite Ridge weaned 108 bull calves at 6.5 to 7.5 months and they averaged 366 kg with the heaviest being 437kg with 19 bull calves being over 400kg. 74 heifers averaged 334kg at the same age. Granite Ridge has always emphasised that weight is most important

when selling cattle as we are paid on weight. It is The Seed Stock Breeders responsibility to improve carcase quality, fertility, structure and phenotype while keeping weight for age.

GRANITE RIDGE • 2015 Field Day • Monday 8th February Sale Day •Friday 12th February 1pm on Property

Granite Ridge has been supplying bulls to commercial breeders for a number of years now and the feedback is very encouraging. ‘These are the best calves we have ever bred’ ‘We are getting exceptional weight for age’ and the most important, ‘The replacement heifers are worth their weight in gold’. Always remember the female is the most important part of the breeding operation and then purchase the best bull you can afford to put over that female and your herd will improve proportionately. Foe again has proved what


an outstanding Sire he is, producing some top sons. Lots 4 and 41 scream Stud sire prospects. Lot 4 Granite Ridge Kaiser K26 has that presence that just catches and holds the eye, being long, smooth bodied and deep flanked. Out of a beautiful Supreme cow he has a very credible array of figures, being in the top 5% or better for all Indexes. Then we turn to Lot 41 who has extra fat, but having the same smooth eye catching phenotype. These are the tip of the iceberg with another 12 sons that all have the Foe


12th February, 1pm Field Day: 8th February Colin Flanagan & Patricia Ebert 08 8768 8018 SAL:

Laryn Gogle 0459 620 904 David Fraser 0417 392 107 GTSM: Michael Glasser 0403 526 702


stamp. Other sires to feature in this year’s Bull offering are Granite Ridge For-Profit who is a powerful growth bull, being a trait leader for 200, 400 & 600 Day well as Carcase Wt. For-Profit is in the Angus Sire Benchmarking Program, Cohort 3 and has performed well. From 40 sires, Profit ranked 1st for 400 Day Weight. Positive fat is important in some herds, but do you have to sacrifice growth to bring this trait into your herd. Not with the Witherswood Performer E49 sons. The combination of the amazing positive traits of the Performer, with the power of some of the best cows gives you the best of both these worlds – growth & fat. There is value for money in Granite Ridge Bulls, backed by the Granite Ridge guarantee.

Big year for the Hereford breed Herefords SA is coming off a big year with the results from the Royal Adelaide Show highlighting the year for the popular breed. It dominated the 2015 taking out the All Breeds Junior Champion Pair – Male and Female; All Breeds Grand Champion Pair - Male and Female; All Breeds Supreme Champion Bull and All Breeds Supreme Champion Beef Cattle Exhibit in Show. And the success was not just a win for the breed and the Herefords SA association members, who celebrated with a dinner function at the Rydges South Park, but a win for the Royal Flying Doctor Service with the celebratory dinner doubling as a fundraising auction for the critical regional medical service. Lifestyle1 Media has also formed a strong bond with Herefords SA in 2015, sponsoring Class 90 – cows 24 months and under, which was won by the Wilson Partnership with their exhibit Kerlson Pines Last Day (pictured right), Kerlson Pines was established in 1976 in the mid north of South Australia at Clements Gap. The stud relocated to Keith in the South East of South Australia in 2009 to build the breeding numbers up and the stud currently calves down around 200 females a year. Kerlson Pines is very commercially focused, placing strong emphasis on structural soundness, do-ability, muscling, docility, milk, dark soft skins with good heads and strong pigment. The herd is fully breedplan recorded from actual birth weight to 600 day growth, EMA, IMF and fat recorded. Kerlson Pines holds a combined annual on-property bull sale each year in February with 50 top quality bulls on offer. They also sell a top line of bulls at the Dubbo National Show and Sale each year in June,

and there are bulls, females and semen for private sale all year. The stud is open for inspection at our onproperty SA Beef Field Days in early February, or at any time by appointment. The Hereford originated in Herefordshire in south-west England and is one of the earliest British cattle types to have been systematically improved or upgraded. They were first imported into Australia to Hobart in 1826, not reaching the mainland until 1827, with further importations being made in the 1840s. The Hereford is one of the most numerous of all breeds in Australia. It is

found throughout the country in all extremes of environment, but particularly in the central and south-eastern States, and in South

Australia and southern Western Australia. The Hereford colour is characteristic, with the body colour varying from rust brown to a deep rich red. Face, crest, dewlap, underline, switch and legs below the hocks are characteristically white. The distinctive white face tends to dominate in crosses with all other breeds and may have been a feature in establishing the breed’s popularity. Ability to do well on a wide range of pastoral conditions and to assimilate roughage, coupled with its good fertility, foraging ability and docility, account for its success. Depending on the level of nutrition and management, the breed can be produced as top-quality carcases ranging from heavy, marbled and fat, through to small, young and lightly finished.

