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love Slimming World Slimming World Join a warm and friendly group today…

Join a warm and friendly group today…


Carlton-In-Lindrick The Parish Centre Church Lane 5.45pm & 7.30pm Tel: Caroline 07860 119208 Email: carolineannehill@ Worksop St. Joseph Catholic Social Club Wingfield Avenue 9.30am & 11.30am Tel: Jules 07851 603435 slimwithjules

Worksop St. Joseph Catholic Social Club Wingfield Avenue 3.30pm, 5.30pm & 7.30pm Tel: Jules 07851 603435 slimwithjules



Worksop St. Joseph Catholic Social Club Wingfield Avenue 3.30pm, 5.30pm & 7.30pm Tel: Jules 07851 603435 slimwithjules

Manton Kingston Close Community Centre Kingston Road 7.30pm Tel: Laura 07739 260300 Email: lauramoore30@

Group times may change over the festive season – please call for details

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What’s your goal?����������������������������6 Get switched on�������������������������������8 Wake up refreshed������������������������10 Baking bliss�����������������������������������������12 Bassetlaw Sports Awards��14 & 16 A leg up on the ladder�����20 & 22 WIN theatre tickets!�����������������������24 The power of clean����������������������26 A good read������������������������������������32 Top fashion trends for 2014���������38 A road less travelled�����������40 & 42 New Year home makeover�����44 Brodder’s daily bread�����������������46 The Big Garden Bird Watch������48 Winter garden tips�������������������������50 The Legal Eagle������������������������������54 First drives: Seat Alhambra��������56 The rat pack�������������������������������������58

Regulars Community�������������������� 24, 29, 30, ...........................................34, 52 & 60 Index���������������������������������������������� 62

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north edition │ Jan 2014

Editors’ message Business Community Partnership Award winners North Notts Business Awards 2013

Welcome to the January 2014

edition of Worksop Life (North Edition). Happy New Year from everyone here at Worksop Life, we want to say a huge thank you to all our readers, advertisers and contributors for all their support during the last 12 months. As we enter in to 2014, what will the start of a New Year signify for you and your family? Are you seeking better health and wealth? Would you like to find a new hobby? This month’s edition of Worksop Life can help with many of your New Year goals. One of our own for this year is to establish more of a work/life balance; perhaps this is something you can relate to? Whatever your aims and goals throughout 2014, the fact of the matter is that you need to not only commit to the ideas, but carry them through. That’s easier said than done though, right? We completely agree, so how do you turn ideas in to reality? Turn the page 6 to read advice on how to determine and stick to your goals, from Susan Brookes-Morris. For generations, Britain has aspired to become a nation of home-owners, yet getting on the property ladder hasn’t been that easy in recent years. The Government’s four Help to Buy schemes aim to assist both first time buyers and many others who wish to purchase their dream home. Find out

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how Help to Buy can help you on pages 20 and 22. We’re always keen to hear more from our local community groups, charities and societies — especially if you have never contacted us before. We offer you the opportunity to feature within the Worksop Life magazine on a regular basis, enabling you to communicate with residents in the Worksop and surrounding villages. It’s easy to contact us, simply write to us by post or email on the contact details at the bottom of the page. This month we’ve gone loaf mad, with Helen sharing a fruity bake on page 12 and Julian’s bread recipe takes inspiration from Hogmanay, and uses haggis to create a meaty treat on page 46. We celebrate the success of our local stars in the Bassetlaw Sports Awards on pages 14 and 16 and Bex Knight picks out the top fashion trends for 2014 on page 38. Tim Barnes-Clay gets to grips with Seat’s load-lugging Alhambra on page 56 and we look at how to help the RSPB track the birds in our garden with this year’s Big Garden Bird Watch on page 48. We hope you enjoy this month’s magazine!

Leanne & Julian

t: 01427 881563 or 01427 881565 │ e: /worksoplife│ /worksoplife │ Visit our website: Roses Farm, Station Road, Sturton le Steeple, Retford DN22 9HS

HOME OWNERS AGED 50+ Protect your home from future Care Home fees Does this sound familiar? “We’ve worked hard and saved all our lives, why should the Local Authority get it all?”

APRIL KING are your local specialists and most of our clients come to us having already made ‘Mirror Wills’. Rather than leaving everything to each other, you and your spouse (or partner) leave your respective share of your home to the children in Trust but say that they cannot have it whilst the surviving spouse/ partner is still alive. This half would then NOT be included in any future means test calculations. The surviving spouse is free to sell their share of the home, raise cash or move house. Your children are powerless to intervene but simply have to wait for their inheritance, as they would have done under your old ‘Mirror Will’. Do you Qualify? Property Trust Wills must be written whilst you are both still alive and in good mental health. Unfortunately, these are unsuitable if you are single or a surviving spouse who now owns the property outright. It is therefore important couples to act now. to any adverts Please mentionfor Worksop Life when responding

“We have made our Wills leaving everything to each other then to the children”. These are known as ‘Mirror Wills’. Sounds reassuring enough doesn’t it! But your children could in fact end up with very little or even nothing at all. The main reason for this is your surviving spouse requiring residential care when you are no longer here to look after them. Although the possibility of care may seem a long way off, there are steps your should take now to protect your home. Care Costs - If your surviving spouse has to go into care, they will have to use all their assets to pay for their care until they get down to their last £14,250. It is therefore not a good idea to leave your half share of the home in your Will to your surviving partner. The answer is to make new Property Trust Wills. You may be unaware that legislation is already in place for you to take advantage of these types of Wills.

Our free information pack tells you all you need to know about protecting your home from future care charges and also includes details of our special ‘Bloodline Trust Wills’ which prevent your children and grandchildren from losing their inheritance due to a child’s divorce, remarriage or financial difficulties.

Also POWER OF ATTORNEY FREE INFORMATION PACK To receive a free copy of our information pack, without obligation, call our local office today on

01909 518528

Lines open Mon - Fri 8am - 8pm Sat & Sun 10am - 4pm or email your name and address to: Jan 2014 │ Worksop

north edition 5


What’s your goal? Making New Years resolutions you’ll stick to Susan Brookes-Morris on making resolutions and keeping them

Indeed some New Year’s resolutions and training from others such as only last a few days. To make a weight loss experts, sports trainers Many of us use the New Year lasting change it’s important to make or personal and career coaches. as a time to plan ahead and set goals sure your goals are realistic, and Other useful tools include imagery or resolutions. What would you like to seek motivation, inspiration and — this might be visualising yourself to achieve in 2014, and how would support to help you stay on track. having achieved your goals, or sticking you like your life to be different? Do not set yourself too It’s possible to set goals for most many goals or set targets If you don’t know where areas of life; health, career, social way beyond your reach, you are going, you’ll end life, relationships and finance for as you will soon become instance. Or you might look at the disheartened and less up somewhere else – Yogi Berra different roles you play, such as wife, likely to succeed. It’s friend, mother, employer, and use better to set smaller goals that you can photographs which represent success your thoughts about how you could add to, or increase if things go well, to your fridge door or mirror. You improve your success in those roles and build on your positive results. might also find the use of quotes, to help determine your goals. Only you Some people like to write their goals role models and affirmations useful. can decide what would really make down or share them with others, and An affirmation is a statement which a positive difference to your life, and this can add to the accountability that says what you are aiming for in a you are most likely to succeed if you individuals feel around goal setting, positive way, and in the present thus improving their tense. It helps to imprint positive A goal is a dream with a chances of success. It beliefs on your subconscious. also be useful to Finally, don’t forget to congratulate deadline – Napoleon Hill can ask for support from yourself when you do achieve select goals that really matter to you. friends, who can give you gentle success. Break your goals There is less chance of success if reminders if you are in danger of going down into manageable steps, you are trying to achieve something off track. Where relevant, you may and celebrate by rewarding because another person wants you to. also want to get inspiration, advice yourself at each milestone. 6 Worksop

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Need help


with your goals for the New Year? Have you decided to:

* Lose weight * Stop smoking fears * (ie.Remove fear of flying or other fears)

* Improve low self-esteem, anxiety or panic attacks?

If so, make 2014 the year that you make a change for life.

You will be surprised at what Hypnotherapy may help you with! Need more information? – Call the number below or visit my website, I will be only too pleased to answer any questions you may have.

Nicole Huthwaite Therapy

07980 146522 Please mention Worksop Life when responding to any adverts

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add up! They also last a lot longer. One disadvantage of CFLs is that they can take a little while to reach their full brightness, unlike halogens and LEDs which come on straight away. Some CFLs don’t work well at low temperatures, so are not suitable for unheated rooms or garages. LED bulbs are even more efficient than CFLs and can save you nearly £7.50 per bulb per year. They usually cost more to buy, but can last up to 30 years! Halogen bulbs use a similar amount of energy as incandescent bulbs, and so are more expensive to run than CFLs and LEDs. They also have a much shorter lifespan. LEDs and halogen bulbs can be disposed of with your normal waste, but you will need to take CFLs to a recycling point or tip as they contain a small amount of mercury. A wide range of bulb fittings is now available — particularly in CFLs — and you should be able to find one to fit all your existing lighting, including ceiling spotlights and chandelier fittings. Most can also be used with dimmer switches. Remember to check that the shape and size of the new bulb is suitable. To choose the correct wattage, you simply need to divide by

Get switched on! Are you in the dark about low-energy light bulbs? Alex Albrighton answers the mysteries of low energy lighting

Traditional light bulbs have

now been phased out across Europe, and we are gradually getting used to the low-energy alternatives. But with a whole new set of names, numbers and jargon to get used to, it can be difficult to know if you’re buying the right thing. There are three main types

8 Worksop

north edition │ Jan 2014

of low-energy bulbs available — compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs), halogens and light-emitting diodes (LEDs). CFLs use only a fifth of the electricity that an old incandescent bulb would, because they don’t generate as much heat. This also means that they are kinder to your light fittings. Replacing one bulb in your house can save you £7 a year, so the savings can really

five — so if a lamp used to take an old 60W bulb, you will now need a bulb of around 12W. You will also need to consider the lumen (lm) value to find out how bright the bulb is. The brightness of an old 60W bulb is roughly equivalent to 700–900lm and a 100W bulb equates to 1,300lm. Finally, look at the colour temperature of the bulb to decide on the type of light you require. This is measured in Kelvin (K). A low value (2,700K) means the light is warmer (often labelled as ‘warm white’), whereas a higher value (3,500K or higher) will give you a colder white effect. │ e: │t: 01427 881563 or 881565

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WISHING EVERYONE A FABULOUS 2014 - HAPPY NEW YEAR! • Hair design for men & women • Semi permanent make-up • Manicures • Pedicures • Top to toe beauty essentials • Lash extensions • Crystal Clear

facials Holiday packages Spray tanning Bridal packages Nail extensions Gel nails Christmas gift ideas • Gift vouchers • Jewellery • • • • • •

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north edition 9


Do you spring out of bed each morning with the bright eyes and energy of a five-year-old on Christmas morning? No, me neither. But there are a few tips which might help.

Wake up refreshed

GET ENOUGH SLEEP It’s so obvious it actually does need stating: most of us do not get anywhere near enough sleep. Sleep needs vary from person to person, but most of us need at least eight hours uninterrupted shut-eye. I haven’t slept like that since my children were born, and the oldest is now eight!

noise is not conducive to good sleep. Invest in thick curtains or a sleep mask if light is an issue and soft earplugs if your neighbour has noisy dogs or a twitchy car alarm.

MAKE YOUR ROOM DARK AND QUIET Too much extraneous light and

RENEW YOUR MATTRESS Mattresses do not last forever. They become saggy and less supportive


Louise Addison on making sure you get the best night’s sleep



Hundreds of Amazing Deals In Store NOW ed Selecdtels o “THE CLASSICS” m

HAVE A BATH Yes really. A soak before bed will relax your muscles and calm your mind. Lavender bath products are especially good at inducing sleep. CLEAR YOUR HEAD It’s difficult to sleep if your head is still whirring from the events of the day. Concentrate on your breathing and allow thoughts to float away. Anything you are dealing with will still be there tomorrow and you’ll cope better if you’ve had a good night’s sleep.

Comfy Beds at Dream Prices



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10 Worksop

with age, which makes us fidget and interferes with the quality of our sleep. A good mattress should support your spine and allow your body to relax totally.


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Axholme Dexter Beef

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Helen Stevenson shares her favourite baking treats THIS MONTH North Riding Loaf

Hello and welcome to the January edition of Baking Bliss. I hope that you all have had a good Christmas. For me there is nothing like a slice of fruit cake

in an afternoon with a lovely cup of tea. This recipe for North Riding Loaf has been passed to me from my sister, it is really simple to make and tastes lovely — so go on, give it a try.

North Riding Loaf

12 Worksop

north edition │ Jan 2014

and return to the oven for a further 25 minutes • Leave to cool on a wire rack, then slice and serve on its own, or with butter and good Wensleydale cheese — delicious! ARATI EP



METHOD • Pre-heat oven to 190°c • Sift together the flour, salt, baking powder and mixed spice • In a separate bowl rub the butter into the sugar until it is like breadcrumbs

• Combine this with the sifted dry ingredients • Add the sultanas, currants and mixed peel, mix the treacle into the milk and then combine with all the dry ingredients to make a soft dough • Put the dough into a large loaf tin lined with baking parchment • Bake in the oven for 15 • Cover with baking parchment, to stop the top from burning


INGREDIENTS • 450g plain flour • ½ tsp sea salt • 4 tsp baking powder • 1 tbsp black treacle • 280ml semi-skimmed milk • 120g butter • 50g demerara sugar • 170g sultanas • 170g currants • 85g mixed peel • 2 tsp mixed spice









LOAF │ e: │t: 01427 881563 or 881565

Fairytale Wedding Wedding Fayre 16th February 2014 - 10.30am – 3.30pm FREE ADMISSION We have a choice of Fairytale Wedding Packages. From the top of the range Gold, Shelley Package to the Silver, Grove Package.

