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Message from our Chief Operations Officer When you‟re in LifesMiracle you‟re part of a business structure that‟s right in the heart of emerging trends. We‟re a company helping to lead the way in establishing financial security for those that have a desire to be the difference for others... and fairly and richly rewarding them for that service! 

We care about our distributors.

When we say we‟re going to do something “we deliver”

We pay commissions on time!

We are the company you‟ll want to work with.

“As one of the founders of LifesMiracle Group I could only create a culture that I would be proud to be a part of. That culture in LifesMiracle will never change no matter how successful we become. In that you can believe and build on!” Jeff Bennert PhD., C.T.N. COO and Co-Founder of LifesMiracle Group

LifesMiracle is a debt free company devoted to the principles of getting and staying healthy through nutrition, and we lead the Industry in Ionic Air, Water, and Nutritional Supplementation. Operating in the US and Canada, we are one of the few Network Marketing Nutritional Supplement companies registered with the Better Business Bureau and committed to value and support to all our members. LifesMiracle Today is a free quarterly online magazine published for the distributors of LifesMiracle. Issues can be downloaded at or at our Home Business Support site For more information the online version of this magazine has active hyperlinks: LifesMiracle Today Copyright © 2010 All rights reserved LifesMiracle Customer Service (520) 829-7950 email:


It takes a lot more than just great products to build a great company. And when you‟re looking for leaders to join you in your mission, it„s imperative for everything to be right. Many people with leadership abilities and strong desires for success have been “left behind” in their home businesses because: it cost too much to get started; the products were not of high value; or they did not get the support they were promised. LifesMiracle is changing all this. According to LifesMiracle Vice-President David Snuggs, “Simply put, we are eliminating most of the things that have traditionally held people back from becoming successful in most home business opportunities.” LifesMiracle products provide a strong foundation on which our success is built. Our formulators and founding members were the ones who introduced Ionic Nutrition into the US in the 1990‟s and today we‟re on the cutting edge of innovation not only in Ionic Nutrition but also in the development of products containing the “Superfruits” from the Brazilian Rain Forests.

“Relevant products are what gives you long-term stability. Our Ionic Fuel Energy Drink is an example of this: It‟s relevant to the needs of a large number of people. It provides them with the energy they want while it gives them high quality nutrition,” says LifesMiracle COO Jeff Bennert. The LifesMiracle Compensation Plan is built on simplicity, affordability and support. It‟s about treating people right and giving them the support they need to get whatever they want, whether it‟s to improve their health, or become the next Million Dollar Earner in LifesMiracle. “We‟ve proven that people who have never earned a single check working from home can gain the skills to make it in LifesMiracle,” says LifesMiracle CEO John Nitkowski. “No one will be left behind in this company. We‟ve created it so anyone who is serious about it and will work it will succeed.” We‟re excited about our future at LifesMiracle!

The Industry Leader in Ionic Energy and Nutrition!


Achieving it is now a lot easier! Our goal at LifesMiracle is to take Nutrition to a level never reached before! Everyone knows “You are what you eat,” but staying healthy depends on “what your body can absorb.” Ionic Nutrition is more easily absorbed than any other form, delivering to your cells more of what you need to remain healthy!

Ionic Nutrition is the next generation— The Cutting Edge of Nutritional Supplements!


“The Path to Greatness is to skate to where the puck is going, not to where it is now or where it‟s been!”— Wayne Gretzky You might think that hockey principles don‟t apply to business, but the idiom above by the “Great One”, Wayne Gretzky, sums up the Universal Success Law that you need to find your niche in solid and upcoming trends. With the economy the way it is, what worked previously doesn‟t necessarily work today. There are new rules to live by, not only to get by, but to actually prosper, because you‟re always in the right place at the right time for something. When you find it, you‟re at the start of something that proves to change the world. In other words, if you had the opportunity to be involved with IBM or Microsoft when they first started, you could be a millionaire or billionaire today. But who back then would have thought that someday there would be a computer in virtually every home? Smart business men and women find out where the money is headed so they can put their energy into what‟s innovative, the easiest to build, and the most profitable for the long term. Natural Health, Energy, and Green Living Technologies are in the category people are looking into today to improve their lives. “When people ask me what makes LifesMiracle so different, there are two things: The first and most important is that there‟s a great need for what the Ionic Nutritional products can do— and the majority of those that use it feel that it gives better results than anything else they‟ve tried,” says Jeff Bennert, COO of LifesMiracle. “Ionic Nutrition could possibly be the most significant

