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First Australian sons to sell in these 4 Outcross Sires, selected for‌Muscle, body depth, fat cover, growth, calving ease and OUTCROSS BLOODLINES

It’s a time for honesty around birthweight selection P

roducers who take a shortcut in bull selection by concentrating on low birth weights are heading down a dangerous road. Single trait selection is a disaster waiting to happen and concentrating on low birthweight is, in my opinion, one of the worst of them. In livestock breeding there are multiple traits (genotype and phenotype) that need to be considered in selections. Fertility is the biggest factor affecting herd or flock profitability so in the case of beef cattle, live calves on the ground is very important. However there are numerous factors affecting fertility, the most important being cow and bull nutrition. There are no breeding values for that. That is a reflection on your management. Inadequate nutrition at the right time can also affect the cow or heifer’s ability to sustain an adequate birthing effort and the contractions will be weaker. There are numerous big heavy mature bulls around that present no birthing problem even over heifers. It is their growth genetics and nutrition post birth that gets many of them to that size. It is the shape of an animal and its shoulder make-up in particular that has the major effect on calving ease and bulls with the right body shape, plenty of length and neck with a smooth well set in shoulder can have birthweight breeding values up around 8 and 9 and still be OK over females of the same breed, or those of another breed with

a similar mature cow size. It is that extra length that gives them and their progeny the extra weight. Selection for any trait has correlations, some wanted and some not. Negative correlations may take years to get to the stage where they will have major ramifications, but they will then take a lot longer to eradicate. Research shows selection for 600 day weight is a free ride for profitability as there are many positive correlations with management ease, productivity advantages and fertility. These animals will have a bigger birth weight. There used to be a rough selection guide that in order to keep things in balance, a birthweight around 10% of the 600 day weight was a good guide to the upper levels. It seems nowadays it has been forced down to about 10% of the 400 day weight. Selection for carcase traits and particularly muscling in conjunction with a concentration on birthweight produces shorter bone length and ultimately smaller pelvic size in the females; exactly the opposite from what producers think they are achieving. In other words it is magnifying the problem it is trying to solve. Why do seedstock breeders make note of low birthweights then? Because there seems to have been so much hysteria and misinformation around this subject that they have real trouble selling the higher birthweight bulls, yet they are potentially the most profitable. In short, they do it

because commercial producers demand it. Generally low birthweight calves are behind the eight ball to start with and fail to thrive like medium to larger calves born naturally and easily. Obviously if you have major birthing problems you need to look at birthweights more closely, but only as an immediate short term remedy until you fix the problems within your cow herd. As one prominent and successful breeder said recently, “In response to the demand for lower birthweights, I used a couple of bulls with reasonable credentials and low birthweight breeding values. When it came to marketing the progeny, none of them made the grade.” Birthing problems? Isn’t

The Buggered Battery Fix It Boys


it time we were all honest and looked at the cows, or our management first? Use common sense and balance in making bull selections. There isn’t a magical shortcut and if there is, it certainly isn’t single trait selection for low birthweights. Ian Turner Above - A good sized calf born easily like this one has a big advantage over small birthweight calves, and is ultimately more profitable. Low birthweight selection only becomes important if you are experiencing actual calving problems.

Don’t get stuck out in the paddock


Ph 08 8725 9911 120 Penola Rd. Mount Gambier Beef&Bull - 002

Boonaroo’s new genetics 2 014 sees Boonaroo position itself as a source of a wide selection of new genetics never seen before in Australia. In the advent of the scientific discovery of certain genes which when doubled up can cause a few problems, we had the foresight to diversify our gene pool to accommodate those breeders wanting to sure up the integrity of their herd. By using new genetics with bloodlines which are unrelated to your herd not only provides hybrid vigour, but also provides confidence that there will be no surprise’s down the track. Sires in Boonaroo’s sale team are high growth bulls with optimal fat cover, muscle and fertility. Being a very sandy property, hoof structure has paramount importance; all cattle are assessed for soundness and docility and they are offered for sale with our guarantee backing them for three years pro rata. This year, Boonaroo Angus presents a lineup of 70 Angus bulls for auction on Friday, February 21, at 3pm. In 2011 Boonaroo secured a share in the sale topping $30, 000 Te Mania 9-450 from Te Mania New Zealand’s

sale. His six sons are displaying optimal foot structure, and superb temperament, phenotype, calving ease and functionality. In the same year, Cricklewood Cracker 9-399 NZ semen was secured, he also has four of the first Australian sons for sale these sons offer explosive growth, a slick coat, muscle with the perfect NZ foot structure. Stern Anzac NZ has two sons on offer he has put a heap of body depth into his sons, and has a very quiet disposition. Raff Explosive has eight sons with explosive growth and plenty of frame but still a moderate birth weight. He is by a new US sire Connealy Danny Boy, so he also provides an outcross to the mainstream sires. Boonaroo’s home bred sire Boonaroo Denton D5 has some more classy sons on offer offering great maternal traits including udder correctness, milking ability, docility and soundness. All bulls have been screened for all recessive genetic traits (AM, CA, NH, DD) where evident in their pedigree and identified if found to be carriers. All cattle are MN3 Cattle Map accredited, Zoetis star vaccinated and ear notched for

Peste virus, structurally-assessed, and guaranteed fertile. Purchasers can buy with a complete set of data including actual birth weights, structural scores, pedigree transfers (eligibility to Kazakhstan and Russian markets) complete vaccinations, fertility and structural guarantees, giving complete confidence in the Boonaroo bulls. Boonaroo welcome visitors for the Beef Week Field Days on Wednesday, February 5, at “Clifton”

Beef&Bull - 003

in Hamilton, Victoria, and Monday, February 10, at Boonaroo to preview our sale line-up. The Boonaroo Angus and the Lindsay Murray Grey 34th annual production sale will be held on Friday, February 21, at 3pm. Above - Lot 6 Boonaroo Hamish H82, elite for calving and trait leading growth, milk and carcase weight.

Investing in genetics at Paringa V

ictorian beef and sheep producers Tom and Olivia Lawson have a simple philosophy for their commercial and seed stock enterprise - invest in genetics, and not feed. By breeding cattle which are fertile, resilient, feed efficient and marketable, Tom and Olivia are able to offer commercial beef and lamb producers the ultimate in red meat genetics, without the elite price tag. The Lawsons operate Paringa Livestock, producing beef (Stabilizer™, Charolais and Red Angus) and sheep (Highlander™ and Primera™) genetics. Commercial principles guide all aspects of their business. “Our enterprise is founded on low cost, high production and best practice principles,” Tom said. “We view profit as kilograms/hectare, achieved through a combination of management and genetics, underpinned by environmental and animal welfare systems.” When shopping for new genetics or evaluating cattle which deserve a place in the herd, Tom prioritises traits which increase revenue and reduce costs, like fertility and calving ease. Animal welfare, more calves on the ground; weaning and yearling EBVs to identify weight

for age; and marbling, carcase and eye muscle area which impact yield and value. “The ‘cost traits’ are cow mature size and feed efficiency – we aim to maintain or reduce mature cow weight and improve feed efficiency,” he said. Tom uses Breedplan EBVs and $Indexes as key selection tools, and said he is no longer fixated on ‘breed’, preferring to inject hybrid vigour into his commercial herd. “By selecting genetics based on merit, not breed, we have improved vigour, fertility, feed efficiency and adaptation in our herd,” he said. Tom said he also keeps his genetic shopping list centred on market demands.

Paringa Livestock maximises the impact of its genetic investments by targeting three drivers of profit - early calving, management and feed efficiency. “We buy bulls which will produce high performance females with longevity. The number of animals born in the first three weeks of calving has a 40% influence on our profitability – this is a measure of fertility, calving ease, and live weight gains,” he said. “Feed efficiency is critical as it contributes to 40% of our profitability. Feed to gain is highly heritable, but very difficult to measure.” Tom and Olivia practice fixed term AI to control joining. Females are

expected to calve at two years old, or be culled. Their zero feed policy (except for supplementation at weaning) emphasises cattle which are resilient, plus reduces feed/fuel costs and human stress. “Pushing our herd to perform under these conditions really exposes the value of good genetics,” he said. “Docility scores and 400 day weight EBVs are important because they impact MSA compliance. Our clients also want quiet cattle, so we look closely at temperament.”

PARINGA SUMMER & AUTUMN EVENTS 2014 Sunday, February 2 Beef Week Open Day On Property Yea Wednesday, February 19 Meet us at MLA Meat Profit Day Hamilton Showgrounds Wednesday, March 5 Bull SELECT workshop with SBTS - On Property Yea Tuesday, April 1 10th Annual Bull & Production Sale - On Property Yea

BA TER 333 Commercial St West, Mount Gambier Beef&Bull - 004

Lancaster returns home


ommercial producers will have the opportunity to select from the largest offering of Black Simmental bulls in Australia, this autumn at Lancaster. On February 28, the annual Lancaster Simmentals autumn sale will be moved to the home property at Meningie, South Australia. A physical auction will be held in a new sale complex, with 80 bulls and 50 females to be offered. Within the bull catalogue, 50 of the lots will be either purebred or seven-eighths Simmental; the highest number of purebreds ever offered at Lancaster. The balance will include 20 three-quarter and 10 halfbreds. Stud co-principal Tim Cartledge said the paddock reared bulls were of moderate frame score and consistent in maturity pattern and finishing ability. All animals offered are performance recorded with American Simmental EPDs (with Simmental Breedplan EBVs available online). They are also vaccinated against pestivirus, clostridial diseases and vibriosis for the bulls. Bulls are also


Beef&Bull - 006

semen tested, independently structurally assessed and will have current weights displayed. Mr Cartledge said Lancaster blood calves were meeting Meat Standards Australia specifications, with a client recently having 500 steers and heifers hitting the top grid price for Woolworths. Lancaster will offer 50 cows in their first ever female sale. Seedstock producers will have the opportunity to secure some of the Simmental breed’s high performers including 10 Black Simmental donor dams; the stud’s foundation genetics, 10 black Simmental weaner heifers; including six ET calves and 25 solid red females, aged from two-and-a-half-year-old first calvers. The red cows make up the entire remaining red herd at Lancaster, after a shift to focus on black genetics. All females (excluding weaner heifers), have been AI mated to top grade bulls including SRS Right-On, SRS Preferred Beef, Triple C Bettis, Woonallee Goldrush, Lancaster Red Baron and Lancaster Eldorado, then backed up to Lancaster’s own purebred stud bulls. All mated females have been PTIC.

