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Gorgeously comfortable styles that are sure to become your summer essentials See page 3 for details

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COVER Attwood’s It might not feel like it but summer is fast approaching and with that comes a change in footwear. It’s time to pack the boots away and invest in the coming season’s latest styles in strappy heels, smart, casual footwear and summer sandals. Limestone Coast shoppers need look no further than Attwood’s Shoes in Naracoorte and Mount Gambier. It’s no coincidence Attwood’s marquee brand is Ziera (formerly Kumfs) - as both Attwood’s and Ziera are all about merging style and comfort. Both Attwood’s and Ziera also boast a wealth of experience in the footwear industry. John and Annmarie are second generation shoe retailers. “There are a lot of people out there that still want the experience of trying on shoes and getting advice from someone with over 20 years knowledge of fitting and footwear,” they said. And Ziera is the 2010 re-branding of Kumfs – a brand synonymous


with comfort, basically since the 1930s. Ziera is the perfect solution for the hard to fit foot, ensuring the shoes will be comfortable but without sacrificing style Attwood’s has in stock the latest summer styles, not just from Ziera, but also a wide range of quality brands including European styles, so whether you’re heading to the Naracoorte or Mount Gambier store, you wil have a wide range of on trend footwear to choose from, as well a the ultimate customer service experience, backed by years of experience and footwear knowledge. Many of the brands on the shelves at the Naracoorte and Mount Gambier store are only available in metropolitan stores and even then, rarely under the one roof. Right - John Attwood and daughter Sophie-Ann at the entrance to the iconic shoe store.

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The amusements for this weekend’s Mount Gambier A&H Spring Show started rolling into town at the weekend, and The Showmens’ Guild of South

LOCAL Sound Melbourne Sound Artist, Vincent Giles, is in Portland to work with the community to record and collect local sounds for a SoundArt Installation called Heard/Unheard: Flux to be presented at the Upwelling Festival on Saturday, November 2. As a part of a festival artist residency at Julia Street Creative Space for the month, Mr Giles (pictured) will be exploring various sounds relating to the Bonney Upwelling and Portland as well as delivering a series of free workshops. “The sound

Australia is promising an exciting line-up of attractions. “Last year, the Mount Gambier show fell on the same dates as Mildura and Geelong which is a

rare thing, but it’s all on its own this time, so there will be a great variety of rides and sideshows,” said guild secretary Alan Lynch. Mr Lynch estimated that approximately 50 operators and staff from South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales will be bringing this year’s entertainment to town. His own company, SA Showrides, operates the Kamikaze, the Skydiver and the Fun Factory, as well as the Teacups, Laughing Clowns and Walk-On-Water balls. “It’s a big business and a big investment, with the larger attractions valued

at up to $1 million,” he said. At least four staff are generally required to operate each ride, and Mount Gambier A&H Society president Peter Woodruff said the operators provided a considerable economic boost to the town. “Not only do they purchase large quantities of fuel for generators, but they also use their week-long stay as an opportunity to maintain and service a lot of their equipment while they are in Mount Gambier,” he sayid. For those who would rather be entertained from the sidelines, the Lumberjacks in Action will be another

big feature of next week’s show, bringing together an energetic blend of sport and comedy. A range of physically demanding disciplines including speed climbing and log rolling will be demonstrated at various times over the two days in the Hub area, and the show will switch to the Main Arena at 8pm on Saturday night just prior to the popular fireworks display. The century-old skills have been passed down through the generations, and while technology and machinery have mostly replaced manual labour, the ever-popular lumberjacks

will add a welcome touch of nostalgia and tradition to the show. The Mount Gambier Show will officially open to the general public at 9am this Friday, October

Workshop 2 – Sound awareness 1, Saturday, October 26, 10-11.30am Workshop 3 – Sound awareness 2, Saturday, October 26, 12.30-2pm Workshop 4 – Electroacoustic Music Composition, Sunday, October 27, 10am-12noon Workshop 5 – Introduction to Pure Data for Audio Programming, Sunday, October 27, 1-3pm Heard/Unheard:Flux is made possible by the Faculty of VCA & MCM’s Regional Training & Engagement Program, funded by the State

Government through Arts Victoria and delivered in partnership with Regional Arts Victoria. The Upwelling Festival will be held on Saturday, November 2, on the Portland Foreshore and is a free event which celebrates what is unique about Portland and the community and showcases an important local environmental

25. Each entry ticket will include a $5 dollar voucher for Banner Mitre 10, effectively reducing admission prices to $10 dollars.

artist heads seaside ahead of festival installation explores the notion that in any given place or time, there is much more going on than we’re aware of,” Mr Giles said. “Of particular relevance to Portland is the Bonney Upwelling, a yearly seasonal change that stimulates huge amounts of marine activity - this activity tends to be hidden from us as humans, though we likely see (and profit from) its effects. “I want to pose the questions: ‘What does an upwelling sound like? What can sound reveal

about an otherwise hidden world? Industry? Fish? Krill? Whales? Ships? What does the upwelling mean to you?’ “This work seeks to reveal the hidden world of the Bonney Upwelling contrasted with sounds recorded in and around Portland that we may be exposed to on an almost-daily basis, and the sounds of the festival itself.” Mr Giles is inviting the community to contribute by recording sounds on their smartphones, tablets or other recording equipment

and uploading them to a website from which he will create a composition to install on the foreshore for all to experience. Throughout his stay, Mr Giles will be conducting a series of workshops on field recording, sound awareness, electroacoustic music composition, and introduction to computer software for audio programming. Workshops all begin at the Portland Library in Bentinck St. Workshop 1 – Field recording, Wednesday, October 23, 4-6pm

phenomenon. In its fifth year, the festival is based on the theme of the Bonney Upwelling and is managed by the Rotary Club of Portland Bay.

the voice is in town

November 6 Harrison Craig SIR ROBERT HELPMANN THEATRE, MOUNT GAMBIER Harrison Craig, Australia’s newest superstar and freshly crowned winner of The Voice, will bring his beautiful vocals and inspiring song selection to the Sir Robert Helpmann Theatre as part of his More than a Dream Tour. He will be joined by musical director John Foreman and recording artist Bobby Fox, who starred in the Australian production of Jersey Boys. Harrison’s More Than a Dream tour will feature the outstanding performance from his massive success on the voice. Classic songs will be performed along with Harrison’s new found hits such as More Than a Dream and Unconditional. - 004

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A Mars A Day by Robbie Tansel

I recently stumbled upon a website for a group called Mars One. This group plans to launch one of the first human missions to Mars, quite an earth shattering possibility you’d have to agree. I don’t know what I find most surprising about this story. Let’s just start with the possibility of people being on the surface of another planet, an average of 225 million kilometres away. Doesn’t that blow your mind? Just going to the International Space Station is much more amazing than we seem to think it is, let alone Mars. My amazement grew when I actually found the Mars One recruitment website. Now like I said, flying to Mars is the most amazing thing that anyone has really ever proposed so you’d think they’d have a process in place that is going to locate the best of the best. Well, I’m pretty sure that Mars One put whoever is in charge of recruitment for fast food employees in charge of finding these astronauts. I read through the job specification and was convinced that I could probably get a job on board the first mission. Now let’s be honest; I shouldn’t be able to even understand what they’re looking for in the people they’re sending to Mars, let alone think that I’m capable of passing the application process. And should there really be a job spec like you’d find in your local paper for a mission to another planet. Should it really be open to the general public? The five key characteristics they’re looking for in astronauts are resiliency, adaptability, curiosity, ability to trust, and creativity/resourcefulness. To be honest I’m pretty sure that my little fella Shaquille meets those five characteristics. He falls over regularly and most of the time gets up without crying. That’s resiliency. I moved his child seat from the right hand side of the car to the left last week. He barely even noticed. Isn’t that adaptable of him? He has inserted a wide variety of different foods into the DVD player to see what

would happen. Doesn’t that show such curiosity? He spends time with me. Admittedly that probably shows more about Donna’s ability to trust that I won’t stuff him up too much than his ability to trust. As for creativity and resourcefulness, I only have to turn my back for three seconds to see his ability in this area. Will he be three quarters of the way up a book shelf? Will he have the dog in a headlock? Will his newest artistic creation be nearing completion on the lounge room wall? Mind you, it won’t be so easy for everyone to meet the job criteria. According to Mars One “In spaceflight missions, the primary personal attributes of a successful astronaut are emotional and psychological stability.” I guess there won’t be any women going to Mars then…sorry, I just couldn’t resist that one. The sentence that really gets your attention is, “Once on Mars, there is no means to return to Earth.” It’s going to take a pretty unique person to agree to that new job opportunity. It doesn’t matter how much you’re going to get paid. There’s not a lot of shopping centres on the red planet, where you’ll be spending the rest of your life. I think the easy way to attract applicants would be a reality show. Apparently every nutter wants to be part of one of those. Wouldn’t it be entertaining television? If you get voted off you get fired into space, never to be seen again. Think about how much better planet Earth would be with a few less nitwits walking amongst us. And wouldn’t it be so much more realistic than a bloke living in a mansion with 20 hot chicks? I’m more happy to eat a Mars so if you know where they’re on sale this week email me at

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120 Penola Rd. Mount Gambier - 006

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CIRCULATION AUDIT BOARD - 27,600 Letterboxes, PO Boxes and 70 Newsagency/stores! My Property reaches 69,000 potentional buyers every week.

AUCTION: 10th November 2013 @ 12 Noon 47 Siggers Road, Mount Gambier Solid Mt Gambier Stone Homestead, 4 Bedrooms, office, 2 toilets, aluminium windows, high ceilings & nice features. Solar heated modern pool area & exquisite entertaining, 9 watered paddocks, laneway & heavy carrying country, shearing shed, cattle yards & lots of shedding. Secluded paradise - the only house on the road & 7 minutes to town on approx 100 acres.

Clearing Sale

10th November 2013 - Start 11.30am • John Deere Tractor with Forks & Bucket • Massey Ferguson 135 with round bale lift • Massey Ferguson 135 with slasher • Antiques • Wagon Wheel – excellent condition • Old side boards x 2 • Deutz Hay Mower

• • • • • • • • •

Small sq. bailer – New Holland 471 Silvan Spray Unit Ride on mower - ex. condition Mini motorbike Pellet/Oat feed-out trailer Feed-out trailer for big bales Dunlite generator 5 Kva DeWalt bench angle grinder Bench wood saw

• • • • • • •

Hay Rake Tractor Grader Blade Ripper 3 point linkage Haylift 3 point linkage Old Slasher 3 point linkage Small Silo Goat/Sheep crush lifter

~ Plus too many items too numerous to mention ~ ~ Outside entries invited ~


Jason Malseed P: 0419 032 795 E:

10% to 20% off - 007

37 Dalkeith Drive



12 Wallace Street


4/53 Bertha Street


7 Shaughnessy Court

OPEN SATURDAY 10.00 - 10.30am

OPEN SATURDAY 11.00 - 11.30am YOU’LL LOVE THE EXTRAS Fantastic St Martins location. 4 bedrooms, main with walk in robe and ensuite. 3 remaining rooms are double size with built in robes. Separate formal lounge. Open kitchen/dining/family. Internal access from single garage UMR. Also carport UMR with height clearance elevated of approx 2.5m. Lovely outdoor entertaining. In addition, the best man shed we’ve ever seen complete with bar, heating & cooling. And if that’s not your scene- tinker in your own workshop. This could be full of boy’s toys.

425 Tri-Hi Road, Kalangadoo


LOCATION: YES, SPACE: YES Generous four bedroom, brick solid home set on a 1500m2 allotment in the Lakes area. Plenty of living areas with separate lounge, family, office, pergola & private alfresco area. Large kitchen; gas h/plates, elec oven & WI pantry. Ensuite & WIR to main. Ducted gas heating/ S/C heating + split system A/C. Double garage opening to enclosed carport with vehicular access to rear yard.

2 Coral Court


NOT JUST ANOTHER UNIT Renovate and immaculately presented 2 bedroom unit. Located in the lakes area. Open plan kitchen, dining lounge area. 3 Way main bathroom with different access from main bedroom. Elevated decking with views of the city. Internal access from single garage under the main roof. Cute rear courtyard. Neutral decor throughout. Split system heating/cooling as well as gas heating. Lovely quiet location. Off street parking available for another three vehicles.


Colonial style brick home. 3 good size bedrooms. Open plan kitchen, dine and family. Spacious formal lounge and dining. Walk in robe and ensuite to the main bedroom. 3 way main bathroom. Modern kitchen with gas cooking. Large rear pergola. Centrally located in a quiet pocket of the city.

214 Wynham Road, Moorak




IDEAL COUNTRY ESCAPE Set on 186 acres of fertile soil, subdivided into 12 paddocks. 4 bedroom brick home. Main bedroom with built in robe and ensuite. Renovated kitchen. Large outside entertaining with rainwater to house. 60 acre water license. Shearing, hay & machinery sheds. Can carry 30 cows and calves at foot plus 200 breeding ewes . Bore watering to all paddocks plus 2 dams.

1 Rymill Place




BIG HOUSE - NOT SO BIG PRICE The entertainers delight with this large executive home. Three distinct & separate living areas, featuring rumpus room & lounge with grand bay window. Four bedrooms, main with spacious ensuite, WIR & bay window. Separate office close to front entrance. Beautiful timber flooring through kitchen, meals, family & rumpus. Ducted gas heating. Decked pergola connected to double garage. Timeless exterior features with the use of split stone.

332 Cafpirco Road, Compton


MODERN RURAL LIVING Simply stunning 3 to 4 bedroom home situated in Moorak. Situated on approx 2.5 acres offers state of the art living. Comprising of a home theatre room, elegant living areas, 3 double bedrooms, the main bedroom has a WIR and an opulent ensuite with double vanity and offering underfloor heating. A stainless steel cooker takes pride of place in the gourmet kitchen that features Caesar stone benchtops. Stacker doors lead from the dedicated games room with built in bar to the outdoor alfresco area. C Bus wiring throughout means the lighting, music and climate control are all automated offering energy efficiency and flexibility. Ducted Reverse cycle heating/cooling. Double garage with i/access. Separate colorbond shedding with toilet & shower measuring approx. 7.5 x 20 metres with a 3 mtre high clearance.

13 Woodhaven Place


11 Woodcrest Close



STOP RENTING & CONSIDER THIS LITTLE BEAUTY Well kept 3 bedroom stone home. Located in a quiet cul de sac, only a 10 minute walk to the main street. Good size bedrooms. Spacious lounge with gas heating. New kitchen, yes that’s right, a sparkling new kitchen with dishwasher, walk in pantry and s/s gas cooker. The bathroom has a sep shower/bath. Largest enough for the biggest parties is the rear pergola, and ideal area for kids to play in winter and Extremely private. Low maintenance front and rear yards. Stone single garage with power plus carport

LIVE THE DREAM Quaint & character filled cottage with modern extension on approximately 6 acres. 3 bedrooms, main with WIR + French doors to private courtyard. Cosy formal lounge. Rear extension has family, dining & kitchen w/ electric cooking & dishwasher + S/C heating. Fully fenced heating swimming pool. Chook yard + ample shedding. You will fall in love with country living at its best.

Moorak Hall Road


SUPERB COUNTRY LIVING Just minutes from the city centre. Comprising of 3 luxurious bedrooms study or ideal den. Situated on 10 acres into fenced 5 main paddocks with stables. Chefs kitchen with stainless steel appliances and granite bench tops. Well appointed games room/rumpus. Open plan living area with dedicated cellar ideal for the wine buff. Renovated ensuite & main bathroom. Indoor heated pool & spa spacious entertaining all undercover. The most exquisite of gardens to enjoy. Living in this property will offer a truly unique experience. In conjunction with Gebhardts Real Estate.

INVESTOR ALERT Lovely executive rental. Comprising of 4 bedrooms, main with walk in robe and ensuite. Open plan kitchen, dine and family areas. Separate games room. Separate formal lounge. 3 way main bathroom. Enormous outdoor entertaining with all weather blinds. Low maintenance yards front and rear. Ducted Gas heating plus split system reverse cycle heating/cooling. An ideal entertainer or investment. Currently tenanted @ $350 per week.

5-7 Salesyard Rd, Allendale East


THE BEST OF ALL WORLDS Executive living brick family home with rural vista and all close to the coast. Three double bedrooms + large office. Main bedroom with WIR to ensuite. Formal lounge, separate dining & family room. Spacious kitchen with walk in pantry, dishwasher and plenty of cupboards & bench tops. Main bathroom has separate bath & shower + separate shower. Single garage UMR with remote door + 9m x 6m approx garage. Rainwater tanks & bore.

10 Millard Street, Donovans

RENTALS 3/102 Wehl St - Freshly painted 2 bedrm unit. Lounge & kitch w/ gas heating & cooking. Bathroom w/ new vanity. Sorry no pets. Avail Now @ $150 p/wk 13 Ewens Crt - 3 Bdrm dolomite home. Great area. Formal lounge, dine in kitchen, bathrm w/ sep bath & shower. Air con. Low main. yard. Pets on app. Avail from 18/11/13 @ $220 p/wk 26 Coolabah St - Renovated 3 Bdrm brick home, main bdrm with BIR, new carpet, new kitchen & bathrm w/ sep bath & shower. Lge Family rm. Gas duc heat. Good size fully fenced rear yard. Sgle garage + extra sheds. Sorry, no pets. Avail 18/11/13 @ $240 p/wk 5A/184 Jubilee Hwy West - Finchley Grove. 2Bdrm, BIR, elec s/s app w/gas cooking in kitch, S/S cent’l heat/cool in dining, gas heat in lounge. Sgle garage w/ int access. O’door entert. Avail Now @ $240 p/wk 2/7A Hedley Street- Central location brick t’house w/ 3 bdrms, 2bthrms, open plan kitch/dine/lounge. Sgle garage UMR with extra parking. Avail 30/12/13 @ $250 p/wk


3B Coolabah Street - Almost new 3 Bdrm exec courtyard unit. BIR, 2-way bthrm w/ powder rm & sep toilet. Open plan kitch/dine/lounge. r/c a/c. Garage UMR w/ internal entry. Sorry no pets. Avail 25/11/13 @ $265 p/wk. 3 Mulga Street - 4Bdrm, 2 bathrm close to school & shops. Main Bdrm w/WIR & ensuite, sep 3rd toilet, ducted gas heat + s/s heat, new kitch, lge family area & u’cover entertain area w/ BI BBQ. 2 g’den sheds, dble c’port. Outside pets on app. Avail 15/11/13 @ $270 p/wk 7 Shaughnessy Ct - 3 bedrm home. Main w/WIR & ensuite, remaining bedrms w/BIR’s. Gas ducted heating throughout. Kitch w/dishwasher. Single garage. Pets on app. Avail Now @ $270 p/wk 16 Shaughnessy Crt - New 4 Bdrm 2 Bathrm brick home. All bdrms with BIR, main w/ ensuite. Sep lounge/dine, large rumpus rm, 3 way main bathrm w/ spa bath, duct gas heat + s/s a/c, Pergola & lge rear yard. Lge garage/ w’shop area + c’port. Outside pet on App. Avail now @ $320 p/wk 9 Stuart Court - Brand new, 4 bdrms, all w/BIR, Master also w/WIR, ensuite & separate toilet. Gourmet kit, family room, lge rumpus room, ducted heating, 4 car garage. Avail Now @ $420 p/wk

SALES Jamie Sutherland 0458 231 506 Vicki Quinn 0417 804 782

Picture perfect brick home. Massive lounge with built in bar, room enough for lounge suite & 8 Ball table. Slow combustion heating + R/C A/C. Three bedrooms all with built ins. Generous dining area + well appointed kitchen with gas hot plates. Corner spa and separate shower in bathroom + separate toilet. Paved driveway to double garage. $7,500 Purchaser incentive - conditions apply.


4-5 Leslie Court, Donovans

155 Sea Parade, Port MacDonnell

I Lisa Yeates 08 8725 4225



SEA FRONT OPPORTUNITY Rare opportunity to secure a good size allotment on the sea front at Port Mac. Approximately 784m2 with 19.8m frontage. Great views of the southern ocean. Older iron shed – good for storage. Build your dream seaside escape.

RECEPTION Carolyn Gazzard 08 8725 4225

10 Commercial Street West, Mount Gambier - 008


EVERYTHING WILL HAVE A SPOT! Neat tidy home with extensive garaging & vehicle coverage. Four bedrooms- main with ensuite. Large open plan living with s/c heating & r/c a/c. Renovated kitchen. Double carport connected to home. 12m x 6m approx games shed- lined, insulated, r/c a/c, built-in bar. 11m x 8m approx garage + high clearance carport. 1452m2 allotment.



PROPERTY MANAGEMENT Emma Beare 0437 902 438

DON’T GO PAST ME... Solid construction family home. 3 bedrooms + large office that could easily be a 4th. Main bedroom has ensuite & built ins, bedrooms 2 & 3 have built ins & both have unique direct access to main bathroom. Spacious formal lounge & dine + open family, dine & timber kitchen. Sliding doors from family area to private pergola. Double garage with rear roller door access to enclosed back yard.

I RLA 204710









OPEN SUNDAY 12.00-12.15 OPEN THURS 5.30-5.45 OPEN SUN 11.00-11.15























RLA 115603





Find us on Facebook













2 - 009












4+ 4 Thurston Street Mount Gambier


• Four bedrooms plus office or fifth bedroom • Three of the bedrooms have built in robes • Good size lounge room with gas fire off • Open plan kitchen / dining plus extra living room kitchen. Double length carport with auto door and

50 James Street Mount Gambier

James St

14 Wilga Road Mount Gambier


• 4 bedroom home, main bedroom with ensuite. • 3 living areas, large formal lounge • Roomy family room and separate rumpus room. • Double garage UMR with auto roller doors. • Undercover outdoor entertaining area • Rear yard with 6m x 6m shed.




OPEN Saturday

OPEN Saturday





• 3 Bedroom very well maintained home • Large main bedroom with built ins. • Lounge room with lovely open fire place. • Large very well maintained kitchen/dining. • Solid stone extra length garage, 2 separate rooms to the rear & a workshop/storage area.

2/22 Underwood Avenue Mount Gambier


carpet • Great location with all the hard work completed

1 3 262 Commercial Street West Mount Gambier



4 Howard Street Mount Gambier



Front protected patio Open wood fire, gas wall heater & A/C Plenty of space in the kitchen & large lounge Timber kitchen with gas oven & new gas cook top Bedrooms 1& 3 have floorboards Two 6m x 6m Colorbond sheds R




3-4 bedrooms Impressive floor boards Updated kitchen with dishwasher Second living area with wood fire Single garage on large allotment Close to Tenison Woods College and Mount High School

44 Underwood Avenue Mount Gambier


• Three bedrooms, main has walk thru robe and ensuite, other two bedrooms have built-in robes • Open plan kitchen / dining room • Separate dining area plus large lounge room • Tiled bathroom with shower, bath and separate toilet Single garage plus small garden shed • Currently leased periodic at $250 per week.


in • Newly renovated unit that delivers the very best modern living. Contains a R/C air con • 2 bedrooms with BI wardrobes in the main. • Desirably situated, the property stands just minutes from the city centre and schools. • Current rental return is $160 per week.



• Convenient location close to Mt Gambier High Schooll, Tenison Woods College. • Good size lounge room with mains gas heating. • Very neat kitchen with electric stove & range hood. • Full length rear verandah & carport. • Garden/tool shed with concrete floor.



3/36 Jubilee Highway West Mount Gambier • • • • • •

1 $175,000

2 bedroom unit tucked away quietly at the rear 2 large bedrooms, main with bay window & BIR’s Good size lounge room. Private low maintenance rear yard. Large & very well presented kitchen/dining area Garage UMR with internal access.





1 $209,000

6/7 Arbor Street Mount Gambier



11 Oolna Street Mount Gambier



1 $199,500


Two bedrooms both with built-in-robes Open plan kitchen/dining Upgraded kitchen with electric cooking Private rear area. Allocated car parking Walking distance to shops and the city centre Currently leased at $130 per week (periodic)








• • • • • •

2 5/54 Jubilee Highway West Mount Gambier • • • • • •

ed • This beautifully designed 3 level home is construct with quality finishes throughout • Take advantage of the sunny northern aspect with spectacular views over the city • An impressive lounge room, kitchen/dining with access to external deck. • Large family/guest room with store rooms/workshop • This quality home is set amidst landscaped gardens


Solid stone / tiled roof unit in a group of three Large open plan kitchen / lounge/ dining Log gas fire plus Kelvinator R/C inverter Large timber kitchen with electric cooking Two large size bedrooms, both with BIR and new


6 Oldham Close Mount Gambier









15 Victor Street Mount Gambier

• • • • • •

open fire place. • Additional porch at rear. • Large garage measuring 8mx6m plus car port. • Land area of approx 753m2









• 3 bedroom stone home with entrance hall and lounge with gas heating. Kitchen/dining room with

• Centrally located property, Dolomite fronted villa • 3 bedrooms, attractive lounge room, formal dining room, kitchen store and rear porch • Suit conversion to professional offices • Includes a studio approx 63m2 with frontage to

internal access - Single garage


3 Bertha Street Mount Gambier



OPEN Saturday












OPEN Saturday

OPEN Saturday

OPEN Saturday

• • • • •



17 Hart Street Mount Gambier • • • •


Gorgeous 3 bedroom cottage Completely renovated from top to bottom Lovely open plan kitchen/living area Colorbond double garage & great outdoor

entertaining area • Outstanding central location - 010




2 Sunset Drive Mount Gambier




• Neat brick and tile home • 3 – 4 bedrooms and 2 living areas • Main bedroom with ensuite and walk in robe • Open plan kitchen/living area • Convenience of a separate formal lounge





9 Kyrenia Court Mount Gambier $625,000

2 1/35 O’Halloran Terrace Mount Gambier


2/8 Lake Terrace West Mount Gambier • • • • • •

Delightful unit with 2 living areas Sunny outlook with views over the city Garage UMR, 2 bedrooms with BIR’s Modern Kitchen Gas heating & A/C nd Sunny atrium converted to 2 living area/den/ study/craft room etc • Is this one of the best units in Mount Gambier?

