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Learning from the pages of history It is always good to look back in history to remind ourselves of issues we faced in the past and how we tackled them. Lessons learnt can bring a positive current outcome rather than having to relearn them. Current beef prices may not be at everyone’s desirable level, but they are relatively predictable. If you follow the 2014 week to week saleyard prices graphs, it follows 2013 very closely, with a positive kick right at the end of the year. Yes, there are week to week fluctuations, but they are relatively predictable, and you can budget on that. Any bigger variation in the future is more likely to be upwards according to forecasts from market watchers with greater experience than me. The overseas demand is exceptionally strong. Our markets have been held lower by a simple oversupply situation from drought destocking in Queensland, where a majority of our cattle are run. If that drought ends it will have two effects; firstly stopping further destocking, and in the longer term, restocking demand which will greatly alter that supply and demand balance. However finance availability will limit the rate of the latter. Good rains post-Christmas in Queensland are a very positive sign, but are not yet enough to be called ‘drought breaking’. While we are not in drought in southern areas, 2014 is a clear example of one thing we can be assured of in Australia; that is climatic variability. How then do we limit the effects of climatic and economic variability? Drought proofing the farming business rather than the farm is one way of looking at our variable situation, acting early rather than hanging out in hope. Again historical records are very important to enable sound decision making. Pasture quality and soil health are essential for profitable beef production.

By Ian Turner expectations on you – unless you take the lead. As the widely loved Sam Kekovich would say, “You know it makes sense!”

Photo - Pasture quality is a key to profitable beef production, not only for improved grazing efficiency, but also to reduce methane emissions.

Phone Fax Email Office Print Looking after your pastures is also the key to drought proofing your business. Continuous stocking is rarely good grazing policy as it leads to selective over-grazing of good species and poor quality plant species will eventually dominate. Fencing to soil type and topography is likely to produce better pasture management than neat square paddocks that may contain several soil types or different topography levels. Enterprise diversity is also a key way to maintain pasture biodiversity, giving more flexibility and protection from economic and climatic variability. Good quality water is the scarcest and most valuable resource we have and if lucky enough to have natural watercourses, protect them and provide ground tanks and troughs for the cattle watering. Cattle are big animals and poorly seated and maintained watering points can be very costly in many ways. Ruminant

cattle and sheep in this country produce around 10% of the nation’s greenhouse gas emissions. What can we do about this? The courser and more fibrous the feed they eat, the greater the methane levels produced by microbes in the rumen trying to break it down, lowering rumen efficiency. Methane levels will never be eliminated, but can be significantly reduced by improving pasture quality and grazing efficiency. Greater feed efficiency will lead to improved performance, which can mean the genetic improvements that have been made by our seedstock producers can be fully expressed. This will reduce the time to reach targeted market weights, thus less emissions will be produced over each animal’s lifetime. These effects will have an economic benefit, as well as appeasing the huge voting population who are not beef producers, but have the power to impose their standards and

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Delivered exclusively to Australia Post PO boxes and RMBs throughout 85 towns in the South East of SA and Western Victoria. We are ensuring your advertising message is delivered to the people that matter. Beef & Bull is produced by Lifestyle1 Pty Ltd. Details contained in this magazine have been compiled from information supplied by advertisers. No responsibility is accepted for the accuracy of information contained here in. Prospective purchasers should rely on their own enquiries.


- Are you able to support a student’s work placement? - Would you like to employ a school-based, part-time or full-time trainee? - Would you like to provide your staff with up to date, nationally recognised training? The benefits of employing an apprentice or trainee include access to training wage rates, the chance to receive up to $5,500 in financial incentives and customised training that leads to increased productivity and greater efficiency. When training your staff you can have this delivered entirely in the South East and also receive financial incentives for your business. To find out more: Phone: (08) 8723 3313, Jasmine Pearce: 0438 805 967 or Leanne Cameron: 0417 883 253

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Sire Power at Boonaroo Boonaroo will offer a line of 70 Angus bulls, featuring soft, well muscled bulls with outstanding structure and docile temperament. They have focussed heavily on fat cover and muscling in their breeding program, combining these two traits to produce cattle which can run at higher stocking rates without losing their ability to finish and be fertile. At Boonaroo they believe this inherent do-ability is a critical factor in making beef production a profitable enterprise in these modern times. Commercial reality sees all beef producers having to be able to produce more kilograms of beef per hectare in seasons with far more climatic variability than the past. It is all very well to produce big animals with high growth rates, but if these animals can’t be finished off efficiently to the carcass standard required by the meat industry then they instantly impact on profitability. That lack of ability to finish also means those females with low fat scores will struggle to join up early further impacting on profitability with empty cows and late calvers. All bulls are structurally

assessed, fertility tested and guaranteed for three years on a pro rata basis. At Boonaroo all bulls are vaccinated in the Zoetis Star program and are free of all known reproductive diseases. Buyers can purchase with complete confidence that their bull will get the job done. New Zealand genetics feature strongly in the catalogue, providing a robust, sound and deep bodied line of sons. The Braveheart of Stern bulls are simply outstanding, they are extremely quiet, soft well fleshed, easy finishing bulls, with a power of muscle. As well as their own Boonaroo Federation, who is a trait leader for the Angus breed in short gestation length, producing a line of bulls with tremendous calving ease, while still having the ability to grow on. Irelands Garvoc has well and truly stamped his line of bulls, they are incredibly deep with plenty of muscle but still fleshy and easy finishing. The team at Boonaroo urges you to try and get to either of their field days and see for yourselves that the type of cattle they are breeding at Boonaroo back up these ideals. Please join us for our field days at “Clifton,” Hamilton, on Tuesday 3rd of February; Tuesday 10th Feb, at Boonaroo, Casterton; and our Sale on Friday Feb 20th, 2015 at Boonaroo at 3pm Vic time.

Above - Angus bulls offered for sale in the 2015 Boonaroo Bull Sale, February 20, at Casterton. Below - Jodie, Tom, Claire & Shane Foster of Boonaroo Angus.

Left - Outstanding new bloodlines by New Zealand sire Braveheart of Stern will feature at the 2015 Boonaroo sale.