Nip cattle drench resistance in the bud C

has Armytage’s decision to switch to a combination drench was an easy one after he started to notice signs of drench resistance in his Charolais herd. An expert in his field, Chas runs his current operation of Charolais beef and Merino sheep with his wife, son and daughter-in-law. He and his wife have been managing their 3500 acre property since 1983 and are one of just two Charolais farmers at Willuara. Well aware of drench resistance in sheep, Chas started to notice signs of resistance in his cattle as well – which prompted him to try ECLIPSE Combination Pour-on for Cattle to avoid the potentially devastating impact drench resistant parasites could have on his business. “The main reason we decided to try ECLIPSE was because we started to hear of and see signs of resistance in drenches. ECLIPSE is a combination drench which is why we decided to make the switch from the traditional single active drenches we were previously using,” said Chas. Drench resistance in sheep has been widely recognised as a problem for many years, with Chas having conducted his own sheep drench

resistance tests. Chas is concerned the problem is developing in cattle and if farmers don’t act quickly, they could face some damaging consequences. “We are concerned that some parasites are becoming resistant. You need to be mindful all the time,” said Chas. He has been using Merial products for more than 15 years and was introduced to ECLIPSE when it first came onto the market nearly two years ago. Since Chas started using ECLIPSE he has noticed significant improvement to the health of his cattle in many areas, but particularly with weight gains . “We noticed an immediate improvement in stock when we started treating with ECLIPSE. The cattle look much healthier,” said Chas. “We breed and sell pure Charolais. When they’re treated with ECLIPSE they really stack on the weight which is crucial to the success of our business.” From time to time Chas buys heifers from Southern Victoria and Ballarat and always makes sure they are drenched with ECLIPSE upon arriving onto his property. “Using ECLIPSE as soon as cattle arrive on the property is an important part of the process to make

sure they are clean, healthy and in the best condition,” said Chas.” And this also prevents bringing resistant parasites onto my property.” ECLIPSE also kills lice as well as internal parasites. “We will stick with ECLIPSE for a long time. We think it’s an excellent product,” said Chas. Merial’s ECLIPSE Combination Pour-On for cattle is the country’s first combination pour-on for beef producers. In light of the increasing awareness about drench resistance in cattle parasites, leading animal health supplier Merial developed ECLIPSE to help farmers like Chas combat


Beef&Bull - 008

drench-resistant parasites, helping to achieve healthier cattle and the potential for improved profitability for the farm. ECLIPSE contains two powerful actives – abamectin and levamisole – in one single dose, creating a whole new level of parasite protection. The abamectin component works to kill a broad spectrum of internal and external parasites, while the levamisole component works to kill ML-resistant strains of Cooperia and Ostertagia. Above - Chas Armytage.

Power Up to Superior Performance

Power Up to a Combination Recent studies across Australia confirm that 2 out of 3 herds tested have resistance to single active ML (mectin) drenches1,2. Over 90% of beef producers use an ML drench2. With repeated use over a number of years, it’s no surprise that resistance to this drench group is being seen more frequently. This ML drench resistance can cause productivity losses, and lost income, without any obvious signs of disease3,4. Parasitologists agree that a key approach to managing resistance is to build an effective combination drench into your drench program. Protect your herd now – with a combination pour-on!

Power Up to ECLIPSE



*ECLIPSE is the only cattle drench with a registered label claim to control ML or levamisole resistant strains of roundworms. See product label for full claim details. 1. Data on File – ECLIPSE field studies. 2. Cotter, Besier & van Burgel (2012) 3. Sargison (2011) 4. Watt & Eppleston (2011). Merial Australia Pty Ltd, Building D, 12-24 Talavera Road, Macquarie Park, NSW 2113 (ABN 53 071 187 285). ® ECLIPSE is a registered trademark of Merial Limited. ©2011 Merial Limited. All rights reserved.

Repeat clientele Wychwood’s best advertising W ychwood Gelbvieh’s 2013 saw a large percentage of bulls sold to repeat clients once again, which has been a major strength of the Gommers family’s breeding program since inception. Ask any of the clients that buy Gelbvieh bulls from Wychwood, and they will tell you that they are consistently excellent calf getters, who stay sound and serve cows for longer than many other breeds. As with any of the “newer” breeds into Australia, it has been a slow process for commercial breeders to take up the breed, but solid performance in the commercial sector, and word of mouth from satisfied Gelbvieh users has seen the breed start to gain some real momentum. The breed itself has also seen more recent success in trials, with the latest data from the Meat Animal Research Centre (MARC) in the United States ranking the Gelbvieh breed right at the top for many of the most economically important traits including Heifer fertility and kilograms weaned per cow exposed. The maternal area of the breed is what sets Gelbvieh apart

Award winning genetics

Beef&Bull - 010

from many other European breeds, with the F1 Gelbvieh female one of the most sought after cows in the North American beef industry. Wychwood Gelbvieh’s annual Field Day to be held on Tuesday, February 11, at “Leonawood”, Keith, will be a great opportunity for commercial producers to come an inspect the great selection of bulls for private sale on the day. All are polled, moderate, easy fleshing, with bulls available with either a red or black coat. There will also be information available for breeders wanting to learn more about what Gelbvieh has to offer their particular breeding program. Above - Wychwood Habitat PH005 is one of a number of soft, moderate red bulls available for privtae sale this season.

Three generations of Red Angus S panning three generations, Red Angus cattle have been bred on the Coonawarra property, Bimbadeen, for more than 50 years. Originating from Black Angus mothers in the 1960s, the red progeny were noted for their frame and better weight gain. Using the best Red Angus bulls from major studs, red heifers were retained to replace the black cows. In conjunction with farm expansions, the number of Red Angus cows has increased to around 300 breeders. The quality of their herd has been commented on by others. They appreciate the capacity, length, fertility, excellent milking ability and growth. In 2001, the stud was formed to complement the commercial herd. Bulls and females have been sourced from all across Australia. North American genetics have also been used to diversify bloodlines and utilise elite genetics. Crossbreeding has always played a significant role at Bimbadeen. After using various breeds, Simmental bulls were found to be the perfect match for their Red Angus cows. Annually, 75 cows are mated with

Simmentals. Whilst the entire drop of Red Angus heifers are mated to Simmental/Red Angus cross bulls they bred themelves. The results over the years have been excellent. Bimbadeen’s award winning mated Red Angus heifers regularly receive the highest price. The crossbred weaners are highly sought after and continue to attract top price at the weaner markets in Naracoorte. They are committed on breeding cattle that will maximise profits for commercial growers. For private sale are Red Angus and Simmental/ Red Angus bulls. They have been selected for their correctness, growth rate and muscle to suit being used either over heifers and cows or in a crossbreeding operation. Bruce and son Neil Davis welcome any enquires on (08)8736 3278.

Beef&Bull - 011

Put your finances in local hands G

reen Triangle Finance & Leasing is an independent finance broker operating out of Mount Gambier and Hamilton acting on behalf of its clients. They have access to more than 15 lenders and can find the right finance package for almost any need. Their expert staff arrange consumer and commercial finance for new and used motor vehicles, trucks, buses, plant and equipment, agricultural equipment, caravans, motor bikes, and private sales. Specialising in equipment finance, the Green Triangle team is experienced in providing fast, efficient and seamless service to assist its clients find the best finance options to help grow their business. They listen to your requirements and tailor finance around your business rather than the banks. Green Triangle Finance can structure loans for monthly, quarterly or annual payments. They can even structure certain loans to reduce at times when business may be slower such as Christmas time. If you are looking for a new motor vehicle, Green Triangle has good options where financials are

Beef&Bull - 012

not required for ABN holders. Their staff can come to you or discuss your requirements by phone, in or out of normal working hours. Their aim is to take out all the leg work for you in obtaining finance. With an average of 20 years experience in the finance industry – their brokers work to your advantage. Green Triangle Finance believes it is better to get the right deal at the start of the loan to avoid any problems down the track. Experience has shown that the extra time taken at the commencement of a new transaction is well worth while. Green Triangle does not have an obligation to any financier – their only obligation is to ensure you, the client receives the best product and service for your needs. Obligation free quotes are available so call them to discuss your needs. Mount Gambier contact details 41 Helen Street, Mount Gambier (08)8724 7333 Hamilton contact details 44 Gray Street, Hamilton (03) 5534 9501

Giveaways and gimmicks don’t kill cattle worms. DectomaxŽ puts the science back into drenching. Step 1: Know your worm types

>694 3(9=(, *644653@ -6<5+ (*96:: (<:;9(30(† Cooperia ZWW :THSS PU[LZ[PUHS ^VYT

Haemonchus placei )HYILYÂťZ WVSL ^VYT

Ostertagia ostertagi :THSS IYV^U Z[VTHJO ^VYT

Oesophagostomum radiatum 5VK\SL ^VYT Trichostrongylus axei :[VTHJO OHPY ^VYT â€


Step 2: Match the drench to those worms 7LYZPZ[LU[ (J[P]P[` VM 7VW\SHY 7V\Y 6U +YLUJOLZ +H`Z +,*;64(?ÂŽ




56 *3(04














National Average Cattle Worm Egg Counts (%). Zoetis data on ďŹ le. Provides up to 21 days of persistent activity against Cooperia oncophora as per label claim. *Registered trademarks.