Beef & Bull | 18


:KLWH 6XႇRONV 3ROO +HUHIRUGV Maternal Composites

Monday 22nd February 2016 at 1:30pm Bordertown SA SA Beef Field Days Ƈ Tuesday 9th February

Weight Carcase Balanced Performance Proven Performance: Champion Supermarket (Allendale) and Champion EU Index (Days) Classes at Dubbo National in 2015

A high percentage of sale bulls are in the top 25% for breed EBVs and Indexes



Alastair & Jayne Day Lachy & Lou Day Ph: 08 8752 1194 Ph: 08 8752 1630 Mob: 0429 782 711 Mob: 0428 521 630 Graham Day: (08) 8752 2554

Fifth annual Kerlson Pines & OakDowns Hereford Bull sale Friday, February 19 is the date to mark on your calendar if quality is what you’re looking for and beef breeding is your business as this is when the 5th annual Kerlson Pines/OakDowns Poll Hereford Bull sale is being held .The auction will commence at 1.30pm at the Waterfront Selling Complex, 10km North of Naracoorte, just off the Cadgee Road .There will be 50 top quality, structurally sound, high performance, carcase bulls to suit all buyers needs on offer. All sale bulls are tested PI negative for pestivirus and vaccinated with both 7in1 and pestiguard. Both studs have beef only Johnes status and full growth and carcase EBV’s are available for all lots. Also all bulls are offered with free delivery within a radius of 400km. After a very tough season, you will not be disappointed with the way this year’s draft of bulls will present. Oak Downs will put forward its best 25 bulls, not offering any at off farm sales this year 15 are sired by Harvie high Roller, who continues to breed very well , passing on the extra thickness and weight gain that he was purchased for High Roller’s EBV’s put him in the top 1% of the breed for 200,400 and 600 day weights, carcase weight and eye muscle area and the top 5% for retail beef yield .Yarrandabbie Egan, the sire of Oak Downs’ top price lots in the past two sales , will be represented by five lots, with Kidman Dragster and Oak Downs Garema each siring one lot. Days Calibre, who sold for $90,000 in 2013, has three progeny catalogued, including two that were used within the stud herd as thirteen month old calves .Arguably, Oak Downs’ star lot is Lot 1, Katoomba K145, sired by High Roller. Katoomba was shown at the 2015 Adelaide

Hereford Feature Show where he was placed 2nd in the strongly contested Supermarket Performance Class, gaining the highest structural correctness score in the class. After the show, Katoomba was depastured with 30 stud cows for six weeks as a fifteen month old yearling. An Oak Downs bred steer donated to the Unity College at Murray Bridge won the award for the Hereford gaining most points on hoof and hook in the school’s

section of the steer competition at the show, this being the 2nd consecutive year that an Oak Downs steer has won this award at the Royal Adelaide Show. Kerlson Pines draft of 25 bulls will provide buyers with a large genetic range to suit their desired breeding objectives. With 10 industry leading sires represented these sires are all breeding the carcase, do-ability, structural soundness and performance we are looking for. Among

these there is also low birth weight, calving ease bulls for heifer mating. At the 2015 Adelaide Royal Hereford Feature Breed, we had a very successful week showing the Senior and Grand Champion Female and Supreme Hereford Exhibit, with Kerlson Pines Last Day J8. Last Day then went on to be part of the Grand Champion Interbreed Pair. We also won Sire Progeny and Breeders groups, as well as many other awards. Kerlson Pines will also be offering teams of top quality sire prospects for the Wodonga National in May and Dubbo National in June. Both studs are involved in the SA Beef Field Days and all sale bulls will be on display at individual properties on Tuesday, February 9. This will also give you the opportunity to inspect the two stud’s teams reserved for the Dubbo National Sale as well as a cross section of the stud herd’s. The sale will be conducted by Elders and Landmark, with catalogues available from the vendors or by contacting either agent. A colour catalogue can be viewed online at www. If you need any assistance with your sire selection please feel free to ask. The Wilson and Schwarz families look forward to seeing you at our field days and bull sale in February 2016.

