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E N O N I W D O P I 2 F O ! S E H C TOU

Let the games begin! Search for The Hunter Games stickers throughout the Centre for your chance to win! Fill in your details and place your completed sheet in the entry box located near Centre Court for your chance to win one of 2 iPod Touches valued at $199 each. So get hunting!

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COVER Giving AXIS Employment has a simple mission statement – to inspire and empower people through employment. And that is exactly what the organisation has done in regional Victoria for more than 20 years. In a major boost to the Disability Employment Service (DES) in Mount Gambier and South East SA, AXIS Employment is now on the Limestone Coast and has been providing

job seekers an expert hand up its service to job seekers throughout the region since March 4. AXIS Employment general manager Colin Barnett said the organisation was proud to be able to offer its services to South East clients. “AXIS Employment has a sound reputation for providing quality services to job seekers and employers and I’m pleased we can now offer this service in Mount Gambier and

surrounding districts,” Mr Barnett said “We refurbished the new office at 40 Helen Street Mount Gambier and also have an office in Naracoorte, as well as providing outreach services to clients in Millicent, Beachport, Kingston SE and Bordertown. “We have employed an experienced team of local staff consisting of South East DES manager Rod

Versteegh, Josh Wilson, Adam Blom, Mahalia Manser and Samantha Loughead. “Our Naracoorte team includes Sharon Mann, Wendy Scott and Christine Berzel.” Mr Versteegh said his staff are committed to helping clients secure meaningful, long term employment. “Our staff bring a wide range of skills to their roles and we have already experienced some

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very positive results with job seekers,” he said. “We look forward to continually working closely with clients, business owners and the wider community to ensure we continue to deliver employment outcomes across the South East region.” Mr Versteegh said his team takes pride in finding the right employment opportunities for their clients. “We have

already built up a strong relationship with many businesses in Mount Gambier, which has proven extremely beneficial to our clients who have gained employment opportunities. “We have also recently gained employment opportunities for two of the Millicent students we work with and the support in Naracoorte has also been positive and the rewards of our hard work are now showing.” The proven formula AXIS Employment uses to successfully meet the needs of its clients and local businesses is simple. Their Disability Employment Service focuses on the abilities of job seekers, while also supporting their training aspirations and up-skilling opportunities to ensure they are ready for employment. For businesses, AXIS Employment has access to generous Government funded financial support and incentives (such as workplace modifications) to help cover the financial costs, as well

as providing regular face to face contact and ongoing support visits. Business owners can also take comfort in the knowledge that employing people with a disability makes perfect business sense. People with a disability can often take less sick leave and have lower absenteeism than other employees and an Australian Government review of research found that workers with a disability are no more likely to be injured at work than other employees. Far left - The AXIS Employment Mount Gambier team consists of Josh Wilson, Mahalia Manser, Adam Blom, Sam Loughhead and manager Rod Versteegh. Left - Wendy Scott, Sharon Mann and Christine Berzel are the faces of the Naracoorte office.

holiday fun on offer

talk to the animals

confirm your child’s place.) Parents are welcome to assist in the sessions and are encouraged to stay at the library during the sessions if possible. Children aged five and over are welcome to come along to the morning sessions, these will be supervised by the library staff, and children of any age are welcome to come along to the drop in sessions, which are not always be supervised. The library has special guest, Marc McBride coming for some of their sessions. Marc is an airbrush artist and

storyteller, he is quite well known for the fantasy artworks he does for the covers of the Deltora Quest novel series. Marc will be using his airbrush artworks to tell stories to the children during the sessions. Check out the full school holiday program



How to play: To solve this puzzle each 3x3 box, each row and each column must contain all the numbers from 1 to 9.

7 9 6 1 8 5 3 4 2

3 4 2 7 6 9 5 1 8

8 5 1 3 2 4 7 6 9

9 2 5 8 4 1 6 7 3

1 8 7 6 9 3 2 5 4

6 3 4 2 5 7 9 8 1

on the library’s website or pick up a program from the information desk. By Alex Bond Above - School holiday program special guest Marc McBride.



3 8 5

2 1

5 7 3

1 8



2 4

5 8 4


4 5

7 6 2 3


Test your knowledge 1.Roe, fallow and sika are all kinds of what animal? 2.Arboreal animals are those living in which type of habitat? 3.Which animal produces mohair? 4.Which is the longest living land mammal after man? 5.What is the fastest land mammal? 6.What family group does a dolphin travel in? 7.Which continent do macaws come from? 8.Which ape is the biggest? 9.What is the most poisonous Australian snake? 10.How many years do the average crocodile live? 11.How many known species of frogs are there? 12.What is a female elephant called? 13.What is the largest land animal? 14.How many pairs of wings does a bee have? 15.A group of lions in known as what? 16.What are baby rabbits called? 17.What is the largest type of ‘big cat’ in the world? 18.What is the name of the phobia relating to spiders? 19.What food makes up around 99% of a pandas diet? 20.How many hours does a koala sleep per day?

Answers 1.Deer. 2.Animals that spend most of their time living in trees. 3.Goat. 4.Galapagos tortoise 5. Cheetah is the fastest land mammal. 6. Pod. 7.South America. 8.Gorilla 9.Eastern brown snake 10.The average crocodile is estimated to live between 50-75 years. 11.Approximately 5,000 known species of frog. 12.Cow. 13.African bush elephant. 14.The bee has two pairs of wings. 15.Pride. 16.Kitten. 17.Siberian tiger 18.The phobia relating to spiders is ‘arachnophobia’. 19.Bamboo makes up 99% of a pandas diet. 20.Approximately 18 hours a day.

sessions, to ensure that your child doesn’t miss out and please don’t forget to pay your $2. (This payment must be made within 24 hours to

5 6 8 9 1 2 4 3 7

usually attracts around 30 kids per session and caters to about 500 over the two week holiday period. Bookings are required for the 10.30am

2 1 3 4 7 6 8 9 5

The holidays are approaching and once again the holiday program will be running at the Mount Gambier Public Library. The holiday program

4 7 9 5 3 8 1 2 6

LOCAL School - 004

COLLECTED STUPIDITY We can’t just sit around and let this keep happening. Enough is enough, my fellow Australians. We can’t just keep tolerating these

Why we suck by Robbie Tansel

nameless clowns who are destroying our lives on a daily basis. Quite obviously I’m talking about the Australian Bureau of Meteorology. Why,

Mount Gambier Chamber of Commerce

who’d you think I was talking about? We live in an era where every job is becoming more and more accountable. People expect higher and higher

Outstanding Business Awards 2013

Nominate your favourite employee I nominate the following employee

from the business for the outstanding employee of the Year Award They are my favourite employee because

Nominate your favourite business I nominate the following business as the outstanding business award

levels of excellence. No incompetence is accepted and you have to fill out paperwork in triplicate to make sure everyone can see that you are doing your job and striving every day to perform it better. All I’s are dotted and all t’s are crossed. Not meteorologists though. Meteorologist is the only job in our modern world where a person can get away with consistently never getting it right. Apart from AFL football umpires officiating in games that my beloved North Melbourne Football club participates in. Take yesterday for example. All the weather reports predicted a fourteen degree maximum temperature. Instead the day’s temperature peaked at 12.9 degrees. That’s an inaccuracy of eight percent. Do they apologise during the following night’s weather report for their ineptitude? No, they make out it never happened. They then have the nerve to try and tell me what the weather is going to be the next day. Are you kidding me? I made clothing choices, activity choices, transport choices based on the inaccurate information you gave me yesterday and now you think I’m going to make the same mistake

in the following category (please tick) Retail Business

Manufacturing/Building Industry



Service Business

Environment & Sustainability

again. I might as well just go outside and look at the sky. It’s not like they have any excuses for this complete incompetence. There are more satellites in the sky, we have better technology and surely more information about weather patterns than ever before. So why can’t they get it right? I think they’ve gotten complacent. They’ve realised over the last few decades that even when they make mistakes no one challenges them on their error. So where’s the incentive to try and improve. You might as well go, “It’s June in Mount Gambier. Fourteen degrees and cold. That’ll be close enough. Now zoom those live weather satellites on the Playboy mansion and let’s sit

back and relax.” How many times have they said isolated showers and instead there have been scattered showers? Conversely how many times have they said scattered showers, only for us to spend a day with isolated showers? Don’t they understand the sort of confusion and grief this causes to people’s days? I know that I can get through an isolated showers day without a coat but if it’s scattered then I really need to be wearing my parka. I wonder a little bit if they’re annoyed at the fake celebrity weather people on the news and morning programmes. I’d feel a bit annoyed if I was a weather expert and then I got passed over for a glory job like the Today show for

former All Together Now star Stevie Jacobs. What are his credentials for providing weather? He’s good at doing wacky things with pelicans or small children? Is it possible that meteorologists are purposely sabotaging the wedding because one two many hot blondes became the weather reporter on the news in front of them? Anyway, if you’d like to join me on marching on the Bureau of Meteorology, email me at robbietansel@ It’s time, people.


Small Business (UNDER 5 EMPLOYEES)

Nominator Name Telephone (



Place your vote in the containers located at: Chapmans Newsagency 11 Commercial Street West City of Mt Gambier Council Offices Civic Centre News @ The Mall Centro Mt Gambier Lifestyle1 Office 1, 20 Penola Road Redgum Country Commercial Street East

DINNER AUCTION Sporting memorabilia, wines, tradesmen services & more

Nomination close Friday 9th August, 2013



Bookings to Bill on (08)8725 6198 - 006

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My Property reaches 112,000 potentional buyers every week. 28,000 Letterboxes, PO Boxes and 70 Newsagency/stores!

HOLIDAY AT HOME 86 Meylin Street, Port MacDonnell You won’t need to lift a finger in this superbly renovated & fully furnished holiday home. The 6 large bedrooms, 3 stunning bathrooms & 2 separate living areas provide ample space for the extended family as well as fantastic holiday accommodation, sleeping up to 19 people. Spectacular open plan living incorporates a stylish kitchen with quality appliances, including s/s d/washer, microwave, fridge & elec cooking with double oven, opening seamlessly into an entertainers dream alfresco area, featuring BBQ, pizza oven, flat screen tv & luxurious outdoor furniture. The 1053m2 allotment also boasts a 3Bay high clearance drive through c/bond shed for the boat & fishing gear. A fantastic opportunity for business & pleasure, with excellent figures & future bookings. Viewing is highly recommended.

Address: 86 Meylin Street, Port MacDonnell Price: $560,000 W.I.W.O. Contact: P & L Real Estate 32 Bay Road, Mount Gambier 08 8723 3416 Al Lamond 0418 849 266 & Brooke Stephenson 0424 943 991 Open: Saturday & Sunday by Appointment RLA 185456 - 007

29464 Princes Hwy, Glenburnie


12 Twila Grove, Mt Gambier


30 Eglington Terrace, Mt Gambier


68 Suttontown Rd, Mt Gambier





2.00 - 2.30pm

12.30 - 1.00pm

11.00 - 11.30am

• Prominent location, 3 bedroom home on 8.5 acres • Great north facing entertaining area • Large workshop/garage & other sheds • Easy access for trucks & machinery • Comfortable home with 3 living areas WEB Id. 5385761 3 2 8 Charmaine Russell 0407 268 098

Barry Ritter 0408 853 180

13 Old Kent Court, Mount Gambier $284,000

7 Playford Street, Mount Gambier


• • • • •

4 spacious bedrooms all with robes 2 bathrooms and private study Huge family room and separate formal lounge Under cover parking for 4 cars Secure rear yard







11.45 - 12.15pm

10.30 - 10.50am

• 3 bedrooms all with robes • Master with walk in robe & ensuite • Formal lounge • Open plan kitchen meals family area • Single remote garage UMR with internal access WEB Id. 4476697 3 2 3 Barry Ritter 0408 853 180

• 3 bedrooms, 2 with robes • Open plan lounge/ kitchen/ meals • Updated kitchen with dishwasher • Slow combustion heater • Great separate family room • Single garage with workshop Barry Ritter 0408 853 180


691 Nelson Road, OB Flat


• Spanish Architecture dominates this outstanding home • 3 - 4 bedrooms • Beautifully refurbished with new paint, new carpet, new ensuite, new kitchen and appliances • Encompassing large separate games room WEB Id. 5131852 3/4 2 1 Charmaine Russell 0407 268 098

12 Paltridge Street, Mount Gambier $257,500

7 Tolmie Street, Mt Gambier




24 Telford Street, Mount Gambier

89A, 89B, 89C Penola Road, Mount Gambier

OPEN FRI JULY 5 12.30 - 1.00pm UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY, 3 COMMUNITY TITLED PROPERTIES 1. Solid Home - huge living area, 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 4 bay carport – leased at $260 pw 2. Unit - 3 bedroom, open plan kitch/dining/liv, r/c a/c – leased at $210 pw 3. Unit – 3 bedroom, 2 way bathroom, dble garage UMR – leased at $230 pw Asking Price 1. $260,000 2. $180,000 3. $220,000 As a Package $640,000 WEB Id. 5351512

Phone Zoe 0417 863 063 or Paul Cavanagh 0409 286 285


RENTALS 3 Newton Crescent 3br 1 bath 0 car 17 Railway Tce, Kalangadoo 3br 1 bath 2 car




• Premises approximately 160m2 plus mezzanine floor. • High clearance double access roller doors of 4.1m clearance. • Stone workshop with rear access on allotment of approximately 567m2 plus Right of Way. • 3 phase power, pit & ablutions & office area. WEB Id. 5338142 Bruce Auld 0428 849 882

26 Telford Street , Mount Gambier




2 Bedroom stone duplex, updated eat in Kitchen, updated bathroom with separate shower and kids bath, massive separate gas heated lounge room, Polished floor boards Throughout the bedrooms and living room, enclosed rear yard with room for a shed and the kids to play. Situated opposite the Showgrounds. WEB Id. 5224218 2 1 0 Barry Ritter 0408 853 180

3 Bedroom stone duplex, Enclosed rear porch ideal study or 4th bedroom, updated eat in Kitchen, updated bathroom with separate shower and kids bath, separate gas heated lounge, Polished floor boards Throughout the bedrooms and living room, enclosed rear yard with room for a shed and the kids to play. Situated opposite the Showgrounds. WEB Id. 5224545 3 1 0 Barry Ritter 0408 853 180

143 North Terrace, Mt Gambier

16 Mitchell St, Mount Gambier





• Ex display home • Convenient location in popular Conroe • Raked ceiling & unique steps down loungeroom • Large formal dining room • Large family room & casual meals WEB Id. 5064858 Graeme Cleves 0419 806 410 3 2 4

• Home with character • Fantastic location close to CBD, only minutes from restaurant & shops. • New paint job throughout • Slate & polished timber floors throughout WEB Id. 4952993 3 1 2 Graeme Cleves 0419 806 410

33 - 45 Pinehall Ave, Mt Gambier

31 Eldridge Drive, Mount Gambier $129,000


$165pw avail end June $180pw avail end July

5/2 Underwood Avenue 2br 1 bath 1 car

$185pw avail now

7 Eight Mile Creek Rd, Pt MacDonnell 3br 1 bath 1 car

$220pw avail now

3 Griffiths Street 4br 2 bath 3 car

$300pw avail now

33 Lake Terrace East 3br 2 bath 2 car

12.40 - 1.00pm


• Large solid stone family home • 3 to 4 bedrooms with gas heating • Huge lounge room with polished timber floor • Games room or family room • Renovated stunning bathroom WEB Id. 5343420 2 HEAPS Graeme Cleves 0419 806 410 3-4




STAY TUNED FOR DATE AND TIME OF AUCTION • Enormous home sprawling over 80sq • Indoor pool • 3 living areas, 3 bathrooms • 4 bedrooms plus 2 home offices • 4 car garage, games room with wet bar WEB Id. 4 Charmaine Russell 0407 268 098

12.10 - 12.30pm

• Recently renovated • 3 Bedrooms 1 with robes • Remote Carport plus new colour bond garage • Stunning rear private decked patio • Beautifully land scaped gardens WEB Id. 5292594 3 1 2 Barry Ritter 0408 853 180

• Large brick 3 bedroom home • Views over town quiet location • 2 living areas s.c. heating • 3 wcs & showers, ensuites, spa bath • Good garaging & workshop area, cellar WEB Id. 5236670 3 Charmaine Russell 0407 268 098



$320pw avail early July

OPEN SUN JULY 7 1.10 - 1.30pm • • • • •

4 bedrooms Lounge room Large games room Timber kitchen Double garage

Charmaine Russell 0407 268 098




BACK ON THE MARKET • Approx. 3 acres of prime real estate • Subdivision potention STCA • 4 bedrooms and a study or optional fifth bedroom • Huge family room encompasses the delightful timber kitchen • Spacious ensuite featuring spa bath & dual basin WEB Id. 5032060 2 1/2 4 Charmaine Russell 0407 268 098 5

• • • •

Elevated block with superb views 7 minutes to Mount Gambier Town Centre 1 acre (4255m2) Superb private golf course frontage (Membership access available) WEB Id. 4252776 LAND Charmaine Russell 0407 268 098







0419 806 410

0407 268 098

0408 853 180

0417 863 063

0428 849 882

0409 286 285

9 B ay Ro ad , Mo un t G am bier

ph 08 8723 0633 - 008

m tg a m b ie r @e l d e r m .a u RLA 62833

• 21 North Terrace Mount Gambier • 3 Wentworth Court Mount Gambier • 2 Hilltop Avenue, Mount Gambier • 6 Webb Street, Mount Gambier • 9 Lemana Court, Mount Gambier • 2 Limestone Court, Mount Gambier • Power Street, Mount Gambier • 38 Ingleby Street, Mount Gambier • 1 Fidler Street, Mount Gambier • 13 Bertha Street, Mount Gambier • Lot 216 Bailey Street, Mount Gambier • 57 Annette Street, Mount Gambier • 25 Cave Road, Mount Gambier • 39 Coolabah Street, Mount Gambier

• Unit 12 Hallmont Estate, Mount Gambier • 134 Jubilee Highway East, Mount Gambier • 42 Pressey Street, Mount Gambier • 9 Thomson Street, Mount Gambier • 7 Murndal Court, Mount Gambier • 4 Rosemont Place, Mount Gambier • 30 St Martins Drive, Mount Gambier • 9 Coorara Avenue, Mount Gambier • 4 Marara Street, Mount Gambier • 2 Douglas & 15 Ingleby Street, Mount Gambier • 91 Kavanagh Road, Worrolong • Lot 3 Ruwoldt Road, Yahl • Mount Percy Road, Compton • Sisters Road, Moorak

• 31 Parkway Avenue, Mount Gambier • 10A Power Street, Mount Gambier • 22 Hilltop Avenue, Mount Gambier • 1/21 O’Halloran Terrace, Mount Gambier • 94 Suttontown Road, Mount Gambier • 6 Blamey Street, Mount Gambier • 21 Genoa Street, Mount Gambier • 5 Millard Street, Mount Gambier • 12 Shalamar Court, Mount Gambier • 49 Canavan Road, Mount Gambier • 9 Magnolia Court, Mount Gambier • 28 Altinio Drive, Mount Gambier • 2 Shelley Court, Mount Gambier • 24 Genoa Street, Mount Gambier

• 190 Wynham Road, Moorak • 16 Guerin Lane, Glencoe • 67 Kirip Road, Glencoe • 13/14 Telfer Place, Glencoe • Lot 10 Kirip Road, Glencoe • 3 Elder Street, Kalangadoo • 24 Adelaide Street, Kalangadoo • Hay Terrace, Kongorong • A28 Ritchie Street, Nangwarry • 6 Jenkins Terrace, Nangwarry • 14 Peake Terrace, Nangwarry • 54 Penola Road, Tarpeena • 9 Adams Street, Donovans • 128 Springs Road Port MacDonnell








0419 806 410

0407 268 098

0408 853 180

0417 863 063

0428 849 882

0409 286 285

Cnr Glen Street & Railway Terrace, Millicent I Ph 8733 2099 I Fax 8733 4748 I

41 Adelaide Road, Millicent SPACIOUS IN ALL ASPECTS

$270,000 - $280,000 3 1 4

RLA 62833

6 Oberland St, Millicent Reduced To $140,000 NEAT - AFFORDABLE - LOCATION 3 1 2

REDUCED VENDOR WANTS SOLD! • Solid stone rendered home, massive allotment of 1804m2 • Across from parklands, close proximity to the main street & high school. • Custom made blackwood kitchen with s/s underbench oven , large gas cooktop, dishwasher & breakfast bar • Adjoining dining room with r/c split system, formal lounge room with gas heating WEB ID. 5441252 Kerry Smith 0419 803 836

• High ceilings & original ornate features & polished floorboards t/out living areas • 3 double bedrooms (2 with BIR’s), 4th bedroom/office • Main bathroom with terrazo flooring, separate bath & shower • Detached rumpus/games room • Full length rear veranda, UMR double length carport, attached single stone garage • 6m x 6m colourbond shed, workshop

75 Clarke Street, Penola APPEALING & AFFORDABLE


• • • • • •

Solid Mount Gambier Stone Home 3 bedrooms - 2 with BIR’s Lounge with s/c wood fire, r/c a/c, adjacent dining Kitchen with electric stove Under cover back patio, Rainwater Single enclosed carport, adjoining garage WEB ID. 4906920 Kerry Smith 0419 803 836

$98,000 1 1

75 Church Street, Penola ROOMY! - TAKE A LOOK INSIDE

WANTED • 5 Acres In Rural Living Zoning, Outskirts Millicent • Cropping Country Millicent/Tantanoola/Penola Area With Preferably No Improvements • Turn Out Block Kalangadoo/Mount Mcintyre Area With Etsa

Kerry Smith 0419 806 836 3

$210,000 1 2


Very neat & tidy solid stone attached home 3 bedrooms with carpet flooring (2 of double size) Modern kitchen with masses of cupboards, new stove Sep. bathroom with shower & bath

WEB ID. 5131399 Kerry Smith 0419 803 836

• Large laundry, separate toilet • Single carport, enclosed rear yard

• • • •

Solid stone family home on corner allotment Lovely timber kitchen with dishwasher Separate Living room with gas log fire & r/c split system Large formal lounge room & formal separate dining room • 3 large bedrooms all with BIR’s • Study/office, fully enclosed rear veranda WEB ID. 5419326 Kerry Smith 0419 803 836 - 009

• Outside awnings • Double garage with side street access • Rainwater & bore, enclosed front & rear yard






OPEN Saturday 12.00 - 12.30


5 Frewville Place Mount Gambier

• Compact allotment of 586m2 • Longer term opportunity to redevelop • Auction Saturday, July 27 at 11am

• Central but secluded location • Neat single bedroom home, kitchen, lounge room plus large second living area, attached carport.




4 Lange Street Mount Gambier



3 Bertha Street Mount Gambier

• 3 bedroom stone home with entrance hall and lounge with gas heating. Kitchen/dining room with open fire place. • Additional porch at rear. • Large garage measuring 8mx6m plus car port. • Land area of approx 753m2









• Main bedroom has a W.I.R plus huge bathroom • Bedrooms 2, 3 & 4 all have B.I.R. + office or 5th bedroom • Large formal lounge, Open plan kitchen/dining & living room, 3rd living area designed as kids play room • Elevated timber decked outside entertaining area • Double garage with auto door. 6m x 6m double shed

4 Howard Street Mount Gambier


• Front protected patio • Open wood fire, gas wall heater & A/C • Plenty of space in the kitchen & large lounge • Timber kitchen with gas oven & new gas cook top • Bedrooms 1& 3 have floorboards • Two 6m x 6m Colorbond sheds

4 Moten Street Mount Gambier



15 Victor Street Location

1 $229,000

• 3 Bedroom very well maintained home • Large main bedroom with built ins. • Lounge room with lovely open fire place. • Large very well maintained kitchen/dining. • Solid stone extra length garage, 2 separate rooms to the rear & a workshop/storage area.