Want BETTER Prices? Make Mount Gambier Saleyards your first choice when selling stock



STORE SALE - 2nd Friday every month. (Unless advised otherwise) Contact your stock agent for details. • Cattle and sheep selling facilities • Avdata and cash truck wash • Modern canteen • Very competitively priced yard fees, encourages high yardings and more competition • Strong buying presence

For more details contact SALEYARDS 08 8725 6155 Beef & Bull | 03

Woonallee offers world class genetics Woonallee’s long term and worldwide search for genetics gives Australia’s commercial beef producers a product advantage in our rangeland grazing conditions. That search now enables Woonallee to offer the very best in Simmental whatever your requirements, whether traditional Simmental, solid red, black or SimAngus, the composite offering the advantages of hybrid vigour. This year’s offering of 80 bulls comprises that full range of options and is choc-full of quality. They have the genetic capacity for explosive growth, excellent carcase traits, increased fat cover, balance, mobility, calving ease and are easy doing; so important for clients who produce young cattle off grass. Before their February 12 on-property bull sale at Furner, the full offering will be on display at the February 10 field day, while a selection will also be on display at Mortlake during Vic Beef Week on February 2. Some stars of the offering include Woonallee Jabiru, a homozygous black and homozygous polled bull and one of the first progeny from 3D Full Throttle, being reserve champion at the 2014 Adelaide Royal as a 13 month old calf. Throttle is renowned for producing progeny with power, strong carcase traits, yet with softness, balance and style. Jabiru certainly fits that description and is out of the

prolific donor cow, Pert Lucky One B13. Woonallee Jolly is another B13 son, but sired by LFE Black Lakota. He was part of Woonallee’s successful show team and displays thickness, depth, impeccable structure and great mobility. He is homozygous polled and heterozygous black and is described by principals, Tom and Lizzy Baker as a complete package. On the solid reds there are two feature bulls, one sired by Wheatland El Toro and the other is an imported embryo by LFE Biss Black Advance, being the highest performing bull in his group. There are 20 Black and Bold Reds on offer. There are also 20 SimAngus bulls on offer, these proving popular with breeders of established Angus herds in recent years; those looking for an advantage from heterosis without having to go for the 50% infusion. On the traditional front there is none better than W.Justified J112, another standout bull. By W. Gangster, this soft, yet thick and powerful bull was junior and grand champion bull at Adelaide at 14 months of age. He has done nothing but impress with his progress since then either, and is typical of the Woonallee type of recent years, being stylish, thick with strong carcase traits on a moderate frame. Everyone who has followed Woonallee’s fortunes over the last decade would be aware of the

huge impact Woonallee BHR Tornado (P) has had within their herd. Another son, Woonallee Jetstream J71(P) is a feature lot this year, rated by the Bakers as one of the most exciting young sires ever raised at Woonallee. Offering power, performance and softness with style and mobility, he is described as the complete package. There is excellence on both sides of his pedigree as he is a full brother to Kathie G73 the Adelaide Champion female for the last two years. While these are highlight bulls, the depth of quality in the Woonallee draft is exceptional and several new lines are represented, including progeny of W. Dimension and DDD Sargent Rote. On the female front, on the morning of the bull sale the usual offering of 200 commercial heifers will take place, connected in to the Auctions Plus network. The quality of these commercial heifers and the reputation gained from the level of performance they give their purchasers has attracted buyers from three states in the past. In the afternoon stud sale there will also be 30 stud females on offer. Woonallee

Beef & Bull | 04

has reverted back to their normal sale format prior to last year’s special standalone female sale. Sale details will be available and regularly updated on the Woonallee website www. The entire sale offering will be on display at Woonallee’s SA Beef Field Day will be on Tuesday, February 10, while a selection will be displayed at Mortlake during Vic Beef Week on February 2.

Above - A selling complex to match the outstanding quality and genetic range of Semmental cattle on offer ensures purchasers are catered for in all aspects of their purchasing experience at Woonallee annual sale at Furner. After sales service offered by the Baker family is also second to none.

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Clients come first at Coolana Client productivity and after sales service are the key motivators for Mark and Anna Gubbins, their family and staff at Coolana Angus. Coolana runs a balanced Angus breeding program with 2000 cows on properties at Chatsworth in Victoria and on the Coorong by Meningie in South Australia. Feedback indicates Coolana Angus is positioned in the high-profit market range for type, maturity pattern and carcase attributes. They have achieved that ranking by their dedicated and rigid selection processes over the last four decades as a seedstock Angus herd. This involves no tolerance for passengers in their breeding herd, whether assessed for structure, mobility, fertility, or performance. The result is a commercially managed herd with the highest fertility and performance background, with Coolana now selling over 250 bulls per year from four sales. Client success and service is the focus, with the number of repeat clients vindicating the breeding efficiency and performance of Coolana bulls. Recent client successes include Hugh and Brigid Robertson, Bungeeltap P/L, Macedon, Vic. In the 2014 Beef Spectacular Feedback Trial, the largest run in New South Wales with 120 enties and 600 head, they had three pens of five steers placed in the top 10; the only exhibitors to have multiple placings. Their straight Angus pen scored the best with third; while their Angus Cross Simmental pen came fifth and

their Angus Cross Shorthorn pen came seventh. They also finished secon, 3rd and fourth in the feedlot performance category with most steers gaining more than 3kg per day. Longerenong College also had significant success at the recent Melbourne Royal Show’s Victorian Beef Carcase Competition. They gained the Champion Heavy Domestic Carcase with 91.52 pts with a steer sired by a Coolana SimAngus bull from a straight Angus female. This steer was also part of the winning Borthwick Trophy winning team for the Angus breed. Coming up are their two autumn Angus bull sales with approximately 60 bulls in each sale. This year’s South Australian bull sale will be held on Wednesday, February

18, again at The Basin sale complex, Willalooka. The SA Beef Field Day will be held at Coolana’s Hamilla Downs property on Monday, February 9. The Coolana Victorian autumn bull sale will also be held at Coolana’s Chatsworth base on March 5th, with their Victorian Beef Week Field Day on Monday, February 2. All details and further information on the sale bulls in both sales is available on the stud’s website: In September Coolana will again hold a spring Angus bull sale on September 16, with another 60 bulls. The next day Coolana will also be holding its third spring XSimm Black Simmental bull sale. They will offer 30 bulls on September 17, giving breeders of black cattle an

option to gain a 10 to 20% advantage from hetorosis, and maybe experience the same level of performance Longerenong College gained. Coolana has a long-term commitment to the beef and seedstock industries and private sale bulls are available all year round.

Above - These carcase profiles are of steers from Coolana clients who have had wonderful success in 2014 – Bungeeltap P/L at the NSW Beef Spectacular Feedback Trial (left) and Longerenong College at the Melbourne Royal Show’s Carcase Competition. Coolana’s rigid selection policy for sustainable paddock performance has led to consistent client successes like this.

Your number one advertising choice Situated at Pigeon Ponds in Western Victoria, Lindsay Murray Greys are one of the oldest established and proven Murray Grey studs in Australia. Founded by the Harvey Family at Strathdownie and now owned by the Grants, Lindsay has stood the test of time. Any business requires effective, targeted marketing. At Lindsay Murray Greys, we annually have a whole range of advertising options. Some that simply are too expensive for our advertising budget and some that are not the most effective at targeting our potential clientele. We see Beef & Bull as a great promotional initiative for beef seed stock producers. It is a well-structured glossy magazine that is professional, market focused and cost effective. Beef & Bull enables us to showcase our Murray Greys alongside many industry leading stud herds of various beef breeds. The publication gives us great exposure directly to our potential target audiences across Western Victoria and the South East of South Australia. Cost effective marketing can be hard to achieve but publications like Beef & Bull that are targeted to the beef industry take a great deal of guess work out of trying to reach our intended prospective readers. Beef & Bull’s advertising layout enables us to both advertise and explain our Murray Grey enterprise to the best of our intentions and the staff are helpful and co-operative. We value Beef & Bulls advertising exposure and see it as a major contribution to our advertising program. Craig & Jacinta Grant

