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Picture yourself here North Notts College

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Wednesday 14th May 4pm to 7pm If you are leaving school this year, looking to improve your career prospects or want a career change, why not come along to our Open Day and see what’s on offer at North Notts. • Look into Apprenticeships, earn a wage and gain career focused qualifications at the same time • Learn about different career options from our specialist tutors • Find out about our great range of full time courses and Apprenticeships • Talk to one of our friendly advisors about the many options available to you • Find out about the variety of HE, Management and Professional courses available.

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Worksop Retford Life

Inside Features

Bringing in the May��������������������������8 Worksop Life Inbox���������������������������9 A history of the home�������������������14 Baking bliss����������������������������������������18 WIN festival tickets!������������������������ 20 Spring showers������������������������������� 28 The science behind a smile������ 34 Picks for sping and summer������� 38 Water, water everywhere�����������42 A thorny issue�����������������������������������46 Curtain call�������������������������������������� 50 On the buses��������������������������52 & 54 Planning the perfect party��56 & 58 Wheely good deal?����������������������60 A beginner's guide: Keeping chickens����������������64 & 66 Perplexing puzzles��������������������������69

Regulars Community�������6, 10, 16, 21, 22, 26, ���������������������������30, 40, 44, 48, 67 & 68 Index���������������������������������������������������70

Submission deadline 10th of every month

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│ May 2014

Editors’ message Business Community Partnership Award winners North Notts Business Awards 2013

Welcome to the May edition of the Worksop Life magazine and it’s a month we absolutely love! There’s two Bank Holidays to look forward to, hopefully warmer weather and the garden is fully awake. On page 8, we look back at the traditions of May Day, including the Hawthorne and maypole. Don’t forget that as usual you have to be in it to win it, as we have a pair of tickets and a family ticket to give away, for this year’s Kelham Festival on page 20! The Worksop area also springs in to life this month, with more outdoor activities planned than ever before, we take you through some of the main ones within this month’s community pages. In addition to the above, we once again bring you some great articles this month. It’s National Smile Month and for this year’s article, we take a look The Science behind a Smile on page 34. Most of us get out and about in our gardens at some point from this month, yet if you need a helping hand, don’t forget the great businesses and trades in this magazine who can help you. We’re pleased to welcome new monthly gardening articles from renowned BBC Radio 4 gardening expert Pippa Greenwood, who hopes to inspire you with talk

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of how to create the perfect pond in your garden on page 42. From this month, for the next series of Baking Bliss articles, Helen is taking us on a World Tour, starting with a recipe from Norway — we sampled these freshly baked wonders when they were brought in to the office and we can highly recommend them, find out more on page 18! Now is a fantastic time for stargazing, and whether you are an absolute beginner or have lots of experience, you will certainly gain inspiration from James Ince’s article on page 28. Our local birder John Wilkins continues to bring you his guide of the wonderful wildlife around us on page 24, and continuing the ‘bird’ theme, Terry Beebe discusses the increase in poultry ownership on pages 64 and 66. We had some well-received comments about many of the articles in last month’s edition and quite a few of you loved the new series ‘A history of the home’, the second article, ‘The right to buy; Part 1’ is on page 14. We hope enjoy this month’s magazine.

Leanne & Julian

t: 01427 881563 or 01427 881565 │ e: /worksoplife│ /worksoplife │ Visit our website: Roses Farm, Station Road, Sturton le Steeple, Retford DN22 9HS

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On 24th March 1964, 303 (Worksop) Air Training Corps was reformed as an active member of the Air Cadet Organisation. The dedication parade was held in the grounds of what was The Winifred Portland School, Sparken Hill Worksop, and the Royal Warrant was presented to the Squadron by His Grace The Duke of Portland. 50 years on, a parade was held at the Cadet Training Centre, Park Street to mark this very special occasion. Councillor Sybil Fielding inspected the parade and witnessed the march pass, and also present was Wing Commander Tony Wright Office Commanding Trent Wing ATC, Squadron Leader Fallon, Flight Lieutenant Carl Leadbeater OC 303 Squadron, Flight Lieutenant Michael de Torre Rtd along with guests, the squadron civilian committee and adult staff of the squadron. In 1964 the squadron’s first meeting took place at St Anne’s Hall, this was followed by three years in rooms at the Winifred Portland School, and then parades were held in a purpose build hut at the rear of the TA Centre, Scofton House. In 1980 the first female cadets joined the squadron. Following government cut backs, land was sold off, and finally the squadron moved into what is now The Cadet Training Centre. Parades take place every Monday and Friday evenings from 6.00pm to 9.00pm. A training syllabus is provided to guide a cadet through his or her career, and as expected, the prospectus involves a number of aviation subjects, along with; Shooting, Adventure Training, Duke of Edinburgh Award and BTEC Subjects. Flying experience takes precedence over all other activities. Here are some of the schemes available to cadets: • Gliding — The aim is to go solo,

The Bassetlaw (North

Notts) Railway Society has its next Open Day on Monday 5th May in association with Retford’s Heritage Day celebrations. The open day is to be held at the society’s clubrooms in the former buffet on Platform 6 Worksop

│ May 2014

For more community events visit your Local Events directory at

Half a century and 303 Squadron are still flying high to do this there are three stages of training: Gliding Induction Course, Gliding Scholarship, and Advanced Gliding Training • Air Experience Flights — Sample powered flight with a qualified pilot, who will teach cadets how to take control of the aircraft, and give them experience in aerobatics and low level flying • Air Cadet Pilot Scheme — this is the highest level of flying training a cadet can reiceve. Successful cadets are awarded their Cadet Pilot Wings, and could be recommended for further training leading to a Private Pilot’s Wings • Air Cadet Pilot Navigation training scheme — This is a great opportunity for cadets to enhance their navigation skills, enjoy a two-week course where they fly up to eight hours. Successful cadets will gain their Navigation Wings Cadets are encouraged to take part in numerous sporting activities. Over the years many

have gone on to represent Squadron, the Wing and even the Air Training Corp at national level Outdoor activities are also part of the Squadrons activities: • Local Camps — Cadets are taught survival skills and working as part of a team • Easter & Summer camps — Away from the Squadron, held at RAF stations in the UK • Overseas camps — Spend 10 days at RAF camps in Cyprus, Germany, or Gibraltar • Adventurous training — At one of our two centres, Windermere (Cumbria) or Llanbedr (Wales) The ATC has so much to offer, if you are prepared to give up your time, a serious commitment is all we ask. If you are interested, please visit our Squadron on parade nights at the Cadets Training Centre, Worksop. (Monday and Friday) from 6.45pm to 9.00pm or call 01909 475261.

The Bassetlaw Railway Society 1 of Retford Railway Station, from 10.00am to 4.00pm. This is one of the very few times that these premises will be open to the public. Come along on the day to see

working model railways, take part in the swap shop, and to browse the display of local photographs and memorabilia. Admission is free and refreshments will be available. │ e: │t: 01427 881563 or 881565

Neil Brodie

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Bringing in the May Kate McLelland looks back at the traditions of May Day

One of the best indications that summer is about to arrive is when Britain’s hedgerows explode with the pink and white blossoms of the hawthorn. The hawthorn is one of those quintessentially English trees: although quietly unobtrusive for most of the year, it bursts into spectacular life in the late spring, with flowers crowded so densely together they look like snowfall. In the autumn it glows with clusters of red berries. No wonder the tree features so strongly in ancient folklore. The old name for hawthorn was “may” and the flower of the may tree has long been considered a symbol of hope. It even gave its name to The Mayflower, the famous ship that sailed from England in 1620, transporting a stalwart band of pilgrims to build a new life in America. As its alternative name suggests, hawthorn was central to ancient May Day celebrations. The old Celtic festival of May Day 8 Worksop

│ May 2014

was known as ‘Beltane’ after the Celtic god of light, or the sun. The beginning of summer was also celebrated in Ancient Rome at the Floralia festival (dedicated to the flower goddess Flora), which took place at roughly the same time. May Day celebrations in Britain were probably a hybrid of both traditions mixed up with Druidic tree worship, and the introduction of Christianity did little to dispel these pagan traditions. On the first day of May, villagers would wake at daybreak and roam through the countryside, gathering flowers and hawthorn twigs to decorate their houses. A maypole — usually the trunk of a birch tree, stripped of its branches and decorated with ribbons and flowers — was set up in the middle of the village green. In olden times maypoles were constructed with three rings on the top — the highest and smallest was made of hawthorn. The community danced around the pole, singing traditional songs, while the men of the village performed Morris dances and the prettiest girl, dressed in floral garlands, was crowned Queen of the May. Occasionally a May King was also chosen, and the pair ruled over the festivities. In Elizabethan times, the king and queen were given the names ‘Robin Hood’ and ‘Maid Marian’.

These celebrations were derived from ancient fertility rituals and the ‘greenwood marriages’ that took place provide clear evidence of this. Often young girls came home from their country rambles with more than a garland of flowers. As one observer wrote, “I have hearde of tenne maidens whiche went to set May, and nine of them came home with childe.” May Day festivities reached their height in England during the Middle Ages but in 1644 the Puritans passed a law which made them illegal. This attempt to repress the celebrations eventually failed, mainly because they were too deeply rooted in rural culture. When the monarchy was restored some years later and Charles II came to the throne, people all over the country put up maypoles as a sign of loyalty to the crown. For the next two hundred years the old customs continued, but interest in May Day traditions began to fade. They enjoyed a brief revival in the Victorian era but any connection to fertility rites was deliberately overlooked and maypole dancing was reduced to an innocent children’s game. Sadly by this time the hawthorn — once the embodiment of hope for the coming summer — had also lost its significance, becoming just another tree in the British landscape. │ e: │t: 01427 881563 or 881565



Bassetlaw Branch Parkinson’s UK has much to thank your magazines for. Not so long ago, our membership stood at just nine people and was destined to close down. Yet once I started to write reports that you have so kindly published in Worksop, Retford and Sherwood Life magazines, our membership has gone from strength to strength. Again this month new members joined the Branch having learnt about it from your splendid publications.