advancement in nutrition in the last 50 years.” “And second, because we know the industry— we‟ve produced a marketing program that gets more checks to more people, even in a difficult economy. So it‟s the combination of both these factors that makes us successful.” Joe Margolis, a twenty year veteran networker and million dollar earner says, “There are great companies out there, with great products, and great compensation plans, but LifesMiracle is the one that puts it all together in one package, and they have, by far, made it easier to get started, and teaches you the skills you need, making it the best choice for those serious about successfully building a home business, especially if you‟re new to the industry.” LifesMiracle„s philosophy is to build a distributor network where no one is left behind, so team building is the first thing they teach after a new distributor understands what the products can do. Team building is the missing element from most of the opportunities I‟ve seen over the years. What we do differently is, instead of telling people what to do, we do it with them to get them up and running, usually in their first week. As long as they have the desire to learn we never stop working with them until they reach the level of proficiency and confidence to earn at the higher levels. In over 20 years in this industry I‟ve never seen any company do that. You were pretty much on your own to figure it out. LifesMiracle‟s got the innovation, products, and philosophy that‟s going to put a lot of Continued on next page

Imagine that you were in the business of cleaning houses and you could make $40 for every house you cleaned. If you cleaned 5 houses in a day, you would earn an income of $200 a day before expenses. This is called linear income. It‟s where you use 100% of your own efforts to earn an income. This is what the majority of people do their entire lives. Another way to say it “You‟re trading your time for dollars.” Now imagine this scenario instead... instead of cleaning houses yourself, you find houses that need to be cleaned and contract others to do the work. Let‟s say your business grew to the point where you could keep 20 contractors busy who each cleaned 5 houses per day. You pay each of them $30 per house, you charge $40, and you make a profit of $10 per house. Now in your business, 100 houses a day are being cleaned, which is a lot more than you could have done yourself. Even though you‟re now only earning $10 a house in profit, you‟re making much more money and creating jobs for others. Using the power of leverage you‟re now earning $1000 a day in passive income (and personally doing less work!) Today, you can start, run, and grow a business from the palm of your hand. You can start a LifesMiracle Distributorship for $9.95 per year and build a lifetime of Passive Income with products that are in demand and that people need. You also qualify for the tax advantages that all home businesses get from the business use of your home, including electricity, heating, telephone and travel expenses used for your business. To qualify for these tax breaks you must be actively seeking to make a profit, working your business at least 3-5 hours per week, and keep some simple records.


Continued from previous page checks in people‟s hands,” says Joe Margolis, “but the only way you‟re going to do that is to give them the skills and the tools, and give them the support like this company does! People are already motivated to make it work. Just give them the skills and support!” When the leaders created LifesMiracle they knew it had to be vastly different from everything else out there. “We knew what was happening in the industry and saw people working very hard and putting their hearts and souls into making their dream happen, but success seemed to come only to a select few. And we determined at the very onset that we were going to change all that,” says LifesMiracle CEO John Nitkowski. “LifesMiracle had to be achievable for everybody or we weren‟t going to do it at all.” LifesMiracle‟s Vice President, David Snuggs states further, “The company, LifesMiracle, is new, but our team has been together for a long time and we have seen so many lives changed with the Ionic Nutrition over the years, that we had to make it easy for people to participate. It‟s not only about making money, it‟s about changing people‟s lives and giving hope where it hasn‟t existed for a long while. And to me, that‟s one of the greatest things we do!” And success is not just a wish for LifesMiracle Distributors. Market research has shown specifically the top reasons why rightly motivated people don‟t get the level of success they want and the surprising thing, in the majority of cases they‟ve found it‟s not the distributor‟s fault. What‟s even more surprising, when you eliminate those reasons, it‟s actually easier to be successful than to struggle and not be. To be a successful company, you‟ve got to have products that people would buy even if they‟re not on the distributor side of the business. And the products have to be affordable enough so large numbers of people can use them,” says Jeff Bennert, “How can you expect a brand new person on your team to go and promote the products when they know the people they're talking to can‟t afford them… or if they can‟t afford them themselves?” “So if you‟re in a company that‟s expensive to join and build, it may look good on paper, but there will be little if any real growth. You want your business to get to the point where it duplicates on