Above - 2015 Bull sale. Beef & Bull | 20

LOT 1 - OAKK145

LOT 2 - OAKK163

LOT 6 - CJKK31

LOT 16 - CJKK55

Nampara Pastoral Company An impressive draft of heavily muscled bulls with strength of bone and shape will ensure prospective buyers have plenty of choice at Nampara’s on-property bull sale to be held on Tuesday 16th February at 4.30pm. Stemming from a commercial operation, Nampara bulls are bred by sires not heavily used by mainstream Angus bull breeders. Sale lots by powerful NZ sire Atahua Freedom are big, free moving, upstanding bulls and will suit a range of buyers. Similarly, there are a number of bulls by the $117K Ireland’s Galaxy G43 who are very eye appealing combining softness of skin and plenty of shape. Buyers will have the opportunity to view the bulls at Mortlake on Tuesday February 2nd as part of Victoria’s Beef Week and onproperty on Monday 8th February as part of the SA Beef Field Days. With competitive weights come sale day, Nampara bulls are supported by above average performance

figures, including Breedplan data and actual measurements. All sale bulls are guaranteed into their second working season and are well-known for their temperament.

Nampara-bred livestock are sought after in the marketplace. Nampara-bred steers have averaged above $2000 regularly this selling season and continue to meet

market specifications. Similarly, at Nampara, females must get in calf by two years of age, calve unassisted and raise a calf annually. For the 7th consecutive year Nampara heifers have secured top price for Angus and Angus X females at the Naracoorte PTIC Female Sale. Entering the January 28th sale again this year with 300 head, buyers are guaranteed of a better, bigger and more consistent line of replacement females. Nampara continues to seek out sire lines that deliver under commercial conditions. Nampara aims to produce a consistent product that has a no-frills approach with a simple aim to breed bulls with bone, muscle and quiet temperament. Nampara are proud of the product they produce and invite inspection at Mortlake, on-property or at any time as well as from 2pm on sale day, February 16. Sale catalogues can be picked up on the Field Days or by contacting Natalie Hann 0428 799 592.

Above - Lot 1 Nampara Freedom K66 Beef & Bull | 22

Capitalise on current beef prices

OUT & ABOUT Southern Ports Golf Week • February 27 - March 5 • Kingston, Robe and Beachport This 54 hole championship golf event is played at all three clubs for all handicap ranges.

Above - Raven Lim-Flex (Limousin X Angus) bull, purchased ($6,500) to join commercial Angus herd. Now is the ultimate time for beef producers to capitalise on the strong beef prices. The fundamental way to capitalise on the up in the market is to produce as many kilograms of beef per hectare, as efficiently as possible, which is exactly what crossbreeding achieves. Crossbreeding offers two primary advantages over the use of only one breed: 1) crossbred animals exhibit heterosis or hybrid vigor, which generally results in faster growth and weight gain, and 2) crossbred animals combine the strengths of the breeds used in the cross (e.g. Limousins’ yield capabilities plus the Angus breed’s meat quality). The advantage of the crossbred calf is two-fold – an increase in calf survivability coupled with an increase in growth rate. Perhaps the most important advantage for crossbreeding is realised in the crossbred replacement females. Often the maternal heterosis is not capitalised on but can result in improved cow fertility, calf survivability, calf weaning weight, and cow longevity. Collectively, these improvements result in a significant gain in kilograms of calf weaned per cow and superior lifetime production for crossbred females. Heterosis in crossbred females can boost lowly heritable traits such as reproductive efficiency or fertility, for which there are no direct EBVs for reproduction and is a difficult trait to make gains through selection. Selecting and retaining the top draft of crossbred heifers as replacements gives real opportunity for producers wanting to increase cow numbers at a time when