PRICE 21 Creek Street Mount Gambier

• Good size lounge room. • Private low maintenance rear yard. • Large & very well presented kitchen/dining area

Mount Gambier

• Manageable back yard with shed and wood shed



• Main bedroom with walk in robe and ensuite • Multiple living areas • Great northerly aspect overlooking park lands • Brand new gas hot water service • A true entertainers delight • Check our website for new photos.


• Three bedrooms, bedroom one and two both have B.I.R • Good size kitchen with electric cooking • Large open plan lounge / dining room • R/C Air con and open fire place. Single garage • Bathroom has bath, shower, and vanity & separate toilet

3 PRICE 36B Wehl Street North Mount Gambier


9 Livingston Street Mount Gambier

2 $209,000

• Built ins in 3 of the bedrooms. • Lounge room with a modern gas wall furnace as well as a quality S/C wood heater. • Kitchen/dining area with views toward the tower. • Sitting room or ideal as a study with gas heating. • Single garage in backyard & rainwater tank.



• Single garage UMR with auto roller door • Unit A is also For Sale $310,000


1 $269,00

• Brick & dolomite fronted home in central location • Main bedroom with WIR & ensuite, remaining bedrooms with BI’s er • Spacious open plan living, kitchen with dishwash - 010







• 4 bedroom home, main bedroom with ensuite. • 3 living areas, large formal lounge • Roomy family room and separate rumpus room. • Double garage UMR with auto roller doors. • Undercover outdoor entertaining area




14 Wilga Road Mount Gambier

• Rear yard with 6m x 6m shed.

• Garage UMR with internal access.










• 2 bedroom unit tucked away quietly at the rear • 2 large bedrooms, main with bay window & BIR’s


• Home on corner allotment • Only minutes from shops & school. ) • Scope for sub division (subject to council approval • Spacious lounge room with gas heating. • Single car garage plus garden shed. • Ideal for the 1st home buyer or investor.


Mount Gambier








OPEN Saturday 10.15 - 10.45

11.00 - 11.30




OPEN Saturday

9.30 - 10.00

11.00 - 11.30


• Solid stone / tiled roof unit in a group of three • Large open plan kitchen / lounge/ dining • Log gas fire plus Kelvinator R/C inverter • Large timber kitchen with electric cooking • Two large size bedrooms, both with BIR and new carpet • Great location with all the hard work completed


OPEN Saturday

OPEN Saturday


2/22 Underwood Avenue Mount Gambier

• Three bedroom brick home with colorbond roof • Single garage with large workshop plus garden shed er • Large lounge room. Second inverter air condition • Tiled dining room with access to an outdoor entertaining room • Good size kitchen with electric cooking




1 Ehret Street Mount Gambier










14 Chauvel Street Mount Gambier


2 $270,000

• Massive Family/Rumpus room, mains gas heater. • North facing lounge room with S/C wood heating. • Extremely neat modern kitchen with breakfast bar • Stunning bathroom. Convenience of 2 toilets. • Double garage with high clearance & pit, large workshop area. Paved courtyard area, Rainwater


• Two storey townhouse in a great location • Large lounge, solid timber kitchen with dishwasher • Upstairs consists of 2 large bedrooms, main with BIR’s, both bedrooms have balconies • Tiled two way bathroom • Currently leased at $250p/w






2 4/48 Crouch Street North Mount Gambier

6 Truman Street Mount Gambier



2 $334,000

• Delightful 1920 bungalow of 5 rooms on .47ha of land. • Only a couple of km south of The Blue Lake • Outdoor Living + orchard and gardens • Elevated site with a large garage/workshop building approx 100m2 • Old stone dairy, timber garden shed.

2/8 Lake Terrace West Mount Gambier


• Stunning kitchen with stainless steel appliances. • Large living area with great views off balcony. • Gas ducted heating plus air conditioner • Three bedrooms -Main having BIR’s and ensuite. • Two car garage UMR with internal access. • Enclosed rear yard with decking area.








6 Comaum Avenue Mount Gambier

9 Ridgeview Court Mount Gambier


• 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms • 2 living areas • Fantastic views


UNITS FOR SALE • 5/54 Jubilee Highway West


• 8/54 Jubilee Highway West

$99,500 $179,000


• Main bedroom with ensuite & WIR. Other three bedrooms have built in robes • Three way bathroom with spa bath • Double garage UMR, auto doors & Internal access • 3 bay garage, access for caravan or boat • In conjunction with Gebhardts






• Very well presented complex consisting of 3 x 2 bedroom units • Great location close to main street

• 6/7 Arbor Street


• 36A Wehl Street North


• Very spacious and inviting units • Extremely neat and well presented throughout • Own private yard and extra parking

• 19A Ehret Street


GLENCOE PROPERTIES • Lot 565 Springs Road 3 bed 1 bath 2 car


• Lot 577 Burston Road 3 bed 1 bath 1 car


• 36B Wehl Street






Maple Court Prices Ranging From $92,500 Yahl • Large allotments, ranging in size from 1753m2 to 2106m2. to • Opposite Yahl Primary School & just a short walk the hall and cricket club. • $10,000 deposit, vendor finance 2 years, interest only, monthly at 6%. $4,000 cash back if house completed to lock up stage within 12 months

NELSON PROPERTIES • 23 Moonah Avenue


• 10 Meredith Street


• 6597 Nelson-Portland Road


• 8 Crnr Sturt & Union Street


• Lot 3 Oldbridge Road • Lot 10 Springs Road 3 bed 1 bath 2 car

Nelson Road Mount Gambier

From $92,000

• Selection of residential allotments and larger country living allotments. • Smaller allotments from 687m2 • Larger allotments from 3000m2 or the choice of halving the allotment to 1500m2


GLENCOE Country Living At It’s Best

• 83 Beach Road

Business For Sale Nelson

$180,000 + S.A.V.

• Two long established businesses for sale on lease hold basis with long term lease. • Fuel sales/deli/takeaway food/fishing bait and tackle + motel operation which the businesses enjoy a turnover of approx $1.3million.

• NEW PRICES from $92,000 - 011


• 4 bedroom or 3 + a study, main with ensuite • Stunning open plan living area & formal lounge • Lovely alfresco entertaining area • Double garage UMR + separate 7.5m x 12m Colorbond garage

• 1/35 O’Halloran Terrace

20 Mark Street Mount Gambier

51 Eldridge Drive Mount Gambier

• Conveniently located level ¾ area allotment








• 4,5/8 Helen Street



James St



• 3/149 Jubilee Highway West



• Centrally located property, Dolomite fronted villa • 3 bedrooms, attractive lounge room, formal dining room, kitchen store and rear porch • Suit conversion to professional offices • Includes a studio approx 63m2 with frontage to

• Stunning architecturally designed home on multi levels to suit contours. • Gardens integrate with aspect and outdoor living

• 3/36 Jubilee Highway West



50 James Street Mount Gambier






• Garaging at rear with single Colorbond garage

• Laundry is at lower level

3 21445 Riddoch Highway Moorak


4 115 Wireless Road West Mount Gambier

• Main bedroom with ensuite & built in robes, bedrooms 2 & 3 have built ins • Open plan living area, ducted heating & cooling • Rear pergola for all your outdoor entertaining. • Garage UMR, auto roller door & internal access.

• Great character home • 2 of the bedrooms with BIR’s • Separate dining area • Sunny family dining/kitchen • Additional office plus store room






$399,000 Offers over $380,000

• 22 Lasletts Road


• 46 Beach Road


• Lot 15 Neil Black Road


• 19 Sturt Street


Real Estate Buy Or Sell... See P & L

2 Carapook Street, Mount Gambier $235,000 W SE NE EA L RE

7 Thompson Court, Moorak

16 Church Street, Yahl $699,000


OPEN SAT 10.45 - 11.15am


OPEN SUN 1.00 - 1.30pm

• 3BR renovated Mt Gambier stone home on corner allotment close to Commodore & Frew Park • Country kitchen with new gas cooking, dining with fireplace, spacious lounge with gas heating • Converted garage to studio/music room with A/C (ideal for home office), paved 3 1 u/cover pergola & decking

• Luxurious 2-storey family home with lovely rural ambience • Upper level - 4BR, including master with WIR & lavish ensuite • Lower level - stylish kitchen overlooking spacious living & pergola, 3rd living & study • 5th BR or Guest room with ensuite • Huge dble garage UMR plus extra 5 3 5 shedding for caravan or boat

29 Willow Avenue, Mount Gambier $249,000 L GE H&KA C PA

2 Hirth Street, Mount Gambier

• Up to $23,500 in Government Grants extended until December 2013 • Take your choice of 3 available allotments and house plans to suit • Plans range from 3BR/2 BATH/2 CAR incl 9ft ceilings, carpet & blinds 3 2 2 • Phone for details

• Solid brick & tile home in great location with elevated views • Open plan kitchen/dining with elec cooking, b/fast bar, new r/c air-conditioning & lounge with gas log fire • Rumpus room with built-in bar & eightball table • Single garage UMR with remote 3 1 3 plus a double carport

19 DeGaris Street, Mount Gambier $639,000

1 Jardine Street, Mount Gambier

• A masterpiece of luxury living – 2 storey display home with spectacular views, built by HIA award winning builder, Argent Constructions • No expense has been spared, offering Caesar Stone benches, Smeg appliances, butler’s pantry, handcrafter jarrah doors, A-Bus s/s & more 3 2 2 • In conjunction with SAL

• Superbly presented Federation residence on a magnificent 1533m2 allotment in one of Mt Gambier’s prestigious streets • Features include brand new kitchen, 15ft ornate ceilings polished f/boards, Marble fireplaces, ducted under floor gas heating, 4 bay garage, 2 1 4 st access from Jardine & Mitchell St 4

• Stylish 4BR (+ study) designer home, 44sq on approx. 3600m2 allot. • Beautifully appointed kitchen with granite benches & s/s app. • Home theatre room, built-in bar & enclosed alfresco area with o/door kitchen • Excellent shedding - dble garage 4 2 6 UMR & 15x9m c/bond shed

• Perfectly positioned on 1 Acre, with dual driveways, 40Sq executive family home • Magnificent floor plan includes 5BR, 3 Bath, 3 Living plus Huge Pergola • Sparkling solar heated pool alongside renovated 2 storey barn with BBQ area 4 5 • 5 Bay high clearance garage 5

8 Gordon Street, Mount Gambier

2 Burdikin Avenue, Mount Gambier $222,000

58 Kurrajong Street, Mount Gambier $299,000

15 Sharley Avenue, Mount Gambier $199,000

• 3BR Mt Gambier stone home on corner allot. close to the city & schools • Spacious updated kitchen offers elec. cooking & pantry • Light-filled rumpus room & excellent undercover areas • Dble stone garage with low maintenance lawns & gardens • Currently leased @ $220/wk 3 1 2 until Nov 2013

• • • • •

• Unique, solid brick, split level home on large allotment of 1000m2 with panoramic city views • Recently renovated throughout,huge open plan living with raked ceiling, floating f/boards, s/c heating & r/c a/c • Versatile floorplan allows for 3BR & 3 spacious living areas, or up to 5BR 5 2 5 • Excellent shedding

• Spacious & affordable family home close to the Mt Gambier Hospital & new Marketplace • BIR’s in all bedrooms, Master bedroom with ensuite • Open lounge with s/c heating & north facing balcony • 2nd family room with built-in bar, r/c a/c & o/door access • Enclosed rear yard ideal for 3 2 children or pets

91 Jubilee Highway East, Mt Gambier $165,000 WE NERIC P

35 Wehl Street North, Mount Gambier $299,000 RSD FEITE F O NV I

14 Kurrajong Street, Mount Gambier $209,900

9 Tanglewood Crescent, Mount Gambier $294,900

• Bright & inviting 3BR Mt Gambier stone home on low maintenance grounds close to city • Timber kitchen with gas cooking & d/washer, lounge with polished f/boards & gas log fire • Renovated & very affordable first home or investment wiith a periodic 3 1 2 lease of $220/week

• Investment opportunity not to be missed in a blue chip location • Large 1021m2 corner allot with subdivision potential (S.T.C.A.) • Renovated 3BR cottage with BIRs, s/s a/c & new gas HWS • Short walk from Commercial St, 1 1 properties like this are hard to find 3

• Attention 1st home buyers & investors! • Value packed 3BR home on large allotment with secure 3 car shedding • Huge as new family room with S/C wood heating & r/c a/c, spacious pergola • At the new price of $209,900, this is 1 3 a great chance to enter the market 3

• Superbly designed 4BR home located amongst quality homes in a well established area • Beautiful & private gardens with pop-up sprinklers • Gas heating, gas & elec cooking, gas HWS, two-way bathroom with shower, spa & WC, plus 2nd sep WC • Single garage UMR with remote, 4 1 1 internal & rear yard access





Inviting 4 bedroom Mt. Gambier stone home, situated in the quiet township of Yahl. Immaculately presented, the home boasts BIRs in 2 bedrooms, brand new dine-in kitchen with elec cooking, dishwasher & large WI pantry, plus ducted gas heating throughout. Outside features include equipped bore, huge 15m x 7.5m x 3m clearance iron shed with 7.5m x 6m rumpus room. In addition there is high clearance carport 7.5m x 12m adjoining. This lovely country family home is ideal for those looking for extra shedding & only minutes from Mt. Gambier.


11 Thompson Court, Moorak

Low or no electricity & gas bills with solar power 3BR + study brick & tile home in quiet cul-de-sac Blackwood timber kitchen, R/c ducted air conditioning Huge entertaining area, double c/bond garage Rental appraisalup to $240/week







OPEN SUN 1.45 - 2.15pm





1 Ambrose Court, Worrolong $750,000 - 012


Phone 08 8723 3416 32 Bay Road Mount Gambier RLA 185 456 Al Lamond 0418 849 266

Owen Pettingill 08 8723 3416

Brooke Stephenson 0424 943 991

Find us on Facebook

494 Kennedy Avenue, Mount Gambier

1 Kennedy Avenue, Mount Gambier




Situated atop of a picturesque undulating 40 Acres, you’ll find this immaculately presented solid brick 4BR family home, just min from the city. The home offers 3 living areas, incl formal dining & lounge with raked ceilings & s/c heating, casual dining & family room with gas heating, plus a huge rumpus room with ens facilities, ideal for sep living or work from home. A renovated 2pack kitchen featuring elec cooking, d/washer & pantry overlooks a gable pitched pergola with magnificent northerly views. The spacious master suite offers BIRs, updated modern ens with floor-ceiling tiles, while the other bedrooms all have BIRs. Outside features incl remote dble garage UMR, 12mx7.5m c/bond shed, 9mx7.5m c/bond shed, 15mx7.5m machinery shed, cattle yards with ramp & crush, r/water, equipped bore, plus beautifully presented gardens.

Prominently positioned with excellent views over the city is the Blue Lake Motel, containing 24 rooms within close proximity to the CBD of Mt Gambier. Great family business opportunity with excellent potential for increase in trade. Features include; • 50 seat licensed restaurant updated in 2012 (not currently in use) • Commercial kitchen & bar facilities • Ideal setting for business meetings/conferences • 3 bedroom managers residence with private rear yard • 24 rooms including interconnecting family room • Guests kitchen & laundry amenities • Long lease available Explore the outstanding options available in regional South Australia’s largest city & all that the Limestone Coast offers.

86 Meylin Street, Port MacDonnell $560,000 W SE NE EA L RE






93 Racecourse Road, Kalangadoo $285,000 W SE NE EA L RE

OPEN SAT & SUN BY APPOINTMENT • Superbly renovated & fully furnished holiday home • 6BR, 3 stunning bathrooms & 2 living areas provide accommodation for up to 19 people • Spectacular open plan living leads to an entertainers dream alfresco area • 3Bay high clearance c/bond shed 3 3 • Excellent figures & bookings 6

• Picturesque country setting comprising 73 Acres, scattered with red gums on the outskirts of Kalangadoo • 3BR timber frame home with fenced house yard & dble iron garage • 3 main paddocks, 2 dams, steel c/yards with ramp & crush, various shedding 3 1 2 • R/water & equipped bore

24 Yahl Main Road, Yahl

148 Burston Road, Glencoe 15 ES R AC


• Unique property offering extra room for extended family or Bed & Breakfast (S.T.C.A.) • 3BR brick home & 5BR Blue Lake Home on 4725m2 allot • Both homes connected to Blue Lake water & Envirocycle • Close to Yahl Primary School


87 Cram Road, Glencoe 37 ES R AC




• Escape city life to an affordable, quieter lifestyle on 37 acres in Glencoe • Brand new kitchen with gas cooking, family room, 4BR + office, elevated pergola • 4 bay iron shed plus various other sheds • Fenced into 4 main paddocks 4 1 4 with 2 house yard paddocks


COASTAL / RIVER PROPERTIES Boat Shed & Landing, Nelson $28,000 Lot 71-74 Holloway St, Donovans 1297m2 – 1397m2 From $74,000 Lot 75 Holloway St, Donovans 2 1 2 $239,500 Lot 72 Eight Mile Creek Road 6592m2 $230,000 Lot 33 Elliott St, Pt MacDonnell 615m2 $85,000 5 Kuhl Drive, Racecourse Bay 2 1 3 $195,000 24 Compton St, Pt MacDonnell 2 1 1 $149,000 4 Springs Rd,Pt MacDonnell 2 2 4 $254,000 10 Saunders Rd, Blackfellows Caves 4 2 2 $325,000 24 Livingston St, Blackfellows Caves 3 2 6 $480,000 138 Sea Parade, Pt MacDonnell 4 2 2 $559,000 7 Sydney Street, Nelson 3 2 6 $550,000 20 Banksia Street, Nelson 3 1 2 $169,000 Owen Pettingill - Licenced Agent

173 Uphills Road, Kongorong 14 ES R AC



138 Sea Parade, Port MacDonnell $559,000

OPEN SAT & SUN BY APPOINTMENT • Fully furnished, as new quality built 4BR home on corner allotment with rearyard access • Breathtaking views of Pt MacDonnell’s coastline from every angle • 3 living areas, 2 stunning bathrooms, striking kitchen, indoor & alfresco dining 4 2 2 • It’s got the lot!

72 Yahl Hall Road, Yahl $459,000


• Beautiful Federation style residence amongst attractive gardens on 15 Acres • 3BR, formal dining & lounge, sitting room, country style dine-in kitchen, high ceilings, striking leadlight, open fire places & timber mantles • Purchase your own magnificent piece of history & enjoy a rural lifestyle 3 1 6

• 4-5BR solid brick home tucked away in a beautiful rural setting on 14 Acres • Polished floorboards, formal dining & lounge, blackwood kitchen/dining with elec cooking & family room/5th bedroom • 4 main paddocks, plus house 5 2 7 & shed yards

• Enjoy the peace & quiet of country living in the popular township of Yahl • 4BR Mt Gambier stone cottage on a well laid out 4 Acres (approx.) • Town water connected, bitumen road frontage, stone double garage with new 4 1 2 roof, concrete & power

36 Sheathers Road, Caveton

286 Lange Road, Yahl 31 ES R AC

6332 Portland-Nelson Road, Nelson $459,000


• Horse lovers hideaway only 10 mins. from Mt. Gambier on 10 Acres • 3BR/2Bath solid brick home with 2 living areas & dbl garage UMR • Excellent shedding, including 35 x 19m undercover arena with lights 2 6 • In conjunction with Herberts Real Estate 3


• 3BR brick family home nestled on 31 Acres at Yahl • 3 large storage sheds, plus 2 large machinery sheds • Large equipped irrigation bore with option to purchase 5haIE water licence • Fenced into 2 main paddocks, offering a number of possibilities - 013




• Colonial 4BR brick home with approx. 18 Acres on outskirts of Nelson • Massive sheds incl. 80’x90’ machinery shed, 36’x24’ c/bond shed & 14’x30’ c/bond shed • 13,000 gall r/water, equipped bore, solar HWS • Beautifully established gardens 1 6 with an abundance of native wildlife 4

Suite 2/14 Helen Street Mount Gambier SA 5290 Ph 08 8725 5766

9 McDonald Street


bed rooms


bath rooms


car parking


Character home with plenty to offer with versatile floor plan, outside entertaining OPEN and quiet tree lined SAT residential location. 9.30 - 10.00

11 Earl Street


bed rooms


bath rooms


car parking


92 Orchard Road

bed rooms


bath rooms


car parking

$375,000 3,648m2 (approx)

10B Old Kent Court

bed rooms


bath rooms


car parking


22 Pick Avenue

bed rooms


bath rooms


bath rooms


car parking


An inspection will impress! Great flat allotment, excellent shedding, OPEN look no further! SUN 10.30 - 11.00


car parking


bed rooms


bath rooms


car parking


An inner city gem with a renovated and established country feel – lovingly upgraded throughout – huge outdoor entertaining and great shedding.


bed rooms


bath rooms


car parking

bed rooms


bath rooms


car space

$880,000 26.36 HA

swim pool



Exceptional private unit a moments walk to cafes, restaurants and retail therapy that offers bonus extra living area.

Gleaming timber floors, two living areas, close to everything, great flat allotment. A family home just waiting to be yours!


bed rooms


bath rooms

bed rooms


bath rooms



car parking

bed rooms

Welcome to family heaven spacious, great floor plan. Beautiful kerb OPEN appeal - Birdsville SUN location - what more 11.15 - 11.45 could you want?


bed rooms


bath rooms


car parking


A perfect package and priced to sell – this home has it all. Close proximity to beautiful parklands and a stroll to the shops – don’t hesitate!

car parking

bath rooms


car parking

$329,500 4.57 HA (Approx)

Exceptional rural living minutes to Mount Gambier’s northern gateway & OPEN all the delights of the SUN city – come home to 12.15 - 12.45 serenity!


bed rooms


bath rooms


car parking


bed rooms


bath rooms


car parking


A spacious & solid home in the heart of the city – loads of space & loads of potential. Close to Reidy Park school & shopping – a minute to everywhere!

bed rooms


bath rooms


car parking


Well built, well designed and well loved – the one owner since new – reap the benefits!

bed rooms


bath rooms


car parking


bath rooms


car parking


luxury villa

inner city


bed rooms


bath rooms


car parking


Beautifully and tastefully upgraded throughout – no stone has been left unturned. A quiet elevated location and fantastic renovated home.


The perfect family home – quiet cul-de-sac location – close to the hospital and new shopping complex – gorgeous!


bath rooms


car parking


Great colonial brick home in quiet country township on approximately 2,021sqm offering large rooms excellent entertaining and shedding storage. Value and will impress.


bed rooms


bath rooms


car parking


Dolomite fronted home on approximately 20 acres – ideal for horse training or agistment. Very well planned and presented property – inspection a must!

9 Mulga Street - 014


Situated in an inner city location, beautiful elevated allotment well set back from the street. Superb city views by day or night. Beautifully appointed and sympathetically restored.

bed rooms

84 Buchanan Road, Worrolong

An exceptional and luxurious residence on 8.79 ha (21.7 acres approx) of land. A private and tranquil setting with breathtaking views.


bed rooms


Water Licence

Lovely character home offering beautiful rural views only minutes from the city. An opportunity to continue with the existing horticultural production – see agent for further details.



12 Warren Street


20 Acres (approx)

4 Chute Street

15 - 19 Hay Terrace, Kongorong

30 Hastings Avenue



56 Wehl Street South

247 Mt Percy Road

1 Jay Street



19280 Riddoch Highway

373 Cafpirco Road, Compton

Incomparable property a short drive from the city, escalates living and entertaining to new heights for even the most discriminating buyer. OFFERS INVITED!



33 Brolga Street

7 Kaleo Court

2/14 Doughty Street

You will be surprised by the size of this stunning & sophisticated townhouse – located in a quiet culde-sac location close to the city centre.


bed rooms

208 Vause Road, Wandilo

Stunning tranquil setting on the city outskirts – the perfect family home that offers the lot a true value package!