Nutrition has a powerful impact upon blood cells and this can be seen very easily with Live Blood Microscopy. The major advantage of Live Blood Screening is that you‟re looking at the living blood and can see the relationships the cells have with one another. The blood can only live about 20 minutes after it leaves your body so it‟s impossible for the usual blood analyses to see these details. In most of the nutritional programs that actually work, it takes weeks or months to actually see the results in the blood. In over 11 years of screening at our clinic and nutritional seminars, I‟ve never seen results as quickly as with LifesMiracle Products. In almost every person we screen we can see results in minutes, not weeks or months, like with the other products we test.

its own and can grow with or without you. Affordability and simplicity makes that happen.” The next thing LifesMiracle did was to make it easy. In almost every other opportunity you have to earn your way up to the higher levels of earning. In LifesMiracle you are at the highest level starting your first day. And in most other opportunities you have to perform at a certain level each month or you lose the commissions you have earned. With LifesMiracle your commissions carry over month to month until you qualify to get your check. “Our compensation structure is as innovative as our products, and we are changing the industry. Those who get in now have the opportunity to be at the start of a whole new way of doing business where the people are really the most important. If I could say one thing to people it would be to take a really close look at what we have here because LifesMiracle is going to be one of the giants in this industry!” says LifesMiracle CEO John Nitkowski. What‟s really exciting is that there are millions of people who have tried networking in the past and it didn‟t work out for them, usually because it was too difficult, too expensive, or they didn‟t get the help they were promised. Those are the things we have removed from LifesMiracle to make this, we believe, into the best home business opportunity in this country. LifesMiracle field leader Leon Galitzin comments about this opportunity, “I have not seen a company with this much excitement on the front end. People who have tried Networking before and felt the excitement, but didn‟t have the success in those companies are becoming excited again! And every one of those networkers knows others who knows others and so on. What they‟re doing is taking the skills they‟ve learned and applying them to an easier and more affordable program— one that can have growth! These products and the affordability factor are making this a whole new game. When you add it all up, there are no secrets to creating wealth or financial freedom. All it takes is the desire to learn, the right mindset, and being in the right place at the right time and you could be on your way to creating a lifetime of passive wealth.” Click here for compensation plan PDF

The blood cells to the right are typically found in people whose tissues and body fluids are acidic and with undigested fats and proteins. The cells are clustered together and can carry very little oxygen or nutrients, and the heart has a hard time pushing it through the veins and arteries. This condition typically precedes degenerative health problems and is called Blood Rouleau or Aggregation. The healthy blood cells pictured at right are brighter, separate and free moving and can carry much more oxygen and nutrients to the cells of your body. This is the state that we see in most healthy children‟s blood and in adults who follow alkaline diets. Which Actual Blood Photos blood would you rather have?


The Air Purification Technology that helps to eliminate harmful VOC‟s* and kills disease-causing organisms like viruses, bacteria, and mold in your air and on the surfaces in your car and home! *Volatile Organic Compounds Using Advanced Hydrated PCO Technology our air and surface Sanifiers produce catalytic molecules that remove harmful pathogens, fungi (mold spores), VOC‟s, and bacteria (such as MRSA) from the air you breathe, and from the surfaces in your home! This technology was originally developed by NASA for use in space where build up of ethylene gas can produce disastrous results. We have coined and registered the word Sanifier because it‟s both an Air Purifier and a Surface Sanitizer— and for this our manufacturing facility was awarded the Amarillo, Texas Business of the Year Award for the groundbreaking and continuing work in this technology, and for the advancement of our community. Now you can protect your family in your home as well as take it with you with our Mobile Unit in your car, workplace, and hotels etc.

Protect your family from the dangers you CAN'T see! Sanify your air and the surfaces in your home with LifesMiracle‟s PCO Technology Ion Oasis Air Sanifier technology has been tested by Nabarun Ghosh Ph.D., Associate Professor of Biology, Department of Life, Earth and Environmental Sciences at West Texas A&M University. Click here for more information