Our Fairytale Wedding Packages include: • Free room hire • 4 course meal for 40 or 60 guests • Drinks package for 40 or 60 guests • One glass Bucks Fizz for arrival/after ceremony • One glass house wine during the meal • One glass sparkling wine toast • Evening buffet for 80 or 100 guests • Top table fresh flower arrangement • Silver cake knife & stand • Master of ceremonies

• Personalised printed table plan & place cards • Chair covers with sash (colour of your choice) • Linen tablecloths & napkins • Red carpet welcome • Complimentary feature room for the Bride & Groom for the night of their wedding • Professional brides make up on the wedding day & pre trial

Call us for further details GROVE E G PACK A ly from on

£2,695 North Road, Retford, Nottinghamshire DN22 7XG Tel: 01777 706 333 Fax: 01777 709 951





Local talent praised at Bassetlaw Sports Awards The Bassetlaw Sports Awards 2013 was a massive celebration of local sporting talent. The evening was hosted by Retford Oaks Academy with demonstration support from Deburneys Dance School and Lynx Blackbelt Leadership Academy. The ceremony was also honoured by the attendance of its special guest Derek Redmond, former 4x400m relay Team GB athlete and gold medallist, who gave an inspiring speech and video demonstration which was pitched to athletes at every performance level from grass roots to elite sport. Bassetlaw District Council’s Chairperson, Councillor Sybil Fielding attended the evening and officially opened the ceremony, with Councillor Julie Leigh, Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods,

Sports Woman of the Year Under 14 Years Emily Race — Athletics This year Emily achieved Grade 1 in

Sports Woman of the Year 14-18 Years Emily Lyle — Golf Emily has had a fantastic end to the year having come back from an illness. She achieved first place in the four counties Junior Under 18 Championship and achieved third place in the Midland Junior Under 18 Championship. 14 Worksop

north edition │ Jan 2014

presenting awards to the winners. The awards received 61 fantastic nominations this year, making it a very difficult task of identifying the winners for each category. It was a great opportunity to see the commitment and dedication that the people of Bassetlaw are giving to their sport on a continued basis and to learn of their achievements throughout the year. Bassetlaw District Council’s Sports Development Service presented the awards with a great deal of pride and admiration for those in attendance. Congratulations to all the winners of the 17th Annual Bassetlaw Sports Awards 2013. The winners have also been nominated into the Nottinghamshire Sports Review of the Year 2013 and will be put forward in their short listing process to be recognised at a county level. hurdles running a time of 11.7 seconds for the 70 metres. She also achieved Grade 1 in the High Jump clearing a height of 1 metre 43 centimetres. Emily achieved first place in the 100 metres and the 100 metres relay, and was also equal first place in the High Jump for Nottinghamshire at the Inter Counties event. She won five Gold Medals at the Nottinghamshire County Championships in Shot, Javelin, High Jump, Long Jump and 100 Metres. Emily is a very talented multi-event athlete and one to watch out for in the future.

In the Lee Westwood Golf Tour Event, Emily finished as overall winner with five first place finishes, achieving two outright wins. Nationally, Emily finished in the Top 10 for the Scottish Girls Under 16s. She is currently the Nottinghamshire Girls Captain and is a great role model for all other juniors.

Sports Man of the Year Under 14 Years Shamas Morrison – Athletics / Swimming & Boccia (Team GB) Shamas has a condition called Accon dro plazia which is a form of dwarfism. This year he took part in the National Dwarf Games in Birmingham in May. Shamas won two gold medals and six silver medals at the event and was presented his gold medals by Ellie Simmonds OBE. He was voted most valuable team member for his personal qualities. For his achievements he received a letter from His Royal Highness The Duke of Cambridge congratulating him on his selection for the Great Britain squad and wishing him luck for the World Games event.

Junior Volunteer of the Year Toby Sanderson — Swimming Toby coaches at Retford Swimming Club on a regular basis where he is Boys Vice-Captain, an achievement gained by being nominated by the club members of which there can be no greater accolade. He still competes for his club at a County level where he was part of the boys relay team back in March winning a Gold Medal. Toby has successfully completed the Level 1 Officials Qualification so that he can help at competitions assisting with Timekeeping and Turn Judging. He also coaches for Retford and District Lifesaving Club, helping younger students work through the programmes to complete lifesaving awards. Toby wrote the Retford Swimming Club ‘Swimmers Guide’ which is a very informative booklet to help swimmers both young and old. │ e: │t: 01427 881563 or 881565

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DINNER DANCE NIGHT Enjoy a Curry, a Drink & then a Dance with our Resident DJ


We can Deliver Wine & Beer to Complement your Food.

If you collect & spend £15 on your order, have a FREE DRINK on us up to the value of a pint of larger.

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BUFFET NIGHTS ‘Eat All You Can’ Monday: £10 per person (3 course) Thursday: £12.95 per person (4 course)

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Sports Man of the Year 14–18 Years Oliver Dane -— Athletics

Junior Sports Team of the Year Bassetlaw Orienteering Club Juniors At the British Schools Championships the team achieved two gold, two silver and four bronze medals. 26 Bassetlaw junior orienteers competed in the British schools championships winning one individual gold and three individual bronze medals. The team were Finalists at the National Knock Out Cup, the Evette Baker Trophy. Bassetlaw Juniors provided eight of the nine runners in the Nottinghamshire Team that qualified for the final of the National Youth Knock Out Cup. In the National Final they represented the East Midlands and finished in ninth place, having competed against the best 15 junior teams in the UK.

Coach of the Year Andrew Blinston — Martial Arts Master Andrew Blinston is a black belt, Fifth Dan, in the martial art of Taekwondo. He is the chief instructor of Lynx Black Belt Leadership Academy. To continually develop his students, he has had the opportunity in October to train alongside Grand Master Kim Yong Ho Ninth Dan in one of his specialised seminars with fellow Lynx Black Belt students and students from Ireland, Liverpool, Blackpool, Darlington and Scotland. He has assisted in over 20 community based events, varying from demonstrations, supporting local projects, complimentary school lessons and promotional academy events, all of which he has given time and effort on a voluntary basis. He has helped raise over £1,200 for charities this year. Andrew was appointed the position of Secretary General within the World Taekwon Mudo Academy in October 2013. 16 Worksop

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Throughout 2013 Oliver has performed at an extremely high level. In February he came seond in The Nottinghamshire Schools Cross Country Championships and in doing so captained the Bassetlaw Year 8/9 Boys team to the County Champions title.

Senior Volunteer of the Year Charmian Heaton — Athletics Charmian’s contribution to the planning and organisation of this year’s Retford Half Marathon was exceptional. The event saw over 500 participants take part across the half marathon and fun run, making it one of Retford’s largest participation sporting events. Without Charmian’s commitment and professionalism, and her voluntary time, the event simply could not have been staged. She has also led on the organisation and delivery of the project to re-furbish the Retford Athletic and Running Club pavilion at The Oaklands site during 2012 and 2013. The club now has a first class facility which is used by club members and also by Retford United Junior Football Club.

Club of the Year Bassetlaw Triathlon Club In August The Bassetlaw Triathlon Club successfully organised the first Bassetlaw Sprint Triathlon event. Over 240 people and teams took part in the event based at Worksop Leisure Centre, the vast majority being local novices to the sport. They have fulfilled their objective of introducing 250 new people into the sport of triathlon. The club provided

At the English Schools Cross Country Championships Oliver finished a very credible 26th place out of 323 finishers all of whom were the best athletes from their respective counties. He has already broken all U15 Worksop College records including those of ex-pupil Jack Buckner who went on to be a European Gold Medalist at 5,000 metres.

Lifetime Achievement of the Year Terry Lovett — Athletics Terry founded Retford Athletics Club in 1983 and subsequently introduced the Junior Section. Throughout his time he has been involved in all levels of administration and is currently Life Member and Club Vice President playing a key role in organising many junior and senior events over the last 30 years. Terry has also coached, developed, and supported junior and adult members to enable them to reach their full potential. Terry has represented the club since it was established, winning many honours in various age categories, and he still holds a number of club records. He is one of only a handful of local runners to have posted a sub three hour marathon time in his 50s, and now in his 70s he is still running impressive half marathon times.

a novice training day that was open to everyone and offered coaching to help improve levels of fitness by swimming, cycling, running, weight training and Pilates as well as providing seminars in sports nutrition and how to plan a season of training and racing effectively. The club celebrate all achievements from those who have completed their first triathlons in 2013 as well as those who have achieved selection to represent Great Britain in their age group category. │ e: │t: 01427 881563 or 881565


80’s Night FRIday 24



Back by popular demand, an evening of classic hits from the 80’s. Come and dance the night away but not before enjoying a sumptuous two-course dinner. Prize for the best fancy dress.



t: +44 (0) 114 287 2309 WORKSOP ROAD

VALENTINE’S DAY FRIday 14 & Saturday 15 FEBRUARY 2014 TH



Treat yourself and your loved one to a romantic evening. FRIday


Four-course intimate meal.

Three-course meal and disco.







TAKE THAT TRIBUTE You’re ‘Sure’ to have the ‘Greatest Day’ with our fantastic three-course dinner and tribute act. Followed by ‘A Million Love Songs’ from our resident DJ.





S26 2EE

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Supplying and fitting your kitchens, bedrooms & studies for 26 years • • • • •

Our own made to measure rigid built units Huge range of styles and colours Full fitting service Extensive range of appliances Friendly no obligation design services

Trusize Works, Rotherham Road, Maltby, Near Rotherham S66 8ES Tel: 01709 790145 Unit 2, Fairfield Road, Tesco Precinct, Edenthorpe, Doncaster DN3 2NS Tel: 01302 886790

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rawfurniture designed for life

raw furniture

For exclusive offers:

designed for life

01777 948056 | 87 Carolgate, Retford DN22 6EH (Next To Aldi) 18 Worksop

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A leg up on the ladder You may be able to get financial help through a Help to Buy home

ownership scheme if you live in England and can’t afford to buy a home. The four types of Help to Buy scheme are: • Help to Buy equity loans • NewBuy

Help to Buy equity loans ELIGIBILITY Help to Buy equity loans are open to both first-time buyers and home movers on new-build homes worth up to £600,000. You won’t be able to sub-let your home if you use this scheme. You’ll need to contribute at least 5% of the property price as a deposit The government will give you a loan for up to 20% of the price You’ll need a mortgage of up to 75% to cover the rest. For a property worth £200,000 Cash deposit.........................£10,000 (5%) Equity loan..........................£40,000 (20%) Your mortgage ...............£150,000 (75%) You won’t be charged loan fees for the first five years of owning your home. In the 6th year, you’ll be charged a fee of 1.75% of the loan’s value. After this, the fee will increase every year. 20 Worksop

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• Help to Buy mortgage guarantees • Shared ownership

The increase is worked out by using the Retail Prices Index plus 1%. Your Help to Buy agent will contact you before the fees start, to set up monthly payments with your bank. You’ll also be sent a statement about your loan each year. When applying for an equity loan, you must buy your home from a registered Help to Buy builder. Your Help to Buy agent should have a list of registered builders for you to choose from. SELLING YOUR HOME AND PAYING BACK THE LOAN The home will be in your name, which means you can sell it at any time. You’ll have to pay back the equity loan when you sell your home or at the end of your mortgage period — whichever comes first. You can also pay back some of your equity loan without selling your home. You can pay back either 10% or 20% or the total amount, so long as the loan is worth at least 10% of the value of your home.

Schemes to help you buy the home of your dreams New Buy NewBuy lets you buy a newly built home with a deposit of only 5% of the purchase price. To be eligible for NewBuy, your new home must be: • A new build — being sold for the first time or for the first time in its current form (e.g. a new flat that used to be part of a house) • Priced £500,000 or less • Your main home (you can’t use NewBuy to buy a second home or a buy-to-let property) • Owned fully by you (you can’t use NewBuy for shared ownership or shared equity purchases) • Built by a builder taking part in the scheme To be eligibile you must be either: • A UK citizen • Someone with the right to remain indefinitely in the UK ► │ e: │t: 01427 881563 or 881565


£159,495 OR.......... £127,596 ONLY .....



Help to Buy

YOU ONLY NEED A 5% DEPOSIT* HELP TO BUY AT A GLANCE BASED ON 1 BEDROOM HOUSE AT...................................... £159,495

YOU GET A 20% GOVERNMENT LOAN..........................................................£31,899 YOU NEED A 5% DEPOSIT OF .............................................................................. £7,975 YOU NEED A 75% MORTGAGE OF..................................................................£119,621

Call: 01246 819 406 Visit: Thursday to Monday 10.30am - 5.00pm with a late night on a Thursday until 7.30pm. Closed Tuesday & Wednesday. *Pictures for illustration purposes only. Prices correct at time of going to press.YOUR HOME MAY BE REPOSSESSED IF YOU DO NOT KEEP UP REPAYMENTS ON YOUR MORTGAGE OR ANY OTHER DEBT SERCURED ON IT. Available on new build homes up to £600,000 subject to the Government ‘Help to Buy’ terms and conditions and only available to customers where a primary mortgage is secured. Not available on second, additional homes, buy-to-let or let-to-buy properties. HomeBuy agent eligibility check required. The equity loan is interest free for the first five years and needs to be a minimum of 10% of the purchase price up to a maximum of 20%. After five years, an annual fee of 1.75% of the outstanding equity loan is charged. This is increased annually by RPI plus 1%. Subject to status, terms and conditions apply. Scheme ends March 2016. Please mention Worksop Life when responding to any adverts Jan 2014 │ Worksop north edition 21


A leg up on the ladder

◄ You don’t have to be a first-time buyer and there’s no limit on your level of income. But you can’t use NewBuy with any other publicly funded mortgage scheme.

Schemes to help you buy the home of your dreams

HOW TO APPLY You apply for a mortgage from an approved lender. The lender will check that you can afford to repay it, as they would for any other type of mortgage. You could get a mortgage of up to 95% of the purchase price if the lender is satisfied and you meet all the criteria above.

Help to Buy mortgage guarantees The Help to Buy mortgage guarantee helps you buy a home with a deposit of 5% of the purchase price. The guarantee is provided to your lender - not to you. To qualify for a Help to Buy mortgage guarantee, the home you want to buy must: For further information on the any of the Help to Buy Schemes, including the Shared Ownership

• Sell for £600,000 or less • Not be a shared ownership or shared equity purchase • Not be a second home • Not be rented out after purchase

income. But you can’t use Help to Buy with any other publicly funded mortgage scheme, or an interest-only mortgage.

The property can be newly built or already existing. You don’t have to be a first-time buyer and there’s no limit on your level of

HOW TO APPLY You can apply direct to NatWest, RBS, Bank of Scotland, HSBC or Halifax to use the scheme. The lender will check you are able to make the repayments before they offer you a mortgage.