4 Francis Street

Ideal for those starting up or slowing down - close to everything! Solid construction, close to Reidy Park School, shops and the Blue Lake.



7 Peters Street


bed rooms


bath rooms


car parking

14 Donovans Road, Donovans


bed rooms


bath rooms


car parking


Ideal river retreat at Donovans – fantastic permanent residence or weekender – well cared for property! ASK THE AGENT ABOUT THE $7,500 CASH BACK INCENTIVE

1 Mallee Street


A solid & spacious home only a stones throw from School, two living areas and large allotment, a short walk to Park, shops & entertainment- be sure to inspect!


bed rooms


bath rooms


car parking


Well cared for home that offers easy care living with great outside entertaining, excellent shedding with rear yard access and two street frontage.

Paul Chuck 0409 541 113

Jo Campbell 0409 240 223

Ben Jeffrey 0417 810 246 RLA 1903


Ph 08 8724 8088

3/5 Shepherdson Road


bed rooms


bath rooms


car parking



A quality solid constructed unit an A1 location - walk to the shops, walk to school, walk the Blue Lake. You won’t find better than this location!

Lot 110 Aramanta Drive



161 Bay Road


bed rooms


bath rooms

3/268 Commercial Street



car parking

$110,000 pw • 2 bedroom unit • Open plan kitchen/ lounge with electric cooking • Bathroom/ toilet • Separate laundry • No Pets • Available Now

Lovely established grounds set on over an acre of land solid home with great shedding. A world away but minutes to town!

4/1 Daniel Street 7 Lakewood Avenue


4 Gerloff Street

$165.00 pw • 3 bedroom home • One with cupboards • Kitchen/dine with electric cooking • Lounge with wood heater • Sunroom • Carport umr • Close to shopping • No Pets • Available Now

82 Bertha Street


2 Heathfield Way

$180.00 pw 3

bed rooms


bath rooms


car parking


Elevated & level allotment - quality local builder & desirable location. Take advantage of the Building grant - buy now and add your touch!

19-21 Smiths Road, Port MacDonnell


bed rooms


bath rooms


car parking


Positioned opposite a reserve this designer home is executive style living at its very best!

8 Power Street




bed rooms


bath rooms


car parking


A well cared for home in popular Montebello precinct. Offering all modern conveniences & great entertaining- close to shops and parklands.

• 3 bedroom unit • Main with BI Robes • Kitchen/dine with elec cooking • Lounge with electric heating • Carport umr v Fully enclosed paved yard • No Pets · Available Now

9 Eustace Street

$230.00 pw • 3 bedroom home close to schools and shops • Built in robes in two • Eat in kitchen with electric cooking & walk-in pantry • Separate lounge with gas heating • Study • Undercover entertaining area • Single garage umr • Great location • Pets Negotiable • Available Neg

9 Ellard Street


17 Truman Street

$260.00 pw 3

bed rooms


bath rooms


car parking


A seaside escape with stunning ocean views. Big on space – big on shedding – big double allotment!

24 Hilltop Avenue



bed rooms


bath rooms


car parking


A blank canvas awaiting completion - a great opportunity to extend or add your touch. Fantastic location and loads of potential!

22 Tumut Drive



bed rooms


bath rooms


car parking


Fantastic elevated lakes location stunning city views & ultra desirable position - don’t delay - priced to sell!

• 4 bedroom renovated home • Lounge with r/c air conditoner • Kitchen/dine with r/c air conditioner, electric cooking & dishwasher • U/c patio area • Single garage & carport umr • Pets Neg • Available Now

153 North Terrace

$230.00 pw • 3 bedroom home • All with built in robes • Kitchen/dine/lounge with electric cooking & r/c air conditioner • Double garage umr • Rear courtyard area with sail • Extensive renovations throughout • No Pets • Available approx. 5/7

3 Montrose Court

37 Hayes Crescent

NEW PRICE $300.00 pw





One of the last undeveloped blocks in a popular location - breathtaking northern views - wide access and large near level allotment.


bed rooms


bath rooms


car parking


Perfect start for the first home buyer or those sizing down - picture perfect and exceptional shedding - a fantastic entertaining area, bonus study - inspect immediately - you have been warned!


bed rooms


bath rooms


car parking


A great starter home or investment. Neat and tidy throughout. Close proximity to schools and reserve. Add this to your list!


Stella Place Allotments - Starting From $59,000

2 Coral Cove, Port MacDonnell $100,000 Lot 6 Shellsea Crt, Pelican Point $115,000 Lot 101 Eight Mile Creek Road, Eight Mile Creek NEW $149,000 Lot 10 Eight Mile Creek Road, Brownes Bay NEW $165,000 63 Milstead StreeT, Port MacDonnell $179,000 Lot 7 Eight Mile Creek, Brownes Bay NEW $185,000 Lot 72 Eight Mile Creek Rd, Brownes Bay $230,000 Lot 5 Pascoe Road-Port MacDonnell $325,000 Lot 11 Cnr Bay Rd & Lower Nelson Rd, Pt MacDonnell $395,000 + GST (if applicable)

Lot 32 Stella Place 842 m2 $ 88,000 $79,000 Lot 33 Stella Place 838 m2 $ 83,000 $79,000 Lot 35 Stella Place 770 m2 $ 59,000 Lot 36 Stella Place 770 m2 $ 59,000 Lot 37 Stella Place 770 m2 $ 59,000 Lot 38 Stella Place 928 m2 $ 89,000 $85,000 Lot 39 Stella Place 1283 m2 $109,000 $99,000 Lot 42 Stella Place 977 m2 $ 89,000 $79,000 U/C Lot 43 Stella Place 990 m2 SOLD Lot 44 Stella Place 990 m2 $ 89,000 $79,000 Lot 45 Stella Place 990 m2 $ 89,000 $79,000 Lot 46 Stella Place 990 m2 $ 99,000 $95,000 Lot 47 Stella Place 945 m2 $ 99,000 $95,000 Lot 48 Stella Place 945 m2 $ 95,000 $89,000 Lot 49 Stella Place 945 m2 $ 95,000 $89,000 U/C Lot 50 Stella Place 1127 m2 SOLD • Beautiful area close to schools, shopping and reserves • Tremendous views from some allotments • Great selection of sizes and prices • Side and rear fences included • All services provided - 015

• 3 bedroom home • Main with ensuite & WI Robe • Other bedrooms with BI Robes • Open living kitchen/dine/family area with dishwasher, gas & elec cooking • Gas central heating • Single garage umr with parking space alongside & rear yard access • U/c patio area • Pets Neg • Available Now


$330.00 pw • 4 bedroom family home • Main with ensuite & WI Robe two others with BI Robes • Kitchen/dine/family area with dishwasher, elec cooking & gas wall furnace • Formal dine & sunken lounge with r/c air conditioner • U/c entertaining area • Carport umr • Includes garden & lawn maintenance • Pets negotiable • Available 3/7


• 3/268 Commercial St West

$110.00 pw • 4 Gerloff Street $165.00 pw • 4/1 Daniel Street $180.00 pw • 68 Milstead St, Port MacDonnell $180.00 pw • 2/56 Brownes Road $210.00 pw $225.00 pw • 3/184 Jubilee Highway West $220.00 pw • 49 Sturt Street • 33 Peake Street $230.00 pw • 2a Bond Street $310.00 pw • 9 Ellard Street $230.00 pw • 7/13 Allison Street $320.00 pw • 82 Bertha Street $230.00 pw • 87 Bay Road $230.00 pw • 9 Eustace Street $260.00 pw RENTALS - COMMERCIAL • 92 Gray Street $300.00 pw • Harrold Street • 153 North Terrace $300.00 pw • Cnr James Street and Bay Road • Law Street • 3 Montrose Court $330.00 pw • 96 Commercial Street East • 7 Gebhardt Close $360.00 pw • 165-167 Commercial Street East • 7 Lakewood Avenue $380.00 pw • 46 Commercial Street West • 20 Turnbull Drive $400.00 pw • 9 Ramsay Avenue • 30 Commercial St West Gebhardts Property Management I 2/14 Helen Street, Mt Gambier Ph 08 8724 8088 / Fax 08 8724 8099 Lic Agents RLA 1903 ACN 008075027

1 Hilltop Ave, Mt Gambier $420,000 - $440,000

Jason Malseed 0419 032 795

• New home • Almost finished • 5 bedrooms or 4 bedrooms plus a huge office • Big walk in butler’s pantry • Very impressive kitchen & massive cupboards • Double shower, 2 living areas & quality fittings • Low maintenance yard Jason Malseed 0419 032 795

The Meadows


• Corner of Kennedy Ave & Wireless Rd East • Affordable blocks - ready to build on by Sept 2013 • 393m2 to 840m2 - a block to suit any requirement • Close to new Mt Gambier Market Place complex, golf course & hospital • Take advantage of $15,000 state gov. construction grant plus $8,500 first home buyer grant • Offering all services with National Broadband & a safe separate bike track. • 17 allotments from $60,000 to $85,000

• • • •

20 North Terrace, Tantanoola $169,000

Jason Malseed 0419 032 795 1/59 North Tce, Mt Gambier $169,000 - $179,000


RLA 115603

Find us on Facebook

1 Wehl St South MT GAMBIER

08 8724 9999


Sue Francis 0419 844 764

OFFERS INVITED • Step inside the entertainers delight, where the outside does not reflect what’s inside • Glossy tiled open plan living, red gum wall unit with feature artwork, • Fantastic kitchen with S/S restaurant style gas cooker • Under bench lighting, sinkerator, window benched office, ducted heating, 8 person jacuzzi, etc

• Extremely neat presented solid stone home located directly across from reserve parklands in popular Tantanoola • Open kitchen with electric stove & pantry and open dining • Open to the lounge with Slow combustion, & ceiling fan

• Large central 2 bedroom unit with single car garage • Freshly painted throughout, new carpets & tiles • Heated by a wood pellet heater • Spacious kitchen & dining large linen press • Master Bedroom includes B/I/R & Private rear yard

Sue Francis 0419 844 764

Fiona Telfer 0407 976 908

Jason Malseed 0419 032 795

2A/5 Coolabah St, Mt Gambier $224,000

16 Allendale blocks S.T.C.A Power & steds available Great level block Ideal for the investor

Too good to be true..? Owner says sell…

Sue Francis 0419 844 764

11 Bellshire Place, Mt Gambier $282,000

101 Kingsley Rd, Allendale $165,000 - $170,000


• • • • • • • • •

7 Fidler Street Avail 24th July $190p/w 1 Case Street Avail 17th July $195p/w 5 & 7 Barwon Crs Avail Now $185p/w 77a Sea Parade Avail Now $450p/w 3 Eleanor Street Avail 28th June $250p/w 76 Penola Road Avail Now $260p/w 6 Heathfield Way Avail August $265p/w 3/57 Milstead St, Port Mac Avail Now $130p/wk 26 Harley St, Allendale Avail 16th July $210p/wk U1 4 Hartley St Avail 7th June $205 p/wk

98 Meylin St, Port MacDonnell $159,000

18 Howard Street, Mt Gambier $95,000

32 Cardinia St, Mt Gambier


Great Coastal getaway with views of the sea Enjoy 2 living areas Open plan dining, lounge & kitchen Enclosed rear yard great for pets Secure undercover parking for 3 cars or boats Large laundry, updated bathroom All new roofing

• Fantastic opportunity to own your own home • Stone residence set on a 604m2 allotment, very presentable, easy living and low maint. • Features 3 bedrooms, upgraded bathroom with separate toilet, combined kitchen/dining with separate lounge/living area • Rear yard access with secure fencing

• This 3 Bedroom duplex set on approx. 860m2 allotment • Close to Woolies, Chemist & Bakery and a short walk to town • Fresh paints inside & out, lovely polished floor boards & new blinds throughout • Updated kitchen with gas upright stove

Sue Francis 0419 844 764

Sue Francis 0419 844 764

REDUCED • Great unit with a decent back yard. • 2009 built, 2 bedroom unit on a 473m2 allot. • Private Community Titled development in a nice quiet part of town. • Neutral decor • Currently leased at $220p/w with a fantastic tenant.

• • • • • • •

Sue Francis 0419 844 764

Sue Francis 0419 844 764 - 016

4 Victor Street


17 Jardine Street


4 Queens Avenue



OPEN SATURDAY 11.00 - 11.30am

OPEN SATURDAY 10.15 - 10.45am

OPEN SATURDAY BY APPOINTMENT 12.00 - 3.00pm. Phone Vicki Quinn 0417 804 782.

BEST OF BOTH WORLDS Located between the Blue Lake and the main street. This Mount Gambier stone home comprises of 3 bedrooms, the main bedroom features an ensuite Plus a spacious main bathroom, ripe for renovation, with a separate toilet Light filled open plan kitchen dining with electric cook top and wall oven. Renovated lounge with gas log heating. There has been extensive renovations to the property including new floor coverings and interior paintwork.

IT’S ABOUT LOCATION Outstanding Character Home comprising of 4 bedrooms + Study Nook. Attention to Detail throughout, with ornate fireplaces, and superb polished boards. Decadent Formal Lounge with stunning mantel and gas log fire. An Entertainer’s kitchen in Redgum Timber with stainless steel gourmet cooker. Spacious dining area that spills through French doors to Superb Outdoor Entertaining Area overlooking Self Cleaning, Heated Swimming Pool.

FULL OF OLD WORLD CHARM Dolomite fronted Character home centrally located. Comprising of 4 double bedrooms. 3 with built in robes. Dedicated office and study. Formal and informal living areas. Relax with a wine in the delightful Entertainer’s kitchen featuring an island bench. Main bathroom with sep shower bath. 2nd shower and toilet. Ornate features throughout. Offering the choice of s/c heating or ducted gas heating. Single garage under the main roof with internal access plus carport. Stunning views over the rear garden and pond from the outdoor decking. Situated over 2 titles totalling approx. 2651m2. This property represents an excellent opportunity for those who adore character homes but want the hard work done.. as a repaint of the exterior, replumbing and re wiring have all been completed. An inspection of this “One of a kind” home will leave you wanting more.

16 Shaughnessy Court



3/22 Hart Street, Mount Gambier



OPEN SATURDAY 10.45 - 11.15am GREAT FAMILY HOME IN A GREAT SPOT Neat brick home located in quiet & convenient culdesac, close to city. All bedrooms with built ins & main has ensuite. Separate lounge & rumpus room. Open plan family/ dining & kitchen. Spacious timber kitchen with gas hot plates, electric oven & dishwasher. Three way main bathroom with corner spa bath. Ducted gas heating & split system a/c. Gabled pergola overlooks large & deep rear yard. Large garage with room for 2 vehicles + ample workshop area + carport.

7 Hastings Avenue


58 Cardinia Street, Mount Gambier $185,000


Two bedroom “stand alone” unit located close to the city centre. Only three units in the complex. Large open plan living with generous lounge, full kitchen & large dining area, warmed by gas heating. Kitchen with pantry, electric stove & plenty of bench space. Both bedrooms have built ins. Bathroom with separate bath & shower. Single garage UMR with auto door & internal access. Large paved pergola + private rear yard. Invest now & reside later as unit is leased until 6/12/2013 at $230 per week.

Colonial style brick home. 3 good size bedrooms. Open plan kitchen dine and family. Spacious formal lounge and dining. Walk in robe to the main bedroom. Modern kitchen with electric cooking. Large rear pergola. Centrally located in a quiet pocket of the city. Currently tenanted @ $290 per week.



4 Sim Street


SOLD Periwinkles

$195,000 WIWO including S.A.V.



Art deco style 3 bedroom home of stone construction. Cosy lounge with split system reverse cycle heating/ cooling. Open kitchen/dine with electric stove and ample cupboards. Bonus rear sunroom/studio under the main roof. Quirky features throughout. Vehicle access to rear yard and stone shed. Large allotment with ability to subdivide STCC. Currently tenanted at $210 per week

Licensed Restaurant with “sit down dining” capacity of 110. Uninterrupted views of the Southern Coast line. Showing excellent figures, reliable and team oriented staff. Standards, business procedures, database and website already in place. Flexible hours, no experience necessary. Freehold available. Enquiries welcome.



OPEN SATURDAY 10.00 - 10.30am

MODERN RURAL LIVING Simply stunning 3 to 4 bedroom home situated in Moorak. Situated on approx 2.5 acres offers state of the art living. Comprising of a home theatre room, elegant living areas, 3 double bedrooms, the main bedroom has a WIR and an opulent ensuite with double vanity and offering underfloor heating. A stainless steel cooker takes pride of place in the gourmet kitchen that features Caesar stone benchtops. Stacker doors lead from the dedicated games room with built in bar to the outdoor alfresco area. C Bus wiring throughout means the lighting, music and climate control are all automated offering energy efficiency and flexibility. Ducted Reverse cycle heating/cooling. Double garage with i/access. Separate colorbond shedding with toilet & shower measuring approx. 7.5 x 20 metres with a 3 mtre high clearance.


5 Smith Street







214 Wynham Road, Moorak

22 Ash Court

7 Shaughnessy Court

SALES Jamie Sutherland 0458 231 506 Vicki Quinn 0417 804 782

IT WILL MAKE EVERYONE HAPPY Huge four bedroom brick/ solid family home on large allotment. Bedrooms all good size with built ins. Separate lounge and office/ games room. Large kitchen and separate dining area. Updated bathroom with separate bath & shower. Massive laundry with heaps of storage. New floor coverings & floor tiles through-out. Free standing slow combustion heating & ducted air conditioning. Double carport and double garage UMR with direct access to kitchen + rear roller door.

124 North Terrace



Stunning home, designed with modern French Provincial themes. Luxurious and quality fittings through out. Four bedrooms with main featuring beautiful ensuite and huge walk in robe. Gracious formal lounge and dining room with French doors opening to private yard with established gardens. Open plan living with very well appointed kitchen and massive walk in pantry. Fourth bedroom currently utilized as studio. Third shower and toilet to service in ground pool and spa. Over 100sqm of garaging with high clearance doorways. Set on an allotment of approximately 1909sqm. Too much to describe.

3/20 Wimmera Street



4 Lumidin Boulevard


2 Regent Court



114 Jubilee Highway West


RENTALS 2/102 Wehl St - 2 bedrm unit. Lounge, kit & dining has gas heating. Kit w/ gas cooking. Large laundry. Sorry no pets. Avail Now @ $135 p/wk 3/68 Brownes Rd - 2 bedrm unit both w/ BIR’s. Kitchen w/ electric cooking. Spacious lounge. Close to Mt Gambier High School. Sorry no pets. Avail 9/7/13 @ $140 p/wk 3/113 Sturt St - 2 bedrm flat. BIR’s in main bedrm. Open plan kitch/lounge w/ elec cooking & heating. Sorry no pets. Avail 28/6/13 @ $140 p/wk 1/1 Daniel St - 2 bedrm unit. Large lounge w/ gas heating. Eat in kitchen. Small Courtyard. Sorry no pets. Avail 17/7/13 @ $160 p/wk 2 Gumbirra Crt - 3 bedrm house. Gas heating & cooking. Combined lounge/dining. Large enclosed pergola. Double garage. Pets negotiable. Avail 23/07/13 @ $200 p/wk 39 Sutton Ave - 3 bedrm home. Lounge w/ wood heating. A/C in kitchen. Electric cooking. Large 3 bay shed in rear yard. Avail 21/7/13 @ $200 p/wk 10 Wilson St - 3 bedrm home close to town. Near new kitchen w/ elec cooking + plenty of storage. Large yard + shedding. Avail 1/7/13 @ $245 p/wk

PROPERTY MANAGEMENT Emma Beare 0437 902 438


2/151 Commercial St West - 2 bedrm unit both w/ BIR’S. Kitch w/ gas cooking. Split system/c heating/cooling in dining room. Gas heating in lounge. Single garage w/ remote roller door. Sorry no pets. Avail 10/7/13 @ $250 p/wk. 13 Leumeah St - 3 bedrm home. Freshly painted & new carpet throughout. Gas heated lounge. Updated kitch/ dining area. Free standing wardrobes in bedrms. Storage & wood shed. Pets on app. Avail Now @ $250 p/wk 59 Penola Rd - 3 /4 bedroom home. BIR’s in 2 rooms. Kitchen w/ dishwasher. S/C wood heating. Single carport. Pets on app. Avail 30/7/13 @ $250 p/wk 12/151 Commercial St West - 2 storey unit. 2 upstairs bedrooms, main w/ BIR + balcony. Kitchen w/ gas cook top + walk in pantry. Dining area w/ gas heating. Single garage. Sorry no Pets. Avail 26/7/13 @ $250 p/wk. 32 Hastings Ave - 4 bedrm modern home. Main bedrm w/ WIR + ensuite. 2 bedrms w/ BIR. Kitch w/ dishwasher, wall oven and hot plates. Double remote garage UMR w/ rear yard access to single garage. Avail Now @ $320 p/wk

I Lisa Yeates 08 8725 4225


RECEPTION Rhea Penafiel 08 8725 4225

10 Commercial Street West, Mount Gambier - 017

I RLA 204710 New Price

5/22 Buronga Avenue STYLE AND POSITION

New Price






• Solid three bedroom home e high on the hill • Excellent flow and vision to the new ‘Woolies’ development • All bedrooms with BI Robes • North facing kitchen and living • Modern hostess kitchen with open plan dining & lounge • Private enclosed rear yard with detached lock up garage • Well presented spacious home e in a well regarded group

• Tastefully renovated three bedroom stone home • Immacuately presented with huge lounge featuring sn oversized bay window • Fully refi ed kitchen with pantry cupboard, dishwasher and central island • Cooktop bench & BI oven • Redecorated bathroom

PRICED AT $209,000

PRICED AT $259,500






• Watch the planes come in to land from the living room window • Enjoy the 180 degree views of the city from the large balcony • Experience the tranquility of adjoining the Lakes reserve and access to the park like acres • A two story family home that features four bedrooms

PRICED AT $169,500

PRICED AT $675,000


• Ensuite to master bedroom • Built in robes to all bedrooms • Spacious dining area adjoining the breakfast bar • Enclosed rear porch & office alcove established in the passage • Ducted reverse cycle air condi oing • New 4 car garage with remote doors • Private secure rear yard


• 3 Bedroom stone ex trust home • Great South Eastern loca on • Lounge & gas hea ng, Kitchen with dining nook • Office plus storeroom extension on the rear • Colorbond roof and aluminium windows • Two separate driveways • Spacious rear yard with access to public park




– master with ensuite and WI robes • Large modern kitchen and dining with huge pantry • Si ng room with BI bar and formal dining • Central stair case linking the downstairs family room, billiard room, office, third bathroom and three car garage, workshop and storage area • Year round comfort with a ducted reverse cycle air

27 Sunset Drive A BREATH OF FRESH AIR!




• Three bedroom brick & le home adjoining to Council Reserve • Open plan kitchen / dining / family with gas hea ng & air condi oner • BI robes to all 3 bedrooms • Fabulous 3 way bathroom with double vanity • Separate shower and bath & separate WC • Sliding door to rear pa o & private rear yard with gazebo PRICED AT $247,000





• Perfect for the ac ve family with three double bedrooms • Master with ensuite and BI robes • Open plan kitchen / dining & family rooms • Formal dining room with balustrade overlooking a sunken formal lounge • Ducted reverse cycle air condi oning • Plus s/c wood heater and portable gas heater PRICED AT $285,000

New Price

OPEN SAT 11.00 - 11.30am

Rentals 3/11 WERONA STREET $100 PER WEEK 1 bdrm flat, electric hea ng & cooking. 14 TALLARA AVENUE $185 PER WEEK 3 bdrm home, gas cooking, shower over bath, lge rear yard single carport.