Pioneers in onic Nutrition It's interesting how the choices we make in life can lead us down paths we never imagine. When we decided to take on the challenge with LifesMiracle, of creating our own product line and educating possibly thousands of people of the potential benefits, we never dreamed of the effect it would have on so many aspects of our lives.”— Dr Kurt Grange Dr. Kurt and Nancy Grange were among the minority years ago, who started taking nutritional products to prevent health issues rather than for specific problems. “We were in our 50‟s and feeling great. People always asked us what the products were doing for us. Our response was then, as it is now, “Ask us 40 years from now when we‟re still going strong and have remained healthy.” The Granges discovered that there were a number of indicators, as time went on, that they were “de-aging”. They experienced a noticeable increase in energy, no more daily naps for Kurt, Nancy‟s feet didn‟t hurt by the end of the day, and, over a two year period, their eyesight improved! “I actually became interested in Ionic nutritional supplementation, especially the Sango Coral Mineral Complex, known as Ionic Sea by LifesMiracle, because of my work with athletes. I had been working with athletes for years as a certified National Athlete Medical Trainer, both privately and at the University, in an effort to increase the level and duration of their performance and to reduce their recovery time. I had tried lots of things with varying degrees of success. However, when I discovered what the Sango Coral Minerals and the right blend of enzymes could do, and to what levels it could help an athlete achieve, I was sold. Then, when people began to tell me how including these supplements in their daily regimen was changing their medical conditions for the better, I really got excited.” In the beginning, Dr. Kurt and Nancy only planned to be product consumers. However, once Dr. Grange began using Darkfield Microscopy for live blood cell education, and saw positive changes at the cellular level, their fascination with how nutrition

plays such an important role in a person‟s overall health began. In the ensuing years, the Granges began promoting their beliefs in natural healing through nutrition, both within the United States and in foreign countries, explaining, demonstrating and proving in a scientific way the relationship between nutrition and good health. “Being invited to the Virgin Islands, Canada and Moscow, Russia, to present his message, do live blood cell screenings and training was definitely a highlight. We got to see the sights, but even better, we met some wonderful people, individuals with whom we still communicate.” The Granges have continued to travel, train, and educate. Dr. Grange is one of the main speakers at LifesMiracle seminars, regional meetings, and large conferences. In addition, he is the Chairman of the LifesMiracle Scientific Advisory Board. He, along with other LifesMiracle leaders, donates his time and expertise freely to educate groups and individuals about how to Alkalize, Cleanse, Nourish, Balance and Energize the Body, which is his "Criteria for Good Health." "Nancy and I have found that, generally speaking, healthy people are fun happy people that are interested in life and the things around them. This is one of the reasons why the people at LifesMiracle are not only our business partners but also our friends and travel companions." Dr. Grange‟s particular strength is his ability to combine his knowledge of nutrition and body functions, his years of experience working with athletes to improve performance, and dealing with thousands of people in his clinics, that puts him in the position to formulate unique LifesMiracle products that are better and more effective than anything else available in the marketplace. If you‟ve attended any of the Regional or National Meetings given by Dr. Grange you know what a powerful presentation he gives. With his unique background in science, nutrition, athletics and education, he is able to teach and impart knowledge to a wide variety of people on any educational level on how to live a long and healthy life. “He integrates all the science disciplines and explains complicated concepts and processes in a language that‟s understandable and logical,” says Nancy. “My health philosophy is that I believe in blended medicine. We should be able to take the best of what the medical profession practices and the best of the nutraceutical supplements and use whichever… or whatever works, to bring a person back to optimal health. A few years ago I had a fight with my power lawnmower. I lost the battle and my left big toe and I had a parting of the ways. Believe me, I was very happy to have an excellent orthopedic surgeon meet me at the emergency room because I needed his


medical expertise.

cial benefit.

Physicians are fantastic "fix-it" people. However, „wellness‟ and „illness prevention‟ is not their, nor any M.D.‟s, responsibility. Responsibility for their health belongs to each individual. Unfortunately, most people are unintentionally ignorant about how to be pro-active and not reactive in regards to our health. That‟s where Nancy and I come in. We are „wellness educators.‟” And educating is something the Granges know how to do. For over 35 years, “education” was their profession. Now their skills are being channeled in a new direction. Kurt and Nancy plan to continue traveling and educating LifesMiracle distributors and their contacts for years to come. "We both felt public education was a personally satisfying career. But having someone call and thank you for enabling them to get off the drug spiral, for giving them their life back, for telling you „today is the day I was supposed to die and I haven‟t felt this good in years‟… well, we just believe we were meant to be doing this! With LifesMiracle we truly have the best products, and we love telling people about them.” The Granges have discovered that informing people about the life-changing LifesMiracle products has a lucrative side benefit. Nancy and Kurt actually spend much of their time helping other leaders build financial security. But, as their own network of distributors has grown, so has their own monthly check. They are substantially increasing their personal income and have lots of plans for this increased finan-

