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Importance of Health Screening for Women Contemporary woman wants to have it all. She is the homemaker, the boss in the office, the mother attending all the school events, the daughter looking after her parents, and much more. Well-wisher and caretaker of the entire family, she is not

the one who takes care of herself; she is constantly on the run and doesn’t pause for herself. But, she needs to remember that she is the backbone of the family. If she falls, her entire delicately crafted palace will shatter. Her household will lose complete order even if she is bedridden for as little as two days.

Therefore, it is important that every woman keeps her health in check all the time. She needs to take care of her health through proper nutrition, regular exercise,

sound sleep and some moment of quietude. However, this is not enough. She needs to have a constant check on her health condition by going to regular women health screening. Regular screenings help identify those threats which may have the

potential to become health problems without any visible symptoms. When detected early, these issues can be treated easily at low expense, with less side effects and trouble. With advance medical research, women and men health screening programs are gender-specific and cater to their respective body types. Just the way men health screening focuses on the specific health checkups of men, women health screening

programs are designed to cater to the health analyses of women based on age, right from hormonal issues, bone problems, hypertension, vitamin needs and cancer. The frequency of the physical examinations keeps changing age-wise. For example, some of the tests can be done in intervals of 3 years in the 20s and 30s, but should be done annually once a woman crosses 40. Bone mineral density test,

dermatological tests, cardiovascular tests, mammogram, colonoscopy, PAP and HPV test, and pelvic exam are some of the examinations that can help with early

detection of bigger problems later in life and, in some cases, can turn out to be lifesaving. A doctor can recommend the list of tests women need to go through, but it is advisable to have annual trips to a gynecologist to get a specialist’s view on the health condition. Alternatively, there are healthcare companies, which have

different packages and options to choose from based on a woman’s condition along with a host of doctors and specialists to consult with.

Importance of health screening for women  

Read here the importance of health screeing for women.

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