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What if.

All I want to do is write about the ocean. I close my eyes and image myself there, at the water’s edge. Barefoot. Sandals a half mile away. Sun setting. Streaks of deep colors playing across the sky. A tropical aurora borealis. Ah yes, the sweetness of the heat kissing my damp cheeks. The humidity embracing my form as I stare out over the horizon, waiting for the sun to be swallowed whole, for the arrival of the stars.

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Photo: Fort Myers Beach sunset- Angie Dunn

to the other side of the world? Or instead of going to school and finding out how I did on that sociology test, I shut this computer off and went back to sleep? What if I threw myself into all of my pursuits with the same passion I see other people do? Why then do I not? What if I realized the fullness of every blessing God has ever given me, and how I’ve walked right by so many opportunities that were screaming at me, pleading to be taken? What if I sang like I was alone on a mountaintop, and I finally let my voice loose to rise upon the winds up to the ears of the angels, and to my heavenly Maker? What if I sang to Him, and only Him, and lived my life accordingly? What if I removed every temptation. What if. What if I didn’t wonder anymore, about some things. What if I finally grew into the person I’ve aspired to be? What if I didn’t fail? What if I looked past the physical sufferings and felt the eternal joy flickering in my soul?


What if. What if today I bought a plane ticket

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First InDesign Project  

Messing around with InDesign

First InDesign Project  

Messing around with InDesign