Dr. Grange has recently closed his Health and Wellness Education and Counseling Centers in Reno and Carson City, Nevada. He now dedicates all his "work time" to LifesMiracle researching, formulating and educating. "Retiring is a good thing as long as you have a passion to retire to." But, it‟s not all work for the Granges. Having fun traveling, whether it‟s in their trailer with kids, grandkids, and dogs, or visiting new and fun places abroad, is also a passion for them. “We‟ve been able to see a lot places in this world and with our added income from the networking side of LifesMiracle, we can continue playing in new areas and live the life we want to live!” “Here is our message to everyone: When all is said and done, the bottom line is this, If we have good health then we can overcome many of life's obstacles and live long, prosperous lives." Believe me, Nancy and I are doing everything we can to maintain our optimal health. And, as we see it, the foundation for good health is through using LifesMiracle products.”

Dr. Kurt Grange, Ph.D., N.D. is a Nutritional Biophysiologist, Author, Medical Researcher, and Chairman of the LifesMiracle Scientific Advisory Board. His work with Ionic Nutritional Supplements began in 1994 when he, along with Dr. Bennert, introduced it to the US.

Join us for the 2012 LifesMiracle National Convention in Las Vegas, NV 9

Japanese Proverb: “From the milk of Mother Sea will be offered the Gift of Life for all Man-Kind.” DR. MICHAEL CUTLER, M.D., Author, The Journal of Body Chemistry Science—“High acid levels in your body are the root cause of many of today’s most frustrating, painful, and dangerous health problems.” High acidity within the body is directly related to the deficiency of ionic organic alkalizing minerals, specifically calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium. We should be able to obtain these minerals from our foods, but, nutritionists and food scientists tell us that these and other necessary minerals are no longer present in our food sources in enough quantities to sustain good health. Therefore, we must supplement our foods. Our 16 years of research and clinic use tells us that the ionic organic minerals found in our coral ionic mineral complex, Ionic Sea, is exactly what is needed to obtain and maintain the body's pH acid/alkaline homeostatic balance. Because of its biological origin, LifesMiracle Ionic Sea mineral supplement is a natural ionized source of calcium and magnesium oxide and over 70 other ionic trace minerals. When Ionic Sea sachets are placed in water, the ionic minerals instantly become bio-available and are 100 percent bio-absorbable in just minutes. No function within the body can take place without ionic minerals. Acid/alkaline balance cannot be regulated without ionic minerals. The Japanese call the coral minerals the "milk of the ocean”. We at LifesMiracle believe that our life-changing Ionic Sea coral mineral complex is second to none and it just may be the "Gift of Life" from the proverb. Click here for more information