• • • • •








Stunning kitchen with stainless steel appliances. Large living area with great views off balcony. Gas ducted heating plus air conditioner Three bedrooms -Main having BIR’s and ensuite.




• Beautifully appointed split level architectural home, designed with energy efficiency concepts to enhance a sustainable way of living. • Supurbly located in the popular St Martins area, with close proximity to schools and only a short 5 minute drive to both main street and new Market Place Shopping Centre. • This spacious home comprimises 4 large double bedrooms and 2 large living areas with the addition of a theatre room and a home gym.

Two car garage UMR with internal access. Enclosed rear yard with decking area.




Nangwarry Deli Nangwarry

51 Riddoch Highway Tarpeena




• • • •







4 51 Eldridge Drive Mount Gambier

92 Billings Road Worrolong


• 4 bedrooms, 2 with WIR’s and one with BIR’s • 3 large living areas, Entertaining room with large BI bar, projection TV & surround sound • Large rear veranda, entertaining area, open fire

4 bedroom or 3 + a study, main with ensuite Stunning open plan living area & formal lounge Lovely alfresco entertaining area Double garage UMR + separate 7.5m x 12m

• Takeaway food • Liquor store • Freehold • Enquiries to Kevin 8739 7272

• Land approx. 1639m2

• Lots of shedding and car parking • Pool, 30 fruit trees + 100 bird aviaries approx 8 acres

Colorbond garage • Conveniently located level ¾ area allotment





4 82 Jubilee Highway West Mount Gambier • • • • •

$165,000 + SAV

Nelson Road House & Nelson Chalet Motel

$180,000 + SAV

• Two long established businesses for sale on lease hold basis with long term lease. • Fuel sales/deli/takeaway food/fishing bait and tackle + motel operation which the businesses enjoy a turnover of approx $1.3million. • Great variety for a hard working couple to continue and profit from a great business.

Great location on main busy highway Easy to operate Long term lease Plenty of storage Easy family run business


68 Wehl Street North Mount Gambier


• Lower level: 2 bedrooms, 2way bathroom, kitchen/ dining, 2 living areas • Double garage with auto doors. Elevator • Upper level: Main bedroom boasting WIR & ensuite. 2nd bedroom, bathroom, impressive kitchen/dining, formal lounge - theatre room, office & outdoor entertaining





23 Moonah Avenue Nelson


• Light & bright open plan kitchen/living area with S/S A/C & large windows giving great views • 2 good size bedrooms, huge front deck • Lovely well tiled bathroom with quality vanity & shower recess, separate toilet. • Fully insulated including under floor





• Build your dream home on this large allotment in this quiet country town approx 20km from Mount Gambier • Power and water on block • Ready to build on

• Lot 2 North Nelson Road – 787m2 - $110,000 • Lot 4 North Nelson Road – 720m2 - $80,000


• Lot 3 Moonah Avenue – 817m2 - $115,000 • Bradford Court x 2 allotments approx 2550m2 – $142,000ea


2 6516 Portland Nelson Road Nelson



1 $219,000

• This lovely well maintained 2 bedroom home offers • 2 street frontage, making it ideal for the boating/ fishing/caravan enthusiast. • Bright lounge room upon entrance, main bedroomto has built-ins, good size laundry with rear access decking, separate kitchen and dining. • 5000 gallon water tank and 1 1/2 bay garage. • Beautiful surrounding trees for privacy.

8 Sydney Street Nelson





• Neat and tidy Blue Lake home in the seaside town of Nelson. Built 1994 • The home comprises of three bedrooms, main with built-in robes • Open plan kitchen, dining and lounge room. • Front decking with views towards the river • Large double garage with power


15 Dry Creek Road Donovans • Main house with 3 bedrooms, 2 with BIR’s • Large lounge with S/C fire & ceiling fan • Double carport + Double garage • At rear of house separate living • 2 bedrooms both with BIR’s - 011

4 $279,000

• Bradford Court – 2550m2 with large 15m x 7.6m Colorbond garage $174,000 • Vause Road approx 2ha, Colorbond shed and large rainwater tank $259,000 • Lot 7 Moonah Avenue approx 817m2 $95,000 • Lot 12 -14 North Nelson Road – block 1 $75,000 and block 2 $85,000 or $150,000 for both • 17 Moonah Avenue – 730m2 - $115,000

08 8723 0633 98 Wehl St South, Mount Gambier

Hennessy Lane Mt. McIntyre





• Grazing cropping block • Watered by two windmills & tanks • Well fenced into 4 paddocks • Heavy soil types. Late finishing country • Clover & Ryegrass based pasture • 8 ha recently sown to Fletcha Fescue • 14.2ha ie water licence A good block suited to both grazing or cropping with frontage to Manga Lane and Hennessy Lane, Mt. McIntyre. Bruce Auld 0428 849 882 Web Id. 5859611




• • • • • • • • •

Y L A N D ”

143.4 HA AS 2 NON CONTINGENT LOTS Three bedroom home, 3 stand Raised Board shearing shed and yards, Implement shed ,workshop Irrigation Licence of 76 HA IE (187.8 acres) Aquaculture Water Licence of 29250 KL Holding ponds and aquaculture infrastructure (currently unused) 6ha. (15acres) Available stocked with prime lamb ewe flock as W.I.W..O. Grazing/cropping. Approx 35 acres sown to beans A warm sheltered property with clover ryegrass base pastures Peat to sandy loam soil types Has previously grown sweetcorn crops




2/24 Powell Street, Mount Gambier $215,000


• Indulge with bakery, shopping & café culture within walking distance • Public school across the road & private school also a short walk away • Blue Lake walking track only metres away • 3 Great sized bedrooms plus separate study • Formal dining room oozing in traditional features WEB Id. 5826425 3 1 2 Charmaine Russell 0407 268 098

MAKE THIS YOUR TOP PRIORITY • 3 Bedroom brick family home • 3 Large living areas • Master with bay window, ensuite & WIR • Stylish homely kitchen, dining & family room WEB Id. 5638581 3 2 Graeme Cleves 0419 806 410

65 Commercial St West, Mount Gambier AUCTION

1214 Caroline Road, Caroline


IT WON’T LAST LONG CALL TODAY • Solid brick & stone home unit • R/C air conditioning in lounge with brick feature wall • Stylish kitchen with under bench electric oven and hot plate



WEB Id. 5638464 Graeme Cleves 0419 806 410




13 Doughty Street, Mount Gambier $295,000



• Two retail shops with rear entry access • Great Commercial Street West location, busy area • Long term Lease with good returns • Freshly painted externally • Offer excepted prior to Auction • Auction Friday 15th November 2013 at 12.30pm on premises WEB Id. 5863968 Graeme Cleves 0419 806 410

• Old stone cottage, colorbond roof, private location • 3 bedroom but room for more • 3 way bathroom with bath and separate shower • Farm style compact kitchen, electric stove & dishwasher • Huge garage 12m x 8m turned into games room • Large outdoor living area with cafe clear curtains WEB Id. 5859365 3 1 HEAPS Graeme Cleves 0419 806 410

• Renovated family home renovated in 1910 • 3 good sized bedrooms • Formal lounge carpeted throughout • Modern kitchen with electric appliances • Dining room with bay style window seat • Low maintenance yard on 598m2 WEB Id. 5864946 3 1 Graeme Cleves 0419 806 410

32 Millard Way, Kalangadoo


7 Tolmie Street, Mt Gambier

5 Pinecrest Court, Mount Gambier


• Premises approximately 160m2 plus mezzanine floor. • High clearance double access roller doors of 4.1m clearance. • Stone workshop with rear access on allotment of approximately 567m2 plus Right of Way. • 3 phase power, pit & ablutions & office area. WEB Id. 5338142 Bruce Auld 0428 849 882





24202 PRINCESS HIGHWAY 740 299.48 ACRES HIGHEST AND BEST OFFERS BY HA MONDAY 11TH NOVEMBER 2013 (UNLESS SOLD PRIOR)7 • War Service Perpetual Lease No. 477 • Productive property with extensive low cost Artesian Irrigation • 3 Artesian Bores each @ 150,000 GPH with an irrigated area of 128 ha I.E. (316 acres) • 3 stand woolshed and sheep yards • 131.4 ha (325 acres) of higher sheltered grazing including Blue Gum Plantation of 31.3 ha (77.34 acres) • May be purchased stocked with Prime Lamb sheep flock as W.I.W.O. • Excellent clover and ryegrass base pastures • Well fenced A very productive property showing good cash flow, with potential for hay/silage making, strawberry clover seed production, breeding & fattening. Web ID. 5813942

354.3 ACRES


NEW OPEN SAT OCT 26 & SUN OCT 27 11.30 - 12.00 NOON

76.3 HA

17 Longmire Tce, Mount Gambier

Web ID. 5815705 THE PINES 77.53 HA

• Approx. 120 acres. Pinus Radiata Plantation established from 1980 due for thinnings and clear fell. • Approx. 20 acres. Blue Gum BRUCE AULD Plantation established 2005. 0428 849 882




• Approx 2.9 acre property on 2 titles • 3 bedroom home • Lounge with gas heating • Horse stables with power • Brand new gas hot water system WEB Id. 5159311 Graeme Cleves 0419 806 410



17 Gladigau Road, Mount Gambier $205,000

Top floor of Elders Building, 9 Bay Road, Mount Gambier COMMERCIAL LEASE • Lease top floor of Elders Building, 9 Bay Road, Mount Gambier • 13 offices, board room, work stations, strong room, store rooms • Newly renovated offices 123sqm approx plus 254sqm of existing offices giving a total of approx 377sqm. • Central air conditioning • Fantastic views over Cave Gardens • All services including electricity, telephone, data cables, mains water, sewerage & gas connected to the property. • Floor Plan available upon request • Long term lease, very reasonable pricing per sqm • Call Graeme Cleves today on 0419 806 410 Graeme Cleves 0419 806 410

691 Nelson Road, OB Flat


• Built by Mt Gambier City Lions Club for fundraiser • Large 4-5 bedroom family home on 756sqm allotment • Formal lounge & family room & separate dining • Stylish soft floor coverings & curtains WEB Id. 5591764 4-5 2 2 Graeme Cleves 0419 806 410


• 3 bedroom family brick home • New kitchen with dishwasher, stainless steel appliances & splash back • Master suite has mirrored robes, R/C air con and gas heating • Great outdoor entertaining home with BBQ area • Huge shed 12m x 6m & large carport 11m x 4m WEB Id. 5861184 3 1 2 Graeme Cleves 0419 806 410


REDUCED 32 Kings Grove, Mount Gambier 3 br 1 bath 1 car $265pw avail now

3 ACRES APPROX. • Large solid stone family home • 3 to 4 bedrooms with gas heating • Huge lounge room with polished timber floor • Games room or family room • Renovated stunning bathroom WEB Id. 5343420 2 HEAPS Graeme Cleves 0419 806 410 3-4

WE HAVE TENANTS WAITING FOR YOUR PROPERTY NOW!! Please contact Annette McLaughlin on 8723 0633 to list your property today! PROPERTY MANAGEMENT/SALES 0418 855 376






0419 806 410

0407 268 098

0408 853 180

0418 855 376

0428 849 882

9 B a y Ro ad , Mou nt G am bier

m tg a m b i e r @e l d e r m .au - 012

RRLA L A 662833 2833 OPEN SAT 11.00 - 11.30am

27 Sunset Drive A BREATH OF FRESH AIR!

67 Pinehall Avenue 2 HOMES FOR THE PRICE OF ONE

• Three bedroom brick & le home adjoining to Council Reserve • Open plan kitchen / dining / family with gas hea ng & air condi oner • BI robes to all 3 bedrooms • Fabulous 3 way bathroom with double vanity • Separate shower and bath & separate WC • Sliding door to rear pa o & private rear yard with gazebo & bird aviary

• A rus c, split level pine log cabin on approx 3 acres within city limits • comprising of 4 bdrms + study, 3 with BI robes, a mber kitchen with elec cooking, dishwasher & lge pantry • Master bathroom plus ensuite to main • S/C hea ng & open fireplace • Lots of sheds & 2 car garage & 2 carports

PRICED AT $247,000

PRICED AT $449,000

PRICED AT $265,000

5/22 Buronga Avenue STYLE AND POSITION


Chris & Mary’s Fish & Chips BUSINESS

• Solid three bedroom home e high on the hill • Excellent flow and vision to the new ‘Woolies’ development • All bedrooms with BI Robes • North facing kitchen and living • Modern hostess kitchen with open plan dining & lounge • Private enclosed rear yard with detached lock up garage • Well presented spacious home e in a well regarded group

• Approved SA Lo o Agency backed up by a solid morning tea & lunch trade • Great city loca on • Modern well presented layout perfect husband and wife opera on • Regular loyal customer base • Consistent trading figures over many years

PRICED AT $209,000


3 Gerloff Street ROOM TO MOVE • Also low maintenance transportable home with 3 bdrm, 2 with BIR’s • Able to be rented out for $190 - $210 per week. • Beau fully terraced gardens • All the hard work is done

• Long established agency with a long history of strong profits • High profile and easily run with huge growth poten al • Long Lease • Well equiped with great plant & equipment • Contact John Overmaat for further details on 0417 874 286

• Large three bedroom stone family home • Main bedroom with parents retreat • Two bedrooms with BIR’s • Formal lounge room • Modern kitchen with B/Bar to dining area Huge family room with s/c wood heater Main bedroom plus 2nd shower and w.c in laundry • Double garage and pa o area

• An iconic local business with current owners for over 23 years wishing to re re • Open 6 days per week supplying the best takeaway fish n chips and Yiros’ in town • Ideal husband and wife or partnership opera on • Main street loca on with easy parking • Consistent healthy profit figures with a steady growth pa ern • Some vendor finance may be available to approved purchasers PRICED AT $80,000


23 Lila Crescent, Nene Valley STYLISH SEASIDE RESIDENCE • Stunning 3 bedroom home on a large allotment • Built in robes in all bedrooms • Raked ceilings to living areas • Blackwood mber kitchen with B/fast bar • Open plan living dining • Split system R/C air condi oning • Large bathroom with separate shower and spa bath PRICED AT $315,000




• Solid brick and stone 3 bedroom home in the NW of the city • Facing the North with great views across the countryside • Extremely well presented with good space this home has lots to offer • New kitchen and stove with dining area & BI dishwasher • Formal lounge with split system R/C air condi oning plus gas log fire and BI’s

• Inground/ indoor solar heated swimming pool • 2nd shower< WC & vanity to serice the pool • Peaceful rear pa o BBQ area • Double enclosed carport with remote door • Enjoy some me out here with lots of op ons & a low maintenance lifestyle

PRICED AT $225,000

• Great exposure to Commercial Street • Comprising 7 offices, recep on foyer, kitchen, sun porch and 2 store rooms • Rear on site parking for approximately 7 vehicles • Ducted gas hea ng system • Reverse cycle air condi oning to Recep on area • Front and rear access to carpark John Overmaat 0417 874 286

RENTALS 6/1 CARAPOOK STREET $100 PER WEEK Bedsi er unit, kitchene e & bathroom. Sorry - NO pets. 2/6-8 MONTGOMERY AVENUE $125 PER WEEK Two bedroom unit in a quiet group of six. Kitchen/lounge with electric cooking and electric hea ng. Seperate laundry. Single lock up garage. Sorry, no pets. 4 DUNDEE STREET $170 PER WEEK Three bdrm home, kitchen/dining with gas cooking. Lounge with gas hea ng, large size rear yard with garage.



• 3 Bedroom stone ex trust home • Great South Eastern loca on • Lounge & gas hea ng, Kitchen with dining nook • Office plus storeroom extension on the rear • Colorbond roof and aluminium windows • Two separate driveways • Spacious rear yard with access to public park

• Watch the planes come in to land from the living room window • Enjoy the 180 degree views of the city from the large balcony • Experience the tranquility of adjoining the Lakes reserve and access to the park like acres • A two story family home that features four bedrooms

PRICED AT $169,500

PRICED AT $675,000

– master with ensuite and WI robes • Large modern kitchen and dining with huge pantry • Si ng room with BI bar and formal dining • Central stair case linking the downstairs family room, billiard room, office, third bathroom and three car garage, workshop and storage area • Year round comfort with a ducted reverse cycle air

165 JUBILEE HIGHWAY $225 PER WEEK Tastefully decorated 2 bdrm home, main with BIR’s, good size kitchen, lounge with gas hea ng, dble detatched garage, pa o area. No pets. Available 22/10/2013

Phone (08) 8723 2121 55 Commercial St East, Mount Gambier John Overmaat 0417 874 286 Steve Auld 0478 144 178 Kim Cawthorne 0418 807 596 RLA 240002 - 013

Mount Gambier

Real Estate Buy Or Sell... See P & L

88 McKay Road, Compton 5 ES R AC


117 Wynham Road, Moorak Expressions of interest by FRI 29th Nov 2013 5pm

201 Wynham Road, Moorak $498,000



OPEN SUN 11.00 - 11.30am

OPEN SUN 12.00 - 12.30pm

86 White Avenue, Mount Gambier $225,000 W SE NE EA L RE

OPEN SUN 12.45 - 1.15pm

• Privately located on 5 Acres, with stunning views • Inviting solid brick, log cabin home with 3BR (master with ensuite), open plan kitchen/dining, lounge with s/c heating & 2nd living with r/c a/c • Self contained granny flat offers sep living arrangements • Established trees & gardens, tennis court, town water & equipped bore 4 3 2

• Impressive 5BR family home on 20 Acres with outstanding views • Builders own home offering 30+ squares of elegant living, boasting spacious rooms & quality fittings throughout • Just minutes from the city, the property is well designed for horse enthusiasts, including new stables, new shedding & horse arena • This magnificent property offers location, lifestyle & all of today’s living luxuries. 5 2 9

• Solid brick 4BR colonial home on easily maintained 5257m2 allotment with sweeping views • 9ft ceilings with ornate ceiling roses & cornices, two pack kitchen with Caesar stone benches, double oven, elec cooking & d/washer, casual dining/family & formal lounge • Remote double garage UMR, 7,000 gallon r/water & townwater complete the property 4 2 2

• 1st home buyers & investors needn’t look any further than this fantastic renovated brick & tile home • 3BR, spacious lounge with polished f/boards, s/c heating & heat-shifters, new kitchen/dining area with elec cooking, games room with sliding glass door • Rendered & freshly painted throughout plus new floor coverings • Secure rear yard with low maintenance gardens, single garage with power & internal access 3 1 2

106 Harrald Street, Mount Gambier $142,500 W SE NE EA L RE

Unit 1/35 Eglington Terrace, Mount Gambier $125,000 W SE NE EA L RE

9 Doughty Street, Mount Gambier $279,000 W SE NE EA L RE

2 Carapook Street, Mount Gambier $229,000 WE NERIC P

• 3 Bedroom stone home on large corner allotment requiring some TLC • Lounge with gas heating, kitchen with gas cooking • Neat & tidy lawns & gardens • Single stone shed plus two additional garden sheds • Renovate to live in or add to your investment portfolio 3 1 1

• • • • •

• 3BR dolomite fronted home lovingly restored • Spacious lounge/dining with new carpets & r/c a/cond • Galley style timber kitchen with elec cooking & plenty of cupboard space • Formal Lounge with r/c air conditioning • Rich timber flooring, 12ft ceilings with new cornicing quality fixtures & fittings • Private & secure rear yard 3 1 1

• 3BR renovated Mt Gambier stone home on corner of Fairlie St & Carapook St • Country kitchen with new gas cooking, dining with fireplace, spacious lounge with gas heating • Converted garage to studio/music room with A/C (ideal for home office), paved 3 1 u/cover pergola & decking

58 Kurrajong Street, Mount Gambier $299,000

• Unique, solid brick, split level home on large allotment of 1000m2 with panoramic city views • Recently renovated throughout,huge open plan living with raked ceiling, floating f/boards, s/c heating & r/c a/c • Versatile floorplan allows for 3BR & 3 spacious living areas, or up to 5BR 5 2 5 • Excellent shedding

7 High Street, Mount Gambier

Ideal investment or starter in a group of 3 Lovely central location within a short walk to city centre 2 Bedrooms – main with BIR’s Open plan kitchen/meals/lounge plus private courtyard Single carport with undercover access to front door




INVESTORS / FIRST HOME BUYERS 1/2 Davison Street, Mt Gambier ` 91 Jubilee Hwy East, Mt Gambier 1 Cockburn Street, Mt Gambier 8 Gordon Street, Mt Gambier 229 Commercial St Wst, Mt Gambier 302 Commercial St Wst, Mt Gambier 15 Sharley Avenue, Mt Gambier 58 Wehl St Nth, Mt Gambier 2 Burdikin Ave, Mt Gambier 83 Wireless Rd West, Mt Gambier 29 Gordon St, Mt Gambier 8 Bellshire Place, Mt Gambier 18 Montgomery Ave, Mt Gambier 18 Swan Street, Mt Gambier 24 & 26 Queens Ave, Mt Gambier

2 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 5 3 3 3 3 6

4 Venice Court, Mount Gambier

1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 1 1 1 1 2

1 2 7 2 2 4 2 2 3 2 4 2

$165,000 $165,000 $189,000 $190,000 $190,000 $195,000 $199,000 $219,000 $225,000 $235,000 $235,000 $249,000 $249,000 $250,000 $259,000

9 Tanglewood Crescent, Mount Gambier $294,000

• Superbly designed 4BR home located amongst quality homes in a well established area • Master bedroom with two-way bathroom incl shower, spa & WC, plus 2nd WC • Gas heating, gas & elec cooking, gas HWS • Beautiful & private gardens • Single garage UMR with remote provides internal & rear yard access 4 1 1



1 Highland Drive, Mount Gambier $319,500

7 Comaum Avenue, Mount Gambier $399,500

• Unique chalet style 3BR home set amongst est. gardens on 2017m2 allotment • Well maintained tennis court with overlooking pergola • This is a rare opportunity to purchase ½ an acre of land so close to the city • Phone today for your private inspection of this 3 1 2 exceptional property

• Deceptively large 4BR home, offering everything you need for the growing family • Formal lounge with ducted gas heating, master BR with bay window, WIR & en-suite • Huge open plan living opening onto enclosed pergola with BI BBQ, bar & pizza oven • Remote dble garage UMR plus high clearance shed with power & concrete 4 2 4

• Located amongst quality homes on corner allotment • Formal lounge with bay window, open plan living with gas ducted heating, plus huge u/cover pergola • Immaculate 2pak kitchen with b/fast bar, elec cooking, plus abundant cupboard space • Remote dble garage, 2 2 plus 2nd d/way & rear yard access 3

• Architecturally designed 4BR family home on 1017m2 allotment in a quiet residential area • Stunning features throughout include 100 y.o. carved cedar staircase & timberwork, leadlight doors, 3 living areas, gas & s/c heating, sunken dining • Resort style master suite with striking marble tiled ensuite & french doors onto 4 2 2 private balcony

1 Jardine Street, Mount Gambier

10 Heathfield Way, Mount Gambier $325,000

7 Thompson Court, Moorak

• Spacious 4BR, 2 Bath family home on corner allotment in Montebello area • Tas Oak kitchen featuring b/fast bar, elec cooking & walk-in pantry, open plan dining/family with low maintenance tiles & s/c heating, separate formal lounge • Double garage UMR & convenient access to enclosed rear yard 4 2 2

• Luxurious 2-storey family home with lovely rural ambience • Upper level - 4BR, including master with WIR & lavish ensuite • Lower level - stylish kitchen overlooking spacious open plan living & pergola, 3rd living & study • 5th BR or Guest room with ensuite • Huge dble garage UMR plus extra 5 3 5 shedding for caravan or boat


• Superbly presented Federation residence on a magnificent 1533m2 allotment in one of Mt Gambier’s prestigious streets • Features include brand new kitchen, 15ft ornate ceilings polished f/boards, Marble fireplaces, ducted under floor gas heating, 4 bay garage, 2 1 4 st access from Jardine & Mitchell St 4

11 Thompson Court, Moorak $699,000 - 014


• Stylish 4BR (+ study) designer home, 44sq on approx. 3600m2 allot. • Beautifully appointed kitchen with granite benches & s/s app. • Home theatre room, built-in bar & enclosed alfresco area with o/door kitchen • Excellent shedding - dble garage 4 2 6 UMR & 15x9m c/bond shed

Phone 08 8723 3416 32 Bay Road Mount Gambier RLA 185 456 Al Lamond 0418 849 266

Brooke Stephenson 0424 943 991

BE QUICK to take advantage of Government Building Incentives of up to $23,500 available until 31st Dec 2013

Owen Pettingill 08 8723 3416

Gail Richards 0409 268 199

123 Colonel Light Place, Mount Gambier $99,000 W SE NE EA L RE

• An incredible opportunity to secure a generous 1035m2 of prime flat vacant land in a well established area • One of the last vacant blocks amongst quality built homes • Close to Mt Gambier Hospital & Big W Shopping Complex • All services connected, ring your builder today as this one want last long


Find us on Facebook

162 Fern Road, Mil Lel



• Build your dream home on this picturesque 10 Acre block • Beautiful established trees & driveway • 2 x five bay sheds including fully air conditioned office with phone & power • Bore & 20,000 gallons of rainwater • Fenced into four paddocks • A magnificent opportunity for someone to own LAND their own piece of country paradise

1-3/ 29 Willow Avenue, Mount Gambier $249,000 L GE H&KA C PA

Stylish Townhouse Development $199,000

Lot 12 Nelson Road, OB Flat 5 2. RES AC

• Up to $23,500 in Government Grants extended until December 2013 • Take your choice of 3 available allotments and house plans to suit • Plans range from 3BR/2 BATH/2 CAR incl 9ft ceilings, carpet & blinds 3 2 2 • Phone for details

Attention developers, register your interest in this new development close to the Mount Gambier CBD. All services have been connected to the allotment for 4 new 2 bedroom townhouses. Townhouse plans included with sale. Phone Al Lamond 0418 849 266 for more information on this new development. Allotment subject to division approval. LAND

• Ideal location for your new country life • Picturesque 2.5 Acre allotment on the outskirts of the Mount Gambier • Electricity & phone passing • Build your dream home, minutes from the city, river & sea

72 Yahl Hall Road, Yahl 4 ES R AC

Lot 21 Yahl Hall Road, Yahl 7 ES R AC

Lot 5 & 6 Kirip Road, Glencoe From $65,000




30B Peppermint Drive, Mount Gambier $275,000 L GE H&KA C PA

• Take advantage of up to $23,500 available in Govt grants until 31/12/13 • Modern open plan living, spacious kitchen with walkin pantry, r/c air-conditioning, private alfresco area • Purchase brand new, save on stamp duty & choose colours to suit your taste • Ideal first home, investment 3 2 2

Lot 2 Mount Percy Road, Compton $269,000


• Picturesque 1.21 Ha block on the outskirts of the Mount Gambier • Walking distance to Tension Woods College • Equipped bore with town water & power connected • Zoned deffered urban • Future subdivision potential (S.T.C.A.)