Scheme, visit Useful websites: •

• to find your local help to buy agents •

Domestic & Commercial Gas, Heating & Electrical Services • Central Heating Breakdowns • Gas Installations • Air/Ground Sourced Heat Pump Installations • Central Heating Installations (Energy Efficient) • Landlords Gas Safety Certificates • Electrical Safety Checks (ECIR)(Periodic Inspection Report) • Electrical Installations / Testing • Energy Efficient Lighting Conversions • Rewires / Minor Works • CCTV (Web enabled if required) / Intruder Alarms • Fire Alarms / Emergency Lighting • Maintenance Contracts • Shop Fitting Supplying and Installing Innovative, Energy Efficient Products

Personal, Friendly and Trustworthy Service Available for: • • • • • • • •

Fencing and Decking Paving and Shed Bases Gravel Work and Edging Guttering Work and Cleaning Garden Clearance and Maintenance General DIY and Home Improvement Flat Pack Assembly Painting and Decorating

NO JOB TOO SMALL Competitive Daily and Hourly Rates Available Contact Oliver Vaux on

Electrical, Call: 07812 676261 Gas, Heating and Plumbing, Call: 07427 6631 19 Email: 22 Worksop

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07595 178054 01777 719716

For a free no obligation quotation │ e: │t: 01427 881563 or 881565

Staircases by John Lawson

Soft Furnishings & Upholstery Making up service Full Interior Design Service

PASSION is Artistry

Transform your existing staircase with No mess, no fuss and complete peace of mind John Lawson can unlock the potential of your existing staircase and transform it into an exquisite, handcrafted feature. With such a wide range of materials to choose from your staircase can be tailored to suit your budget.



Visit us for the largest selection of fabrics within a 50 mile radius North Road, Retford DN22 8SF (next to F1 Car Wash & Valet )

Open Tuesday – Saturday

Ample Free Parking

BJB TILING Wall and floor tiling specialist

• Tile replacement & repairs • Tiles supplied • Preparation work & bathroom installation • View our gallery and feedback at www.

07776 256957

A staircase in a as semi detached house t featured would cos


The finish gives the look of oak with the durability to stand the test of time.

Your staircase is often the focal point for anyone who enters your home and a reflection of your personal style. Many people would love to change their staircase but are discouraged by the thought of the potential upheaval. John is a qualified joiner with 23 years experience and qualified with full City & Guilds so he can offer you complete peace of mind with all work guaranteed. He also undertakes extension work and kitchens if you are looking at a larger project. John will renovate your staircase and replace it with a material of your choice. From traditional timbers to modern designs incorporating glass and stainless steel the choice is endless. Whether you have a style in mind or looking for inspirational ideas John will work with you to turn them into reality.

CUSTOMER SATISFACTION “Looks fabulous, way beyond what we expected” Mr Oates, Cawthorne


Call John on

01709 532342 evenings and weekends or 07793 389111 anytime Please mention Worksop Life when responding to any adverts

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Publicise your for free! event Onlin e: Visit In the magazine:

Subsidised IT lessons for beginners What are your New Year’s

resolutions? If you would like to add to your list things like; getting to grips with the internet, emails, being able to shop online, or you may just need to get to grips with a keyboard? If you would like a gentle start, being taught by tutors who know what it’s like to be perplexed by all of this technology, then the Absolute Beginners Course by the Clarborough and Welham IT Group can help. We provide the laptops — or you can bring your own if you prefer. With spaces for only around a dozen students in each group but with three, four or five tutors per class, you are guaranteed personal attention, and no prior knowledge is required! Our classes are arranged in blocks of five weekly sessions (all avoiding school holiday breaks) of 90 minutes each and costing a total of just £15. You have three sessions to choose from — Tuesday afternoons from 1.30pm to 3.00pm or 3.15pm to 4.45pm and also Wednesday mornings from 10.00am to 11.30am. All of these sessions will re-start the week commencing Monday 13th January, 2014 in Clarborough Village Hall, Retford. Please note that groups are already filling rapidly, so to avoid disappointment, get in touch with Greg on 01777 700918 as soon a possible to discuss your needs and reserve your place. Start 2014 on your computer and online with confidence! 24 Worksop

north edition │ Jan 2014

For more community events visit your Local Events directory at

Blyth Players present The Three Musketeers Next month, the award-winning

Blyth Players present for your delight, The Three Musketeers, by Jeanette Adams. D’Artagnan longs to be a Musketeer. Then by chance he meets Athos, Porthos and Aramis, the three Musketeers. They introduce him to the King and Queen of France who have unfortunately just been robbed! D’Artagnan promises to recover the Queen’s diamonds and he finds himself on an adventure. With the help of his Mother, ‘Antoinette’, a dancer from the Moulin Rouge and the rather dim duo ‘Ooh’ and ‘Lahlah’ he has to encounter many tasks including an invisible dog trial, a game of musical statues and a Dance off! The merry Fairy Rosé provides the clues as he searches for the lost diamonds. But unknowingly they are also followed by the evil Milady de Winter and Herman the Henchman who want the diamonds for themselves. Along the way we meet some unusual characters and as they gather the stolen diamonds they find that things are not always what they appear to be. The Blyth Players will perform the play at 7.15pm each evening from Thursday 6th, 7th and 8th February, with extra afternoon performances starting at 2.15pm on Saturday 8th February and Sunday 9th February. The venue will be Barnby Memorial Hall, Blyth, and tickets cost £5.50 for adults and concessions are £4.50 each. To purchase tickets, please call 0778 491 6250, email

Parkinsons UK Branch members sincerely

wish all readers a very happy and healthy New Year. 2014 starts with the first meeting at 2.00pm on Tuesday 7th January, at Worksop Cricket Club. At this meeting Mel Pickering will talk to us about her role as a Community Matron and Anna Shaw from Retford Action Centre will explain Bassetlaw’s energy efficiency plan. Rachel, a Parkinson’s Nurse, will attend along with Julia Robinson, the Parkinson’s Information and Support and they can also be obtained from Blyth Co-op. Plus, we have teamed up with the Blyth Players to give one lucky reader the chance to win a pair of tickets, simply fill out the form below or email your entry!

The Three Musketeers Competition

Email your entry to community@ or post us this entry form Name.................................................. ............................................................. Telephone No. ................................... ............................................................. Email................................................... ............................................................. Post entries to Three Musketeers Competition, Life Publications, Roses Farm, Station Road, Sturton le Steeple, Retford DN22 9HS. Closing date Thursday 16th January 2014. Tick if you would not like to be contacted about promotions and offers

Officer. A full programme of speakers is already prepared for the year, along with Pilates lessons that will continue and a spring lunch is has also been proposed. 2013 was a very successful year, with many varied activities and outings. The Christmas party was a lively affair and well attended. 50 members enjoyed the meal and a cabaret by Nostalgia rounded off the afternoon. Group membership continues to grow and new members are guaranteed a warm welcome. Meetings are held on the first Tuesday of every month. For more information, please call Chris on 01909 730629. │ e: │t: 01427 881563 or 881565

High Academic Standards & Superb Facilities Worksop College is an exceptional, fulfilling, seamless and exciting educational experience for boys and girls, day and boarding, set in stunning grounds with superb facilities both inside and outside of the classroom. THE PREP SCHOOL, RANBY HOUSE (ages 3–13). Scholarships in academic, Music, Sport, or art for KS3: Initial screening Friday 31st January 2014. Final assessments on Friday 28th February 2014. THE COLLEGE (ages 13–18). Scholarships from Year 9 entry. Sixth Form Scholarship Thursday 30th January Music Scholarship Wednesday 5th February Art Scholarship Wednesday 12th February Academic Scholarship Monday 24th to Wednesday 26th February Sports Scholarship Friday 7th March to Saturday 8th March For further information on The College please contact Mrs Dale Shaw. Tel: 01909 537155 Email: or for the Prep School please contact Mrs Jackie Newbold. Tel: 01777 714387 Email: THE COLLEGE Worksop College, Nottinghamshire S80 3AP PREPARATORY SCHOOL Ranby House, Retford, Nottinghamshire DN22 8HX

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The power of clean Debbie Singh-Bhatti the hidden dirt in our household carpets

The first fitted carpet my

parents ever owned was medium brown in colour with a deep, textured pile, and it hid a multitude of sins. Grit and dirt from my dad’s work boots, food spills from us kids and the occasional accident by the pet dog were all cleverly concealed. During the 20 years or so it was down it never once required professional cleaning — or so we thought! Years later when I owned a carpet cleaning business, I learned about the dangers lurking beneath a carpet’s surface and discovered that far from being the creature comfort we thought it was, our deeply piled, deeply loved first carpet was something of a death trap (well, almost!). The majority of households in the UK only call in the professionals in response to some kind of incident — they’re having visitors so need to spruce things up a bit, or they’ve had a party and one of their guests has spilled red wine. Post-Christmas you may even find yourself in one of these categories! But sit comfortably whilst

26 Worksop

north edition │ Jan 2014

I share a few shocking facts that may keep you awake at night, and prompt you into incorporating regular carpet cleaning into your plans and budget!


An averagesized living room carpet can hold its own weight in trapped soil — around 68kg.


About 85% of the dirt a carpet holds is hidden under the surface, buried deep in the pile.


This hidden dirt wears away at the carpet fibres and reduces the carpet’s life dramatically.


A dirty carpet can harbour harmful mites and bacteria that can trigger asthma and cause allergic reactions.


The best way to remove deeply embedded dirt and the bacteria that lives in it is to have your carpets professionally cleaned.


Research suggests that you should have your carpets cleaned every 12-18 months to remove unhealthy elements. There are a number of effective cleaning methods around, including steam, shampoo and chemical, but the most important consideration is whether the technician doing the work is properly trained and qualified. When booking your clean, check about credentials, insurance, what the clean includes (will they move and replace furniture for example?) and ask to see customer testimonials. By having your carpets cleaned regularly, you will not only help to increase their life expectancy (a welcome prospect in these days of austerity) but you will also be helping to improve the quality of your own life, especially if you are one of the nation’s army of asthma or allergy sufferers. For more information visit the National Carpet Cleaners Association website at │ e: │t: 01427 881563 or 881565

NEED PLANS DRAWING, OR A BUILDING SURVEY? If you are thinking of extending your home or business premises; look no further. As experts in Design, Planning and Building Regulations, we provide speedy, professional and high quality Architectural and Surveying services


1 Clock Court, Campbell Way, Dinnington, Sheffield, S25 3QD Tel: 01909 518385 Email:

NEED A JOINER? Then look no further! JOINERY

. Bespoke Joinery . Kitchens . Stairs . Doors . Architraves . Decking . Spindles . Laminate & Solid Flooring


. Walls . Patios . Lintels . Plastering . Conservatory Bases

Interested in Model Railways? THE GOODS YARD Why not visit the area’s newest Model Railway shop?


. Windows . Doors . Conservatories . Soffits & Fascias . Bespoke



Mobile: 07809 403540 Tel/Fax: 01909 472856 Email: lambertjoinery@sky.Com


• Romans • Rollers • Verticals • Venetians • Wooden • Pleated Roof Blinds • Perfect Fit • Velux Style Blinds • Shutters • Awnings

3 Vertical Blinds for


Tel: 01909 484536 or 07738 833204

For more information visit FREE QUOTATION, FREE FITTING, 7 DAYS A WEEK Please mention Worksop Life when responding to any adverts


Friendly Service and Free Advice Large selection of new and second-hand model railway equipment including items from Hornby, Bachmann, Lima, PECO, Graham Farish, Dapol and Superquick Locomotives, Rolling Stock, Track, Scenic Accessories, Tools Open on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 10am to 4pm (see website for further details)

Plenty of FREE Parking

Visit or call 07930 557601 for more details Station Lodge, Lodge Lane Industrial Estate, Tuxford, Notts, NG22 0NL (Just off the A1 at Tuxford, In the Former Tuxford Carriage and Wagon Works) Jan 2014 │ Worksop

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Are you ready

for a real challenge

the classes

the Instructor

Classes at: Oakwood Academy (Worksop Leisure Centre) Wednesday evenings Apex Activ (Carolgate in Retford) Saturday class More classes scheduled to start at both venues . Family Orientated . No Contracts . Grading Syllabus Be part of the largest martial arts association in the UK

4th Dan Instructor . 30years training, backed up by 20years of instruction from former Olympian Mr R.Minott 6th Dan . North Midlands TAGB area sparring coach . 2x British, 2x English, 1x Welsh Champion . Nottingham Trent University Club Instructor . Assisstant Instructor at a highly successful Nottingham TAGB club where numerous world champions have been taught.


All classes are taught by Fully Qualified Fully Insured Fully CRB police checked First Aid Trained Black Belt Instructors All recognised by Tae Kwon-Do International British Tae Kwon-Do Council Supported by Sport England

DAVID GODLEY Plumbing & Heating • Expert fault finder • Heating systems supplied & fitted • Boiler exchanges • Fires & surrounds fitted • Cylinder changes • Bathroom suites • Annual servicing & landlord safety certificates • All aspects of plumbing & heating repairs • Fully guaranteed • No call out charge • Call for a fast & friendly service

Call between the hours of 8am - 7pm Tel. 01909 470318 or 07967 190854 28 Worksop

north edition │ Jan 2014 │ e: │t: 01427 881563 or 881565


For more community events visit your Local Events directory at








Life Publications, proud winners of

Business Community Partnership Award

North Notts Business Awards 2013

Local history at Worksop Library FAMILY HISTORY SCRAPBOOKING FREE HALF-TERM ACTIVITY On Thursday 20th February, from 2.00pm to 3.30pm, Worksop Library will be running Family History Scrapbooking, a free activity suitable for children over 5. Bring children along and help them to make a personal scrapbook about their family and home, which may include family/baby photos (please bring these to the activity), old local photos and maps from the library’s Local Studies collection, and even a newspaper page from their birthday week! Booking is essential, please call the library on 01909 535353 or email WW2 EVACUEES DISPLAY Worksop Library is currently displaying photographs of evacuees who came to Worksop from Lowestoft. Can you help us to identify any of the people in the photographs? The display will be up in the library’s Local Studies area throughout December 2013 and January 2014 and can be viewed during library opening hours. FAMILY HISTORY GROUP The Family History Group, meet at Worksop Library every second and last Thursday of the month, from 4.00pm to 6.00pm. Each meeting is free and everyone is welcome. The group offers friendly support and guidance to help you learn how to research your own family history. You can access records available on for free in the library, via library computers. The meetings are free, and everyone is welcome, including complete beginners. No booking required. For more information, please call the library on 01909 535353. 30 Worksop

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Bowjangles on the box!