You may be surprised to learn that one of the leading pour-on cattle drenches has no long-action against the most prevalent worm type in Australia. As not all drenches are the same, it’s important to ďŹ rst discover the worms that are on your property, then match the longest protecting drench against those worms. Don’t base your drench choice on gimmicks, put the science back into your drench selection. Whether injection or pour-on, you can trust Dectomax to deliver persistent protection against the most common worms.

Dectomax. Persistent protection against the worms that count.

Š 2013 Zoetis Inc. All rights reserved. Zoetis Australia Pty Ltd 38–42 Wharf Road, West Ryde, NSW, 2114. 12/13 AM971/A PAL1055

Muscle & performance Kerlson Pines & Oakdowns the focus at Morganvale M

organvale will offer 50 bulls on Tuesday, February 25, at its annual bull sale. The bulls display muscle, performance and softness with growth after a dry summer and autumn in 2013. A range of genetic types is still available for breeding programs whether it be domestic, feeder or EU markets, along with sires with calving ease and high dollar values. A successful Wodonga show and sale in May 2013 saw Morganvale awarded senior champion and selling six bulls to $18,000. This year’s sale draft has the first of KP Excel E8 sons who have excellent growth, muscle and positive fat along with proven sires

in Cyril, Ramsey, Classic, Deargo, Crampton and Raftsman. All sale bulls tested negative for pestivirus and vaccinated with 5 in 1 and have a MN2 status for BJD. The herd is accredited EU herd, this along with free freight and a comprehensive guarantee is offered on all sale stock sold at their sale on Tuesday, February 25. Morganvale looks forward to your inspection at their field day on Tuesday, February 11, where sale bulls along with a draft of joined heifers will be available for private selection. Also our entry in the heifer challenge will be on show. The sale listing is available for viewing at www.hereford For a catalogue or an inspection at any time just contact Allan or Heather on 0408 859 953 or (08)8757 8271.

Left - Morganvale Garrett G151 senior champion Wodonga 2013.


f quality is what you’re looking for and beef breeding is your business, then the Kerlson Pines and Oakdowns Poll Hereford Bull Sale is where you should be looking for your next sire. The Kerlson Pines and Oakdowns 3rd Annual Bull Sale will be held on Friday, February 21, 1.30 pm at the Waterfront Sale Complex, 10 km north of Naracoorte just off the Cadgee Road. There will be 50 top quality, structurally sound, high performance, carcass bulls to suit all buyer’s needs. All sale bulls are PI tested negative for Pestivirus, and vaccinated with 7 in 1 and Pestiguard. Both studs have MN2 Johnes Status and full growth

and carcass EBV’s are available for all lots. Also, all bulls are offered with free delivery within a radius of 200 km. Both studs are involved in the SA Beef Field Days and all sale bulls will be on display at individual properties on Tuesday, February 11. The sale will be conducted by Elders and Landmark, catalogues are available from the vendors or by contacting Elders or Landmark. A colour catalogue can be viewed online at If you need any help in your sire selection please feel free to ask. The Wilson and Schwarz families look forward to seeing you at our field days and bull sale in February 2014.

We invite you to inspect our performance selected Poll Herefords




LOT 26


Beef&Bull - 014





Kerlson Pines Headway, Lot 17.

Kerlson Pines Fortify H25, Lot 20.


Beef&Bull - 015

Tailor-made for success at Allendale H

arvie ‘Tailor Made’ is an outstanding Canadian Poll Hereford sire that the Allendale stud of Alastair and Jayne Day and family, Bordertown, first used for their 2012 calving and purchased the Australian semen rights. The Harvie family sold a third share at their Harvie Ranching Fall Sale in 2009 for $80,500 Canadian. “While that is a standout result and he is certainly a wonderful bull by any measure, it is the very consistent elite performance of his dam, Harvie Firefly 51F that really attracted us to purchase rights to him. She has had 13 progeny sell at Harvie Ranching for an average of $34,000 Canadian,” Alastair said. At the 2013 Sydney Royal Easter Show, Allendale displayed a team of youngsters, all under 12 months of age, including progeny of this Canadian star. Despite their age disadvantage, Allendale won the important sire’s progeny group with a group made up of two ‘Tailor Made’ sons, Allendale Ambush H19 and Allendale

Cowboy H23, and a heifer, Allendale Cora H49. These two Sydney prize winners are in the 2014 Allendale draft for the combined Allendale/Days Poll Hereford bull sale offering of 80 bulls on Monday, February 24. There are approximately ten of his sons in the sale, including ET sons out of some of Allendale’s elite females. While that adds an exciting new dimension to the Allendale offering, already established leading sires Allendale Yemen and Allendale Yallaroi are also well represented with some outstanding progeny. A.Yemen is a real carcase sire, excelling in all measured carcase traits, highlighted by an EMA breeding value of +4.6. He is also a trait leader for gestation length, scrotal size and is recognised as a low birthweight sire, with his first sons selling to $20,000 in 2013. A.Yallaroi E25 is a huge growth rate bull and is a trait leader for EU Index (113 – top 5%), 200 day, 400 day and 600 day weights; being

Above - Allendale’s winning Poll Hereford sire’s progeny group at the 2013 Sydney Royal Easter Show. They are progeny of the Canadian sire Harvie ‘Tailor Made’ and are held by Jonathon Spence, Andrew Wilson and Allendale principal, Alastair Day. There will be about 10 sons of Tailor Made in their annual sale offering including these two impressive youngsters. 108 on the latter. His progeny have his extra length and weigh exceptionally well, and despite these huge growth attributes he has been used widely over heifers with no calving problems whatsoever. A.Yallaroi sons sold to a top of $11,500 at last year’s annual sale. Allendale also plans

to show in Sydney again and will have an outstanding team of six bulls at Dubbo in June. Make sure you inspect these teams as well as their annual sale bull offering at their field day on Tuesday, February 11, on property, Bordertown.

When you’re on a good thing, stick to it at Days L achy and Lou Day will certainly be making 2013 a year to be savoured in the history of their Days Whiteface studs and especially from a Poll Hereford viewpoint. After another very successful annual sale result in combination with Allendale, sale excelling efforts at Wodonga (four bulls sold to $20,000 top and averaged $12,200) and Dubbo put more than icing on the cake. A new Dubbo record of $90,000 was set when Days Calibre G74 sold to the Melville Park and Bowen studs in partnership and their five bulls averaged $34,400. The backbone of that success was their leading sire A Waterhouse D1. Consistent breeding excellence is a very descriptive of this great sire, with his past 12 sons sold from the Days stud averaging $19,250. Days Robin Hood H38 is another impressive Waterhouse son and in September 2013 won grand champion Poll Hereford bull at both the Adelaide Royal Show and Melbourne Royal feature show. From the cow Allendale Fancy U5, at 19 months he weighed 832kg

with an EMA of 123 and scanned 14/8 for fat. With his sound structure, excellent visual market suitability and great EBVs, he also won the supermarket index performance class. He then went on to win junior and grand champion bull at Melbourne later in the month. This Waterhouse son is being retained. Adelaide produced a great result with Days Daisy G40, a 28 month old cow with her first calf at foot being successful in winning senior and grand champion female, and Days Fancy H41 was reserve junior champion heifer before pairing with Robin Hood to win the heifer/bull pair class. The three Days entries then combined to win the breeders group. The good news for beef cattle producers is that he is again the dominant sire in Days’ 2014 bull offerings. So if you haven’t got any of this curvebending sire’s progeny working for you, there will be plenty of opportunity. He is a trait leader for more Breedplan traits than you can shake a stick at. He is by no means the only sire though

that is represented in Days’ 40 bull draft at the combined Days/ Allendale offering on-property at Bordertown on Monday 24th February. There are plenty of other leading genetic options that offer performance excellence off grass and with outstanding structure and docility almost taken for granted. The Days Whiteface teams can be inspected at their field day on Tuesday, February 11 as part of the SA Beef Field Days. Besides their outstanding annual sale draft,

Beef&Bull - 016

also on display will be their select teams reserved for Wodonga (in May) and Dubbo (in June). If you stop nowhere else during these Beef Field Days, you must stop at Days. Above - The backbone of the Days Whiteface Poll Hereford success in the last few years has been A Waterhouse D1. Pictured here recently as an older sire, this bull is not only breeding the house down, but is still as sound as a be.

Beef&Bull - 000

Muscular, soft industry driven bulls


he 2014 Caithness Field Day will be held on property, Mount Barker, South Australia. They invite all commercial cattle producers who are looking to improve their profit margins through crossbreeding to come and inspect our 2014 sale bulls. The Simmental sale bulls are sired by Woonallee Clockwork, who has had sons sell for $15,000 and Woonallee Destiny. The Charolais bulls are sired by Rangan Park Gaugin C15 (P), LT Bluegrass (P) and the homebred sires’ Caithness

Beef&Bull - 018

Edmunde E73E, Caithness Exceptional E59E and Caithness Formula One (P). The bulls are paddock reared and are in good working order, they have fantastic muscle, softness, structural soundness and quiet dispositions. Their herd is MN3 for Johnes and the bulls will be vet inspected and semen tested. A selection of females will also be available for sale on the day. Inspection by appointment at Mt Barker is welcome at any time. Contact Shirley Barker on 0438 622 838.