I can’t thank you enough on behalf of the Parkinson’s patients, carers and families who you have made aware of the Branch’s existence. They have found new friends, new interests and learnt that there is life, laughter and support to be enjoyed despite the problems that the condition can create. Our membership now stands at 60 and still rising. Thank you so much.

Really enjoy receiving Worksop Life and especially this month’s article on Housing. Although you do not actually mention much about the photograph I am certain this is Abbey Street. Right down at the bottom near to where the car is parked used to be a Horse

Meat shop, people used to say that they traded there to feed their dogs, but having listened to many stories from my seniors, now long gone, it was purchased by many in order to provide meat for their families.

Chris, Bassetlaw Branch Parkinson’s UK

Jan, Worksop

Write: Worksop Life Inbox, Roses Farm, Station Road, Sturton le Steeple, Retford DN22 9HS Email: /worksoplife @worksoplife

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PuPPy dAy CARE May 2014 │ Worksop



For more community events visit your Local Events directory at

Rotary Club of Worksop Dukeries The Rotary Club of Worksop

Dukeries, a mixed gender club, meet on three Mondays each month. The club hosted their twice yearly coffee morning at the Whitwell Community Centre a few weeks ago. Weather-wise it was a terrible morning so we didn't expect to have many attending but were pleasantly surprised as we raised a respectable £135. This came from a cake stall, a tombola stall, a raffle and the sale of tea, coffee and toast. The proceeds from the coffee morning are to be donated to the Somerset Flood relief fund. Last year some of our profits from the coffee mornings were donated to the Whitwell Community Centre, towards the cost of a defibrillator to be kept in the Centre. The first Monday is a business

meeting held at Bassetlaw Community and Voluntary Services (BCVS) Worksop. Here we discuss plans for the future, fundraising and social events among other things. On the second Monday, we meet at Worksop Golf Club where we have a dinner and a speaker. We have talks on a variety of subjects, some regarding overseas projects supported by Rotary, some by local charities and other interest speakers. On the third or fourth Monday, we have a social event or visit to a place of interest. This year, these have included a New Year buffet lunch, and a cheese and wine evening, a fun evening that also raised money towards the “End Polio Now” campaign. We hold fundraising events and

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│ May 2014

collections at various venues in the area including, this year, an enjoyable two days tin rattling at Sainsburys in Worksop, fundraising for Marie Curie. We also hold a Children of Courage award for children from local schools. If you are interested in coming along to meet us and see what we do please contact our membership Rotarian Maureen Lilley on 01909 475384 for more information.

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May 2014 │ Worksop



A history of the home:

The right to buy: PT 1 Housing Act architect Michael Heseltine, a key figure in Thatcher’s government

Leanne Broadhead looks back at the impact of the Housing Act 1980 Unexpectedly, the first article in this series published last month caused quite a stir. We received emails, letters and even phone calls on the subject, and most with positive feedback. We also appreciated the effort that one Retford gentleman went to, to explain he didn’t agree with the article, as his parents were definitely not the envy of others with the council home they lived in and they definitely didn’t have an inside toilet! Yet the homes I referred to in my last article, were the brand new homes that were built, not the ones already in existence. The gentleman did pre-empt the topic of my next article however, as he passionately went on to say that it was the Government’s sale of public housing stock that went on to cause many of the housing shortage problems that we are still experiencing today. For this second article, I had always intended to write about the controversial housing bill that was put forward in 1979, and I will concentrate on the period from 1979 to 1990. The Act came in to force on 3rd October 1980 and after many revisions 14 Worksop

│ May 2014

and changes, it still lasts today. Michael Heseltine was the Environment Secretary at the time, and on proposing the Bill to Parliament in 1979, he said it “lays the foundations for one of the most important social revolutions of this century”. At its concept, it immediately gave over five million long-standing council tenants in Britain the ‘right to buy’ their home. In 1979, Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was in power, and although a small percentage of local authorities had already started to sell parts of their housing, in 1980 the Housing Act then forced all local authorities to sell their own properties, at a discount of between 33% and 50%, on request to those tenants who qualified. Unsurprisingly, this was one of Margaret Thatcher’s most popular policies, and depending on which statistics you believe, it is estimated that somewhere between two and two and a half million homes have been sold under this scheme since it came in to force, with an estimated one and a half million of those from 1980 to 1990. At the time, it was Margaret Thatcher’s aim

to “cut across class lines”, and enable even “modest families to have capitalist aspirations of acquiring a home and being able to put money in the bank”. Before Margaret Thatcher left power, some 180,000 homes were sold in 1989 alone, under the Right to Buy scheme. Unfortunately, it didn’t work for, or please everyone, and even at the height of the policy, it brought huge problems along with it too. Even if they qualified, not everyone could afford to buy their own home, and for those that could, many subsequently couldn’t afford to keep up the repayments as the economy also retracted under the same Government. Perhaps one of the most absurd parts of the act, and surely one of the reasons behind why we lack many of the social homes we need today, is that under the new rules, councils were forbidden to use the revenue from the sales of social homes to reinvest in to new housing. Even as late as 1990, with the scheme still in force, most local authorities were only allowed to invest 25% of proceeds back in to building new council houses. Before embarking on this series of articles, I must admit I had already formulated my own ‘opinion’ about the Housing Act, and what happened in the years that followed. It was even the original reason that I started this series of articles in the first place. Our continued housing crisis in the UK is one that has followed generations and decades of governments throughout the years. Yet after having read and researched more thoroughly in to the history of the last 50-plus years, I no longer think that the blame lies at the feet of one generation of government, nor that the subject is as cut and dry as I initially believed. │ e: │t: 01427 881563 or 881565

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Slimming World Join a warm and friendly group near you today…


Opening Saturday 26th April 2014 WORKSOP Outwood Academy, Valley Road 9.00am Tel: Danielle 07581 159507 Email: danielle. slimmingworld.worksop@


Carlton-In-Lindrick The Parish Centre, Church Lane 5.45pm & 7.30pm Tel: Caroline 07860 119208 Email: carolineannehill@


Manton Kingston Close Community Centre, Kingston Road 5.30pm & 7.30pm Tel: Laura 07739 260300 Email: lauramoore30@

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0844 897 8000

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Hospice League of Friends Summer Fayre The League of Friends of

Bassetlaw Hospital have arranged a summer fayre for Saturday 14th June, taking place at the Civic Centre, Long Lane, Carlton in Lindrick, from 10.30am to 3.30pm. There will be numerous stalls including; cakes, candles, cards, bric-a-brac, nearly new, tombola, raffle, garden plants, wooden garden furniture, sweets, jams and honey and much more. We shall also be serving cream teas with home-made scones. Everyone is welcome, there is no entrance fee and all proceeds will go towards the purchase of comforts for in-patients at the hospital. If you are interested in having your own stall at the fayre, please contact Pat Barran on 01909 532445 for more information.

Free monitors for kidney patients Anyone suffering from

long-term kidney (renal) disease may apply for a blood pressure (BP) monitor, provided free by Doncaster and Bassetlaw Kidney Association (DaBKA). Patients with renal disease often have high blood pressure — keeping it under control is essential to prevent further kidney damage. So the patients’ and carers’ support group, DaBKA, can provide a free monitor. In addition, DaBKA can provide small grants, help and support, and information. For more information about membership, call 01709 861754 or email 16 Worksop

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Free microchipping on offer for all dog owners

VetSavers in Worksop are

among hundreds of Vets proudly participating in the Dogs Trust’s Microchipping Through Vets Scheme from April 1st and will be offering free microchipping, to all dogs for the next 12 months. Starting on the 1st April, any dog owner can contact these Vets to have their dog chipped for free. Implantation takes just a few moments and is done using a special type of syringe to place the microchip, which is smaller than a grain of rice, under the loose skin of a dog’s neck. Microchipping of dogs is set to become compulsory in England from April 2016, so this is a great opportunity for anyone with a presently non microchipped dog to get it done for free, ensuring that should they be parted with their dog at any point, they can be reunited as quickly as possible. Elvira Meucci-Lyons, Head of Campaigns & Community at Dogs Trust, explains, “Last year 111,986 stray and abandoned dogs were picked up by Local Authorities across the UK, with only 40% reunited with

their owners. We hope this initiative will help to reduce the number of dogs put to sleep in council pounds because their owners cannot be traced. We are therefore delighted that so many Vets in the Peterborough area have joined the Microchipping Through Vets Campaign.” Pets can go missing for a many reasons; they can become scared by fireworks, thunderstorms and even road works invoking their animal fight or flight instincts, they can be injured and not be able to get home, or simply wander too far from home and get lost. If microchipped Vets and local authorities can quickly identify a pet’s owner and return the pet home with least stress to the animal caused. When pets are not microchipped they usually end up in a re-homing centre or worse, as due to a lack of space some centres are forced with the heartbreaking reality of having to put healthy animals to sleep, and no pet lover ever wants that. To make a dog microchipping appointment, dog owners can call VetSavers on 01909 488008.