If you like music, song, dance and comedy, you will love Bowjangles. This young, multitalented four-piece, not only play their instruments superbly but they sing, they dance, they leap, tumble, juggle and joke — leaving their audience in stitches of laughter. Bowjangles on the Box follows a schedule for the BJBC (Bowjangles Broadcasting Corporation), including morning TV, news, weather and soap opera, with the group performing all the necessary roles, whilst of course playing their instruments to a jaw-droppingly high level, in a clever, unique, all singing, all dancing take on the cultural phenomenon that is TV. They satire every show you can think of, including an inventive soap opera with the ‘opera’ taken quite literally. The troupe covers a huge variety of songs, from Handel’s

Messiah to Rihanna’s Umbrella. The only props are their instruments and they’re used for absolutely everything. They have tennis rackets, swords, and even picnic tables; and all the while they play the most beautiful and enticing music. Bowjangles use every style and genre of music you can imagine in an energetic and hilarious stage show which takes string quartet performance to a whole new dimension. On the Box is suitable for all ages and contains some very mild innuendo, early booking is advisable for this show. It regularly sells out at village venues so we’re hoping to fill the Acorn Theatre in Worksop. It’s on for one night only on Friday 31st January, so please call the box office on 01909 501817 to book your tickets and for further information.

North Notts National Trust Association In 2014 North Notts National

Trust Association extend a warm welcome to all NT Members, Volunteers and NT Staff living in the North Nottinghamshire area, to join the Association and become eligible to attend our meetings and summer trips. Meetings are held every month in the Crossing, Newcastle Avenue, Worksop, at 7.30pm, with coffee and biscuits from 7.00pm onwards. Entry for Association members is £3.00 and for £3.50 for visitors. TheProgramme for 2014 includes: • 15th January — The Elizabethan and Jacobean Country House — Dr David Bostwick (Association President) • 19th February — Hardwick Hall, My World — Denise Edwards (Hardwick Hall Site Manager) • 19th March — Wildlife in Botswana — Malcolm Walpole • 16th April — Surprising

Churches of Eastern England — Paul Ellerton and AGM To start off the New Year, on Wednesday 15th January, Dr David Bostwick our Association President will be giving a talk on ‘The Elizabethan and Jacobean Country House’. Dr Bostwick is an extremely entertaining and absorbing speaker of some repute, please come early to get a good seat and enjoy the evening. If you are interested in finding out more about the association, then please come along for a taster session. All money raised goes to National Trust Projects. This year we donated £1,500 to Southwell Workhouse for living history costumes and garden interpretation boards and last year we donated three benches to Hardwick Hall in memory of one of our members. For more information please email │ e: │t: 01427 881563 or 881565

CAREGivers Required


If you are thinking of extending your home or business premises; look no further. We can provide a full, reliable and quality contractor service with no hidden costs to ensure your dream becomes a reality! • • • • •

‘We provide one to one companionship based care for older people in their own home.Training given.

Design and Build New Build Extensions Property Maintenance Refurbishment

• • • • •

Electrical Installations Heating Installations Ground Works & Paving Window Renewals Roofing

Vehicle essential.’

Contact us on 01709 837170 Home Instead Senior Care Suite 3, Linden House, 34 Moorgate Road, Rotherham, S60 2AG

For a FREE quote Call Today

Are you looking for flexible and rewarding part-time work?

Please mention Worksop Life when responding to any adverts


Tel: 01909 518385


1 Clock Court, Campbell Way, Dinnington, Sheffield, S25 3QD Jan 2014 │ Worksop

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A good read LEISURE

Leanne Broadhead takes a look at the best books this month Not on the Label Felicity Lawrence

Jeremy Paxman called this book “A brave examination of the calamities caused by a policy laughingly called one of ‘cheap food’” Not on the Label, what really goes in to the food on your plate, is by no means a new book. First published in 2002, it won the Observer Book of the Year two years later in 2004, and challenges each and every one of us to think again about what we buy and eat.

I discovered this book just three months ago, and I completely agree with Andrew Marr, who said, “It’s almost like uncovering a secret state within the state”. Forget programmes that discover hidden ingredients in processed food, this book covers the complexity of our food system, from the way our food is grown right the way to the top of the chain with the huge supermarkets that most of us buy 32 Worksop

north edition │ Jan 2014

our daily bread from today. This book completely shocked me to my core, and not in a voyeuristic sense, but moreover, the realisation was “that’s it, I’ve had enough”. Anger, and repulsion at our own ignorance were my overriding feelings after concluding this book. In just one generation, we have simply allowed the supermarkets to decide for us what we will eat. Seem far-fetched? After reading the book, I don’t think many people would disagree with me. This year’s updated second edition also includes a brilliant section on the horsemeat scandal too. Felicity Lawrence’s horrifying account of how the food we eat is produced doesn’t make for a good night’s sleep but is compulsively readable. Peter Parker, a writer for the Evening Standard said, “It is the sort of book that changes attitudes”. This is exactly what it did for Julian and I and you may see more evidence of this over the next six months. There are not many books that make you radically reconsider everyday choices. The facts simply stagger, unfortunately not many people are aware of them. That’s why I urge you to buy the book and become educated about what you put in to your mouths each and every day.

The Guts Roddy Doyle To be honest, it is a shock to find out that Jimmy Rabbitte is middle aged with teenage children. It shouldn’t be — after all, The Commitments was over twenty years ago — but it is. It

seems to be a bit of a shock to Jimmy too - and the shock is compounded when he discovers that he has cancer. The Commitments may be better known as a film (and now as a stage musical), but it was a book first: the first of Doyle’s Barrytown trilogy, which followed the fortunes of the Rabbitte family in Dublin. Here, Doyle revisits the family many years on. Ireland is in the grip of the recession, and Jimmy and his wife are feeling the pinch. He is still in the music business, although rather than discovering new talent, he spends his days digging into the past for old punk bands who still have a following. And he has cancer. At the age of forty seven he has to face the fact that he could die. Doyle’s style is not for everyone, and his language is not for the faint hearted, but the dialogue still sails off the page as authentically as it ever did, and much of the story is carried through speech. There are a series of well-executed set pieces too, including the finale which brings together Jimmy, his long-lost brother Les, an old punk and a former bandmate (and fellow cancer sufferer), to witness Jimmy’s eldest son triumph in front of a festival crowd. OK, he is pretending to be Bulgarian and singing a song which is pretending to be 1930s Irish Blues, but who cares? If you have read the Barrytown trilogy, this is like meeting a bunch of old friends in the pub. If you haven’t, then read it anyway. Odds are you will go back to the original books to meet the characters as they were in the beginning. │ e: │t: 01427 881563 or 881565

Luxury you can afford!

Extra 10% discount off leading designer fabrics, wall coverings and accessories – inc Sandersons, Harlequin, Zoffany, Lorient, Romo, Willmans and many more. If you want inspiration then we have the largest selection of Fabrics, Wall coverings, Paints, Floor coverings, expert advise and help, easy to find and easy to park.

Todwick Interiors 20 The Pastures, Todwick • Mon – Sat 10am – 5pm

01909 771010

Please mention Worksop Life when responding to any adverts

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north edition 33


Publicise your for free! event Onlin e: Visit In the magazine:

Top weaver Jilly Edwards will

be exhibiting her tapestries at The Harley Gallery, Nottinghamshire, from 22nd January to 23rd March 2014. The exhibition will include new tapestries that are drenched in a vivid yellow colour palette - perfect for brightening up grey winter days! Edwards weaves abstract, painterly compositions which capture fleeting moments and recollections through the time consuming and laborious process of weaving. This is a meticulous craft – a tapestry 10 by 12 feet in size can take over a year to complete. Though Edwards'

For more community events visit your Local Events directory at

Tapestries by Jilly Edwards

compositions seem spontaneous, often like broad washes of watercolour, they represent a considered, lengthy process and a multitude of experiences. Edwards' tapestries tell stories about her journeys through different landscapes. In her new work, Edwards has found new inspiration in oilseed rape fields and the resulting tapestries are drenched in uninhibited, sunny tones. Visitors can unravel these journeys from their abstracted and recollected compositions. Bands of colour that suggest fields, or a delicate mark which hints at the trace of a fence, all give clues to the inspirations behind these works. Spinning yarns about her travels, the compositions in these tapestries

Men in Sheds project Men in Sheds aims to bring older

men together to put their practical skills to good use and encourage them to be more socially active. Men in Sheds is a project specifically for retired men. It provides a well equipped workshop where men can work together on a range of practical activities, mainly wood-working, although new project ideas are always welcome. The products made are sold to support the project and the work of Age UK Nottingham and Nottinghamshire. Members can put their skills to good use, share their knowledge, learn new skills and generally put the

world to rights over a cup of tea or coffee. Members come from a wide variety of backgrounds ranging from highly skilled to those with little or no experience, but all work together and there is a role for everyone. What are the benefits of joining the Men in Sheds project? It gives men the chance to: • Make new friends • Experience the camaraderie of working with other men • Put practical skills to good use and also share them with others • Try something new and learn new skills

Whitwell Local History Group The Whitwell Local History Group meets every Tuesday at 7.00pm in the Community Centre. There is a small charge of £1.00 per meeting which includes tea and biscuits and visitors are made very welcome. At 34 Worksop

north edition │ Jan 2014

the first meeting of 2014, on Tuesday 7th January, Members Sue and Geoff Walker will be showing pictures of the stunning scenery of the Outer Hebrides and on the 14th, Ian Morgan's talk has the intriguing title, ‘Inspector

distil a vast collection of stories and moments into an eloquent image. Edwards makes reams of notes; her journals and sketches are then worked and reworked from realistic drawings, to colourful watercolours and eventually to a finished tapestry design. Visit The Harley Gallery from Wednesday 22nd January to Sunday 23rd March 2014 to explore Wanderlust: Tapestries by Jilly Edwards. The Harley Gallery is on the A60 between Mansfield and Worksop, 10 minutes from the A1 and M1. Free entry and free parking. Visit www.harleygallery. for further information. • Support their local community • Learn about other activities and services in the area • Our co-ordinator is on hand to offer support and encouragement The Men in Sheds project is due to open shortly in Worksop at Unit 2, Kilton Terrace, Kilton Road, Worksop, S80 2DQ. We are currently in the process of renovating the workshop, decorating it, manufacturing work benches and installing machinery. There will also be a social area included, providing a small kitchen and seating area for those ‘all important’ cups of tea. Contact can be made with the coordinator Patrick Lacey by calling 07872 839629 for further details or by emailing Hopkinson's Discovery’. Members will take over on the 21st January, and on the 28th, Mr Malcolm Walpole will give an illustrated talk, with appropriate musical accompaniment, on ‘Tanzania’. Looking forward to February, on the 11th, the well-known speaker, Mr David Templeman, will give a talk on ‘Sheffield in Tudor and Stuart Times’. │ e: │t: 01427 881563 or 881565



Bar & Restaurant Tel: 01909 591432 Mob: 07805 084380


Opening late January 30 Park Street Worksop S80 1HF

(formerly the Old Blue Bell)

R.G.P Plastering Service

Established over 10 years • Friendly and Reliable All types of plastering undertaken Newbuild, Boarding, Re-skims, Extensions, Insurance work Years Free estimates • No job too small



Call Robert

01909 478563 or 07817 925633 Langold/Oldcotes



rland Ave

Lawn Rd

rth No

Lawn Rd


CPL Warehouse

West m




d Dr



nc Do er ast

Cleveland Cls

Rotherham Baulk


CPL Cash & Carry

Northumberland Ave

Cash & Carry Entrance

Ro ad Worksop

Cash & Carry


CPL Carlton Depot

Tel: 01909 490 441 Opening Times: Monday to Friday 10am to 4pm CPL Distribution, Lawn Road, Lawn Road Industrial Est. Carlton-in-Lindrick, S81 9LB

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For more community events visit your Local Events directory at

Centre for Sports & Learning The Centre for Sports and

Learning on Shrewsbury Road, Manton, has some great activities planned for the New Year. • Mums and Tots — Monday Mornings, 9.15am – 11.15am • Fencing — Monday nights, starting 3rd February, ages 16–24, 7.00pm — 9.00pm. • Sure Tots — Tuesday Mornings, 10.30am – 11.15am (only during term time and

Well the New Year is here again,

and what a year 2013 it was! I would like to say big thank you to our ladies that volunteer at our charity shop in Manton they do an amazing job so thank you for all your hard work. Then to everyone that gives their valuable time to carry out home visits, stand and rattle collecting tins walk dogs and help us to organise our large

will need to ring 01909 511321 to book a place) • Sure Movers — Tuesday Mornings, 9.30am – 10.15am (only during term time and will need to ring 01909 511321 to book a place) • Over 50s Coffee Morning — Wednesday, 10.00am – 12.00pm Just turn up on the day, there will be different weekly activities to enjoy • General Coffee Morning — Friday, 9.15am – 11.15am Just turn up on the day

• Street Dance — Saturday, 10.00am – 12.00pm • Lindrickaires Marching Band — Sunday Afternoon, 1.00pm – 4.00pm Just turn up on the day — £2 a week • Adult Dance Class — Sunday Evening. 6.30pm– 8.30pm Just turn up on the day — £4 for two hour session with free bottled water — 18+ years All at activitives are at our Centre, CSL@Shrewsbury Road Centre, Manton. For any enquires please call 01909 473078

Mayflower Animal Sanctuary events such as the Balls and walks; the list is endless, so a heartfelt thanks.. Not in the least a big thank you also to Jennie our Sanctuary Manager who works tirelessly 24/7 she is one in a million. If you are considering adopting a dog or cat please call in and see us at Narrow

Lane, Bawtry. We will help you chose that special pet to fit into your lifestyle. We could not carry on with the work we do re-homing dogs and cats without public support. If you would like to make regular donations to us please call us for details on 01302 711330 or 07969 203206.

