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“A Case for Justice” is a 23 page manual presenting an easy read for the serious-minded follower of Jesus Christ that examines the justice of God and its application to the personal lives of today’s believer. Can Christians be cursed? Do they have special authority and immunity from the onslaught of tragedy and destruction that so frequently besieges those around them? What about their own tragedies? Are they explainable? Why do bad things happen to good people? Where do curses come from and what about the blessings promised to believers? Does the curse come without a cause? And if there is a cause, are there ways to break the curses, the sins of the fathers visited on to the children to the third and fourth generation? On a level personal and important to every reader, “A Case for Justice” brings these rhetorical questions into shocking focus as we look at what has happened in our own lives. The curses and consequences of sin that plague our generational bloodlines are examined in the light of God’s Word and the lives those who have lived before us. “A Case for Justice” takes a look at some new and never before examined connections between specific sins and specific curses as they play out in the lives of real people. The Devil is a legalist and claims his rights to assault us in a “blood for blood, blow for blow, eye for eye”, battle for our souls. Even the physical health problems we experience can be traced back to this spiritual principle. The practice of idolatry and witchcraft create a crossover that carries over into our immune systems, our bodies and our minds and can affect our lives every part of our lives including our finances and relationships. The real question is, not are these things true, but what must be done. The words of the book are accurate. The curses can be broken in our lives. As the proof of the proverbial pudding is found in the tasting, the proof in the more grave and serious matters of the truth are found in its apprehension. This manual gives the biblical steps to breaking the curses. These steps have been applied to thousands of lives with positive and sometimes dramatic results. We pray you will find the truths presented in this manual both powerful and effective in breaking the enemy’s (claimed rights) and destructive activities in your own live and the lives of your loved ones. May the Lord give you freedom and redeem your life, even as you seek Him. In Him, Marjorie Cole Life Recovery, Inc.

A CASE FOR JUSTICE BREAKING THE GENERATIONAL CURSES THE FIRST STEPS TO FREEDOM THE TEST OF VALIDITY To understand what is happening to us and our family we must know that everything we experience, including those things that appear to be contradictory to the promises of God, must fit into the context of God’s Word. There are reasons for the things that happen to us and those explanations must be in agreement with God’s Word. God is a God of order and peace. He is not inconsistent with Himself. His Word is the revelation of Himself and the declaration of truth. Through His Word, He brought forth all of creation. Through His truth He under girds the operation, order and function of all creation. His creation is the revelation and expression of Himself to us as He is, the Creator God. He is also the One Who redeemed us by sending His Son, Jesus Christ, to repair the mortal wound creation had received by the hand of the Wicked One. Jesus died for us that we might not perish with the destruction of the enemy who must be judged. Jesus Christ, the anointed Son of God came, born as the Son of man, to be our substitute and ransom. By becoming “a curse for us”, (Gal. 3:13), He broke the curse over us. He came. He died. He did it. It is done. We have been pardoned. We are free. The only thing that remains for us now, is to walk in that freedom. The victory of the Cross broke the curse and set us free. With that freedom we are called to continue to enforce the victory of the Cross for our generation. As servants, soldiers, fellow laborers and stewards of the mysteries of God, that is our assignment, and our act of obedience to Him, the One ordained to lead us. This does not mean that all the rest of our days on this earthly pilgrimage will be a problem-free, piece of cake. It does mean however, that we can fight from a place of victory instead of wondering how it will all turn out. We can know we will be on the


winning side when the smoke clears. We have already won. We are now free to lay aside the weight of sin that so easily ensnares us and run with endurance the race that is set before us”, (Heb. 12: 1). It means that “faith is the victory that overcomes the world”. Our faith in Him is the demonstration of our loyalty to Him through obedience to Him. Our participation with Him in the fellowship of His suffering proves our hearts and marks us as citizens of Heaven. It establishes our destiny with Him as joint heirs, (Rom. 8:17) and charts our path as disciples. FAITH AND HUMAN REASON Faith is not based upon finite understanding and human reasoning. Human reasoning and logic operate in the realm of the natural world. They do not give us eyes to see beyond the veil into the supernatural realms of mystery and infinity. Only faith can bridge the gap from that which can be known by the senses to that which becomes the evidence of that which only can be known by the Spirit. Faith springs from the revelation of God, that He is real and His Word is true. Faith offers the correct explanation of all things, including God’s expectation for His creation and the provision they need to fulfill that expectation.