Nampara - weight driven W

ith a registered herd of 300 females, Nampara Pastoral Company offers bull buyers an affordable selection of big, heavily muscled grass-fed bulls with strength of bone and shape concentrating on daily gain, finishing ability and fertility. Nampara will hold its sixth onproperty bull sale on Tuesday, February 18, at 4.30pm. Prospective buyers have the opportunity to view the bulls on Tuesday, February 4, at the Mortlake Saleyards as part of the Victorian Beef Field Days and then again on-property on Monday, February 10, as part of the SA Beef Field Days. Nampara bulls continue to meet client expectations both in terms of doing ability and temperament with the bulls ideally suited to breeding quick-growing steers and heifers suitable for feedlots or to grow out for MSA heavy steer/heifer markets. With an emphasis on grass-fed attributes, the Nampara cattle display excellent weight for age characteristics combined with the

ability to perform and continue on performing under a range of seasonal conditions. Backed by a commercial focus and consistently on the front line in the market, Nampara bred cattle are sought after in a competitive market place that demands reliability and doability. Females have to get in calf by two years of age, calve unassisted and raise a calf year in year out. For the fifth consecutive year, Nampara secured top price at the Naracoorte PTIC Female Sale, again reflecting the ability of Nampara genetics to consistently meet producers’ requirements. In addition to their own bulls, Nampara also use a number of leading AI sires. This year, the 60 sale bulls are by sires including Te Mania Emporer, Raff Danny Boy, Banquet Xplanation X060 and J & C Evidence. In addition, Nampara have catalogued a special feature lot – a pick of the pen of some cracking yearling bulls by the powerhouse sire, Raff Empire. The Nampara bulls, which will be competitive weights come sale day, are supported

by above average performance figures, both Breedplan data and actual measurements. All sale bulls are guaranteed into their second working season. Nampara are proud of the consistent product they produce and work hard to source sire lines that deliver under commercial conditions. It is this simple aim to breed bulls with bone, muscle and quiet temperament that is resulting in increased demand for Nampara bred and sired

Beef&Bull - 019

cattle. Inspections are welcome at the Field Days on February 4 at Mortlake or February 10 on-property or at any time as well as from 2pm on sale day, February 18. Sale catalogues can be picked up at the Field Days or by contacting Stuart Hann 0427 696 084. Above - Nampara – Big, heavily muscled grass-fed bulls.

A smorgasbord of quality options at Woonallee C

an you remember when you were an excited child with a box of mixed chocolates and just couldn’t decide which one to take next as they were all good? Life is much more than a box of chocolates, but the decision may be just as tough at the 2014 Woonallee Simmental cattle sale - there are so many choices of highest quality stock. Principal Tom Baker has searched the world for new genetics that have the capacity to give Australia’s commercial beef breeders a production advantage in our rangeland management conditions. The genetics he has put together have produced a unique Woonallee blend that has excelled in the traditional Simmental circles. Tom has seen the need to move towards polled cattle for management ease for a long time, but was not prepared to use polled genetics unless they could improve genetic carcase qualities as well. However the good news is he has found some of those sires in recent years and two thirds of their 2014 offering of traditional Simmental bulls are polled. As Woonallee enters its fifth decade of breeding the highest quality Simmental cattle, another significant development is the diversity of buying options that will be presented to producers. Seventyfive bulls will be offered, composing 45 traditional Simmentals, 15 Red and Black Simmentals, plus 15 SimAngus

bulls. That’s a virtual smorgasbord of the very best options, whatever your colour preference, or market need may be. Again there is a very bright star amongst a whole galaxy of shining lights. That is Woonallee Hallmark, a bull that excelled at the 2013 Adelaide and Melbourne Royals, in both Simmental and Interbreed classes. If breed champion bull, plus leading the stud’s two winning interbreed classes at Adelaide doesn’t put an exclamation mark alongside of his quality credentials, nothing will. In another significant development to cater for client convenience, the Baker family has decided to hold the stud female portion of their annual offering on the evening before their bull sale. On Wednesday, February 12, at 5pm they will offer 50 highest quality registered females. The next morning at 9.30am Woonallee will again offer their 200 commercial heifers on the Auctions Plus network. These have attracted bidding nationwide in the past and the quality of this draft is as high as ever. This leaves the Thursday, February 14 2pm sale as an all bull offering, which should please those bull buyers who do not wish to sit through the female portion of the offering. World leading genetics in traditional, black, red and composite options certainly fits the description, - The very best in Simmental, whatever the requirement.

Above - Woonallee offers 325 head of “world best genetics” at its 2014 annual sale over two days. Their quality is indisputable, with a dominance of interbreed awards at major shows over the years and the last two in particular. This is their 2013 winning open interbreed pair from Adelaide that is led by Woonallee Hallmark, a star lot in the upcoming sale offering. on. Photo courtesy of Stock Journal.


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Beef&Bull - 000

Increased offering at Mandayen Making life easy M andayen is Australia’s largest Limousin cowherd registering approximately 400 Limousin and Lim-Flex calves annually. It sells over 100 bulls each year and places strong selection emphasis on economical traits, structural soundness and docility. Mandayen’s ninth annual bull sale will be held on Wednesday, February 26 at 1.30pm at Mandayen’s ‘Eight Mile’ sale complex, Keith South Australia. The offering will be increased to 80 high performance bulls with the genetic potential to improve docility, muscling and softness. Sire lines will include the first progeny of RUNL Stetson, RUNL Xtra Loyal, Wulfs Xtractor and Mandayen Energizer E1338. Sons of the proven homebred sires’ Duracell D1098, Eveready

E1385 & Mandayen Guardian A488 will also be available. This year’s sale bulls will be DNA tested for homozygous polled and homozygous black, vaccinated and ear notch tested for pestivirus. Once again Mandayen will deliver the bulls for free in South Australia and Victoria. The entire sale draft will be on display at Mandayen’s 2014 on property field day on Tuesday, February 11. For any enquiries or to organise an inspection, contact Damian Gommers on 0418 824 799.


arnia Works is all about making your next building project as stressfree as possible, providing all the trades and services you need under the one banner. Based in Mount Gambier, the general building business has been part of the construction industry landscape for almost four decades. Narnia has built up a wide catchment area of projects, working across the Limestone Coast and South West Victoria and even further afield. Narnia Works offers plumbing solutions; bobcat, tip truck and excavation services; rubbish removal; landscaping and soil works, as well as paving, concreting and test and tagging.

Beef&Bull - 022

Whether it’s a small improvement project, a major renovation or a new building, owner Ian Hill and his team will manage the entire project, providing quality material and labour to ensure you get the best result possible in a timely fashion. Narnia Works basically can complete all aspects of your project in-house, with electrical work being the only aspect of any project they outsource. Customer service is the main focus for Ian and his team, as they ensure they tailor make each project to best suit the needs of each individual client. Call Ian today on 0418 842 738 to discuss your next building project.


Strong sale line-up T he Southern Cross Simmental Sale has evolved as an opportunity for four South Australian Simmental studs that have similar breed objectives for a modern style of Simmental to join forces creating a exceptionally strong sale line up. A moderate framed, easy doing animal that is well muscled, sound in structure and temperament. They are also all striving towards the majority of polled animals without the sacrifice of any of the other desirable traits.

The group have all gone to great lengths and expense to secure the best genetics available both here and overseas. Many of which have come from the location of their new sale, Woonallee Simmentals at Furner, South Australia. They are very fortunate to have the use of the Woonallee Sale Complex which gives a great central location for them to pool the cream of our crops; of which the majority have a similar genetic background yet exhibit a slightly different stamp on style. It promises to be an exciting line up of traditional black and red Simmentals. This is one sale not to be missed. Left - Horton, Hollywood & Hector.



Sale lots will be displayed at the following locations:



Genetics include:

Stock & Land Beef Week Victoria

Outcross Genetics - Full Black and Red Simmental



at the Mount Gambier Show Grounds

commencing 4pm (SA time) Venue - Woonallee Sale Complex, Furner, South Australia


Selling agents : Elders Enquiries to Ben Finch M 0408 802 760 E






0419 817 669 (Regan Burow)

0428 572 354 (Grantley Muller)

0437 081 077 (Ashley Ness)

0400 265 319 (Brad Creek)

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Making history at Yerwal 2 013 marked a highlight in the history of Yerwal Estate Angus with the winning of champion pen of heifers in the SA Stud Beef Field Days ANZ Heifer Challenge. With more than 30 studs competing across the state in the independently judged competition, it was an achievement of which they very proud. The 2014 Angus sale team is looking particularly strong and is exhibiting Yerwal’s breed objectives with great type and consistency. They are sound, well muscled, easy doing cattle with outstanding weight and growth for age. Yerwal’s breeding program is now entering a new phase with the purchase of shares in six elite donors from LaGrand Angus in the States. It is with great anticipation that Yerwal awaits the first calves due on the ground in autumn of 2014. The 2014 Simmental bull sale is the start of a new era at Yerwal Estate. For the first time they will be selling the majority of our Simmental bulls in an off farm sale with Rellum Farms, Six Creeks and Seddon Simmental studs. It will also be the first of

Yerwal’s black Simmentals on offer, fully imported embryos from Lewis Farms in Canada. Although they will only have a small offering for the first couple of years it will soon gather momentum with extensive embryo transfer programs taking place over the past couple of years and into the future. Above - Yerwal Estate won the inaugural ANZ Heifer Challenge as part of the 2013 SA Beef Field Days for its line of Angus heifers. ANZ South Australia agribusiness manager Steve Radeski and SA Beef president Jean Evans congratulate Yerwal Estate’s Regan Burow (centre), from Lucindale, on winning the prize for the champion pen in the first ANZ Heifer Challenge.