Charity Zumbathon for pregnancy support group Joel the Complete Package is a charity whose main aim is to support families through pregnancy and parenting after experiencing pregnancy or baby loss; a baby born after a loss is known as a Rainbow Baby. The support we offer is extensive and varies from online support such as through our website forums, Facebook, Twitter or email, to peer group support and Rainbow baby playgroups. Our groups are positive, friendly and relaxed. Our next fundraising event will be a two-hour Zumbathon event on Sunday 1st June at the Carlton in Lindrick

Civic Centre. The event will take place between 1.30pm to 3.30pm and tickets are £7 for an adult and £3 for children; it will be fantastic day for the family and a fun way to exercise and support our charity! For more information about Joel TCP, our support network or the Zumbathon please contact us by visiting our website, or find us on Facebook: Joel the complete package, or follow us on Twitter @TCPJoel. You can also email us at joel. │ e: │t: 01427 881563 or 881565

HOME OWNERS AGED 50+ Protect your home from future Care Home fees “We’ve worked hard and saved all our lives, why should the Local Authority get it all?”

Does this sound familiar?

“ We have made our Wills leaving everything to each other then to the children” These are known as ‘Mirror Wills’. Sounds reassuring enough doesn’t it! But your children could in fact end up with very little or even nothing at all. The main reason for this is your surviving spouse requiring residential care when you are no longer here to look after them. Although the possibility of care may seem a long way off, there are steps your should take now to protect your home.

Care Costs

If your surviving spouse has to go into care, they will have to use all their assets to pay for their care until they get down to their last £14,250. It is therefore not a good idea to leave your half share of the home in your Will to your surviving partner. The answer is to make new Property Trust Wills. You may be unaware that legislation is already in place for you to take advantage of these types of Wills. Our free information pack tells you all you need to know about protecting your home from future care charges and also includes details of our special ‘Bloodline Trust Wills’ which prevent your children and grandchildren from losing their inheritance due to a child’s divorce, remarriage or financial difficulties.

Also available: APRIL KING are your local specialists and most of our clients come to us having already made ‘Mirror Wills’. Rather than leaving everything to each other, you and your spouse (or partner) leave your respective share of your home to the children in Trust but say that they cannot have it whilst the surviving spouse/ partner is still alive. This half would then NOT be included in any future means test calculations. The surviving spouse is free to sell their share of the home, raise cash or move house. Your children are powerless to intervene but simply have to wait for their inheritance, as they would have done under your old ‘Mirror Will’.

Do you qualify?

Property Trust Wills must be written whilst you are both still alive and in good mental health. Unfortunately, these are unsuitable if you are single or a surviving spouse who now owns the property outright. It is Please mention Worksop Life when responding to any therefore important for couples to act now.adverts




To receive a free copy of our information pack, without obligation, call our local office today on

01909 518528 Lines open: Monday – Friday 8.00am – 8.00pm Saturday and Sunday 10.00am – 4.00pm or email your name and address to May 2014 │ Worksop 17


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Helen Stevenson shares her favourite baking treats THIS MONTH Norwegian Lemon & Cardamom Cookies





Hello and welcome to the May edition of Baking Bliss. We’re off on a baking tour around the world, looking at different countries and what influences their baking. My first stop is Norway. Cardamom is a really popular spice there, and is used in many cake and biscuit recipes. Apparently, the spice was first brought back to the country hundreds of years ago by Vikings who worked as mercenaries in what was then Constantinople. This recipe for Lemon and Cardamom Cookies is a Nordic favourite, and is so simple to make. They may look quite plain but they certainly do pack a punch when tasted.

Lemon & Cardamom Cookies INGREDIENTS • 250g plain flour • 100g ground almonds • 150g caster sugar • 1 tsp (heaped) cardamom seeds, ground in a pestle and mortar, or 3tsp ground cardamom • 225g butter, softened • Zest of 1 lemon

18 Worksop

│ May 2014

up to seven days — if they last that long of course! ARATI EP


minutes, until they turn a pale golden colour • Leave to cool for a few minutes, then transfer to a wire rack • Dust with a little icing sugar, if you like, and store in an airtight container for



METHOD • Preheat oven to 190°c and line two baking trays with baking parchment • In a bowl, beat together the butter, sugar and lemon zest until fluffy • Add the flour, almonds and ground cardamom and beat in until a firm dough is formed • Separate into 24 equal sized balls and arrange on the baking trays • Flatten with a cookie stamp or glass, adding a pattern with the back of a fork if you choose • Bake in the oven for 12–15










OOKIES │ e: │t: 01427 881563 or 881565

Business , Food & Retail Exhibition


Business, Retail & Food Exhibition

9:30am-7pm, Tue 13 May 2014 Retford Town Hall


supported by:

Over 80 Exhibitors Dedicated Food Hall, Cookery Demos All day café by Deli & Dine Free Competitions & Prizes Clare Rayner, Retail Champion Geoff Ramm, Marketing Expert Question Time, Goody Bags, Networking Entertainment and so much more...

open to the public FREE entry










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Kelham Festival Competition

Email your entry to community@ or post us this entry form □ Family ticket (2+2) □ Pair of tickets Name.................................................. ............................................................. Telephone No. ................................... ............................................................. Email................................................... ............................................................. Post entries to Kelham Festival Competition, Life Publications, Roses Farm, Station Road, Sturton le Steeple, Retford DN22 9HS. Closing date Wednesday 14th May 2014. Tick if you would not like to be contacted about promotions and offers

WIN tickets to Kelham Festival 2014! An exciting new grassroots

festival celebrating the best in music, arts and culture is coming to Kelham Hall in Nottinghamshire this summer. Thousands of people are expected to visit the beautiful grounds of Kelham Hall & Country Park near Newark which will be transformed into a family-friendly festival site, playing host to over 50 live bands and acts across four music stages. With side shows, workshops,



DJs, beer tents, children’s fun fair, circus acts, craft stalls and the very best of festival food, plus lots more, Kelham Festival will offer an affordable family day out in a picturesque and safe environment. We’ve got a family ticket and two pairs of tickets to give away, so to be in with a chance of WINNING, simply fill out and send the form opposite, or email your details to

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The Open Book of Whitwell

The Open Book Whitwell invites

you to come and look into the Bible, the world’s best seller on Thursdays, from 7.30pm to 9.30pm. The sessions will commence on Thursday 8th May for eight consecutive weeks, at Bakestone Moor Friendship Club. Hear topics introduced, ask questions and explore answers over a cup of tea or coffee with homemade cakes (with special diets catered for), in a friendly informal environment. We will also give you a bible to keep, and there is no charge to attend with no obligation. To find out more about our Church, and our beliefs, please visit or contact John and Louise on 07551 224564. We will help with transport if that is required or give you extra support to come if you a bit nervous. Please note, that the venue will change on Thursday 22nd May and Thursday 26th June.


Shireoaks WI meetings In March it was our 69th Birthday meeting which was celebrated with cream cake and cup cakes made by the members. The speaker was Mrs Sue Allen who spoke about the Pilgrim Fathers, who of course have strong links to this part of the world and many members were surprised to hear of all the local connections and the whole build up to the exit on The Mayflower. In fact, Mrs Allen did not have time to tell the whole story and did offer to come back at another time to continue. She evidently knew and loved her subject and even came dressed in the puritan style of dress. Notice was given that the next meeting would be our AGM and members would be voting for a new committee; our present President and Secretary having decided to stand down due to heavy commitments elsewhere, but would

be happy to continue as committee members. Everyone fully appreciated their amazing input to our WI which has seen its membership grow and given it a new lease of life with more outings, events and interesting speakers, so many thanks to them. At that meeting, with it being classed as a Members evening, the entertainment will be provided by them rather than having a speaker. Forthcoming outings are planned and details will be given later but the meeting on Thursday 15th May will include Donald Sharpe speaking about Hearing Dogs for the Deaf. The meetings start at 7.00pm and are always on the third Thursday of the month at Shireoaks Village Hall. Please note an advance notice of our Annual Duck Race which will take place on Sunday 22nd June on the Village Green - tickets available from any WI member.


• Romans • Rollers • Verticals • Venetians • Wooden • Pleated Roof Blinds • Perfect Fit • Velux Style Blinds • Shutters • Awnings

at Sherwood Pines Forest

3 Vertical Blinds for


Tel: 01909 484536 or 07738 833204

For more information visit FREE QUOTATION, FREE FITTING, 7 DAYS A WEEK


Thursday 12 June



Friday 13 June


Tickets: 03000 680400 Buy online/info: Please mention Worksop Life when responding to any adverts

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Publicise your for free! event Onlin e: Visit In the magazine:

Events in Carlton Carlton-in-Lindrick Methodist Church and Centre will host more

great events over the next few weeks. On Saturday 3rd May, there will be an evening of music by hand bell ringers from Essex and percussion group from Shropshire at 7.00pm. The performances will be followed by a buffet supper at Carlton-in-Lindrick Methodist Church and Centre on High Road, and tickets cost £5.00 each. There will be a Spring Fayre on Saturday 24th May from 10.00am to midday, with numerous stalls including books, bran tub, cards, cakes, tombola and games. There will also be bacon sandwiches and refreshments to purchase. A talk by George Buchanan — Growing up at Hodsock — will be held on Wednesday 11th June at 2.00pm followed by a cream tea. Donations to the Building Fund are gratefully received, and tickets for both events may be obtained from Monday coffee mornings from 10.00am to 12.00pm or by calling 01909 730155 for further details.