• Enjoy the peace & quiet of country living in the popular township of Yahl • 4BR Mt Gambier stone home on a well laid out 4 Acres (approx.) • Town water connected, bitumen road frontage, stone double garage with new roof, concrete & 4 1 2 power

• Renovate or build your new home on this picturesque 7 Acre block (STCA) • Power, phone & town water connected • Hay shed & cattle yards included • Excellent block for building your new home in a fantastic country setting • Subject to Housing Improvement Act & plan being Deposited

• • • • • •

73 & 74 Holloway Street, Donovans $67,000 each

33 Elliot Street, Port MacDonnell

Lt 72 Eight Mile Creek Rd, Eight Mile Creek $230,000 92 65m2

173 Uphills Road, Kongorong 14 ES R AC

• Quiet cul-de-sac in Holloway Street, situated near the Glenelg river. • Bitumen road frontage & power connected • Build your dream home or holiday retreat and relax by the river • Lot 71 1397m2 SOLD, Lot 72 1397m2 SOLD Lot 73 1283m2 approx, Lot 74 1297m2 approx LAND

• Escape the city heat & build your new home (STCA) • Take advantage of govt building incentives of up to $23,500 • Fantastic position, within the town limits • Town water, electricity & phone passing LAND • Ring your builder today

• Great location with private access to Brown’s Bay • Well sheltered private flat allotment (6592m2), ready for building your new home • Excellent shedding with high clearance, suitable for boat or caravan • Exceptional waterfront location for launching boats from the beach • Enquire today & get ready for fishing LAND

• 4-5BR solid brick home tucked away in a beautiful rural setting on 14 Acres • Polished floorboards, formal dining & lounge, blackwood kitchen/dining with elec cooking & family room/5th bedroom • 4 main paddocks, plus house 5 2 7 & shed yards

89 Cram Road, Glencoe 37 ES R AC

148 Burston Road, Glencoe 15 ES R AC

594- The Springs Road, Glencoe

306 The Springs Road, Glencoe $369,000 13 ES R AC


• Escape city life to the affordable, quieter lifestyle of Glencoe • Brand new kitchen with gas cooking, family room, 4BR + office, elevated pergola • 4 bay iron shed plus various other sheds • Fenced into 4 main paddocks with 2 house yard paddocks 4 1 4



• Beautiful Federation style residence amongst attractive gardens on 15 Acres • 3BR, formal dining & lounge, sitting room, country style dine-in kitchen, high ceilings, striking leadlight, open fire places & timber mantles • Purchase your own magnificent piece of history & enjoy a rural lifestyle 3 1 6

Only 2 prime rural living allotments left Lot 5 – 5 Acres $65,000 Lot 6 – 10 Acres $105,000 Excellent position close to school & football club Bitumen road frontage, power & phone passing Build your new home and save on stamp duty

Lot 51 Buck Road, Moorak





• 3BR Mt Gambier stone home on lovely rural setting of approx. 10 Acres with 2 titles • Polished Jarrah f/boards, large dine-in kitchen with Jarrah cupboards, isl bench, d/washer & elec cooking • Lounge with cast iron fireplace & gas heating, 2nd living area with s/c heating • Double garage with power, r/water connected, equipped bore 3 1 2 - 015

• 2ha (5 acres) flat allotment with views to Mt. Schank • Rare vacant building block in Moorak area • 3 Phase power & phone passing • Opportunity to build your new dream home (S.T.C.A.) LAND • Subject to boundary adjustment


• Brick & timber family home on 2 titles of approx. 13 Acres • Open plan living with high raked ceilings & sep family room • Fenced into 3 paddocks with 5 bay & 3 bay sheds • Rainwater connected plus 2 bores




Suite 2/14 Helen Street Mount Gambier SA 5290 Ph 08 8725 5766

14 Roanoke Court


bed rooms


bath rooms


car parking

22 Tumut Drive

bed rooms


bath rooms


17 Glenmont Crescent



This stunning elevated home has been meticulously maintained and cared for and will impress the fussiest buyer. Entertain family and friends OPEN in the beautiful under FRI cover indoor/ outdoor entertaining room or unwind 5.45-6.15 in the Bali Hut.



10 George Street

1,050m2 1 2 approx bed bath car rooms rooms parking



4 Knight Court



car parking

Perfect start for the first home buyer or those sizing down – picture perfect and exceptional shedding – a fantastic OPEN entertaining area, bonus FRI study – inspect immediately – you have 5.00-5.30 been warned!

92 Orchard Road


bed rooms


bath rooms

Stunning inner city villa – superbly renovated and extended – period features, glass architecture, high ceilings, gleaming OPEN timber floors! Inner SAT city living at it’s best! 11.45 - 12.15


10 Venice Court



car parking

This deceptively spacious family home (34 sqm) has to be inspected to fully appreciate the OPEN sheer size of this stunning property – SAT view the fantastic floor 9.30 - 10.00 plan online!

163 Pelican Point Rd, Pelican Point



bed rooms

bath rooms



car parking

No expense spared in this quality built home that offers quiet living – outstanding views – solar OPEN panels – rainwater – solid construction and the list SAT goes on. Inspect and 9.30 - 10.00 expect to be impressed!

92 Gray Street






bath rooms

bed rooms

car parking


Unit 5/55 Bertha Street


bed rooms


bath rooms


car parking

Overlooking a reserve this exquisite home is bursting with style – three living areas – immaculate OPEN inside and out – inspect and fall SAT in love! 10.15 - 10.45

11 Earl Street


Perfectly located a short stroll to the city centre and the lakes area – this lovely unit will be OPEN sure to impress – SAT currently tenanted. 10.15 - 10.45

10B Old Kent Court


bed rooms

bed rooms


bath rooms



car parking 3,648m2 approx

Stunning tranquil setting on the city outskirts – the perfect family home that offers the lot OPEN a true value package! SAT 11.15 - 11.45

4/20A Wyatt Street


bed rooms


bath rooms


bed rooms


bath rooms


car parking


Fantastic views from this Pelican Point home- very well presented inside and OPEN out- sold on a walk SUN in, walk out basis. 1.00 - 2.00

93 Lake Terrace East



car parking

Be quick, this Funky Inner City pad will not last long. The perfect start, walk to absolutely everything!

4 Hill Street Donovans


bed rooms


bath rooms


car parking



bed rooms

bath rooms



car parking 1013m2 approx

Combining brilliant location with a beautiful spacious family home – great flat allotment – it really doesn’t get any better than this!

Unit 9/69 Hedley Court


Well located character 1950’s stone home offering rooms of large proportions. High ceilings, polished floors and four car accommodation. Will surely appeal.

65 Moorak Hall Road



bed rooms

bath rooms


car parking

Slow down and relax in this beautiful unit in a superior location – in highly sought after group.

208 Vause Road, Wandillo


car parking

1/35 Eglington Tce




bed rooms


bath rooms


car parking


You will be surprised by the size of this stunning & sophisticated townhouse – located in a quiet cul-de-sac location close to the city centre.

212 Fern Road, Mil Lel


bath rooms

Ideal for those starting up or slowing down – close to everything! Solid construction, close to OPEN Reidy Park School, SAT shops and the Blue Lake. 11.00-11.30




bed rooms


bath rooms



bed rooms


bath rooms


car parking


You will be sitting pretty in this lovely unit, a short stroll to absolutely everything. The City at your door.

15-19 Hay Terrace, Kongorong

$720,000 4

car parking 16.94Ha(approx)

This beautiful country property a short drive to the city is everything you have dreamed of – inspect to appreciate all that is on offer!

30 Commercial Street West

bed rooms


bath rooms


car parking


Great colonial brick home in quiet country township on approximately 2,021sqm offering large rooms excellent entertaining and shedding storage. Value and will impress.

15 Morphett Terrace, Tarpeena




$85,000 790m2 approx

One roomed weekender – fantastic 790m2 (approx) flat allotment – rustic and cosy – don’t let this one get away – walk in walk out!


bed rooms


bath rooms



car parking 10 acres approx

Capturing the very essence of relaxed rural living, this home is set on arguably Mount Gambier’s finest 10 acre parcel of land. Perfect paddocks, spectacular gardens and beautiful views.





bed bath car SWIM rooms rooms parking POOL 26.36HA approx

Incomparable property a short drive from the city, escalates living and entertaining to new heights for even the most discerning buyer. OFFERS INVITED! - 016



$100,000 + S.A.V. ToyWorld

This long established and successful business is located in the heart of the City Centre and has plenty of front and rear parking. Excellent size premises, currently trading 5 1/2 days per week. Plant & equipment included in sale. All further details from agent, be your own boss!



$75,000 + SAV ($3,500 approx)

Long established Post Office business including freehold – on two titles – great scope & potential!

Paul Chuck 0409 541 113

Jo Campbell 0409 240 223

Ben Jeffrey 0417 810 246


Ph 08 8724 8088

RLA 1903

NEW To be Auctioned on the property (unless sold beforehand) Friday 25th October 2013 @ 1.00pm

33 Elizabeth Street




bed rooms



bath rooms

car parking

63 Wehl Street North


bed rooms


bath rooms


car parking

This home is amazing! Located in a coveted Inner City Street set on three titles on a 2200m2 (approx) allotment. Superb ornate Residence- exceptional!




This impressive home has plenty to offer and is in excellent order throughout. Providing a versatile layout on a 2170m2 (approx) allotment with extra shedding and private rear access. Simply an amazing home that offers tremendous value.


19 Eldridge Drive


bed rooms


bath rooms



car parking 1 acre approx

Absolute quality and designer inspired throughout – a spacious and livable family home with everything to offer. No stone has been left unturned in the design and standard.

26 Coolabah Street


1 Magnolia Court

bed rooms

bath rooms


car parking


Starting up or winding down this home has plenty to offer with large living areas, good shedding and great entertaining area.


16A Bellevale Court



bed rooms

bath rooms


car parking


Modern living and convenient location – close proximity to quality schools, quiet elevated area. An easy care family home or great investment!

N bed rooms


bath rooms


car parking

3/2 West Street

$155.00 pw

$180.00 pw

• 2 bedroom unit • Built in robe in main • Kitchen with gas cooking • Lounge with gas heating · Bathroom/toilet/laundry • Single garage detached • No Pets • Available Now

• 2 bedroom unit • Both with built in robes • Lounge with gas wall furnace • Kitchen/ dine with electric cooking • Bathroom with bath • Separate toilet • Garage umr with internal access • No Pets • Available now

2/20 Kurrajong Street

4 Gerloff Street

$150.00 pw

$195.00 pw

• 2 bedroom unit • Main with built in robes • Lounge with oil heating • Eat in kitchen with new electric stove • Kitchen with new vinyl floor and built-in cupboards freshly painted • Renovated bathroom with bath • courtyard area – single carport • No Pets • Available now.

• 3 Bedroom cottage • Main with Built in cupboards • Lounge with sc wood heating • Kitchen/dining with new electric cooking • Bathroom/toilet with bath • Detached laundry • Single carport under main roof • Freshly painted throughout • Pets Negotiable • Available now

2 Shelton Street

43 Lake Terrace West

83 Lake Edward Road, Glencoe


We stand out from the crowd with our friendly professional service. 3+

3/84 Bay Road


List with Gebhardts today and you will too!

Substantially upgraded throughout – new kitchen, carpet and paint. Solid construction with two living areas – a real family home. Be sure to inspect!

161 Bay Road

$185.00 pw ($210.00 p/w Detatched shed included) 3



5 acres $350,000

bed bath car approx rooms rooms parking

This beautifully maintained and well designed property has everything you could ask for to live a healthy, self sufficient lifestyle – heavenly!

• 2 Bedroom home with office/3rd bedroom • Lounge with slow combustion heating • Kitchen/dining with electric cooking • Detached storage room • Pergola/ Entertaining Area • Large secure rear yard • Pets Negotiable • Available now.

Cnr Louden Hill Rd & Sinclair Rd, OB Flat 186 Jubilee Highway West

$340.00 pw • 3 Bedroom home • Built in robes in all and 2 with built in dressing tables • Lounge with gas log heating and great views from Balcony • Kitchen/Dining with dishwasher & electric cooking • Double garage under main roof with 2 store areas plus toilet & hand basin • patio area • Carport under main roof with roller door • Easy to maintain gardens • House has been completely renovated inside • No Pets • Available now.

7-9 Eumerella Street

56 Wehl Street South


$280.00 pw 3

bed rooms


bath rooms


car parking


Lovely established grounds set on over an acre of land- solid home with great shedding. A world away but minutes to town!

14 Donovans Road, Donovans


bed rooms


bath rooms


car parking


Ideal river retreat at Donovans – fantastic permanent residence or weekender – well cared for property! ASK THE AGENT ABOUT THE $7,500 CASH BACK INCENTIVE!


bed rooms


bath rooms


car parking



bed rooms


bath rooms


car parking


Appealing character villa with loads to offer – recently upgraded. Large corner allotment and great shedding.

The price is right! Large spacious home with heaps to offer the growing family! Nestled between the main street, Lakes precinct and Reidy Park School. Further potential or simply move in and enjoy!

19-21 Smiths Road, Port MacDonnell

1 Shellsea Court, Pelican Point


bed rooms


bath rooms


car parking


A seaside escape with stunning ocean views. Big on space – big on shedding – big double allotment!


bed rooms


bath rooms

$198,000 798m2 approx - block size

Listen to the ocean – Trendy renovation throughout, a fantastic home or weekender just back from the beach. So much potential – Affordable Holiday Home! - 017

• 4 Bedrooms • Main bedroom with walk in robe and ensuite • Built in robes in all other bedrooms • Office or 5th bedroom with built in cupboards • Lounge with bottled gas heater and built in bar • Kitchen/dining/family with dishwasher and slow combustion heater • Huge pergola/outdoor entertaining area • Fully enclosed back yard • double garage under main roof • detached single carport • enclosed kennel • 4 bay shed • 3 open and 1 enclosed • 2 X separate 3 sided sheds • pets negotiable • beautiful rural outlook • Available now.

RENTALS - UNITS • • • • • • • •

1/268 Commercial St West 2/268 Commercial St West 3/3 Shepherd Street 2/20 Kurrajong Street 3/84 Bay Road 2/69 Bay Road 3/2 West Street 3/184 Jubilee Highway West

$400.00 pw • Near new home on approximately 1 acre of country living • 3 generous sized bedrooms • Main with ensuite plus large walk in robe • Walk in robes in other bedrooms • Office/Study can be used as 4th bedroom • Huge open kitchen/dining/living area with polished timber floorboards • Internal access from outdoor entertaining • Separate theatre room • Separate childrens retreat • Central ducted reverse cycle air conditioning • Double lock up garage • Pets Negotiatble – Available now


$110.00 pw • 18 Power Street $110.00 pw • 2 Shelton Street $115.00 pw or including detached garage $150.00 pw • 4 Gerloff Street $155.00 pw • 49 Sturt Street $170.00 pw • 7 Foote Street $180.00 pw $220.00 pw • 418 Sewart’s Road Allendale • 19280 Riddoch Highway • 26 Hastings Avenue RENTALS - COMMERCIAL • Cnr Louden Hill & Sinclair Roads • 92 Gray Street • Harrold Street • 43 Lake Terrace West • Cnr James Street and Bay Road • Law Street • 246 Square Mile Road Yahl • 96 Commercial Street East • 14 Greenridge Drive • 165-167 Commercial Street East • 1 Jardine Street • 46 Commercial Street West • 7-9 Eumerella Street • 9 Ramsay Avenue • 5 Allan Drive

$180.00 pw $185.00 pw $210.00 pw $195.00 pw $210.00 pw $220.00 pw $250.00 pw $300.00 pw $260.00 pw $280.00 pw $300.00 pw $340.00 pw $350.00 pw $360.00 pw $380.00 pw $400.00 pw

Gebhardts Property Management I 2/14 Helen Street, Mt Gambier Ph 08 8724 8088 / Fax 08 8724 8099 Lic Agents RLA 1903 ACN 008075027

trivia quiz tempt the tastebuds 1. Who is the Roman god of fire? 2. Who wrote Eat, Pray Love? 3. What is a baby echidna called?

Vanilla Slice 2 bought puff pastry sheets 250ml (1 cup) milk 1 vanilla bean, split 3/4 cup cornflour 1/2 cup custard powder 220g (1 cup) caster sugar 750ml (3 cups) thickened cream 50g unsalted butter 3 egg yolks Icing sugar, to dust Method

4. On which reality tv show was music sensation One Direction discovered? 5. What is the capital of Hungary? 6. What is the main ingredient in a mojtio?

Preheat oven to 210°C. Line a 23cm square pan with aluminium foil, so that the foil comes up over the sides (this allows you to lift out the slice). Place each pastry sheet on a baking tray lined with non-stick baking paper, then bake for 8-10 minutes or until golden brown. Set aside to cool. Once cool, place 1 pastry sheet, cooked-side up, in bottom of pan. (You may need to trim it slightly to fit.) Place milk in a pan over medium heat. Scrape in vanilla seeds and add



How to play: To solve this puzzle each 3x3 box, each row and each column must contain all the numbers from 1 to 9.

2 8 4 6 7 3 9 5 1

5 9 6 8 1 2 4 3 7

7 1 3 9 4 5 8 6 2

8 6 1 7 2 4 5 9 3

3 2 7 5 8 9 6 1 4

9 4 5 3 6 1 7 2 8

4 5 9 1 3 8 2 7 6

6 3 2 4 9 7 1 8 5

1 7 8 2 5 6 3 4 9

7. How many Gold Logies has Ray Martin won? 8. Who is the captain of the Socceroos? 9. Who won the first Australian series of Masterchef? 10. What was Jane Austen’s first published novel? 11. How many players from one team are allowed on the field at any one time in a hockey match?

time for some serious retail therapy November 12 - Australian Breastfeeding Association - Lower Limestone Coast Group Annual Shopping Spree - 6pm - Leaving from City Hall (via Cave Gardens entrance) Commercial Street East, Mount Gambier. Tickets are $10 each pre-purchased by contacting Angela on (08)8725 1340 or 0407 799 021 or Fiona on (08)8724 9195 or Sandy on (08)8725 8335. Tickets can also be purchased for $15 tickets at the door on the night.

bean too. Warm gently, then set aside for 10 minutes. Place cornflour, custard powder and caster sugar in a pan. Strain milk, discarding bean, into pan with cornflour and whisk until smooth. Add cream, then return to heat, stirring constantly, over low heat until the mixture thickens and boils. Add butter, stirring well to combine, then remove from heat and whisk in egg yolks, one at a time, until smooth. Pour into pastrylined pan and set aside to cool slightly before placing other piece of pastry, cooked-side up, on top. Refrigerate overnight. Remove from pan, cut into squares and dust with icing sugar.



6 2 4 3 1 9 7 1 4 9 6 1

5 8

3 9 1 8 7 2 3 1 2 6 9

12. Who is the prime minister of Britain? 13. Who sang the 1982 hit Come On Eileen? 14. What nationality was explorer Christopher Columbus? 15. Who was named skipper of ther AFL Australian team that is currently in Ireland?

1. Vulcan 2. Elizabeth Gilbert 3. Puggle 4. X-Factor (UK) 5. Budapest 6. Rum 7. Five 8. Lucas Neill 9. Julie Goodwin 10. Sense & Sensibility 11. 11. 12. David Cameron 13. Dexys Midnight Runners 14. Italian 15. Daniel Wells - 019


Supporting women in business Andersons Solicitors is delighted to once again show its support for a Women in Business and Regional Development event. They have long demonstrated a strong commitment to the South East as exemplified by their office at 5 Gwendoline Street Mount Gambier. At the November 15 Gala Lunch, in Naracoorte, Andersons will be represented by Barbara Younger, a key member of the Mount Gambier team. Specialising in family law, Barbara (pictured) brings real experience and compassion to this important area of law. Before qualifying, Barbara

spent several years as a community development worker, primarily in the family violence field. Barbara’s professionalism and knowledge of the law is matched by a highly compassionate way of working. Whatever your relationship issues, you can be sure Barbara‘s understanding will be derived from solid experience. Talk to Barbara, too, on any legal issue you

may need help and advice with. Behind Barbara stands the full resources of one of South Australia’s most experienced law firms, Andersons Solicitors, a firm that has been serving our community for more than 50 years.

LOCAL Zombies

have a heart

Be afraid - be very afraid. Mount Gambier is set to be invaded by zombies. The good news is, these zombies might look frightening but they are going to be out and about on October 26 for a very good cause. The fourth annual Mount Gambier Zombie Walk is set to raise money for cystic fibrosis. “A friend of mine who has been helping organise the walk, her nephew has cuctic fibrosis and it’s not as well known as some conditions so we decided that would be the charity we raised money for this year,” organiser Kylie Bamford said. Kylie said all four walks had doubled

as fundraiser for charity with last year’s event raising $500 for the South East Animal Welfare League. In 2010, the inaugural walk attracted 21 zombies, while in 2011 that jumped to more than 70. Last year was a little down on numbers again but Kylie is hopefuly the trend will continue with renewed interest in the 5GTR spsonsored event. The Zombie Walk starts at 5pm at Vansittart Park with a barbeque on offer as well as a host of other activities and entertainment. At 7pm the zombies will make their way to the Cave Gardens with an 18-plus after party then set down for

LOCAL Alliance

continues to strengthen

Bonds between the Mount Gambier Eisteddfod and the Lions and Lioness Clubs of Mount Gambier have been further forged this year with the Lions Club taking over the manning of the debating section. The Lions and Lionesses also assisted on other sections giving valuable volunteer hours and organisers are particularly grateful for their help with the dance canteen. The canteen at dance is the major fundraiser for the administration costs for the

Mount Gambier Eisteddfod and without the assistance of the Lions and Lioness Club the raising of this money would not have been possible. Mount Gambier Lions Club and the Mount Gambier Eisteddfod have worked together on the Speech and Drama section previously when, in the early years, the Lions set up an eisteddfod scholarship in memory of their foundation member Mount Gambier Mayor Stan Elliot. Over the past two years they have increased their involvement

Shadows from 7.30pm. Contact Kylie for more details regarding the walk and after party on 0400 231 181.

in the Speech and Drama and Debating sections. Likewise, the Speech and Drama committee have altered their Under 16 Public Speaking section to match the format of the Lions Youth of the Year. They have also taken on promoting the Youth of the Year as they feel it is an important opportunity for young Australians. The Mount Gambier Eisteddfod is looking forward to continuing the

Above - Kylie Bamford (seated) and her zombie mates get ready for the October 26 Zombie Walk in Mount Gambier.

relationship with the Lions and Lioness Clubs of Mount Gambier and brining many benefits to the local community. Above - Backstage Inc president Natalia Chalinor and Lions Club Mount Gambier president Trevor Fulton.

diabetes fundraiser



November 9 Michael’s Big Red Run Fundraising Afternoon BELLUM HOTEL - 2PM


Michael Edwards competed in the 2013 Big Red Run and is now ramping up his fundraising efforts as part of the run, which is a fundraiser to help find a cure for tpye one diabetes.


5 Gwendoline Street Mount Gambier

• Live local music • Extreme auction • Movies on the big screen • Games & prizes • Roast lamb rolls • Free bus service

8723 4000 Offices across metro Adelaide and regional SA - 020

Entry - Gold Coin




Talented diva hits town Marina Prior is regarded as Australia’s leading lady of musical theatre, having performed over twenty leading roles in her career so far. She rose to stardom when she played Christine in The Phantom of the Opera. The award winning performer is honoured with being named one of Australia’s 100 Entertainers of the Century. See Marina as you have never seen her before – in an intimate performance, singing her favourite songs and sharing stories from her career. Marina’s vast

repertoire includes musical theatre, jazz, contemporary, and light opera. She will captivate you with a stunning selection of her favourite songs from such shows as The Phantom of the Opera, Cats and Les Miserables. She will also perform songs from her new albums, Both Sides Now which

features songs from her busking days - a collection of music from the female performers of the 70s and 80s and Encore - a collection of her favourite music theatre songs. She will be accompanied by the multitalented David Cameron on piano.


community festival planned

Following two successful Merino Community Festivals, where more than 500 people passed through the gates each year, the committee is enthusiastically organising a bigger and better 2013 festival. This year’s festival will be held on Saturday, November 30, at the Merino Recreation Reserve. The kids’ entertainment will be a highlight again at a very affordable price. There will be an abundance of activities including the mobile laser tag game Laser Strike, Zorb balls, a dunk tank, huge inflatable slide, jumping castles, bungee run, reptile and mammal display, merrygo-round, face painting and since we will be in the spirit of Christmas there’s sure to be a visit from Santa. This year organisers will introduce a freestyle motorcycle team, the Xtreme Trials Show, who will be performing their aerobatics and daring jumps whilst keeping the audience on the edge of their seats three times during the day. Once again the Hamilton Motorcycle Club will be holding a race day and non-members are able to pay a day member fee to join in the races and enjoy the picturesque

come & celebrate November 1-3 Compton Primary School 150th Anniversary Compton Primary School & Compton Hall

course at Merino. The committee has put a lot of work in to the Tug’O’War competition to attract more teams who will compete for $300 prize money for both the men’s and women’s teams. Last year the Quickshear had an outstanding number of entrants and there’s sure to be more competitors this year that will compete for a substantial amount of prize money. There will be a large variety of market stalls to grab a bargain and lots of food stalls to tempt the taste buds, bar facilities, live music by renowned country and western singer Trevor Keilor and for all the dare

devils there will be a mechanical bucking bull. Expanding from last year the South East Axeman’s Association will hold a competition to display their strength and skill. The success of the past 2 Festival’s has allowed the committee to donate more than $8000 to several community, school and sporting groups from Merino, Digby, Casterton and Hamilton who were involved in some way in the festival. So for $10 per adult, under 16 free, 16 and over $5 wrist band for rides and $10 wrist bands for the kids, which allows them unlimited access to all kids entertainment, you would have to say this is the best value festival in the Western District. You can also check out our website at www.merinocf@ Any enquiries please contact Haylee Rhook on 0419 791 416.