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Consistency and performance at Waterfront W

Your Local Knackery

CASH PAID FOR CATTLE AND HORSES - Suitable as pet food Phone 08 8739 9208 or 0400 860 550


BOX 1 GOLD DRY FOOD BAGS 1kg $4.50 - 2kg $9 - 18kg $45

BULK MINCE PACKS 12.5KG Kennel Pack $17 | Puppy Mince $22 | Premium Mince $33

ASSORTED BONES Mixed Bags & Marrow Bones from $1.50 - $2

DOG COATS Polar Fleece - $25 | Winter Woolies $35



DELIVERING FORTNIGHTLY Between Mt Gambier, Portland & Warrnambool OPEN MON-FRI 9AM - 5.00PM SAT 9AM - 12PM


PHONE 08 8725 7411

aterfront’s “Naringa Park” property, north of Naracoorte, will again be the venue for the stud’s annual field day and sale. On display at the field day Monday, February 10, will be Waterfront’s offering of 34 high-quality Simmental and Simmental X bulls, plus six stud yearling heifers for their seventh Premier Simmental Genetics Sale on Friday, February 14, at 11.30am. The bull offering will include 25 registered performance recorded Simmental bulls and 9 black and red Simmental Angus X bulls. Waterfront’s 2014 sale bulls combine all the positive attributes Simmentals are renown for; displaying depth of body, power, carcase and softness. Waterfront bulls will add weight and performance to any cross-breeding program. All of these traits Waterfront bulls’ offer will assist in maximising profitability to the commercial producer and the ability to

Beef&Bull - 026

produce progeny with flexible marketing options and maternal attributes. In recent years to help Waterfront achieve this consistent product they have infused soft, extremely docile and high-performance genetics from New Zealand. The New Zealand genetics have been well suited to south-eastern Australia being based on grass-based finishing systems combined with the structural soundness from walking in hill country in New Zealand. Waterfront is very proud of its 2014 offering and welcome all to field day and sale.

Lindsay, the quality option with real performance in Murray Greys


he Lindsay Murray Grey Stud at Pigeon Ponds (one hour south west of Naracoorte) prides itself on producing high quality Murray Grey cattle with well above breedplan performance. The aim at Lindsay is to breed Greys with plenty of growth and carcase whilst maintaining real profit drivers, calving ease, fertility and doing ability. This year’s catalogue of sale bulls reflects these qualities and are of an exceptionally high standard. The offering consists of 18 Autumn drop sale bulls and 12 Spring drop bulls with some outstanding prospects in both age groups. All the cattle are

paddock reared and are run alongside a self replacing prime lamb enterprise so are managed in true commercial conditions where they are expected to perform and be profitable. All cattle at Lindsay are breedplan recorded with most having growth, carcase and fertility traits available. The sale bulls have comprehensive health assurances which include being MN3 status, ear notched free of pestivirus and are Zoetis STAR accredited. The Zoetis STAR program includes up to date vaccinations for BVDV (pestivirus), Vibriosis and 7 in 1 to include Leptospiriosis. Due to a four month time interval between data collection for the Lindsay catalogue and sale date, the bulls will once again be weighed and re-scanned just prior to the sale. A structural assessment will also be carried out at the same to give potential clients more accurate information to evaluate prospective purchases. This information will be made available as part of the supplementary sheet on sale day or prior by request. This year the Lindsay and Green Triangle Murray Grey Production Sales are to be held over two days giving Murray

Grey enthusiasts a greater chance to view more Murray Greys in the one opportunity. Due to the Lindsay sale being the second of the two sales the Lindsay bulls will be available for inspection on property at Pigeon Ponds on February 19 after lunch, by appointment, or at our Victorian Beef Field Day on February 5 between 9am and 6pm. FIELD DAY 2014 Wednesday, February 5, presents a great opportunity to view the Lindsay sale bulls, stud sires and females at their Victorian Field, day on property at Pigeon Ponds situated approximately one hour south east of Naracoorte. For sale at the field day will be Stud and Commercial heifers PTIC for autumn calving and some

young commercial spring calving cows with CAF and rejoined to stud bulls. The 34th Annual Lindsay Murray Grey Sale will be held at “Boonaroo”, Casterton alongside Boonaroo Angus on February 21, commencing with the Angus bulls at 3pm (Vic time). If your requirement is quality Murray Greys or an improvement in temperament and calving ease for any breed please consider Lindsay. Contact Craig and Jacinta Grant on (03)5570 4227, email at or visit Above - Easy Rider E108 Stud Sire and sire of star Lot 13 Left - 2014 autumn drop sale bulls.

Fully Guaranteed for Structure and Fertility Free delivery within 200 km, assistance to all other areas

VIC BEEF FIELD DAY FEB 5TH 2014, COLERAINE A Selection of Stud & Commercial Females shall be offered for Private Sale. Held on farm at Pigeon Ponds via Coleraine, 1hr from Naracoorte via Edenhope

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Bra-Ma Hereford Stud Performance on Grass W

Enquiries to Bray Milstead

08 8738 2282 or 0438 382 282

arrensville’s Field Day this year is on Tuesday, February 11, and will feature 40 Poll Hereford Bulls principally grass reared that have been reserved for the 34th Warrensville Annual Production Sale on Tuesday, February 25, at 2.30 pm. Having a tremendous influence of the sale team this year is Warrensville Aberdeen B220, son of New Zealand heavyweight Kairuru Aberdeen. B220 has tremendous performance EBV’s with birth at 6.3, growth of up to +95 at 600 day weights and carcass excellence with EMA of 5.3 and positive fat figures. Visitors can also inspect the five bulls reserved for the 2014 Wodonga Hereford National by Kidman the Don, The Ranch Navajoh and Grassmere Spark (IMP NZ) showing growth, muscling and quality that Warrensville is renown for. Warrensville was runner-up Most Successful Poll Hereford Exhibitor at the 2013 Wodonga Hereford Show and Sale and its team included two class winners and Reserve Senior Champion. Also available for inspection will be new sire Merrina Crackerjack G20 (pictured) and some of his first calves. Crackerjack G20 is by

the great New Zealand Bred Bull Koanui Unanimous 3152 and offers the qualities that many Hereford breeders are looking forward in today’s market. Growth, carcass and index traits that can not be ignored, with 11 EBV traits in the top 5% of the breed. On display will be the Warrensville team of eight heifers for the ANZ Heifer Challenge and representatives of the herd. Warrensville joined almost 400 Stud fenales in 2013. Warrensville proprietors Chris, Pam and Tim Steer and invite all interested cattle people to attend, compare the cattle and enjoy their hospitality. Agents for the forthcoming milestone 34th Grassfed Annual Production Sale are Landmark and Miller Whan and John. Above - New sire Merrina Crackerjack G20.

WARRENSVILLE “For Weightier Weaners Off Grass”

Beef&Bull - 028

Granite Ridge still on the rise G ranite Ridge is first and foremost a seedstock breeder, and an important contributor to Angus genetics. The stud’s success is measured by meeting the needs of the commercial breeder for functional, high performing seed stock, that lifts their bottom line. Reproduction is the essence of animal production. Thus reproductive efficiency will always be foremost in the evaluation of beef genetics. Soundness has a direct correlation to reproduction. The ability of cattle to move freely through their environment is conductive to achieving higher pregnancy rates, which leads to greater reproductive efficiency and longevity. Longevity allows the breeder to extend their investment costs over a longer period of time, therefore lifting profitability. Granite Ridge has not had any of their sale bulls foot trimmed, giving the buyer confidence that what they see is what they will get - good leg and foot structure. The bull team consists of 60 rising two year old bulls and 10 Spring bulls. Featuring the first sons of

the Witherswood Performer E49, who adds extra muscle, growth and positive fat, all with a very moderate birth weight. This bull is destined for greatness as his first scan progeny indicate he has the elusive fleck IMF and as a four year old he is extremely sound. Other sires include calving ease specialists Sydgen Trust and CC & 7, Te Mania Berkley and Africa and Exar Upshot. There are some outstanding sons of Booroomooka Undertaken with added growth and excellent carcase traits. Sons of RM Ironstone and Three Trees Top Performer (known as the meat factory) bring extra bone, length and frame which equates to more weight and extra dollars. The Heavy Hitter sons bring an appealing thickness of body and type which is quite impressive. Amongst the spring bulls there is a standout son of Regent by The Grange Imran Rosebud D81. This young bull is long, with strong muscle expression, he has exceptional phenotype and brilliant figures, 600 Day Weight of +129, Scrotal +2.8, Carcase

Weight of +85, EMA +9.2, IMF +3.2 and he is in the top 5% for all Dollar Indexes. Other spring bulls that would need a second look are the sons of Exar Upshot and Dunoon Evident. The bulls are the product of a carefully selected and bred herd of top class females, as behind every good male there is a good female. There are a selection of these stud females in the sale, spring calving cows with calves at foot and a line of outstanding PTIC autumn calving heifers. Females

Beef&Bull - 029

will be auctioned in penned groups. There is value for money in Granite Ridge bulls and females, backed by the Granite Ridge guarantee. Field Day : Monday, February 10 Sale Day : Friday, February 14 at 1pm Above - Witherswood Performer E49

Cannawigra is committed to quality sires C

annawigra Poll Herefords will offer a quality draft of 30 Poll Hereford Bulls at their onproperty Bull Sale to be held at 11am on Wednesday, February 26, at ‘Walteela’, Avenue Range. Buyers can be assured that the 2014 sale offering will continue our genuine commitment to offer quality sires that meet today’s industry requirements. All sale bulls are vet checked, Zoetis STAR accredited and have full birth weight, growth and carcass EBVs. Cannawigra has a Gold 5 Star Rating under the new Breedplan ‘Completeness of Performance’ rating system demonstrating their commitment to comprehensively recording performance information in their herd. Cannawigra is one of only four whiteface herds in Australia that have achieved a Gold 5 Star rating and the only one in South Australia. Free freight is offered on all bulls sold within the South East of South Australia and Western Victoria. The 2014 offering is mainly sired by Bowen Crown Prince and Yambro Velocity D32 (Trait Leader all growth traits and scrotal) along with sons

of C. Watergate F35 (top 5% all $ indexes) and Allendale Yelta E94 (top 10% all $ indexes) plus AI sires giving buyers access to a good range of new and proven genetics. The bulls on offer in 2014 are correct, well muscled, easy doing and backed by balanced Breedplan figures. They have the growth, carcass


and finishing ability demanded by current markets backed by the strength of a very functional cow herd developed through more than 60 years of selection. In the past 12 months, Cannawigra bred and sired cattle have topped the Mount Gambier store sale plus weaner and finished EU cattle have also


Beef&Bull - 030

sold very well for their clients, indicating our genetics deliver what industry requires. Sale cattle can be inspected either during SA Beef Week – Monday, February 10, or on sale morning from 9.30am or to inspect the cattle any other time call David and Katrina Copping on (08)8766 0077.