Blast from the Past Blast from the Past ‘2’ will take place

on Sunday 4th May from 7.30pm till late at Retford Masonic Hall. Featuring Trentside Soul with DJs Paddy and Errol, music will be brough back from the old clubs of Retford such as; Porterhouse, Brocken Wheel, Cats Cradle and Aquarius. The event is in aid of Bassetlaw Hospice, with entry being on £2.50 on the door. There will be a raffle and a bar, and we’re asking everyone to come and join us for an evening of dancing to the sounds of Tamla Motown, Soul, Northern Soul and Reggae. For further information, please contact Trentside Soul on 01777 818871. 22 Worksop

│ May 2014

For more community events visit your Local Events directory at

Pin Hole Man returns to Creswell Crags

After travelling around

the world and featuring in exhibitions in China and Spain, one of Creswell Crags’ most significant archeological treasures has returned home to Creswell Crags. Pin Hole Man will be the focus of the new, free exhibition ‘Man or Superman: Pin Hole Man’ at the visitor centre until October 2014. The intriguing 13,500 year old engraving is the only Ice Age depiction of a man from Britain. However, the bone onto which it has been carved is much older; it is from a woolly rhinoceros, an animal extinct in Britain 22,000 years ago. Despite being one of the most significant archaeological finds from the site, this small engraving of a man, known as Pin Hole Man, is a mystery. This exhibition explores three main ways in which the engraving has been interpreted: as a man, as a cartoon, and as a creature. The exhibition also explores the engraving in a modern context against artworks by artist Ghislaine Howard and

Worksop WI Jeannette Walker the

Environmental and Development Officer for Bassetlaw, gave a very interesting and enlightening talk about Recycling in Worksop at our last meeting on Thursday 3rd April. She explained that Bassetlaw were responsible for collecting waste, but Nottinghamshire were responsible for disposal. As the current landfill site is almost full non-recyclable material will soon be disposed of in Sheffield. She explained why it was so important to only put the items on the approved list of recyclable objects in the blue bin. If in doubt put items for disposal in the green bin. Bassetlaw are in the process of reinforcing this message

children’s illustrator Megan Rose Wall. “This amazing animal bone is one of Creswell’s main claims to fame,” explains Roger Shelley, Director of Creswell Crags. “It’s been the subject of controversy and enigma ever since it was discovered in the 1920s. We’re inviting people to come along and tell us what they think it represents in this special exhibition, remembering all the time that our judgment is being made through the prism of 13,500 years.” Entry to the exhibition is free and the exhibition runs until October. via a letter to every household starting with the 'worst offenders'. As none of us have received this letter so far does that suggest we are responsible re-cyclers? Let us hope so! A lively debate followed the talk and Jeanette was happy to answer all our questions and queries. Our next meeting will be on Thursday 1st May when there will be a discussion about the WI Resolution this year which is a drive to find more organ donors. This will be followed by a cream tea and tai chi session; it may be just what we will need following a cream tea. Why not give us a try? Worksop WI meets on the first Thursday in every month at the Cricket Club in Worksop from 1.45pm. There are over 50 members at the moment and everyone will make you most welcome. │ e: │t: 01427 881563 or 881565



Convert your existing conservatory roof to an insulated lightweight tiled roof. Enjoy your conservatory 365 days a year. Cooler in summer. Warmer in the winter


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Tel/Fax: 01909 482701 Mob: 07931 776449 Email: Gateford, Worksop, Notts

Personal, Friendly and Trustworthy Service Available for: Fencing & Decking Flat Pack Assembly Paving & Shed Bases Painting & Decorating Guttering Work Garden Clearance & Cleaning & Maintenance General DIY & Home Gravel Work & Edging Improvement


Competitive Daily and Hourly Rates Available Contact Oliver Vaux on 07595 178054 or 01777 719716 For a free no obligation quotation May 2014 │ Worksop



Tree Pipit

On the Wing

John Wilkins guides us through the wonderful wildlife we have on our doorstep Can I begin by rounding off the

list of key birding sites and commend to you one of my favourites — Budby Common. This sizeable area of heathland is well worth a visit for what I call quality over quantity. You may not see a lot of birds but a visit in summer can come up with scarce species such as Woodlark and Tree Pipit. And what could be better than visiting at dusk when the Nightjars begin their churring flights hawking for insects? Green Woodpeckers can be seen in large numbers and a variety of Crossbills and an occasional shrike. A final offering on sites takes us down the Trent Valley to the chain of old gravel pit workings at

Nightjar 24 Worksop

│ May 2014

Girton, Besthorpe and Collingham. The lakes at Girton in particular are good for wintering wildfowl such as Goosander, Red Breasted Merganser, Goldeneye and (scarce) Smew. At the small Nature reserve at Besthorpe there is a large colony of breeding Great Cormorants. I counted 98 nests on one occasion, quite spectacular Timing is all important and can be helpful with identification. Birds basically fall into one of the following self explanatory categories — residents, migrants and visitors. Build up a knowledge of when birds are likely to be seen locally and this will prove a great ID tool. But this is not set in stone as birds can change their status. Only 20 years ago, birders would travel hundreds of miles to see a scarce visiting Little Egret. Today they are almost common. And what better example than the RSPB emblem, the Avocet. On the point of extinction in Britain, the RSPB stepped in with a breeding programme and the species was saved. I recall seeing my first Avocets

Red Breasted Merganser

when living in Kent in the 70s. I saw three birds. Today the Medway flock numbers over a thousand. The most important factor in bird ID is, of course its appearance or colour. Surprisingly however, a great many people when asked why they don’t take up birding express the view that British birds are colourless and boring. I think the images which accompany these articles put that view firmly to bed. Moreover, once the newcomer has come to terms with the common species,m he or she generally find the challenge of more difficult species rewarding. I have spent a lot of time recently birding in the deserts of Arabia where the birds are mostly brown. Now that’s a challenge but its also half the fun. The joy of birding is that it can be what you want it to be. Armchair or garden birding can be just as enjoyable as a days outing to the coast. As for skills, the novice should remember that experienced birders do not emerge from the womb clutching a copy of Collins. In my experience, those with the greater wisdom are always ready to help the beginner. It is perhaps worth mentioning that many birders are also all-round naturalists and take a close interest in the other sciences. This makes sense as we will find it easier to locate birds if we have a basic knowledge of their foodstuffs. Until next time — happy birding. │ e: │t: 01427 881563 or 881565



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07776 256957 

LANDLINE: 01909 521414 IAN’S  IAN’s MOB: 07894 833691 

Wasps DISCOUNTS FOR OAP’s   Nests 


The smart way to a clean oven

Advice Free of

Destroyed  

Charge    £39.50      My Price


Whether it is Rats, Mice, Wasps, Fleas, Bed Bugs or Ants

  MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!



N.A.L.A.S, Todwick Road Industrial Estate, Bookers Way, Dinnington, Sheffield S25 3SH Office:

01909 768159 or call FREE 0800 5353 184 Direct: 07799 433313 Full or Part Rewire

Fuse Board Upgrades FM Paving Ltd are a reliable family owned and run business specialising in block paving, walling, Emergency Call Out tarmacadam, brickwork, pea shingling, fencing and general landscaping. Free Quotations Help hard & Advice Fully Qualified Electrical Engineer All our work is guaranteed for 6 years against normal wear and tear, and we do not-take payment until the project is completed to your Security Lights/Alarms/CCTV total satisfaction. Landlords Test & Inspection & Pat Domestic/Agricultural/Commercial We are happy to point you in the direction of driveways we have


already done, so that you can see first hand the quality of our work.

 

Part P Compliant Contact Graham

    ● EDGINGS ● FENCING ● TURFING ● LANDSCAPING BLOCK PAVING TARMAC CONCRETE SLABBING GRAVEL ● WALLS ● STEPS 


Customers have the right to a 7 day cooling off period

Please mention Worksop Life when responding to any adverts

May 2014 │ Worksop

67  Please mention Worksop Life when responding to any advertisements



For more community events visit your Local Events directory at








Life Publications, proud winners of

Business Community Partnership Award

North Notts Business Awards 2013

Parkinson’s UK The April meeting again saw

new members joining the group to a warm welcome. Sam Glasswell, the curator at Bassetlaw Museum, gave a splendid presentation about Anglo Saxon Treasures. Sam is always a popular visitor to the branch meetings. The Branch sponsored a Carvery lunch at The Lockkeeper attended by 40 members and the outing to Leeds Old Time Music Hall (together with friends from Bassetlaw Cardiac Support Group) was a huge success with members dressing up enthusiastically for the show. We all found it huge fun and the show was tremendous, with Anita Harris being top of the bill. On Tuesday 6th May, we will welcome Amanda Neilson and Chris Greenwood speaking about Mr Straw’s House and Family. The Branch meets on the first Tuesday of every month at 2.00pm at Worksop Cricket Club and new members are always most welcome. Please call Chris for more information on 01909 730629.

The MS Society Worksop branch has had a great start to 2014. We had a lovely Christmas dinner at the Van Dyke Hotel after Christmas at the February meeting, and we also had a talk on a bike ride to Nepal which was very interesting indeed, and at the March meeting, we had a pea and pie supper which was enjoyed by all. The forthcoming meetings for the society will be as follows: • 12th May — AGM for the branch and all are welcome • 9th June — Bingo and our 26 Worksop

│ May 2014

Limestone House

The updated Sunday opening times (excluding Bank Holiday weekend) for Limestone House, are from 11.30am to 2.30pm. Other hours of opening, apart from on Sunday, continue to be Monday to Friday, from 9.00am to 4.30pm and Saturdays from 9.00am to 12.00pm. The ‘drop-in’ Job Club continues in Limestone House Computer Suite on Tuesday afternoons from 1.30pm to 3.30pm. The Limestone Studio can also be booked for rehearsal space or for recordings by phoning the Manager Sharron Piper on 01909 724061. If you wish to join in the Monday Luncheon Club, please phone or call in to Limestone House for further details. The Derbyshire Unemployed

Workers Centre Rep provides advisory services in Limestone House, on Thursday afternoons from 1.00pm to 3.30pm. Appointments cannot be made to see the representative and anyone calling into Limestone House to use this free service will need to be prepared to wait as some consultations take longer than usual. On Thursday afternoons anyone wishing to see the representative will need to sign in and put the time that they arrived in Limestone House. Limestone House 50 – 54 Elmton Road, Creswell Open: Mon – Fri 9.00am – 4.30pm Sat 9.00am – 12.00pm Sun 11.30am – 2.30pm 01909 724061

Charity music evening The Inner Wheel of Retford is getting ready to fast track back to the 1900s, to start their magical journey through the decades. To support Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice, you are invited to this music evening with a difference, on Saturday 17th May, at Retford Town Hall, 17b The Square, Retford DN22 6DB. Come along and join Blu Crew, as they entertain you through the genres with song, dance and comedy from the last 100 years. The evening will

include 1940s classics, rock and roll, Motown, new wave, electronic and hip hop – just to name a few of the genres that will entertain you. The performance starts at 7.00pm and tickets cost £13 each, including a fish and chip supper. To purchase tickets for this great night out of Back to the Future – 100 years of entertainment, please call Heather Reid on 01777 817998, or contact any Inner Wheel Member.