67 Pinehall Avenue 2 HOMES FOR THE PRICE OF ONE


• The last allotment le in this premier loca on • An elevated building site level and landscaped ready to go • Water and power connected • A sandstone and mber retaining wall and feature works to enhance the site • New boundary fence for extra privacy • Overlooking a public reserve & playground

• A rus c, split level pine log cabin on approx 3 acres within city limits • comprising of 4 bdrms + study, 3 with BI robes, a mber kitchen with elec cooking, dishwasher & lge pantry • Master bathroom plus ensuite to main • S/C hea ng & open fireplace • Lots of sheds & 2 car garage & 2 carports

PRICED AT $99,500

PRICED AT $449,000



• Also low maintenance transportable home with 3 bdrm, 2 with BIR’s • Able to be rented out for $190 - $210 per week. • Beau fully terraced gardens • All the hard work is done

11 MONTGOMERY AVENUE $200 PER WEEK 3 bdrm home – 2 with BIR’S, garage UMR, electric cooking 55 MONTEBELLO DRIVE $262.50 PER WEEK 3 bdrm home, main with WIR & ensuite, open living, kitchen, dining, family, dishwasher, & R/C air cond, office, Carport UMR, excludes dble garage. 10/1 CARAPOOK STREET $200 PER WEEK As new – cosy 2 bdrm modern unit. BI robes in both bdrms, gas hea ng, modern kitchen – private courtyard. Single garage with remote control door & internal access. Centrally located. NO pets. U1/35 ALEXANDER STREET $105 PER WEEK 2 bedroom flat, kitchen, dining, lounge area. Toilet in bathroom. Courtyard size rear yard. NO pets

3 Gerloff Street ROOM TO MOVE




25 Hay Terrace, Kongorong TRANQUIL COUNTRY LIVING

• Large three bedroom stone family home • Main bedroom with parents retreat • Two bedrooms with BIR’s • Formal lounge room • Modern kitchen with B/Bar to dining area Huge family room with s/c wood heater Main bedroom plus 2nd shower and w.c in laundry • Double garage and pa o area

• • • • • • •

PRICED AT $259,000

PRICED AT $299,500


Situated in the town ship of Kongorong. Close to School Country P.O. and spor ng complex. Superb solid brick family residence. Three spacious bedrooms. Formal lounge and dining. Informal family playroom area. Enclosed rear entertaining area ideal for alfresco dining.



• Solid mber kitchen with BI dishwasher and pantry. • Rear pa o & double garage/workshop. • All of this with fresh neutral tones & low maintainence throughout.

UNIT 4/1 CARAPOOK STREET $110 PER WEEK Cosy 2 bdrm unit, close to centre of town, within walking distance. Laundry. Electric hot water. Carport. NO pets. 96 NORTH TERRACE $285 PER WEEK Four bdrm, main with ensuite and WIR, formal lounge and sep dining, open plan kitch/meals/ family area, mber kitchen with elec cook, s/c hea ng and gas central hea ng, split system air con, garage with rear access, watering system. Available from 23/07/2013

Phone (08) 8723 2121 55 Commercial St East, Mount Gambier John Overmaat 0417 874 286 Steve Auld 0478 144 178 Kim Cawthorne 0418 807 596 RLA 100053 - 018

Mount Gambier - 000

centre thriving opportunities. Hamilton Recycle Centre manager Peter Buck said, they were really pleased with the way the centre has taken off. “People are bringing out items they have no further use for that would have otherwise gone to landfill, which we can then sell to the public,” Mr Buck said. “We have been selling furniture, tools, household items, building materials and lots of other items.” The Hamilton Recycle Centre is open from 124pm Monday to Friday and 10am-4pm Saturday

local story

and Sunday. Residents can bring any items suitable for re-use to the new centre, but drop-off must be done within the opening hours of the centre.

LOCAL Business Southern Grampians Shire Council is encouraging business owners from across the Shire to nominate for the 2013 Powercor ACE Radio Southern Grampians Shire Business Awards. The 2013 Business Awards represent an opportunity to benchmark your business, to assess your business processes and to identify what makes your business outstanding. Southern Grampians Shire Council Mayor, Cr Albert Calvano said participating in the awards was a rewarding and educational experience for businesses. “Entry to the awards provides

award nominations open all business owners in the Shire to consider nominating for an award.” Entries for the awards close on Friday, August 16. Nominations forms are available from council’s Market Place Business Centre or from council’s website www.sthgrampians. Winners will be announced at an Awards Ceremony on Friday, September 6. For further information on the 2013 Powercor ACE Radio Southern Grampians Shire Business Awards, please contact council’s business development officer, Peter Johnson on (03)5573 0240.

each business owner the opportunity to analyse and reflect on strengths, areas of growth and those things that set their business apart from the competition,” he said. “It can also demonstrate areas which may be capable of improvement. “All entrants will receive a visit at their business premises from the judges as well as the opportunity to attend a workshop following the announcement of winners for 2013, which will address issues identified by the judge during the awards process, and offer suggestions for improvement. “I strongly encourage

2$ %


5$# g


/$1 - 020

Above - Customer Heinz de Chelard and Future Employment Opportunities employee Trevor Bell at the Hamilton Recycle Centre.


Future Employment Opportunities, a notfor-profit organisation which uses any profits from the centre to provide new employment


successful with residents in the shire. The centre, which is located at the Hamilton Landfill in Elijah Street, is operated by

+3 /$/

Southern Grampians Shire Council would like to advise that the Hamilton Recycle Centre, which opened in March this year, is proving to be extremely


LOCAL Recycling

g 6'$1$ &..#


Branding thinktank continues Southern Grampians Shire Council Mayor Cr Albert Calvano says there is a clear and demonstrated need to improve the recognition of the Hamilton region and more effectively promote it to potential new residents and investors. “The Brand Hamilton and Southern Grampians Project aims to improve our understanding of what makes this region unique and establish an economic development brand aimed at attracting new residents, jobs, investment and tourism, demonstrating council’s commitment to leading and supporting business and community objectives,” Cr Calvano said. “It is important that our regional brand is also adopted and used by businesses and local agencies in support of their own marketing strategies. The strategy therefore needs to be representative of all sectors of the economy and should trigger interest in the specific target markets including relocates and new investors. “The attributes of Hamilton and its surrounding towns were found to be very attractive to people attending the Victorian Rural Living Expo with a view to moving to rural Victoria. “The money allocated in the 2013-2014 Budget to this branding project is designed to ensure the effectiveness of the branding strategy. This financial commitment is necessary if the branding strategy is to have the desired impact. Coast region. “Greater Hamilton and the One place. Many possibilities tagline is designed to reflect the wonderful heritage and the many diverse opportunities provided for in the local economy.” Feedback regarding the Brand Hamilton and Southern Grampians Project has now closed and is being compiled to be considered by council. “All Councillors are looking forward to viewing the many submissions made on this project and thank the community for the broad range of input,”he said. Further details on the Brand Hamilton and Southern Grampians Project can be found on Council’s website www.sth


to shine for local businesses

For the third consecutive year, the National Australia Bank will be the major sponsor for the Mount Gambier Chamber of

Commerce Outstanding Business Awards.“Being the major sponsor of this year’s Outstanding Business Awards is another way that

NAB are supporting and contributing back into the local business community,” senior business banking manager, Simon O’Leary



EMPLOYMENT ISSUES Unfair Dismissal, Redundancy, Bullying, Wages Issues

said “We are very proud to be associated again this year - this is a great way of supporting and acknowledging the hard work and commitment that a great deal of business owners throughout the Mount Gambier area put into their businesses.” The sponsors of the other categories are City of Mount Gambier, District Council of Grant, Radio 5SE/ Star FM 96.1, Lifestyle1, Regional Development Australia, WIN TV and Job Prospects, who also happen to be in their third year of sponsoring the Employee of the Year award. “The awards showcase the success and excellence



5 Gwendoline Street Mount Gambier

8723 4000 Offices across metro Adelaide and regional SA

in business that we have in Mount Gambier,” said Mount Gambier Chamber of Commerce president Lynette Martin. “They reward those businesses for the hard work they put in year in and year out.” Nomination forms are available online and at various outlets throughout the city. Nominations close August 9. The gala presentation dinner is on Friday, September 20, at the Barn. The awards were launched at the chamber’s last breakfast meeting. By Alex Bond Below - NAB representative Simon

LOCAL Rave reviews for winter solstice fun run

An enthusiastic field of 171 runners and walkers charged up hills, across the sand, around the lagoon and past lighthouses for the inaugural winter solstice fun run earlier this month, with a strong crowd, vibrant atmosphere and compliments galore reflecting the event’s resounding success. Portland Runners Club organisers said the number of participants and the extremely positive response surpassed all expectations, with many competitors subsequently contacting the committee to deliver high praise and congratulations on such a successful event,” club spokesman Tony Curran said. “We wanted to meet the local demand for a winter running event, and it snowballed from there - we were thrilled with the outcome - the weather was perfect, the courses were challenging, and the atmosphere was wonderful.”

Christmas In July - 022

Centering around Portland’s Ploughed Field, the day incorporated 5km, 9km and 14.5km running and walking events, plus the highly popular 1km children’s dash with more than 60 young participants. Giveaways, hot food and drink stalls, and a free jumping castle added to the festivities and generated a buzz within the town. There was an influx of out-of-town runners for the event, with people travelling from Geelong, Ballarat, Hamilton, Warrnambool and Mount Gambier to join in the action, including Warrnambool couple Kristian McCartney and Ella Gill, who took out male and female first place in the feature ‘lighthouse-tolighthouse’ 14.5km event. “The course was incredible, and the atmosphere was amazing,” Ms Gill said. “The organisers and volunteers were so friendly, which really makes a race special. This was by far the best race I have run, and we look forward to returning next year.” Ms Gill’s sentiments were echoed in the many emails sent to the running club in the days following the event. “We have been blown away by the feedback from participants, and we hope to make it an annual event,” Mr Curran said. “It would not have been possible without strong volunteer assistance, an enthusiastic planning committee, the support of the wider community, and assistance from a number of local businesses.” The Portland Runners Club continues to meet on Wednesday and Friday evenings, and Sunday mornings, for recreational running, and warmly welcomes new members. The committee will now turn its focus to organising the popular 3 Bays Marathon in November, which will this year celebrate its 30th year. For more information on the Portland Runners Club, or the upcoming 3 Bays Marathon in November please contact Tony Curran on 0417 132 052.

• Spray painting • Panel beating • Painters of cars, tractors trucks, kitchens & furniture







With only highly qualified tradesmen on site, we can handle any type of motor vehicle from minor scratches and rust repairs, up to major collision damage.




Our team of expert spray painters are fully qualified in colour matching and spray painting cars. We use only the highest quality paints. The spray painting process all occurs in our oven bake spray painting booth. We take great pride in ensuring that every job is perfectly colour matched and spray painted.

NO JOB TOO SMALL 10 Millard Street, Mount Gambier Phone 0433 323 720 or 8723 2530 email - 023

LOCAL Experience The final bricks are being laid as St Martins Lutheran College students Alice Telford, Jessie Haynes, Abby Hepburn and Zoey Lidner prepare for their

of a lifetime for student volunteers

overseas mission trip to Cambodia as a part of the ‘Habitat for Humanity’ organisation. These four students, along with chaplain Jason Buckland

departed Adelaide on Tuesday, to join students and staff from the other Lutheran secondary schools in South Australia as a part of the larger build

team. The team is aiming to build four houses in Phnom Penh over a period of five days, working side by side with the soon to be owners of the houses, in order for the owners to feel proud of their contribution to their house. “A hand up, not a hand out” is one of the principles Habitat for Humanity stands by. The students will be making the bricks from scratch, building the house up to roofing stage and preparing the ground for the floor to go on. On the days that the students aren’t building they will spend time sightseeing in various different places.

“The Western Tavern is committed to ensuring responsible service and promotion of alcohol & gambling in our venue” - 024

As well as paying $2800 each to cover the costs of the trip, together the students also had to raise almost $5000 to cover the costs of materials needed to build the houses. Through various fundraisers the students have managed to raise $3000 of the total required. Their final fundraiser before they headed off was the “Buy a Brick for Cambodia” campaign. Each class at St Martins has been asked to pool together some money in order to support the girls with their funds and ‘buy a brick’. Mr Buckland said the point of going

to Cambodia isn’t just to see how differently people live compared to people in Australia and think about appreciating what we have. “It is to see their needs and do something to help them out and benefit them,” Mr Buckland said. Donations are still accepted and can be made by contacting the college. By Alex Bond Below - Abby Hepburn, Jason Buckland, Jessie Haynes, Zoey Lindner and Alice Telford.

local story

Search for GPs continues Country Health SA (CHSA) has begun recruiting for two fulltime GPs at the Penola Medical Clinic. The doctors will provide GP services at the clinic as well as emergency and inpatient services at Penola War Memorial Hospital. It comes after an extensive expression of interest (EOI) process did not result in the transfer of the clinic into private hands. CHSA’s South East regional director Jayne Downs said experienced locum doctors will continue to provide GP, emergency and inpatient services while the GP recruitment process is on-going. “We’re disappointed that the EOI process has not resulted in the clinic becoming run privately by a rural practice,” she said. “I would like to thank the interested parties for their interest and the time spent in preparation, visits and discussion. “I would also like to thank the Rural Doctors Workforce Agency (RDWA) for their management of the expression of interest process. “CHSA remains committed to ensuring that the Penola Medical Clinic continues to meet the needs of the community and recruitment has begun for two new resident GPs.” CHSA remains open to revisiting the option of private ownership of the clinic in the future. The majority of GP practices in South Australia are privately run and hold a contract to provide services to hospitals for inpatient and emergency services. The RDWA is managing the recruitment process for the two GPs.


navy, black & red


navy & black


black & cocoa


black & red

Ladies & Mens 80 Smith Street Naracoorte SA 5271

3/2A Mitchell Street Mount Gambier SA 5290

Ph 08

Ph 08

8762 3726

8725 2574


making life better - celebrating ability FEAUTRE I IDPwD International Day of People with Disability (IDPwD) is a dedicated day to place a greater emphasis on the abilities and achievements of people living with disability. Individuals and organisations throughout the country are encouraged to celebrate the day, which is held on December 3. IDPwD is unique among community awareness days, as it unites disability organisations, businesses, federal, State and local governments and the community. The day is a collaborative effort to celebrate and acknowledge the experience and expertise

coming events July 5 - 20 Beachport Lions Club Salmon Fishing Competition The annual Beachport Lions Club Salmon Fishing Competition is held at the picturesque Beachport Salmon Hole. This event runs for the two weeks of the South Australian school holidays giving everybody the opportunity to try beach salmon fishing.. A great activity during the school holidays with more than $1000 worth of prizes up for grabs. Entry fees apply and registration/entry forms are available from Blupod at the Jetty Shop. Daily weigh in is at the Beachport Hotel between 11am and 7pm.

Patron announced of people with disability. IDPwD is an opportunity to celebrate the contributions people with disability make every day to their communities; make a positive contribution to the lives of four million of Australians with disability. The overarching UN theme for IDPwD in 2013 is “It’s time to break barriers and open doors: to realise an inclusive society for all”. The Minister for Disability Reform Jenny Macklin, and the Parliamentary Secretary for Disabilities and Carers Amanda Rishworth have announced the 2013 International Day of People with Disability

Patron – Professor Ron McCallum AO (pictured below). Emeritus Professor Ron McCallum AO was the foundation Blake Dawson Waldron Professor in Industrial Law in the Faculty of Law of the University of Sydney. He took up this position in January 1993 and retired from it on 30 September 2007. Ron is the first totally blind person to have been appointed to a full professorship in any field at any university in Australia or New Zealand. He served as Dean of the University of Sydney Law School from 2002 to 2007. Ron is now a Professor Emeritus in the Faculty of Law of the University of Sydney. Professor McCallum is an inaugural member and a Vice-Chair of the United Nations Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. The primary function of this Committee is to monitor the implementation of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. In 2002 Ron was awarded a Centenary Medal for his role as a

labour law scholar and for his role as a disabled citizen in our nation. In the 2006 Queen’s Birthday honours list, Ron received the designation of Officer in the Order of Australia for his services to tertiary education, for industrial relations advice to governments, for assistance to visually impaired persons and for social justice. In January 2011, the Prime Minister, the Hon Julia Gillard, designated Professor McCallum as Senior Australian for the Year 2011. Ron is married to Professor Mary Crock and they have one daughter and two sons. The Australian Government has been supporting IDPwD since 1996 and provides funds to promote and raise awareness of the Day around Australia and its associated events such as the National Disability Awards. It is important to continue to build on the reform momentum from 2011 and 2012 to continue to raise awareness on the rights of people with disability.

The Brain Injury Network or South Austraila Inc. (BINSA) as the peak body in SA representing those affected by an aquired brain injury (ABI), provides state wide representation, advocacy and rehabilitation programs, external merits review support and ABI related information to anyone who is impacted by an ABI. SEABIN the South East Acquired Brain Injury Network has been developed with the support of local organisations such as Para Quad SA and the South Eastern Community Health Service with the aim of increasing awareness surrounding local issues effecting those with ABI, sharing information and learning more about available resources and support within the region.

R Jays Wheelchair Access Transport for the aged and disabled

If you or someone you know has an ABI, if you are a service provider or have an interest in becoming involved in supporting SEABIN through fundraising or perhaps volunteering activities - we would like to invite and encourage you to

attend the next SEABIN meeting on Thursday, July 18 from 9.30am – 11.30am at The College Room, Institute Building Main Corner Complex, 1 Bay Road, Mount Gambier. For more information or to confirm your attendance please contact Catherine or Kelly at BINSA on 1300 733 049 (local call cost)

Brain Injury Network of South Australia Inc. (BINSA)

70 Light Square, Adelaide S.A. P: 08 8217 7600 | - 027

Servicing the SE of South Australia & SW Victoria

Phone Terie, Bob or Chris 0438 234 741

A reliable alternative

making life better - celebrating ability ADVERTORIAL I SOUTH EAST DISABILITY ADVOCACY SERVICE

Celebrating six years of lending a helping hand Back in December 2007 the South East Disability Advocacy Service (SEDAS) was officially launched, it was the culmination of the desire of the management and board of MALSSA Inc to have a local disability advocate service in the South East. SEDAS has been serving the people of Mount Gambier and the Limestone Coast for almost six years. In these years it has proven that such a service as this is very important to people with disability who so frequently find they are not listened to or understood. The daily struggle is enough for most of us but those with disability find it even more frustrating and sometimes even impossible to live a full and productive life. SEDAS works hard to

make sure people with disability have a voice, are understood and their rights respected. In the past five years they have dealt with a wide range of issues from abuse, access to services and support with referral and information. SEDAS has also supported the community with the IDoPWD day on

December 3, with workshops to inform both clients and service providers. Finally they have been an independent support for services that need an advocate to allow them to achieve the level of service quality they have set for themselves.SEDAS has been growing ever since it started

in 2007, you can visit them online at, on Facebook at South East Disability Advocacy Service, or pick up the phone and call us on (08)8723 6002, they are open five days a week from 9am to 5pm so please contact us to make an appointment.

Full range of mobility and specialty equipment come’n’try Square Dancing is Fun - Come and Try - Allabout Squares Dance Club We are inviting new dancers to come and try Square Dancing in July. We meet at Glenburnie Hall, Casterton Road on Saturday evenings starting at 7.30pm. More than two hours of entertainment from a live caller is provided followed by a delicious supper. Nominal cost.


Fax: 08 8723 0227 120 Penola Rd. Mount Gambier (in se batteries building) Email: - 028

No experience necessary. Please call Andrea on 0417 509 144.

WHAT IS DISABILITY ADVOCACY? People with a disability have the same rights (and responsibilities) as people who do-not have a disability. The core purpose of advocacy is to ensure that people with a disability realise these rights in practice by advocating with and for them. SEDAS helps people of all ages with any type of disability or mental illness get fair treatment in Mount Gambier and Limestone coast area An advocate can provide individual advocacy and help get fair treatment: • • • •

from government departments, disability services, other services and businesses; at work, university, school or TAFE; with accommodation, transport and access; With legal, healthcare or money issues.

Call SEDAS 08 87 23 6002 (Mon – Friday 9am – 5 pm) Or E-mail Visit us on the web

making life better - celebrating ability Helping you maintain your independence and making life easier

ADVERTORIAL I HOMECARE PLUS HOMECARE PLUS is a not for profit organisation which supports the disability and aged care sectors. They have several regional offices throughout South Australia, with the head office located in Adelaide. They are a division of the Paraplegic and Quadriplegic Association of SA Inc. with a long standing history and reputation of providing high quality services and care. Their aim is to assist individuals in maintaining their independence and achieving their life’s goals. HOMECARE PLUS understands that through life’s journey due to unforeseen circumstances, individuals and their families quite often require assistance, when illness occurs. HOMECARE PLUS is always, there to make life’s journey the best journey it can be. They have a wide range of specialist equipment available to provide comfort, assistance and improve life’s enjoyment. These items range from

the very small products like useful gadgets, to large items like recliners, beds, chairs and those ever so handy items to help you get around the home and community. Visit the Ripley Arcade store, or phone them on (08)8723 3788, to discuss your needs with

our friendly staff in a confidential and respectful manner today. They are easily accessible, from James Street car park, with disability parking available. An added bonus to their service is that we can arrange delivery of items throughout the Limestone Coast region

with reliable and affordable courier services, so if you live out of town, you are not forgotten. So for the very small or a very large item, to make life that little bit easier, see the staff at HOMECARE PLUS.

Large range of home living aids coming events JULY 13

Over Armchair Table




Naracoorte Historic Vehicle Club Market Day. Local produce, Homemade Goods, Craftwares, Bric-ABrac, BBQ/Sausage sizzle. Historic Vehicle Display Open.

High back Utility Chair

CPAP Products

Handy Bar

Shower Chair




08 8723 3788 - 030

Sheep’s Back Museum Complex, MacDonnell Street, Naracoorte. For more information phone Betty on (08)8762 1363

With 103 come out on top of the JULY 1-3online Naracoorte Working SheepTripadvisor Dog Association reviews generated rankings. and to interstate in the Naracoorte Championship Sheep dog byLocal guests the dogs competing Rated 4.5 stars out Trials,Flagstaff Dogs in action Naracoorte region Hill form 8am of 5daily. it places the Show Grounds. For moreVillage information Allan 08)8762 3553 Maritime hasphoneWarrnambool attraction

reality tv

Test your knowledge 1. What are the names of all the Kardashian/ Jenner’s? 2. What is the Kardashian’s mum’s name? 3. What are the names of Kourtney Kardashian’s children? 4. When is Kendall Jenner’s birthday? 5. What is the name of Kim Kardashian’s ex husband? 6. Who is the youngest Kardashian/Jenner? 7. Who is the oldest Kardashian/ Jenner? 8. Who is Kim Kardashian currently dating? 9. How old is Khloe Kardashian? 10.Who is Kourtney Kardashian’s partner? 11.What is the name of Khloe Kardashian’s husband’s name? 12.What is the name of the reality TV show that the Kardashians/Jenner’s star in? 13.What is the name of Kim Kardashian’s child? 14.When is Kylie Jenner’s birthday? 15.What is the name of the song by Kim Kardashian? 16.What is the name of the Kardashians Fashion line? 17.What is the name of the Kardashian’s dad?’ 18.What TV show was Robert Kardashian Jr. on? 19.Who is Kris Jenner’s current partner? 20.Where do the Kardashian’s live? Answers 1.The Kardashians are Kim, Khloe, Kourtney and Robert. The Jenners are Kendall and Kylie - they married into the Kardashian family; 2.Kris Jenner; 3.Mason Dash Disick & Penelope Scotland Disick; 4.November 3,1995; 5.Kris Humphries; 6.Kylie Jenner; 7.Kourtney; 8. Kanye West. 9.Khloe is 29; 10.Scott Disick; 11.Lamar Odom; 12.Keeping up with the Kardashians; 13.North West; 14.August 10; 15.Jam; 16.Kardashian Kollection; 17.Robert Kardashian.; 18.Rob was on ‘Dancing with the Stars.; 19.Bruce Jenner; 20.Los Angeles, California.

working dogs in action - 031


Celebrating indigenous achievement NAIDOC is an important time for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities to come together to celebrate and be proud of who they are, of the culture, lives and achievements. This year’s NAIDOC theme is - We Value the Vision: Yirrkala bark petitions 1963. The petitions protested the Commonwealth’s granting of mining rights on land excised from Arnhem Land reserve and sought the recognition by the Australian Parliament of the Yolngu peoples traditional rights and ownership of their lands. The foresight, strength and determination of the Yolngu people who’s Bark Petitions set into motion a long

process of legislative and constitutional reforms for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people is strongly valued in the indigenous community. Burrandies Aboriginal Corporation would like to formally invite the public to attend their flag raising event on Monday, July 8, to celebrate and welcome the start of NAIDOC week. This event will take place at the Cave Gardens commencing

at 11.30am. Following the flag raising, Burrandies will host a barbeque lunch with entertainment, face painting and storytelling at the Mount Gambier Library. NAIDOC week is vital to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities to show how proud they are of their culture and to stand up and be seen as a part of the community.