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South Australia’s Only Murray Grey Bull Sale The vendors of the Green Triangle Murray Grey Sale are working towards their fifth sale, which will be on Thursday 19th of February 2015. In a new format of two venders being Arki and Beeamma Murray Grey Studs, both from Western Flat in South Australia. The sale is still being held on the Arki property at 3916 Naracoorte Rd, Western Flat SA. This year we will be offering 25 Bulls and 40 Commercial females with calves at foot or PTIC. Our sale bulls are showing some great Commercial traits, to suit the modern beef producer’s needs – ease of calving, positive fats and high EMA’S being red meat yields, in these tough seasons which nature throws our way. Including 6 young sires with EMA’S in the breeds Top 10% and 8 young sires with positive fats, (great for hard seasons) and a good collection of young sires with great calving ease, birth weight as low as +1.9 (Breed average + 3.4). Both vendors have some bulls that need a special mention: Lot 4 Arki Jarvis J73 Bw +4.1, 600Dw +50, EMA +2.6 (Top 5%), rib fat +0.8, rump fats +1.1 a smooth shouldered long bull, high EMA with positive fats. Lot 10 Beeamma High Achiver H55, Bw +3.3, 600Dw+52, EMA +2.6 (Top 5%), rib fat +0.2, rump fats +0.4 a smooth well balanced bull, high EMA with

positive fats and below average birth weight Lot 1 Arki Hard At It H79 A large framed bull (7.2 frame score) with balanced breedplan figures and impressive raw data at 24mths, Wt 904kgs, EMA 137cm, Senior Champion Bull at Adelaide and Melbourne Royal Shows in 2014. Not taking anything away from the other lots, all the bulls are well worth your inspection Both studs are MN3 Johne’s Status, this year all the sale bulls have been vaccinated with 7in1, Vibrovac & PI tested Negative. So you can buy with confidence. We will be offering free freight of 150 kilometers from the Arki property, on all bulls. Where multiple bull lots are purchased to the same district, we will freight 150 kilometres per bull. We also offer an outside rebate of 4% on stud stock, 1% on commercial females to agent’s present or introducing clients in writing 24 hours prior to sale. Just a reminder The Green Triangle Sale is on Thursday 19th of February 2015 with inspection from 11am onwards and sale kicks off at 2pm SA time. Again there will be two Murray Grey Sales in two days. Lindsay Murray Grey Sale will be the following day. The Green Triangle Sale will be the only Murray


Above - Lot 1 at 23 months. On display at the Victoria Beef Week – Tuesday 3rd February 2015

Grey Bull Sale held in South Australia. This year we will be attending the Victorian beef week day eight at Hamilton Show Grounds in the Ram Shed, on Tuesday 3rd of February 2015. The Green Triangle Sale will be displaying a selection of sale bulls from both vendors. We would like to invite you to take this opportunity to view our

bulls, and discuss your cattle needs for now and in the future. For further information please contact: •Tom Dennis from Elders Naracoorte on 0427 975 207. •Geoff Buick from Arki on 0438 582 071 •Denise Fabris from Beeamma on 0407 566 341.


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Plenty of quality at Morganvale

Morganvale will offer 50 performance recorded Poll Hereford bulls at their 9th annual sale on Tuesday, February 24 , at 11.30am. The first sons of their 2012 Dubbo purchase Braybook Federer, home bred sires in Fillmore, Forsyth and Flynn are represented along with proven sires M. Crampton, K P Excel, R Ramsey and M Ensay. A range of production types is available for breeding programs whether it be domestic, feeder or EU markets , offering positive fats, high muscle and growth. All sale bulls PI tested negative for pestivirus and vaccinated with 5 in 1 and have a MN2 status for BJD. The herd is accredited EU herd, this along with free freight and a comprehensive guarantee on is offered on all stock sold at the sale. A successful Wodonga show and sale in May 2014 saw

Morganvale awarded the only AAA bull M Hillard , to be offered and sold to Yavenvale Herefords for $14000 , over all five bulls offered sold for a $7300 average. The team at Morganvale looks forward to your inspection at their field day on Monday, February 9, where along with sale bulls will be a draft of rising three year old second calving heifers will be available for your selection. The sale listing is available for viewing at www. or . For a catalogue or an inspection at any time just contact Allan or Heather on 0408859953 or (08)87578271.

Above - Morganvale Hillard sold Wodonga 2014 to Yavenvale Herefords for $14,000.

We invite you to inspect our performance selected Poll Herefords




LOT 18

LOT 14

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Mandayen celebrates 10th sale

Mandayen’s 10th Anniversary bull and female sale will be held on Wednesday 25th February at 12.30pm at Mandayen’s ‘Eight Mile’ sale complex, Keith SA. The offering will include 70 high performance bulls with the genetic potential to improve docility, muscling and softness. This will give their clients a great opportunity to secure quality bulls at value for money prices. Sires include Wulfs Xtractor, Wulfs Waldo, RUNL Stetson, RUNL Xtra Loyal and the homebred sires Energizer E1338, Fortune F1606 and Freightliner F1616. This year’s sale bulls will be DNA tested for homozygous polled and homozygous black, vaccinated and ear notch tested for pestivirus. Once again Mandayen will deliver the bulls for free in South Australia

and Victoria. The female offering will consist of 3 in 1 cow/calf units, joined heifers, unjoined ET show prospect heifers, pregnant recipients and embryos. This will be the first opportunity to obtain progeny and pregnancies by Mandayen’s exclusive imported sire Wulfs Zander (HP) (B) and the 2014 National Champion Summit Payday (P). The bull sale draft will be on display at our 2015 on property field day on Monday the 9th of February. For any enquiries or to organise an inspection, contact Damian Gommers on 0418 824 799.

Above - The 2014 National Champion Bull Summit Payday (P) running with stud females. Payday will be the natural joining sire on cow lots in our 2015 sale.

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All your agricultral lime & road rubble needs

Although BRUHN Limestone is predominantly known for their quarrying of dimensional limestone blocks and decorative moulds for the building industry, it is fast becoming known as a quarry diversifying its product range and is now bulk producing high grade agricultural lime and road base rubble for the Lower South East of South Australia, and the Western Districts of Victoria. Andrew Carmody, from BRUHN ,said as the composition of our limestone is rich in magnesium and calcium it offers a premium level agricultural lime that boasts a

Beef & Bull | 12

95% neutralising value. “Clients are welcome to call on our APAL testing documentation to fully understand the exact element breakdown of our lime,” he said. “Here at BRUHN we are also committed to keeping our lime prices affordable and stand by our claim we offer the absolute best price for our high quality lime.” Currently we have a large stock of dry lime now in storage ready to go, so if your land is ready for rejuvenation contact our office on (08)8721 8000 where we can link you to one of our many well established distributors for delivery direct to site.