Only faith can bridge the gap from that which can be known by the senses to that which becomes the evidence that substantiates that which can only be known by the Spirit.

Faith settles the question of personal beliefs by trusting in the faithfulness and integrity of God. If we are willing to embrace the Word of God and what it says, then we will have a clear understanding of what is happening to us and what things must be done to deal with the deadly, though often undetected works of darkness that endanger our personal lives and the lives of our loved ones.


Before we can deal effectively with the danger present in the unseen world of the spirit, we must be convinced those dangers exists. Ignorance and denial do not exempt us from the Devil’s destruction. If we continue to resist the truth, our disobedience will be abruptly interrupted in death and our eyes will look on the thing we refused to see in life. SKEPTICISM The only place we can find a true explanation for the things we experience in the world is from and within the pages of the Bible itself. If we choose to resist the truth of God’s Word and the freedom it brings, we must renounce the integrity of God Himself. We invalidate its application to our life and circumstances simply because we do not believe it. Our belief and personal preference does not determine the truth either now or in eternity. Our definitions of truth and personal opinion merely permit what will operate as truth in us for the time being. Whatever we have chosen to believe and embrace as true acts as truth in us. But “woe” to us, if what acts as truth in us and our generation is, in fact, a lie. For then it is truly as Jesus said, ‘how great is that darkness!’ (Mt. 6:23)

Whatever we have chosen to believe and embrace as true acts as truth in us.

We would not think of being as careless and complacent in our natural lives as we are in our spiritual lives. We are careful and take precautions and try to plan for the future. We learn to pay attention and read the warning signs. We buy insurance and look for the guarantees and warranties even for the appliances we buy. Why would we not think this same kind of diligence is required in addressing activities in the spiritual world? LORDSHIP AND SUBMISSION Before we can proceed further in the matter of breaking generational curses and identifying the strongholds and patterns of destruction in our family blood line, we must settle the issues of lordship and submission. We must settle the question of kingdoms. There are only two and we will eternally be a part of only one of them.


A double-minded man is unstable in all his ways, (See Ja.1:5-8). He is not sure of his allegiances and his mixed loyalties make him no real threat to the Devil or his operations in that life. Confronting our Enemy is not a matter of exerting force, but of enforcing the matters resolved 2000 years ago at Calvary through the authority we have been given as believers in Jesus Christ. We have no authority against the Enemy if we still belong to him and are subjects of his kingdom. The bound have no power to bind, loose, declare or resist in either kingdom. The bible says to “submit to God. Resist the Devil and he will flee from you�. (Ja. 4:7). Singleness of heart and submission to the Lordship of Christ Jesus empowers us to use His authority to deal with the Devil. It is from that place of submission to God that we have the authority to stand against the Kingdom of Darkness and its works of destruction in our lives. It is in submitting to God that we do Kingdom business and set free the captives who have been unlawfully detained by the agents of Hell. From that place of submission and authority we can call for the restoration of justice for us and our descendants. That restoration of justice requires judgment be brought against injustice. Judgment must be brought against the sins and iniquity that have caused the injustices and perpetuated the curses down through the bloodlines.

Confronting our Enemy is not a matter of exerting force, but of enforcing the matters resolved 2000 years ago at Calvary thru the authority we have been given as believers in Jesus Christ.

Any curses that are carried down the bloodline of a believer are only there because they can be, not because they have a right to be; like the rat that continues to occupy and control part of the house because no one has insisted it not be there. Fatalistic acceptance of the curse and its operation in our life over-rides the power of God to deliver us and change things. We become hopelessly locked in the dysfunction of an unhappy, unfulfilling life believing there is nothing that can be done about it.


A Case For Justice By Marjorie cole  
A Case For Justice By Marjorie cole  

A CASE FOR JUSTICE examines the spiritual ramifications of the spiritual agreements and judgments Satan holds against us through the sins of...