the national herd is an all-time low, and breeding cows are rapidly becoming price prohibitive. The Raven herd now offers sire options for producers aiming to incorporate the benefits of cross-breeding within their beef production system, offering Polled, Purebred Black and Red Limousin as well as Lim-Flex (Limousin X Angus). The range of bull options provide producers choice for the percentage Limousin appropriate for target markets while still making a gain through crossbreeding. For example, using a Lim-Flex50 bull (50/50 Limousin/Angus) over Angus cows results in progeny that are 75% Angus content or more, ideal for traditional black premium steer markets and perfect for keeping those robust crossbred replacement females without changing the appearance of the herd. The Raven Limousin & Lim-Flex bull sale will be held at the Waterfront Sale Complex, Naracoorte SA on Thursday the 25th of February 2016. The sale offers bulls with solid phenotype and solid data across all traits. The sale bulls are DNA tested for Polled/Coat and muscle status, allowing producers to control the outcome of their calf drop (e.g. homozygous black bulls that will only produce black progeny). For more information on the Raven sale bulls or to talk about the bull needs of your herd/ target market, please contact stud principal Jason Schulz M: 0417863268 E: jason@ravenlimousin. Also check out the Raven Limousin website for updates and sale catalogue www.ravenlimousin.

OUT & ABOUT Moot Yang Gunya Festival (Mundulla Show) • Mundulla Oval • March 5 & 6 The Mundulla Show and Moot Yang Gunya Festival is held annually on the first Saturday and Sunday of March. Each year, 3000 people flock to Mundulla to take part in the amazing array of events, competitions and displays at the town oval and hall. In addition to the usual livestock, wool, grain, cookery and craft competitions, the Mundulla Show is renowned for its horse events. Dressage, show jumping, light and heavy harness and hacking events feature on the central arena, while the spectacular Stockman’s Challenge is ongoing in the nearby swamp. There are many trade and food sites, side shows plus free entertainment for children. Horse events continue over three days, beginning with some preliminary show jumping events on the Friday and with championships for the show jumping, hacking, Stockman’s Challenge and dressage on the Sunday. Email admin@, phone Linda Lance on (08)8752 0542 visit or follow us on facebook. Gates open from 9am. Beef & Bull | 23

OUT & ABOUT Kingston Triathlon • February 14 The Kingston SE Triathlon Club will be running their 27th event, the Joggers World 2015 Kingston SE Triathlons, on Sunday, February 15. Log onto

Canola and Wheat yields DOUBLED - Pasture Yield up by 25%


Your Locally Owned & Operated Knackery


Work carried out by Dr Guandgi Li and Dr Mark Conyers, Senior research Scientists at Systems Reseach, Wagga Wagga NSW and reported in Prime Facts published by DPI NSW in Feb 2006 found : Applications of lime onto acid soils could dramatically improve crop and pasture yield by 100% and 25% respectively. The trial work was carried out from 1992 through to 2003 and can be viewed on line at the articles are number 33 and 34. What is an Acid Soil? When soil pH is below 5 in Calcium chloride for Pasture soils and soil pH is below 5.5 in Calcium chloride for

Cropping soils are considered ACID SOILS ( PIRSA 1999) Research by G.W. Ford and I.S Smith Dept Agriculture and Rural Affairs Victorian Crops Research Institute, Horsham Vic and reported 1987 found: Gypsum application could increase wheat yields by as much as 1 tonne per ha over non gypsum treated crops in a favourable year ie. above average spring rainfall. If you have been looking for justification, to treat your acid soils with Lime or Sodic Clay soils with Gypsum, yield improvements like these in the year of application with a Superfine Lime or Ultrafine Gypsum may be that justification. An extra tonne of wheat per ha is more than enough reason to apply Lime or Gypsum before planting your next crop or renovating pasture. A single application of Gypsum at 2.5 to 5 t/ha should be effective for two successive crops. Single applications of Lime at 2.5 t/ha should continue to improve crop and pasture yields for 3-5 years or more, depending on soil pH, rainfall and or irrigation. For further information and or to discuss your upcoming requirements for Agricola Lime and or Meningie Gypsum call Greg Moorhouse on 0437 376 450 or email greg.moorhouse@ au or visit www.