Granite Ridge is all about herd quality Granite Ridge Angus is an autumn calving, seed stock producer, having 300 HBR (Herd Book Recorded) breeding females and producing 100-120 bulls per year with the remaining males being sold as 600+ kg steers over the hooks at 18 to 20 months of age. All cattle are bred on pasture and hay, including the bulls - no grain is fed. The breeding aim at Granite Ridge is not to breed just one or two outstanding bulls and then tapering off, but to breed a whole herd of outstanding consistent cattle, so that when you go out into the paddock you are impressed with every animal you see. The consistency in quality from top to bottom solidifies a program more than chasing just one or two traits. Phenotype, structure and growth are not sacrificed in the chase for individual traits. The animal is then pleasing to the eye, sound and lucrative for the pocket. Granite Ridge is show casing some very exciting sires in their 8th Annual Bull Sale to be held on property at Avenue Range on February 13 at 1pm. The Sale Team consists of 70 HBR rising two year old bulls who are ready to go to work. Featuring the first sons of Te Mania Foe F734. Foe is an outstanding bull, he is extremely athletic and moves very well, with excellent feet, having good depth of heel. Everyone who has inspected Foe and his progeny have been amazed by his structure, phenotype and docility,

Some have commented that his genetic profile must be so strong giving a consistency in his sons and daughters. Foe is Australia’s top Sire for both the Angus Breeding Index +$160 and the Heavy Grain Index +$180 as well as being in top 1% of the Angus Breed for 400 Day Weight, 600 Day Weight +142, Milk +30, EMA +11.8, Domestic Index +$129 and Heavy Grass Index +$150, which makes him the bull of choice for all markets. Twenty sons showing great potential will be offered. There will also be some impressive sons of Tuwharetoa Regent, the most used sire in Australia being the highest marbling sire with an IMF of +4.4. HAAS GPS a total outcross sire with great potential. A calving ease specialist with oodles of growth and carcase quality. Witherswood Performer, purchased in 2011 who has huge positive fat and scrotal together with calving ease, growth and carcase quality. Granite Ridge For-Profit the ultimate growth bull, long, thick and easy doing. Highlander of Stern has some impressive square based sons. Africa, Coonamble Z3 & Buddy. Again this year a number of Granite Ridge customers have topped the market or have received top prices over the hooks and for export heifers and steers.

Right - Granite Ridge Jurassic J45 Son of Te Mania Foe.

Remember More Weight = More Dollars There is value for money in Granite Ridge Bulls, backed by the Granite Ridge guarantee. Sale Day: Friday 13th February 2015 at 1PM Field Day: Tuesday 10th February 2015

Beef & Bull | 13

Nampara - commercial, consistent and consumer-driven Nampara’s on-property bull sale to be held on Tuesday 17th February at 4.30pm is one part of a 15,000 head mixed sheep and 2000 head cattle commercial operation. With its commercial focus, Nampara bulls offer buyers an affordable selection of big, heavily-muscled bulls with strength of bone and shape concentrating on daily gain, finishing ability and fertility. Prospective buyers will have the opportunity to view the bulls at the Mortlake Saleyards on Tuesday 3rd February as part of the Victorian Beef Week and then again on-property on Tuesday 10th February as part of the SA Beef Field Days. In a first, Nampara will have a selection of spring-calving females for sale at the Field Days providing an opportunity to secure some of Nampara’s stud female genetics. This year’s consistent draft of 65 sale bulls are by sires including Raff Empire, Raff Explosive, Wittalocka Freightliner F76, Aberdeen Estate Fokker and Nampara E40. With a focus on grass-fed attributes the bulls will be competitive weights come sale day, are supported by above average performance figures, both Breedplan data and actual measurements and have been semen tested. All sale bulls are guaranteed into their second working season and are well-known for their temperament. Nampara-bred livestock are sought after in the marketplace. In the last twelve months, Nampara-blood steers out of

the Dartmoor area were consistently among the “pick pens” of steers in the winter store sales at Mount Gambier. Similarly, Nampara-finished loads of steers at JBS averaged up to $1430 this season. At Nampara, females must get in calf by two years of age, calve unassisted and raise a calf annually. For the 6th consecutive year Nampara heifers have secured top price at the Naracoorte PTIC Female Sale. Entering

the January 29th sale again this year with 300 head, buyers are guaranteed of a better, bigger and more consistent line of replacement females. Nampara continues to seek out sire lines that deliver under commercial conditions. Nampara aims to produce a consistent product that has a no-frills approach with a simple aim to breed bulls with bone, muscle and quiet temperament. Nampara are proud of

the product they produce and invite inspection at the Field Days on February 3rd at Mortlake, February 10th onproperty or at any time as well as from 2pm on sale day, February 17. Sale catalogues can be picked up on the Field Days or by contacting Natalie Hann 0428 799 592.

Above - Lot 3 – Nampara Xplanation J191

Field Day – Tuesday 10th February

Bull Sale – 65 bulls Tuesday, 17th February at 4.30pm (On-farm Coles-Spence Road, Lucindale South) Stuart and Natalie Hann • Mobile 0427 696 084 or 0428 799 592 Beef & Bull | 14


Nampara Pastoral Co

Banquet pride in unique Angus type Success from their clients in young cattle sales around the country is a source of great pride for Banquet Angus principals, Stephen and Noeleen Branson, at Mortlake. Numerous reports of sale topping weaners is evidence that progeny from their unique Banquet Angus type consistently produce young cattle that grow quicker, and for longer. Banquet cattle have been bigger framed than most for a long time, but the two standout features are their power with softness, and the extreme docility of the herd. “Being able to market young cattle at heavier weights at the same age, or reaching a specified target weight earlier is money in the bank,” Stephen Branson said. “Our Banquet cattle have the extra bone needed to carry the extra muscling, allowing producers the flexibility to meet more markets within their feed availability period in any given year; simply put, these types are more efficient feed convertors. “We find they’re more profitable more often, and it is very pleasing when our clients continually verify this.” Sale topping client successes from clients around the country, but particularly at young cattle markets in central and western Victoria are a constant endorsement of the capabilities of Banquet genetics over a wide range of climatic conditions. The Driprose

family and the two Robertson families, at Hamilton; the Murphy family, at Casterton, the Kuch family, at Sale, and the Hurley family, at Omeo, are just some of the Banquet clients who have enjoyed sale topping success in the last couple of years, while many others have sold near the top, or have received excellent results when selling on an on-hooks basis.The Banquet cattle also come with one other very pleasing attribute, extreme docility, with the herd being a dream to inspect and work with. That has huge benefits in management and the eating quality of progeny. “With personal safety and meat quality issues

at stake, producers cannot afford to breed cattle with poor temperament,” Stephen said. “The whole efficiency of operations from paddock and yard movement, to transportation through to processors is improved with quiet cattle. Dark cutters are eliminated and this gives the consumer a more enjoyable and consistent eating experience, so important for the future of our industry.” At the Branson family’s 2015 annual bull sale, on-property at Mortlake on Thursday 26th February, 100 “Big, Bold Banquet Bulls” will be offered, with a full inspection also on-property the Thursday before, the 19th February.

Beef & Bull | 15

Banquet will also be participating in Victoria Beef Week with a display on Monday, February 2. All bulls come with Banquet’s after sales support and service guarantees. This makes a decision to invest in Banquet genetics both profitable and wise.

Above - To produce top performing young cattle with rapid growth and market flexibility, you need the genetic power of Banquet Angus bulls. Banquet’s next annual sale in February gives 100 opportunities to secure the unique and herd-changing genetics.