"My name is Don Loyd, living in Fresno, CA. and I’m 66 years old with high risk medical conditions— quadruple heart bypass surgery, coronary artery disease, Heart Atrial Fibrillation, Sleep Apnea, Diabetic 2, high irregular cholesterol, and severe joint pain. By the way, I‟m not a distributor but I use and love the LifesMiracle products. In October 2009 my wife was talking with a former classmate who lived in Texas and was voicing her concern about my ongoing health problems, heart rate & breathing, depression, lack of energy, and weight gain, which the medications were not controlling. He suggested LifesMiracle which he had been using for several years, and proceeded to set up a conference call at the wellness clinic in Texas. I reluctantly agreed to the call, and in all honesty expected someone to tell me to go off ALL my medications and use their health products. However, my Cardiologist had just told me that the pace maker/defibrillator was not effective due to the damaged muscle on the left side of my heart. I realized my life was at high risk and I needed to make immediate and drastic changes in my health and lifestyle but had many previous failed attempts at diet and exercise plans. During the conference call I learned about the side effects of my medications and the deficiencies in my body which required the medications and gradual increases necessary to maintain my health. He advised me to not change any medications and suggested three products that he felt would help because of their research and individual results in areas of my personal health. He also said to use them for 60 days and if it was not effective discontinue use of the products, he also requested that my primary doctor and my cardiologist be informed of the new products. Within 30 days I went completely off Paxil 20mg (depression-daily), Naproxen 500mg (joint pain-twice daily), and Darvocet 100mg (back pain-tree times daily also all over the counter meds for joint pain and allergies.) I have had amazing results in my health. As an added bonus my insurance co-pays and other medicines were reduced $90.00 monthly. My starting weight was 242 lbs now 212 lbs, pant size was 42” now 38”, shirt size 2X now XL and my new weight goal is 200 lbs. The biggest change was in my overall health, I‟m not depressed, have lots of energy, no high heart rate or strained breathing, also no snoring or gasping for air at night (which pleases my wife) and I am able to sleep seven hours without interruption. I took the Superfruit Product hoping it would help my joint pain but recently realized that I have had no sinus or allergy problems since using it. Also for the first time in seven years I have been able to walk 18 holes during my weekly golf without being fatigued and out of breath. My diet has been simple modifications of healthy foods, smaller portions, lots of water, and adjusting my attitude to eat only when hungry and stop when I‟m full. The last visits to my doctors, due to the changes in my health and weight, allowed them to schedule yearly checkups instead of 4 to 6 month appointments. LifesMiracle has allowed me to get my life back again and even though my heart is still damaged, it is under much less stress due to the weight loss and respiratory improvement." Sincerely, Don Loyd "I have MS and have been using nutritional supplements for some time from other companies and I took them because I thought I should, but got zero results from them. I started taking supplements from LifesMiracle and have been using them for about 12 months now. I was prone to infections and I don‟t get them anymore. I noticed when I do my workouts I have more energy and strength. My cognitive memory is better than it was. Last night I noticed that I had more body control. Instead of falling into the chair the way I usually do, I sat into the chair. Also, I‟m able to get into the bed WITH NO ASSISTANCE. This was something I couldn‟t do before! I‟m slowly getting better and better every day. This is really exciting to me including the rest of the story. I can‟t work or leave the house because I‟m in a wheelchair. I‟m sharing my story with people and for the first time in all the companies I‟ve been in, I‟m successful in building a home business, and earning money for the first time! That‟s never happened before and I‟m excited about my future! And I‟m thankful for all the help the company‟s given me." Kathy McLean “LifesMiracle is exactly what I’ve been looking for! I was successful with another company but the amount of time it took to maintain my income level was draining to me. I was putting in 11 hour days and didn‟t have any time left for my children. When I heard about LifesMiracle I was very excited to learn about the passive income and it was something that immediately made sense. Everyone around me uses Energy Drinks so I saw it as an opportunity to make a difference in their lives as well. I don‟t want to mention any product names, but what they were drinking was definitely not good for them. The Ionic Fuel was something that really interested me and after using it myself, it‟s definitely getting me (and my clients) better results than anything we‟ve used before. I see LifesMiracle as a pathway to a better way of life for a lot of people and I‟m honored to be a part of it!” Annmarie Kos “My life has changed so much in every way after I learned about LifesMiracle and got to personally know the corporate staff and all the help they‟ve given me. I have been in networking for many years and, although I was surrounded by successful people, I was never able to become successful myself. And suffice to say, I was a little bit frustrated by that! This is the first time anyone was willing to show me how to be successful, and that‟s something I appreciate immensely. Because LifesMiracle is so much more affordable than the other companies I was with, it‟s so much easier for me to talk to people... and people are saying yes! So that alone has given me a new confidence that I never had before. These products are really making such a difference in people‟s lives and I just want to say that LifesMiracle is everything they say it is. I‟ve never known a more caring group of people who give of themselves to help me succeed! Thank you all of LifesMiracle distributors and the corporate team!” Linda Capistran “25 years ago my life was almost ended. I fell 150 feet down a rocky cliff at East Rock in North Haven CT. I broke my neck, back, skull, and my leg was broken, twisted up, and bent up behind my head when I finally reached the bottom. After waking up from my coma and after numerous surgeries I wasn‟t prepared for what was to come next. 25 years of headaches, arthritis, depression, continual pain, surgeries, dozens of medications, and side effects from the medications. There was no end to my problems from a medical viewpoint. Then about a year ago a friend spoke to me about LifesMiracle and said that it might help. All I can say is I thank the Lord everyday for the healing these products have brought about. I‟m off all my medications and although I still have some discomfort because of all the broken bones, my life has been changed in every way and instead of dreading my days the way I used to, I look forward to all the things I can do. Telling others about LifesMiracle is definitely one of them! Thank you LifesMiracle!” Ken Fortier


LifesMiracle Today Magazine vol. 1  

The magazine of what many are calling the "Best opportunity in a home business today!"

LifesMiracle Today Magazine vol. 1  

The magazine of what many are calling the "Best opportunity in a home business today!"