Footsteps dio DReatfonrdc&eWorSkstu op of

Beginners Adult Dance Class Ballroom & Latin American Dancing Starts Wednesday 15th January 8.00pm Goodwin Hall, Chancery Lane, Retford DN22 6DF

26 week course

Burn off those Christmas calories in a fun activity suitable for all adult ages

Contact Jacqui for details on 36 Worksop

north edition │ Jan 2014

07900 853591 │ e: │t: 01427 881563 or 881565


Luxury Bathrooms & Tiles • Showers & Enclosures • Bathroom Furniture • Wide Selection of Taps & Accessories •


Visit our online showroom at

Discover your relaxing haven… At Venus Bathroom Studio Opening times: Monday to Friday 9am-5pm Saturday 9am-4pm FREE PARKING


Tel: 01909 489161


ask for details

Tel: 01909 489161 Fax: 01909 808041 Venus Bathroom Studio Ltd. 146 Carlton Road, Worksop, Notts. S81 7AB Email: Website: Registered in England No: 4433674

Open ALL Bank Holidays We are here for all those emergencies that happen, even overnight Separate waiting ares for dogs & cats Small veterinary hospital & practice Large retail shop with comprehensive range of feeds & pet accessories Stunning range of gifts, novelties & accessories

Much more than a vets...

animal c te

animal c te

Monday - Friday - 8.00am - 8.00pm . on s i are Saturday - 9.00am - 6.00pm Sunday - 10.00am - 4.00pm

24hr are


. on s

Turner Road, Worksop

Telephone 01909 472 059

Lots of free parking. Visit our Facebook page or our website for updates. Please mention Worksop Life when responding to any adverts

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Follow on Twitter: @bexxxknight One of my favourite accessories

recently has been my nails. I love always having them painted perfectly, but it’s hard to maintain throughout a busy week — which is why nude nails are becoming my go to colour of choice. The great thing about nude nails is that not only are they so chic right now, if they chip, it’s a lot harder to notice than if you’d chipped red varnish. And if you’re going for anything from Barry M’s Hi-Shine Gelly Nails (my favourite shade is Lychee), they can last up to two weeks without chipping — I can vouch

38 Worksop

north edition │ Jan 2014

BEX KNIGHT on the top three trends for 2014 for this I am a die hard Gelly nails fan. I’ve also noticed that recently there’s been a huge wave of love for camel colour coats. I personally think it’s since Kim Kardashian has been photographed wearing MaxMara’s camel teddy coat, but I certainly don’t have over £1,000 to spend on a coat. I love the structure and colour of this one from H&M; it’s one of those coats that you can put on over a very quickly thrown together outfit and immediately stand out from the crowd. Super stylish. I’m also loving light blue ripped jeans at the moment, and I don’t mean circa Avril Lavigne. Matched with the right pieces, for example a baggy T-shirt, a structured camel coat with a coating of nude polish and some black boots, you have a really edgy but ultimately bang on trend look. You can add heels and blouse for an evening out, a fedora for a day out, or even your comfiest black flats for trawling through those January sales.

TOP New Look Belted Ripped Boyfriend Jeans


LEFT Barry M Hi-Shine Gelly Nails H&M Camel Coat

£3.99 £49.99 │ e: │t: 01427 881563 or 881565


Is your hair a work of art?

£15.00 £15.00 £23.00 £17.50 £22.00 £17.00 £21.00 £20.00

Cut & Finish Root Retouch Root Retouch & Foils 1/2 Head Foils Full Head Foils Semi Permanent Permanent Tint Perm

Kedleston Road, Worksop S81 0LL

Call 01909 489504

Kirsty Wood Podiatry BSc (Hons) MChS

HCPC Registered Podiatrist/Chiropodist for Mobile and Home Visits

Treatment Menu: Basic Nail Cut £15 Biomechanical Assessment £20 30 minute Podiatry Treatment £25 (20% off first visit) Full treatment consists of: · Nails cut/problem nails dealt with · Callus debrided and corns removed · Any other foot ailments treated · Cracked heels smoothed · Mini foot massage to end the treatment

T: 07561 071295 E: W:

The Santana

Real leather!



£695 • Electric Rise & Recline Chair.

01302 323 536 SHEFFIELD

0114 229 3391 ROTHERHAM

01709 839 369

• Chocolate brown, genuine leather. • Pure luxury in the comfort of your home. • Outstanding value.

Seriously? Real leather? That’s


Please mention Worksop Life when responding to any adverts

FREE Customer Parking Available

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David Cook Priories Historical Society

We’re lucky enough to

have several major Roman Roads in Nottinghamshire with one of these passing through Bassetlaw between Littleborough and Bawtry. This month I delve back on a project I did at University looking into this road’s long history. Four years after the second Roman invasion in 43AD, a northern frontier had formed around the Fosse Way up towards the Humber Estuary. The Romans built new roads and Erming Street is attributed to the infamous Ninth Legion. The road diverges just north of Lincoln, one route heading to the Humber at Winteringham whilst the other heads west joining another route near Bawtry. The road looks likely to have been constructed to provide easy access for troops marching into the Brigantes nation, after expansion of the empire and transportation of materials especially when rough weather made the Humber estuary unnavigable. The land near the Trent and Bawtry is prone to flooding, due to its low lying nature the soil, however is very fertile and may be another reason the road

40 Worksop

north edition │ Jan 2014

The road less travelled

was located here rather than higher ground to the north. The roads earliest known spelling ‘Earninga Street’ dates from around 955AD; ‘Earn’ means ‘eagle’ in old English probably relating to the Roman standard. The road entered Bassetlaw via a ford at Littleborough which was removed in 1820 during the deepening of the river; a contemporary account described it as 18ft wide with piles of oak at each side measuring between 10 and 20 feet long. Timber cills crossed from one side to the other and rough square stones made up the actual crossing. The walled Romano-British town at Littleborough (or ‘Segeloci/Ageloco’ from the Ravenna Cosmography) was quite considerable. It was laid out in a north-south alignment following the river, indicating its main function may have been a port as it ignores the road’s alignment. Thomson Walker noted in 1877, remains of stone fortifications with a ditch but these no longer exist. Finds include coins dating between 54–337AD commonly reffered to as ‘Swine-pennies’. In the 1970s the grounds of the vicarage were excavated and finds included Flavian period clay floored buildings

which were superseded by buildings of the Antonine era. Two Roman altars have been found on site with the inscriptions ‘LIS ARAM DD’ and ‘II RAT’ The former was made from Gritstone, indicating it was brought from Derbyshire via the Trent. A roman stone coffin was found in the graveyard around 1860 which legend has it had a ‘preserved’ female body wearing a brooch who turned to dust after a few seconds (if the grave was air tight then exposure to air may have caused a chemical reaction in the body) could this suggest that this site has much older inhumations than what is apparent? To the east end of the church at ground level there is a curious slab which juts out at a differing angle to the main building. This suggests a building prior to the Saxo-Norman church. It is doubtful that further coffins will be located as no new burials are being made although further examples could exist beyond the present boundary. Cottage industry sized kilns have been located close to Sturton-leSteeple, which were used for drying corn and a small domed oven was possibly used to bake bread. Building debris, pottery and coins dating between the first and third centuries were also found on site. The present roads around Sturtonle-Steeple seems to have been modified to fit in with a later medieval grid pattern system which indicates road traffic from the Trent had declined enough for the inhabitants to consider it of little importance. The 1828 map of the area records ‘Barrows’ near Blaco Hill, which ► │ e: │t: 01427 881563 or 881565


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Sat 25th Jan Sat 25th Jan Wed 29th Jan Sat 8th Feb Fri 14th Feb Sat 15th Feb Sat 15th Feb Sun 23rd Feb Sat 1st Mar Sat 15th Mar


Wed 19th Mar Sat 29th Mar Sun 6th Apr Fri 11th Apr Fri 23rd Apr

Torquay Bargain Breaks Scarborough Mystery Break Amsterdam from Hull Weymouth Dublin Scotland Chester City Break Easter in Stratford & Cotswolds Torquay May Day Break Alnwick Castle & Beamish Ilfracombe Isle of Wight

£135.00 £109.00 £72.00 £195.00 £175.00 £219.00 £250.00 £188.00 £234.00 £137.00 £190.00 £179.00 £279.00


We Will Rock You# London The Bodyguard (inc. evening meal)# Billy Elliot or Wicked# London Valentine Weekend Phantom of the Opera# London Harry Potters Studio Tour# Matilda or the Commitments# Jack the Ripper Walk in Whitechapel + Fish & Chips Supper# 2 DAYS Mamma Mia (inc. evening meal)# 2 DAYS Metropole Hotel 2 DAYS Waldorf Hotel 3 DAYS London (Marathon Weekend) 2 DAYS Chelsea Flower Show# All London hotels are central

£69.00 £23.00 £158.00 £145.00 £145.00 £62.00 £23.00 £48.00 £172.00


Quality uPVC Windows, Doors and Conservatories dard • Est 24 years

A Rated Windows Fitted As Stan

• Steamed up sealed units replaced • Broken and sprained hinges • Door adjustment • Existing door cylinders replaces • uPVC Facias, Soffits and Guttering • Conservatory roof cleaning service also available

Tel/Fax: 01909 482701 Mob: 07931 776449 Email: Gateford, Worksop, Notts

Community Foot Health Practitioner Footcare in the comfort of your own home All inclusive price £18

£129.00 £148.00 £105.00 £110.00 £185.00 £159.00

10% Discount for Over 60’s Introduce a friend and get your next visit half price

# Tickets included *Tickets not included

MALTBY ROAD, OLDCOTES Call for more details

WORKSOP 01909 730345

Open: Mon-Fri 9-5 Sat 9-12

DAY EXCURSIONS Adult Sat 7th Dec Sun 8th Dec Sat 14th Dec Sun 15th Dec Sun 23rd March

OAP/Child Leeds Shopping £11.00 Durham Christmas Market £16.50 Manchester Christmas Market £13.00 York Festival of Angels £10.50 Lion King in Bradford# £75.00

Telephone: 07977 931123 or 01909 482560

£10.00 £15.50 £12.00 £9.50 £75.00

Sherwood Prime Care provide companionship, care and domestic assistance in your home throughout Worksop and surrounding areas Whether you want extra assistance when you come out of hospital, need a little help around the house whilst maintaining your independence, or are looking for company, support and friendship from a professional carer, Sherwood Prime Care are here for you…

Care at Home You can get the assistance you need in your own home, whether you are disabled, returning from hospital or just need a little extra help Domestic Assistance You can keep your independence with a little support from Sherwood Prime Care to help you keep your home in order. We can help with cleaning, shopping and even help you entertain guests.

Companionship More than anything, it’s important to have the friendship and support you deserve. With Sherwood Prime Care your carer will be there for you, to listen, laugh and enjoy life with. Personal Care Sherwood Prime Care are here to make those everyday tasks easier, from help with washing, dressing, eating, medication and more.

We currently have vacancies for Health Care Support Workers

Registration No: 1-738302088

Worksop Turbine Shireoaks Triangle Business Centre Coach Close Worksop S81 8AP

If you want to find out more about expert, compassionate home care services Tel: 01909 512127 or Email: • Please mention Worksop Life when responding to any adverts

Jan 2014 │ Worksop

north edition 41


◄ might explain the round cropmarks on Derrick Riley’s aerial photography in the 1980s. Could they represent a similar group to those of the ‘Six Hills’ near Stevenage? These combined with an undated hillfort on Blaco Hill which was unfortunately destroyed when a farm was built on the hill may suggest an area of settlement overlooking farming on the river Idle flood plain? Evidence close by has revealed 70 small enclosures with complex ditch boundaries. I was interested by Blaco and Pusto Hills near Scaftworth due to the ‘o’ at the end of their names — could these be contemporary with Lindo, Dano and Ageloco named in the Ravenna Cosmography (Modern day Lincoln, Doncaster and Littleborough)? The 0.87 acre fortlet near Scaftworth was large enough to accommodate a century of soldiers. Features shown up by geophysical surveying show three ditches constructed inside an earlier fort which were still visible until modern farming techniques meant it was

The road less travelled easier to work the soils in this area. The western ditches lie next to modern flood defences although the land to its western side is flat are slightly higher than the surrounding land and which was prominent during the 2007 floods being the only part of the field remaining in crop. Finds excavated in the ditches by JE Bartlett and DN Riley in 1956 found fourth century pottery, quern fragments and a bronze imitation of a silver siliqua dating from around 362AD, indicating the fortlet was re-dug as precaution against the Pictish or Saxon invaders. It has been suggested the fort was built to protect the port where lead and silver were loaded after being transported from the Peak District (a trade which continued up until the opening of the Chesterfield Canal in 1777). The Oxford Names Companion puts the meaning of Scaftworth down to ‘Enclosure of a man called Sceafa or but it could originate from ‘Scaphium’

meaning ‘pot, bowl or drinking vessel’ an ideal name for a port/trading centre based near the pottery industry at Cantley. The proximity to Blaco Hill could make it a Roman replacement in the same way Templeborough was for Wincobank hillfort. We don’t know if the road crossed the idle by bridge or ford, if it was by ford that would indicate that the port would have been the end of the navigable river. During 2014 Nottinghamshire County Councils Community archaeology team are hoping to start a project researching the road around Sturton with possible field walking and excavations. Further details are available on Nottinghamshire County Council’s website. Find out more about the Priories Historical Society at www.

This could save your life! A telecare alarm will enable you to call for help 24 hours a day from anywhere in your home

To have a Telecare Alarm installed in your home, call A1 Housing on 01909 533735

42 Worksop

This service is available to all Bassetlaw residents

north edition │ Jan 2014 │ e: │t: 01427 881563 or 881565

REMAIN INDEPENDENT IN YOUR OWN HOME A discreet personal care service that is designed to support you with day to day living. Our clients are at the heart of our business, our carers are a local dedicated staff team. From a short visit to 7 days, full one to one service to match the needs of our clients.

• Help with personal care • Meal preparation and help with eating / drinking • Dementia care • Medication reminders • Support to get ready for the day • Assistance with evening care / tuck in • Light housework / laundry • Complex needs / healthcare • Shopping • Plan and escort to outings / appointments • Reminiscence • Help to continue hobbies / socialisation

CQC registered : 1-101682706 UKHCA Member

For a free no obligation introductory home visit, please call: 01909 512550 or alternatively email to:


Bassetlaw Blinds FREE HOME SERVICE FREE NO OBLIGATION QUOTE FREE FITTING NO GIMMICK DISCOUNTS JUST LOWEST POSSIBLE PRICES! Quality supplier of made to measure blinds Verticals • Venetians • Wooden Pleated • Roller • Roman Perfect fit • Conservatory 7 DAYS A WEEK • EX HILLARYS

01909 720337 / 721847 / 724840

Looking for blinds? For more information please visit

Call Steve 07917 230 756 or 01909 479878

S.G.S Travel

.Parties .Sporting Events .Weddings .Hen/Stag Do’s .24 Hour UK Airport Runs .Pub Runs .Seaport & Coastal .Coach Transfers Car or 8 Seater Mini Bus

Call 07968 950051

Please mention Worksop Life when responding to any adverts

LONDON THEATRE BREAK 7th - 8th January - 2 Days

Ramada Docklands 4 Star Hotel,

1 night Bed & Breakfast - includes theatre tickets

Evening performance: 7th January - Dirty Dancing. Matinee performance: 8th January - The Body Guard.