Attention to detail the focus at Days It’s all about balance at Allendale Lachy and Lou Day and family, Days Whiteface are continuing to make headlines for all the right reasons. Careful attention to detail and with emphasis on verifiable performance has resulted in a Poll Hereford herd second to none for both phenotype and genotype. From the original high quality Allendale base, Days Whiteface has certainly been stamped in the minds of all cattle producers with the quality it has presented in recent years at the Dubbo National Show & Sale, the Wodonga Hereford Show & Sale, and at its annual bull sale. Held in conjunction with Allendale on the Days Whiteface property, approximately 80 bulls will be on offer on February 23. A.Waterhouse has figured strongly in recent Days Whiteface success and is prominent again in the 2015 offering. He is a leader on Breedplan for seven traits and in the top 5% for all indices. However, the Days Whiteface success is not based around just one bull. Days Wizard F5 is another prominent sire in the 2015 offering, as is the $90,000 Day Calibre (Dubbo

2013), both also in the top 5% for all indices. Careful introduction of outside genetics, which will enhance the herd’s longer term future, is undertaken and one recent example is Melville Excel. This high performance bull ranks in the top 1% for all indices and is also well represented in the 2015 offering. All sale bulls will be on display at the Days Whiteface field day, along with the teams reserved for Wodonga and Dubbo sales in 2015.

Above - A. Waterhouse has been a fantastic breeding success story in the Days Whiteface Poll Hereford herd at Bordertown. He is pictured here a sound as a bell last year and he has more outstanding progeny in their 2015 sale offerings.

Balance is the key word in the selection policies of Allendale Poll Hereford stud principals Alastair and Jayne Day. Balanced structural excellence and mobility have always been of the uppermost importance in the Allendale herd since inception. The same applies to verifiable performance figures within the herd. All Breedplan EBVs and indices are considered and while this may make genetic improvement for singular traits a little steadier, it ensures there is constant improvement across all the important traits. This is reflected in the Allendale draft of the combined offering with Days Whiteface of approximately 80 bulls at their 2015 sale. Once again this combined sale will be held on the Days Whiteface property. Sires of note in the Allendale offering that really ‘hit the bullseye’ in this regard include Allendale F38, Allendale Washington G82 and Allendale Collingwood G20. F38, by the famous A.Waterhouse is in the top 10% for Supermarket, Grassfed and EU steer indices. Washington G82, another Waterhouse son, performs even better

Beef & Bull | 16

being in the top 5% of those some three indices, plus the Grainfed steer index. Collingwood G20, sired by the great carcase bull A.Yemen, was sold at Dubbo for $20,000 but features strongly and is in the top 10% in both the Grassfed and Grainfed indices, highlighting his versatility. The annual sale bulls will all be on display at the Allendale onproperty field day, plus bulls reserved for the 2015 Dubbo National, in June. You will then be able to inspect the consistent and balanced depth of quality in these Allendale bulls.

Above -These Allendale Poll Hereford bulls with elite performance, structure and extreme docility from last year’s annual bull sale are a strong indicator of the quality that producers can expect at this year’s offering on February 23 at Bordertown.

Beef&Bull - 000

Consistency & performance at Waterfront Waterfront’s Naringa Park property, north of Naracoorte, will again be the venue for the stud’s annual field day and sale. On display at the field day Tuesday 10th February will be Waterfront’s offering of 34 high quality Simmental and Simmental Cross bulls, plus six stud yearling heifers for thier seventh Premier Simmental Genetics Sale on Friday, February 13th at 11.30am. The bull offering will include 26 registered performance recorded Simmental bulls and eight black and red Simmental Angus Cross bulls. Waterfront’s 2015 sale bulls combine all the positive attributes Simmentals are renowned for, displaying depth of body, power, carcase and softness. Waterfront bulls will add weight and performance to any cross-breeding program. All of these traits Waterfront bulls offer will assist in maximising profitability to the commercial producer and the ability to produce progeny with flexible marketing options and maternal attributes.

Beef & Bull | 18

In recent years, to help Waterfront achieve this consistent product, they have infused soft, extremely docile and high performance genetics from New Zealand. The New Zealand geneics have been well suited to south-eastern Australia being based on grass-based finishing systems combined with the structural soundness from walking in hill country in New Zealand. Waterfront is very proud of its 2015 offering and welcome all to field day and sale.

Above - Waterfront Sale Bulls in September.


Quality line-up as vendors pool resources

BULL SALE Offering a selection of 45 quality bulls

Contact Ross & Andrew Bennett Phone (08) 8758 6287

Contact David & Suzanne Bennett (08) 8765 9015

Poll Hereford

Contact Brett & Amanda Shepherd Phone (08) 8764 2034

Poll Hereford

Contact Rod & Gayle Davies (08) 8764 6050 or Brad 0438 266 732

SALE Friday March 6 1pm SA time on property “Yoho” Gap Rd, Frances

This year the four venders of the Diamond Poll Hereford Bull Sale will offer another quality line up of 45 bulls. All the better bulls have been reserved for the sale, ensuring the depth of quality and wide range of genetics. Breedplan figures with carcase EBVs will be available on all bulls. The Bendulla bulls in this year’s Diamond Bull Sale offering will include the first sons of new sires Bowen Freemantle, whose progeny show tremendous growth, and Cannawigra Steve. Other sires represented are Nova Peru, Merawah Front page and Bendulla Gillies who is a son of Yagabourne Ledger. These sires are producing structurally sound and productive progeny. Wrattenbullie will offer six bulls with two standouts leading our team. One of these is RNDJ12, a Yavenvale Einstine E344 son out of a Bowmont Storm C93 heifer. He is a growthy dark bull with good Breedplan figures. The other, RNDJ2 is sired by home bred sire RNDE36, out of a Koanui Unanimous heifer. He is a good carcase bull measuring +5 for muscle and moderate birth weight. Other sires represented are Yambro Federation F42 and Cascade Elderado. The very influential sires Yambro Conrad E64 and Wrattenbullie Dictator D8 progeny will feature in the group of sale bulls for 2015 submitted by Yambro. The group is extremely consistent in type with good structure and adequate muscle content to further advance beef programs. As always, skin, eyes, testicles and the genes to convert grass into profitable

Beef & Bull | 19

animals is more important. The scope within the group would allow astute breeders a great opportunity to further lift their beef production. Roeston Park’s seven bulls have been sired by three different sires, with the introduction of Morganvale Fisher’s first progeny, along with proven sires Bendulla Eureka and Newsome The Hoff. These are easy doing, well fleshed bulls which should suit any commercial breeder. All bulls are tested negative for Pesti Virus, semen tested by a Vet, vaccinated with 7 in 1 and drenched with Dectomax prior to the sale. A health status of beef only has been maintained by all studs. Free delivery will be provided within 150 km for all bulls purchased. All vendors welcome with inspections by appointment prior to sale day as they will not be participating in the Beef Field Days. So come to the sale and enjoy their hospitality on Friday, March 6, ar 1pm (SA time) on property, YOHO, Gap Road, Frances.

Above - Yambro’s Mated Heifers.