Worksop & District MS Society general chit chat night • 23rd June — Strawberry and Cream Tea Supper We also have two bus trips booked, with the first one on the 1st June to Castle Howard, and on 3rd August, we will be visiting Skegness as a group. The group are a happy group and would welcome all new members, because for us coping with MS

is not all doom and gloom. We also run a seated Pilates session on Thursday mornings at St Anne’s Hall, Worksop, from 10.30am. Our meetings take place on the second and fourth Mondays of each month, from 7.00pm to 8.30pm, again at St Anne’s Hall, Worksop. We would love to see you there! For further information, please call Mary Marsden on 01909 474941, or Barry Clark on 01909 485141. │ e: │t: 01427 881563 or 881565

w edding week end 10 t h & 11 t h M AY 2 0 14 - 10 a m to 4 p m

Meet our Fairy Godmothers and have a look around our beautiful and atmospheric hotel, set in breathtaking grounds. Sample mouth watering canapĂŠs and imagine your special day the way you dreamt it would be. t: +44 (0) 114 287 2309


W O R Worksop K S O P Life R Owhen A D responding A S T O Nto anySadverts HEFFIELD Please mention


S O U T H Y O R K S H I RMay E 2014 S 2 6│ Worksop 2EE


LEISURE Messier 1, the Crab Nebula

Spring showers

Spring is a time when the trees begin to come into leaf and flowers begin to bloom. In the astronomical world it is a time when amateur astronomers push themselves attempting to view all Charles Messier’s catalogue of nonstellar objects in one night. This is made possible due to the location of these objects and the available amount of dark sky observing time. I have embarked on this exercise a couple of times and it takes perseverance, clear skies and a good memory to find and observe these objects. Charles Messier was born in Lorraine, France in 1730 and was orphaned at a young age. He moved to Paris to seek his fortune and was hired to reproduce a map of the Great Wall of China, by astronomer Joseph Nicholas Delisle. As the copy of the map progressed Delisle asked Messier to assist with observing. Astronomy in the 18th century was far different from today and consisted of accurately plotting positions of stars so maps could be produced and finding new comets. Finding a new comet brought fame and fortune. Edmond Halley calculated the orbit of a comet and predicted its return in 1758. This would prove that comets are in an orbit around the Sun and furthermore that Isaac Newton had unlocked the mechanism by which the heavens operated. Astronomers 28 Worksop

│ May 2014

throughout Europe were eagerly scouring the skies for Halley’s returning comet and it was discovered on Christmas Night 1758 by Johann Palitzsch, a Saxon landowner. Messier independently discovered the comet a month later, before any of the professional French observers. Messier was famous but the professional astronomers did not welcome his discovery. Prior to discovering the returning Halley’s Comet, Messier discovered the Crab Nebula in September and it was to become Messier 1, the first object in his catalogue of objects which appear similar to a comet — in other words faint fuzzy objects which are not stars or planets. In order to locate new comets, Messier scoured the sky for fuzzy objects which have the appearance of a comet but are fixed in the sky, not moving like a comet would. During the production of his famous catalogue, he discovered 13 comets and this made him a small fortune in prizes. Today we celebrate Messier by finding and observing the 109 objects listed in his catalogue. Some argue there are 110, but an error may mean 1 object is duplicated. All of Messier’s objects are visible in a modest telescope and most of them may be seen from the UK, however light pollution and low elevation makes some objects impossible to see. During this

James Ince on the race to view Messier’s catalogue month the “Red Planet”, Mars will be well placed close to us in space and Saturn will be also be visible around midnight. The annual Lyrids meteor shower occurs on April 22nd and this is best seen after midnight from a dark location. Next month there is the possibility that a new meteor shower may be seen on the nights of 23rd and 24th May. It is called the “Camelopardalids” and their radiant point will be from the constellation Camelopardalis, the “Giraffe”, named by a Dutch astronomer in the 17th century who had quite an imagination. The Camelopardalids are formed from the fragments of a tiny periodic comet which has been ejecting material for over 200 years since 1803 and the Earth will pass through the debris stream left in this comet’s wake and as these fragments pass through our atmosphere at 18 km/s, they will heat up and produce brilliant flashes of light. Do take the opportunity to take a look and enjoy all the night sky has to offer. To find out more about Bassetlaw Astronomical Society, please visit for details or contact james. │ e: │t: 01427 881563 or 881565

Staircases by John Lawson

For all your building needs

Transform your existing staircase with No mess, no fuss and complete peace of mind John Lawson can unlock the potential of your existing staircase and transform it into an exquisite, handcrafted feature. With such a wide range of materials to choose from your staircase can be tailored to suit your budget.

















01302 328105

Merchant Way Doncaster DN2 4BH

TRADE & RETAIL WELCOME Please mention Worksop Life when responding to any adverts

A staircase in a as semi detached house t featured would cos


The finish gives the look of oak with the durability to stand the test of time.

Your staircase is often the focal point for anyone who enters your home and a reflection of your personal style. Many people would love to change their staircase but are discouraged by the thought of the potential upheaval. John is a qualified joiner with 23 years experience and qualified with full City & Guilds so he can offer you complete peace of mind with all work guaranteed. He also undertakes extension work and kitchens if you are looking at a larger project. John will renovate your staircase and replace it with a material of your choice. From traditional timbers to modern designs incorporating glass and stainless steel the choice is endless. Whether you have a style in mind or looking for inspirational ideas John will work with you to turn them into reality.

CUSTOMER SATISFACTION “Looks fabulous, way beyond what we expected” Mr Oates, Cawthorne


Call John on

01709 532342 evenings and weekends or 07793 389111 anytime May 2014 │ Worksop



Publicise your for free! event Onlin e: Visit In the magazine:

Rampton Hospital Befriending Service Here at Rampton Hospital we

welcome new enthusiastic volunteers to visit patients who have very little or no contact with friends or family. We are continually striving to recruit more people of varied ethnicities and backgrounds. In each individual situation the volunteer’s role is different - but everywhere the aim is the same; to complement and enhance the services provided by specialist staff and to improve the quality of life for our service users. Can you commit up to two hours per month to visit one of our many patients? Are you a good listener with a good general knowledge to hold an interesting conversation, do you have interests you could talk about and share with a patient; would you be able to bring the outside in? If so we would love to hear from you. Some of our Volunteers have dogs that have been registered to come into the hospital. This can be very therapeutic for our patients – if you see a dog with a wagging tail then most of us automatically smile, that’s a very good start for any visit. Maybe you have a dog you could visit with? All volunteers have to attend three training days at the hospital to enable them to join the volunteer befrienders scheme and you will also need to complete a DBS (CRB) check, along with two satisfactory references that will be sought. All Volunteers will have ongoing support from the Volunteer Service Staff throughout their time of being a Volunteer Befriender. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer please contact Volunteer Coordinator, Jo Padley, either by email at joanne.padley@nottshc. or call 01777 247539.

30 Worksop

│ May 2014

For more community events visit your Local Events directory at

Make a Will Fortnight

Many of us put off making a Will, but did you know that if you die without one, your affairs may not be dealt with in the way that you would wish. Bassetlaw Hospice’s Make a Will Fortnight, gives you the opportunity to remedy this and ensure that those you care about will be provided for in the way you would wish. From 5th to 16th May, a number of local solicitors across Retford and Worksop have very kindly agreed to set aside a limited number of appointments free of charge to help you make a Basic Will. Instead of paying the solicitor for their professional advice, all we ask is that you make a donation to Bassetlaw Hospice. Your donation will go directly to providing care for local people and whilst there is no obligation to include a gift to Bassetlaw Hospice in your Will, we hope that when instructing your solicitor, you may consider doing so. Every gift, in every Will makes a difference. Helen Eshelby, Fund Raising and

Events Co-coordinator for the Hospice says, “We have been extremely lucky to secure the services of Jones & Co and Dean Thomas & Co Solicitors, both of which have very generously offered to take part. We hope that a lot of local people will be able to benefit from the scheme whilst supporting the Hospice.” Matthew Sharpe, Jones & Co said, “Giving our time to help raise awareness of the needs of the hospice is really the very least we can do. In addition we hope that the donations in lieu of our usual fees will assist the hospice in continuing their superb support of the people in our community finding themselves in such difficult circumstances.” Richard Morton, Dean Thomas & Co said, “Everyone should take the time to make a will and this is a great opportunity to do so whilst supporting a very worthwhile local charity.” If you would like to take advantage of this scheme please contact Helen Eshelby at the Appeal Office for further details on 01777 710444 or