SCHEDULE OF ACTIVITIES 11.30am - Flag raising and Welcome to Country; 12pm - South East NAIDOC Awards presentation; 12.30pm - FREE BBQ Lunch 12.30-1:30pm and 2-pm Aboriginal face painting; 1-1.30pm and 2.30-3pm Warren Milera; 1-2pm Aboriginal storytelling at the Library; 3pm - Finish

N AIDOC NAI D OC WEEK WE E K 7th - 14th July 2013 Burrandies Burrandies Aboriginal Aboriginal Corporation Corporation Monday Monday 8th 8th July July at at the the Cave Cave Gardens Gardens

• Flag Raising • Entertainment • Story Telling • Free BBQ Lunch • Face Painting Starting at 11.30am


Millicent Library comes of age as entries for the photographic

competition open The Millicent Library is celebrating 21 years in its current premises, where

it has become a vital community hub, playing a key role in developing and

enabling lifelong learning opportunities for all ages and all members of the

community, access to meeting rooms, programs and diverse collections and resources. The library is recognised for innovation, particularly in information technology: addressing the digital divide and building digital literacy through the provision of a suite of computers, resources, training and technology, highlighted by being an early adopter of the State One Card system, enabling the community and members access to the State’s Collections, online and in real time, delivered to the library and the arrival highlighted by the receival of a text or SMS. Last week, Millicent Library was the only regional South Australian library to become an eSmart library, which will give Millicent and the surrounding communities the opportunity to experience the social and economic benefits of new communication technologies whilst making the online library experience more inclusive and safer for everyone “Many sectors of the community rely on their community library to use technology as they don’t have access to it in their own homes,” library manager Janice Nitschke said. “We are also recognised for developing collections to support community projects,

key community interests and promotions.” The library adjoins an outstanding local history collection, with some 32,000 digitised items and an extensive print collection representative of local and regional history and key photographic collections representing the social history of the region. The library is also home to an outstanding Art Gallery which provides access to cultural and arts opportunities for the community, representing local artists and travelling exhibitions - regional, State and national. The Wattle Range Photographic Exhibition is one of the key upcoming events in the Millicent Art Gallery

and entries are now open with the opening night on August 23. Photographers are encouraged to look for that photograph which encapsulates the ethos of Wattle Range - Diversity from Coast to Border - or to take the camera and have a look at taking that prizewinning photograph. People, Places, Product & Performance is the theme, with photographers challenged to capture the essence, style and vibrancy of the Wattle Range pegion. Open for photographs taken in the past two years, last year there were almost 170 photographs and judge Marcus Jones from award winning Mount Gambier multimedia business

FEDCREATIVE commented that it was exciting to see new people entering, with many different ideas, as well as the regular entrants – many of whom found different items and locations to photograph. “The outstanding standard and quality of the photography makes me pleased to be able to judge such calibre and quality,” Mr Jones said. “It takes many hours of debating and consideration and having attended every year I have watched the growth of the exhibition.” Entries for the Wattle Range Photographic Competition close on August 17.

school holiday entertainment

JULY 9,12, 16 & 19 Millicent Public Library School Holiday Program Join us for some Holiday Fun at the Millicent Public Library on Fridays. Exciting school holiday activities include storytelling, arts, crafts, books, bead making, fun food and more. Children will have a great time, and it will be a fun-filled morning for all. For more details call (08)8733 0903 or log onto the Wattle Range Council website. - 032

rural life RURAL LIFE I COWS CREATE CAREERS For nine years, Dairy Australia has successfully worked with thousands of young Australian students, teachers, farmers, industry advocates and communities through its investment into a unique national program called Cows Create Careers “What was needed was a program that could grab young people’s attention at many learning levels and somehow showcase the profile and diversity of careers in the dairy industry,” said Ms Lloyd. “We found bringing calves into schools is a great way to engage students - they simply have great fun studying and love physically interacting with them.” Cows Create Careers is designed to demonstrate the relationships between key learning areas in school, educational and vocational pathways, and real life professional, competitively paid dairy careers. It runs as a six week project in each participating school, and provides two sets of curriculum material for junior years 7 and 8 and senior years 9 to 11. There are seven schools in Limestone coast including Grant

High School, Kingston Community School, Kongorong Primary School, Lucindale Area School, Millicent High School, Mount Gambier High School, Tenison Woods College. A presentation and awards day earlier this month at the Mount Gambier Golf Club. Junior Presentation FIRST PRIZE GRANT HIGH SCHOOL - LEGENDAIRY MOOSCATEERS Hahna Little; Ziggy FinnisHare; Choe Harding; Hayleigh Colotti and Samara Johnson. SECOND PRIZE GRANT HIGH SCHOOL - POWER COWS Erin Stevens; Kelsea Fox; Shaye Morton; Kaitlyn Horrigan and Jade Lee. THIRD PRIZE GRANT HIGH SCHOOL MOOS LIKE JAGGER Huston Sakkers; Kirby Hillyer; Stephen Just and Jonny Cooper. WINNING SCHOOL JUNIOR GRANT HIGH SCHOOL (pictured top right) Senior Presentation FIRST PRIZE MOUNT GAMBIER HIGH

Award winners announced

SCHOOL - THE FARMOOS Amie Walter; Abbey Meinck; Megan Lawson; Mikaela Horrigan and Jenna Burston. SECOND PRIZE LUCINDALE AREA SCHOOL - QUESTION MARKS Carly Graetz; Zali Simpson; Tyron Vickers; Olivia

Rabbit or Fox Problems? No poisons or ripping required.

Roadside Assistance 13 11 11

• Chainsaws • Ride-on mowers • Lawn & garden equipment • 40 ton logsplitters • Sales • Service • Parts • Trade ins • Stocking major quality brands • Vehicle servicing/ mechanical repairs, (all types, makes & models)

12 Stuckey Street, MILLICENT P: 08 8733 2171 M: 0408 838 741 E:

Using concussive force the target animal is instantly and humanely eliminated plus collapsing of the tunnel system.

Servicing the South East of South Australia and South West Victoria.

Phone Fraser on

08 8734 3001 A.H. (Best number) or 0427 711 098 - 034

Rayner and Patrick Elyward. THIRD PRIZE KINGSTON COMMUNITY SCHOOL - CALVES R US Amelia Drabsch; Leah Werner; Rebecca Murphy and Samantha Zadow. WINNING SCHOOL SENIOR KINGSTON COMMUNITY SCHOOL (pictured above - bottom)


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)5(( +HDULQJ 7HVWV 6HUYLFLQJ WKH KDUG RI KHDULQJ FRPPXQLW\ RI 6RXWK $XVWUDOLD IRU RYHU \HDUV Hearing loss creeps up on us quite slowly and in most instances is not noticed even by our close family members. We recommend a hearing test to set your mind at ease. There is enough stress in our lives so let us help with this one and arrange a FREE hearing test at any of our clinics.


Dynamo: Magician Impossible

*Conditions Apply

1300 906 456

Consulting at over 60 clinics - 035

Thursday, 9.15pm Dynamo takes his magic to the streets and incorporates incredible illusion and amazing sleight of hand. Dynamo’s brand of 21st century magic is truly for everyone.


SEVEN SA TEN SA WIN SA ABC 1 6.00 Bubble Guppies 6.00 Fish Hooks 6.00 Life Today With James 6.00 rage 6.30 Children’s 6.30 Dora The Explorer 6.30 Jake And The Never Robinson 6.30 Hillsong 7.00 Programs 9.00 Insiders 10.00 7.00 Weekend Today Land Pirates Totally Wild 8.00 Handle With Inside Business 10.30 Offsiders 7.00 Weekend Sunrise Care 9.00 Good Chef Bad Chef 10.00 Financial Review Sunday 11.00 Asia Pacific Focus 11.30 10.00 AFL Game Day 10.00 The Bolt Report 10.30 10.30 Wide World of Sports Songs of Praise 12.00 Landline 11.30 T.B.A. Meet The Press 11.30 The 11.30 The Footy Show (AFL) 1.00 Gardening Australia 2.30 Footy Flashbacks Doctors 12.30 T.B.A. 3.30 Bondi 1.00 Motorway Patrol 1.30 Annabel Langbein 2.00 4.00 2013 AFL Season Boys Big Adventure In The 1.30 The Afternoon Movie Shamwari: A Wild Life 2.30 Essendon V Port Tropics 4.00 The Bolt Report Meerkat Manor 3.05 Cape of A Big Hand For The Adelaide 4.30 Meet The Press 5.00 Good Voices 4.00 The French Little Lady (G) 7.00 Sunday Night TEN News Connection 4.30 The Book 3.30 House Husbands 8.00 Border Security Club 5.00 Wallace And Gromit’s 4.30 Building Ideas 6.00 The Simpsons 8.30 A Place To Call Home 6.30 Modern Family World of Invention 5.35 South 5.00 News: First At Five 9.30 Endeavour (M) 5.30 South Aussie With Cosi Pacific: Ocean of Islands 6.30 7.30 MasterChef Aust. 11.30 Wimbledon 2013 Compass 7.00 ABC News 8.30 Elementary (M) 6.00 National News Men’s Singles Final 7.30 Dream Build 7.40 Grand 9.30 Graham Norton Show 6.30 The Block Sky High 3.30 V8 Supercar H/Lights 10.30 Last Man Standing Designs 8.30 The Time Of 7.30 60 Minutes Townsville 400 11.30 2013 F1 Grand Prix: 8.30 House Husbands (PG) Our Lives 9.25 The Years That 4.30 That ‘70’s Show Made Us 10.25 Grayson Perry German Grand Prix 9.30 The Mentalist 5.00 Sunrise Extra & The Tomb of The Unknown 2.00 Home Shopping 10.30 CSI: Miami (M) 5.30 Seven Early News Craftsman 11.25 Paul Smith 5.00 Life Today 11.30 The Block Sky High 7 MATE 9.00 Home Shopping 9.30 ELEVEN 12.30 So You Think You ONE HD 1.00 Golf Getaway 1.30 Project Xtreme 10.00 Treasure Divers Can Dance - Encore 2.30 Neighbours Omnisport 2.00 Lions Tour of Australia 11.00 Big! 12.00 Style In Steel 12.30 - Special Encore Presentation 5.00 4.00 Black Gold 5.00 What’s Up Down Seven’s V8 Supercars: Townsville 400 Merlin 6.00 Sabrina 6.30 Everybody Under 5.30 I Fish 6.00 M*A*S*H 6.30 5.30 Mythbusters 6.30 T.B.A. 12.00 Loves Raymond 7.30 The Simpsons 8.00 Megafactories 7.30 Extreme Fishing 8.30 Punk’d 12.30 The Take 1.30 Deadliest Futurama 8.30 Movie: Stardust (PG) Movie: Crazy Heart (M) 10.50 Movie: Get Warrior 2.30 Treasure Divers 11.05 Wilfred 11.35 The Office Rich Or Die Tryin (AV15+)

SBS ONE PRIME SC TEN WIN VIC 6.00 Home Shopping 5.00 World Watch 6.00 Creflo Dollar Ministries 6.00 Bubble Guppies 7.30 Tour de France Update 7.00 Weekend Sunrise 6.30 Hillsong 7.00 Totally Wild 6.30 Dora The Explorer 10.00 AFL Game Day 8.00 Handle With Care 9.00 7.00 Weekend Today 8.05 World Watch 11.30 T.B.A. Good Chef Bad Chef 10.00 The 10.00 Financial Review Sunday 1.00 Al Jazeera News 1.30 Footy Flashbacks Bolt Report 10.30 Meet The 1.30 Living Black 10.30 Wide World of Sports 3.00 2013 AFL Season Press 11.30 The Living Room 2.00 Speedweek 11.30 The Footy Show (AFL) Fremantle V Encore 12.30 T.B.A. 3.30 Bondi 1.00 TAC Cup: Future Stars 4.00 2013 World Superbike St Kilda Boys Big Adventure In The Championship 2.00 The Afternoon Movie 6.00 Seven News Tropics 4.00 The Bolt Report 4.30 FIFA Futbol Mundial A Big Hand For The 6.30 Sunday Night 4.30 Meet The Press 5.00 5.00 Bigger Better Faster Little Lady (G) 7.30 Border Security TEN News Stronger 4.00 House Husbands Australia’s Front Line 6.00 Tour de France H/Lights 5.00 News: First At Five 6.00 The Simpsons 8.30 A Place To Call Home 6.30 Modern Family 5.30 Customs 6.30 World News Australia 7.30 Lost Worlds: A History 9.30 Endeavour (M) 7.30 MasterChef Aust. 6.00 National News 11.30 Wimbledon 2013 of Celtic Britain: Age 8.30 Elementary (M) 6.30 The Block Sky High Men’s Singles Final of Invasion 9.30 2013 Formula 1 7.30 60 Minutes 4.00 V8 Supercar H/Lights 8.30 The Observer Effect German Grand Prix 8.30 House Husbands (PG) 5.00 Home Shopping 9.30 Tour de France 2013 (Live) 9.30 The Mentalist 5.30 Seven Early News Stage 9 (Live) Saint12.00 48 Hours 10.30 CSI: Miami (M) with Natalie Barr Girons to Bagneres1.00 Infomercial 11.30 The Block Sky High and Mark Beretta de-bigorre (165 km) 3.00 Home Shopping 12.30 Rugby: Bulldogs v Knights GO 12.30 Power Rangers Super GEM 11.20 Movie: The Count of Monte 7 TWO 1.15 Chefs: Put Your Money Samurai 1.30 TV Home Shopping 2.00 Cristo (PG) 1.30 Getaway 2.00 Sunday Where Your Mouth Is 2.15 Home And 2013 Action Sports Games 2.30 Engaged Footy Show (NRL) 4.00 NRL: Bulldogs Away Catch-Up 4.30 Movie: Carry On & Underage 3.00 The Block Sky High V Knights 6.00 Send In The Dogs 6.30 Doctor (PG) 6.30 Once Upon A Time 7.30 6.00 Movie: Dennis The Menace (PG) Antiques Roadshow 7.30 Journey To The Vicar of Dibley 8.30 Escape To The 8.00 The Middle 8.30 The Big Bang The Centre of the Planet 8.30 Movie: Country 10.30 Wimbledon 2013 11.30 V8 Theory 9.30 Movie: Ransom (AV) Defiance (M) 11.15 The Closer Supercars: Townsville 400


SEVEN SA TEN SA WIN SA ABC 1 6.00 Today 6.00 Sunrise 8.00 Entertainment Tonight 6.00 ABC News Breakfast 9.30 9.00 Mornings 9.00 The Morning Show 8.30 OMG! Insider 9.00 Bold Business Today 10.00 Cooking 11.00 National News 11.30 Seven News & The Beautiful 9.30 Huey’s The World 11.00 Landline 12.00 12.00 Ellen Degeneres Show Midday Report 12.30 Midsomer 12.00 The Midday Movie Kitchen 10.00 Reef Doctors Confessions of A 11.00 Masterchef Encore 12.00 1.00 Sea Patrol Murders 2.00 Nothing Rhymes Shopaholic Dr Phil 1.00 The Doctors 2.00 With Ngapartji 3.00 Children’s 2.00 The Block Sky High 2.00 Dr Oz Ready Steady Cook 3.00 Judge 3.00 National News Now Programs 5.30 ABC News: 3.00 The Daily Edition Judy 3.30 Everyday Gourmet Early 4.00 Alive And Cooking 4.30 Seven News at 4.30 4.00 Totally Wild 4.30 Bold & 4.30 National News 6.00 Breathing Fire 5.30 Deal Or No Deal The Beautiful 5.30 Hot Seat 7.00 ABC News 6.00 Seven News 6.00 National News 7.30 7.30 (SA) 5.00 TEN News 6.30 Today Tonight 6.30 A Current Affair 8.00 Australian Story 6.00 The Simpsons 7.00 Home And Away 7.00 The Block Sky High 8.30 Four Corners 6.30 The Project 8.00 T.B.A. 8.00 Hamish & Andy’s Gap 9.20 Media Watch 7.30 MasterChef Aust. 10.30 Travel Unravelled Year Asia 9.35 Q&A 8.30 Wanted 11.00 Up All Night 9.00 T.B.A. 10.35 Lateline 9.30 The Americans 12.00 Celebrity Juice 10.30 Footy Classified 11.10 The Business 10.30 TEN Late News 1.00 Home Shopping 11.30 Extra 11.35 Dalziel And Pascoe 11.15 The Project Encore 3.30 Sons & Daughters 12.00 National News Late 1.10 Movie: Sunset 12.00 The Late Show 4.00 NBC Today 12.30 A Current Affair Boulevard (PG) 1.00 Home Shopping 5.00 Sunrise Extra 1.00 The Block Sky High 3.30 Rugby: Shute Shield 5.00 Life Today 7 MATE 1.00 V8 Supercars: ELEVEN 1.00 JAG 2.00 Judging ONE HD 2.00 Fear Factor 4.00 Townsville 400 3.30 Motor Mate 4.30 Amy 3.00 Infomercial 3.30 Cheers 4.00 Megafactories 5.00 ET’s Fishing Classics Dream Car Garage 5.30 Take It All 6.30 The King of Queens 4.30 Laverne & 5.30 I Fish 6.00 M*A*S*H 6.30 Get Smart Seinfeld 7.30 Ultimate Factories 8.30 Shirley 5.00 Happy Days 5.30 The Brady 7.00 Cops 7.30 Diamond Divers 8.30 Pawn Stars 9.30 American Restoration Bunch 6.00 Sabrina 6.30 Neighbours Movie: The Truman Show (PG) 10.35 10.30 American Pickers 11.30 Bid 7.00 Raymond 8.00 Raising Hope 8.30 2013 Formula 1 Grand Prix: German America 12.00 30 Rock Torchwood 9.30 Dexter Grand Prix 1.05 Monster Jam

SBS ONE PRIME SC TEN WIN VIC 5.00 World Watch 6.00 Sunrise 8.00 Entertainment Tonight 6.00 Today 7.30 Tour de France Update 9.00 The Morning Show 8.30 OMG! Insider 9.00 Bold 9.00 Mornings 11.30 Seven News & The Beautiful 9.30 Huey’s 11.00 National News 8.05 World Watch 12.00 The Midday Movie Kitchen 10.00 Reef Doctors 12.00 Ellen Degeneres Show 1.00 Idina Menzel Live Confessions of A 11.00 Masterchef Encore 12.00 1.00 Sea Patrol 2.40 The Speed Of The Shopaholic (PG) Dr Phil 1.00 The Doctors 2.00 Past 2.00 The Block Sky High 2.00 Dr Oz Ready Steady Cook 3.00 Judge 3.00 National News Now 3.00 France 24 News 3.00 The Daily Edition Judy 3.30 Everyday Gourmet 3.30 Al Jazeera News 4.00 Alive And Cooking 4.30 Seven News at 4.30 4.00 Totally Wild 4.30 Bold & 4.00 The Journal 4.30 National News 5.30 Deal Or No Deal The Beautiful 4.30 FIFA Futbol Mundial 5.30 Hot Seat 6.00 Seven News 5.00 Massive Moves 6.00 The WIN News Hour 5.00 TEN News 6.30 Today Tonight 5.30 Global Village 7.00 The Block Sky High 6.00 The Simpsons 6.00 Tour de France H/Lights 7.00 Home And Away 8.00 Hamish & Andy’s Gap 6.30 The Project 8.00 T.B.A. Year Asia 7.30 MasterChef Aust. 6.30 World News Australia 10.30 Travel Unravelled 9.00 T.B.A. 8.30 Wanted 7.30 Mythbusters 11.00 Up All Night 10.30 Footy Classified 8.30 Make Me 9.30 The Americans 11.30 Extra 10.00 Tour de France 2013 12.00 Celebrity Juice 10.30 TEN Late News 1.00 Home Shopping 12.00 WIN News Hour Late Studio Review 2 11.15 The Project Encore 12.30 A Current Affair 11.00 Tour de France H/Lights 5.30 Seven Early News 12.00 The Late Show with Natalie Barr and 1.00 The Block Sky High 1.00 Infomercial 12.00 Film: Amelie (M) Mark Beretta 2.00 The Avengers 3.00 Home Shopping 2.05 Weatherwatch GO 1.00 The Bachelorette 3.00 Power GEM 12.00 Movie: Sands Of The 7 TWO 12.00 Hart To Hart 1.00 Rangers Samurai 3.30 Monsuno 4.05 Desert (G) 2.00 Secret Dealers 3.00 SeaChange 2.00 Movie: Alvarez Kelly Ben 10 4.30 Young Justice 5.00 Max Alive & Cooking 3.30 Antiques Roadshow (PG) 4.30 Perfect Strangers 5.00 The Steel 5.30 The Block Sky High 6.30 The 4.30 Journey To The Centre of The Hogan Family 5.30 Homes Under The Middle 7.00 The Big Bang Theory 7.30 Planet 5.30 Ellen Degeneres Show 6.30 Hammer 6.30 Bargain Hunt 7.30 Mighty Two And A Half Men 8.00 Top Gear 9.30 Friends 7.00 A Current Affair 7.30 Animal Ships 8.30 Blue Murder 9.40 Waking The Movie: Eraser (AV) 12.00 Conan Emergency Dead 11.50 The Shield








E.J. Whitten Legends Game

British & Irish Lions Tour of Australia

The Ashes: First Test

Red Riding Hood (M)


Swamp People

Wednesday, 8.00pm A star studded line-up takes to the field for the Annual E.J. Whitten Legends Game. Hosted by James Brayshaw and Gary Lyon with commentary from Billy Brownless.

Saturday, 7.00pm (Live) Sydney is the destination for the third and final test as the Lions take on the Wallabies.

Wednesday, 7.30pm Australia V England: Day 1 Live from England, the First Test in the 2013 Ashes Series. Can Australia retrieve The Urn for the first time since 2007?

Tuesday, 9.30pm Set in a medieval village that is haunted by a werewolf, a young girl falls for an orphaned woodcutter much to her family’s displeasure. but none of this matters when the werewolf begins to kill villagers.

2013 Formula 1 German Grand Prix

Sunday, 11.05pm A traumatic experience causes Wilfred to lose his sense of smell, sending him into a spiral of loathing and self-pity.

Tuesday, 7.30pm Junior and his son, Willie, make special weapons and specially designed hooks, while Tommy puts his life at risk in the marshlands. - 036

Sunday, 9.30pm (Live) Join Alan Jones, Greg Rust and Daryl Beattie with all the racing action from the 9th race of the 2013 FIA Formula One World Championship from Nurburgring, Germany.