Changing the rules of multi-vendor sales

The Inaugural Clifton All Breeds Multivendor Bull sale will be held on Tuesday March 10th 2015 at ‘Clifton’, Hamilton, Victoria. The sale is an Invitational sale and will feature more than 70 bulls with many of the major beef breeds being represented from over 20 vendors located throughout Victoria and South Australia. The auctioneer will be Michael Glasser from GSTM with buying incentives offered to the buying agents. Whether you are an agent or a buyer this sale is a one stop bull shop. All bulls have been independently assessed for type, structure and temperament, and accepted as part of the sale. Inspections are invited on the day of the sale. Private inspections can be arranged for the day prior to the sale.

All bulls will be registered or able to be registered within their breed society with pedigrees available. Bulls will be tested Pesti-virus negative, have a minimum status of beef only or check tested, and all will come with a breeding guarantee. Delivery options will be available to the purchaser. Sale catalogues and website will be available late January. Sale Day itself starts with inspections from 10am, Lunch at 12:00, with the sale starting at 1:30pm. Phone bidding will be available by prior arrangement. For further information regarding the sale or to request a catalogue please contact the sale secretary at cliftonallbreedsale *Photo for display purposes only.

Bra-Ma Hereford Stud

Beef & Bull | 20

Attention all beef breeders Friday, February 20, is the date to mark on your calendar if quality is what you’re looking for and beef breeding is your business as this is when the 4th annual Kerlson Pines/OakDowns Poll Hereford Bull sale is being held. The auction will commence at 1.30pm at the Waterfront Selling Complex, 10km North of Naracoorte, just off the Cadgee Road. There will be 50 top quality, structurally sound, high performance, carcase bulls to suit all buyers needs on offer. All sale bulls are tested PI negative for pestivirus and vaccinated with both 7in1 and pestiguard. Both studs have beef only Johnes status and full growth and carcase EBVs are available for all lots. Also all bulls are offered with free delivery within a radius of 400km. After a very tough season, you will not be disappointed with the way this year’s draft of bulls will present. Kerlson Pines draft of 25 bulls will provide buyers with large genetic range to suit their desired breeding programs, from low birth, calving ease sires to high growth, large EMA, positive fat bulls. Sires represented are KP Young Gun and Expert, Merawah Elliott, Oldfield Excalibur, Allendale Superstar and Yambro Clinton. Kerlson Pines had a successful Dubbo National in 2014 with the stud winning the prestigious Presidents Shield for best team of three bulls, with these three bulls going on to sell for an average of $12,000. At the Sydney Royal we showed the Senior Champion bull KP Explosion H22 which we retained in the stud with his first drop of calves out of two year old heifers looking very promising, and at the Adelaide Royal we also

Typical of the quality on offer at the Kerlson Pines / OakDowns Poll Hereford bull sale showed the Junior Champion and Reserve Junior Champion heifers. Kerlson Pines will also be offering five top sire prospects for the Dubbo National in June. The OakDowns’ half of the catalogue includes the first sons of their Canadian sire, Harvie High Roller, to be offered. High Roller has bred extremely well and after only one drop of calves processed, his EBV’s include the top 1% of the breed for 200,400,600 day weights, carcase weight and eye muscle area as well as having three out of four indexes’ in in the breed’s top 5%. Calving ease is also a big plus with High Roller as there has been only one assisted birth (a breach) and one still born out of just over 100 cows having been calved down to him at OakDowns over the last two years .Yarrandabbie Egan is again well represented in this year’s sale after his progeny topped the Oakdowns catalogue last year. He continues to pass on his good colour, structure and softness. Other sires represented include Valma Fall Guy, Tas Fusion and Wolbull Tap.

A highlight for OakDowns this last year was winning the reserve champion carcase in the Southern Grassfed carcase Classic. Sired by Harvie High Roller, this steer missed out on winning the grand champion award by only 1.1 points. This is the second time in only four years that OakDowns has won this award in a competition that is commercially orientated, being grassfed and open to all breeds including crossbreds . An OakDowns bred steer donated to the Coomandook Area School also won the award for the Poll Hereford gaining most points on hoof and hook in the school’s section of the steer competition at the 2014 Royal Adelaide Show. This coming year OakDowns will also be offering two bulls at the Dubbo National Sale in June. Two outstanding sire prospects are reserved for this event, one sired by High Roller and the other by Egan. Three new sires have seen work at OakDown this past year with the purchases (all at $12,000) of

Mawarra Little Rippa, who was the Senior Champion at the 2014 Dubbo National, Injemirra McLarty, purchased in partnership with Sevenbardot, and Yalgoo Warp, purchased in partnership with Injemirra. The progeny of these sires will begin to hit the ground when calving commences in April. Both studs are involved in the SA Beef Field Days and all sale bulls will be on display at individual properties on Monday, February 9. This will also give you the opportunity to inspect the two stud’s teams reserved for the Dubbo National Sale as well as a cross section of the stud herd’s .The sale will be conducted by Elders and Landmark, with catalogues available from the vendors or by contacting either agent. A colour catalogue can be viewed online at www.herefordsaustr . If you need any assistance with your sire selection please feel free to ask. The Wilson and Schwarz families look forward to seeing you at our field days and bull sale in February 2015.

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Ram & Lamb is exclusively distributed through Australia Post FREE to PO Boxes & RSD’s. Over 85 towns throughout the South East of South Australia and Western Victoria. Published September 2015. To Book your advertising early contact Jill Collins 0400

598 327 or 08 8778 1222. E.

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LOT 11 - CJKJ53

LOT 6 - OAKJ44

LOT 7 - OAKJ45

Unrivalled genetics at Yerwal


0400 063 955

For Yerwal Estate, 2014 has seen the arrival of a number of imported embryo calves both Angus and Simmental. The Angus calves are from the donor cows purchased from La Grand Angus. They look extremely impressive and are sure to give Yerwal Estate an awesome source of genetics well into the future. The calves they have on the ground are by Connealy Onward, Papa Equator, TC Aberdeen, Werner War Party and Ironstone. This year’s sale bulls have come along really well. Their temperament is exceptional and they offer plenty of sire groups to select from. Some of the sires included are Sitz Upward 307R, Connealy Reflection, SAV Heavy Hitter and Chisum. The Simmental bulls will once

Scholarships on offer School leavers looking to start an agricultural-related university degree are being encouraged to apply for the prestigious Horizon Scholarship. The Horizon Scholarship, an initiative of RIRDC in partnership with industry sponsors, provides $5,000 per year for the duration of a student’s university degree. The Horizon Scholarship presents an excellent opportunity for young people within agriculture. MLA have previously sponsored a number of Horizon Scholarship programs, and in 2015 will be continuing this trend. The Horizon Scholarship also offers students annual industry work placements that give them first-hand exposure to modern agricultural practices, access to industry leaders, professional development workshops and opportunities to network and gain knowledge at a range of industry events. MLA believes it is crucial that the next generation of producers can meet the challenges presented by a modern livestock

sector, and are armed with the knowledge and tools to further grow on farm productivity in a sustainable way. To be eligible for The Horizon Scholarship students must be entering their first year of university and studying a degree related to agriculture, such as agricultural science, rural science, livestock/animal science, veterinary science, agribusiness or plant science. Student must also have started their tertiary studies no later than two years after leaving high school. Applications for the Horizon Scholarship are now open and need to be submitted by 30 January 2015. Shortlisted applications must be available for a telephone internet in late February 2015. The scholarship winners are announced at the end of February 2015. Application forms can be downloaded from the RIRDC website at horizon or by contacting RIRDC on (02)6271 4132.