Stoney Point’s reputation spreading nationwide S

toney Point Angus Stud continued to broaden its reach in 2013, with bull sales spread far and wide across the country. The February bull sale saw 90% of bulls sell to repeat clients, a stirring endorsement of what Stoney Point Bulls are doing in breeders programs. Bulls sold into herds across South Australia, into Western Victoria and Southern New South Wales. Strong private sales followed throughout the year, with drafts of bulls selling to repeat clients in the Broken Hill region, and into the Northern Territory. September saw a select group of six bulls taken to the AG-Show sale in Towoomba, Queensland, with the draft topping the sale averages, and selling to breeders from Wondoan, in Central Queensland, down to Goondiwindi on the New South Wales border. As tough as the 2013 bull market proved to be, the support of repeat clients, and some new purchasers saw Stoney Point record a complete clearance of the 140 bulls on offer. 2014 is an exciting year for the program with some new exciting genetics being available to breeders. These new sirelines are the result of continuous and meticulous research into the breed, with all new genetics bought into the herd being vetted heavily before introduction. The new sire groups sure to attract attention include an outstanding group of bulls by Sitz

Upward, whose progeny are moderate at birth, have awesome growth for age, and are super eye appealing. There is also a select draft of calving ease prospects by the high carcase merit bull WK Power Up, whose sons are smooth fronted with good size and stretch, and scanned well for EMA and IMF. There are also outstanding drafts by R/M Ironstone,

whose progeny were immensely popular last year, and Sydgen CC&7, whose sons show extra length of body, smoothness, and wonderful docility, among other sire groups to sell. The draft of 75 bulls will be available for viewing at the Beef Field Day, on Tuesday February 12, at “Leonawood”, Keith, with the 6th Annual “Performance Plus” Bull Sale to be held

Monday February 17, at “Eight Mile” Sale Complex, Keith, at 1pm South Australian time. Above - Sygden CC & 7 - A low birth, high growth sire who is one of the top docility bulls in the breed. His sons will feature strongly on February 17.

Moving Your Herd Onward & Upward 6th Annual “Performance Plus” Bull Sale

Offering 75 Bulls - Monday, February 17th 2014, at 1pm SA time “Eight Mile” Sale Complex, Keith

Beef&Bull - 031

New online database advances cattle parasite identification and treatment A ustralian dairy and beef cattle producers can now implement a more effective worm management system for their herd

with WormTRAX™ - an online tool developed by Zoetis. This tool scans a database of more than 50,000 independently tested manure samples and identifies the most prevalent worm species geographically across Australia. The new resource can be accessed at and enables farmers to identify which worm species are present in their geographical area by simply entering their postcode or town name online. “With over 12 years of data, WormTRAX is the most comprehensive worm tracking system available to Australian cattle farmers,” said Dr Lee Taylor, Senior Veterinary Technical Manager – Livestock at Zoetis.

“The accumulation of these test results will give the dairy and beef industry the ability to predict worm types in cattle and assist producers in making the right drenching decision for their herd.” Regional variations highlight the importance of producers knowing what worm mix affects their herd. Without effective management techniques in place, parasites can be detrimental to the health, performance, growth and lactation of beef and dairy cattle. The WormTRAX database consists of samples from more than 50,000 animals tested by Veterinary Health Research in Armidale, New South Wales. The independent laboratory found that the average worm egg counts vary seasonally in line with rainfall patterns throughout Australia. Small intestinal worm (Cooperia spp.) is the most prevalent worm species cultured in all regions. In summer rainfall regions, Barbers Pole Worm (Haemonchus spp.) and

Nodule Worm (Oesophagostomum spp.) followed. Small brown stomach worm (Ostertagia spp.) and then stomach hair worm (Trichostrongylus spp.) were the next highest in winter rainfall regions. WormTRAX makes a suggestion for drench selection based on the length of activity of popular drenches against the common worm mixes. Producers should speak to their veterinarian or farm advisers when selecting their drenches. “We estimate that over $100 million is spent on broad spectrum cattle drenches in Australia each year, so choosing the right type of drench, and the most reliable method of administration, is a priority for producers” said Dr Taylor. Left - Dr Lee Taylor, Senior Veterinary Technical Manager – Livestock at Zoetis.

50,000 TESTS HAVE SHOWN THAT ONE CATTLE WORM IS NOT THE REAL PROBLEM. Many cattle producers assume Ostertagia is the most prevalent worm type on their property. But you may be surprised to learn which worms actually are. It’s only when you know which worms you actually have that you can choose the right drench for your cattle. is a new resource that allows you to search by postcode for the most prevalent worms in your region. It then matches the most effective drench for your particular combination of worms, to ensure longer-lasting, cost-effective control. Based on more than 50,000 independent tests around the country, WormTRAX™ puts the science back into drenching.

Go to © 2013 Zoetis Inc. All rights reserved. Zoetis Australia Pty Ltd ABN 94 156 476 425. 38–42 Wharf Road, West Ryde, NSW, 2114. 12/13 AM967 PAL1039 Beef&Bull - 033

Delivering the best bang for your buck


here isn’t a successful business operating in this day and age that wouldn’t rank word of mouth as one of, if not the most, important marketing tools in its arsenal. Employing good staff, providing quality goods and/or services and making customer satisfaction the number one priority is how any well run business builds its reputation

Phone Fax Email Office Print

08 8778 1222 08 8724 7882 Office 1, 20 Penola Road Mount Gambier 29,950 For inquiries phone Jill Collins Regional Sales Manager 0400 598 327

Delivered exclusively to Australia Post PO boxes and RMBs throughout 85 towns in the South East of SA and Western Victoria. We are ensuring your advertising message is delivered to the people that matter. Beef & Bull is produced by Lifestyle1 Pty Ltd. Details contained in this magazine have been compiled from information supplied by advertisers. No responsibility is accepted for the accuracy of information contained here in. Prospective purchasers should rely on their own enquiries.

and in turn street-cred, ending up in the enviable position where customers become walking advertisements, recommending your business without prompting to their friends, family and colleagues. Shane and Jodie Foster are a shining example of this at work. The principals of Boonaroo, and until a couple of years ago, Lindsay Murray Greys, came on board Lifestyle1’s rural publications – Beef & Bull and Ram & Lamb – seven years ago when sales representative Jill Collins established the niche publications. “It has proven to be the most effective marketing tool we have used in terms of media,” Jodie said. “The wide circulation, the targeted delivery to the doorsteps of the region’s farming community makes sure the people we want to see our advertising get it in their hands.” Shane and Jodie have been a mainstay client of both rural publications for the past seven years, booking early to secure prime position and in many cases the cover – eager to get maximum bang for their buck. “The response we get from our advertising in Beef & Bull and Ram & Lamb has really been amazing,” Jodie said. “We know from enquiries, sales and just comments on the street from people that have seen the ads that it is real value for money and they are the publications we earmark each year as an absolute definite in our advertising budget,” Jodie said.

Profitable and functional at Warrawindi W

arrawindi has become a real force in the beef industry producing very profitable and functional cattle for today’s market, bulls suitable for vealers and MSA steers. Breeding Limousins for 25 years, their genetics are proven over time to be top performance cattle. One of last year’s show successes was Warrawindi Gem 88 winning Grand Champion Limousin cow at Adelaide and Melbourne Royal shows. Plus we won the Reserve export Champion steer at Melbourne royal. Warrawindi’s female herd consists of 130 strong and well-structured animals. These are all performance recorded with above average EBV’s. Great females breed great bulls. Embryo and AI were used heavily, breeding more genetics from their elite cows. Wulfs Xtractor, Stetson, Warrawindi’s out crossed bulls CJSL Time Traveler and Wilodge Cerberus plus Shalone Noble Prize and their old faithful Stevens Moonwalker make up the elite sire battery. Warrawindi will have 25 Apricot, Black and

polled bulls for sale at our Great Southern Limousin sale. This is held at the Clifton Selling complex, Hamilton, Victoria. Viewing from 12noon, sale starts at 2.30pm on Monday, February 17. Also Warrawindi will be selling 20 lots of females and genetic packages. Donna Valley Razzamattaz is one of their outstanding donor cows. She will have progeny in the sale. Warrawindi offers a free delivery service on route for all bulls and a subsidised for females. The field day is on Tuesday, February 11. Catalogues available or check out the website at

Quality quartet joins forces again T

he 3rd Great Southern Limousin sale is fast approaching, selling 60 bulls, 40 females and genetic packages. The four Limousin studs are based in the heart of the beef vealer production area. Warrawindi, based at Penola, South Australia, run by David Galpin and family; Frontiere, at Tyrendarra, owned and run by Greg Frost and family; Bonian, owned by James O’Brien, situated at Ballarat and Otway Felix, owned by Brian Galligan, based at Birregurra. The four studs joined forces to put on the only Limousin sale in Victoria, currently located at the magnificent Clifton Selling Complex’in Hamilton. Only the best animals are independently selected by Vaughan Campagnolo, VPC Cattle Services. Bulls are selected for growth, EMA, structure and docility. They are productive and have been bred using elite genetics to produce only the best. The females are at the top end of the beef industry with ET donor cows, show heifers and 3 in 1 units. The sale, also offers semen packages from trait leaders and new imported outcross genetics. All cattle on offer have full EBV’s, are proto and pesti tested free and have been fully vaccinated against vibrio, pestivirus and 7 in 1. Bulls are semen tested and vet checked.