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Younger bulls on offer from Yerwal

At Yerwal Estate we have made a couple of changes to our 2016 selling season. The major ones being the date and time of our Angus sale. The sale will now be held on the Monday of Angus week at 10am. We believe this will give buyers wanting to attend several sales the ability to do so on one day in close proximity. Our sale team is coming along nicely with the bulls showing plenty of muscle, softness and fantastic growth for age. These bulls will be some of the youngest sold for Angus week which should give our clients the ability to get an extra year of service out of these young sires. There are a number of bulls in the line-up ideal for low weight heifer joining sired by KM Broken Bow and Sitz Wizard. Our donor cows from LaGrand Angus in the States will soon be having a great influence on the herd with three ET sons being used in our herd to join the majority of our cow herd. Their sibling heifers will be into our ET program for next year once they’ve had their first calves. The Yerwal team of Simmental bulls for the Southern Cross Simmental Sale is looking as strong as ever lead by a couple

Pregnancy planning for improved management

of outstanding black ET sires from Lewis Farms in Canada. Our genetic progression with both black and traditional Simmental has been put into overdrive with the purchase of arguably the best black Simmental heifer to go up for sale in Australia, Woonallee Razzle Dazzle. She is quite exceptional in type and pedigree being a Hoc Broker out of a LFE Black Lakota’s dam. Once calved, she will feature heavily in our ET program. Our traditionals certainly haven’t missed out with several donors being flushed plus an AI program to a new poll sire, Bank Roll. We look forward to these calves hitting the ground this year. Enquiries are always welcome at Yerwal Estate anytime. The Yerwal Estate team

Above - Woonallee Razzle Dazzle pictured with buyer Regan Burow and daughter Lacey from Yerwal Estate, Lucindale, Woonallee principal Tom Baker with daughter Olivia, Elders auctioneer Ben Finch and Elder’s stud stock’s Ross Milne.

More cattle producers are using Cattle Pregnancy Scanning to diagnose pregnancy earlier than they have before. It is accurate from 35 days. This is particularly useful with heifers. Greg Fitzgerald who has been Pregnancy Scanning Cattle for 14 years, has been using Fetal Ageing as a tool for farmers – best at 90 days from bull introduction. Rather than having a short joining and having a high risk of a low percentage quite often due to a bull break down, the bulls can be left in until scanning. Rotating the bulls or using extra bulls to back up the main sires is also a good idea. Scanning at this time will pick up the pregnancies in the first seven weeks of the mating. Depending on the percentage, the decision can be made to cull non detectable animals or rescan at a later date. This is also an ideal time to split heifers or cows into smaller calving groups by measuring the fetal size. Heifers are Pregnancy Scanned and divided into two week calving groups. The farmer is than able to use this information to control the feed intake of the different calving groups prior to calving and than lift each groups nutrition

Profit increasing bulls We are happy to say that the third annual Southern Cross Simmental sale is on the 12th of February, 2016 at the Woonallee Complex. As the vendors we are excited as we feel the line up of bulls on offer are able to give additional profit and quality within varied herds and markets. Almost 25% of sale bulls being offered are black simmentals, this allows purchasers other marketing options to produce vealer calves or heavier weaners with the black hides. On offer in this year’s sale are the well muscled and covered traditional simmental bulls from Seddon, Six Creeks, Rellum Farms and Yerwal Estate studs. The field days will bring an opportunity to look over the sale bulls, for Seddon and Yerwal Estate on 8th of February, 2016; Six Creeks and Rellum Farms on 3rd February, 2016. We hope that the good cattle

prices continue for you; this is an ideal time to trade up your old bull with a very small change over cost, with your new bull you will see the profit increase. We all hope you had a pleasant Christmas and the New Year sees you happy and well. See you at the Southern Cross Simmental sale in February. The Southern Cross Simmental Sale Beef & Bull | 26

just prior to calving, aiming to match energy requirement with stage of pregnancy. Using this technology lessens the amount of heifers that need checking daily during calving and calf marking can be carried out in batches. Cows can also be split into two or three calving groups, scanning prior to weaning. At scanning the stage of pregnancy can be recorded using electronic ear tags. At weaning cows can be divided into their calving mobs. This can allow farmers to administer magnesium capsules to combat Grass Tetany at a more optimum time as each group of cows come in at calf marking and spreads out busy work loads. Likewise at weaning the calves are in similar weight range groups, determining their stocking rate. For more information contact Greg Fitzgerald 0427 944 625.