Beef & Bull | 24

again make their way over to the Woonallee Sale Complex for the Southern Cross Simmental Sale. The sale team will be led by an awesome line of Woonallee Fetish sons. Fetish seems to have the ability to transfer the best traits of Woonallee Tornado and Hadau into his progeny with amazing consistency. He is the most consistent sire Yerwal has used in many years. Their black Simmental program is down on numbers for the sale however is gaining momentum with calves born in 2014 by Ellington Dominator, Black Advance and Wheatland El toro. Keep your eye out for these bulls in 2016.

Above - Imported Angus embryo from the US sire Werner War Party.

Beef & Bull | 25

Number one for performance



NARACOORTE OFFICE (08) 8762 3988 DAVID WOOLARD Livestock Manager 0418 832 045 or Ah (08) 8766 7020

JAKE PHILLIPS 0401 261 217

PETER JUDD (Adelaide) David & Katrina Copping

PHS 0418 819 237Cannawigra or Ah (08) 8388 6202

Phone 0887660077 Field Day - Feb 4th

KITTY SHERIDAN 0427 027 981

Telephone for your best price and guaranteed prompt payment

Warrawindi is number one for performance, using only the highest performing genetics. Producing the highest growth for age cattle in the Limousin breed, with docility all well above breed average. Docility scoring has been a focus for the past 20 years and Warrawindi has developed a genetic line of Limousin cattle that are easy to handle. Their relaxed nature helps with extra high growth patterns. All animals come with a money back guarantee on temperament. With the use of the highest performance homo polled apricot and black bulls, our program produces all polled and homo polled bulls for sale. Their leading cows in their embryo flushing program are all in the top 1% for growth traits, milk and docility. Their new junior herd sire, Warrawindi Gold Time is a very exciting package by Canadian leading sire CJSL Timetraveler. Warrawindi’s sale bulls this

year are sired by Shalone Nobel Prize, Wulfs Xtractor, Steven’s Moonwalker, CJSL Time Traveler & Wilodge Cerberus, which all produce outstanding vealer producing bulls. Bulls purchased at Warrawindi’s sale come with free delivery and are fully guaranteed for soundness. All bulls are vet checked, semen tested and fully vaccinated, including Pestivirus & Vibrio. At this year’s sale they will have 25 Polled Apricot and Black bulls for your selection, which will be part of the SA Limousin week. The sale will be held on Thursday, February 26, at 3pm, on property at Warrawindi, 1371 Casterton Road, Penola. Viewing can be arranged at any time or come to our field day on Tuesday, February 10.

Above - Two Warrawindi Vealers sired by Warrawindi Bulls that recently topped the market

SA Field Day - Tuesday 10th February 2015

Beef & Bull | 26

Lindsay Murray Greys - Profitable and Practical The Lindsay Murray Grey Stud at Pigeon Ponds prides itself on producing high quality Murray Grey cattle with well above breedplan performance. The aim at Lindsay is to breed Greys with plenty of growth and carcase whilst maintaining real profit drivers, calving ease, fertility and doing ability. This year’s catalogue of sale bulls reflects these qualities and are of a high standard. The offering consists of 12 autumn drop sale bulls and 19 spring drop bulls with some good prospects in both age groups. All the cattle are paddock reared and are run alongside a self replacing prime lamb enterprise so are managed in true commercial conditions where they are expected to perform and be profitable. All cattle at Lindsay are breedplan recorded with most having growth, carcase and fertility traits available. The sale bulls have comprehensive health assurances which include being MN3 status, ear notched free of pestivirus and are Zoetis STAR accredited. The Zoetis STAR program includes up to date vaccinations for BVDV (pestivirus), Vibriosis and 7 in 1 to include Leptospiriosis. Lindsay has been active sourcing new genetics during 2014 by purchasing some small numbers of elite females at four Murray Grey dispersals across the country. After a very successful sale in 2014

the Stud views these new additions as a great opportunity to maintain genetic diversity and offer clients new bloodlines to tap into. The 2014 Royal Adelaide Carcase competition was very successful for Murray Greys and Lindsay. Lindsay Jaxon J90 won Reserve Champion heavy domestic weight steer. Champion School steer, highest point scoring Murray Grey and lead steer in the Murray Grey championship winning Thomas Foods trophy team.

FIELD DAY 2015 Tuesday the 3rd February presents a great opportunity to view the Lindsay sale bulls, Stud sires and Females at our Victorian Field day on property at Pigeon Ponds. For sale at the field day will be 12 Commercial heifers PTIC for autumn calving. SALE DAY 2015 The 35th Annual Lindsay Murray Grey Sale will be held at “Boonaroo”, Casterton alongside Boonaroo Angus on Feb 20th commencing with the Angus bulls at 3pm (Vic time)

If your requirement is quality Murray Greys or an improvement in temperament and calving ease for any breed please consider Lindsay. Contact Craig and Jacinta Grant on 03 5570 4227, email at lindsaymgreys@a or visit www.lindsaymurray

Above - Steer - Lindsay Jaxon J90 (at 12 months).

30 Quality, Murray Grey Bulls

14 mth old Spring Drop Bulls


Beef & Bull | 27

Cannawigra’s swansong sale Cannawigra will offer a quality draft of 30 Poll Hereford Bulls at their onproperty bull sale to be held 11am Wednesday 25th February 2015, at ‘Walteela’, Avenue Range. Buyers can be assured that even though this is their final on-property bull sale, the 2015 offering continues their genuine commitment to offer quality sires that meet today’s industry requirements. All sale bulls are vet checked, Zoetis STAR accredited and have full birth weight, growth and carcass EBV’s. Cannawigra has a Gold 5 Star Rating under the Breedplan ‘Completeness of Performance’ rating system demonstrating their commitment to comprehensively recording performance information in our herd. Cannawigra is one of only seven whiteface herds in Australia that have achieved a Gold 5 Star rating and the only one in South Australia. Free freight is offered on all bulls sold within the South East of South Australia and Western Victoria. The 2015 offering is mainly sired by Cascade Fahey, Cannawigra Steve and Koanui Safety 8557 (NZ) plus AI sires giving buyers access to a good range of new and proven genetics. The bulls on offer are correct, well muscled, easy doing and backed by balanced Breedplan figures. They have the growth, carcass and finishing ability demanded by current markets backed by a very



Beef & Bull | 28

functional cow herd developed over 60 years of selection. The strength of the cow herd was soundly endorsed at the Cannawigra Complete Female Sale in November when females sold to $16,000 with strong support from leading registered and commercial breeders from all states of Australia. The auction of the rising two year old bulls is the final stage of the sale of the herd and the last opportunity to access genetics from the Cannawigra breeding program. Sale bulls can be inspected either during SA Beef Week – Tuesday 10th February or on sale morning from 9.30am. To inspect the cattle any other time call David and Katrina Copping (08)8766 0077.

Above - Cannawigra bulls have the growth, carcass and finishing ability demanded by current markets backed by a very functional cow herd.

