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Carin empowering women everyday

“We need different products to assist us for every phase in life.“

We women are moon creatures. Our lives don’t follow stable lines of progress: We are reborn every month. Our biology requires a different way of perceiving the world.The cycle starts when we have our first menstruation. By the time we reach menopause we have transitioned throughout multiple metamorphosis. Not always fun, but its nature’s way to ensure life on the planet.

With Carin we are empowering women to live healthy and active lives in which understanding our biology is crucial. Carin helps women with:

We never are just simply women; it’s an uphill battle becoming a woman every day. This means we need different products to assist us throughout every phase in life. Carin is women’s health brand enabling the potential of every woman to become who she really is.

Swift post-pregnancy recovery

Feminine care for each moon cycle Healthy sex life

Staying fit during and after menopause

Feminine care for each moon cycle

Feminine care for each moon cycle: Feel protected during these days of the month when you really need some extra comfort. Our reusable ecofriendly absorbing underwear protects you on lighter days without having to wear additional feminine care products. On heavier days you can either change -like you do with pads-, or use cotton tampons. Do you know that in a lifetime, we use about 11.000 pads? We care for your and the planet’s health.

“Oh. And it looks like normal underwear. Easily blends into everyday life.�

Healthy sex life

We are sexual beings and sex gives us joy in life. It is true that inner strength can give you benefits of better sex. We developed a pelvic floor training app that improves your core strength. Squeeze your muscles for stronger orgasms!

“Squeeze your muscles for stronger orgasms!“

Strong post pregnancy recovery

Become balanced in daily life. Becoming a mother and raising children requires energy and investment. In all the hassle of everyday, you tend to prioritize others over yourself.You know your health is important because taking care of yourself in the first place enables you to care for others. We don’t ask you to shift priorities. Instead Carin helps you getting fit and recover quickly during the scarcely free moments you can spend time on yourself. With the app you can do your training anywhere and anytime!

“Fit in your training in anytime and anywhere.“

Stay fit during and after menopause

Stay fit during and after menopause: The kids moved out and it might feel you have oceans of free time ahead. Your body is changing and maturing. Although your spirit stays young, you realize that it requires more work to stay fit. We become wiser with age. Listen to your body and those core muscles that ask for more maintenance whilst time is evolving. Avoid those little leaks. Age wisely.

“Age wisely. Keep those muscles in check. Avoid little leaks“

Ambassadors meet the experts

It is our mission to educate women about a healthy lifestyle. Feeling good is not only about exercise and healthy food. Being healthy is about living experience and storytelling. That is why we have strong women on board who embody our vision of empowering women in their daily lives. On our blog carinwear.com they share experiences, personal stories and crucial knowledge about women’s health.

Kirsten van der Kolk

“But I tell you, once you are in the flow, the exercises are quite relaxing and easy going; It’s a moment for myself. I find out these exercises can really be done anywhere and anytime, even at work. Deep down already knowing that, but the exercises remind me to really start training my pelvic floor muscles”

Olympic champion, mom and Dutch Olympic team coach

Mom, entrepreneur & trainer for Mom in Balance

Natasja Beks

Your core stability is so much more important than you know. It helps you with things you do on daily basis (sitting, standing, lifting kids), but also gives you the best results. Lots of women are having trouble holding their urine during running, sneezing or coughing. This has everything to do with the pelvic muscle. It is a muscle that you can train with simple exercises. It can help you hold your bladder for example during running. So why not strengthen your entire core including pelvic muscles with these simple core exercises?

Carmen Veldhuijzen van Zanten

Last but certainly not least; do your pelvic floor exercises! Think of your pelvic floor muscles as a trampoline that have been stretched and stretched throughout your pregnancy- it’s time to help them spring back to life! And by doing the exercises each time you feed your baby, you’re more likely to remember too. On a final note, always remember there is no perfect way to be a mother, but a million ways to be a great one!

Naturopath & Midwife

Carin - About

Carin is a set of wearables created for women with weaker pelvic floor muscles. This affects 1 in 3 women after having children. Thorough research and testing with over 100 women resulted in an innovative solution. Our core training method is a natural method for pelvic floor training and helps women to feel confident in their bodies without expensive surgeries or medical treatments. Want to learn more?


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Carin - Empowering women everyday #1  

Carin is a new women’s health brand. We are on a mission to empower women in all stages to live a healthy lifestyle. Read our story and get...

Carin - Empowering women everyday #1  

Carin is a new women’s health brand. We are on a mission to empower women in all stages to live a healthy lifestyle. Read our story and get...


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