Friday, 12th February 2016 Commencing 4.00 pm (SA time) at Woonallee Sale Complex Furner, S A


ON ld Day Beef Fie d u t S A S y 8th Monda 016 ry 2 Februa

35 BULLS Blacks, Traditionals and Reds SIX CREEKS AND RELLUM FARMS Stock and Land Beef Week Victoria


ON DIS N AT 311 PLAY CA CAUSE NUNDA WAY MILLIC VIA ENT SA Stu d Beef Field D ay Monda y Februa 8th ry 2016

Wednesday 3rd February 2016 at the Mount Gambier Showgrounds

Selling Agent Elders 0428 572 354 Grantley Muller

0400 265 319 Brad Creek

0437 081 077 Ashley Ness

Simmental and Angus Stud SA Stud Beef Field Day


Sire Vermont E149 Right Time

Friday 12th February 2016 at 4.00pm at the Woonallee Sale Complex, Furner SA Selling 13 Simmental bulls



Grand Sire G S Woonallee Tornado



Southern Cross Simmental Sale



Monday 8th February 2016 Selling a selection of commercial bulls Displaying Simmental, Black Simmental, Angus and SimAngus sale lots


Sire LFE BISS S SS Black Advance

Now selling Angus bulls on Monday at 1 0am in Angus We ek!


0419 817 669 Regan Burow

14th Annual On Farm Angus Bull Sale

For further information please contact Regan Burow

Monday 15th February 2016 at 10.00am Lawrey’s Rd (off Coles-Spence Rd), Lucindale South Selling at auction 40 HBR Angus bulls

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Quality on offer at Lanark

Lanark Angus was established in 2006 with females selected for their temperament, structure and genetic traits; we breed moderate framed bulls with easy doing ability and good temperament, and have used genetics from Australia, the United States of America and Canada, through our AI and ET programs. Lanark J20 Export Steer won RA&HS Grand Champion carcase at the 2014 Royal Adelaide Show Steer Comp with an EMA of 107cm and P8/rib of 10/8, this was the first time in 37 years it has been won by an Angus steer. We will have 18–22month old bulls on display and for sale by private

Celebrating 10 years in the livestock supplement business

treaty at the Lower South East Beef Field Day, photos of the sale bulls will be available on our facebook page. A selection of yearling bulls and stud females will also be on display on the day. We look forward to seeing you at the SA Beef Field Days, Monday 8th February. Follow the signs from - the Penola Golf Course Riddoch Hwy, or the Old PenolaKalangadoo Rd. The Lanark team SEE ADVERT PAGE 3

Beachport Liquid Minerals is very proud to commence its 10th year in the South East of SA. A national business distributing their liquid livestock supplements for cattle, sheep and horses via Elders, Landmark and independently owned stores with a growing list of more than 450 stockists. BLM is 100% family owned and operated and now employee 13 staff at their growing facilities located on Calula Drive, just behind Bunnings in Mount Gambier. Their

unique 3-in-1 combination and ease of use application method, sets them apart from other supplements on the market. The product range contains trace elements, natural electrolytes and amino acids through the use of seagrass/kelp. Aiding in the feed conversion of both dry and green feed all BLM products improve absorption and retention in the rumen increasing naturally the production of livestock. In 2015 BLM was honored as a finalist in the Brand SA Regional Awards, Telstra Business Awards, and winner of the Best Business Award for WIMRD. “Being recognised for our growth and the results our products are achieving all over Australia is a huge pat on the back to our dedicated staff. What is most humbling of all and the reason behind what we do, is seeing first hand the results our clients are achieving and their stories of before and after using BLM.” Today Beachport Liquid Minerals distributes via 12 key warehouses and has plans to build new purpose built facilities in Mount Gambier in preparation to grow into the International market. “We are all looking forward to what the future will bring.”

Above - Beachport Liquid Minerals directors Chris Sutherland; Kelly Nicholson & Kym Sutherland. Beef & Bull | 28