175 .00 Per Person



Exmouth ............................................................ 4 Days Brighton Weekend ........................................... 4 Days London Weekend.............................................. 2 Days London Theatre Break ..................................... 2 Days London the Waldorf Experience ...................... 2 Days York Weekend ................................................... 2 Days Eastbourne ....................................................... 5 Days Brighton Weekend ........................................... 4 Days Derbyshire Miners (Skegness) ............................ 5 Days Paris River Cruise............................................. 5 Days St Agnes (Cornwall).............................................. 5 Days Cardigan (Wales)................................................. 5 Days DAY EXCURSIONS Windsor or Legoland ....................................... £19.50 12th April Great North Steam Fair - Beamish (inc. entrance)......... 12th April 16th - 19th January 24th - 27th January 25th - 26th January 28th - 29th January 9th - 10th February 15th - 16th February 17th - 21st February 21st - 24th February 3rd - 7th March 6th - 9th March 8th - 12th March 10th - 14th March

13th April 15th April 19th April

Adult: £ 27.50 - Concession: £26.50 - Child 15 - 15yrs: £22.50

Scarborough .................................................... £13.00 Dancing on Ice - Sheffield Arena ...................£59.50 Warner Bros - Harry Potter Tour (inc. entrance) ............

........................................... Adult: £ 49.50 - Child: £41.50

Jan 2014 │ Worksop

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DECORATING Decorating is the one task that even the most DIY-phobic can turn their hands to. More importantly, it is relatively cheap and can make a huge difference to your home. Here are a few hints on how to go about it. PREPARATION Whatever kind of decorating you are doing, proper preparation is essential. If you are decorating a wall that is already papered, the old wallpaper needs to be completely removed. Tear off the outer layer and then use a steamer to remove the last traces of the inner layer. If you are painting the wall, remove any last traces of paste with a proprietary detergent. If you are painting woodwork for the first time, apply knotting solution to any knots and then seal the wood with undercoat or watered down emulsion. When re-glossing woodwork, sand down the old paintwork to give the coat something to key to. Fill in any holes, cracks or gaps with decorator’s filler; this comes in tubs or tubes and can be applied with a mastic gun. Allow to dry and then sand down before painting it. Also, fill in any holes or cracks in plaster before painting. If you are not confident in the accuracy of your brushwork, apply masking tape to the unpainted edge 44 Worksop

north edition │ Jan 2014

Time for a New Year home makeover making sure there are no creases in the tape. Don’t forget to thoroughly cover all exposed surfaces with dust sheets before you start decorating EMULSIONING Upmarket brands of paint such as Farrow and Ball are very popular right now, but they are also very expensive. Much of their appeal lies in the traditional colour palette they employ, so a more cost effective option is to have Dulux colour match paint mixed up in the exact shade you want. Start at the top and work your way down, so do the ceiling first and then the walls, leaving the woodwork until last. Using a roller to cover the bulk of the area is much quicker and you will get a more even finish. Usually you can get away with just one coat too. Money spent on a high quality brush is never wasted. Don’t overload the brush with paint and reload it frequently. Use slow careful strokes into the corners; your strokes should all be in the same direction. If you do slip, just wipe off the excess paint with a damp cloth. Always apply two coats with the brush. WALLPAPERING Wallpaper is expensive, time consuming to apply and can be overwhelming if used to decorate

the whole room. It makes sense to just paper one wall as a feature wall. Before you start, make sure you have the right equipment; a pasting table, tub for the paste, large pair of sharp scissors and papering brush. A tape measure and craft knife are also useful. Hang your first piece into the corner of the room. Measure the drop against the wall and mark the point where you will cut across the roll. Use a spirit level to mark a vertical line just less than a paper’s width from the corner. Apply plenty of paste to the back of the paper, folding it as you go to keep the piece to a manageable length. Line up one edge of the sheet with the vertical mark and then use the papering brush to smooth it evenly against the wall and press it into the corners. Score a line along the corners with a fingernail, peel the paper back slightly and cut along each score mark. The paper will now fit perfectly. Repeat the process by butting each new drop against the edge of the sheet you have already laid. CALL IN THE EXPERTS If all this sounds too much like hard work, why not call one of the professional local tradespeople featured in the magazine? Turn to the index to find who you need. │ e: │t: 01427 881563 or 881565

A Helping Hand for all your Home & Garden Maintenance needs

Flat Pack Furniture Assembly Wallpapering Laminate Flooring Laying Painting & Decorating Mirrors, Blinds & Curtain Poles Hanging Gutter Clearing

Neil Brodie

Carpets & Flooring Specialists

DOMESTIC - CONTRACT - BESPOKE • Better Prices • Better Fitter • Better Service Choose at Home flooring Service

• Carpets • Vinyl • Safety Flooring • Solid Wood • Laminates • Amtico / Karndean

Garden Shed Re-felting / Re-roofing

Refits / repairs and relaying of carpets also undertaken All carpets supplied & fitted by genuine specialist

Patios & Drives Jet Washing


07513 910 918 or 01909 547 077



home & garden maintenance

ELECTRICAL SERVICES ■ All works carried out to 17th Edition Regulations ■ Part P registered ■ Partial & Full re-wires ■ Consumer unit changes ■ CCTV ■ Security Alarms ■ Inspection & Testing

■ External Electrics ■ Kitchen/Bathroom re-wires ■ Free Quotations ■ Friendly and reliable service ■ Fully insured – details available on request ■ Commercial and Domestic Works

Contact Mark: Office – 01909 532897 • Mobile – 07872 602818 Email – Website – Claylands Industrial Estate, Worksop, Notts S81 7BE Please mention Worksop Life when responding to any adverts

01909 501300 Mobile: 07967 213635


DOMESTIC & COMMERCIAL BUILDING WORKS Lindrick Construction are a local family run business with over 25 years experience in the building trade. Our works range from small maintenance projects through to large new build projects and can include extensions, walls, driveways and new builds. Over the years we have built established relationships with Architects, Consultants and other external trades allowing us, where required, to carry out all aspects of a project from design/planning through to final décor. No job is too large or too small — all our works are treated with the same care and attention to give the best possible outcome we can achieve! Please take a look at our website:

and feel free to contact us for a free quotation.

Office – 01909 532897 • Mobile – 07872 602818 Email – Claylands Cottage, Claylands Avenue, Worksop, Notts S81 7BE

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Julian Broadhead shares his favourite daily bread recipes

For this month’s Brodder’s Daily Bread, I have based one of the

breads around Haggis — well it is Burn’s night on Saturday 25th January — and the second is a sweet Chocolate and Hazlenut Breakfast Loaf

Chocolate & Hazlenut Loaf & Haggis Bread INGREDIENTS For the bread: • 800g strong white bread flour, plus extra for dusting • 16g salt • 14g instant yeast • 50g unsalted butter softened • 500ml water • Oil (olive or rapeseed) for working For the Haggis Bread filling: • 180g haggis • 180g Stilton For Chocolate & Hazelnut Loaf filling: • 50g chopped hazlenuts N O






46 Worksop









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• 200g milk chocolate UTENSILS • 1 large mixing bowl • 2 600g loaf tins • 2 clean large freezer bags • 1 roasting tray — Filled with boiling water and placed into the oven. It creates steam which helps to create a firm crust METHOD • Firstly make two batches of basic white bread dough as per the recipe in the November edition of the magazine, which you can read online at the web address at the bottom of this page • Place the dough in the bowl and

leave it to prove for about 1 hour or until it’s doubled in size Haggis Bread filling: • Break or chop the Stilton into chunks, about the size of a baked bean • Break up the haggis with a fork so it looks like minced meat Chocolate & Hazlenut filling: • Chop the hazelnuts into pieces • Break the chocolate into small pieces (about the size of a pea) • With one bowl of the proven dough, make a slight hollow in the dough and then place the Stilton and haggis in. Whilst it is still in the bowl mix the Stilton and haggis and dough together, this does two things, firstly, it distributes the Stilton and haggis evenly into the dough mix, and also ‘knocks’ the dough back. Once you’ve mixed everything together, take out of the bowl and place into an oiled loaf tin • With the second bowl of proven dough, make a slight hollow in the dough and then place the chocolate and hazelnut in. Whilst it is still in the bowl mix the chocolate and hazelnut and dough together, this again knocks the dough back and distributes chocolate and hazelnut into the dough mix. Once you’ve mixed everything together, take out of the bowl and place into a separate oiled loaf tin • Place in the oven for approximately 30 minutes at 220°c • Once the loaves have cooked they should be a golden brown colour on top, take them out of the tins • It may be that the bottoms are a little soggy. This is usually from the extra moisture that the fillings have. If this is the case, put the loaves upside down on to the wire shelf of the oven (without the tins) and bake for a further 4 to 5 minutes, or until the base sounds hollow when tapped • Serve the Haggis Bread buttered, with cheese and onion marmalade for a lunch or light bite • The Hazelnut and Chocolate Loaf is best served sliced, then toasted with butter and a little marmalade spread on with coffee for a Sunday breakfast — delicious │ e: │t: 01427 881563 or 881565

IF YOUR CONSERVATORY ISIFTOO COLD IN WINTER & YOUR CONSERVATORY IS TOO COLD IN WINTER & TOO HOT IN SUMMER TOO HOT SUMMER WE’VE GOTINTHE ANSWER! WE’VE GOT THE ANSWER! A Guardian™ solid roof will instantly turn your conservatory beautiful ‘garden A Guardian™ solidinto roofawill instantly turn room’ a whole new dimension to your adding conservatory into a beautiful ‘garden your home - giving younew extra living space room’ adding a whole dimension to that you can -enjoy your home givingall-year-round! you extra living space that you can enjoy all-year-round! Our professional installation team will take great care ensure the installation whole process completed Ourtoprofessional teamiswill take great quickly and with the thewhole minimum disruption. care to ensure process is completed quickly and with the minimum disruption.


Tel: 0845 299 3604 Tel: 0845 299 3604

Carlton In Lindrick, Worksop, Nottinghamshire Carlton In Lindrick, Worksop, Nottinghamshire

        

The smart way to a clean oven

 

 


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Guardian Guardian Warm Roof Warm Roof

Guardian Roof system exceeds the required UK Guardian Roof system Building exceedsStandards. the required UK Building Standards.

PC PROBLEMS? n Is your computer slow,

noisy, or not starting? n Concerned that you might have a virus? n Need help setting up a computer, printer, internet, email, or wireless?

Call Chris Guest

01909 472260 or 07985 935789

n Home Visits - Daytime or Evening n n Most Problems Fixed in a Single Visit n n Very Reasonable Prices n n Virus Removal n Repairs and Upgrades n n Internet Problems Solved n n Broadband and Wireless Setup n n New Computers Custom-Built n Jan 2014 │ Worksop

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25th & 26th January Most garden centres stock a variety of proprietary bird seed and nuts which appeal across the species but don’t forget to scatter some under hedges for shy birds like Dunnocks and Wrens who prefer to feed on the ground. • Make sure fresh water is available — It’s important for drinking and bathing.

Big Garden Bird Watch Did you know that British gardens occupy twice the area set aside for nature reserves? This means they play a vital role in wildlife conservation.

roosting pockets — These provide places for birds to breed and sleep. • Set up feeding stations — High energy foods like stale cake, biscuits, pastry, pasta and potato are enjoyed by many birds. Raisins and other dried fruit are welcomed by Blackbirds and Thrushes.

HOW YOU CAN HELP • Put up nest boxes and

• T&G • Shiplap • Fencing

• Sheds • Decking • Joists

Fence & Decking fitting service available

• OSB Boarding • Far Eastern • Shuttering Plywood and Plywood sleepers

New 8ft x 10"x5" Tanalised Sleepers £20.00

Tranker Lane, Worksop, Notts S80 3LG

Telephone 01909 487 654 48 Worksop

north edition │ Jan 2014

Once you’ve created a welcoming environment it’s time to sit back and take part in The Big Garden Birdwatch run by the RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds). Simply spend an hour recording how many birds and which species visit your garden on either the 25th or 26th of January and submit your results online by visiting www.rspb. Not only will the results be analysed and published on the site but you’ll get the warm glow that comes from knowing you’ve done your bit for bird conservation.

1 tonne bags of kindling £15.00

Open 6 days a week Monday to Friday 8am – 5pm Saturday 8am – 2pm │ e: │t: 01427 881563 or 881565

For all your property repairs in fascia UPVc & & soffits COMPOSITE Fascias, soffits, doors, windows, guttering n Kitchens n Joinery n Loft Boarding n Laminate Floors n Skirting & Architraves n Stairs & Spindles n

lty DOORS Our Specia

n Roofing Repairs n Insurance work n Re-roofing n Drive

& Path Cleaning



For all your



Available Property Repairs on allworkUPVc & Refurbishments For a FREE QUOTE CALL Quality work done with pride! Replacement

01909 551179 or 07950 764037 EQUINOX PHYSIOTHERAPY MOBILE PHYSIOTHERAPY WHEREVER YOU NEED IT! Specialising in post stroke and neurological physiotherapy

WelloW Park Building ServiceS lTd

The complete home improvement company


PEST F F O Buzz Solutions

n Registered Professional pest technician. n 25 yrs experience. n Fully insured. n All aspects of pest control undertaken Wasps,

If you have used Bassetlaw District Council pest control bees, fleas, bedbugs, ants, cockroaches, rats, in the last 20 years in mice, feral pigeons, Squirrels, moles. the Bassetlaw from £39 area you will have with OAP met me Paul. discounts Any other Pests Please

Phone for advice

mob 07706747073 eve 01777816074

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A-Rated Energy Saving Glass Specialists in Conservatories Windows, Doors, Soffits & Fascias Extensions, Garages, Loft Conversions We can do it all T: 01623 743472 M: 07796 226864 W: E: Jan 2014 │ Worksop

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Follow us: /digitcooperative

Jobs for this month • Plan your crops • Protect crops against the cold and from pests such as pigeons • Sow lettuces indoors • Start rhubarb crowns

Kevin Dale’s winter

gardening tips Before the worst of the

weather, now is a great time to plant your rhubarb. Dig a hole and fill with lots of compost or manure. Place in the rhubarb crowns, leaving the tops uncovered. It’s best to site them in a good sunny position, and put in three to four crowns together. Once you have watered them in, cover the crowns with a bucket to force them to grow, but uncover them when the leaves have opened up in June / July, as it will be the time to harvest them. This month, I will also be planting my cauliflower seeds, and these can be sown in pots, with free draining compost. Sow them about one inch deep, and then place

in the green house or indoors in a warm room. You can place a pane of glass or a plastic sheet to retain warmth. When they are established, overwinter them and then plant them out in early spring after hardening them off first. Winter is a great time to dig the soil, turning over any weeds, and work in compost or manure to give the soil a good feed in preparation for the new growing season. If there are large clods of soil, the weather will be sure to break them down. A happy New Year to all readers, and I hope 2014 will be a prosperous growing year for everyone!