Focus on performance with Raven The Raven Limousin & Lim-Flex herd will host its second ‘New Gen’ Bull sale on Thursday, February 26, at the Waterfront Sale Complex, Naracoorte S.A. (Auction starts at 11am CST). All purebred bulls to be offered in the 2015 sale share an average EBV that ranks in the top 5% of the breed for 400day weight, EMA & Carcase weight, plus top 10% of the breed for 200day and 600day weight traits, milk and all four $ indexes. The Raven herd’s market relevant performance traits have been proven after winning Grand Champion Carcase at the 2013 Southern Grass-fed Carcase Classic, repeating it again with another winning carcase in 2014. After a successful 2014, with a solid first bull sale selling to a high of $9000 and awarded Reserve Champion Senior Female at the Limousin Nationals, Raven has lifted a cog with the 2015 sale bull line up. There will be 30 selected black and red bulls catalogued, with a continuing strong focus on performance. The 2015 sale will exclusively feature the first high performing sons by new leading sire Wulfs Yankee K689Y, who sold for US$42,000 in Wulfs Limousins 2012 sale. There will also be a great selection of bulls sired by Wulfs Titus, Wulfs Xtractor, Wulfs Warbonnet, Raven Gladiator G75

& Raven Time E1492. Some of the standout bulls catalogued are those resulting from imported embryos from the heart of the Hunt Limousin herd, Nebraska USA. The Raven stud prides itself on offering bulls with some of Australia’s leading genetics for growth, carcase and docility, backed up by its 5 Star rating for herd completeness of performance, meaning everything is 100% recorded guaranteeing accuracy of data. In addition to offering purebreds, Raven will also offer a selection of Lim-Flex bulls (Limousin X Angus) for commercial clients with a demand for added yield capabilities without compromising their current markets. These bulls are loaded with hybrid vigour, growth performance and meat quality traits such as IMF to produce premium MSA grid hitters. The Raven bulls will be on display during the SA Beef Field Days at our home, Coolaroo on Monday,

Above - Winner of the 2014 Southern Grass-fed Carcase Classic Single Trade Steer/Heifer (maximum 2 teeth) 180 – 260kg category sponsored by Crane Livestock Transport. (From left) - Rusty Crane, Tanya Crane and Jason Schulz – Raven Limousin & Lim-Flex February 9. All bulls have been docility scored, Pesti and semen tested, DNA tested for coat colour, polled status and F94L, Zoetis star approved and guaranteed with the Limousin

Beef & Bull | 29

Assurance program. For more information or a catalogue contact Jason on 0417 863 268 or visit them online at

All your 4x4 needs

Mount Gambier’s Bucik Tyrepower has always prided itself on providing all your four wheel driving needs and they have just taken on a new line of 4x4 accessories to ensure that proud tradition continues. They are now the exclusive stockists of Dobinsons Spring & Suspension™. Dobinsons Spring & Suspension™ established in 1953, is largely based on Leaf and Coil Spring Manufacturing and the supply of Suspension Components. With several generations of family ownership and experiences, Dobinsons has become one of the leaders in the Spring Industry in Australia applying the years of knowledge into their products. The success of the business has come about by providing quality products, acquiring and using technical knowledge and having the equipment to perform and provide professional service. Dobinsons Spring & Suspension™ pride themselves on having the world’s largest range of 4×4 spring and suspension componentry. This extensive range can be viewed using their online catalogues or selecting online. Their quality of design and manufacture is what sets Dobinsons apart from their competitors, if not the price. The company manufactures and repairs a large range of springs and sells a comprehensive range of suspension components. They have more than 13,000 spring specifications on hand and computerised spring design programs providing them with professional and accurate results. For the past 25 years, Dobinsons Spring & Suspension™ have been exporting their products to different parts of the world and their name has become synonymous with quality in these countries. The factory covers over 4000m², consisting of a leaf spring production line, a coil spring production line and two large stock holding warehouses. There are thousands of parts kept in stock, including Coil Springs, Leaf

Beef & Bull | 30

Springs, Torsion Bars, Shock Absorbers, Greasable Shackle Kits and Pins, U-Bolts, Polyurethane Bushes, Centre Bolts, Castor Wedges & 4×4 Accessories. It also includes a fully equipped service department dedicated to removing and replacing all types of suspension componentry on passenger vehicles, 4×4 vehicles and trucks. A PREMIUM RANGE OF 4×4 ACCESSORIES Over the past four years Dobinsons have introduced a premium quality, competitively priced range of 4×4 accessories to provide their customers with the ultimate one-stop shop to suit fleet vehicles and the occasional weekend tourer right through to the serious off roader. Dobinsons range of 4×4 accessories ensures occupant safety is in good hands, by protecting vehicles with heavy duty winch compatible steel bullbars, genuine Dobinsons suspension kits, snorkels, electric winches and HID and LED driving lights. Dobinsons range of 4×4 accessories also includes a range of high quality recovery gear tested in the harshest conditions around the world. Dobinsons recovery kits, air compressors, snatch straps, sand tracks, recovery hitches, bow shackles and snatch blocks are just a few of the products Dobinsons have available to ensure a smooth vehicle recovery in even the most challenging situations. Dobinsons also have a variety of camping and touring accessories for any short or extended camping trip including the deluxe roof top tent, roof racks and roof top tent racks to suit your vehicle, sensu awnings, rollout awnings, fridge/ freezers and dual battery kits. Head into Mount Gambier’s Bucik Tyrepower today for all your 4x4 needs and to check out the new range of Dobinsons products on offer. Bucik is at 218 Commercial Street East, Mount Gambier or call one of their friendly expert staff on (08)8725 0855.

Experts in all your soil needs ACID SOILS … YOU KNOW YOU NEED TO LIME….. BUT WHICH PRODUCT IS THE BEST VALUE? According to independent advisors like PIRSA and State Department of Agricultural advisors from Victoria, NSW and WA, all agree on one thing. THE FINER THE BETTER The fineness of the lime you use will determine a number of very important performance aspects of your lime: 1. How quickly and effectively the soil acidity will be neutralized. 2. Solubility and availability to the plants and crops you are growing. 3. The surface area of the particles of lime, the smaller the particle size the larger the surface area so the faster the product will react in the soil and the more effective the product will be.

Loading lime for delivery at Lake Hawdon.

available in Western Victoria or SE SA so it works 6 times faster. See results the year you apply 2. Agricola Superfine Lime has Calcium and Magnesium in the ideal ration ie 1: 5 Ca to Mg ensuring soil Ca : Mg balance is maintained 3. Agricola Superfine Lime has a Silica level of approx 9 % so ensuring strong plant cell wall development. Make the right choice in Lime this year, to ensure money spent this year gives a positive return this year, and in following years too. Further information and pricing can be obtained from Greg Moorhouse, Sales Manager of Agricola Mining on 0437 376450 or via email: greg.moorhouse@

Spreading lime at Lucindale

Below - Lime ready for transport. Other Factors to consider Other nutrients • many acidic soils require both calcium and magnesium in a balanced ratio for best results • Silica is very important for plant cell wall strength and development. Agricola Superfine Lime: 1. Agricola Superfine Lime has an average particle size of 8 micron, at least 6 times finer than any other lime

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