Above - Lot 41 H14 Warrawindi Akubra, one of the great bulls being offered at the Great southern Limousin Sale. Great Southern guarantee our product and our back up service is second to none. All bulls are free delivery on route and subsidised for females making sure they arrive safely. The

Great Southern Limousin sale date is Monday, February 17, with viewing from 12 noon and the sale beginning with the females at 2.30pm (Vic time) followed by the bulls. Join the Great

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Southern principals after the sale for refreshments and a bite to eat. They hope to see you there and can be contacted for a catalogue.

New genetics and a new generation with Raven T he Raven Limousin and Lim-Flex herd will host its inaugural New Gen Bull sale on February 27 in Naracoorte S.A. The Raven stud, which started in 2008 through the purchase of two elite heifers, has rapidly grown with the privilege of controlling quality through extensive breedplan recording, the use of embryo transfer and accessing the best genetics available globally. The Raven stud prides itself on offering bulls with some of Australia’s leading genetics for growth, carcase & docility, backed up by its 5 Star rating for Herd Completeness of Performance, meaning everything is 100% recorded guaranteeing accuracy of data. The 2014 bull sale has been aptly named “New Gen” offering new genetics and a new generation of specialised breeding. Raven will offer black, red & polled bulls and show case the first of its embryo import calves from the heart of the Hunt Limousin herd, Nebraska USA. These notable ET calves are the result of several trips to North America by Raven

stud principals, Jason and Penny Schulz in search of the ideal donor dams that suit the Australian environment and markets. “From all the herds visited the Hunt herd impressed us the most with their consistence of type and structural correctness. We believe the Hunt cattle are the right foundation to base our program on,” said Mr. Schulz. These unique donor cows were flushed to new leading sires, enabling Raven to offer one of the first Australian Wulfs Xtractor and Wulfs Warbonnet sons in its 2014 bull sale. Among these exciting imports will also be an offering of one of the first sons of Mandayen Raven Time E1492, which was purchased as the Raven herd sire for $13,000 at the Mandayen Limousin Performance Sale in 2011. These Raven Time sons display a lot of natural thickness with the correct balance of muscle and cover. All of the Purebred bulls that will be offered in the 2014 sale have EBVs that average in the top 10% of the breed for 200day & 400day growth traits, docility & domestic

terminal index. The Raven herds’ market relevant performance traits have been proven after winning Grand Champion Carcase at the 2013 Southern Grass-fed Carcase Classic. In addition to offering purebreds, Raven will also offer a selection of its Lim-Flex50 bulls for the commercial clients with a demand for added yield capabilities without compromising their current markets. The Raven bulls will be on display for inspection at our Field Day at our home, Coolaroo, on February 11,

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as well as the morning the day before the sale at Naracoorte. All bulls have been docility scored, semen tested, DNA tested for coat colour, polled status and F94L, Zoetis star approved and guaranteed with the Limousin Assurance program. For more information contact Jason 0417 863 268 or visit their website Above - Raven Limousin sale bulls.

Hamilton Meat Profit Day 2025: ready or not? Wednesday 19 February 2014 Module Sessions Market outlook Technology and genetics Succession planning and foreign ownership

Keynote speakers Michael Edmonds General Manager Global Marketing, Meat & Livestock Australia Peter Knoblanche General Manager of Rural Australia, Rabobank

Hamilton Exhibition and Conference Centre, Horner Street, Hamilton Victoria



To register call 1800 675 717 and select option 4 For more information visit or email







E V O C S D E E N 4 X 4 R U O HAS Y


Banquet pride in unique Angus type B

anquet Angus principals, Stephen and Noeleen Branson take great pride in the success of their clients around the country. Numerous weaner sale topping reports are evidence that their unique Banquet type consistently produces young cattle that grow quicker for longer. Some people find it hard to comprehend that these bigger framed and more powerful bulls have the same functionality and beginnings in life as most Angus sired calves. It is what they do from birth onwards that is the defining difference. “Banquet sired calves start much the same as any other Angus, with easy care shape and moderate birthweights, but from there they have the genetic capacity to grow quicker and for longer, allowing our clients to meet a wider range of market specifications in a shorter time frame,” Stephen Branson said. “Being able to market young cattle at heavier weights at the same age, or reaching a specified target weight earlier is money in the bank. Our Banquet cattle have the extra bone needed to carry the extra muscling,

allowing producers to meet more markets within their feed availability period; simply these types are more efficient feed convertors. Simply put in terms everyone can understand, we find they’re more profitable more often, and it is very pleasing when our clients continually verify this.” All these attributes also come with one other very pleasing attribute, extreme docility. Originally extended from one very productive and extremely docile imported cow, Kiwi Dream, the herd is a dream to inspect and work with. That has huge benefits in management and the eating quality of progeny. At the Branson family’s 2014 annual bull sale, on-property at Mortlake on Thursday, February 27, they will offer 125 “Big, Bold Banquet Bulls”, with a full inspection also onproperty the Thursday before. They will also be participating in Victoria Beef Week on Day 8, Tuesday February 4. Affectionately named “Keith”, Banquet Belief A387 will have some particularly impressive sons in the offering. This X030 son was admired by many leading up to the 2007 sale, but was lame on

To get more bang for your buck -

sale day from peer group fighting. With a full guarantee he was still offered and Keith Diprose was astute enough to purchase him for just $6000. He never missed a beat at Keith’s Chartwell Farms property consistently throwing top calves. Banquet negotiated using him out of season and collected semen thanks to the generosity of Keith and Merryl Diprose. It is suggested you pay particular attention to this hardy bull’s progeny.

Above - Doug Robertson, ‘Nangana’, Grassdale and his partner Pam McIntyre are pictured with a pen of 21 Banquet blood steers they offered at last January’s Hamilton Weaner sale. These weighed 402 kg and sold at 176 cents/kg. Doug, who is a regular Banquet bull purchaser had 177 Banquet blood steers in the sale. (Photo courtesy of Stock & Land wspaper).



They’re different - functional bulls with power! Faster Growing, Bigger Framed, More Powerful, Longer & Thicker

Thursday February 27th 2014 Day 8 - Tuesday 4th February Thursday 20th February Beef&Bull - 039

XSimm offers a new black option for Angus breeders G

aining greater productivity without changing much is a pipedream for most, but Coolana Angus principals Mark and Anna Gubbins offer such a prospect. A rigid selection process of breeding Angus cattle at Coolana over eight decades (and the past four as a seedstock herd), has resulted in a wonderfully high performance herd. No passengers have been tolerated; the Gubbins family believing there is no room for sentiment. They manage their herd with a total commercial focus and run a six week joining period only, with all dry cows culled. “The long term benefits soon outweigh any emotional attachment and the end result is our bulls have the highest fertility and performance background,” Mark said. “This soon over-rides any initial hesitancy we had in making harder decisions. In fact the harder you are in the beginning, the easier it is to make decision later on.” With three properties (one at Chatsworth and two at Meningie) and now running 1780 breeding females, Coolana has built up an enviable reputation for breeding excellence with their Angus bulls. They run Autumn bull sales in South Australia (February 19) and Victoria (March 16), plus a Victorian Spring bull sale (September 17) with approximately 70 Angus bulls in each sale. Beyond that they have plentiful top

bulls for private sale enquiries all year round. Their offering for this autumn can be inspected during Vic Beef Week at Chatsworth (Tuesday, February 4) and the SA Beef Field Days at Meningie (Tuesday, February 11). However there is now another string on the Gubbins family’s bow. After observing the wide acceptance of crossbreeding in commercial herds in the USA and the exceptional performance and consistency of crosses using Black Simmentals over Angus, Mark and Anna made an investment in these genetics. “We’re dedicated Angus breeders but first and foremost we’re commercial beef producers,” Mark said. “What better

way to utilise the genetic strength of the best beef cattle breed around in Angus, then offer crossbreeding advantages to our commercial clients, while still maintaining a black herd. We saw the impressive growth advantages in the States from heterosis in the order of 10 to 20%. That is an exciting add-on complementary advantage that can give a free extra ride for commercial Angus breeders. It is not a replacement, or rejection of Angus.” The first XSimm bull sale was held by Mark and Anna last September at Chatsworth with good first up support, seeing 17 sell to $10,000 and average $4150. Another impressive line will be offered in 2014, again at


Email: 12 Ralston Road, Mount Gambier Phone 8725 7321 • Adam Sims 0417 087 292 or Robert Sims 0427 614 263 MEMBER OF THE NATIONAL WATERWELL & DRILLING ASSOCIATION OF AUSTRALIA Beef&Bull - 040

Chatsworth on Thursday, September 18, the day after the Coolana Angus Spring bull sale. Above - Buyers inspecting the Coolana Angus bulls at their 2013 Autumn Victorian sale at their Chatsworth home base. With 3 annual Angus bull sales, Coolana offers approx. 200 Angus bulls per year, plus has many high quality private sale bulls available all year round. A further string to their bow is the offering of Black Simmentals to give Angus breeders the options to gain the advantages of up to 20% that heterosis offers.