Plant of the month: Primrose Perfect for a splash of colour whilst the rest of the garden hibernates, the Primrose is one of the surest signs that spring is around the corner. The name derives from the Latin prima rosa which means ‘first rose’ and this beautiful little flower bursts forth with 50 Worksop

north edition │ Jan 2014

low level blooms that brighten many a gardens corner. They prefer a damp environment which is why you’ll often see them in woods, verges and hedge-banks. Divide these plants frequently and ensure that they have a well dug and fertile soil and you’ll enjoy these for many years to come. │ e: │t: 01427 881563 or 881565

FAST FRIENDLY RESPONSE TO ALL ENQUIRIES • Bathrooms & Kitchens • Coving • Floor and Wall Tiling • Laminate Flooring • Curtain Rails / Blinds Installed • Storage built • Joinery • Flat Pack Assembly • Plumbing • Painting & Decorating • And much more!

For all your DIY & General property maintenance Affordable hourly and daily rates


Call Dave for your free no obligation quotation

01302 750288 or 07935 433454

fine country wear

T V H rent



11 White Avenue, Langold, Worksop S81 9PU

IAN’S FREEPHONE 0800 883 0878 IAN’S MOBILE 07894 833691






34 Grov e St r e e t R e t f or d dn22 6j r 01777 707 862 /r e y n a r d s c ou n t r y w e a r

Tel: 01909 731803 Mob: 07885 743256



Fully qualified Tree Surgeon Domestic & Commercial Felling & Pruning Storm damage/Insurance work 30 years experience Stump grinding & removal



alley orticulture (Tree Surgeon)






w w w. r e y n a r d s c o u n t r y w e a r . c o m

Havenkaye I.T. Solutions Limited

• • • • • •

PC / Laptop repairs Hardware / Software Upgrades Virus / Malware Removel Computer setup Service Free 10 Minute Tech chat online Free Business I.T. Audit

Tel: 01909 776076 Email: Web: R/O 171 Gateford Road, Worksop, S80 1UQ

Steve Johnson Plastering


SPECIALISING • Coving • Rendering IN ALL • Overskins TYPES OF • Overboarding DOMESTIC WORK • Skim Over Artex • Free Quotes Professional, Reliable, Affordable


Call 07917 401772

email: Please mention Worksop Life when responding to any adverts


CONTACT DEAN ON: TEL: 01777 249277 MOB: 07973 341604 EMAIL: Jan 2014 │ Worksop

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For more community events visit your Local Events directory at








Life Publications, proud winners of

Business Community Partnership Award

North Notts Business Awards 2013

Voglia d’Italia Voglia d’Italia, the Italian

Society for South Yorkshire and North Nottinghamshire, presents a “Members’ Evening” on Friday 3rd January 2014. The meeting will be presentations by members relating some of their experiences and reflections on Italy and non-members are welcome at £3.00 per person. The venue as always will be the Tickhill Pavilion, Tithes Lane, Tickhill, DN11 9QN, and the meeting commences at 7.45pm. For further information about this meeting or the society, please call 01709 370895.

Meditation group Transmission Meditation is a powerful form of spiritual

self-development, and a group will shortly be formed in Bawtry. Would you like to join us? There will be an introductory meeting on Monday 13th January. For further information, please call 01777 817835 or visit

Digital forensics talk Retford Library will be hosting a

talk about digital forensics on Friday 31st January. The talk will be given by IT specialist, John Howells and will provide an insight into this fascinating new science and its application. John will also be giving some basic guidance into protecting your computer data. “Digital Forensics” will start at 7.00 pm. Tickets are just £1.00 and include refreshments. Please call the library on 01777 708724 or email

52 Worksop

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2 Shires Credit Union

This article concentrates on the recent changes made at the 2 Shires Credit Union together with our plans for 2014. The installation of our new computer system, which took place at the end of October, is bringing benefits to the way in which we deal with new savings and loan applications. For example, for a new Smart Loan, all we now need are a completed Smart Loan application and a Member application without any supporting documentation and both can be downloaded from our website at We expect that such improvements will enable us to make quicker decisions regarding loan applications. We hope that we will be able to launch our new website early in the New Year, so please keep an eye out at In addition to the new look and new features, we will be using this website to announce new products and to keep members up to date with other developments, including progress with the Credit Union Expansion Project (CUEP). Other new facilities and products planned for the early part of 2014 include: • Online access to balances and transactions using the internet

• Joint savings accounts • Joint loan accounts • A new Family Loan at a slightly lower rate of interest for those people who wish to repay the loan from their child credit • Other new products in the pipeline include a Budget Account and a Rent Payment Account All in all, 2014 promises to be an exciting year for the 2 Shires Credit Union, so please keep looking at our website In the wider world, the government seem to have bowed to pressure from the Archbishop of Canterbury, among others, and may be moving to cap the extortionate interest rates charged by the so-called Pay Day Lenders. Some parts of the national press have also stated that using these pay day loans can have an adverse effect on credit ratings as maintained by the credit rating agencies so making it more difficult for such people to obtain a cheaper loan at a later date. For more information regarding the 2 Shires Credit Union and its savings and loans products, or about credit unions in general, please contact us via the website ( uk), by email at uk or by phone on 01909 500575.

Volunteering for BCVS WHY NOT BECOME A VOLUNTEER? Bassetlaw Community and Voluntary Service (BCVS) in Worksop is the accredited Volunteer Centre for Bassetlaw. The Involve service holds details of over 200 volunteering opportunities from a wide variety of organisations. We are able to actively support individuals into volunteering. The benefits of volunteering include: • Developing confidence • Gaining new skills and experience • Building new friendships • Making a difference to your local community • Opening up brand new opportunities

If you are interested in volunteering, or promoting your volunteering opportunity please contact either Julie Barnes or Lesley Thorlby on 01909 476118 extensions 23/26, via email, or visit the volunteering page on our website We are also on Facebook and Twitter. The Volunteer centre also offers many other opportunities, such as classes like Yoga, which is on Wednesdays from 5.30pm to 7.00pm, with beginners welcome. The Bassetlaw Community and Voluntary Service Centre is The Old Abbey School, Priorswell Road, Worksop S80 2BU. │ e: │t: 01427 881563 or 881565

Valentines Party Night

Saturday 15th February

Featuring the Smooth Soulful Sounds of the amazing Wayne Allen.

Back at the Arena after his very successful visit of NYE 2010 this extremely popular and talented Soul & Motown singer effortlessly covers some of the world’s most iconic and memorable numbers. Music that you will fall in love with from legends such as Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Barry White, Luther Vandross, Earth Wind & Fire and many more from an era in music that many people and musicians alike call the golden age of music, from a time and with an energy depth of feeling that only Wayne can emulate. Supporting Wayne on the night is the brilliant Phoenix Roadshow DJ’s, doors open at 7pm to 1am, fantastic friendly atmosphere.

Tickets only £10

(includes hot bap) on Sale Now

01909 480164 Please mention Worksop Life when responding to any adverts

Eastgate, (Behind the Kilton Inn), Worksop, Nottinghamshire S80 1QS

53 Jan 2014 │ Worksop Charitynorth No: edition 1112764


Dean Dunham

Your New Year shopping rights Here’s what you need to know when shopping in store and online (in relation to buying goods – which is basically something that you can ‘physically hold’ as opposed to something being offered as a ‘service’). YOUR BASIC RIGHTS Any goods that you buy, whether on the high street, online or in your own home must fit the description given, be of satisfactory quality and be fit for the purpose they are intended to be used for. If they are not, you can claim against the retailer and may be entitled to a refund, repair or replacement. So for example, if you buy a silver kettle and find that it is black when you take it out of the box, you can return it and get a refund or replacement. This is because it does not fit the description; or if you buy a jumper and find that it has a hole in the sleeve you have the right to get a refund or a replacement. This is because it is not ‘of satisfactory quality’; or if you buy a new charger for your iPhone 5 but it turns out to have the wrong connection and therefore does not fit your iPhone, you can get a refund or replacement. This is because it is ‘not fit for purpose’. Check the store’s returns policies — many stores will offer generous returns policies but these may differ so make sure you check whether refunds, exchanges or credit notes 54 Worksop

north edition │ Jan 2014

Get more tips from Dean at

are available and how long you have to return goods. Remember, you don’t automatically have the right to return unwanted presents.

computer software where the seal on the packaging has been broken, perishable items, made to order items, underwear or jewellery.

GIFT RECEIPTS If you are buying for someone else, make sure you ask for a gift receipt. These are designed to enable the gift recipient to return the goods or make a claim against the retailer if something is wrong.

ITEMS BOUGHT FROM ONLINE AUCTION SITES When buying from sites such as e-bay and Amazon’s ‘Sell Your Stuff’ you are not buying from the sites themselves, but from individuals who have put the items up for sale on those sites. As a consequence you will not benefit from the usual cooling off period you will not have the statutory right to quality, and you will have no legal redress if the item is unsatisfactory. However, the seller still has an obligation to properly describe what they are selling.

PRECAUTIONS WHEN BUYING ONLINE When buying online take these simple precautionary steps: • Keep your PC protected by ensuring you have the latest operating system, browser and up-to-date anti-virus software. • Look for the padlock symbol especially if you’re buying from a website for the first time. It’s a good indication that they are reputable. • Register your cards with Verified by Visa or MasterCard SecureCode when prompted. • Always log out after shopping online. ONLINE SHOPPING RIGHTS In addition to your normal statutory rights, you also have extra protections when shopping online. In most cases, you will have seven working days (“Cooling off Period”) after delivery to change your mind, for any reason, and get a full refund. However, this does not apply to DVDs/music/

GIFT VOUCHERS If you buy someone a gift voucher/ token make sure that you are aware of the expiry date of the voucher. You should also be aware that when a shop changes ownership, the new owners may not have purchased the previous one’s liabilities. This means they will not be bound to honour your voucher. USING A CREDIT CARD Buying items costing more than £100 and under £30,000 on a credit card can offer significant consumer protections, as the credit card provider becomes liable for any breach of contract, even if you buy from abroad. This is therefore a valuable insurance policy that protects your purchases. │ e: │t: 01427 881563 or 881565



Gateford | Worksop | Nottinghamshire | S81 8AF

Visit us anytime for a coffee and a chat, or contact us TODAY for your free information pack.

“Providing the highest standards of care in luxury accommodation” Set in a beautiful part of Nottinghamshire, the large specially converted grand grade two listed period home was built in 1824 and is set in 30 acres of grounds. We have two acres of landscaped gardens. The home has several patio seating areas which are popular in the summer for residents to watch the local wildlife or just sit back and relax. Every member of our team works hard to make sure each resident is comfortable and well cared for.

Get in touch:

01909 521 236

Nursing Care • Young Physically Disabled


Additional Services* Palliative Care • Respite/Breaks • Day Care *as and when availability allows.

“To be the best quality, most highly regarded Care Provider in the United Kingdom”




Offer ends 28th February 2014. Must be at time of purchase

n FREE Gripper. n FREE Measure. n FREE Door Plate.


up to





n Large selection of carpets and rugs. n 10% Discount on any new order. n FREE Delivery on new beds - old ones

taken away free in a 10 mile radius.

Priory Carpets & Beds


NEW Car Park at Rear of Shop. NEW Easy Access of Upstairs via lift.

104 Potter Street | Worksop. *Valid when you place your order T. 01909 501177 / 01909 532876 | | Please mention Worksop Life when responding to any adverts

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Max speed: 120 mph 0-60 mph:

10.9 secs



Power (bhp): 138 Torque (lb/ft): 240 CO2:





Room Safety Efficiency


Price Looks

56 Worksop

First Drives: Seat Alhambra Tim Barnes-Clay climbs into the cavenous 7-seated family-lugger from Seat

People carriers just aren’t sexy. That’s

a fact. But Seat’s Alhambra is a perennially popular one — for a very good reason. As an authentic Multi-Purpose Vehicle (MPV), the almighty Alhambra’s adaptability fits just as well to family necessities as it does to the needs of the mile-munching business driver. The sizable Seat’s sporting spirit and driving enjoyment certainly go hand-in-hand with common sense and originality. And thanks to its unexpectedly lively handling and hi-tech equipment, you can look forward to every mile behind the wheel. With a combined fuel consumption figure of around 50 mpg, the Alhambra SE 2.0 TDI CR Ecomotive 140 PS won’t rob you at the pumps either. The present incarnation of the motor, launched in late 2010, is longer than its forerunner — and wider. There’s plenty of breathing space for adults to sit happily, even in the third row of fold-away seats, whilst the big sliding doors allow

north edition │ Jan 2014

fantastically easy access. The load area is charitable, too. When configured as a five-seater the Alhambra has 885 litres of luggage space available, which swells to a vast maximum of 2,297 litres if only the front two seats are in use. In other words, this car could help clear out a large swathe of a white goods department! Aesthetically, the MPV has an undeniably broad, powerful presence, but its slightly overstuffed looks won’t be to everyone’s taste. Beneath its so-so skin, the Alhambra’s TDI engine, on test here, generates 138bhp. It produces good, low down pulling power for such a large vehicle, and efficiency measures such as a Start-Stop system and brake energy recovery technology come as standard. The stock safety equipment is, like much of the Alhambra, impressive. It involves seven airbags, including a driver-side knee airbag, and electric child locks on the rear doors. Also standard is electronic braking assist, tyre pressure monitoring, and stability aids. Indeed, the award-winning Seat Alhambra is an MPV with some truly decent features. So it’s no shocker it was not only named Best MPV by Diesel Car, but voted Best MPV in WhatCar? Car of the Year 2011, 2012 and 2013! Such a good vehicle comes at a cost though. This car, bought new, isn’t that far off the £30,000 mark. That’s an awful lot of cash to splash for room and versatility. But, let’s face it, when it comes to transporting your family around, safety is priceless. │ e: │t: 01427 881563 or 881565




ONLY £28.50

Free Re-test



Putting the needs of our customers first







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Funeral Services

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Independent Funeral Directors 40 Years Experience Private Chapel


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Family Run Business



of Repose l Catch up TV l 10% OAP Discount l Digital Aerials l Phone Lines l CCTV Installations


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Pre-payment funeral fully arranged

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58 Worksop


The rat pack Rats are normally active at night, dawn and dusk and sleepy during the day when they should be left quietly otherwise a rude awakening can upset them. Being highly sociable and intelligent, they actually make rather good pets as long as they are understood and cared for properly. They learn new skills with gentle encouragement (such as food rewards) and they enjoy keeping mentally and physically active. If you pop some rope in their cage then make sure it is of natural fibres because as well as climbing it they will chew it too. Rats, when they play (especially as youngsters) take it in turn to win and lose and they can do this with both other rats and humans! Rats should always be kept with other rats, even if they have lots of human contact but remember that if you keep a male with a female they can reproduce quickly and any time during the year. You need to be careful about introducing an unfamiliar rat into the cage though as there is likely to be a period of high aggression whilst a position of dominance is established. Make sure that smells from other animals such as cats or ferrets are kept to a minimum as this can stress a rat.