SEVEN SA TEN SA WIN SA ABC 1 6.00 Sunrise 8.00 Entertainment Tonight 6.00 Today 6.00 ABC News Breakfast 9.30 9.00 The Morning Show 8.30 OMG! Insider 9.00 Bold 9.00 Mornings Business Today 10.00 Cooking 11.30 Seven Morning News & The Beautiful 9.30 Huey’s 11.00 National Morning News The World 11.00 Big Ideas 12.00 The Midday Movie Kitchen 10.00 Good Chef Bad 12.00 Ellen Degeneres Show 12.00 Midday Report 12.30 Princess Protection Chef 10.30 Bondi Vet 11.00 Compass 1.00 Q&A 2.00 Run1.00 Sea Patrol Program (G) MasterChef Encore 12.00 Dr ning To America 3.00 Children’s 2.00 The Block Sky High 2.00 Dr Oz Phil. 1.00 The Doctors 2.00 Programs 3.00 National News Now 3.00 The Daily Edition Ready Steady Cook 3.00 Judge 4.00 Alive And Cooking 5.30 ABC News: Early 4.30 Seven News at 4.30 Judy 3.30 Everyday Gourmet 4.30 National News 6.00 Breathing Fire 5.30 Deal or No Deal 4.00 Totally Wild 4.30 Bold & 5.30 Hot Seat 7.00 ABC News 6.00 Seven News The Beautiful 6.00 National news 7.30 7.30 (SA) 6.30 Today Tonight 5.00 TEN News 6.30 A Current Affair 8.00 Kitchen Cabinet 7.00 Home And Away 7.00 The Block Sky High 8.30 New Tricks 6.00 The Simpsons 7.30 T.B.A. 8.00 T.B.A. 9.30 At The Movies 6.30 The Project 11.40 Happy Endings 11.30 Extra 10.00 Artscape 7.30 MasterChef Aust. 12.00 Love Bites 12.00 National News Late 10.30 Lateline 8.30 Under The Dome 1.00 Home Shopping 12.30 A Current Affair 11.05 The Business 9.30 NCIS: Los Angeles 4.00 NBC Today 1.00 The Block Sky High 11.30 Four Corners 10.30 TEN Late News 2.00 Seaway 12.20 Media Watch 11.15 The Project Encore 5.00 Sunrise Extra 3.00 Danoz 12.30 Movie: Here I Am (M) 12.00 The Late Show 5.30 Seven Early News 3.30 Good Morning America 2.00 Woollo 2011 1.00 Home Shopping with Natalie Barr 7 MATE 1.00 V8 Supercars: ELEVEN 1.00 JAG 2.00 Judging Amy ONE HD 1.30 Omnisport 2.00 Fear Townsville 400 3.30 Motor Mate 4.30 3.00 Infomercial 3.30 Cheers 4.00 The Factor 4.00 Get Smart 4.30 Cops 5.00 Dream Car Garage 5.30 Take It All 6.30 King of Queens 4.30 Laverne & Shirley ET’s Fishing Classics 5.30 I Fish 6.00 Seinfield 7.30 Swamp People 8.30 5.00 Happy Days 5.30 The Brady Bunch M*A*S*H 6.30 Get Smart 7.00 Cops 7.30 Hardcore Pawn 9.30 Auction Kings 10.30 6.00 Sabrina 6.30 Neighbours 7.00 Frontiers of Construction 8.30 Cops: Opertion Repo 11.30 South Beach Tow Everybody Loves Raymond 7.30 Rules Adults Only 9.30 Mafia’s Greatest Hits 12.00 Crank Yankers of Engagement 8.00 New Normal 10.40 Super Rugby Extra Time

SBS ONE PRIME SC TEN WIN VIC 5.00 World Watch 6.00 Sunrise 8.00 Entertainment Tonight 6.00 Today 7.30 Tour de France Update 9.00 The Morning Show 8.30 OMG! Insider 9.00 Bold 9.00 Mornings 11.30 Seven Morning News & The Beautiful 9.30 Huey’s 11.00 National Morning News 8.05 World Watch 12.00 The Midday Movie Kitchen 10.00 Good Chef Bad 12.00 Ellen Degeneres Show 1.00 The Buddha Princess Protection Chef 10.30 Bondi Vet 11.00 2.00 Once Bitten 1.00 Sea Patrol Program (G) MasterChef Encore 12.00 Dr 3.00 France 24 News 2.00 The Block Sky High 2.00 Dr Oz Phil. 1.00 The Doctors 2.00 3.30 Al Jazeera News 3.00 National News Now 3.00 The Daily Edition Ready Steady Cook 3.00 Judge 4.00 Alive And Cooking 4.00 The Journal 4.30 Seven News at 4.30 Judy 3.30 Everyday Gourmet 4.30 PBS Newshour 4.30 National News 5.30 Deal or No Deal 4.00 Totally Wild 4.30 Bold & 5.30 Global Village 5.30 Hot Seat The Beautiful 6.00 Tour de France H/Lights 6.00 Seven News 6.00 The WIN News Hour 6.30 Today Tonight 5.00 TEN News 7.00 The Block Sky High 6.30 World News Australia 7.00 Home And Away 8.00 T.B.A. 7.30 Who Do You Think 6.00 The Simpsons 7.30 T.B.A. 11.30 Extra You Are? 6.30 The Project 8.45 T.B.A. 12.00 WIN News Late 8.30 Insight 7.30 MasterChef Aust. 1.00 The Block Sky High 9.30 Tour de France 2013 11.40 Happy Endings 8.30 Under The Dome 2.00 Seaway Stage 10 (Live) Saint- 12.00 Love Bites 9.30 NCIS: Los Angeles 1.00 Home Shopping 3.00 Danoz Gildas-de-Bois to 10.30 TEN Late News 3.30 Good Morning America Saint-Malo (193 km) 11.15 The Project Encore 5.30 Seven Early News 1.30 Weatherwatch 12.00 The Late Show with Natalie Barr 5.00 Early Morning News Overnight 1.00 Infomercial and Mark Beretta 5.30 Today - 5.30 GO 1.00 The Bachelorette 3.00 Power GEM 12.00 Movie: On The Fiddle 7 TWO 1.00 SeaChange 2.00 Movie: Rangers Samurai 3.30 Monsuno 4.05 (G) 2.00 Baboon Bandits 3.00 Alive & Who Was That Lady? (G) 4.30 Perfect Ben 10 4.30 Young Justice 5.00 Max Cooking 3.30 My Crazy Obsession 4.30 Strangers 5.00 The Hogan Family 5.30 Steel 5.30 The Block Sky High 6.30 The Animal Emergency 5.30 Ellen Degeneres Homes Under The Hammer 6.30 Bargain Middle 7.00 The Big Bang Theory 8.00 Show 6.30 Friends 7.00 A Current Affair Hunt 7.30 Highway Patrol 8.00 Motorway Come Fly With Me 8.30 2 Broke Girls 7.30 Planet Earth 8.40 The Mentalist Patrol 8.30 Air Crash Investigations 9.30 9.40 Person of Interest 11.30 The Closer Movie: Face/Off 9.30 Movie: Red Riding Hood (M)


SEVEN SA TEN SA WIN SA ABC 1 6.00 Today 6.00 Sunrise 8.00 Entertainment Tonight 6.00 ABC News Breakfast 9.30 9.00 Mornings 9.00 The Morning Show 8.30 OMG! Insider 9.00 Bold Business Today 10.00 Cooking 11.00 National Morning News The World 11.00 Big Ideas 11.30 Seven Morning News & The Beautiful 9.30 Huey’s 12.00 The Midday Movie Kitchen 10.00 Good Chef Bad 12.00 Ellen Degeneres Show 12.00 Midday Report 12.30 Nat. Bring It On: In It To Chef 10.30 Bondi Vet 11.00 Press Club Address 1.30 At The 1.00 Sea Patrol Win It (PG) MasterChef Encore 12.00 Dr Movies 2.00 Pole Position 2.30 2.00 The Block Sky High 2.00 Dr Oz Phil 1.00 The Doctors 2.00 Call To Country 3.00 Children’s 3.00 National News Now 3.00 The Daily Edition Ready Steady Cook 3.00 Judge 4.00 Alive And Cooking Programs 5.30 ABC News: 4.30 Seven News at 4.30 Judy 3.30 Everyday Gourmet Early 6.00 Beeny’s Restoration 4.30 National News 5.30 Deal Or No Deal 4.00 Totally Wild 4.30 Bold & Nightmare 6.50 Seasons 7.00 5.30 Hot Seat 6.00 Seven News The Beautiful ABC News 7.30 7.30 (SA) 6.00 National News 6.30 Today Tonight 5.00 TEN News 6.30 A Current Affair 8.00 QI 7.00 Home And Away 7.00 The Block Sky High 8.30 Adam Hills Tonight 6.00 The Simpsons 7.30 T.B.A. 8.00 W.J. Whitten Legends 9.30 Wednesday Night 6.30 The Project 8.45 Criminal Minds (M) Game Fever 7.30 MasterChef Aust. 10.45 Hannibal 10.30 T.B.A. 10.00 The Hollowmen 8.30 Offspring (M) 11.45 I Shouldn’t Be Alive 11.30 Extra 10.30 Lateline 9.30 NCIS: Los Angeles 12.40 Harry’s Practice 12.00 National News Late 11.05 The Business 10.30 TEN Late News 1.00 Home Shopping 12.30 A Current Affair 11.30 Spooks (M) 11.15 The Project Encore 3.30 Sons & Daughters 1.00 The New Adventures 12.35 Movie: The Man With 12.00 The Late Show 4.00 NBC Today of Old Christine The Golden Arm 1.00 Home Shopping 7 MATE 1.00 Motor Mate 4.30 Dream ELEVEN 1.00 JAG 2.00 Judging Amy ONE HD 12.00 German F1 GP Car Garage 5.00 Zoom TV 5.30 Take It 3.00 Infomercial 3.30 Cheers 4.00 The 2.30 Omnisport 3.00 Super Rugy Extra All 6.30 Seinfeld 7.30 Pawn Stars 8.30 King of Queens 4.30 Laverne & Shirley Time 4.00 Get Smart 4.30 Cops 5.00 Hardcore Pawn 9.30 American Pickers 5.00 Happy Days 5.30 The Brady Bunch ET’s Fishing Classics 5.30 I Fish 6.00 11.30 Rude Tube 12.00 Chappelle’s 6.00 Sabrina 6.30 Neighbours 7.00 M*A*S*H 6.30 Get Smart 7.00 Cops 7.30 Show 12.30 Crank Yankers 1.00 30 Rock Everybody Loves Raymond 7.30 The White Collar 8.30 T.B.A. 9.30 Blue Bloods Simpsons 10.30 Lie To Me

SBS ONE PRIME SC TEN WIN VIC 5.00 World Watch 6.00 Sunrise 8.00 Entertainment Tonight 6.00 Today 7.30 Tour de France Update 9.00 The Morning Show 8.30 OMG! Insider 9.00 Bold 9.00 Mornings 11.30 Seven Morning News & The Beautiful 9.30 Huey’s 11.00 National Morning News 8.05 World Watch 12.00 The Midday Movie Kitchen 10.00 Good Chef Bad 12.00 Ellen Degeneres Show 1.00 Insight Bring It On: In It To Chef 10.30 Bondi Vet 11.00 2.00 Neil Morrissey’s Risky 1.00 Sea Patrol Win It (PG) MasterChef Encore 12.00 Dr Business 2.00 The Block Sky High 2.00 Dr Oz Phil 1.00 The Doctors 2.00 3.00 France 24 News 3.00 National News Now 3.00 The Daily Edition Ready Steady Cook 3.00 Judge 4.00 Alive And Cooking 3.30 Al Jazeera News 4.30 Seven News at 4.30 Judy 3.30 Everyday Gourmet 4.00 The Journal 4.30 National News 5.30 Deal Or No Deal 4.00 Totally Wild 4.30 Bold & 4.30 PBS Newshour 5.30 Hot Seat 6.00 Seven News The Beautiful 5.30 Global Village 6.00 The WIN News Hour 5.00 TEN News 6.00 Tour de France H/Lights 6.30 Today Tonight 7.00 The Block Sky High 7.00 Home And Away 8.00 W.J. Whitten Legends 6.30 World News Australia 6.00 The Simpsons 7.30 T.B.A. Game 7.30 Bears of The Last 6.30 The Project 8.45 Criminal Minds (M) 10.30 T.B.A. Frontier 7.30 MasterChef Aust. 11.30 Extra 8.30 Toughest Place To Be 10.45 Hannibal 8.30 Offspring (M) 11.45 I Shouldn’t Be Alive 12.00 WIN News Hour Late A... Fisherman 9.30 NCIS: Los Angeles 1.00 The New Adventures 9.30 Tour de France 2013 12.40 Harry’s Practice 10.30 TEN Late News 1.00 Home Shopping of Old Christine Stage 11 (Live) 11.15 The Project Encore 5.30 Seven Early News 1.30 Gideon’s Way Individual Time Trial 12.00 The Late Show with Natalie Barr 2.30 Danoz 1.30 Weatherwatch 1.00 Infomercial GO 1.00 The Bachelorette 2.30 T.B.A. GEM 12.00 Movie: Amorous Prawn (G) 7 TWO 1.00 SeaChange 2.00 Movie: 3.00 Power Rangers Samurai 3.30 2.00 The Avengers 3.00 Alive & Cooking The Wonderful Country (PG) 4.30 Perfect Monsuno 4.05 Ben 10 4.30 Young 3.30 Lion Country 4.30 Planet Earth 5.30 Strangers 5.00 The Hogan Family 5.30 Justice 5.00 Max Steel 5.30 The Block Ellen Degeneres Show 6.30 Friends 7.00 Homes Under The Hammer 6.30 Bargain Sky High 6.30 The Middle 7.00 The Big A Current Affair 7.30 The Ashes: First Hunt 7.30 Escape To The Country 8.30 Bang Theory 7.30 Auction Hunters 8.30 Test - Australia V England: Day 1 3.00 Fantasy Homes By The Sea 9.30 60 TV Shop Minute Makeover Movie: Year One (M)


Hamish & Andy’s Gap Year Asia Monday, 8.00pm In the season premiere, the boys are served by monkey waiters in Tokyo and run on water with Shaolin monks in China, as well as much more.


The Rise And Fall of Versailles Friday, 8.30pm From the Sun King, admired by the court and his subjects, to Louis XVI, the only King of France ever to be executed, this series revisits the Versailles of the 18th century until the French Revolution. - 037

classifieds ACCOMODATION



Free to homes in South East SA & South West Victoria Online Classifieds Phone 08 8724 7111 or 03 5561 3141 CARAVANS & CAMPERS


“The Western Tavern is committed to ensuring responsible service and promotion of alcohol & gambling in our venue”

MOUNT GAMBIER - Premium 2 and 3 bedroom apartments centrally located in the heart of city. Ph 0438 224 626. F ------------------------------------------

PORT FAIRY BEACHFRONT - Luxury house with fantastic ocean views. 3 bedroom, spa, Austar. Ph 0448 652 586. F ------------------------------------------

BROOMIES FREIGHT The Coastal Express

ROBE BEACHFRONT - Brand new two storey home on main beach. 4 bedrooms, amazing views. Ph 0448 652 586. F ----------------------------------------BAYSIDE HOLIDAY COTTAGES – Port MacDonnell. Fully furnished. $130. Pets negotiable. Available now. 0400 391 712 or 08 8725 7952. 487 ------------------------------------------


FOR PROBLEM septics, leachfields, greasetraps and drains, Use FLUSH-IT(R) and let nature do the work. Ph 1300 657 570 or 03 5158 1248. W ------------------------------------------


Mount Gambier - Millicent - Southend Beachport - Robe - Kingston Door to Door Daily Service!

0408 838 027


KASZAZZ – Stamp, Scrap, Embellish will be at Craft Alive Warrnambool from the 5th-7th of July. Come and see our amazing scrapbooking, card making and stamping products. Ph Pam 0414 836 852. OL-488 ------------------------------------------

JURGENS J2203 SKYGAZER, 18ft, Sept 2011 build, Tare 1460kg, shwr/toilet/awning, double bed. Near new condition. Dunkeld, Victoria. Ph 03 5577 2571/ 0427 772 571. Negotiable around $40,000. OL-489 ------------------------------------------


STAR DRESSING ROOM - Wide range of quality hire costumes for men & women. Noon - 7pm Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday. 23014 Bay Road (Riddoch Highway). Outskirts of Allendale East approaching from Mount Gambier. 0438 466 342. On Facebook. 488 ------------------------------------------


MYSTERY SHOPPERS - Be Paid To Shop. Shoppers now required in Mount Gambier. Visit OR Call 1800 111 838 to join-up! OL-489 -----------------------------------------

$9.90 MEALS EVERY DAY - 12.00 - 2.00pm & 6.00 8.00pm. In Sportsbar and now available in bistro. Monthly beer & premix specials. 178 Jubilee Highway West, Mount Gambier. Ph 08 8723 1200. 486 -----------------------------------------


SILK & FRESH Boxed $13 - $60. Bunches $6 - $35. $13 floral pots. $6 gift wrapped plants. Novelty baby born boxes. Wreaths. Orders welcome. Lennon’s On Lake Terrace. Orders welcome. 487 ------------------------------------------


FOR LEASE MOUNT GAMBIER - Workshops/undercover storage areas/business & commercial depots etc... Large choice of multiple areas, fully self contained, individual and shared, big or small. – ideally centrally located at Mount Gambier woollen mills complex with easy access & ample parking. Flexible rates and terms. Ph 08 8725 3617 or 08 8723 8802. C&G-489 -----------------------------------------SHORT OR LONG TERM. 2 story heritage, centrally located Mount Gambier venue, for weddings, functions, seminars. 0418 838 684. 487 ------------------------------------------


1100 LITRE plastic bins with lids and castor wheels. Very good condition. $275. Ph 0408 856 273. 492 ------------------------------------------

Phone 0408 258 208 | 8723 3332 a/h | Worrolong


3 SEATER LOUNGE excellent condition hardly use $200. O.N.O. Ph 0427 957 965 or 08 8723 2 765. 488 -----------------------------------------CARAVAN ANNEXE. Canvas construction with steel posts and supports. Approx. 6.1m long, 2.4m wide and 2.1m high, in good condition $350. Ph 0438 870 430. 489 -----------------------------------------DEUTSCHER 22’’ grasscutter $450, Guarany knapsack spray $80, Bosch LPG HWS 13l/min $550, Infiniti Q21 cross trainer $1,250, Fender acoustic guitar $120. For further info Ph Doug 0407 422 827. OL-487 -----------------------------------------DISCOUNTED EXHAUST SYSTEMS to suit most vehicles. Ph 08 8724 9273. W -----------------------------------------GO KART MONARCO 32mm chassis, 50mm axel, 125 Leopard. Ready to race. Excellent condition. Comes with trolley and spares. $3,300 O.N.O. Ph 0438 331 226. NC-487 -----------------------------------------FIREWOOD REDGUM $125 per cubic meter delivered. Ph Barry 0487 517 699. OL-488 ------------------------------------------

JOHN DEERE 410 Tractor - Front End Loader & Lawn cutter, 367 hours. $14,990. Ph 0418 322 356. NC-490 -----------------------------------------MUSSO POLISHED ALUMINIUM bullbar. ECB model BSM30SYP. Brand new. Never fitted. Half new price. Ph 0466 978 244. OL-487 -----------------------------------------QS BED BASE cream with gold trims $80. Deb frock, size 20, white $150. Ph 08 8725 9714. 488 ------------------------------------------


STORMY INFLATABLE P.F.D. type 1 life jacket - only warn once, excellent condition, cost $250, as new. $100. Ph 0427 957 965. 489 -----------------------------------------WANTED – Australian memorabilia, anything considered. Also pre decimal coins and bank notes. Round 50c pieces and good jewellery. Ph 08 8738 4351. 489 ------------------------------------------


Waste Transport & Recycling

BIN IT - Free drop off disposal of All metals, Vehicle batteries & White Goods. Not accepted, televisions, computers, fluro globes, office equipement, fridges or freezers. Air conditioner De-Gas fee $22. Monday - Friday 7.45am 12.15pm & 1.30pm - 3.30pm. Ph. 08 87248121. 235 Lake Tce East, Mt Gambier. u. EPA Lic 23063. 491 ------------------------------------------


FOR ALL YOUR HOUSE and Garden needs. We specialise in the small jobs and work to your budget. Ph Tony on 0429 590 626. OL-488 ------------------------------------------

RAINWATER TANK CLEANING - Discounts for multiple tanks and group enquiries. Call for a quote. Ph 0429 518 169. OL-489 ------------------------------------------


love the finer things in life... won’t be able to live without Finer Details!

TRACTOR BRANSON 4720 45Hp. Four wheel assist. 4.1 bucket also forks. Done 105 Hours. Ph Jason 0418 532 935. 490 ------------------------------------------

If you

37 Commercial Street East, Mount Gambier Phone/Fax 08 8725 3011


• Large range of dog, cat & birds toys & accessories • Kennels, cages, beds • Large range of fish & plants • Low prices on premium foods & medicaƟons

OUTBOARD MOTORS FOR SALE: Honda 2hp 4S $550, Yamaha 25hp 4S tiller $2200, Evinrude 9.9hp $895, Evinrude 25hp L/S E/Start tiller $500,Yamaha L/S 2002 controls & guages $3700, Mercury 150hp L/S EFI needs rebuild on P/head $1500, Mercury 75hp with PTT E/Start controls $2850, Johnson25hp 3cyl L/S tiller $750. All been checked ready to go. Swampys Leisure Sales. Ph 08 8762 2344 or 0427 797 177. OL-487 ------------------------------------------

08 8723 0941

OPEN 7 DAYS | 12A James Street, Mt Gambier


LPG Conversion Rebate $1000


Don’t waste your $$$ Convert Today!


Closed Mondays. Open 8.30-4.00 Tuesday - Friday

Specialising in: • Tune Ups • LPG Tune Ups & Servicing • Engine Rebuilding • Gas Tank 10 year servicing • Clutch & Brake Relining • LPG Conversion (FREE estimates available) • Gas tanks must be safety

7 DAYS New 10-seat Chrysler Stretch Limousine checked

every 10 years

Available for weddings, graduations, formals, debs, winery tours - any special occasion.