Worksop Rotary Club

Worksop Rotary Club members

have already been out and about again in the last few weeks. On Tuesday 1st April, 20 members and guests visited Babworth Church near Retford — the mother church of the original Pilgrim Fathers. We spent a pleasant evening touring the church discovering the historic relics and mementos of former times whilst doing a fun quiz. Some of us tried our hand at bell ringing, ringing the six bells under the guidance of the bell captain and his team and finishing off with an excellent buffet. The event was hosted by Church Warden, Rotarian Peter Swinscoe, MBE assisted by church members and the bell ringing team. It was a very enjoyable and informative evening, and was highly recommended. Please note that we have our

next Open Evening on Tuesday 29th April at 6.45pm for 7.00pm at the Lion Hotel, Worksop. If you are interested in learning more about Rotary please contact Secretary, Clive Tattley on 01909 591379. Worksop Rotary meets every Tuesday evening from 7.00pm at The Lion Hotel, Worksop. All are welcome so please come along and meet us. │ e: │t: 01427 881563 or 881565

01909 530813


Composite & UPVC Doors


Fascias, Soffits & Guttering

Energy Efficient Windows

F F O % 0 2 L A I C E P S G N I R P S 31ST EFORE

014 MAY 2

CED B S PLA R E D R • Area’s only REHAU partner • Established for over 20 years O RYauthorised ATOwindows •SAE-RBVrated - reducing carbon emissions and fuel bills N O ALL C • Shoot Bolt and anti snapping locks as standard

• Unique full 10 year guarantee on Windows, Units, Locks, Handles & Fitting • Price promise - We will beat any genuine ‘Like for Like’ Quote

Peacock Windows Unit 1 Highgrounds Ind. Est, Highgrounds Way, Worksop, Notts S80 3AF

Community Foot Health Practitioner Footcare in the comfort of your own home All inclusive price £18 10% Discount for Over 60’s Introduce a friend and get your next visit half price

Telephone: 07977 931123 or 01909 482560

Guitar Lessons

Rock • Pop • Jazz • Blues Graded exams to Diploma level, GCSE and A Level Coursework or learn just for fun All ages and abilities 25 years teaching in schools and privately Enhanced CRB checked

01909 724 631

Situated near Dukeries Garden Centre Please mention Worksop Life when responding to any adverts



Funeral Services 24 HOUR SERVICE & CONSULTATION Independent Funeral Directors Family Run Business 40 Years Experience Private Chapel of Repose Pre-payment funeral fully arranged

98 Lowtown Street, Worksop Telephone: 01909 509444 or 07814 399559 May 2014 │ Worksop


ELECTRICAL SERVICES ■ All works carried out to 17th Edition Regulations ■ Part P registered ■ Partial & Full re-wires ■ Consumer unit changes ■ CCTV ■ Security Alarms ■ Inspection & Testing

■ External Electrics ■ Kitchen/Bathroom re-wires ■ Free Quotations ■ Friendly and reliable service ■ Fully insured – details available on request ■ Commercial and Domestic Works

Contact Mark: Office – 01909 532897 • Mobile – 07872 602818 Email – Website – Claylands Industrial Estate, Worksop, Notts S81 7BE

DOMESTIC & COMMERCIAL BUILDING WORKS Lindrick Construction are a local family run business with over 25 years experience in the building trade. Our works range from small maintenance projects through to large new build projects and can include extensions, walls, driveways and new builds. Over the years we have built established relationships with Architects, Consultants and other external trades allowing us, where required, to carry out all aspects of a project from design/planning through to final décor. No job is too large or too small — all our works are treated with the same care and attention to give the best possible outcome we can achieve! Please take a look at our website:

and feel free to contact us for a free quotation.

Office – 01909 532897 • Mobile – 07872 602818 Email – Claylands Cottage, Claylands Avenue, Worksop, Notts S81 7BE

Cash Loans UP TO £500 Available


Credit with Care

The best home collected credit company around! Visit us at Or call 01623 622 186 (Mon – Fri 8.00am – 4.00pm) Compare the price of home collected and other cash loans available in your area at 1 YEAR MUTUAL PROVIDENT SHOPACHECK

LOAN £500 £500 £500

INTEREST £200 £410 £375

Representative example: £13.80 per week to borrow £500 over 51 weeks – Total amount payable £700 Representative 104% APR Fixed Rate of Interest 104% TOTAL REPAYABLE £700 £910 £875

WEEKLY REPAYMENTS 51 x £13.80 50 x £17.50 50 x £17.50

% APR 104.0 254.5 254.5

All home credit customers are entitled to a free detailed statement once every 3 months – just ask All loans provided by Mutual Clothing and Supply Co. Ltd. Registered office 39 Bedford Street South, Leicester LE1 3JN Tel 0116 2518106. Registered No. 181701. Loan interest correct as at 1.10.12 source Lenders Compared website.

32 Worksop

│ May 2014 │ e: │t: 01427 881563 or 881565


Located in the heart of Sherwood Forest and set in the beautiful backdrop of Nottinghamshire’s countryside, the New Leaf Spa boasts a modern, fresh, comfortable environment where you can relax, unwind and be pampered. Our location’s natural beauty has been incorporated into our extensive spa treatments and therapies, including holistic, to offer you a ‘natural’ experience offering both Elemis and Ytsara treatments and products to purchase. Our philosophy is to offer you wellbeing and a choice of lifestyle, set in natural beauty to ensure you return again and again. Whether it’s a relaxing pamper Day with friends or a loved one, an inclusive overnight spa breaks or treatments, you are

looking to book, there are many suitable options at the New Leaf Spa. The Spa cafe, open daily, offers a host of healthy and tasty dishes and drinks to enjoy while visiting the Spa. The New Leaf Spa offers an indoor heated swimming pool with whirlpool, traditional wooden sauna, eucalyptus steam room, fully equipped gym and outdoor hot tub amongst the trees. We have a range spa and gym membership options available including our current offer of three months membership for £99.00 which includes 20% off Spa treatments. We also have Aqua Yoga and Yoga classes available to both members and nonmembers to find out more please contact 01623 835333 or email spa.

The New Leaf Spa


Exclusive offer for Worksop Life readers when they book a massage from £32.00 they get a complementary manicure or pedicure. Or alternatively our Shimmering Birch Day Spa £99 per person (Sunday to Friday) including a glass of processco. Please quote Worksop Life Spa Offer at time of booking. For all up to date offers and news please follow us on Facebook at The New Leaf Spa at Clumber Park Hotel.




lee sharpe evening Two course dinner with Uruguay v England Guest speaker Lee Sharpe, former Manchester United & England footballer


robin hood banquet





Fun for all the family with our Robin Hood themed day

P e r A D U LT

Two course medieval banquet & medieval themed entertainment. Make a weekend of it, visit the Sherwood Forest Robin Hood festival







Halloween masked ball Enjoy a spooky but glamorous evening



Per Person

Arrival drink with canapés, three course dinner, coffee with petits fours. Fantastic live music from ‘The Sally Army’

t: 01623 835 333




Please mention Worksop Life when responding to any adverts


Per Person



S80 3PA

May 2014 │ Worksop



National Smile Month National Smile Month is the UK’s largest and longestrunning oral health campaign. Together, with thousands of individuals and organisations, National Smile Month promotes three key messages, all of which go a long way in helping us develop and maintain a healthy mouth. They are:

The science behind a smile

Louise Addison examines how and why we crack a smile Mother Teresa said, “We

shall never know all the good that a simple smile can do”. Haven’t we all experienced feeling good because someone smiled at us? Yet science tells us that there is nothing simple about a smile. Imagine an appealing child or a cute kitten and you probably smile. Electrical signals travel from the cortex of your brain to the brainstem (the part that deals with basic body functions such as breathing, heart rate etc). From there, cranial nerves carry the signal onwards to muscles in your face and you smile. But have you ever noticed that as you smile you actually feel happier? This is due to a positive feedback loop whereby electrical signals are fed back to the brain from the smiling-muscles, reinforcing our feeling of joy. Our brain feels good so tells us to smile — we smile and this tells our brain we feel good. Researchers have found that

34 Worksop

│ May 2014

smiling can be as happinessinducing as receiving a large unexpected cash bonus! Did you know that there are two sorts of smiles — the fake smile and the genuine smile? In both the fake and the real smile, the zygomaticus major muscle — which controls the corners of your mouth — is activated. But in a genuine smile, the obicularis occuli muscle — which encircles our eye socket — is also activated. Scientists call the first smile a social smile, and the second a Duchenne smile, named after the scientist who first discovered it. We are surprisingly good at distinguishing between a real and fake smile, and we do this in three ways. First, we unconsciously compare the geometry of a person’s face to a standard smile. Second, we think about context and judge whether a smile is expected. Finally, we automatically mimic the smile, to feel for ourself whether it is fake or real. In

• Brush your teeth for two minutes twice a day • Cut down on how often you have sugary foods and drinks • Visit your dentist regularly, as often as they recommend The aim of National Smile Month is to ultimately improve the UK’s oral health. Organised by oral health charity, the British Dental Health Foundation, the campaign hopes to raise awareness of important health issues, and make a positive difference to the oral health of millions of people throughout the UK. fact if we are prevented from mimicking a smile (such as by clenching a pencil between our teeth) our ability to differentiate a real smile from a fake smile decreases dramatically! Smiling reduces stress and generates more positive emotions. This is why we often feel happier around children — they smile more. Children smile on average about 400 times a day. Happy adults smile 40-50 times a day, but most of us only smile a maximum of 20 times. Yet smiling more is good for our health. Our brain even keeps track of our smiles — a smile scorecard if you like, so it knows our emotional state. Scientists discovered that people who smile the most are mentally more healthy, and live on average some seven years longer than the rest of us. The good news is, smiling is contagious so spread yours around. As Louis Armstrong sang, “When you’re smilin’, keep on smilin’. The whole world smiles with you…”. │ e: │t: 01427 881563 or 881565

TRANSFORM YOUR SMILE Invisalign Clear Braces with FREE Professional Teeth Whitening Free initial assessment Early morning, evening and weekend appointments available Please call in or phone

01777 719007 for an appointment

IF YOUR CONSERVATORY ISIFTOO COLD IN WINTER & YOUR CONSERVATORY IS TOO COLD IN WINTER & TOO HOT IN SUMMER TOO HOT IN SUMMER WE’VE GOT THE ANSWER! WE’VE GOT THE ANSWER! A Guardian™ solid roof will instantly turn your conservatory beautiful ‘garden A Guardian™ solidinto roofawill instantly turn room’ a whole new dimension to your adding conservatory into a beautiful ‘garden your home - giving younew extra living space room’ adding a whole dimension to that you can -enjoy your home givingall-year-round! you extra living space that you can enjoy all-year-round! Our professional installation team will take great care ensure the installation whole process completed Ourtoprofessional teamiswill take great quickly and with the thewhole minimum disruption. care to ensure process is completed quickly and with the minimum disruption.