Opportunity to Join the team at your Community Bank®

“Additional Directors Required” Expressions of interest are being invited for volunteer Directors to join the board of Mount Gambier & District Financial Services Limited, operators of the Mount Gambier & District Community Bank® Branch of Bendigo Bank. The role of the board of Mount Gambier & District Financial Services Ltd., is to protect the interests of shareholders, raise the profile of Mount Gambier & District Community Bank® Branch and provide funding and support into the local community through sponsorship and other activities. This successful company that supports our community is going through an exciting period which has created an opportunity to increase the number of Directors that serve on the Board. As a result we are seeking to engage with enthusiastic people who are interested in joining the team.

From Friday afternoon right through to Sunday afternoon there will be celebrations galore, starting with school peformances and re-inactments on Friday, more performances and displays of memorabilia and current student work followed by a cocktail party on Saturday and official ceremonies, an open day and a fete on Sunday. The school is also chasing memorabilia to display over the weekend.

cfs fundraiser November 9 & 10 St Mary’s Garden “Roses in Stone” 10am-4pm $8 admission Part of the national Open Garden Scheme Raising funds for the Penola CFS branch. •

One or more of the following skills and attributes are desirable, however and importantly if you are motivated, reliable and strategic you are encouraged to express your interest: - Candidates who live in (or have some connection) to the Mount Gambier, Port MacDonnell and surrounding areas. - Business Development interest and connections in our local region. - Marketing skills - Risk management/audit experience - HR skills and/or experience - Banking background - Strategic planning and experience driving business growth - Community interest and/or experience - A good understanding of the role of a director Please send your expressions of interest to: or written applications to: Mount Gambier & District Community Bank, Attn: Gail Bradley, 16 James Street, Mount Gambier SA 5290. R.S.V.P.: 30th October 2013.

Plant sale • Four acres of roses and kitchen garden to explore • Sculptors • Garden accessories • Expert talks • Local food and produce market • Floral art demonstrations • Wine tastings

This is an opportunity to support your community and be part of our future. Mount Gambier & District Financial Services Ltd., ABN 42 096 059 997. - 022

St Mary’s Vineyard V & A Lane, Penola

tempt the tastebuds

with salt and pepper and toss to combine. Spread over half of the prepared tray. Place prosciutto on the other half of the tray. Cook, turning bread and prosciutto halfway through cooking, for 5-6 minutes or until crisp and golden. Tear the prosciutto into pieces. Transfer the pumpkin to a plate and cover with foil to keep warm. Add the vinegar to the pan and stir to combine. Arrange rocket on a large platter. Top with the pumpkin, bread, prosciutto and bocconcini. Drizzle over the vinegar mixture.

Method Preheat oven to 180°C. Place the pumpkin in a large roasting pan. Drizzle over 2 tablespoons of oil and sprinkle with the sugar. Season with salt and pepper. Toss to combine. Cook, turning halfway through cooking, for 30-35 minutes or until the pumpkin is soft and slightly caramelised. Meanwhile, spray a baking tray with oil. place the bread in a bowl and drizzle over the remaining oil. Season



How to play: To solve this puzzle each 3x3 box, each row and each column must contain all the numbers from 1 to 9.

4 3 6 1 2 7 8 9 5

9 7 1 8 5 6 4 3 2

3 6 5 2 7 8 9 4 1

7 1 9 3 4 5 2 6 8

2 4 8 9 6 1 5 7 3

5 2 3 7 1 9 6 8 4

6 8 7 5 3 4 1 2 9

1 9 4 6 8 2 3 5 7


trivia quiz

6 7



5 1 8 2 7 7 6 8 7 9 3 6 5

2 8 4 9 7 5 6 1 9 4 5 3 8 9

of a showman

If you’ve ever been to a country show, the chances are you may have been on one of Alan Lynch’s rides. His company, SA Showrides, has a large stable of amusements, and most of his relatives are also in the thrill seeking business. “We’ve got five generations in our family - the youngest member is my 18 year old grandson - but having so many relatives involved is not unusual; most travelling show families would be up around the five generation mark,” he said. Alan’s grandfather was a familiar face around showgrounds up until he was almost 90, while his own dad retired at - 024

85. At 65 years of age, Alan shows no signs of slowing down; instead, he spends up to six weeks on the road at any one time, taking his attractions to approximately 35 events across South Australia each year. “We go to all of the country shows, along with the major metropolitan festivals like the Clipsal 500 and the Adelaide Fringe festival,” he said. In the past week, Alan will have travelled from Pinnaroo to Naracoorte, before packing up once more and taking the comparatively short journey south to Mount Gambier. He has been operating amusements at the city’s

A&H Spring Show ever since he was 16, and said Mount Gambier had a strong reputation within the industry for its good service. “Just with my own business, there are a total of 100 wheels on all of our trucks, trailers, cars and caravans alone, and every time we come to Mount Gambier, we always get them checked and replaced if needed. There’s also really good clothes shopping down the main street, and our grocery bill for feeding our staff of 17 is well over $1000 for the week – I still love buying the doughnuts from the show, but you get a little bit over the rest of the food after a while,” he said.

1. Which actor plays congressman Nicholas Brodie in the TV series Homeland? 2. Who is captain of the Australian netball team? 3. What is the main nonalcoholic ingredient in a Cosmopolitan? 4. Who was the lead singer of Led Zeppelin? 5. In what year did Michael Jackson record his first number one solo hit - Ben? 6. What is a baby giraffe called? 7. What is the captial of Brazil? 8. What nationality was adventurer Sir Edmund Hillary? 9. Which two countries are hosting the 2013 Rugby League World Cup? 10. Who won the 2013 best actress Oscar? 11. Who is the artistic director of the Sydney Theatre Company? 12. Which planet in the solar system is closest to the sun? 13. What is the name of the local paper in Tamworth? 14. Who is the sitting Member for Mount Gambier? 15. What colour is vermillon? 16. What was Madonna’s first number one hit? 17. What was John Farnham’s highest seling album? 18. What is the capital of Finland? 19. The 1993 movie Sleepless in Seattle was inspired by which 1957 love story starring Deborah Kerr and Cary Grant? 20. Who played Sal Kerrigan in the iconic Auszsie movie The Castle?

1. Damian Lewis 2. Laura Geitz 3. Cranberry Juice 4. Robert Plant 5. 1972 6. Calf 7. Rio de Janeiro 8. New Zealand 9. England and Wales 10. Jennifer Lawrence 11. Andrew Upton 12. Mercury 13. Northern Daily Leader 14. Don Pegler 15. Red 16. Like A Virgin 17. Whispering Jack 18. Helsinki 19. An Affair to Remember 20. Anne Tenney

Warm Pumpkin Salad 1.1kg Kent pumpkin, cut into 8 wedges 60ml (1/4 cup) olive oil 1 1/2 tbs brown sugar olive oil spray 125g sourdough bread, torn into 2cm pieces 4 slices prosciutto 1 tbs red wine vinegar 50g baby rocket leaves 135g bocconcini, torn

8 5 2 4 9 3 7 1 6

check out the local talent October 14 – November 8 - VCE Art Exhibition - PORTLAND ARTS CENTRE, PORTLAND - Year 12 students from Bayview College, Casterton Secondary College, Heywood & District Secondary College, and Portland Secondary College, exhibit selected work from their VCE folios. As always, much of the work will be of very high quality, exploring a wide range of topics and issues, and utilising a variety of media.

Presented by Rotary Club of Portland Bay Inc

u a . m o c . l a v i


t s e f ng i l l e w p u . ww

The Southbound Three . Sarah Carroll & Marcel Borrack . The Little Stevies . The Distractors The Mudcakes . Jess Gordon . The Alice Project . 9 Knitted Narrabans . Kite Flying Competition Kazoo Jam Workshops . Port Tours . Whale Boat Races . Blessing of the Fleet . Duck Derby Street Parade 10.30am . Marine Environment Talks . Fiona Wall Fine Foods . Maza Foods Leanne Balkin Clothing . Face Painting . Jumping Castle . Kava Jewellery . Arrow Fisheries Admellas Fruit N Veg . Barretts Wines . Tarcoola Olives . Lanas Garden . Timboon Ice Creamery Plus stacks more

Engineering Solutions

rural life


Hanookra clients rewarded

Those who were astute enough to attend the annual Hanookra Border Leicester ram sale at Naracoorte earlier this month were well rewarded for their decision. Principals Rod and Tracey Willmott penned 62 superb quality young Border Leicester rams for buyer competition. They were exceptionally even, very well grown, showed excellent structure, constitution and wools and were catalogued with full performance information. Fifteen buyers registered, with Elders Naracoorte’s Tom Dennis auctioneering. He had little trouble extracting bids early on, but as the sale progressed and orders filled, the sale turned very much in the buyers’ favour. With only six of the buyers wanting more than two rams, prices fell from the top of $1500 for the first two lots down to $600 about half way through. The first half of the sale was very solid, averaging $970. From there only one made four figures and the 17 that sold averaged $691, which was not a reflection of their quality. The overall result saw 44 rams average $862.50. Brendon Ross, manager for one of the

Childerley Park properties and buying through Elders Naracoorte paid the sale’s top price when he purchased the first of two lots for $1500 each. He was also the volume buyer, purchasing eight in total at a $1094 average. He chased the performance figures as much as possible, with his eight ram purchases having an average Border Index of 116.9. Included were the two highest indexed rams in the catalogue. Childerley Park has been putting Border rams over 4000 SAMM ewes for the last eight years on their Naracoorte block, breeding first cross ewes and wether lambs with higher carcase attributes and values. They mate approximately 3300 of these cross ewes to Poll Dorset rams to produce prime lambs on their Coonawarra property. As

buyers of the most rams, Childerley Park won the product prize donated by sale sponsors Zoetis. 72 percent of the rams offered were multiple birth rams, important for fertility in their progeny, a point also appreciated by the buyers. Four buyers competed strongly with Childerely Park and ended up with five rams each. They were EH Pitt through Elders Lucindale, EJ & AJ Pitt, through SAL Naracoorte, DK & KM Herman & Son, also through


SAL Naracoorte and RH Woodward & Co, Swan Hill, Victoria. Above - Pictured with one of the two $1500 top priced rams at the Hanookra Border Leicester ram sale at Naracoorte are Hanookra’s principals Rodney and Tracey (2nd right) Willmott, purchaser Brendon Ross, ‘Childerley Park’, Naracoorte and Elders auctioneer Tom Dennis holding the ram.

Ag Learning Centre in full swing

Up to 2000 students from across the lower South East are having a sneak preview of this weekend’s Mount Gambier A&H Spring Show when they pay a visit to the Ag Learning Centre. The centre, which celebrates its 10th anniversary this year, is hosting four daily educational sessions in the days leading up to the show’s official opening this Friday. “We’ve managed to fit in 24 different primary and pre-schools for the program – including Kalangadoo Kindergarten with its two students and two teachers,” said Mount Gambier A&H Society features committee chariman Roger Saunders. “It’s going to be a huge three days, and of course the sessions will continue for the general public on the Friday and the Saturday.” Over the past decade, the Ag Learning Centre has grown from a farmyard nursery exhibit to a major interactive attraction, giving show-goers a hands-on experience while learning about key regional industries. The initiative recently won a major School Industry Partnerships Award,

recognising the highly successful partnership established between Grant High School and a range of businesses, organisations and individuals. “The support from numerous other individuals and families that donate their animals, machinery, time and expertise really ensures this attraction’s ongoing success - it’s one of the most popular show features for families,” said Mr Saunders. Grant High School agricultural science teacher Scott Cram said up to 60 students from years 8-11 will help to operate the centre, demonstrating their animal care/husbandry skills and positive communication skills to the general public.

“Students care for the animals, explain the various breeds, invite people (especially the young children) into the pens to have some interaction with the animals, and assist in the education sessions that take place approximately every 45 minutes,” he said. “Our students also volunteer their time out of school hours in order to give others that interaction with the animals, so the overall educational benefits are enormous.” The Mount Gambier Show will officially open to the general public at 9am on Friday and each $15 adult entry ticket will include a $5 dollar voucher for Banner Mitre 10 Mount Gambier.

time to start getting ready 2014 RELAY FOR LIFE October 28 Public meeting South Aussie Hotel 7pm

Chance for previous relayers to sign up and for new relayers to get all the information about getting invovled. The 2014 Relay For Life Limestone Coast is being held on March 14 & 15. - 026



• Post Office • General Store • Restaurant open friday & saturday night


Booking available for any day of the week • Function room • Bistro • Outdoor beer garden with woodfired pizza oven

WOODFIRE PIZZAS FROM MIDDAY SUNDAY TILL 7PM Cooked in our wood fire oven and stacked with your choice of toppings.

Eddie & Tracey O’Brien | Casterton Road DERGHOLM | Ph (03) 5583 3240 - 028

trivia quiz 1. Who is captain of the Wallabies? 2. Who was recently elected leader of the Federal Australian Labor Party? 3. How many items are there in a baker’s dozen? 4. The 1965 movie What’s New Pussycat was the directorial debut of which revered director? 5. How many grams in a kilogram? 6. Who was captain of the 2013 Mount Gambier Pioneers that won the South Conference championship? 7. Meryl Streep was three Oscars from her 17 nominations - name the three movies for which she won? 8. Michael Jackson died on June 25 of which year? 9. Who is the Federal Member for Barker? 10. Who won the 1998 men’s singles title at Wimbeldon? 11. What was the final margin in the 5th netball test of the Constellation Cup series between New Zealand and Australia?

12. Who is the mayor of Naracoorte? 13. What was Chopper Read’s given name? 14. What is the name of Asher Keddie’s character in the Australian TV series Offspring?

at the gallery September 21 – November 17 - Thomas Clark – The Wannon Falls and Beyond - HAMILTON ART GALLERY, HAMILTON The Wannon Falls and Beyond is the first comprehensive exhibition showcasing one of Australia’s great colonial artists, Thomas Clark. His body of work reveals a natural talent for skilfully depicting the early pastoral landscape of the picturesque Western District of Victoria. This will be the first major survey of the artist’s accomplished, yet mysterious, career and brings together his most significant works from some of the major collections and private holdings in the country.

WANTED Trident Tyre Centre Legend of the Lakes Hill Climb Be ready with


for the pets

Hot Rod, Muscle Car and Unique Cars for a car display at the bottom of the Lakes on Sunday, Nov 10. Owners of the vehicles will be able to drive their cars up the circuit during the lunch break. Interested car owners or car clubs please call Jason on 0417 285 163

Summer 2013

15. Who is the Australian cricket team currently playing in a one day series?

WIN YOUR WAY TO NEW YORK CITY! For 2 people valued at $6000 Simply fill out an entry form in store when you purchase any New Season Threadz or Clarity item from Redgum Country

59 Commercial Street East, Mount Gambier | Phone 08 8723 2063 - 029

Find us on Facebook

1. James Horwill 2. Bill Shorten 3. 13 4. Woody Allen 5. 1000 6. Matt Sutton 7. Kramer v Kramer; Sophie’s Choice and The Iron Lady. 8. 2009 9. Tony Pasin 10. Pete Sampras 11. One goal 12. Erica Vickery 13. Mark 14. Nina Proudman 15. India


BAYSIDE HOLIDAY COTTAGES – Port MacDonnell. Fully furnished. $65 per night. Pets negotiable. Available now. 0400 391 712 or 08 8725 7952. 509 ------------------------------------------


ROBE BEACHFRONT - New two storey home on main beach. 4 bedrooms, amazing views. Ph 0448 652 586. F ------------------------------------------


MOUNT GAMBIER - Premium 2 and 3 bedroom apartments centrally located in the heart of city. Ph 0438 224 626. F ------------------------------------------

SCOTTS UTE AND LAWNS SERVICE, Lawn mowing and line trimming from $30. Trees and bushes trimmed. Greenwaste or junk removal. Garage or shed cleanouts. Pick up and delivery service. Small pressure washing jobs. Vegie gardens rotary hoed. Holiday service available. Public liability insured, for an obligation free quote phone or text Scott on 0438 752 300. OL - 505 ------------------------------------------


PORT FAIRY BEACHFRONT - Luxury house with fantastic ocean views. 3 bedroom, spa, Austar. Ph 0448 652 586. F ------------------------------------------

WIG & MEG ARE PROUD TO ANNOUNCE their suprise wedding on Sunday, the 6th of October at Beachport. Thank you to everyone who came and enjoyed the suprise. You made our day amazing. OL-503 ------------------------------------------


Phone 0408 258 208 | 8723 3332 a/h | Worrolong


COLLECTORMANIAC - Buying and selling rare ANTIQUES & COLLECTABLES including Militaria, Kitchenalia, Tin & Diecast toys, Live steam Toys, Garagenalia, Enamel & Tin signs, Vintage electrical, Pottery, Porcelain and Jewellery. Open everyday 12-4pm, 4.5km south of the Blue lake, 21684 Riddoch Highway (Bay Road). Look for signs situated on right at the former “Hills Blue Lake Plant Nursery�. Ph 08 8726 8340, email, facebook page Collectormaniac for map. 505 ------------------------------------------


PLATTERS for all occasions including business luncheons & functions, wakes etc. Hot, cold, savoury & sweet. Pick up or delivery (fee applies) Shepherdson Road Deli 08 8725 3701. 512 ------------------------------------------


1981 ROADSTAR, GOOD CONDITION. New tyres, $4500 or offer. Ph: 0419 253 371. OL 503 -----------------------------------------12’ JAYCO EXPANDA POP-TOP Caravan, 2005 30th Anniversary model. Little use. Suite new buyer, 12/240 volt A/C, gas, electric stove, microwave, awning, el. brakes, TV bracket, 2 aerials, rear bed drops down and cover. Reg ‘till 20-04-14. Weight 1099kg. Sway bars. Etc. $19,000 O.N.O. Ph: 08 8762 2764 or 0407 825 335. 503 -----------------------------------------2003 JAYCO HAWK camper, awning, new annex, great layout and condition $13,000 ono, Phone 0498 664 864 OL 503 -----------------------------------------CARAVAN 16ft 4 BIRTH POP-top, good con. New 3 way 90LT fridge, new 40LT freezer. New air con, good tyres. $7,500. Phone 0438 924 496 or 0438 017 184 503 ------------------------------------------

Free to homes in South East SA & South West Victoria Online Classifieds Phone 08 8724 7111 or 03 5561 3141 CLEANING



$9.90 MEALS EVERY DAY - 12.00 - 2.00pm & 6.00 8.00pm. In Sportsbar and now available in bistro. Monthly beer & premix specials. 178 Jubilee Highway West, Mount Gambier. Ph 08 8723 1200. 508 ------------------------------------------

FOR PROBLEM septics, leachfields, greasetraps and drains, Use FLUSH-IT(R) and let nature do the work. Ph 1300 657 570 or 03 5158 1248. W -----------------------------------------MICHAEL’S WINDOWS. Professional service. All windows, all areas. Book now to get your windows cleaned before Christmas Phone: 0434 463 975 OL-503 ----------------------------------------MAKE-A-WISH INAUGURAL GOLF DAY, Sunday 10th November at Attamurra Golf Course. $20 pp. Phone Maxine 0418 838 930 or Julia 0438 468 073. OL - 505 ----------------------------------------MILLICENT LEGACY MARKET Saturday 26th October, 9am to 12.30pm, RSL Hall North Terrace. Stalls include plants, crafts, homemade cakes, pies, biscuits etc, relishes and jams, doggy products, orchids, stained glass and lots more! Morning tea and sausage sizzle! Enquiries phone 8733 3304. 503 ----------------------------------------OPEN GARDEN Casterton at Greene’s, 12 Peachey St. Sunday 29th October 10:00am 4:00pm, $5 for Edgarley Home. Many features, wheelchairfriendly, shade and shelter. Ph: (03) 5581 2341. OL - 503 -----------------------------------------

“The Western Tavern is committed to ensuring responsible service and promotion of alcohol & gambling in our venue�


SILK & FRESH At Lennons on Lake Terrace, orders welcome. Also at the Whistling Cat, 97 Commercial Street West Mount Gambier. 509 ------------------------------------------



PJ’S SPIT ROAST HIRE - For Hire - Superior Deluxe Spit Roaster. From $120. www.pjss Ph 0417 899 660. F ------------------------------------------


STAR DRESSING ROOM - Wide range of quality hire costumes for men & women. Noon - 7pm Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday. 23014 Bay Road (Riddoch Highway). Outskirts of Allendale East approaching from Mount Gambier. 0438 466 342. On Facebook. 503 -----------------------------------------OKTOBERFEST & HALLOWEEN Call Star Dressing Room for quality costume hire. Ph: 0438 466 342. See Facebook. 503 ------------------------------------------

FOR HIRE - Turn your next event into a wood fired pizza party! Catering and Hire packages available now for the holidays. Ph: 0431 067 247. OL - 504 ------------------------------------------


SHORT OR LONG TERM. 2 story heritage, centrally located Mount Gambier venue, for weddings, functions, seminars. 0418 838 684. 509 ------------------------------------------


PET CREMATIONS & MEMORIALS ‘Say Goodbye With Love’ We realise ‘Goodbye’ can be the hardest word Book & pay online or mobile

Phone 1300 914 919 0419 589 229

love the finer things in life... won’t be able to live without Finer Details! If you

37 Commercial Street East, Mount Gambier Phone/Fax 08 8725 3011

APPROX 1400 COUNTRYWestern LP Records. $800 Ph: 08 8723 9652. 503 -----------------------------------------CURIOS & COLLECTABLES Wanted Military, Aboriginal, coins, farm, garage, silver, ivory, fishing, watches, jewellery, toys. Anything small considered. Ph (08) 8738 4351. 503 -----------------------------------------DISCOUNTED EXHAUST SYSTEMS to suit most vehicles. Ph 08 8724 9273. W -----------------------------------------HOLDEN 1 TONNE UTE canopy w/cover $350.00, CEDAR TALLY DESK “1880� $350.00 87233852 Ph: 0427 946 169 OL-503 -----------------------------------------INVERTER YAMAHA 2 1/2 KVA Very quiet, very little work, ex con, cost $2,500 new, will sell $1,100. Phone 0438 924 496 or 0438 017 184. 503 ------------------------------------------

Available for weddings, graduations, formals, debs, winery tours - any special occasion.