Prop: Frank Hart


08 8725 2652

Book now to avoid disappointment Phone Jason on 0419 827 473

Mob: 0408 085 749 115 Crouch St Nth Mount Gambier - 038

TILL 10PM Discreet parking & entrance at the back of the building

88 Commercial Street East, Mount Gambier SA

Ph 08 8723 2375

SOCIAL SKI - Velocity V5 300 Verodo 156HRS. Full fit out, carbon fibre seats, carbon fibre side pockets, infloor balast, infloor fuel tank. Fuel filter system, full race view dash, carbon fibre trim tabs, hydrolic 4” jacking plate, full boat covers, under boat cover, welded nose cone, rear lounge, bimy cover, full vinyl rapp graphic paint, plus more. Fully enclosed trailer. $59,800. Ph Andrew 0408 528 040. w-488 ------------------------------------------

NOW STOCKING - Extreme Kayaks, limited offer only $399. Includes seat & paddle. Ph 08 8726 5200 or visit 349 Commercial Street West, Mount Gambier. W ------------------------------------------

classifieds EMPLOYMENT classifieds


WEDDINGS YOUR WAY - Ph Elizabeth Lill CMC 08 8738 7275 for marriage and other ceremonies. 488 -----------------------------------------CEREMONIES TO SUIT YOU Anywhere in the South East. Ph Shayne McLean CMC 0457 168 324.488 ------------------------------------------



YAMAHA WR450F 2007 Model, good condition + runs great, 3 months rego, comes with a few extra’s. $5,000 O.N.O. Ph 0407 787 451. ------------------------------------------




2000 FORD LASER HATCHBACK - Gold, manual, air conditioning, CD player, power steering. Excellent condition. Great 1st car. 164,000kms. WME-191. $5,650 O.N.O. Ph 0407 171 263. Available for viewing at - ID Number: SSE-AD-948967. DE -----------------------------------------2006 FORD TERRITORY, Silver, 4X4 with heavy duty springs and cargo barrier. 280,000kms. XJU-648. $10,500 Ph 0438 643 543. OL-487 -----------------------------------------2006 FORD TRANSIT Van, low roof, short wheel base, 2.4L diesel, converted to camper or can be converted back. 58,000kms, RWC, full registration, silver. $18,990. UCI-088. Ph 0429 114 994. 488 -----------------------------------------AUTOCITY - checkout some new arrivals at www.autocity jubilee hwy west - “ locally owned & operated” Ph 08 8725 8913 0419 031 883. LVD - 251298. 493 -----------------------------------------COMMODORE WAGON ‘03 VY. 147,500kms, auto, ABS, IRS alloys. S407-AWB. $6,500 O.N.O. Ph 0413 134 834. OL-487 -----------------------------------------FORD TRANSIT VAN 2010 LWB, mid-roof, turbo diesel, 97,000kms, cargo barrier, tow bar, excellent condition. $26,500 O.N.O. S289AOU. Ph 0411 647 080. 488 -----------------------------------------XW XY ZC ZD FALCONS, Fairmonts, Fairlanes wanted to wreck or restore. Complete cars or parts, private buyer. Ph 0409 838 048. LINC ------------------------------------------


VERY GENUINE MAN – non smoker, not drinker, wants a serious relationship with a caring lady. 30 – 60 years of age. Please Ph – Ronald Cuffe 08 8725 7200 (Between 8am to 8.00pm). 487 ------------------------------------------



YOUR LOCAL EXPERTS. For All Your Sporting Needs Ph 08 8725 1004 42 Commercial Street West, Mount Gambier. 492 ------------------------------------------


TV ANTENNA INSTALL & TUNING, Free-to-air TV, home theatre installations, TV wall mounting, prompt service, quality work, free quotes. Call Ben 0417 670 362. 478 -----------------------------------------SE Battery Service Pty Ltd South East Mobility Equipment South East Sustainable Energy Call into your licorice all sorts store We have it all! 120 Penola Road, Mount Gambier Ph 08 8725 9911 W ------------------------------------------



PAUL’S LAWN MOWING SERVICE Cheap Rates! Free Quotes Honest & Reliable Pensioner Discount Call Paul 0437 812 115. -----------------------------------------ANTIQUE BUYER - Paying cash, oil bottles, tins, enamel signs, dingo traps, english china. Ph 0419 250 801. OL-487 ------------------------------------------

LOOKING FOR BRICKWORK - Brick, stone & paving work wanted. Small or large jobs. Will travel. BLD 231035. Ph 0418 838 684. 487 ------------------------------------------



STAR DRESSING ROOM - Stylish garments for men and women you can buy or hire. Noon - 7pm Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday. 23014 Bay Road (Riddoch Highway). Outskirts of Allendale East approaching from Mount Gambier. 0438 466 342. On Facebook. 488 ------------------------------------------


Buy 1, get 2 FREE On-line only at

only $6



2011 FORD MONDEO LX TCDI WAGON l Powershift, one owner, turbo diese packed with features! YEK-311


2006 NISSAN PATHFINDER STL one 22” wheels, 79,000kms, auto, 4x4, owner. S710-AXJ




2009 SUBARU FORESTER XT WAGON kit. One owner, 2.5 litre turbo AWD, body Great car!!!

2002 SUBARU OUTBACK WAGON s, Automatic, leather, cruise, ABS brake a/c, power steering. S820AWT




MORE THAN JUST GOOD SPORTS. Ph 08 8725 7582. 16 Commercial Street West, Mount Gambier. 492 ------------------------------------------


s, 4.0 litre V6, manual, alloys, 108,000km long tray. S142-AOE


2011 FORD FG XR6

One owner, 42,000kms, 6 airbags, brakes, cruise. S912-AMD.


0419 031 883

168 Jubilee Highway West, Mount Gambier. Phone/ Fax 08 8725 8913 - 039

LVD 251298 E&EO


BUFFALO RIVERINEX cows and calves for breeding, pets or meat. Western Victoria. Ph 0466 978 244. OL-489 -----------------------------------------FOR SALE Jack Russell Foxy Pups. One female, one male. Vet checked, vaccinated, wormed, fleaed. $250 O.N.O. Ph 08 8725 6351. 488 ------------------------------------------





Joe D’Agostino & Associates

Installation, Maintenance, Service and Repair AIRCONDITIONING • Split Systems All Brands 61

BREEDERS OF MALTALIER PUPPIES Bathing, Clipping and Defleaing Pick up and drop off Dog care also available Now stocking Glow Groom (tear stain remover)

Chartered Accountants Tax & Business Advisors


• Reverse Cycle Ducted Airconditioning

Phone 08 8725 0711 7 Penola Road, Mount Gambier SA ACCOUNTING

• Central Gas Ducted Heating • NAILS • DEFLEAING • GROOMING • HYDROBATH (warm water) • CLIPPING (breed specific) • ANAL GLAND CLEANING


REFRIGERATION • Cool Rooms • Freezer Rooms • Display Cabinets • Ice Machines • All Commercial Refrigeration

No dog too big or too small

Accounting, Taxation & Bookkeeping

• Clipping • Washing • Defleaing • Drying • Nail Trimming • Free pick up & drop off

Certified Practising Accountant

Shop 5/16 Swallow Drive, Mt Gambier Call Sharon 8725 5152 M: 0420 428 125

0422 802 871



Small Business Specialists Xero setup and support Personal Tax Returns from $115

6 Sunnyside Drive, Mt Gambier

Need your dog pampered? Clipping/Grooming Hydrobath|Defleaing|Nails Ear Cleaning Breeder of Shetland Sheep Dogs

Over 25 years experience

Servicing clients in all country areas BABY CAPSULE HIRE



Your best friend is our best friend





MOUNT GAMBIER BOOK EXCHANGE Great range of second hand books for sale or exchange

BROWN BLD 232361


Open From 7.30am - 5pm




OPEN: Mon, Tues, Thurs 10am-4pm Wednesday - closed Fri 10am-5pm Sat 9am-12noon

Please call for free measure & quote


0488 440 422

Shop 1/80 Commercial St. West Mt Gambier. Ph: 08 8725 9141

0410 599 515







Springs Road, Glencoe CAFE ON WHEELS


6 Margaret Street, Mount Gambier SA 5290

0418 819 676



• Digital Antennas • Problems with reception • Set top box set-up • Government approved antenna installer

weedon springs



Kerry’s Dog Grooming Service

13 Worrolong Rd, Mount Gambier (1/2km from Marketplace) Ph 08 8723 3327 or 0429 133 858




E487 Email Office 08 8339 4950 Mob 0403 905 120

BLD 233106 BLD 233105 BLD 233109 BLD 233108 ABN 29 882 203 372

Servicing the Limestone Coast BRENDAN 0406 876 176 DANIEL 0439 900 326

Great range of fresh salads & cold meats - ready to go!!

DIAL-A-TONER For all your Toner & Inkjet Cartridge Requirements. Genuine Cartridges Available.

Ph: (08) 8723 0770 E494

Servicing Millicent - Mt Gambier Mon-Fri Plus Limestone Coast Events

31 Crouch St. South, Mt Gambier




Karan Muller Designs

Contact Paul Lawrence 0417 889 979 or A.H. 8724 8574 BL R152982


08 8726 8263 0427 095 792







PHONE LYNTON 0402 615 746

Mobile 0432 592 578 Email DRAFTING/INTERIOR DESIGN

• Over 30 years experience • Prompt same day repairs & relines • Metal partial dentures, Mouthguards • After hours appointments ELECTRICIAN



Complete solutions for the home & business

• Quality individual & personalised dentures

Licence No: PGE217 639

PHONE O 08 8725 2979 MOBILE 0435 935 222



• Support • Repairs • Sales

P.O. Box 2978, Mount Gambier Mobile: 0417 809 511 - 040





sport local


S an d Floor is ing & Pol hing

s c o lo u rs a n d m o lds ava ariou il a b le •V eways v i r •D s t • 2 coa eal & Hot Mi x • FREE QUO TES

Competitive Pricing! Ben Saunders 24 Scott Street, Portland 3305

SEABL Pioneers

move step closer to minor premiership

0407 347 934 GROCERIES





Extensive range of Asian Groceries All enquiries & orders welcome Open Mon - Wed 9am - 9pm. Thurs - Sat 9am - 4.30pm. (Closed Tuesdays) 2 Tweed Crescent, Mount Gambier Call Grace on 8725 0361 or 0403 138 161 JEWELLERS

THE NAIL ROOM • All occasions nails • Bio Sculpture Gel • CND shellac polish • Manicures • Pedicures • All waxing including xxx

Watch, clock & jewellery repairs Free pick up & delivery Millicent & Tantanoola

Phone 08 8725 6486

The Castec Rural Supplies Mount Gambier Pioneers have moved three wins clear at the top of the South Conference standings after a hard fought 15 point home court victory over second ranked Hobart. Led by a 41 point haul from Brad Hill (pictured right), who also pulled in 18 rebounds, the home side dominated the opening and closing stanzas to claim the victory. The only cause for concern from the stat sheet on Friday night was the free throw shooting percentage, which was a woeful 46 percent. In all other areas, three point shooting rebounding and field goal percentage, the Pioneers were on the right side of the ledger. The Pioneers host Bendigo this Friday night with tip off at 8pm. Result Pioneers 100 (Hill 41; Robinson 15; Burdon 14; Allen 12) d Hobart 85.

Photo courtesy of Gavin Male


Phone Gaynor 0408 230 362

45 Commercial Street East Mt Gambier MECHANIC


healthy living for mind, body & soul

Ensuring the safety of your vehicle

For all your natural, inspirational and environmentally friendly products. Contact a consultant near you

11 - 15 Beverley Street,

Annie Borg

PORTLAND (off Fern Street)





- Service Pumps & Filters - Chemicals, Spare Parts - Water balancing

Adventure Programs Student Programs Corporate Programs

A/H 08 8725 2877



Mount Gambier SA

Ph 0417 859 435 email: phone 08 8735 4337

08 8762 3731

Melanie Hyland PORTLAND/MOUNT GAMBIER 0419 589 229




Portland Motor Mechanics

Lic BLD 179971


Free Water Testing Done 250 Jubilee Highway West, Mt Gambier Ph (08) 8725 2826 SUPER FUND SERVICES


JR Construction. ‘BUILDING A SHED’ Carports, Garages, Industrial Concreting, Roofing, Maintenance BEST PRICE - FREE QUOTES Servicing the South East Jason: 0402 066 368 |

Mount Gambier District Indoor Bowls Association had another break from Mount Gambier Community RSL premiership season to hold its fourth association championship, which was the Faith Jewellers/David Peacock Carpentry Mixed Pairs. Noel Miller and Elizabeth Hartshore won the title in a final that required an extra end to decide the eventual champions. Above - The semi finalists - Perria Davis, Kristy Davis, Joy Axleby, Andrew Simpson, Elizabeth Hartshore, Sergio Manfrin, Noel Miller and Jane Calleja.


South East team named

The Justin McConnell coached Murray South East zone team which is heading to this weekend’s South RLA62833 Australian Country Championships in Port Pirie desperate to go one better than its runner-up finish in the past two championships. Tyson Wait (Imperials) will again skipper the side with South Gambier’s Simon Berkefeld as his deputy. South, in fact, is providing the largest contingent of players to the side with Berkefeld being joined by new recruit Jak Ryan, reigning club best and fairest Brett O’Neil, key position utility Jake Dowdy and defender Jed Mullen. McConnell will be joined by North Gambier team mates Brock Egan, who has been in stellar form in 2013, WETSUIT HIRE


and Adam Kurzman. The remaining Western Border representatives are Steve Duldig, Josh Martin (Millicent); Daron McElroy (West Gambier), Brandon Currie (Casterton) and Chris Povey (East Gambier). KowreeNaracoorte-Tatiara Football League will be represented by talented onballer Billy Laurie, ruckman Ray Jaensch (Kybybolite); key defender Kane Cuthbertson (Bordertown) and Penola’s Lachy Jones. Glencoe’s Zacc Cocks and Hatherleigh’s Tylah Saunders will fly the flag for the Mid South East Football League. The Murray players are Liam O’Neil, Joel Kay, Sam Pfeiffer (Ramblers); Luke Harrowfield and Ben Quast (Imperials). WOOD SPLITTER HIRE

WOOD SPLITTER FOR HIRE • Half or full day rates

$35.00 • Wetsuit orders welcome • Clean divers air fills • Gloves, boots, hoods, available

Phone (08) 8738 7274 Open 7 Days 7am - 6pm - 041

• Delivery by arrangement • Left or right hand lifting table “Make it easy to split that load” Phone 0467 648 092

MSE Netball Results A Grade Mt Burr 52 (S. Puiatti, B. Reilly) d Glencoe 45 (D. Edwards, S. Kasparian); Nangwarry 62 (N. Hutchesson, N. Biszko) d Kongorong 49 (M. Hein, C. Pink); Kalangadoo 56 (K. Egan, J. Peacock) d Hatherleigh 54 (K. Smith, G. Brooks); Robe 52 (K. Austin, H. Perkins) d Tantanoola 42 (S. Little, J. Walker).

A Reserve Glencoe 44 (N. Hawke, L. Waller) d Mt Burr 24 (S. Lowndes, M. Treloar); Kongorong 28 (K. Earl, S Eustace) d Nangwarry 26 (C. Ploenges, A. Ploenges); Hatherleigh 52 (S. Haines, D. Smith) d Kalangadoo 49 (T. Coxon, T. Jeffree); Robe 60 (K. Moore, C. Vickers) d Tantanoola 54 (K. Rowe, B. Scanlon).

B Grade Mt Burr 56 (M. Stanley, L. Clark) d Glencoe 48 (S. Davis, K. Collins); Nangwarry 41 (K. Johnson, C, Lock) d Kongorong; Hatherleigh 66 (M. Wight, J. Paul) d Kalangadoo 40 (M. Hawke, I. Ryan); Tantanoola 42 (B. Taylor, N. Scott) d Robe 21 (T. Allright, R. Kennett).

B Reserve Mt Burr 28 (A. Potter, K. Vanderhorst) d Glencoe 26 (S. Johnson, M. Dihm); Kongorong 39 (M. Pink, B. Allen) d Nangwarry 33 (R. Gruar, B. Fullford); Hatherleigh 34 (C. Martin, E. Connell) d Kalangadoo 31 (A. Hawke, J. Brennan).

17 and under Glencoe 59 (M. Kuhl, E. Mitchell) d Mt Burr 15 (E. Russell, G. O’ Halloran); Nangwarry 52 (C. Harrap, M. Hodgeson) d Kongorong 29 (T. Pelkonen, K. Loughhead); Hatherleigh 44 (E. Watson, S. Allen) d Kalangadoo 20 (M. Pitt, M. Lock); Tantanoola 54 (A. Lucas, E. Osborne) d Robe 39 (L. Howe-Morgan, I. Deane).

15 and under Mt Burr 37 (team effort) d Glencoe 22 (A. Edmonds, E. McAdam); Kongorong 38 (E. Shepherd, T. Modra) d Nangwarry 22 (B. Holmes, K. Bicknell) ; Hatherleigh 49 (A. Brooks, S. Allan) d Kalangadoo 33 (A. Wright, L. Williams); Robe 66 (E. Gould, J. Dawson) d Tantanoola 21 (D. Milne, C. Wilson).

13 and under Kongorong 53 (J. Shepherd, D. Kuhl) d Nangwarry 28 (M. Watson, S. Caldow); Kalangadoo 30 (E. Ryan, S. Jones) d Hatherleigh 23; Robe 55 (K. Kerr, M. Smith) d Tantanoola 13 (E. Gould, E. Jennings). (L. Corman, C. Williams).

Mid South East Goalkickers Dylan Bromley Michael McRae Jack Skeer Sam Telfer Brett Sneath Joshua Wright John Simkin

Port MacDonnell Glencoe Hatherleigh Hatherleigh Hatherleigh Kongorong Kongorong

67 46 44 39 38 25 31


Senior Colts

Kongorong 6.2 10.3 12.5 16.9 (105) Nangwarry 4.4 10.10 10.11 12.13 (85) Goals - Kongorong: J. Phillips 5; J. Turner, A. Harding 3; J. Wright 2; J. Simkin, B. Saffin, M. Killey. Nangwarry: N. Reeves 3; B. Dinnison, S. Virtanen, N. Easterbrook, B. Lindner 2; K. Disselbach. Best - Kongorong: B. Drew, J. Phillips, R. Hein, M. Killey, B. Weaver. nangwarry: M. Ftachen, R. Lindner, C. Hicks, S. Merrett, B. Deamer, B. Lindner. Hatherleigh 2.4 6.7 10.9 13.10 (88) Kalangadoo 0.1 0.1 0.1 12.3 (15) Goals - Hatherleigh: S. Telfer 4; D. Clough 3; T. Schulz 2; T. Agnew, B. Sneath, J. Sandland, J. Skeer. Kalangadoo: J. Dunn, A. Stone. Best - Hatherleigh: T. Saunders, C. Buckley, J. Faulkner, M. Fabris, J. Sandland, B. Sneath. Kalangadoo: D. Jeffree, C. Mules, A. Stone, J. Bannister, J. Kilsby, B. Ousey. Mt Burr 4.1 12.5 14.8 15.11 (101) Glencoe 8.1 12.2 13.3 14.5 (89) Goals - Mt Burr: S. Bevan 4; T. Stanley 3; J. Gregory, D. Ridley 2; B. Hennink, C. Gallio, D. Bowering, C. Murray. Glencoe: M. McRae 7; D. Paproth 2; L. Sharaf, L. Allison, T. Hawke, Z. Cocks, A. Hentschke. Best - Mt Burr: C. Gallio, B. Hennink, T. Stanley, J. Gregory, N. Muhovics, S. Gamble. Glencoe: M. Kieselbach, M. McRae, Z. Cocks, L. Allison, T. Hawke, T. Edwards. Tantanoola 2.1 6.5 8.9 10.10 (70) Robe 2.0 6.2 8.3 9.5 (59) Goals - Tantanoola: R. Versace 3; L. Smith, M. Reilly, C. Saint 2; K. Dodd. Robe: J. Dawson 2; J. Regnier, J. Fletcher, G. Brooks, E. Regnier, B. Jacob, T. Pearce, R. Dickinson. Best - Tantanoola: L. Smith, C. Saint, D. Knaggs, C. Williams, J. Bromley, H. Brown. Robe: T. Pearce, J. Fletcher, A. Everett, J. Regnier, E. Samuel, J. Steele.

Kongorong 6.2 12.4 18.7 21.10 (136) Nangwarry 1.0 1.1 5.2 6.3 (39) Goals - Kongorong: J. Mullan 5; J. Blackwell 4; R. Hein 3; B. Ellis, J. Miller 2; B. Kranz, M. Last, D. Brown, H. Evans, A. Last. Nangwarry: K. Rasmussen 2; N. Rowe, B. Rowe, R. Reid, H. Sanders. Best - Kongorong: R. Hein, J. Blackwell. A. Lightbody, A. Last, T. Boyle, J. Miller. Nangwarry: K. Rasmussen, N. Rowe, M. McCallum, H Sanders, B. Rowe. Kalangadoo 5.4 7.12 10.17 16.24 (120) Hatherleigh 0.1 0.1 0.1 0.1 (1) Goals - Kalangadoo: Z. Dunn 6; T. Jones 3; T. Saunders 2; J. Opie, M. Krieger, N. Bott. B. Casey, L. Farrugia, M. Lowe, R. Carlson, J. Ferrazzola. Best - Kalangadoo: M. Krieger, P. Davies, C. Howlett, T. Jones, J. Davies, Z. Dunn. Hatherleigh: M. Pulmer, F. Slape, D. Sutherland, S. Kent, B. Gibbs. Mt Burr 4.4 10.5 11.7 13.9 (87) Glencoe 0.0 0.0 3.2 5.2 (32) Goals - Mt Burr: T. Hales 3; D. Lesslie, J. Stone, J. Gregory 2; J. Wilson, J. Fox, H. Schultz, A. Butler. Glencoe: M. Telford 4; E. Trupp. Best - Mt Burr: J. Wallis, D. Vanderhorst, J. Wilson, B. Hogan, T. Hales, B. Ballantyne. Glencoe: N. Herring, M.Telford, B. Mitchell, E. Trupp, J. Telford, J. Slape. Tantanoola 1.0 2.1 2.2 5.2 (32) Robe 1.3 2.3 4.4 4.4 (28) Goals - Tantanoola: D. Tincknell,M. Roberts 2; C. Williams. Robe: J. Sneath 2; H. Ludwig, J. Dawson. Best - Tantanoola: B. Radley, T. Beelitz, M. Roberts, D. Pink, C. Williams, B. McRostie. Robe: A. Clements, H. Jurray, J. Hann, J. Dawson, H. Smith.

B Grade

Junior Colts

Kongorong 3.6 9.7 12.9 15.11 (101) Nangwarry 0.4 1.4 5.6 8.8 (56) Goals - Kongorong: W. Attiwill 4; J. Bottomley 3; M. Evans, T. Glynn 2; C. Little, N. Bowd, B. Dening, B. Clark. Nangwarry: V. Virtanen, T. Fenn, T. Carpenter 2; L. Rainey, N. Honehonetana. Best - Kongorong: G. Hay, D. Hann, B. Dobbs, T. Elleston, A. Telford. Nangwarry: C. Lock, V. Virtanen, J. Rowe, J. Lock, R. Muss, L. Rainey. Hatherleigh 4.5 9.9 17.12 14.13 (157) Kalangadoo 2.0 3.1 3.3 3.3 (21) Goals - Hatherleigh: S. Beggs 8; M. Gibson 6; M. Nettle 3; N. Stratford 2; T. Loveday, S. Fitzgerald, L. Haine, M. Duff, B. Scudds. Kalangadoo: A. Ilsley, B. Telford, D. Stone. Best - Hatherleigh: S. Beggs, L. Haines, S. Ellis, J. Gordon, M. Gibson, M. Duff. Kalangadoo: D. Gull, M. Millhouse, S. McCann, S. Gallasch, D. Stone, D. Stone, J. Bayely. Glencoe 3.4 9.6 14.11 17.11 (113) Mt Burr 0.1 1.4 1.5 2.8 (20) Goals - Glencoe: E. Bronca 5; M. Kasparian 3; B. Curran, S. Giersch 2; D. Young, T. Biggins, A. Cary, B. Hentschke, S. Walker. Mt Burr: S. Lesslie, R. Hilton. Best - Glencoe: S. Giersch, S. Walker, J. Finnis, E. Bronca, B. Hentschke, T. Biggins. Mt Burr: A. Wiese, A. Ferguson, Z. Wallis, M. Sporer. Tantanoola 9.2 15.7 21.11 125.22 (172) Robe 0.0 1.0 1.1 1.2 (8) Goals - Tantanoola: J. Varcoe 8; N. Gore 6; M. Pilmore 5; J. Aberle 2; M. Anderson, Z. Courbois, S. Bowering, S. Taylor. Best - Tantanoola: B. McGrath, S. Bowering, M. PIlmore, T. Wilson, Z. Courbois, C. McCallum. Robe: D. McKenny, B. Fennell, J. Perkins, J. Gibbs, A. Sayers, H. Ludwig.