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Monday - Friday 9.00am - 7.00pm Saturday 9.00am - 12.30pm

Dog Vaccines:

. Booster £14.99

. Course £24.99

Cat Vaccines:

. Booster


. Course


VetSavers Worksop Norfolk Street (Newcastle Avenue), Worksop S80 1LB

Tel: 01909 488008 * prices from




168 Plantation Hill wE AlSO SEll WorksoP dOg ACCESSORIES notts s81 0dt And TREATMEnTS PRICES FROM £5.00 STAFFIES £10.00

CAll lISA On.

wE hAvE An OnlInE ShOP.


• Extensions 25 Years Experience • Garages • Chimney Stacks Fibreglass Flat Roofs • Lead Work Tanking and Flashing • Block Paving • Concrete Drives Firestone • Tile Roofs Rubbing Roofing • Slate Roofs • Ridge Tiles Hot built up • UPVC Felt roofing • Fascias & Soffits • Guttering & Down pipes All kinds of Work undertaken Large or Small ALL WORK GUARANTEED

Home: 01909 730407 Mobile: 07775 596 698

OuR SERvICES InCludE: bATh ClAwS AnAl glAndS


Industrial & Domestic Grant Work & Insurance Work

01909 531542


SANMAR DOG GROOMING Tel : 01909 470490 Mobile: 07841 1166 38 * Bathing * Grooming * Clipping * Scissoring * Ear cleaning * Nail Clipping * Anal glands * Tick & flea treatments 16 Gateford Road, Worksop, Notts S80 1EB Across from Victoria Car Park

OPEN: Mon - Fri 9.00am - 5.00pm Sat 9.00am - 1.00pm Please mention Worksop Life when responding to any adverts

North Leverton Boarding Kennels & Cattery The Dog Matters Grooming Salon Bright and clean boarding facilities Large exercise area and lead walks Individually heated beds All diets catered for Medication administered

Full dog grooming service Clipping, nails, ears & eyes Styling, bath & condition Australian ‘Fidos’ Hydro bath Most breeds catered for

Special pet care provided by an attentive and caring team of professional and friendly staff Our reputation speaks for itself Viewing highly recommended All your pet needs under one roof Close to Retford, Gainsborough and surrounding villages

Like us on Facebook Call 01427 880744 07733 482881 07775 641651 Jan 2014 │ Worksop

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Publicise your for free! event Onlin e: Visit In the magazine:

2014 sees Bassetlaw

Hospice celebrate 20 years of Hospice care in Bassetlaw. As part of the year of celebratory events the Hospice are launching a new event that everyone can be a part of at a time that suits them. Delicious Dine In is a way that all the community can become involved in fundraising for the Hospice as well as celebrating its 20th Birthday! All you have to do to be involved is host a dinner party in

For more community events visit your Local Events directory at

Delicious Dine In for Bassetlaw Hospice your own home for your friends or family. It could be a takeaway of fish and chips or a five course gourmet delight. It’s so simple, you just ask your guests to donate what they feel the meal you have provided was worth to Bassetlaw Hospice. Helen Eshelby, Fundraising Coordinator for the Hospice says, “All you need to do is get together with your friends, have a great evening in with some fabulous food and raise some money for Bassetlaw Hospice; it couldn’t be easier. We are extremely lucky to be supported by Premier Foods for this campaign. They have provided us with a free cooking gift to

Bluebell Wood needs you Are you looking for something new to do in 2014? Could you spare a little time to help raise funds for children with a shortened life expectancy in your local area? The Retford Support Group are a local group who raise funds for Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice and they are looking for new members to help them with their fundraising. This fantastic group have been working together for 10 years, raising funds for the children’s hospice; organising a variety of popular events and helping run stalls at local community fairs. This year they have successfully held a fashion show, organised bucket collections at Morrison’s supermarket in Retford, held a quiz night, a summer music extravaganza, a Christmas gifts and coffee morning and a swing and Why not make this New Year the opportunity to bring your partner along to the Retford Town Hall for Ballroom and Latin American dancing. There will be live music with a bar available, a beautiful dance floor and a friendly welcome. Dances take place on the first Saturday in the 60 Worksop

north edition │ Jan 2014

jazz music night which collectively have raised over £5000 for the hospice – an amazing amount which makes a real difference to our children and families! Bluebell Wood Children's Hospice offers care and support to children and young people with a shortened life expectancy, both in their own homes and at our hospice in North Anston. There are only 43 children's hospices in the country so we care for over 160 children from across South Yorkshire, North Derbyshire, North Nottinghamshire and parts of North Lincolnshire. Our highly specialist care team look after children with a vast range of complex medical needs and we support the whole family on their life journey offering short respite breaks, day care provision, community

issue when people sign up. All those who sign up for the campaign will also be entered into a prize draw to win an amazing hamper full of goodies!” If you would like to host a Delicious Dine In please contact Helen Eshelby on 01777 710444 or helen@bassetlawhospice. org for your fundraising pack.

support, crisis intervention and end of life treatment and care. It costs over £3 million a year to run Bluebell Wood and we receive less than 5% statutory funding. Emma Vizor, Fundraiser for Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire at Bluebell Wood says “Without support groups and volunteers like the Retford group we could not deliver the services we do. The Retford group are great ambassadors for the hospice and work together as a team to bring in valuable income and raise awareness of the work we do.” If you are interested in finding out more about how to get involved with the group (the groups planning meeting for 2014 is on Thursday 30th January 2014 at 10am at Ye Olde Bell Hotel, Barnby Moor; or other ways you can help in the North Notts area please contact Emma on 01909 517368 or

A dance club welcomes you! month from January to November 2014, with a member's party on 13th December 2014. Each session runs from 7.30am to 10.30am and costs just £6.00 per dancer. The first visit is a taster, and membership

after that is £1.00 per head for the rest of the year. We hope to see many new faces join us in 2014, please come in and up the stairs. For further information, please email Jan at │ e: │t: 01427 881563 or 881565

Perplexing Puzzles

  

 Look out for the

solutions on  page 62.  

FUNERAL SERVICES 

A A Family Business FamilyRun Run Business • Private Chapel of Rest

 

1 4 6 • 24 hour personal service    • Home Visits  8  Pre-paid funeral plans •  8  4 9 2 7 • Headstone Supply & Maintenance  Office Open Monday to Friday 1 5 2  Funerals From £1500  8 3 5 9  All Inclusive  4 7 5 


4 6 2 3  8  2 9 5 





  

 • Domestic • Appliance SANTA SPECIALS   Repairs • From RETFORD •   with 40 years experience   on the Chesterfield Canal  

“It’ s usu ally cheaper to repair”

How about spending 30 minutes in Santa’s company, cruising in his 12 seater, beautifully Scrap Gold Me to You Bears Radley Bags decorated, heated narrowboat? All adults can enjoy a seasonal sip and bite, Vacuums whilst every child receives a gift. Places must be pre-booked, telephone Vicki / Washing  Pete on 01246 280660. Machines • •  Price £5.00 per person    Microwaves  Trips run every Saturday and Sunday   from 5.12.09 until 20.12.09. on the hour  every hour fromTumble 10am. Dryers


Are you an active person who wishes to earn an extra income each month, helping us to deliver the Worksop   Life magazine? 

•   


 Call now for further details   W O R K S

t: 01427 881563  or 01427 881565  


Please mention Worksop Life when responding to any adverts

Trips depart from outside Bay Tree café / bar, Wharf Road, Retford DN22 6AS Electric Ovens All proceeds to the Chesterfield Canal Trust for complete restoration of this wonderful canal. Parts & Labour Guaranteed Reg Charity no: 1071376

•  

Call Brian on Tel: Pete Vicki 523042 01909 733116 or/ 07768

on 01246 280660 Jan 2014 │ Worksop

north edition 61

49  Please mention Worksop Life when responding to any advertisements

INDEX Aerial Specialist ADI Communications Worksop........................57 Beauty & Aesthetics The Palms Hair & Beauty..................................... 9 Architectural Design & Surveying CS Surveying & Architectural Design.............27 Bathroom Design & Installation Carrington Bathrooms........................................15 Venus Bathrooms & Kitchen Studio...............37 Bed Showroom Priory Carpets & Beds........................................55 The Bed Chambers.............................................10 Bedroom Interiors DC Interiors............................................................18 Blinds Bassetlaw Blinds..................................................43 RS Blinds................................................................27 Building & Property Services Lindrick Construction..........................................45 RHCS Construction.............................................31 Wellow Park Building Services.........................49 Car Servicing & Repairs Your Car..................................................................57 Care — Residential & At Home Clumber Court Care Home................................55 Home Instead Senior Care................................31 Leda Homecare....................................................43 Sherwood Prime Care.........................................41 Carpet Showroom & Sales Neil Brodie Flooring.............................................45 Priory Carpets & Beds........................................55 Chiropodist Kirsty Wood...........................................................39 Coach Tours & Excursions CW Moxons............................................................41 Johnson Brothers Tours.....................................43 Coal & Smokeless Fuel Supplies CPL Distribution....................................................35 Community & Leisure Arena North Notts Community Arena........................53 Computer Repairs & Servicing Chris Guest Computing......................................47 Haven Kaye IT Solutions....................................51 Country Clothing Store Reynards Retail....................................................51 Dance Studio Footsteps Dance Studio....................................36 Dog & Pet Grooming Services Competitive Edge.................................................58 Pawprints Grooming Salon................................59 Sanmar Dog Grooming.......................................59 Dog Training Competitive Edge.................................................58 Domestic Appliance Repairs Domestic Appliance Repairs............................61 Electrical Contractors DC Electrical..........................................................22 Lindrick Construction..........................................45 62 Worksop

north edition │ Jan 2014

Fitness Centre Fitness Flex @ Worksop Leisure Centre........29 Palms......................................................................... 9 Foot Care Best Foot First.......................................................41 Funeral Directors Dolby Funeral Services.......................................57 Robert Priest.........................................................61 Furniture Showroom Raw Furniture........................................................18 Gardening Services DC Garden Services............................................51 Trent Valley Horticulture.....................................51 Gold Bought & Sold Castle Jewellers....................................................63 Graphic Design & Print Services Life Design & Print...............................................11 Hair Salons Masterpiece Hairdressing.................................39 The Palms Hair & Beauty..................................... 9 Hair Transplant Clinic Healthy Looks Cosmetic Clinic.........................64 Handyman Services Hammond Property Services...........................49 My Place Property Consultants........................45 Mr Handyman.......................................................51 The Handyman.....................................................22 Home Security A1 Housing.............................................................42 Hypnotherapist Nicole Huthwaite Therapy................................... 7 Interior Design Todwick Interiors..................................................33 Jewellers Castle Jewellers....................................................63 Joinery Lambert Joinery....................................................27 Kennel & Cattery North Leverton Kennels & Cattery..................59 Kitchen Design & Installation DC Interiors............................................................18 Venus Bathroom & Kitchen Studio.................37 Mobility Scooters & Aids Clark & Partners...................................................39 Model Railway Shop The Goods Yard....................................................27 Music Tuition Michael’s Music Studio........................................ 7 Oven Cleaning Oven Butler............................................................47 New Housing Development Bellway Homes.....................................................21 Pest Control Buzz Off Pest Solutions......................................49 Retford & District Pest Control.........................51 Physiotherapy Equinox Physiotherapy.......................................49 Plastering Service RGP Plastering......................................................35 SJ Plastering..........................................................51 Plumbing & Heating Services David Godley Plumbing & Heating..................28 Paul Layhe.............................................................23

TC Plumbing & Heating.......................................35 Removal Service Jays Removals........................................................ 7 Restaurants & Pubs Aston Hall Hotel....................................................17 McDonalds............................................................19 Thai Cassia............................................................35 The Raj Indian Restaurant.................................15 Roofing Service M West Roofing....................................................59 School & Further Education Worksop College..................................................25 Self Defence Classes Worksop TAGB Tae Kwondo..............................28 Soft Furnishings & Fabrics Colourbox Design.................................................23 Todwick Interiors..................................................33 Staircase Design & Installation John Lawson.........................................................23 Taxi & Private Hire SGS Travel..............................................................43 Theatrical & Music Productions Acorn Theatre........................................................31 Tiling Service BJB Tiling Service.................................................23 Timber Supplies & Sheds Worksop Timber...................................................48 Veterinary Clinics Best Friends Veterinary Group.........................59 Wildbore Vetstop..................................................37 Wedding Fayre West Retford Hotel..............................................13 Weight Loss Slimming World....................................................... 1 Will Writing & Power of Attorney April King................................................................... 5 Windows, Doors & Conservatories Bluebell Conservatories....................................... 7 Cloudy 2 Clear......................................................... 3 Charm Windows..................................................... 9 Countywide Homecare.......................................27 G & M Tomlinson..................................................41 Peacock Windows................................................. 2 We Fit Conservatories, Windows & Doors....47 Wellow Park Building Services.........................49

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Castle Jewellers 70a Bridge Street, Worksop.

• Jewellery Repairs on the Premises • Over 25 years experience • Large selection of Precious and Semi Precious Gemstones to choose from to design your own jewellery. • Ring Alteration • Chain Repairs • Fastener repair or replacement • Claw Work and Gemstone replacement • Rhodium • Valuations • All Repairs in our trust are Fully Insured • No posting your Family Heirlooms all over the country at great risk of loss in the post. • Speak to the person who actually does the work and discuss your requirement with someone who knows about repairs. • Dealing direct with repairer cuts the price. • We have done repairs many shops have said cannot be repaired. • Free same-day alterations for items purchased here

Best prices paid for Gold Tel:

01909 478636

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Darwin Drive, Sherwood E Village, New Ollerton NG22 9GW

Worksop Life (North Edition) magazine January 2014  

January 2014 edition of Worksop Life (North Edition) magazine

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