LOCALLY OWNED AND OPERATED Book now to avoid disappointment Phone Jason on 0419 827 473

Photoshop Fundamentals Gain an understanding of how you can use Photoshop to improve your photos starting from the ground up. t *OUFSGBDF BOE 5PPMT t $PMPVS 5IFPSZ t "EKVTUNFOU -BZFST t 3FUPVDIJOH t 3FE FZF t $PMPVS DPSSFDUJPO t 3"8 t &YQPSUJOH GPS 8FC 1SJOU t 1MVHJOT *A course booklet is provided

$295, 1 x 3 hour class weekly over 3 weeks Call 8723 6337 for bookings or enquiries 110A Penola Road, Mount Gambier, SA 5290 - 030


DREAM JOB VACANCIES, The Millicent Gymnastics Club is seeking coaches for 2014 & beyond. Coaches are needed for Kindergym, Recreation classes & Competition classes. The successful applicant/s may choose to coach one or several different classes. The gym is fully equipped & is a permanently set up gymnastics club. Days & hours of coaching are flexible & wages are to be negotiated. Contact President Ben 0400 551 251, or Sam 0402 257 158. 505 ------------------------------------------


POLL DORSET RAMS 20 11/2 & 21/2 years. Excellent breeding stock, $200 each. Ph: Barry 8725 0085 504 ------------------------------------------


Waste Transport & Recycling

BIN IT - Free drop off disposal of All metals, Vehicle batteries & White Goods. Not accepted, televisions, computers, fluro globes, office equipement, fridges or freezers. Air conditioner De-Gas fee $22. Monday - Friday 7.45am - 12.15pm & 1.30pm - 3.30pm. Ph. 08 87248121. 235 Lake Tce East, Mt Gambier. ------------------------------------------


ANGLICAN CHURCH SHED, Railway Tce, Mt Gambier. Saturday 5th October, 8.30am - 12noon. TV cabinet, BBQ, books, rocking horse, toys, bikes, glassware, crockery, furniture, host of household items. 503 ------------------------------------------


PALM TREES X4 APPROX 4.5mtr tall, need new home. Best offer Ph: 0418 802 375 503 ------------------------------------------


NOW STOCKING - Extreme Kayaks, limited offer only $399. Includes seat & paddle. Ph 08 8726 5200 or visit 349 Commercial Street West, Mount Gambier. W ------------------------------------------


WEDDINGS YOUR WAY - Ph Elizabeth Lill CMC 08 8738 7275 for marriage and other ceremonies. 503 -----------------------------------------CEREMONIES TO SUIT YOU Anywhere in the South East. Ph Shayne McLean CMC 0457 168 324. 503 ------------------------------------------


01 YAMAHA R6 near new tyres, new tyres, tail tidy, new fairing kit. Good condition $5000 Ph: 0405 257 971 OL-503 -----------------------------------------1982 YAMAHA 250 ROADBIKE Not registered, has papers. Goes well. Needs new battery. Suitable for L’s. $850.00 firm. Ph: 8726 8131 OL-504 ------------------------------------------


MAXIMISE YOUR NUTRITION, Feel Better and Be Healthy. Sport Nutrition, Energy Solutions, Healthy Aging, Stress Solutions, Weight Management and more. For FREE Evaluation call Stephanie 0438 606 694. OL-505 ------------------------------------------


MOWING, general gardening, spraying, solar panel and gutter cleaning, and other handyman services. Phil and Deb’s Garden Care Plus. Ph: 0429 012 990. OL-502 ------------------------------------------

HOLDEN BARINA TM May 2012, 5 Speed Manual 5D Hatch, One Owner, Female Driver, Immaculate Condition, Rear Sensors, Warranty Expires 2017, 15,300km, S313AYE, Blue, $12,990 O.N.O., Rego 13th Nov 2013, Phone/text: 0466 936 451OL-504 -----------------------------------------HYUNDAI I-LOAD VAN white, very economical dual fuel, 5 speed, CD, a/c, p/s, airbag, twin side doors. Great van. XTW-811. $13,990. Ph 0417 285 163. 504 -----------------------------------------LANDCRUISER SOFTTOP, 6 cylinder petrol, good condition, no rust, low kms, $1950 O.N.O, Ph: 03 5570 0504 OL-503 ------------------------------------------


Nominated for

New 10-seat Chrysler Stretch Limousine


LEEDING FIREWOOD ABN: 27354870521. Quality split Redgum. Call 0488 390 091 or 5572 1836. OL-503 -----------------------------------------PRE-LOVED CLOTHING, Anglican Church Hall Bay Rd. Thursdays 10am - 4pm. Winter Clean-Out. Ready for Summer. We supply the large Bag, fill it up with clothes for $6 from outer tables including hall racks OL-504 -----------------------------------------TOYOTA CAROLLA SECA 2000 model, 4dr, hatch back, 4 cyl FI motor, 5 sp man, new bat, good tyres, regularly serviced, good condition throughout. White Duco, elderly lady owner. Reg XOT-011, $5,500 O.N.O Ph: 0400 865 550 . 503 ------------------------------------------

Outstanding Small Business


• Established location offering drive thru service • For private sale • $69,000 neg • Very profitable business • Full Training Provided All enquiries after 6pm - Ask for Katrina

0435 935 222


Free to homes in South East SA & South West Victoria Online Classifieds Phone 08 8724 7111 or 03 5561 3141

MOTOR VEHICLES XW XY ZC ZD FALCONS, Fairmonts, Fairlanes wanted to wreck or restore. Complete cars or parts, private buyer. Ph 0409 838 048. W-LINC -----------------------------------------r


POULTRY PAVILION, Showgrounds Pick Avenue, Mount Gambier, Sunday 3rd November. Paultry, waterfowl & layers catered for. Entry $1 per bid. Entries close Wednesday 30th October. All entires & enquiries to 08 8725 3343. Everyone welcome. W-504 ------------------------------------------


FOR BUSINESS CARDS, stationery, catalogues and more call Lifestyle1 for a competitive quote today. Ph 08 8724 7111 W ------------------------------------------


r MORE THAN JUST GOOD SPORTS. Ph 08 8725 7582. 16 Commercial Street West, Mount Gambier. 510 ------------------------------------------


YOUR LOCAL EXPERTS. For All Your Sporting Needs Ph 08 8725 1004 42 Commercial Street West, Mount Gambier. 510 ------------------------------------------


PAUL’S LAWN MOWING SERVICE Cheap Rates! Free Quotes Honest & Reliable Pensioner Discount Local Mount Gambier Area Call Paul 0437 812 115. -----------------------------------------SE Battery Service Pty Ltd South East Mobility Equipment South East Sustainable Energy Call into your licorice all sorts store We have it all! 120 Penola Road, Mount Gambier Ph 08 8725 9911 W -----------------------------------------FREE DISPOSAL of steel, batteries and old cars at Metalcycle, 19 Avey Rd, Mt Gambier. Ph: 8723 2523 OL-503 -----------------------------------------504


is a dynamic Reception – Year 12 Catholic co-educational College with over 1350 students. The College is situated in picturesque grounds on the outskirts of Mount Gambier, SA.


GOAT KIDS $55 ea, chicks & ducklings $6 ea, wether lambs 6mo $75 ea. Echo Farm Ph: 8725 1482OL-503 ------------------------------------------


Tenison Woods College


Safety Officer/Labourer Boneham Cottages Millicent building site Weir Constructions Mount Gambier “Proudly building the limestone coast for over 75 years” Is seeking to recruit an experienced, reliable, self-motivated and honest person to work as a part of our successful and professional team. The ideal applicant will possess: • 5 years’ experience in the building industry • Qualified with WHS legislation 2012 • First aid, white card, fire warden and traffic management • General labouring experience including carpentry, concrete, and masonry skills • Ability to work as a team with minimal supervision To apply please forward application letter and resume to Weir Constructions Pty Ltd PO Box 1399 Mount Gambier SA 5290 Or email:

We are seeking suitable candidates for the following positions:

ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL – RELIGIOUS IDENTITY AND MISSION (APRIM) (1.0FTE) (0.6FTE APRIM FIXED TERM – 0.4FTE PERMANENT TEACHING) This is a senior leadership role requiring active involvement in a Sunday Catholic Eucharistic community, as well as a commitment to life-long and life-wide growth as a leader in the Catholic Church. This leader is called to demonstrate a commitment to witnessing and living out our Catholic beliefs, rituals and values with committed action. The key responsibilities for this role focus on leadership in faith and religious education, through the integration of learning, faith, life and culture. A Position Information Document in relation to this role may be obtained from NB: Potential applicants MUST submit with their application, an Applicant Declaration Form, obtained from http: // ApplicantDecForm.pdf Four copies of your application (of no more than six pages), including contact details of three recent referees should be addressed to Mary de Nys, HR Officer, Tenison Woods College, PO Box 965, Mount Gambier SA 5290 or email



STAR DRESSING ROOM - Stylish garments for men and women you can buy or hire. Noon - 7pm Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday. 23014 Bay Road (Riddoch Highway). Outskirts of Allendale East approaching from Mount Gambier. 0438 466 342. On Facebook. 503 ------------------------------------------

We are excited to announce the opening of our new Early Learning Community Centre in April 2014. The Centre will cater for up to 66 children (per session) and will require up to 15 full time, part time and casual staff. As such, we are seeking a dynamic team of Early Childhood Educators with the following qualifications:

• BACHELOR QUALIFICATIONS • DIPLOMA QUALIFICATIONS • CERTIFICATE III QUALIFICATIONS Position Information Documents in relation to these roles may be obtained from


STANDING HAY on share basis. Min 50 acre lots. Ph: 08 8723 0222 OL-505 ------------------------------------------

NB: Potential applicants MUST submit with their application, an Applicant Declaration Form, obtained from http: // ApplicantDecForm.pdf


FOR ALL your website development needs call Lifestyle1 for a competitive quote today. Ph 08 8724 7111 W ------------------------------------------

Four copies of your application (of no more than six pages), including contact details of three recent referees should be addressed to Mary de Nys, HR Officer, Tenison Woods College, PO Box 965, Mount Gambier SA 5290 or email


LOOKING FOR BRICKWORK - Brick, stone & paving work wanted. Small or large jobs. Will travel. BLD 231035. Ph 0418 838 684. 509 -----------------------------------------


14 words only $6

Find us on Facebook. - 031



Joe D’Agostino & Associates Chartered Accountants Tax & Business Advisors Phone: 08 8725 0711 7 Penola Road, Mount Gambier SA Email: Website:

YOUR LOCAL ADULT RETAILER Spice up your life and find something to tantilize

Accounting, Taxation & Bookkeeping Certified Practising Accountant Small Business Specialists


Xero setup and support Personal Tax Returns from $115 Email Office 08 8339 4950 Mob 0403 905 120 ANIMAL CARE


• Central Gas Ducted Heating

Ph 08 8723 2375



• Cool Rooms • Freezer Rooms


• Display Cabinets • Ice Machines

- For all air-conditioning installation, service and repairs - Domestic refrigeration repairs - Domestic and commercial electrical installations and maintenance - Electrical test & tag After hours by arrangement Ph/F: 08 8725 5329 E:

Geoff’s Fuel Pump Service Pty Ltd ANIMAL CARE

• Clipping • Washing • Defleaing • Drying • Nail Trimming • Free pick up & drop off Shop 5/16 Swallow Drive, Mt Gambier Ph: Michelle on (08) 8725 5152


Your best friend is our best friend After




MOUNT GAMBIER BOOK EXCHANGE Great range of second hand books for sale or exchange OPEN: Mon, Tues, Thurs 10am-4pm Wednesday - closed Fri 10am-5pm Sat 9am-12noon

Open Monday to Saturday Call Ann on (08) 8724 9592 Mobile: 0437 851 404

0488 440 422

Shop 1/80 Commercial St. West Mt Gambier. Ph: 08 8725 9141




Springs Road, Glencoe

The Neighbourhood Childcare Centre Inc. Your home away from home Vacancies forle 2-5yrs availab

2B Keegan Street Mount Gambier Ph: 08 8725 1099 F: 08 8725 1277 E: COMPUTERS



KATRINA GRIFFITHS PHONE ON 08 872 8725 2979 MOBILE 0435 935 222





• Digital Antennas • Problems with reception • Set top box set-up • Government approved antenna installer

0418 819 676 BOOK KEEPING



• Bookkeeping Services • Consultancy (WHS) • Training Please contact

(08) 8724 8577 1a Hedley Street, Mount Gambier

BROWN BLD 232361


Please call for free measure & quote




epairs mputer R ailable TPOS av

o Ferg’s C

Contact Paul Lawrence 0417 889 979 or A.H. 8724 8574

Mobile EF e service pt reliabl

Prom t Gambier • On site service to M s • Install & upgrade nding area & surrou • Hardware/software • Setup office network • Anti-Virus software • Custom built computer • No fix, no pay • Competitive hourly rate

Damien Ferguson - 0407 438 461

BL R152982


• Over 30 years experience • Prompt same day repairs & relines

Ice-cream or yoghurt mixed with your choice of fruit or confectionery



BLD 233106 BLD 233105 BLD 233109 BLD 233108 ABN 29 882 203 372

Servicing the Limestone Coast BRENDAN 0406 876 176 DANIEL 0439 900 326

• Quality individual & personalised dentures


08 8726 8263 0427 095 792

• All Commercial Refrigeration


Karan Muller Designs phone

AIRCONDITIONING • Split Systems All Brands • Reverse Cycle Ducted Airconditioning



Installation, Maintenance, Service and Repair

Discreet parking & entrance at the back of the building

ARCtick Licence # AU26303 Electrical Contractor Licence # PGE242132



88 Commercial Street East, Mount Gambier SA

Servicing clients in all country areas

BREEDERS OF MALTALIER PUPPIES Bathing, Clipping and Defleaing Pick up and drop off Dog care also available



• Metal partial dentures, Mouthguards • After hours appointments ELECTRICAL & AIR CONDITIONING

Also introducing the original

Slush Puppie


many flavours

Open 7 days. Ph 08 8725 3701

Shepherdson Road Deli-Take Away-Grocery-Catering 28b Shepherdson Rd, Mt Gambier - 032


AMAS ELECTRICAL Licence No: PGE217 639

BLD241370 & RTA - AU27791

PHONE LYNTON 0402 615 746

MARK A SOLLY P.O. Box 2978, Mount Gambier Mobile: 0417 809 511





CREATE A WOW FACTOR IN YOUR GARDEN with Daylilies, Cannas, Miniature Agapanthus’ & Kniphofias. Call in & see the extensive range we have on offer in our sales area. Let our gardens inspire you.

Reliable, affordable, quality service Servicing the S.E. of South Australia and S.W. Victoria

Open every weekend 10am - 5pm November - April

Phone 0498 217 689 HANDYMAN



Portland Motor Mechanics Ensuring the safety of your vehicle 11 - 15 Beverley Street, PORTLAND (off Fern Street)

Watch, clock & jewellery repairs Free pick up & delivery Millicent & Tantanoola



For all your natural, inspirational and environmentally friendly products. Contact a consultant near you

Annie Borg 08 8762 3731 REMEDIAL MASSAGE

Ph 0417 859 435 A/H 08 8725 2877

Lic BLD 179971

Ben Saunders, Portland

0407 347 934 SHEDDING


• Wedding Alterations • Upholstering & • Sewing Alterations Motor Trimming • Carpet Overlocking • Leather Work • Wetsuit Repairs • Sewing Machine Repairs • Fitted Leather Belts • Equestrian Jackets Phone 08 8723 5147 77 Commercial St West (opp OK Pie Shop) Mount Gambier STEEL SUPPLIES

REGIONAL STEEL Ph: (08) 8723 0222 Fax: (08) 8724 8663 19 Avey Road, Mount Gambier STOCKISTS OF • Steel sections & fencing products • Industrial gas & welding supplies • Purlins & roofing products • Reinforcing mesh & building products STORAGE



BRICKLAYER STONEMASON • Bricklaying • Random Stonework • Paving •Concreting • Extensions & Repairs • No obligation quotes

Phone Rodney Tobin on

0438 257 374 or 08 8725 7374

JR Construction. ‘BUILDING A SHED’ Carports, Garages, Industrial, Concreting, Roofing, Maintenance

BEST PRICE FREE QUOTES Servicing the South East Phone Jason 0402 066 368 Email



• Half or full day rates • Wetsuit orders welcome • Clean divers air fills • Gloves, boots, hoods, available

Phone (08) 8738 7274 Open 7 Days 7am - 6pm


the greens

Lower South East Bowls Association results Men’s pennant Division one Naracoorte 71/16 d Millicent 57/0; Mount Gambier RSL Red 100/14 d Mount Gambier Blue 62/2; Mount Gambier RSL Blue 73/14 d Mount Gambier Red 49/2; Port MacDonnell 74/14 d Naracoorte RSL 69/2. Division two Kalangadoo 75/14 d Port MacDonnell 69/2; Mount Gambier RSL 91/16 d Mount Gambier 45/0; Kingston 89/14 d Penola 59/2; Robe 71/12 d Millicent 70/4. Division three Naracoorte 73/14 d Millicent Red 60/2; Kingston 79/14 d Frances 59/2; Mount Gambier RSL 99/16 d Lucindale 53/0; Naracoorte 65/14 d Milicent Blue 57/2. Division four Millicent 77/14 d Naracoorte 62/2; Mount Gambier RSL 73/14 d Lucindale 60/2; Mount Gambier 67/14 d Mount Gambier RSL Blue 64/2; Port MacDonnell 89/14 d Beachport 59/2. Division five (North) Naracoorte RSL 44/14 d Naraocorte 41/0; Kingston 48/12 d Robe 40/2.

Division five (South) Millicent 68/12 d Kalansgadoo 38/2; Penola 58/12 d Port MacDonnell 29/2; Mount Gambier RSL 60/14 d Mount Gambier 30/0. Ladies pennant Division one Port MacDonnell 66/14 d Mount Gambier RSL Blue 44/0; Kingston 57/14 d Millicent 36/0; Naracoorte 46/13 d Mount Gambier 30/1; Mount Gambier RSL Red 83/14 d Kalangadoo 21/0. Division two Port MacDonnell 60/14 d Mount Gambier RSL 30/0; Penola 45/12 d Mount Gambeir 44/2; Millicent Red 53/12 d Lucindale 51/2; Kingston 43/12 d Millicent Blue 32/2. Division three Naracoorte RSL 45/7 drew with Beachport 45/7; Naracoorte 46/13 d Millicent 44/1; Mount Gambier RSL 49/12 d Port MacDonnell 39/2. Open Gender Bowls Millicent 41/21 d Port MacDonnell Blue 40/2; Port MacDonnell Red 68/14 d Mount Gambier RSL Blue 28/0; Millicent Green 60/14 d Mount Gambier 34/0; Mount Gambier RSL Red 48/12 d Millicent Blue 46/2.

MOUNT GAMBIER SOFTBALL LEAGUE ROUND ONE RESULTS A/B Grade Warriors 15 (E. McClintock, G. Hood 3; N. Howard, I. Walker 2; Y. King, T. Wilsmore) d Concordes 5 (J. Beck 2; A. Wilson, C. Dwyer, J. Hopgood, E. Hart, J. Hart, A. Jones); Demons A 11 (A. Breen 4; G. Millard 3; M. Breen, C. Manning, K. Cawthorne 2; M. Martlew) d Warriors A 7 (T. Hood 2; A. Hood, E. McClintock, T. Koop); Concordes B 11 (A. Winkley 4; D. Patzel 3; M. Pollock 2; C. Vanderhorst, B. Tilley) d Demons 8 (S. Beck, G. Millard, A. Williams 2; C. Manning, L. Oberer). C Grade Demons 12 (J. Merrett, J. Chant 3; K. Cawthorne, C. Burford, M. Hansen, E. Smith, R. Collins, C. Merrett (HR) d Concordes 10 (N. Saunders, K. Griffiths, T. Jones, K. Nitschke).; Warriors 11 (G. Hood, M. Hann 3; I. Walker, T. Wilsmore, B. Aston) d Wanderers 5 (R. Johnson 2; G. Davis, T. Kaigg). Under 13 Warriors 10 (C. Walters, C. Koplin, G. Mustey) d Demons 7 (H. Watson, K. Smith).



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One day action continues

ONE DAY CUP A GRADE (Barber Shield)

North Gambier v South Gambier South Gambier 1st innings (9/132) D. Somerfield c. Young b. Bowd 16 A. Hentschke c. Young b. N. McInerney 24 K. Ashby c. Edwards b. Silvy 5 M. Bowering c. Coon b. Walmsley-Pace10 D. O’Neil b. Walmsley-Pace 21 M. Sims run out (M. Silvy) 5 R. Drenthen b. Young 13 J. Thompson c. Edwards b. N. McInerney0 N. Cruise not out 22 N. Laube lbw N. McInerney 1 J. Capewell not out 5 Extras 10 Bowling - N. McInerney 3/13; WalmsleyPace 2/21; Young 1/42; Bowd 1/32; M. Silvy 1/0. North Gambier 1st innings (6/133) M. McInerney c. Thompson b. Somerfield24 J. Schutz b. Somerfield 37 M. Lewis c. Bowering b. Somerfield 2 G. Coon c. D. O’Neil b. Capewell 20 M. Silvy not out 23 D. Silvy not out 17 Extras 8 Bowling - Somerfield 3/23; Capewell 1/21. North Gambier won by six wickets. Below (from top) - South middle order batsman Matt Bowering works this delivery off his legs; North recruit Matt Walmsley-Pace made a good start for his new side, claiming two wickets on debut and Alex Bowd gets ready to deliver at pace during One Day Cup action at Reidy Park at the weekend. Above (right) - South opener Alex Hentschke looks to loft this ball for runs during One Day Cup action at the weekend.

Kalangadoo v Mil Lel Kalangadoo 1st innings (103) C. Jorgenson run out (Savage) 1 S. Casey c. Walters b. Reader 16 M. Lowe c. M. Smith b. J. Smith 6 D. Dowdell c. Fidler b. Reader 4 T. Egan c. M. Smith b. Hale 6 J. Hale lbe Savage 6 J. Opie b. Savage 24 A. ilsby b. Fidler 5 D. Vine c. Reader b. Fidler 2 D. Barlow lbw Savage 8 Extras 21 Bowling - Savage 3/20; Reader 2/14; Fidler 2/13; J. Smith 1/20; C. Hale 1/20. Mil Lel 1st innings (2/104) J. Fox lbw Lowe 12 T. Currie c. Kilsby b. Casey 20 K. Wingard not out 9 M. Smith not out 36 Extras 26 Bowling - Casey 1/24; Lowe 1/14. Yahl won by eight wickets. Kongorong v East Gambier Kongorong 1st innings (6/209) M. Leese c. Humphries b. Abley 9 J. Mullan b. Abley 20 J. Blackwell not out 78 B. Hentschke b. Golebiowski 40 P. Gordon b. Holman 11 J. Wright b. Clark 2 M. Waters b. Golebiowski 25 B. Ellis not out 3 Extras 21 Bowling - Abley 2/35; Golebiowski 2/41; Clark 1/30; Holman 1/15. East Gambier 1st innings (206) D. Holman c. Gordon b. Glynn 29 A. Schultz st. Gordon b. Hentschke 68 T. O’Connor run out 20 R. Abley b. Maidment 19 B. Clark b. Lightbody 11 S. Golebiowski b. Lightbody 0 K. Chapman b. Lightbody 4 E. Humphries b. Maidment 8 Z. Watson c. Lightbody b. Maidment 12 M. Saunders not out 5 Extras 25 Bowling - Lightbody 3/41; Maidment 3/30; Hentschke 1/39; Glynn 1/38. Kongorong won by three runs. No scores were available for the Penola versus West Gambier clash.


Centrals v Penola Penola 1st innings (92) S. Hill b. Risely 12 N. Fulton c. Kennett b. Hicks 0 L. March b. Risely 10 M. Fatchen c. Burston b. Risely 19 S. Klemm b. Horbury 13 P. Harmer c. Brooks b. Horbury 12 J. Robbie not out 12 D. Flint b. Horbury 0 D. Broad b. Horbury 0 S. Merrett b Horbury 0 M. Redman b. Hicks 1 Extras 10 Bowling - lawke 1/28; Cocks 1/40; Bronca 1/19; Hasse 1/35; Billett 1/22. Centrals 1st innings (4/100) J. Burston c. Fulton b. Merrett 14 G. Muhovics c. Fatchen b. Broad 34 L. Rainey b. Broad 2 T. Kennett c. Klemm b. Broad 2 J. Brooks not out 5 B. Deamer not out 22 Extras 11 Bowling - Broad 3/7; Merrett 1/16. Centrals won by six wickets. Mil Lel v Glencoe Mil Lel 1st innings (5/197) B. Lawson c Von Duve b. Hawke 1 J. Lamont b. Bronca 19 M. Von Duve c. Freebairn b. Hasse 49 M. uchel c. Freebairn b. Cocks 24 J. Taylor c. Cocks b. Billett 63 J. Radley not out 13

G. Langford not out 14 Extras 12 Bowling - Hawke 1/28; Cocks 1/40; Bronca 1/19; Hasse 1/35; Billett 1/22. Glencoe 1st innings (9/183) M. Fennell c. Von Duve b. Lamont 7 I. Freebairn b. Neumann 3 E. Bronca c. Taylor b. Gatehouse 37 R. Billett c. Lawson b. Lamont 1 C. Hill c. Lawson b. Lock 24 Z. Cocks c. Taylor b. Neumann 34 M. Hasse b. Neumann 16 B. Von Duve C. Lamont b. Von Duve 25 M. Crowe lbw Von Duve 25 G. Von Duve not out 0 L. Hawke not out 6 Extras 5 Bowling - Neumann 3/27; Lamont 2/25; Von Duve 2/40; Lock 1/19; Gatehouse 1/26. Mil Lel won by 14 runs. Yahl v South Gambier South Gambier 1st innings (9/99) S. Wilson c Hopgood b. Clark 25 J. Christian c. Murdoch b. Pick 7 D. Barrett b. Dawe 0 R. MacDonald lbw Feast 4 D. Jones lbw Feast 1 S. Sharma b. Gosling 4 B. Whicker not out 26 H. Sims b. Gosling 2 L. Neshoda b. Murdoch 0 R. Sims run out 18 S. Whicker not out 0 Extras 12 Bowling - Feast 2/10; Gosling 2/7; Pick 1/14; Dawe 1/18; Clark 1/27; Murdoch 1/19. Yahl1st innings (5/140) D. Lewis c. B. Whicker b. S. Whicker74 T. Clarke lbw Barrett 7 M. Feast b. Neshoda 26 N. Brown b. MacDonald 7 P. Walters b. S. Wicker 0 R. Murdoch not out 11 J. Gosling not out 5 Extras 10 Bowling - S. Whicker 2/16; Barrett 1/7; MacDonald 1/27; Neshoda 1/22. Yahl won by 41 runs. Below (form top) - Dylan O’Neil looks to stroke this delivery away for runs; North veteran Michael Silvy kept things tight from one end during One Day Cup action at the weekend and David Somerfield launches into this shot.