Nangwarry 1.4 2.4 3.6 7.12 (54) Kongorong 1.2 2.2 2.6 2.6 (18) Goals - Nangwarry: R. Wilson 3; G. Cooper 2; R. Widdison-Mills, N. Rowe. Kongorong: T. Mahony, R. Kilsby. Best - Nangwarry: G. Cooper, N. Rowe, B. McIntosh, R. Wilson, B. Rowe. Kongorong: C. Sanderson, T. Modra, W. Vickery, J. MacIntosh, M. Hein. Hatherleigh 3.1 9.2 12.3 15.5 (95) Kalangadoo 0.0 1.1 1.1 2.1 (13) Goals - Hatherleigh: L. MacGregor, Z. Jones. J. Wight 3; J. Jones, D. Treloar, R. Chester, M. Palmer, C. Gibbs, S. Jones. Kalangadoo: S. McManus. Best - Hatherleigh: Z. Jones, J. Gray, E. Seamer, S. Jones, R. Chester. Kalangadoo: L. Mcintyre, M. Davies, L. Redford, S. McManus, L. Ousey, A. Tucker. Mt Burr 1.0 1.0 3.5 10.8 (68) Glencoe 1.0 2.2 2.2 2.2 (14) Goals - Mt Burr: D. Hogan 5; T. Tukia 2; M. Gurney, C. Gamble, L. Collyer. Glencoe: J. Matthews. Best - Mt Burr: D. Hogan, R. Gamble, J. Watts, C. Crescentino, C. Gamble, L. Collyer. Glencoe: B. Lipscombe, K. Poole, D. Cleggett, B. Arthurson, P. Mitchell. Tantanoola 1.7 2.9 4.10 7.12 (54) Robe 0.0 0.1 2.3 3.3 (21) Goals - Tantanoola: R. Osborne 4; B. Hann, J. Bell, A. Roberts. Robe: K. Smith, L. Hurst, H. Bigmore. Best - Tantanoola: Z. Walker, R. Osborne, J. Bell, A. Roberts, C. Serle, J. Hann. Robe: A. Weir, K. Smith, C. Walsh, M. Hansberry, L. Fennell, N. Enright.

MSE Seniors Ladder Hatherleigh Glencoe Port MacDonnell Tantanoola Mt Burr Kongorong Kalangadoo Robe Nangwarry

% 76.06 67.33 67.93 54.36 46.52 50.48 31.77 21.06 35.26

Pts 40 32 28 28 28 24 8 4 0

Far left (top) - Sam Egan fists the ball away. Photo courtesy of Kelvin Ruge; Far left (bottom) Scott Fleming takes a strong pack mark.; Left (top) - Jake Turner marks strongly; Left (bottom) - South’s Lloyd Pearce-Raisin tackles George Beck; South A grader Yazmin King on the fly down court despite pressure from Brooke Dempsey. Photos courtesy of Frank Monger.

Right (top) - Kalangadoo A Reserve goal attack Amanda Casey takes this high ball strongly as Hatherleigh defender Maddie Parish looks to shut down the aerial approach. Photo courtesy of Andrew Crouch. Right (bottom) - North Gambier’s Scott Flett stepped into the lead ruck duties on Saturday in the absence of veteran David Nulty and earnt best on ground plaudits. Photo courtesy of Kelvin Ruge.



42 Commercial Street West,



(08) 8725 1004

South West District Football

A Grade Heathmere 5.1 6.2 11.9 13.8 (86) Cavendish 0.2 6.9 8.10 10.12 (72) Goals - Heathmere: D. Oliver 3; T. Puche, L. Coffey, J. Dwyer 2; J. Nagorcka, P. Young, R. Greg, K. McQualter. Cavendish: R. McNaughton, A. O’Connor, P. McKellar 2; B. Munn, A. Schurmann, S. Hatherell, L. Hatherell. Best - Heathmere: L. Coffey, T. Puche, M. Gore, P. Huddart, P. Young, J. Dwyer. Cavendish: A. Keen, A. O’Connor, S. Haeusler, R. Luhrs, D. Brook. Sandford 2.5 4.9 8.11 20.13 (73) Westerns 3.2 5.5 6.6 9.12 (66) Goals - Sandford: M. Sinkunas 4; T. Emmerton 2; B. Sharam, M. Kurzman, S. Thiselton, W. Bilney. Westerns: S. Dart 3; R. Cracknell 2; C. Deans, M. Barry, H. Dyke, L. Gardiner. Best - Sandford: D. Milera, B. Walker, M. Buksvskis, W. Bilney, T. Emmerton, J. Searle. Westerns: H. Dyke, M. Keem, P. Wilson, J. Cole, R. Gardiner, J. Bartlett.. Heywood 2.1 10.2 16.3 18.5 (113) Coleraine 4.1 6.5 9.6 14.7 (91) Goals - Heywood: M. Wilson 7; J. Bell 6; J. Saunders 2; R. Bleumink, B. Nash, S. Millard. Coleraine: T. Hogan 5; Z. McDonald 3; C. Tosetti, L. Kaine 2; E. Guthrie, J. Gould. Best - Heywood: J. Bell, J. Walker, S. O’Brien, T. Gorey, B. Church, M. Wilson. Coleraine: B. Rhook, E. Guthrie, A. Gould, G. Robertson, J. Brown. Tyrendarra 4.1 8.1 14.2 18.5 (113) Branx-Wallace 1.3 4.4 5.7 8.8 (56) Goals - Tyrendarra: M. Lenehan 5; T. O’Connell, S. Byron 4; J. Meulendyks, J. Morton, A. Ross, D. Polkinghorne, D. Kilmister. Branx-Wallace: M. McLean 3; A. Cameron, P. Fort 2; A. Bunting. Best - Tyrendarra: T. Holland, A. Ross, M. Lenehan, B. Clay, L. Thorpe, T. O’Connell. Branx-Wallace: J. Tonissen, L. Cooper, J. Evans, J. Bradley, M. Monaghan, B. Manders.


Hampden Football League

A Grade Hamilton Kangaroos 5.3 7.8 11.9 15.11 (101) Port Fairy 4.4 6.6 8.9 9.15 (69) Goals - Hamilton: J. Murphy 3; H. Douglas, B. Huf, H. Waldron 2; G. Crawford, T. Waters, R. Morris, A. Martin, L. Crawford, A. Pepper. Port Fairy: N. Sheehan 3; A. Fairley, S. McCartney 2; S. Robinson, J. Solomon. Best - Hamilton: J. Murphy, A. Pepper, D. Logan, L. Crawford, B. Huf, K. Uebergang. Port Fairy: S. Ridolph, S. Anson, A. Farley, J. Vickers, I. Martin, N. Sheehan. Portland 3.3 5.4 9.6 16.10 (106) Terang Mortlake 3.4 5.7 7.11 8.11 (59) Goals - Portland: J. Stiles 4; J. Moody 3; B. Bentley, N. Haylock, D. O’ Loughlin 2; M. Bunworth, R. Egan, D. Falcone. Terang Mortlake: S. Staunton 5; J. Conheady, J. Crawley, J. Hay. Best - Portland: J. Stiles, J. Moody, D. O’Loughlin, R. Egan, J. Van Heugten, L. Van Heugten. Terang Mortlake: S. Staunton, T. Densley, J. Richardson, J. Conheady, C. Baxter, D. O’Connor.

Western Border Soccer Association Challenge Cup grand final results A Grade Apollo 1 d Inter 0 B Grade Apollo 6 d Inter 1 Under 17 Apollo 3 d Inter 1 Under 14 Sharks 1 d Portland 0 Under 12 Inter 2 d Apollo 0

Hampden Netball Results A Grade Terang Mortland 39 d Portland 37 (L. Hockley, R. Skinner, C. Walder); Port Fairy 66 d Hamilton Kangaroos 33 (J. McKew, A. Huf, H. Huf)

Lower South East Hockey Association Round Division one men - Tigers 1 d Cavaliers 0; Division one women - Tigers 3 d Cavaliers 0; Redbacks 4 d West 3; Division two men - Cavaliers 5 d Tigers 3; Division two women - Redbacks 3 d West 0; Tigers 6 d Cavaliers 1; Division three women - Drifters 3 d Portland 0; Under 15 boys - Cavaliers 3 d Tigers 0; Under 15 girls - Cavaiers 2 d Tigers 0; Under 13 boys - Cavaliers 3 d Tigers 0; Under 13 girls - Tigers 1 d Cavaliers Black 0.

Hampden Football Netball League Round 13 - July 13

Above (left) - East coach Jacinta Clark was best on court in the first half of the A grade clash with South Gambier. Above (right) - Yazmin King was part of a defensive trio that looked to force East into errors during A grade action on Saturday.


Photos courtesy of Frank Monger.

South East Coast Basketball League results


Men - Bulldogs 86 (M. Berkefeld 29; S. Berkefeld 23; C. Millard 12) d Millicent 55 (J. Telfer 23; T. Marsden 17; S. Lonergan 7); Panthers 69 (D. Brown 25; T. Brown 16; J. Ryan 13) d Cougars 66 (K. deWit 21; B. Ousey 14 S. Stafford 11); Roos forfeited to Wizards. Women - Millicent 70 (S. Allen 18; K. Seebohm 15; A. Walker 11) d Bulldogs 48 (E. McDiarmid 11; K. Diarmid 9; T. Gray 8); Panthers 46 (B. Walters 19; B. McKay 8; E. McKay 7) d Cougars 38 (G. Green 16; K. Allen, E. Cunningham 6). - 043

Kowree-Naracoorte-Tatiara Football

Seniors Kaniva-Leeor 4.1 6.5 9.7 14.10 (94) Kybybolite 5.2 11.5 13.10 13.15 (93) Goals - Kaniva-Leeor: S. Stallion 4; J. Turner, C. Sharples 2; A. Brown, S. Willersdrof, J. Hicks, L. O’Conner, J. Lyon, B. Bartholomew. Kybybolite: S. Carberry 6; B. Laurie, W. Miles 2; J. Steer, M. Slotegraf, D. Ogilivie. Best - Kaniva-Leeor: S. Stallion, J. Turner A. Brown, P. Adlington, J. Lyon, C. Sharples. Kybybolite: D. Ogilvie, D. Arnold, B. Laurie, M. Slotegraf, B. Kurtzer, S. Carberry. Mundulla 2.8 8.15 10.18 13.19 (97) Padthaway 0.1 2.4 4.4 6.5 (41) Goals - Mundulla: L. Wiese, J. Mock 3; J. McGrice 2; T. Perry, G. Obst, J. Wiese, W. Packer, B. Packer. Padthaway: T. Edwards, T. McLennan 2; B. Gunning, W. Verco. Best - Mundulla: G. Obst, J. McGrice, L. Duell, S. Luckett, J. Milligan, T. Ballinger. Padthaway: T. Edwards, M. Hoffman, J. Dolling, M. Roscow, H. Treloar, D. Boyanton. Naracoorte 3.5 9.12 18.16 24.23 (167) Kingston 5.1 7.3 7.4 9.6 (60) Goals - Naracoorte: S. Logan 13; M. Gill 3; M. Hartree 2; Z. Donnelly, M. Parker, J. Gilbert, C. Beggs, J. Sellars, B. Foster. Kingston: J. Gould 4; B. Warner 2; C. Watson, T. Baker, T. Borrillo. Best - Naracoorte: M. Gill, S. Logan, R. Jones, M. Hartree, C. Mifsud, J. Bettoncelli. Kingston: R. Cunneen, T. McGovern, J. Austin, T. Baker, T. Borrillo, J. Wehl. Penola 5.1 9.6 14.10 21.13 (139) Keith 5.2 9.4 13.5 19.10 (124) Goals - Penola: A. Merrett 7; B. Merrett 4; B. McIntyre, S. Zadow, B. Foster, L. Jones 2; M. Willson, J. Copping. Keith: J. McEntee 8; A. Hunt 3; B. King, H. Drogemuller 2; P. Makin, B. Gericke, A. Bowley, J. Snajdar. Best - Penola: D. Coxon, M. Willson, S. Zadow, A. Merrett, B. Foster, T. McIntyre. Keith: J. McEntee, D. Stratford, A. Bowley, J. Wilson, A. Hunt, H. Drogemuller. Border Districts 4.2 8.2 11.3 14.8 (92) Lucindale 6.4 8.7 11.10 13.12 (90) Goals - Border Districts: T. Crick 8; C. Barras 5; M. Lemon. Lucindale: S. Menz 4; M. Snowball, A. Smart 2; R. Handbury, S. McGurk, T. Smith, T. Ware, T. Menz. Best - Border Districts: T. Crick, A. Pitt, J. Hirst, S. Ferenci, N. Tarca, J. Barras. Lucindale: M. Snowball, T. Smith, A. Smart, P. Baker,R. Handbury, J. McRae.

KNT Seniors Ladder % 65.38 66.23 62.28 59.25 59.24 57.44 47.63 43.10 38.20 38.12 24.42

Bordertown Naracoorte Keith Penola Mundulla Padthaway Kaniva-Leeor Border Districts Kybybolite Kingston Lucindale

South East Women’s Football Association round 8 results Pts 36 32 32 28 28 16 16 16 8 6 2

KNT Netball Results Keith 52 (G. Cadzow, R. Sparrow) d Penola 43 (K. Nankivell, S. Skeer); Kybybolite 46 (A. Donnelly, T. Wakefield) d Kaniva-Leeor 38 (E. Hawker, M. Hakwer); Border Districts 48 (T. Atkinson, K. Jacob) d Lucindale 30 (E. Riggs, M. Gear); Naracoorte 63 (V. Ross, A. Bennier) d Kingston 34 (B. Clarke, R. Smith).


A Grade Amazons 61 (T. Smith, M. Pendrey) d Hobitz 46 (L. Humphries, K. Stewart); Intruders 39 (C. Easterbrook, C. Grubb) d Zodiacs 37 (A. Shaw, N. Blachut); Vicis 49 (L. Jarnevic, Y. Versace) d Saints 32 (R. Primmer, M. Ridding).

Justin McConnell Brett Exelby Anthony Kilsby

North Gambier South Gambier North Gambier

53 27 24

WB Seniors Ladder North Gambier South Gambier West Gambier Casterton East Gambier Millicent

% 217.77 143.64 95.89 75.15 67.86 63.52

Pts 18 14 10 8 2 2

WB Netball Results


West Gambier 6.3 7.4 13.9 14.14 (98) Casterton 1.1 2.2 4.2 5.5 (35) Goals - West: N. Allen 5; B. Wilson 3; L. Collins, J. Ryan, T. Holmes, G. Tucker, J. Carter, R. Fox. Casterton: R. Smith 3, B. Currie, D. Ayton. Best - West: B. Wilson, T. Holmes, D. MElroy, A. Kamara, D. Lloyd, N. Allen. Casterton: K. Carlin, K. Forbes, B. Currie, A. Richardson, S. Penfold, J. Schill South Gambier 3.3 5.6 7.11 9.13 (67) East Gambier 3.0 3.2 4.2 9.4 (58) Goals - South: B. Cordy 4; T. Laube 2; J. Ryan, A. Bryant, S. Berkefeld. East: T. Stribling, C. Povey 2; F. Scanlon, S. Balshaw, J. Fry, C. Anderson, A. Wilson. Best - Soth: B. O’Neil, S. Berkefeld, B. Bryant, B. Carracher, J. Mullen. East: T. Stribling, N. Lock, T. Pfeiffer, G. Janeway, A. Wilson. North Gambier 16.9 (105) Millicent 7.13 (55) Goals - North: J. McConnell 9, A. Kilsby, G. Soper 2; M. McInerney, B. Stafford, L. Symons. Millicent: J. Martin, J. Hales 2; P. O’Loughlin, C. Haggett, M. Gordon. Best - North: S. Flett, A. Kurzman, M. McInerney, B. Egan, M. Quirk, L. Symons. Millicent: J. Agnew, M. Redman, N. Robbins, C. Gysbers, J. Martin, S. Withers.

Casterton 4.4 7.7 11.8 14.12 (96) West Gambier 0.2 1.3 2.3 3.3 (21) Goals - Casterton: S. Koch 4; R. Cleary 3; M. Jarrad 2; R. Killey, H. Smith, E. Currie, Z. Howlett, S. McKenzie. West: C. Johnson, Y. Akita, N. Hay. Best - Casterton: R. Cleary, M. Jarrad, S. Koch, J. Smith, P. Milich, S. McKenzie. West: J. Hewett, Y. Akita, K. Badman, T. King, J. Weyers, T. Lockwood. East Gambier 3.1 5.4 7.4 7.6 (48) South Gambier 0.0 1.1 3.6 3.9 (27) Goals - East: M. Ellis 4; J. Case 2; L. Cates. South: A. Medhurst, N. Seager, J. Tentye. Best - East: M. Ellis, N. Murray, M. White, R. Povey, S. Tulak, J. Reader. South: R. Paterson, P. Harten, J. Harvey, R. Attiwill, D. Stratford, N. Seager. North Gambier 14.12 (96) Millicent 2.2 (14) Goals - North: T. Gibbs 3; J. Schutz, J. Gibbs 2; L. Norman, T. Young, A. Bowd, J. Galpin, S. Whelan, T. Coonan, K. Opperman. Millicent: D. Dunn, H. Reilly. Best - North: L. Norman, B. Colliver, T. Young, J. Galpin, T. Gibbs, K. Opperman. Millicent: R. Grimes, B. Grosser, A. Thorne, D. Shanks, A. Nitschke.

A Grade Millicent 58 (D. Denton, L. Duldig) d North Gambier 44 (A. O’Shaugnessy, A. Kalantarian); South Gambier 49 (A. Mourbey, A. Boylan) d East Gambier 39 (J. Little, S. Lock); West Gambier 67 (L. Cram, M. Ryan) d Casterton 52 (G. Sealey, H. Rhook).

A Reserve South Gambier 65 (E. Gazzard, F. Walker) d East Gambier 38 (L. Murray, R. Pratt); West Gambier 54 (K. Rolton, M. Ryan) d Casterton 43 (J. Perry, T. Cleary); Millicent 43 (T. Haggett, J. Bowman) d North Gambier 42 (S. Chapman, T. Hood).

B Grade North Gambier 49 (L. Yeates, A. Whan) d Millicent 47 (K. Murphy, B. Turner); East Gambier 50 (A. Ellis, Z. Tomkinson) d South Gambier 35 (K. Jennings, L. DeBruek); Casterton 59 (E. McIntosh, K. Bruce-Smith) d West gambeir 42 (C. Somerfield, S. Cummins).

C Grade

Under 17

West Gambier 2.1 5.5 7.7 8.9 (57) Casterton 1.2 3.2 5.2 5.3 (33) Goals - West: J. Lock, R. Hosking, J. Stokker 2; B. Hosking, L. Tilley. Casterton: B. Millard 2; L. Stephens, K. Zippel, J. Gibbs. Best - West: R. Hosking, L. Tilley, B. Wagstaffe, B. Hosking, J. Lock, B. Von Duve. Casterton: K. Zippel, J. Gibbs, C. Jarrad, J. Neylon, J. Milich, D. Tomkins. South Gambier 3.1 5.1 7.3 8.3 (51) East Gambier 1.1 3.4 3.5 3.7 (25) Goals - South: none supplied. East: M. Murphy 2; T. Lockwood. Best - South: none supplied. East: S. Brooksby, L. Dohrmann, T. Lockwood, M. Murphy, B. McMillan, Z. Young. North Gambier 3.6 6.10 8.15 8.16 (64) Millicent 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.1 (1) Goals - North: L. Hunt, T. Brookes 2; B. Close, B. Stott, W. Stafford, B. May. Best - North: N. Steen, B. Close, T. Brookes, N. Brown, W. Nankivell, J. Everard. Millicent: B. Kenny, B. Fabris, J. Grimes, A. Watts, T. Palmer, T. Hutchesson.

MGNA Netball Results

Western Border Goalkickers

A Grade


Under 15

Seniors Palace 3 (M. Plant, I. Pratt) d United 1 (K. Durbridge); Millicent 3 (J. Grgetic, K. Lines, B. Bennett) drew with Villa 3 (J. Wood 2; J. Beck); Wanderers 3 (E. Ripper 2; E. Autonov) d City 1 (E. Gilcrist). Under 14 Palace v Mount (forfeit); County 5 (G. Peate 3; L. Smith, N. Zwinjenburg) d Millicent 0.

Casterton 1.3 3.4 4.5 7.7 (49) West Gambier 1.3 4.3 6.6 6.7 (43) Goals - Casterton: O. Richardson, J. Carlin 2; B. Devereaux, C. Zippel, A. Cleary. West: A. Cram 3; G. Ha, A. Von Stanke, A. Gibbs. Best - Casterton: A. Cleary, P. Kelly, E. Currie, M. Robinson, I. Forbes, A. Robertson. West: A. Cram, J. Pfitzner, A. Von Stanke, R. Rutowski, J. Coombe. South Gambier 2.2 4.4 7.6 9.9 (63) East Gambier 2.1 3.2 4.3 6.7 (43) Goals - South: R. Franchetto 4; J. Foster 2; N. Laube, D. Stratton, J. Tentye. East: T. Lockwood, K. Anderson, D. Robinson, C. McCormack, B. Morton, J. Van Horan. Best - Soth: H. Stevens, Z. King, P. Glynn, A. Andrae, J. Schleter, B. Whicker. East: C. McCormack, B. Rogers, C. Lloyd-Fox, L. Lock, R. Janeway. North Gambier 5.6 9.12 12.17 15.20 (110) Millicent 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 (0) Goals - North: J. Stafford 6; S. Stafford, M. McInerney 3; W. Lewis, S. Kenny, B. Bruhn. Best - North: J. Stafford, T. Hatt, J. Hunter, M. McInerney, A. Boksem, A. Anderson. Millicent: T. Rigney, B. Fabris, C. Hutchesson, T. McRostie, B. Wilson, H. Walshaw.

North Gambier 51 (R. Perryman, K. Pietsch) d Millicent 37 (B. Shanks, A. Lonergan); East Gambier 51 (T. Gray, R. Anderson-Gibson) d South Gambier 24 (C. Burford, B. Fuller); West Gambier 52 (K. Dawe, D. Watson) d Casterton 31 (P. Robbins, K. Gill).

17 and under North Gambier 47 (T. Woodall, B. Watson) d Millicent 20 (M. Squire, L. Walker); East Gambier 52 (T. Gray, G. Green) d South Gambier 14 (A. Kenny, N. Short); Casterton 38 (A. Shannon, C. Outtram) d West Gambier 23 (T. Earl, J. Kipping).

15 and under Millicent 35 (Z. Borwn, B. Cory) d North Gambier 33 (A. Hood, L. Day); East Gambier 58 (T. Gray, M. Wilson) d South Gambier 12 (J. Opie, L. Lockwood); West Gambier 35 (G. Ferguson, O. McEvoy) d Casterton 34 (T. McIntosh, A. Keatley).

13 and under North Gambier 46 (G. Hood, L. Ross) d Millicent 24 (S. Ferguson, K. Brown); South Gambier 54 (O. Dukalskis, J. Adams) d East Gambier 13 (I. Sneath, F. Monger).





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5 speed manual, turbo diesel, 3 seat van, 1 owner, complete service history, air conditioning, dual airbags, power windows, cruise control, barn doors, cargo barrier. S831AHO.

Automatic, anti lock brakes, air conditioning, dual airbags, CD player, central locking, front power windows. XBO-023.

Automatic, 16” alloy wheels, air conditioning, tinted windows, 8 airbags, CD player, central locking, cruise control, power steering, power windows. XPP-838.

Automatic, 16” alloy wheels, anti lock brakes, 8 airbags, CD player, central locking, cruise control, power windows. XWL-579.

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5 speed manual, 57,152kms, 16” alloy wheels, air conditioning, 7 airbags, tinted windows, bluetooth, bodykit, CD palyer, central locking, cruise control, power windows. WFO-415.

Automatic turbo diesel, 7 seats, 17” alloy wheels, anti lock brakes, air conditioning, tinted windows, CD player, central locking, cruise control, power windows. MCK-304.

Automatic, turbo diesel, 17” alloy wheels, climate control, 7 airbags, bluetooth, CD player, central locking, cruise control, power windows. MCN-829.

Automatic, anti lock brakes, air conditioning, 9 airbags, bluetooth, CD palyer, central locking, cruise control, power windows, tinted windows. S266AJL.

Automatic, 17” alloy wheels, anti lock brakes, air conditioning, 8 airbags, CD player, central locking, cruise control, leather seats. XMQ-154.

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