Tel: 0845 299 3604 Tel: 0845 299 3604

Carlton In Lindrick, Worksop, Nottinghamshire Carlton In Lindrick, Worksop, Nottinghamshire Please mention Worksop Life when responding to any adverts

Guardian Guardian Warm Roof Warm Roof

Guardian Roof system exceeds the required UK Guardian Roof system Building exceedsStandards. the required UK Building Standards.

May 2014 │ Worksop






up to





Offer ends 28th February 2014. Must be at time of purchase

n FREE Gripper. n FREE Measure. n FREE Door Plate.


n Large selection of carpets and rugs. n 10% Discount on any new order. n FREE Delivery on new beds - old ones

taken away free in a 10 mile radius.

Priory Carpets & Beds

NEW Car Park at Rear of Shop. NEW Easy Access of Upstairs via lift.

104 Potter Street | Worksop. *Valid when you place your order T. 01909 501177 / 01909 532876 | |

Domestic Appliance Repairs with 40 years experience

Now & Then Quality Used Furniture & Antiques Centre

House Clearances - Full or Part l Come & see our massive Single items Bought display & l Bereaved Estates Cleared antiques IMMEDIATE l Fast, Friendly & Discreet Service CASH l OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK PAYMEN l l

“It’ s usu ally cheaper to repair” Vacuums Washing Machines Microwaves

Sandy Lane, Worksop, S80 1EZ


T: 01909 474769 or 07932554145

Havenkaye I.T. Solutions Limited

Tumble Dryers Electric Ovens Parts & Labour Guaranteed

Call Brian on 01909 733116 or 07768 523042 36 Worksop

│ May 2014

• • • • • •

PC / Laptop repairs Hardware / Software Upgrades Virus / Malware Removel Computer setup Service Free 10 Minute Tech chat online Free Business I.T. Audit

Tel: 01909 776076 Email: Web: R/O 171 Gateford Road, Worksop, S80 1UQ │ e: │t: 01427 881563 or 881565


Affordable Price

• Quality service at an affordable price. • Fast Efficient, Hassle Free Bathroom Installations. • We buy direct from the manufacturer to save you money.


MON - FRI 9.30 - 3pm SATURDAY 10 - 4pm

Carrington Bathrooms

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HOG ROAST EVENINGS THROUGHOUT 2014 Join us for a relaxed evening of Hog Roast, Cider and Live Music SAMPLE MENU

Norwegian platter Smoked haddock, smoked salmon, norwegian prawns with horseradish potato salad OR soup of the day Hog Roast Roast potatoes, spicy potato wedges, apple sauce, selection of mixed salads & bread, cider gravy Profiterole Tower With caramel, chocolate sauce & strawberries £21.50 per person

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Starting in May – All on a Friday 16th May; 6th June; 27th June; 18th July; 1st August; 15th August; 29th August; 12th September; 31st October; 14th November Call us on 01623 822266 to reserve your places, or visit for more i nformation. FORTHCOMING EVENTS

Brittany Evenings -

Friday 25th May & Friday 5th September

Summer Ball

Saturday 5th July

Champagne & canapés followed by 5 courses of loveliness!

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£50 May 2014 │ Worksop



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LEFT Zara Legging-Style Trousers With Zipper £35.99 CENTRE Zara Sweatshirt £25.99 RIGHT New Look Grey Cross Ankle Strap Open Toe Sandals £19.99 38 Worksop

BEX KNIGHT’S picks for this spring and summer

The weather is getting a little more sunny day-by-day, flowers finally covering your garden, your winter coat is away and your light jacket is out! But as you all know, this is England, and although your winter coat is away, it’s not so far away that you can’t quickly grab it before you head out in the morning. So I thought I’d equip you with three timeless pieces that will take you through this spring/ summer and next spring/summer — hot or not. Whites, pastel pinks and dove grays are in this season, and they are most definitely still in next season — all you need to do is take a look at Jil Sander’s latest runway show (which I really recommend checking out for wardrobe inspiration!). The three pieces I have chosen fit those three colour trends perfectly and are so easy

│ May 2014

to mix into your current wardrobe that I’m convinced you won’t need to buy any other pieces — unless of course you’re like me and somehow happen to buy a new wardrobe every month. But if you are a lot savvier than I, and probably a lot more people than we’d like to think, I’ve got you covered. This Zara sweatshirt is brilliant as not only can you layer it up with vests for when it’s a little chillier, but if you leave it just as it is, it makes for a piece that keeps you cool as it’s quite loose fitting. It’s so stylish as it combines the surge of popularity for roll necks, sheer material and oversized chic all into one. A real wardrobe must-have. These leggings, also from Zara, are just too sweet to pass up. Going perfectly with the sweatshirt and I can guarantee the majority of your wardrobe. And what’s so great about them is that they’re leggings, so just slip them on with your favourite white cardigan and sandals and you’ve got the comfiest outfit, but also an incredibly stylish one. I actually have these heels from New Look so you can take my word when I say how versatile and comfortable they are. The light grey means they can be worn with almost anything, the heel isn’t too high so you can last all day in them, and with the width of the heel you aren’t struggling to constantly find your balance. All well under £100 too, so you have no excuse to not be the cream of the crop this season. │ e: │t: 01427 881563 or 881565


Is your hair a work of art?



Cut & Finish Root retouch Root retouch &foils 1/2 head foils Full head foils Semi permanent Permanent Tint Perm





34 Grov e St r e e t R e t f or d dn22 6j r 01777 707 862 /r e y n a r d s c ou n t r y w e a r @r e y n a r d sr e t f or d D on’t f org e t t o l i k e us on Fac e b o ok a n d f ol l ow us on Tw i t t e r f or u p t o dat e n e w s a n d of f e r s

Stylist £15.00 £15.00 £23.00 £17.50 £25.00 £17.00 £21.00 £20.00

Senior Stylist £19.00 £17.00 £27.00 £20.00 £29.00 £19.00 £25.00 £25.00

Kedleston Road, Worksop S81 0LL

w w w. r e y n a r d s c o u n t r y w e a r . c o m

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Fairytale Wedding Wedding Open Weekend

Saturday 3rd, Sunday 4th & Monday 5th May 2014 FREE ADMISSION

Visit us to view our rooms dressed for your big day

GES PACK Aonly from


Bookings now being taken for 2015-2016

North Road, Retford, Nottinghamshire DN22 7XG Tel: 01777 706 333 Fax: 01777 709 951 Please mention Worksop Life when responding to any adverts

May 2014 │ Worksop



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Whitwell WI

Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust

to collect water. Better education means better future prospects for the children. Easier access to water means that families can also irrigate their cottage gardens to provide more fresh fruit and vegetables for the table meaning better health. Any surplus foodstuffs can be sold at the local markets to bring in additional income to families in the village. Thanks to the generosity of everyone at our Coffee Morning we have raised £90.50 towards the county target. But as shown above a little can go a very long way. As a Group we will be ‘Walking the World’ for ACWW around Creswell Crags on Sunday 27th April from 10.00 am. A gentle stroll then a cup of coffee and a chat in the cafe — again to raise more towards the final target!

The summer programme of

walks of the Worksop Branch of the Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust has begun, and we have planned some fascinating places to see. A guide will take us around, so we will get the benefit of their local knowledge. This offers a rare opportunity to have a leisurely stroll, meet friendly people and learn all about the area. Having a guide also means you won’t end up in a muddy field, lost, with no map or compass! On Tuesday 20th May, we will meet at Treswell Woods, the first nature reserve to be purchased by Notts Wildlife Trust. It is the finest example of an ash, oak, maple wood in the county. This species rich wood is a very special site being worthy of many studies, from bird ringing to snail counts. We will meet Reserve Manager, Tony Kennedy and Rob Atkinson who work alongside a number of local woodland craftspeople to enhance its richness We will meet at the woods entrance at 7.00pm and there is a small car park inside the woods entrance. On Tuesday 10th June, we will visit Laxton for a walk from 7.00pm to 9.30pm. Meeting at the Laxton Visitor Centre next to the Dovecote Inn, we will have an introduction followed by a farm walk. We would love to welcome new members, and they are always welcome. For further information, please contact Alvin Green on 01909 476276, or Su McIlwaine on 07716 567190. Alternatively please visit our website

On Wednesday 2nd April the De Rodes Group of WIs held a Coffee Morning at the home of a Whitwell WI member to raise funds to support the Derbyshire Federation ACWW project 2014. The aim is to raise £4,000 within the county to provide fresh well water to a school in Cameroon. The access to water nearer the village and the school will mean that the children can spend more time in school receiving an education rather than having to walk miles

Cardiac Support Group I have always had absolute respect for anyone starting their career on the bottom rung of the ladder and rising steadily to the top by virtue of their own hard work. This was particularly true of our Speaker on Friday 4th April at Worksop Hospital, Mr David Purdoe, Chief Operating Officer for Bassetlaw and Doncaster Hospitals. When he spoke with us last month, he was relaxed and informative, familiar with all aspects of hospital organisation and, also a former nurse now in charge of the doctors! He gave us details of

Handy Help Lawn mowing | Gardening | Hedge cutting and more home services

Tel: 01909 488450 Mob: 07909 187966

40 Worksop

targets, funding, and anything else we cared to raise. He invited questions from the outset and we had a lively meeting, and it was reassuring to know that targets, though challenging, are achieved in more than 90% of cases. David did not try to hide figures behind statistics and was honest in his response. His aim is to improve on standards whenever possible. Our next meeting will be on Friday 2nd May at Retford Hospital at 2.30pm, when everyone will be welcome. For further details, please call Pat Broskom on 01909 562361.