Mil Lel v Kongorong Mil Lel 1st innings (161) J. Agars b. Fromburg M. Reid b. Bald B. Millhouse b. McInnes C. Bachman b. Stevens M. Tregoweth b. McInnes

0 1 9 39 6

D. Gregory b. McInnes 13 J. Wirth b.Bald 19 M. Dethmore b. Kilby 53 J. Green lbw Bald 0 B. Barker b. Kilby 1 M. Hann not out 0 Extras 21 Bowling - McInnes 3/46; Bald 3/24; Kilby 2/13; Fromburg 1/28; Stevens 1/13. Kongorong 1st innings (7/202) M. Cameron b. Greenham 26 N. Schuster b. Greenham 0 A. Ellis b. reid 54 A. Little b. Barker 22 D. Bald b. Barker 36 D. Bell b. Gregory 0 P. Kilby not out 24 S. Neale b. Ham 4 R. Fromburg not out 4 Extras 27 Bowling - Greenham 2/12; B. Barker 2/22; Gregory 1/26; Ham 1/9. Kongorong won by 41 runs. North Gambier v Kalangadoo Kalangadoo 1st innings (151) B. Casey b. Snewin 9 C. Auld b. Snewin 0 T. Bannister b. Robinson 85 P. Davies b. Snewin 4 K. Weistra c. Ferguson b. Button 0 D. Ousey c. and b. Robinson 15 A. Stone not out 6 G. Boynaton b. Fisher 15 H. Dunn run out (Button) 2 N. Bott b. Robinson 0 T. Carlson b. Robinson 0 Extras 15 Bowling - Robinson 4/29; Snewin 3/20; Button 1/22; Fisher 1/35. North Gambier 1st innings (6/154) D. Carraill b. Casey 16 M. Robinson c. Bannister b. Dunn 2 W. Lewis c. davies b. Casey 3 G. Button not out 33 T. Telford c. Stone b. Dunn 0 S. Fisher c. Casey b. Dunn 70 M. Button c. Auld b. Dunn 0 J. Snewin not out 3 Extras 27 Bowling - Dunn 4/42; casey 2/10. North Gambier won by four wickets. East Gambeir v West Gambier East Gambier 1st innings (8/185) T. Ongley b. Brown 15 P. Kerr lbw Brown 20 R. Howard b. Clark 24 C. Parham b. Hosking 0 J. Lock c. Brown b. Clark 7 S. Allen b. Walker 1 C. Minge not out 43 R. Halleday b. Clark 0 J. Lillicrap b. Mellor 51 R. Glynn not out 10 Extras 19 Bowling - Clark 3/27; Brown 2/7; Mellor 1/40; Walker 1/9; Hosking 1/52. West Gambier 1st innings (97) A. Walker c. Minge b. Lock 2 D. Brown c. Parham b. Glynn 7 B. Hosking run out 2 T. Schultz b. Allen 4 G. Clark c. Parham b. Vaughan 50 L. Reichelt c. halleday b. Ongley 5 N. Connor c. Lillecrap b. Parham 12 S. Mashford c. Howard b. Lillecrap 3 R. Mellor c. and b. Lillecrap 0 L. Brown c. Minge b. Lillecrap 0 B. Walker not out 0 Extras 13 Bowling - Lillecrap 3/1; Ongley 1/20; Allen 1/2; Lock 1/23; Glynn 1/7; Parham 1/13; Vaughan 1/16. East Gambier won by 88 runs.

W. Nankivell b. Marshall 4 T. Ambrose-Pearce not out 7 Extras 23 Bowling - Marshall 1/19 Yahl won by 50 runs. Mil Lel v West Gambier West Gambier 1st innings (3/103) J. Geddes c. and b. Radley 3 N. Bone retired 19 R. Hosking retired 41 S. DeJong c. Jantosh b. Whennen 6 K. McLean retired 23 L. Gibbs c. Reid b. Jantosh 1 B. Hewson not out 1 Extras 8 Bowling - Radley 1/13; Jantosh 1/4; Whennen 1/6. Mil Lel 1st innings (9/73) B. Millhouse b. Walker 7 J. Jantosh b. Gibbs 3 M. Reid c. Gibbs b. Hewson 0 J. Miller c. McLean b. DeJong 15 J. Radley b. Hewson 15 D. Gregory c. Bone b. Hewson 0 B. Robinson lbw Geddes 1 B. Schoenfisch c. sub b. Walker 6 B. Barker b. Hosking 0 C. Jantosh not out 3 A. Whennen not out 4 Extras 22 Bowling - Hewson 3/5; Walker 2/14; Hosking 1/3; Gibbs 1/7; DeJong 1/7; Geddes 1/7. West Gambier won by 30 runs. East Gambier v South Gambier East Gambier 1st innings (5/141) J. Lock retired 41 Z. Watson b. Neshoda 26 B. Williams c. Capewell b. Hatt 6 N. Wilke c. Laube b. Kuhl 30 H. March c. Laube b. Hatt 1 R. Glynn b. Neshoda 20 C. Vaughan not out 5 R. Rolph not out 0 Extras 12 Bowling - Neishoda 2/28; Hatt 2/5; Kuhl 1/17. South Gambier 1st innings (9/69) J. Capewell c. Watson b. Lock 0 H. Richards c. Glynn b. Williams 4 N. Laube c. Rolph b. Thiel 28 L. Neshoda c. Just b. Vaughan 13 A. Mulraney c. Just b. Vaughan 0 H. Capewell b. Just 7 J. Whicker run out 0 J. Hatt c. Timms b. Rolph 0 M. Morgan c. Williams b. Vaughan 1 K. Giddings not out 6 Extras 8 Bowling - Vaughan 3/1; Lock 1/1; Williams 1/8; Just 1/13; Rolph 1/2; Thiel 1/9. East Gambier won by 72 runs.


Mil Lel/North v West Gambier Mil Lel/North(8/68)

C. Bachman b. Grey 10 L. Lewis c. S. Megaw b. C. Megaw 6 W. Stafford c. S. Megaw b. Riddoch 9 C. Fisher b. C. Megaw 1 J. Wirth c. Brewster b. Grey 0 M. Hann c. Ross b. Brown 3 H. Boksem retired 11 N. Henderson c. and b. S. Megaw 3 M. Whan not out 2 J. Edwards b. Jones 0 E. Fisher not out 3 Extras 20 Bowling - C. Megaw 2/3; Gray 2/2; Brown 1/5; S. Megaw 1/4; Jones 1/1; Riddoch 1/4. West Gambier 1st innings (6/79) B. Hosking retired 10 S. Von Duve c. Bachman b. Stafford 0 L. Grey b. Stafford 0 C. Megaw c. Bachman b. Wirth 0 L. Brown b. C. Fisher 11 T. Nieuwerkerk retired 7 F. Brewster retired 5 S. Ross retired 2 S. Megaw not out 8 L. Jones run out 7 R. Hollands st. Bachman b. Henderson 0 H. Riddoch c. Bachman b. E. Fisher 1 T. Walker not out 1 Extras 27 Bowling - Stafford 2/6; Wirth 1/1; Henderson 1/8; E. Fisher 1/10; C. Fisher 1/9. West Gambier won by 11 runs.


Above - Nick McInerney approaches his delivery stride at pace. Below - New one day skipper Tim Young led the way with the ball for the Tigers in their comfortable victory over South.


Kalangadoo/Kongorong v Yahl Kalangadoo/Kongorong 1st innings (6/109) L. Hay not out 14 P. Davies not out 35 D. Ousey c. Close b. Walters 14 L. Carlson not out 26 Tyson Modra c. and b. Gibbs 9 c. Ambrose-Pearce b. Beckman 0 B. Stott Teagan Modra c. Gibbs b. Walters 2 K. Marshall b. Ambrose-Pearce 2 T. Pelkonen run out (Beckman) 0 Extras 7 Bowling - Walters 2/11; Ambrose-Pearce 1/11; Gibbs 1/8; Beckman 1/6. Yahl 1st innings (1/158) J. Gosling retired 13 B. Close retired 23 N. Walters retired 11 N. Brown retired 26 T. Lockwood retired 31 L. Beckman retired 5 B. Gibbs not out 13 - 034




One day action continues SIMS SHIELD

East Black v North Gold East Black 1st innings (4/101) C. Little retired J. Geraghty retired J. Hutchesson not out B. Hann retired I. Parsons retired J. Lines retired T. Button b. Aitken B. Miatke not out N. Miatke run out G. Parsons c. Turner b. Clark E. Stratford b. Aitken Extras Bowling - Aitken 2/3; Clark 1/8. North Gold 1st innings (5/41) J. Moore retired A. Clark c. Little J. Stafford retired


22 23 2 6 7 5 0 2 2 0 0 27 3 2 0

L. Maney retired Z. Dutschke retired A. Aitken run out (Little) B. Telford b. Miatke J. Turner retired Z. Clark run out J. Isleman run out E. Norman not out Extras Bowling - Miatke 1/4; Little 1/2. East Black won by 60 runs. South White v North Black South White 1st innings (1/38) A. Kuhl retired M. Davies retired R. Kuhl retired B. Male retired M. Lockwood retired B. Dunn retired W. Maloney retired J. Holmes retired

0 2 0 0 2 1 0 1 31

4 3 0 0 1 0 3 0

O. Hunt b. Harrald S. Hann not out B. Allison retired K. Ferguson not out Extras Bowling - Harrald 1/1. North Black 1st innings (4/56) E. Fisher retired H. Fisher retired A. Stafford run out (Kuhl) M. Harrold retired J. Bryant retired A. Boksem run out (Kuhl) N. Bonney c. Lockwood b. Allison T. Michelan b. Davies Z. Michelan not out B. Hosking not out A. Vitagliano retired Extras Bowling - Davies 1/2; Allison 1/3. North Black won by 18 runs.

0 0 0 0 27 24 5 2 2 2 0 0 0 0 2 1 14

Yahl v Kongorong Kongorong 1st innings (4/100) W. Vickery retired L. Smith retired J. O’Perla b. Carpenter H. Allen retired L. O’Perla b. Boston Z. Banfield c. Case b. O’Donnell M. Sutherland b. Boston B. Allen retired Extras Bowling - Boston 2/0; Carpenter 1/2; O’Donnell 1/3. Yahl1st innings (2/43) N. Rodgers retired H. Case retired S. O’Donnell retired B. Braithwaite b. Sutherland B. Facey b. Opelaar D. Laslett retired T. Laslett retired B. Howard retired

13 6 7 15 1 0 0 13 43

C. Richardson retired T. Howard retired W. Boston retired E. Carpenter retired Extras Bowling - Miatke 1/4; Little 1/2. Kongorong won by 57 runs.

0 1 0 0 39

Left - South Gambier all rounder Kieran Ashby works this ball off his hips during One Day Cup action at Reidy Park at the weekend.

0 1 2 0 0 0 1 0

all about the hoops Len Stidwell 26 d Helen Hutchesson/Sue Prosser 19; Sandra Edlington/Anne Cotton 26 d Lorraine Bowering/Rosie Pounsett 20. Game 3: Marilyn Bishop/ Anne Cotton 26 d Helen Huchesson/Rosie Pounsett 21; Sandra Edlington/Len Stidwell 26 d Lorraine Bowering/Sue Prosser 18.

Aussie Croquet Challenge Mount Gambier Red 6 wins 156 hoops d Millicent Pink Nil wins, 117 hoops. Game 1: Marilyn Bishop/ Sandra Edlington 26 d Helen Hutchesson/Lorraine Bowering 22; Len Stidwell/ Anne Cotton 26 d Sue Prosser/Rosie Pounsett 17. Game 2: Marilyn Bishop/

TENNIS Another Mount Gambier and District Tennis Association results A1 Mount Gambier 7-82 d West Gambier 5-73 Men’s singles: P. Griffin d R. Bushell 9-1; A. Van Den Hurk d M. Jolley 9-2; E. Cook d J. Campbell 9-5; B. Egan b C. Ambrose-Pearce 9-4. Women’s singles: H. Heemskerk lost to W. Cook 3-9; R. Cameron lost to J. Sealey 2-9; G. Hinge lost to L. Ballintyne 4-9. Men’s doubles: Griffin/Van Den Hurk d Bushell/ Jolley 9-2; Cook/Egan d Campbell/Ambrose-Pearce 9-6. Women’s doubles: Heemskerk/Cameron lost to Cook/Sealey 2-9. Glencoe 7-76 d Uniting Church 5-78 Men’s singles: D. Childs lost to S. Tomkins 2-9; B. Mitchell lost to R. Williamson 3-9; M. McRae d M. Stark 9-8; T. Biggins lost to D. Mathews 6-9. Women’s singles: A. Edwards d K. Mitchell 9-6; L. Edwards d V. Maxwell 9-5; C. Watson d I. Williamson 9-4; M. Watson d K. Tomkins 9-2. Men’s doubles: Childs/ Mitchell ost to Tomkins/ Williamson 1-9; McRae/ Biggins lsot to Stark/Tomkins 1-9. Women’s doubles: Edwards/Edwards d Mitchell/ Maxwell 9-4; Watson/Watson d Williamson/Tomkins 9-4. A2 Mount Gambier Green 11-101 d Mount Gambier Blue 7-86 Men’s singles: T. Roach lost

Mount Gambier Blue 5 wins 152 hoops d Millicent White 1 win, 133. Game 1: Sue Jolley/Wendy McDonald 26 d Audrey Harding/Sue Hateley 23; Izzy Phillips/Marg Millowick 23 lt Bill Cattanach/Brenda Trotter 26. Game 2: Sue Jolley/Izzy Phillips 25 d Audrey Harding/Bill

SOUTH EAST COAST BASKETBALL LEAGUE RESULTS Men Bulldogs 62 (S. Berkefeld 26; S. Sochacki 14; M. Berkefeld 9) d Panthers 60 (T. Brown 15; M. Mott 12; T. Kettle 11); Cougars 86 (S. Stafford, B. Tremelling 20; K. deWit 19) d Roos 74 (L. Blicavs 23; B. O’Neil 14; J. Nobes 13); Panthers-Wizards 106 (M. Sutton 41; C. Mason 13; M. Stephens 8) d Millicent 56 (J. Murphy 17; D. Todd 12; C. Saint 11). Women Panthers 56 (B. Walters 28; S. Bawden, M. Hein 7) d Bulldogs 40 (T. Gray 11; E. McDiarmid, K. McDiarmid 6); Cougars 52 (G. Green 24; M. Russell 10; C. Horrigan 7) d Roos 47 (R. Hines 13; C. Weir 10; M. Markiewicz 8).

Cattanach 24; Wendy McDonald/Marg Millowich 26 d Sue Hateley/Brenda Trotter 20. Game 3: Sue Jolley/Marg Millowick 26 d Audrey Harding/ Brenda Trotter 19; Wendy McDonald/Izzy Phillips 26 d Sue Hateley/Bill Cattanach 21.

week of plenty of tight battles

to R. Attiwill 4-6; G. Kentish lost to C. Nisbet 0-6; G. Jones d I. Robertson 6-1; T. Driver d J. Seidel 6-2. Women’s singles: J. Carey lost to C. McKinnon 6-7; T. Speck lost to M. Attiwill 5-7; R. Laslett d L. Mullan 6-2; L. Burston d A. Hancock 6-2. Men’s doubles: Roach/ Kentish d Attiwill 6-2, 6-7, 76; Jones/Driver d Robertson/ Seidel 6-3, 7-6. Women’s doubles: Carey/Speck lost to McKinnon/Attiwill 6-7, 3-6, 6-7; Laslett/Burston d Mullan/ Hancock 7-5, 7-5. Reidy Park 9-85 d Glencoe 9-82 Men’s singles: S. Dunn d T. Clasohm 6-3; D. Aston d S. Auld 6-3; T. Snell d S. hentschke 6-2; A. Weddell lost to A. Hughes 3-6. Women’s singles: O. McEvoy d A. Cocks 6-0; T. Megaw lost to S. Edwards 4-6; J. McCormack lost to K. Finnis 3-6; S. Stratford lost to E. Hurley 1-6. Men’s doubles: Dunn/Aston lost to Clasohm/ Auld 6-7, 6-4, 6-7; Snell/ Weddell d hentschke/Hughes 6-2, 4-6, 7-6. Women’s doubles: McEvoy/Megaw d Cocks/Edwards 6-3, 6-3; McCormack/Stratford lost to Finnis/Hurley 1-6, 2-6. West Gambier 10-88 d Centrals 8-82 Men’s singles: J. Higgins lost to M. Heemskerk 0-6; M. Charlton lost to H. Stevens 1-6; M. Stutley d J. Milligan 6-1; L. Charlton d S. Hamilton 6-4. Women’s singles: S. Edwards d A. Marshall 6-3; B. Winterfield

d T. Rutkowski 6-4; E. Ballintyen lost to L. Mckenzie 1-6; E. Beames lost to J. Hamilton 5-7. Men’s doubles: Higgins/Charlton lost to Heemskerk/Stevens d 6-7, 6-4, 6-7; Charlton/Brown d J. Milligan/Hamilton 6-4, 6-2. Women’s doubles: Edwards/Winterfield d Marshall/Rutkowski 6-1, 62; Ballintyne/Beames lost to McKenzie/Hamilton 7-6, 2-6, 6-7. A3 Mount Gambier 13-104 d West Gambier 5-76 Men’s singles: B. Ferguson d S. Cook 7-6; D. Ferguson d E. Schultz 6-4; T. Hart lost to J. Williamson 4-6; D. Moretti lost to P. Wilkinson 5-7. Women’s singles: B. McKinnon d G. Ballintyne 6-3; G. Ferguson d L. Turley 6-1; A. Venning d I. Stafford 6-2; K. Griffin d C. Lewis 7-5. Men’s doubles: Ferguson/ Ferguson d Cook/Schultz 7-5, 3-6, 7-6; Moretti/Hart lost to Wilkinson/Wilkinson 6-3, 4-6, 6-7. Women’s doubles: McKinnon/Ferguson d Ballintyne/Turley 6-2, 6-1; Griffin/Venning d Slattery/ Lewis 6-4, 6-2. Mount Schank 10-79 d Glencoe 6-54 Men’s singles: J. Gladman lost to J. Henderson 5-7; B. Pitts d D Cleggett 6-0; G. Jenkinson d W. Hann 6-0; A. Waye d C. Cleggett 7-5. Women’s singles: D. Lewis lost to S. Kasparian 6-2; E. Cole lost to T. Guerin 56-7; R. Waye lost to C. Meyer 0-6; C. Waye d A. Meyer 6-0.

Men’s doubles: Jenkinson/ Waye d Hann/Cleggett 6-2, 6-3. Women’s doubles: Cole/ Lewis d Kasparian/Guerin 6-1, 6-4; Waye/Waye lost to Meyer/Meyer 2-6, 3-6. Tarpeena 11-77 d Mil Lel 5-64 Men’s singles: J. Irving d B. Douglas 6-4; P. Mansell d M. Robinson 6-1; A. Terry lost to D. Lynn 4-6; N. Humphries lost to Z. Pearson 1-6. Women’s singles: J. Pitt lost to P. Brourton 1-6; L. Irving d K. Douglas 7-5; N. Pitt d J. Ellery 7-5; B. Neill d M. Dickins 6-4. Men’s doubles: Irving/Mansell d Douglas.Robinson 7-5, 6-1; Humphries/Terry lost to Pearson/Lynn 0-6, 2-6. Women’s doubles: Irving/Pitt d Bruorton/Douglas 6-1, 6-4; Neill/Pitt d Dickins/Ellery 6-2, 6-2. B1 Saints/Reidy 7-55 d Moorak 5-46 Men’s singles: J. Radley d C. Tully 6-4; J. Wewer lost to D. Coombe 4-6. Women’s singles: B. Weir lost to J. Little 0-6; B. Stark d S. Johnson 6-2; K. O’Neil d K. Facey 6-3. Men’s doubles: Radley/Wewer d Tully/Coombe 6-0. Women’s doubles: Weir/Stark lost to Little/Johnson 0-6; Stark/ O’Neil d Johnson/Facey 6-1; O’Neil/Weir d Little/Facey. Reidy Park 9-67 d Suttontown 3-45 Men’s singles: G. Edwards d I. Czaban 7-6; K. Edwards d D. Fry 7-5; T. McDonald d N. Hurling 7-5. Women’s

singles: T. Widdison lost to T. Doyle 3-6; C. Jolly lost to R. Hart 4-6; R. Williams d K. Prinz 6-0. Men’s doubles: Edwards/Edwards d Czaban/ Fry 7-6; Edwards/McDonald d Fry/Hurling 6-2; Edwards/ McDonald d Czaban/Hurling 6-2. Women’s doubles: Widdison/Jolly lost to Doyle/Hart 2-6; Jolly/Williams d Hart/Prinz 6-1; Williams/ Widdison d Doyle/Prinz 6-0. Centrals 6-53 d Gambier Green 6-48 Men’s singles: P. McKenzie lost to J. Lopriore 3-6; L. Poel d A. McGregor 6-3; S. Pycroft lost to Y. Akita 6-1. Women’s singles: A. Manser lost to C. Egan 4-6; D. Pycroft d M. McBain 6-0; E. Greenfield d B. Maduro 6-0. Men’s doubles: McKenzie/ Poel lost to Lopriore/ McGregor 6-7; Poel/Pycroft lost to McGregor/Akita 1-6; McKenzie/Pycroft lost to Lopriore/Akita 3-6. Women’s doubles: Manser/ Greenfield d Egan/Rayner 6-4; Greenfield/Greenfield d McBain/Rayner 6-2; Manser/ Greenfield d McBain/Maduro 6-2. B2 Centrals 7-55 d Moorak 5-45 Men’s singles: S. Harrison lost to I. Heenan 4-6; R. McKenzie d S. Sabot 6-0; S. Ruth d P. Ware 6-1. Women’s singles: M. Schultz d M. Suto 6-1; S. Gilbertson lost to A. Reilly 3-6; C. Poel lost to N. Dicenso 3-6. Men’s doubles: Harrison/ McKenzie d Heenan/Sabot - 035

6-4; McKenzie/Ruth d Sabot/Ware 6-3; Harrison/ Ruth d Hedenan/Ware 6-3. Women’s doubles: Gilbertson/Schultz lost to Suto/Reilly 2-6; Gilbertson/ Poel lost to Reilly/Dicenso 1-6; Schultz/Poel d Suto/ Dicenso 6-3. Mil Lel Yellow 10-69 d Mount Schank 2-38 Men’s singles: S. MacDonald d T. Nisbet 76-4; C. Baker d M. Samuel 6-0; S. Fairlie lost to J. Williams 4-6. Women’s singles: K. Arnold d V. Haskett 6-1; D. Anderson d S. Marin 6-1; S. Jantosh d M. Telford 7-6. Men’s doubles: MacDonald/Baker d Nisbet/Samuel 6-1; Fairlie/ Baker d Samuel/Williams 6-3; MacDonald/Fairlie lsot to Nisbet/Williams 4-6. Women’s doubles: Arnold/ Anderson d Marin/Haskett 6-3; Anderson/Jantosh d Telford/Marin 6-4; Arnold/ Jantosh d Haskett/Telford 6-3. Uniting Church 11-69 d Tarpeena 1-30 Men’s singles: B. Budarick d S. Hurling 6-4; S. Walker d A. Smith 6-0; A. Hogg d D. Duff 6-0. Women’s singles: A. Hogg d T. Martin 6-1; S. Murray d B. Klaasens 6-1; J. Harradine lost to J. Irving 36. Men’s doubles: Budarick/ Walker d Hurling/Smith 6-2; Waker/Hogg d Smith/Duff 6-2; Budarick/Hogg d Duff/Hulring 6-4. Women’s doubles: Hogg/Murray d Martin/Klaasens 6-4; Murray/ Harradine d Klaasens/Irving 6-3; Hogg/Harradine d

Martin/Irving 6-3. West Gambier 10-68 d Centrals 2-38 Men’s singles: L. Schultz d S. Harrison 6-3; J. Wright d R. McKenzie 6-2. Women’s singles: K. Beames lost to M. Schulz 4-6; A. Oldaker d K. Carraill 6-4; J. Nieuwerkerk d S. Gilbertson 6-1. Men’s doubles: Schultz/Wright d Harrison/McKenzie 6-3. Women’s doubles: Beames/ Oldaker d Schulz/Carraill 6-2’ Oldaker/Nieuwerkerk d carraill/Gilberston 6-2; Beames/Nieuwerkerk d Schulz/Gilbertson 6-2. Mil Lel Green 10-66 d Moorak 2-18 Men’s singles: K. Fritsch d S. Sabot 6-2; B. Gaffney d N. Kilsby 6-0. Women’s singles: V. Lassaline d M. Suto 6-1; K. Gaffney d A. Reilly 6-0; L. Fritsch lost to N. Dicenso 2-6. Men’s doubles: Fritsch/Gaffney d Kilsby/Sabot 6-1. Women’s doubles: Lassaline/Gaffney d Suto/Reilly 6-1; Gaffney/ Fritsch lost to Reilly/Dicenso 4-6; Lassaline/Fritsch d Suto/Dicenso 6-1. Ladies doubles Saints Black 6-36 d Suttontown Green 0-5; Uniting Red 6-36 d West Gambier 0-8; Glencoe 4-36 d East Gambier 2-24; Saints Red 3-29 d Suttontown Blue 3-24; Uniting White 6-38 d Alendale East 0-15.


awards handed out at kennel

1. 17 & Under Netball Trophy Winners - Casey Horrigan (coach’s trophy); coach Bronwyn McCallum, Malinda Markiewicz (Best & Fairest). 2. Under 17 Football Trophy Winners Conor Lloyd-Fox (Most Consistent ), Riley Janeway (RunnerUp Best & Fairest), Mitchell Gray (Coach’s Trophy), Jack Dawe (Leading Goal Kicker and Best & Fairest). 3. C Grade Netball Trophy Winners - coach Bo Richards, Michele Wichman (Most Valuable Player in Grand Final), Roxy Anderson-Gibson (Best & Fairest), Daniela Waters (Runner-Up Best & Fairest), Megan Brodie (Coach’s Trophy). 4. A Grade Football Trophy Winners - Anthony Wilson (Best Team Player), Shem Balshaw (Best & Fairest), Toby Case (Most Improved), Chris Povey (Leading Goal Kicker & Runner-Up Best & Fairest) 5. A Reserve Netball Trophy Winners - coach Lisa Murray and Sasha Zvirgzdins (Coach’s Trophy)


06. 11.






04. 05.

6. B Grade Football Trophy Winners - Ethan Humphries (Most Improved), Joe Case (Best Team Player), Matthew White (Best & Fairest) and coach Ben Creek.

09. 10.

PHOTOS COURTESY OF FRANK MONGER. 13. 7. B Grade Netball Trophy Winners - Bec Famularo (Coach’s Trophy), Zoe Tomkinson (Best & Fairest), Nicole McIntyre (Runner-Up Best & Fairest) and coach Bindi Davis. 8. Club President James Kitschke presented Matthew White with a framed Jumper in recognition of 200 club games.