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Published September 2014.

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Let Agricola ensure your production levels are at their best A gricola Mining is all about developing your soil quality, daling with the issued of acidity and ensuring that you enjoy optimum production levels. Acod soil is pasture soils below pH 5 in calcium chloride and cropping soils, below pH 5.5 in calcium chloride, according to a 1999 PIRSA report. These pH levels are not particularly low but can result in significant production decline and losses over time due to reduced survival of perennial pastures like lucerne and phalaris; patchy clover growth and declining water use efficiency. Acid soils are found across much of the South East of South Australia

and Western Districts of Victoria. Some contributing factors are depletion of nutrients like calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium; addition of ammoniumbased fertilizers and accumulation of soil organic matter. The good news is Agricoal Mining can help you prevent further decline in your pasture and cropping production and/or improve over all crop, pasture and ultimately livestock production and health. Applying lime on a regular basis to acid soils will raise pH and raise productivity of your pastures, crops and livestock through improved health of all. The expected returns on investment

of liming acid soils is three to fve times the cost of liming. (PIRSA 1999). So which lime should you use? The finest possible is the simple answer according to State Government Agricultural agencies because the finer the particle sizes contained in the lime the faster the product will work. Agricola Superfine Lime is the finest product available in South East of South Ausatrlai and Western Districts of Victoria. CSIRO showed Agricola’s fineness gave it five times the reactive surface area compared to crushed rock/coral

type limes. Laboratory work has proven Agricola Superfine lime will neutralize acid solutions five times faster than the crushed rock/coral limes because of its fineness when compared to the other commonly available limes in the South East. and Western districts. The same is true when applied to acid soils. It’ now s time to start liming with Agricola Superfine Lime to regain any lost productivity on your farm. Call Greg Moorhouse at Agricola Mining on 0437 376450.

MENINGIE GYPSUM & SUPERFINE NATURAL LIME AVAILABLE FOR IMMEDIATE DELIVERY Save $100s of DOLLARS on Gypsum Now A recent analysis shows Meningie Gypsum has up to 40% more GYPSUM in each tonne delivered than their nearest competitor and it’s now available Ex Tintinara & Meningie for your convenience. IE Gypsum for ever y 42 tonne This means you only need 30 tonnes of MENING on freight & spreading costs. of the competition. Saving you $100’s per load

For further information or to confirm your order of Agricola Lime or Meningie Gypsum Call Greg Moorhouse on 0437 376 450 or visit the website Beef&Bull - 043


Beef in 2014: Demand bright, local supply tight A

ustralia’s beef industry faces brighter prospects in 2014 with strong international demand, combined with tight local supply, according to a new report released by agribusiness banking specialist, Rabobank. The report, Beef in 2014: Demand bright, local supply tight says the decline in beef production, particularly in lean beef, in the United States – Australia’s second largest beef export market – means Australian product will be in demand. However, the Rabobank report cautions, in other less traditional markets – where cost is the primary determinant – growing competition from India should be expected, with increased local Indian supply available for export. Additionally though, more optimistic signals are forecast in the live cattle trade, the report says, with increased demand from Indonesia welcomed, assuming supply can be sourced. Report co-author, Rabobank animal proteins analyst Matt Costello said, after a very difficult two years, Australia’s beef sector would be hoping for increased returns in 2014 as supply tightens domestically and global beef demand remains strong. “Looking ahead to 2014, the ongoing drought conditions in Australia are likely to further hinder any growth in livestock numbers,” he said. “Between January and September, total Australian cattle slaughter has been sustained

throughout 2013, increasing 14 per cent or 842,000 head year-on-year, to 6.8 million head with the majority of the additional processing volumes attributed to cow and heifer slaughter.” Mr Costello said since January 2010, significant herd rebuilding has taken place, but the seasonal pressures of 2013 have forced producers to offload breeding stock with total herd expectations around 28 million head. Competitor watch in 2014 Exporters will see increased interest from the US while increasing competition from India will likely limit growth in exports to a number of South East Asian and Middle Eastern markets. Mr Costello said although beef supplies from Australia were expected to tighten in 2014, total beef production globally is forecast to remain relatively steady compared to 2013. US hungry for beef The US will experience a significant decline in beef production in 2014, the Rabobank report says. “The urgency to rebuild the US herd is becoming ever more pressing due to the ongoing liquidation occurring over the past three or so years,” Mr Costello said “If weather permits, US producers will need to grow cattle numbers which are now at 60-year lows. With tight US supply forecast for 2014, this will help drive strong demand for Australian product.”

Indian buffalo meat exports to remain strong Increasing exports of Indian buffalo meat in 2014 will target South East Asian markets, according to the Rabobank report. After becoming the world’s second-largest bovine exporter in 2012, the growth in the Indian buffalo meat shipments continued throughout 2013, increasing four per cent, or 22,000 tonnes swt, in the first six months of 2013. Of particular importance is India’s continued push of buffalo exports into markets such as Vietnam and Thailand presumably through grey channel for reexport to China.” Asian market dynamics Despite competition from the US for Australian product, exports to China are forecast to remain strong in 2014 as China will continue to face a supply deficit, creating strong demand for imports. Rabobank expects Brazil to regain formal access to the Chinese market in early 2014, which will give China the opportunity to diversify its supply base. Australia currently accounts for 48 per cent of China’s formal imports. Mr Costello said the signing of the Free Trade Agreement between Australia and South Korea is welcome news for Australian beef producers. “Without the agreement, Australia was becoming less competitive relative to the US, Australia’s largest

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competitor into the Korean market,” he said. Rabobank Australia & New Zealand is a part of the international Rabobank Group, the world’s leading specialist in food and agribusiness banking. Rabobank has more than 110 years’ experience providing customised banking and finance solutions to businesses involved in all aspects of food and agribusiness. Rabobank is structured as a cooperative and operates in 42 countries, servicing the needs of approximately 10 million clients worldwide through a network of more than 1600 offices and branches. Rabobank Australia & New Zealand is one of Australasia’s leading rural lenders and a significant provider of business and corporate banking and financial services to the region’s food and agribusiness sector. The bank has 93 branches throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Above - Matt Costello, Rabobank Animal Proteins Analyst, Christchurch NZ.


Processing & packing private beef, sheep & pigs

No better shelter T

he AWP Group has announced the launch of a new company dedicated to the design and production of its biggest brand, DomeShelter™. DomeShelter Australia Pty Ltd has been established to further the success of the fabric shelter range of storage solutions. The brand is widely recognised as the Australian market leader in supplying agricultural industry with fabriccovered structures for storage and other purposes. The DomeShelter™ solution has been a trusted brand of the WA-based AWP Group for the past 10 years. During this time, the company has designed, manufactured and installed

Contact Mick and his team for pricing 174 Jubilee Highway West, Mount Gambier

Ph 08 8725 7060

thousands of DomeShelter™ solutions across the Australian and Agricultural landscape, as well as overseas. Moving forward, DomeShelter Australia affirms its commitment to innovation and technical excellence in meeting your needs with high-tech, robust storage concepts. Many satisfied clients prove that these shelters are now the most reliable and trusted on the market, having been developed through the dedicated team’s expertise in steel-frame engineering and all weather fabrics. Many readers of Beef and Bull will already be familiar with the market-leading DomeShelter™ range, which includes the versatile Container-Mounted, Post-Mounted and Combination shelters. More information about the full range of storage solutions can be found on the new DomeShelter Australia website www.domeshelter.

When the old is new again T imes and circumstances are always changing and at Peter Balderstone’s Brung Brungle property at Wannon it is a new era at his Ingleton Shorthorns. The Australian beef cattle industry was built on the Shorthorn cattle breed. The introduction of alternatives, especially Beef Indicus in northern and pastoral regions over many decades has seen that dominance in Shorthorn numbers decline, but the breed’s many attributes are still present and vastly improved on what it offered originally. Clearly more breeders should be giving strong consideration to using Shorthorns in their program. Astute breeders who recognise these qualities have been using Shorthorns in increasing numbers in crossbreeding programs and getting huge production and economic benefits. Many of those have sourced their bulls from Ingleton Shorthorns. “Shorthorns are often overlooked when breeders consider breeds for crossbreeding programs, but the reality is Shorthorns can match any breed

for results,” Peter Balderstone said. “They are ideal for crossbreeding. Our clients who are using them in this way are getting a lift in carcase quality and growth rates, plus the benefits of their wonderful maternal traits. Peter Balderstone’s vast experience has clearly demonstrated and taught him that after fertility, growth rate off grass is the most important genetic trait affecting the profitability of commercial herds. “After that eye muscle is a very strong indicator of overall muscling and yield and intramuscular fat is so important for consumers to have an enjoyable eating experience,” Peter said. “We have been planning special selection emphasis on these traits in particular for decades and this has paid off in our herd as well as those of our clients, which is very pleasing.” And pleased he should be, for Ingleton leads the breed for muscling, intramuscular fat and growth rate. With Chris Taylor, Peter’s right hand man of 25 years, departing to pursue new challenges, it is a new era at

Brung Brungle. The breed that once dominated the Australian cow herd is also fulfilling a different role, as a very high performing and quality option for crossbreeding over herds made up with other breed females. Peter Balderstone welcomes enquiry at any time for Ingleton private sale bulls. The stud will possibly hold an open day in April, but inspections can be arranged anytime by appointment.

Above - These highly productive Shorthorn cows with their calves are the efficient engine room of the Ingleton herd at Brung Brungle. They have Breedplan rankings that make Ingleton a leader in the Shorthorn breed for growth rate, eye muscle and intramuscular fat.

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