Murray Greys meat the markets The two vendors of the Green Triangle Murray Grey Sale are working towards their sixth sale, which will be on Wednesday 2nd of March 2016, held on the Arki property at 3916 Naracoorte Rd, Western Flat SA. This year we will be offering 26 Bulls and 32 Commercial females with calves at foot or PTIC. Our sale bulls are showing some great Commercial traits, to suit the modern beef producer’s needs. Ease of calving with birth weights varying from +2.3 to +4.9 with Breed average being +3.3 and Positive fats indicating softness, doing ability in these extreme seasons. The bulls are showing good growth with better than Top 15% for 200, 400 & 600 days. EMA’s as high as Top 10%, Top 15% for milk, also displaying good fertility, Top 5% for scrotal and some amazing Indexes as high as Top 3%. The group of young sires include 7 with positive fats, 2 showing high EMA’S , 5 with below breed average birth weight, 6 with high growth figures, 3 with good milk figures, and 3 with scrotal figures. Both vendors have some bulls that need a special mention: Lot 11 Arki King K22, 600Dw +63, EMA +2.2, rib fat +0.3, rump fats +0.4, a smooth shouldered long bull, with positive fats, used over heifers. Lot 13 Beeamma Jigalow J43, 600Dw +62, EMA +1.8, a smooth, large framed bull (6.7 frame score) was Reserve Senior Champion Bull at Adelaide Royal Show 2015. This is the first son to be auctioned by Monterey Film Star F71. Lot 24 Arki Killby K65, 600Dw +64, rib fat +0.6, rump fat +0.8, a deep bodied bull with a strong top line.

Arki Keene k34 Reserve Heavy Domestic carcass and highest scoring Murray Grey carcass at the 2015 Adelaide Royal Show, prepared by Bordertown High School. Sired by Willawa Greys Ernest E16, who has five sons in the sale. He is in the Top 5% for vealer index. Lot 31 Beeamma Krusty K11, Bw +2.9,EMA +2.2 a smooth long bodied bull with a below breed average birth weight, and a better than Top 10% for EMA.

Not taking anything away from the other lots, all the bulls are well worth your inspection. The sale bulls have been vaccinated with 7in1, Vibrovac & PI tested Negative. So you can buy with confidence which is backed with

57 years of breeding quality Murray Greys. We will be offering free freight of 150 kilometres from the Arki property, on all bulls. Where multiple bull lots are purchased to the same districts, we will freight 150 kilometers per bull. Inspections welcomed any time prior to the sale day via appointment with either vendors, as we will not be participating in the beef field days this year. Again there will be two Murray Grey Sales in two days, only 150 kms apart. Lindsay Murray Grey Sale will be on Tuesday 1st March at their home property at Pigeon Ponds. The Green Triangle Sale will be on Wednesday 2nd March at 2pm with inspection from 12 noon onwards. For further information please contact: Tom Dennis, from Elders Naracoorte, on 0427 975 207. Geoff Buick, from Arki, on 0438 582 071. Denise Fabris, from Beeamma, on 0407 566 341. The Green Triangle Murray Grey Sale team

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Top quality on offer at Warrawindi

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For inquiries phone Jill Collins Regional Sales Manager 0400 598 327

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Warrawindi Limousins will offer 25 high muscle, low birth weight rising two year old bulls in its annual on property sale. We will also offer six specially selected show yearling heifers from some of the best females in the herd, including the first progeny of B Bar Titanium. The bulls on offer are all polled and sired by trait leaders in the breed. It will be the last progeny of Stevens Moonwalker who has proven himself over eight years and a leader of seven traits in the breed. Sholone Nobel Prize has proven himself with adding extra muscle length and calving ease. Wulf’s Yonkers leads the way in our black section of the catalogue with the best black poled bull line up we have had. Once again we are part of SA Beef Field Days on Friday the 18th and Saturday 19th of March, 2016 and our sale is

part of SA’s Limousin Week from Tuesday the 23rd to Thursday the 25th of February. All bulls on offer are high performance sires and are MN1, semen tested, Pest and Proto free, 7 in 1 Pest Vibro vaccinated, vet checked; therefore are fit and fertile ready to work and are guaranteed for fertility and docility. With free delivery for your bull all the hard work is done, all you have to do is select the right bull for your cows. I believe this is the best job in the world and it is very satisfying producing the best grass fed beef in the world. The Warrawindi team

Above - Warrawindi Sale Bulls 2016.


Portland Dahlia & Rose Festival • Portland Civic Hall March 12 & 13 This is Australia’s largest display of dahlias, roses, floral art, cut flowers and pot plants by local and interstate growers and home gardeners. There are special children’s sections for ages 5 - 16 years. Saturday 11am – 5pm & Sunday 9.30am – 4pm. Call Richard Voss on 0429 454 844 or log onto www. portlanddahlia Beef & Bull | 30