9. Club President James Kitschke presented Andrew (Scooter) Robinson with club Life Membership in recognition of his many years of volunteer service. 10. Club President James Kitschke presented Sam Clark with a framed jumper and playing Life Membership in recognition of 200 A Grade Games. - 036

11. A Grade Netball Trophy Winners: Malinda Markiewicz (Best & Fairest), Jessie Little (Runner-Up Best & Fairest) 12. Jayden Eldridge won the Best Under 21 Player in A Grade 13. Chris Mathys was awarded Netball Club Person of the Year.


young Tigers honoured











1. Under 14 football trophy winners - Dale Hewson (assistant coach); Jamie Walters (coach); Bradley Finnigan (coach’s trophy); Matthew Sochacki (most improved); Jordy Hatt (runner-up best & fairest); Declan Carmody (best & fairest); Mitchell Whan (best team man); Richard O’Grady (A grade assistant coach). Absent - Sam Shaw (coach’s trophy) and Callum Sutcliffe (most consistent).

4. Under 15 football trophy winners - (back row from left) - Anthony Kilsby (A grade player); Kynan Baker (coach’s award); Brad Close (best & fairest and leading goalkicker); Todd Wilson-Smith (best team man); Tom Bruhn (best team man) ;Tom Brookes (most consistent); Andrew Close (coach); (front row from left) - Brodie May (most improved); Josh Everard (most improved) and Wil Nankivell (runner-up best & fairest).

2. Under 12A football trophy winners - (back row left to right) - Joshua De Donatis (coach’s trophy); Liam Pudney (most Improved); Bryn Carmody (coach’s trophy); Hamish Simpson (best first year player); (front row from left) - Mason Engel (most reliable); Sam Bruhn (most consistent) and Hayden Pawelski (coach’s trophy).

5. Nick Daffy Award - winner Troy Hatt with dual A grade premership coach Justin McConnell.

3. Joint winners of the Norm and Di Facey Champion Club of the Year with South Gambier Football & Netball Clubs - Jo Gibbs (netball president) and Tony Kelly (football president).

6. Trisha Flett Memorial Trophy - winner Meg Gazzard with Ailie Flett. 7. 15 & under netball trophy winners - Amber Hood (best & fairest); Emily Pietsch (runner-up best & fairest); Sienna Allen (junior development award) and Tanya Hood (coach). - 037

10. 8. 13 & under netball trophy winners - Hannah Nulty (junior development award); Kerry Bilney (coach); Lauren Ross (best & fairest) and Georgia Hood (runner-up best & fairest). 9. Tom Turner Award - joint winners Sam Bruhn and Mason Engel with Craig Turner. 10. 17 & under netball trophy winners - Meg Gazzard (best & fairest); Alannah Campbell (coach) and Brianna Walters (runner-up best & fairest). Absent - Tammy Woodall (junior development award). Photos courtesy of Kelvin Ruge (Blue Lake Printworks).

WBFL & WBNA Demons

1. A grade football best & fairest Brett OI’Neil with coach Luke Duncan. 2. A grade netball best & fairest Chantelle Weir. 3. Joint Club Person of the Year - Ted Winterfield & Heath Sims. 4. A grade football trophy winners - Simon Berkefeld (coach’s trophy) and Brent Howard (runner-up best & fairest). 5. A grade trophy winners - Jed Mullen (most consistent); Jak Ryan (best under 21 player) and Brad Bryant (best team man). 6. A grade netball trophy winners - Alyce Mourbey, Lisa King and Alyssa Boylan (three way tie runner-up best & fairest). 7. B grade football trophy winners - Dan Stratford (runner-up best & fairest) and Richie Attiwill (best & fairest). 8. B grade football trophy winners - Conor Mackle (most consistent); Shaughn King (coach’s trophy) and Taylor Laube (best team man). 9. B grade netball trophy winners - Larnka De Breuk (coach’s trophy); Kim McIntyre-Clark (best & fairest) and Melissa Harvey (runner-up best & fairest). 10. C grade netball trophy winners - Jaymee O’Neil (coach’s trophy); Cindy Burford (best & fairest) and Brianna Fuller (runner-up best & fairest). 11. A reserve netball best & fairest Kristie Reid. Absent: Tash Hemmings-Dunn (runner-up best & fairest) and Emily Gazzard (coach’s trophy). 12. 17 & under netball trophy winners - Alex Kenny (joint runner-up best & fairest); Gemma Currie (best & fairest) and Megan Lawler (joint runner-up best & fairest) 13. Under 17 football trophy winners - Aiden Franchetto (best team man); Zain King (runner-up best & fairest) and Bryce Whicker (most consistent). Absent - Patrick Page (best & fairest). 14. Under 15 football trophy winners - James Dukalskis (joint best & fairest) and Dylan Ridding (joint best & fairest). 15. Brodie Hewson (best team man); Sam Walker (runner-up best & fairest) and Ty Opie (most consistent). Absent - Ryan Broome (coach’s trophy).

night of nights 02.


16. James Dukalskis accepts a cheque from vice president Leigh Winterfield to assist with his expenses as part of the All Australian under 15 football team that is touring South Africa early next year.












14. - 038




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SEVEN SA TEN SA WIN SA ABC 1 6.00 Saturday Disney 6.00 Totally Wild 7.00 H2O 6.00 Bubble Guppies 6.30 Dora 6.00 rage 11.30 7.30 (SA) 7.00 Weekend Sunrise - Just Add Water 7.30 Shezow The Explorer 7.00 Weekend 12.00 Australian Story 10.00 The Morning Show 8.00 Vic The Viking 8.30 Totally Today 10.00 Mornings 12.00 12.30 Catalyst: - Weekend Wild 9.00 Scope 9.30 Good The Middle 12.30 The New Heart Of The Matter 12.00 V8 Xtra Chef Bad Chef 10.00 Coffee Adventures of Old Christine 12.55 Going Postal 12.30 V8 Supercars: Culture 11.00 The Doctors 1.00 Sullivan And Son 1.30 2.30 At The Movies Armor All Gold Coast 12.00 The Living Room Encore The Afternoon Movie: The 3.00 Basketball: WNBL 600, Queensland 1.00 Keeping Up With The Emigrants (PG) 4.30 Getaway Round 4 - Sydney Uni 5.30 Out Of The Blue Joneses 2.00 ET’s Fishing 5.00 News: First At Five V Adelaide 6.00 Seven News Classics 3.00 Call Of The 5.30 Fishing Australia 5.00 Last Chance To See: 7.00 Family Movie Special Whale 4.00 It’s A Lifestyle TV 6.00 National News The White Rhino The Princess And The 4.30 A Taste of Travel 5.00 7.00 Australia’s Funniest 6.00 Saturday Landline Frog (G) TEN Eyewitness News 6.00 Home Videos 6.30 Gardening Australia 9.00 The Saturday Movie The Simpsons 6.30 David 8.00 Australia’s Got Talent 7.00 ABC News Beverly Hills Cop II Attenborough’s Africa 9.40 Saturday Night Movie 7.30 New Tricks (M) Mr & Mrs Smith (M) 7.30 Bondi Vet 8.30 Whitechapel 12.15 Grey’s Anatomy 12.10 The Late Movie 8.30 The Saturday Movie 9.20 Kingdom 1.10 Special: On Thin Ice: Body Heat (MA) X-Men: First Class (M) 10.05 Waking The Dead Plight Of The Polar 2.20 The Late Movie 11.10 The Late Movie 11.00 Woodley: Fuzzby Bear Jiminy Glick In Ten Empty (MA15+) 11.30 Rage 2.05 Harry’s Practice Lalawood (M) 1.00 Indian F1 GP (Qual.) 7 MATE 1.00 V8 Supercars: ELEVEN 12.00 Star Trek: Deep ONE HD 3.30 MotoGP (Live): Armor All Gold Coast 600 6.30 Classic Space Nine 3.00 Infomercial 3.30 Cheers R17, Japan 5.00 Fishing Edge 5.30 Car Rescue 8.00 Inside West Coast 4.00 Britain & Ireland’s Next Top Model Big Fish, Small Boats 6.00 Get Smart Customs 9.00 Full Throttle Saloon 11.00 5.00 America’s Next Top Model 6.00 6.30 Ultimate Rider 7.00 F1 Indian GP Operation Repo 12.00 Rugby World Sabrina 6.30 Life Unexpected 7.30 The - Qualifying (Live) 9.00 Movie: Shaft (M) Cup: Australia V England (Live) Bachelor Aust. 8.30 Sex & The City 11.05 Blokesworld 1.35 48 Hours

SBS ONE PRIME SC TEN WIN VIC 5.00 World Watch 6.00 Home Shopping 6.00 Totally Wild 7.00 H2O 6.00 Bubble Guppies 6.30 Dora 1.00 Adriana Lecouvreur 7.00 Weekend Sunrise - Just Add Water 7.30 Shezow The Explorer 7.00 Weekend by The Royal Opera 10.00 The Morning Show 8.00 Vic The Viking 8.30 Totally Today 10.00 Mornings 12.00 3.45 Piano Notes - Weekend Wild 9.00 Scope 9.30 Good The Middle 12.30 The New 3.55 James Rhodes: 12.00 Seven’s Horseracing Chef Bad Chef 10.00 Coffee Adventures of Old Christine Piano Man Cox Plate Culture 11.00 The Doctors 1.00 Sullivan And Son 1.30 Beethoven 6.00 Seven News 12.00 The Living Room Encore The Afternoon Movie: The 4.30 PBS Newshour 7.00 Family Movie Special 1.00 Keeping Up With The Emigrants (PG) 4.30 Getaway 5.30 Finding Your Roots The Princess And The Joneses 1.30 Fishin’ Trip 2.00 5.00 News: First At Five 6.30 World News Australia Frog (G) ET’s Fishing Classics 3.00 5.30 Fishing Australia 7.30 24/7 Wild - A Monkey’s 9.00 The Saturday Movie Call Of The Whale 4.00 It’s A 6.00 National News Tale Beverly Hills Cop II Lifestyle TV 4.30 A Taste of 6.30 Australia’s Funniest 8.30 Cuba With Simon (M) Travel 5.00 TEN Eyewitness Home Videos Reeve 11.15 T.B.A. News 6.00 The Simpsons 6.30 7.30 Australia’s Got Talent 9.30 Film: Nowhere Boy 12.15 Grey’s Anatomy David Attenborough’s Africa 9.10 Saturday Night Movie (M) Sweet Surrender Mr & Mrs Smith (M) 7.30 Bondi Vet 11.20 Film: Ichi (MAV) 1.10 On Thin Ice: The 11.30 The Late Movie 8.30 The Saturday Movie 1.35 Shameless Plight Of The Polar Body Heat (MA) X-Men: First Class (M) 2.30 Shameles Bear 1.45 The Late Movie 11.10 The Late Movie 3.25 Weatherwatch 2.05 Harry’s Practice Jiminy Glick In Ten Empty (MA15+) Overnight 2.30 Home Shopping Lalawood (M) 1.00 Indian F1 GP (Qual.) GO 12.00 Lockie Leonard 1.00 Power GEM 12.45 Postcards 1.15 Movie: San 7 TWO 2.00 Movie: Thief of Damascus Rangers 1.30 TV Home Shopping 2.00 Antonio (PG) 3.30 Movie: The FBI Story (PG) 4.00 Movie: Wuthering Heights (PG) (PG) 6.30 Secret Dealers 7.30 Antiques 6.30 Time Of My Life 7.00 Coastwatch Big Brother 5.00 Movie: Scooby-Doo! And The Reluctant Werewolf (G) 6.30 Roadshow 8.30 CSI: NY 9.30 CSI 10.30 7.30 Cities Of The Underworld 8.30 Billy Movie: Richie Rich (PG) 8.30 Movie: The Mentalist 11.20 Unforgettable 12.20 Connolly’s World Tour of Australia 9.30 Salvage Code Red Paul Blart: Mall Cop (PG) Movie: San Antonio

Lifestyle1You can count on us.




*Average Net Distribution October 1, 2012 to March 31, 2013. - 039

You can count on us


SEVEN SA TEN SA WIN SA ABC 1 6.00 Doc McStuffins 6.00 Life Today With James 6.00 Bubble Guppies 6.30 Dora 6.00 rage 6.30 Children’s 6.30 Mickey Mouse Robison 6.30 Hillsong 7.00 The Explorer 7.00 Weekend Programs 9.00 Insiders 10.00 Clubhouse Destined To Reign 7.30 Totally Today 10.00 Financial Review Inside Business 10.30 Offsiders 7.00 Weekend Sunrise wild 8.00 The Maori Guides Sunday 10.30 Wide World of 11.00 Asia Pacific Focus 11.30 10.00 The Morning Show 9.00 Good Chef Bad Chef 10.00 Sports 11.30 Australian Fishing Songs of Praise 12.00 Landline 11.00 Kochie’s Business The Bolt Report 10.30 Meet The Championships 12.00 Wild 1.00 Gardening Australia Builders Press 11.30 Everyday Gourmet Life of Tim Faulkner 12.30 1.30 Shamwari 2.00 Fake Or 11.30 V8 Supercars: Armor 12.00 Wildlife Warriors 12.30 Melbourne Marathon 1.30 Fortune? 3.00 Peter Sculthorpe: All Gold Coast 600 Dance of Champions 2013 2.00 T.B.A. 2.50 Australia’s Got The Quartets 4.15 Mr Prince 5.00 T.B.A. Basketball: NBL: Sydney Kings Talent 4.30 Deepwater 5.00 5.00 Midsomer Murders 5.30 SA Life V Perth Wildcats 4.00 The News: First At Five 6.30 Compass 6.00 Seven News Bolt Report Encore 4.30 Meet 7.00 ABC News 5.30 RBT 6.30 The X Factor Live The Press 7.30 Kakadu 6.00 National News 8.30 T.B.A. 8.30 Serangoon Road 5.00 Ten Eyewitness News 6.30 Australia’s Got Talent 9.30 Castle 9.25 Paul Kelly: Stories 8.10 60 Minutes 6.00 The Simpsons 11.30 Family Tools of Me 9.10 T.B.A. 6.30 Attenborough’s Ark 12.00 Keeping Up With The 11.05 Australia On Trial 11.30 Southland 7.30 Modern Family Kardashians 12.00 Monkey Grip 12.30 Financial Review 8.30 Elementary 12.30 Young, Dumb & Living 9.30 Graham Norton Show 1.40 Movie: The Story of Sunday Off Mum GI Joe (PG) 1.00 What Would You Do? 10.30 2013 Formula 1 2.00 Home Shopping 3.30 Songs of Praise 2.00 20/20 Indian Grand Prix 7 MATE 12.30 International Rules: ELEVEN 2.00 Infomercial 2.30 ONE HD 1.00 MotoGP (Live) - R17, Ireland V Aust 2.30 Ironman World Neighbours - Special Encore Japan 5.00 The Ultimate Rider 5.30 Championship 3.30 Rugby League Presentation 5.00 Sunny Skies 6.00 Temporary Australians 6.00 M*A*S*H World Cup: Aust V England 6.00 How I Sabrina 6.30 Raymond 7.30 The 6.30 Driven To Extremes 7.30 Cops 8.00 Met Your Mother 6.30 Movie: Lara Croft: Simpsons 8.00 Futurama 8.30 Movie: 2013 Formula 1 Indian Grand Prix (Live) Tomb Raider (PG) 8.30 Movie: Rambo III Neverland (PG) 10.25 Wilfred 10.55 The 10.30 The Ultimate Rider 11.00 Hell’s (M) 10.30 Movie: Smokin’ Aces (AV) Office 12.25 Raymond 1.25 Sabrina Kitchen 12.00 MLB

SBS ONE PRIME SC TEN WIN VIC 5.00 World Watch 6.00 Home shopping 6.00 Creflo Dollar Ministries 6.00 Bubble Guppies 6.30 Dora 1.00 Al Jazeera News 7.00 Weekend Sunrise 6.30 Hillsong 7.00 Fishin’ Trip The Explorer 7.00 Weekend 1.30 ADbc 10.00 The Morning Show 7.30 Totally wild 8.00 The Maori Today 10.00 Financial Review 2.00 Speedweek 11.00 Kochie’s Business Guides 9.00 Good Chef Bad Sunday 10.30 Wide World of 4.00 2013 Superbike World Builders Chef 10.00 The Bolt Report Sports 11.30 Australian Fishing Championship 11.30 Possum’s Club 10.30 Meet The Press 11.30 Championships 12.00 Wild 5.00 Living Black 12.00 V8 Supercars: Armor Everyday Gourmet 12.00 Life of Tim Faulkner 12.30 5.30 Mythbusters All Gold Coast 600 Wildlife Warriors 12.30 Dance Melbourne Marathon 1.30 6.30 World News Australia 5.30 Coxy’s Big Break of Champions 2013 2.00 T.B.A. 2.50 Australia’s Got 7.30 Richard III The 6.00 Seven News Basketball: NBL: Sydney Kings Talent 4.30 Deepwater 5.00 Unseen Story 6.30 The X Factor Live V Perth Wildcats 4.00 The News: First At Five 8.30 Wonders Of The 8.30 T.B.A. Bolt Report Encore 4.30 Meet 5.30 RBT Clockwork World 9.30 Castle The Press 6.00 National News 9.40 Pom Wonderful **Double Episode** 5.00 Ten Eyewitness News 6.30 Australia’s Got Talent Presents The 11.30 Family Tools 8.10 60 Minutes 6.00 The Simpsons Greatest Movie Ever 12.00 Keeping Up With The 9.10 T.B.A. 6.30 Attenborough’s Ark Sold Kardashians 11.30 Southland 7.30 Modern Family 11.15 Monster Moves 12.30 Home Shopping 12.30 Financial Review 8.30 Elementary 12.15 The World Is Big And 5.30 Seven Early News Sunday 9.30 Graham Norton Show with Natalie Barr and 10.30 2013 Formula 1 1.00 What Would You Do? Salvation Lurks Around Mark Beretta 2.00 20/20 Indian Grand Prix The Corner (M) GO 10.12.00 Max Steel 12.30 Power GEM 6.30 Movie: It Always Rains 7 TWO 1.45 Coastal Kitchen 2.15 Rangers Megaforce 1.00 Yu-Gi-Oh! On Sunday (PG) 8.30 TV Shop 10.00 Home And Away Catch-Up 4.30 The Best Zexal 1.30 TV Home Shopping 2.00 Big Ryobi Cup 2013: Final 5.30 Sea Patrol of Telethon 2013 5.30 Monarch Of The Brother 5.00 T.B.A. 5.30 Scooby-Doo! 6.30 Antiques Roadshow 7.30 Border Glen 6.30 Medics On Call 7.30 Motorway 6.30 T.B.A. 8.30 Big Bang Theory 9.00 Force 8.30 Movie: John Q (M) 11.00 Patrol 8.00 Dog Patrol 8.30 Escape To Anger Management 9.30 T.B.A. 12.00 Unforgettable 12.00 T.B.A. 2.00 TV Shop The Country 10.30 Homes Under The Conan 1.00 T.B.A. - Home Shopping 4.00 Nopalea Hammer 11.45 The Shield


SEVEN SA TEN SA WIN SA ABC 1 6.00 Today 6.00 Sunrise 6.00 CBS This Morning 7.00 6.00 ABC News Breakfast 9.30 9.00 Mornings 9.00 The Morning Show Wurrawhy 7.30 Totally Wild Business Today 10.00 Take On 11.30 Seven News 8.00 Entertainment Tonight 8.30 11.00 National News Technology 10.15 Backyard 12.00 The Midday Movie OMG! Insider 9.00 Bold & The 12.00 Ellen Degeneres Show Science 10.40 Atoms of Fire The Man Next Door Beautiful 9.30 Huey’s Kitchen 11.00 Landline 12.00 Midday 1.00 Cops L.A.C. (M) 10.00 Everyday Gourmet 11.00 2.00 Extra Report 12.30 The Kennedys 2.00 The Daily Edition Bondi Vet 12.00 Dr Phil 1.00 1.55 As Time Goes By 2.25 2.30 Alive And Cooking 3.00 The Chase The Doctors 2.00 Ready Steady 3.00 National News Now Choccywoccydoodah 3.00 4.00 Seven News at 4 Cook 3.00 Judge Judy 3.30 Children’s Programs 4.00 National News 5.00 Deal Or No Deal Huey’s Kitchen 4.00 Totally Wild 5.30 Hot Seat 5.30 ABC News: Early 5.30 Million Dollar Minute 4.30 Bold & The Beautiful 5.00 6.00 National News 6.00 Nigella Kitchen 6.00 Seven News TEN Eyewitness News 6.00 6.30 A Current Affair 6.25 Auction Room 6.30 Today Tonight The Simpsons 6.30 The Project 7.00 Big Brother 7.00 ABC News 7.00 Home And Away 7.30 7.30 (SA) 7.30 A League Of Their Own 8.30 The Big Bang Theory 7.30 The X Factor Live 9.30 2 Broke Girls 8.00 Australian Story 8.30 Homeland 9.30 Scandal 10.00 Two And A Half Men 8.30 Four Corners 9.30 Blue Bloods 11.30 Mistresses 9.20 Media Watch 10.30 TEN Eyewitness News 10.30 Big School 12.30 Keeping Up With The 11.15 The Project Encore 11.00 Two And A Half Men 9.35 Q&A Kardashians 12.00 National News Late 10.35 Lateline 12.00 The Late Show 1.30 Home Shopping 12.30 A Current Affair 11.10 The Business 1.00 Home Shopping 3.30 Sons & Daughters 1.00 Nikita 11.35 Dalziel And Pascoe 5.00 Life Today 7 MATE 1.00 V8 Supercars: Gold ELEVEN 2.00 Judging Amy 3.00 ONE HD 11.20 NFL (Live): Vikings Coast 3.30 Dream Car Garage 4.30 Infomercial 3.30 Cheers 4.00 The King V Packers 2.30 Omnisport 3.00 Seinfeld 5.30 Pimp My Ride 6.30 of Queens 4.30 Laverne & Shirley 5.00 Lumberjacks 4.00 Megacities 5.00 Big How I Met Your Mother 7.30 High Happy Days 5.30 The Brady Bunch 6.00 Angry Fish 5.30 I Fish 6.00 M*A*S*H Tech Rednecks 8.30 Pawn Stars 9.30 Sabrina 6.30 Neighbours 7.00 Raymond 6.30 Get Smart 7.00 Cops 7.30 American Restoration 10.30 American 8.00 Raising Hope 8.30 Supernatural Hardliners 8.00 Million Dollar Catch 8.30 Pickers 11.30 Sportsfan clubhouse 9.30 American Horror Story Movie: Minority Report (M) 11.25 MLB

SBS ONE PRIME SC TEN WIN VIC 6.00 Sunrise 5.00 World Watch 1.00 6.00 CBS This Morning 7.00 6.00 Today 9.00 The Morning Show Cannibals Of The Stone Age Wurrawhy 7.30 Totally Wild 9.00 Mornings 11.30 Seven News 2.00 Inside Nature’s Giants 8.00 Entertainment Tonight 8.30 11.00 National News 12.00 The Midday Movie 3.00 France 24 News 3.30 Al OMG! Insider 9.00 Bold & The 12.00 Ellen Degeneres Show The Man Next Door Jazeera News 4.00 The Journal Beautiful 9.30 Huey’s Kitchen 1.00 Cops L.A.C. (M) 4.30 FIFA Futbol Mundial 5.00 10.00 Everyday Gourmet 11.00 2.00 Extra 2.00 The Daily Edition Massive Movies 5.30 Global Bondi Vet 12.00 Dr Phil 1.00 2.30 Alive And Cooking 3.00 The Chase Village 6.00 Being Oversees The Doctors 2.00 Ready Steady 3.00 National News Now 4.00 Seven News at 4 Cook 3.00 Judge Judy 3.30 4.00 National News 6.30 World News Australia 5.00 Deal Or No Deal Huey’s Kitchen 4.00 Totally Wild 5.30 Hot Seat 7.30 Destination Flavour 5.30 Million Dollar Minute 4.30 Bold & The Beautiful 5.00 6.00 WIN News Hour 7.35 Storm City 6.00 Seven News TEN Eyewitness News 6.00 7.00 Big Brother 8.30 The Science Behind 6.30 Today Tonight The Simpsons 6.30 The Project 8.30 The Big Bang Theory Sex 7.00 Home And Away 9.30 Legally Brown 7.30 A League Of Their Own 9.30 2 Broke Girls 10.00 Two And A Half Men 10.00 The Jeselnik Offensive 7.30 The X Factor Live 8.30 Homeland 9.30 Scandal 10.30 Big School 10.25 World News Australia 9.30 Blue Bloods 11.30 Mistresses 11.00 The World Game 10.30 TEN Eyewitness News 11.00 Two And A Half Men 12.30 Keeping Up With The 11.15 The Project Encore 12.00 WIN News Hour 11.30 Community Kardashians 1.00 Nikita 11.55 Shorts On Screen 12.00 The Late Show 1.30 Home Shopping 2.00 The Avengers 12.25 The Family UK 1.00 Infomercial 5.30 Seven Early News 3.00 Danoz 2.15 Weatherwatch 2.30 Home Shopping GO 2.00 Conan 3.00 Extra 3.30 Yu-GiGEM 11.00 Friends 12.00 Movie: 7 TWO 1.00 Dangerfield 2.00 Oh! Zexal 4.05 Ben 10 4.30 Scooby Doo! Saraband for Dead Lovers (G) 2.00 The Movie: Alexander The Great (PG) 5.00 5.00 Adventure Time 5.30 Young Justice People’s Court 3.00 Antiques Roadshow Shortland Street 5.30 Coronation Street 6.00 2 1/2 Men 6.30 The Middle 7.00 The 4.00 Border Force 5.00 Ellen 6.00 6.00 Bargain Hunt 7.00 Seven News Big Bang Theory 7.30 Auction Hunters Friends 7.00 A Current Affair 7.30 RBT 7.30 Motorway Patrol 8.00 SCU: Serious 8.00 Top Gear 9.30 T.B.A. 11.30 Big 8.30 Major Crimes 9.30 Rizzoli & Isles Crash Unit 8.30 Between The Lines 9.40 Brother 1.00 Conan 11.30 T.B.A. 12.25 Garrow’s Law Wire In The Blood 11.45 The Shield








Rizzoli & Isles

Survivor: Blood Vs Water

National Football League

The Office


Serangoon Road

2 Broke Girls

Thursday, 8.30pm Survivor Blood Vs Water features castaways from previous seasons, given a second chance. But this time with a twist. Each former player will be competing against their loved ones.

Friday, 11.30am (Live) ONE takes you to Raymond James Stadium, Florida where the Tampa Bay Buccaneers host the Caroline Panthers in this week 8 clash.

Sunday, 10.55pm Andy’s Twelve Days of Christmas-themed Secret Santa gifts to Erin do more harm than good. Meanwhile, Dwight and Jim hope to infuse the staff with some holiday spirit.

Tuesday, 8.30pm Determined to locate Ziva, Tony chases leads in Israel in search of her current whereabouts. Meanwhile, Gibbs and the team continue the hunt for Parsa and his growing terrorist ring.s

Sunday, 8.30pm A new baby is left on the steps of the agency, and Sam wonders if he’s the father. But a visit to an old flame puts his mind at rest.

Monday, 9.30pm When Max becomes smitten with an old stray cat that’s been hanging around the apartment, Caroline tries to convince her they need to find it a better home.

Monday, 9.30pm A mock trial advisor dies tragically during a competition. Meanwhile, Angela’s increased interest in selling brownies has Jane concerned that she may be hiding financial issues. - 040


SEVEN SA TEN SA WIN SA ABC 1 6.00 Today 6.00 Sunrise 6.00 CBS This Morning 7.00 6.00 ABC News Breakfast 9.30 9.00 Mornings 9.00 The Morning Show Wurrawhy 7.30 Totally Wild Business Today 10.00 Behind 11.30 Seven News 8.00 Entertainment Tonight 8.30 11.00 National News The News 10.30 My Place 12.00 The Midday Movie OMG! Insider 9.00 Bold & The 12.00 Ellen Degeneres Show 11.00 Big Ideas 12.00 Midday Thin Air (M) Beautiful 9.30 Huey’s Kitchen Report 12.30 Compass 1.00 1.00 Cops L.A.C. 2.00 The Daily Edition 10.00 Everyday Gourmet 10.30 2.00 Extra Q&A 2.00 Gareth Malone’s 3.00 The Chase Bondi Vet 11.00 A League Of Extraordinary School for Boys 2.30 Alive And Cooking 4.00 Seven News at 4 Their Own Encore 12.00 Dr Phil 3.00 National News Now 3.00 Children’s Programs 5.30 5.00 Deal Or No Deal 1.00 The Doctors 2.00 Ready ABC News: Early 6.00 Nigella 4.00 National News 5.30 Million Dollar Minute Steady Cook 3.00 Judge Judy Kitchen 6.25 Auction Room 7.00 5.30 Hot Seat 6.00 Seven News 3.30 Huey’s Kitchen 4.00 Totally 6.00 National news ABC News 7.30 7.30 (SA) 6.30 Today Tonight Wild 4.30 Bold & The Beautiful 6.30 A Current Affair 8.00 Foreign Correspondent 7.00 Home And Away 5.00 TEN News 6.00 The 7.00 Big Brother 8.30 The Art of Australia 7.30 Dancing With The Simpsons 8.00 Super Fun Night 9.30 At The Movies Stars (PG) 8.30 Big School 10.00 Michael Palin: From 6.30 The Project 9.30 Body of Proof 9.00 Come Fly With Me Python To Brazil 7.30 Recipe To Riches 10.30 Suits 9.30 T.B.A. 10.30 Lateline 8.30 T.B.A. 11.30 Go On 11.30 2 Broke Girls 11.05 The Business 9.30 NCIS: Los Angeles 12.00 Keeping Up With 11.30 Four Corners 10.30 TEN Eyewitness News 12.00 National News Late The Kardashians 12.30 A Current Affair 12.20 Media Watch 11.15 The Project Encore 12.30 Harry’s Practice 1.00 Nothing Trivial 1.35 Thorne 12.00 The Late Show 7 MATE 1.00 V8 Supercars: Gold ELEVEN 2.00 Judging Amy 3.00 ONE HD 2.30 Gator 911 3.00 Coast 600 3.30 SportsFan Clubhouse Infomercial 3.30 Cheers 4.00 The King Lumberjacks 4.00 Get Smart 4.30 Cops 4.30 Seinfeld 5.30 Pimp My Ride 6.30 of Queens 4.30 Laverne & Shirley 5.00 5.00 Big Angry Fish 5.30 I Fish 6.00 How I Met Your Mother 7.30 World’s Happy Days 5.30 The Brady Bunch 6.00 M*A*S*H 6.30 Get Smart 7.00 Cops 7.30 Craziest Fools 8.30 Family Guy 9.00 Sabrina 6.30 Neighbours 7.00 Raymond Frontiers of Construction 8.30 Cops: American Dad 9.30 Family Guy 10.30 7.30 Rules Of Engagement 8.30 Don’t Adults Only 9.30 Revealed 10.30 71 American Dad 11.30 SportsFan Club. Trust The B---- In Apartment 23 Degrees North 11.30 The Defenders

SBS ONE PRIME SC TEN WIN VIC 5.00 World Watch 6.00 Sunrise 6.00 CBS This Morning 7.00 6.00 Today 1.00 Celtic Thunder: 9.00 The Morning Show Wurrawhy 7.30 Totally Wild 9.00 Mornings Mythology 11.30 Seven News 8.00 Entertainment Tonight 8.30 11.00 National News 3.00 France 24 News 12.00 The Midday Movie OMG! Insider 9.00 Bold & The 12.00 Ellen Degeneres Show 3.30 Al Jazeera News Thin Air (M) Beautiful 9.30 Huey’s Kitchen 1.00 Cops L.A.C. 4.00 The Journal 2.00 The Daily Edition 10.00 Everyday Gourmet 10.30 2.00 Extra 4.30 PBS Newshour 3.00 The Chase Bondi Vet 11.00 A League Of 2.30 Alive And Cooking 5.30 Global Village 4.00 Seven News at 4 Their Own Encore 12.00 Dr Phil 3.00 National News Now 6.00 Being Overseas 5.00 Deal Or No Deal 1.00 The Doctors 2.00 Ready 4.00 National News 6.30 World News Australia 5.30 Million Dollar Minute Steady Cook 3.00 Judge Judy 5.30 Hot Seat 7.30 Who Do You Think 6.00 Seven News 3.30 Huey’s Kitchen 4.00 Totally 6.00 WIN News Hour You Are? 6.30 Today Tonight Wild 4.30 Bold & The Beautiful 7.00 Big Brother John Bishop 7.00 Home And Away 5.00 TEN News 6.00 The 8.00 Super Fun Night 8.30 Insight 7.30 Dancing With The Simpsons 8.30 Big School 9.30 Dateline Stars (PG) 9.00 Come Fly With Me 6.30 The Project 10.30 World News Australia 9.30 Body of Proof 9.30 T.B.A. 7.30 Recipe To Riches 11.00 Masters of Sex 10.30 Suits 11.30 2 Broke Girls 8.30 NCIS 12.00 Prisoners of War 11.30 Go On 12.00 WIN News Late 9.30 NCIS: Los Angeles 12.55 The Yes Men Fix The 12.00 Keeping Up With 10.30 TEN Eyewitness News 1.00 Nothing Trivial World The Kardashians 2.00 Seaway 11.15 The Project Encore 2.40 Weatherwatch 12.30 Home Shopping 3.00 Danoz 12.00 The Late Show GO 2.00 Conan 3.00 Extra 3.30 Yu-Gi- GEM 12.00 Major Crimes 1.00 Rizzoli 7 TWO 2.00 Movie: Bandido (PG) Oh! Zexal 4.05 Ben 10 4.30 Scooby Doo! & Isles 2.00 The People’s Court 3.00 4.00 Growing Pains 4.30 Who’s The 5.00 Adventure Time 5.30 Young Justice Police Interceptors 4.00 RBT 5.00 Ellen Boss? 5.00 Shortland Street 5.30 6.00 2 1/2 Men 6.30 The Middle 7.00 6.00 Friends 7.00 A Current Affair 7.30 Coronation Street 6.00 Bargain Hunt 7.00 The Big Bang Theory 7.30 Australia’s Earthflight 8.30 The Breat British Bake Seven News 7.30 Inventions That Shook Got Talent 9.10 T.B.A. 11.30 Big Brother Off 9.45 The Mentalist 11.45 T.B.A. 12.45 The World 8.30 Air Crash Investigations Garrow’s Law 2.00 TV Shop 10.40 I Shouldn’t Be Alive 12.30 Conan 1.30 T.B.A.


SEVEN SA TEN SA WIN SA ABC 1 6.00 Today 6.00 Sunrise 6.00 CBS This Morning 7.00 6.00 ABC News Breakfast 9.00 Mornings 9.00 The Morning Show Wurrawhy 7.30 Totally Wild 9.30 Business Today 10.00 11.30 Seven News 8.00 Entertainment Tonight 8.30 11.00 National News For The Juniors 10.15 I Maths 12.00 The Midday Movie OMG! Insider 9.00 Bold & The 12.00 Ellen Degeneres Show 10.20 School History Programs Stolen Youth (M) Beautiful 9.30 Huey’s Kitchen 10.45 Behind The News 1.00 Cops L.A.C. 2.00 The Daily Edition 10.00 Everyday Gourmet 10.30 2.00 Extra 11.00 Big Ideas 12.00 Midday 3.00 The Chase T.B.A. 11.00 The Doctors 12.00 2.30 Alive And Cooking Report 12.30 Nat. Press Club 4.00 Seven News at 4 Dr Phil 1.00 Recipe To Riches Address 1.30 At The Movies 3.00 National News Now 5.00 Deal Or No Deal 2.00 Ready Steady Cook 3.00 2.00 Jonathon Ross Show 4.15 National News 5.30 Million Dollar Minute Judge Judy 3.30 Huey’s Kitchen 5.30 Hot Seat 3.00 Children’s Programs 5.30 6.00 Seven News 4.00 Totally Wild 4.30 Bold & ABC News: Early 6.00 Nigella 6.00 National News 6.30 Today Tonight The Beautiful 5.00 TEN News Kitchen 6.25 Auction Room 7.00 6.30 A Current Affair 7.00 Home And Away 6.00 The Simpsons 6.30 The ABC News 7.30 7.30 (SA) 8.00 7.00 Big Brother 7.30 Slideshow Project Tractor Monkeys 8.30 Gruen 8.30 Hostages 8.30 Marvel’s Agents of Planet 9.05 Ja’mie: Private 9.30 CSI: Crime Scene 7.30 The Bachelor Aust. S.H.I.E.L.D. (PG) School Girl Investigation 8.30 Wonderland (M) 9.30 Highway Patrol 11.30 Extra 9.30 This Week Live 9.35 Agony Aunts 10.30 Death Row: Inside 12.00 National News Late 10.30 TEN Late News 10.00 Would I Lie To You? Indiana State Prison- 11.15 The Project Encore 12.30 A Current Affair 10.30 Lateline Part 2 1.00 Political Animals 12.00 The Late Show 11.05 The Business 11.30 30 Rock 1.00 Home Shopping 2.00 Adv. In Rainbow Country 11.35 Kidnap And Ransom 7 MATE 1.00 Motor Mate 3.30 Dream ELEVEN 1.00 Star Trek 2.00 Judging ONE HD 2.00 Omnisport 2.30 Gator Car Garage 4.30 Shannon’s Supercar Amy 3.00 Infomercial 3.30 Cheers 4.00 911 3.00 Lumberjacks 4.00 Get Smart Showdown 5.00 Zoom TV 5.30 Pimp The King of Queens 4.30 Laverne & 4.30 Cops 5.00 Big Angry Fish 5.30 My Ride 6.30 How I Met Your Mother Shirley 5.00 Happy Days 5.30 The Brady I Fish 6.00 M*A*S*H 6.30 Get Smart 7.30 Pawn Stars 8.30 Hardcore Pawn Bunch 6.00 Sabrina 6.30 Neighbours 7.00 Cops 7.30 White Collar 8.30 Law & 9.30 American Pickers 11.30 Rude Tube 7.00 Raymond 7.30 The Simpsons 8.00 Order: UK 9.30 Sons of Anarchy 10.30 12.00 Jersey Shore Futurama Lie To Me 11.30 The Good Guys

SBS ONE PRIME SC TEN WIN VIC 6.00 Sunrise 8.05 World Watch 6.00 CBS This Morning 7.00 6.00 Today 9.00 The Morning Show 1.00 Insight Wurrawhy 7.30 Totally Wild 9.00 Mornings 11.30 Seven News 2.00 Dateline 8.00 Entertainment Tonight 8.30 11.00 National News 12.00 The Midday Movie 3.00 France 24 News OMG! Insider 9.00 Bold & The 12.00 Ellen Degeneres Show Stolen Youth (M) 3.30 Al Jazeera News Beautiful 9.30 Huey’s Kitchen 1.00 Cops L.A.C. 2.00 The Daily Edition 4.00 The Journal 10.00 Everyday Gourmet 10.30 2.00 Extra 3.00 The Chase 4.30 PBS Newshour T.B.A. 11.00 The Doctors 12.00 2.30 Alive And Cooking 4.00 Seven News at 4 5.30 Global Village Dr Phil 1.00 Recipe To Riches 3.00 National News Now 5.00 Deal Or No Deal 6.00 Being Overseas 2.00 Ready Steady Cook 3.00 4.15 National News 5.30 Million Dollar Minute 6.30 World News Australia Judge Judy 3.30 Huey’s Kitchen 5.30 Hot Seat 6.00 Seven News 7.30 Acid Ocean 4.00 Totally Wild 4.30 Bold & 6.00 WIN News Hour 6.30 Today Tonight 8.30 24 Hours In The Beautiful 5.00 TEN News 7.00 Big Brother 7.00 Home And Away Emergency 6.00 The Simpsons 6.30 The 8.30 Hostages 7.30 Slideshow 9.30 Prisoners of War: Project 9.30 CSI: Crime Scene 8.30 Marvel’s Agents of Platoon Secretary Investigation 7.30 The Bachelor Aust. S.H.I.E.L.D. (PG) 10.25 World News Australia 11.30 Extra 8.30 Wonderland (M) 9.30 Highway Patrol 11.00 Film: Kiss Me Again 12.00 WIN News Hour 9.30 The Good Wife 10.30 Death Row: Inside (MA) 1.00 Political Animals 10.30 TEN Late News Indiana State Prison- 11.15 The Project Encore 1.30 The Girl From Monaco 2.00 Adventures In Part 2 3.15 Weatherwatch Rainbow Country 12.00 The Late Show 11.30 30 Rock Overnight 2.30 Danoz 1.00 Infomercial GO 12.30 TMZ 2.00 Conan 3.00 Extra GEM 12.00 Movie: I’ve Gotta Horse (G) 7 TWO 4.00 Growing Pains 4.30 3.30 Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal 4.05 Ben 10 4.30 1.45 The People’s Court 2.45 Earthflight Who’s The Boss? 5.00 Shortland Street Scooby Doo! 5.00 Adventure Time 5.30 3.45 The Great British Bake Off 5.00 5.30 Coronation Street 6.00 Bargain Hunt Young Justice 6.00 2 1/2 Men 6.30 The Ellen 6.00 Friends 7.00 A Current Affair 7.00 Seven News 7.30 Motorway Patrol Middle 7.00 The Big Bang Theory 8.30 7.30 Customs 8.30 RPA 9.30 T.B.A. 8.00 Borderline 8.30 Fantasy Homes By The Sea 9.30 Britain’s Empty Homes Super Fun Night 9.00 2 Broke Girls 9.30 10.30 Longmire 11.30 Cold Case 12.30 Gideon’s Way 10.10 Sandcastles T.B.A. 11.30 The Darren Sanders Show


Big School Tuesday, 8.30pm Mr Church is keen to be involved with Poss Postern’s school trip to France, but with no places left he needs to find a way to get on the coach.


Legally Brown Monday, 9.30pm The Hollywood Arab is still on a search for a new career path, and is teaching an art class with a twist. A theological debate about cheese rocks the Muslin Shore House. Uncle Sam has a radical plan to move all Muslims to Tasmania, to create the great state of ‘Islamania’. - 041

Proudly supporting the Legend of the Lakes Hillclimb 9a Calula Drive Mount Gambier

www.pmdraceproducts www. .com Email: mail: a sa sales@pmdraceproduct sa sales@pmdraceproducts ales@pmdra s@pmdraceproducts @pmdraceproduct pmdraceproducts raceproduc aceproducts d ts t com m Phon Phone Pho (08) 8) 8725 8 872 725 5 2895 2 289 89 - 042


motor Nissan Scores a Safety Double ANCAP today released 5 star safety ratings for the Nissan Pathfinder and Nissan JUKE. The rating applies to all variants of the new Pathfinder. The Pathfinder performed very well in most ANCAP tests and joins an already competitive SUV market segment. The only disappointment was a marginal rating for pedestrian protection. The Nissan JUKE, which achieved a 5 star rating upon its release in New Zealand in 2012, is now available in Australia and the rating carries forward. The rating applies to front-wheel drive variants with the 1.6 litre H16 petrol engine. Other variants, including those with the turbo-charged engine and all-wheel drive, are unrated. “It is very encouraging to see Nissan building 5 star cars and the Pathfinder result follows other Nissan 5 star results over the last few years”, said ANCAP spokesperson, Mr Jack Haley.

“With the Pathfinder, JUKE, DUALIS, Pulsar and LEAF all achieving a 5 star safety rating, we look forward to Nissan bringing the remainder of its fleet to this level”. ANCAP is supported by all Australian and New Zealand motoring clubs, the Australian Government, the New Zealand Government, Australian state and territory governments, the Victorian Transport Accident Commission, NRMA Insurance and the FIA Foundation. To search individual crash test results for over 450 vehicles, learn more about safety technologies, explore interactive features, watch videos and to download images and media releases visit Crash test images and video can be downloaded from





0419 031 883






Auto, air conditioning, power steering. S227AJL

Gas, 1 owner, low km’s. WHX-631

3.2 litre DID turbo diesel, 7 seats, cruise. RMY-623

Sunroof, auto, power windows, central locking. XJY-234








Dual airbags, power windows, 4cyl engine. WHY-542

Sunroof, 12 airbags, leather, low km’s. ARO-368

Turbo diesel, cruise, dual airbags, 4WD. BJK76W

Leather seats, turbo diesel, 1 owner, low km’s. WUS-924








5-7L V8, cruise, auto, alloys. S875AXJ

Gas, 4.080,000 Leather, litre, kms, only full 129,000kms. history, cruise, S503AHO ABS. WJX-953

8 airbags, cruise, p/windows, leather trim. WDL-239

4 airbags, One owner,cruise, cruise,alloys, 7 seats, 107,000kms. low km’s. WUR-013 WZZ-135


$9,750 - 043

LVD 251298 E&EO

“It is becoming increasingly difficult to sell cars in Australia without a 5 star safety rating. Nissan should be congratulated on raising the Pathfinder to this higher level of safety”.

MOUNT GAMBIER’S CHEAPEST CARS! 168 Jubilee Highway West, Mount Gambier. Phone/ Fax 08 8725 8913



Suits Commodore VB -VZ & all Ford Falcons. Exceptional cranking & reserve capacity. 24month warranty.

720p display. Auto day/night mode. Anti-shake mode. HDDVR307









Removable wrap. Great way to change the appearance of your car. 1000s of applications. Spray-on peel-off.

Black leather look centre with mesh panels. 006527R05










Gives your vehicle that professional shine without the hard work. Includes 2 polishing pads.


Complete fill. Ready to use. Removes insects, road grime & salt spray MPWWF5L

Promotes easier cold starting, reduces engine wear & contains anti-oxidants to prolong the life of oil between drain intervals.




7 99





‘The once a year car polish.’ Simple & easy to use.

MT005 , MT130










It’s nice to go to someone who














6 speed manual, 17” alloy wheels, air conditioning, 4 airbags, CD stacker, central locking, power windows, soft tonneau cover. XAA-374. Internet ID: 20805

Automatic, air conditioning, 8 airbags, CD player, central locking, cruise control, power windows. CN-167. Was $19,990. Internet ID: 20766

Automatic, air conditioning, 8 airbags, CD player, cenral locking, cruise control, power steering, power windows. YPZ-875.

5 speed manual, turbo diesel, air conditioning, dual airbags, CD player, central locking, front power window, bull bar, hard canopy. YGO-927. Internet ID: 20832




Internet ID: 20856










42,800 km’s, auto, 4WD, 17” alloys, climate control, 8 airbags, CD stacker, central locking, cruise, leather trim, power windows and tinted windows. S477AFE. Internet ID: 20823

7 seats, 5 speed manual, turbo diesel, 17” alloy wheels, air conditioning, CD player, power windows, dual airbags. MCL-236. Was $37,990. Internet ID: 20731

Automatic, 17” alloy wheels, climate control, 4 airbags, bodykit, CD player, central locking, cruise control, power steering, power windows. XDS-133. Internet ID: 20819

Diesel Turbo, 16In alloy wheels, steel dull bar, heavy duty tow bar, tonneau cover, air conditioning, dual airbags, Bluetooth, CD player & power steering. BN-89AF. Internet ID: 20800













Automatic, anti lock brakes, dual airbags, CD player, central locking, cruise control, power steering. YBQ-073.

Automatic, 17” alloy wheels, climate control, 4 airbags, bluetooth, body kit, CD player, central locking, cruise control, power windows. ZUF-750. Was $23,990. Internet ID: 20679

Automatic, 6 airbags,17In allow wheels, climate control, airbags, CD stacker, central locking, cruise control, leather seats & power windows. UYH-041. Internet ID: 20822

Automatic, anti lock brakes, dual airbags, CD player, central locking, cruise control, front power windows. XPO-206. Internet ID: 20684

Internet ID: 20831

113 Commercial Street East, MOUNT GAMBIER *Conditions Apply. LVD 2545 Prices exclude Government charges SALES HOTLINE 08 8721 3400 OR TOLL FREE 1800 042 270

It’s nice to go to someone who


Check out the odds on favourites at NBT

SAVE $1000

SAVE $2000

SAVE $3000

SAVE $8000

$23,990 Driveaway

$37,990 Driveaway

$46,990 Driveaway

$81,990 Driveaway

Only 83,870km, locally owned van has loads of room. XKX264.

Leather Seats, Air Conditioning, Reverse Camera, 2500kg Heavy Duty Tow Bar. ZBP996.

96,467km, Privacy Glass, 7 seats, Bluetooth, Reversing Camera, Cruise and Climate Control. S634AWD.

3500kg Towing Capacity, Center Console Cooler Box, sat nav, DVD Player. XX271C.

2008 Toyota Hiace LWB Van

2006 GXL Prado 3.0L

2010 Toyota Landcruiser Prado GXL 2010 Toyota Landcruiser 200 Series

SAVE $2000

SAVE $2000

2011 Toyota Rav 4 CV 2.4L AWD Auto

2010 Nissan Patrol Wagon 4x4

2010 Toyota Hilux 4x4 SR5 Turbo Diesel

Only 45084 km and New Car Warranty until 15/2/15. AWD system on this vehicle adds a great safety feature as well as the opportunity to explore that little bit further than you can in a 2WD model. Adjustable 60/40 split rear seats that fold flat to the floor you can give yourself more room. Cruise Control and a Bluetooth Compatible Audio Unit with CD and USB Capabilities finish this vehicle off well, get in for a test drive today. YPX088.

Only one previous owner, full service history, low 41,062km on the clock. Immaculate condition. A Red Arc Dual Battery System and Heavy Duty Tow Bar boasting a huge 3200kg Towing Capacity are already there to get you started, add to that a Nissan Polished Alloy Bull Bar and a great looking set of Performance Alloy Wheels with Mickey Thompson Tyres and you are travelling in style. Words don’t do this popular 7 seat wagon justice, get in and see this vehicle for yourself. S257AHC.

Only 58,862 kms. This one owner, well looked after, locally owned vehicle has a full service history. Alloy Wheels with Good Tyres, Flares, Bluetooth & IPod Compatibility , Air Conditioning, Electric Windows & Mirrors, CD Audio, Dual Front Airbags, Power Steering & a Heavy Duty Tow Bar. The Alloy Nudge Bar on this Ute is also a nice extra. Huge savings to be had off New price. S232AIW.

$27,990 Driveaway

SAVE $1000

$42,990 Driveaway

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SAVE $5000

$39,990 Driveaway

SAVE $2000

$14,990 Driveaway

$32,990 Driveaway

$39,990 Driveaway

$9,990 Driveaway

Only 39258 km, New Car Warranty til 11/10/2014, Air Conditioning, Power Steering, Bluetooth. YJH641.

82,849 km, Chrome Sports Bar, Cruise Control, Bluetooth, Steel Bull Bar, Tonneau Cover. XSC669.

100,208 km, One Owner, Climate Control, DVD Player, Reverse Camera, Bluetooth, Tow Bar. XCX039.

Manual, 72655km, 1.5 L motor. Perfect for a 1st car or as the everyday run about. XPR331.

2011 Toyota Yaris YR 1.3L

2008 Toyota Hilux SR5

Noel Barr Toyota

35 Bay Road, Mount Gambier (08) 8721 3333 Adam Salmon 0427 091 051 Tim Scarth 0437 918 674 MVD 65317 E&OE.

2007 VX Prado 3.0L

2007 Yaris YRS