FREEPHONE: 0800 002 9051 Email: Web Site: We Care About You In You’re Time of Need

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Truestyle Windows Truestyle Windows & Property Repairs Ltd.




PVc All U tted s fi Door ti Bump An with linders Cy


48mm Solid Core Composite Doors, Supplied & Fitted with Security Lock & PRO-SECURE handles as standard

£670 T Plus VA



SPECIAL Windows DISCOUNTS for Fitted from only £95

Conservatories Starting from only £5,500

Installation of a Full Porches from £1,800 | UPVc Doors from £380 | Roofline from £850 House of WINDOWS! SHOWROOM OPEN 6 DAYS A WEEK - PLEASE CALL FOR OPENING HOURS We will also quote CHCONTAC for the following: FORRIS OR DAMTIAN AF QUOT REE n Plastering E n Brickwork n Joinery n Glazing n Roofing n Plumbing n Window repairs



0800 1954 198



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01909 517129/8

Unit 15 | Evans Business Centre | Noble Way | Monksbridge Rd. | Dinnington S25 3QB |

REMAIN INDEPENDENT IN YOUR OWN HOME A discreet personal care service that is designed to support you with day to day living. Our clients are at the heart of our business, our carers are a local dedicated staff team. From a short visit to 7 days, full one to one service to match the needs of our clients.

• Help with personal care • Meal preparation and help with eating / drinking • Dementia care • Medication reminders • Support to get ready for the day • Assistance with evening care / tuck in • Light housework / laundry • Complex needs / healthcare • Shopping • Plan and escort to outings / appointments • Reminiscence • Help to continue hobbies / socialisation

CQC registered : 1-101682706 UKHCA Member

For a free no obligation introductory home visit, please call: 01909 512550 or alternatively email to: Please mention Worksop Life when responding to any adverts

May 2014 │ Worksop



Water, water everywhere… A water-feature adds magic

to any garden. The sound of tinkling water and the movement of light on its surface can be just the finishing touch you need either for a patio or for a much larger garden. There’s a plentiful choice of water-features of all shapes, styles, and sizes; but before you commit yourself, what are the main points to bear in mind? WHERE DO I POSITION IT? First, position. For moving water, your feature will use an electric pump, so there has to be a power-point nearby — something often overlooked. Do you want an eye-catching centrepiece for a formal garden, or just the music of running water as the soundtrack to your alfresco Sunday lunch? In either case, you need to consider carefully the appropriate position. Water-features can turn bright green in summer due to the build-up

42 Worksop

│ May 2014

of algae. You can go a long way towards preventing this by positioning them away from direct sunlight. Make sure they’re well away from deciduous trees, too, as falling leaves will clog everything up. For smaller spaces you’re best off with a self-contained feature. There are lots of lovely ones available such as terracotta or glazed pot stacks with the water continuously pumped from one container to another, so you’ll only need to top it up in the hottest weather. Spouts and fountains are great fun. A spitting fish, frog, or gargoyle adds a touch of art or humour — while oxygenating a pool, reducing algae and keeping the pond-life happy. If you want moving water but perhaps have toddlers, a millstone with a low, centrally-positioned jet is both beautiful and safe. PLANTS Plants are integral to any pond. Surface-floating plants such as waterlilies not only look gorgeous but their leaves also shade the water – again, reducing algae. Waterlilies need still water, so are best avoided if you have a fountain; but a single spitting feature at one end of the pool shouldn’t create too much turbulence. Plants around the edges of pools and ponds are called marginals and do best in shallower water or boggy ground. Use plenty, they look gorgeous, they hide the liner and they’re a haven for wildlife. Marginals to consider include yellow-flowered marsh marigold (caltha palustris); white-flowered bog arum (calla palustris); miniature

Pippa Greenwood’s guide to a perfect pond

reed-mace (typha minima); pale blue water forget-me-not (myosotis scorpioides); and purple-bloomed water and bog iris (eg iris laevigata). You’ll need about two plants per metre. For a more formal look choose shapely rushes or ferns. WILDLIFE Water-features attract wildlife, and in summer you might be visited by dragonflies or mayflies. Birds may also come to drink and bathe. And even a small pond needs a safe exit-route in case hedgehogs pop by for a drink and tumble in. A shallow beach of pebbles should do the trick. If your feature has a sizeable surface, net it in the autumn to catch falling leaves. Garden netting stretched taut is ideal. Remove it as necessary to tip off the leaves. Left in the water they’ll both clog the pumps and produce methane, which is toxic. In winter, don’t let the waterfeature freeze up. If extreme cold is forecast smaller features are best emptied, and the pump cleaned and stored in the shed. Fish need an ice-free area on the surface or they’ll be killed by methane building up under the ice. Floating a football on the surface helps. │ e: │t: 01427 881563 or 881565






PEST F F BuzzO Solutions n Registered Professional pest technician.

Wedding Transport Specialists 8-16 SEAT MINIBUS TRAVEL

All Occasions Catered for Airports Transfers, Nights Out, Day Trips, Race Nights Call

If you have used n 25 yrs experience. n Fully insured. Bassetlaw District n All aspects of pest control undertaken Wasps, Council pest control bees, fleas, bedbugs, ants, cockroaches, rats, in the last 20 years in mice, feral pigeons, Squirrels, moles. the Bassetlaw from £39 area you will have with OAP met me Paul. discounts Any other Pests Please

01909 477934

mob 07706747073 eve 01777816074

Phone for advice

Male & Female Drivers

Mobile: 07717 755664 or 07863 240101

The North’s leading Water Garden Specialist WATER FEATURES Stone, Stainless Steel & Copper

POND PUMPS Over 30 types

COLDWATER FISH Including Koi Carp, Goldfish, Shubunkins & Orandas

POND PLANTS Specialist selections by our award winning supplier

TROPICAL FISH Including Barbs, Cichlids, Catfish & Community

FILTERS Screenmatic, pressure, pump fed


WATER FALLS Pre-cast stone & Resin

Call 01909 731367 Doncaster Road (A60) Oldcotes, Worksop S81 8HT Please mention Worksop Life when responding to any adverts

May 2014 │ Worksop



Ladies Lunch in aid of Bassetlaw Hospice Will you join us for the next Ladies Lunch in aid of Bassetlaw Hospice at Ye Olde Bell Hotel? On Thursday 22nd May, guests will enjoy a two course lunch, a fashion show from Deuce of Worksop, and there will also be many stalls to browse on the day. Items will include fashion, jewellery, gifts and homewares, beauty and so much. The lunch will run from midday to 3.00pm and tickets cost only £20 per person. Further information and tickets are available from Helen Eshelby at the Appeal Office, 4 Jubilee Courtyard, Retford, or by calling 01777 710444. You can also visit and follow us on Facebook.

Whitwell Local History Group Whitwell Local History

Group meets every Wednesday in the Community Centre at 7.00pm. The subscription is £1.00 each week which covers the cost of the lecture and tea and biscuits. We have visiting speakers but we also encourage Group members to put on Presentations, and help is always available with research etc. The subjects of May meetings are, as usual, wide and various. On 6th May the well-known Pontefract historian, Eric Houlder, will give a talk on the “Sutton Hoo Ship Burial,” and on the 13th Kevin takes Members “Down Your Way.” Ron Stammers goes “On the Road” on the 20th, and anyone with memories of Davy’s shop and the wonderful smell of warm coffee beans, and Davy’s cafe, will be interested in Christine’s “Davy’s photos” which she will show on the 27th May. Many of the present members joined the Group when it was founded some 30 years ago and travel from a wide area and new members are always given a warm welcome. 44 Worksop

│ May 2014

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Lindrick Players present ‘A Tomb with a View’

The Lindrick Players will present a comedy thriller “A Tomb with A View” by Norman Robbins. In a sinister old library, which is presided over by the portrait of a grim-faced, mad-eyed old man, a dusty lawyer reads a will involving some millions of pounds, to an equally sinister family. The dysfunctional Tomb family all have their own twisted reasons for wanting the money. Very rarely venturing into the outside world they live in the cocoon of their home, Monument House. Each family member is positively barking and includes; Oliver who harbours werewolf tendencies, Lucien who leads an experimental life in the East Wing, Marcus who is unsuitably dressed as Julius Caesar, Dora who buries more than plants in her garden, Emily who needs the money in a hurry and Monica who has a hands-on approach to any man she meets. They are joined by the gloomy

housekeeper Agatha, Marcus's nurse Anne and the solicitor Mr Penworthy, along with romantic novelist Ermyntrude Ash and her nervous secretary, Perry Potter. All of them have a motive for murder and gradually the dead outnumber the living. But who will survive to inherit the millions? The plot twists and turns to its surprising conclusion. This is a hilarious comedy-thriller not to be missed. Performances take place on Wednesday 21st to Friday 23rd May and start at 7.30pm at Carlton Civic Centre, Long Lane, Carltonin-Lindrick, Worksop S81 9AP. Tickets are available from 01909 730341 and priced at £5.50 for adults and £4.00 for concessions when paid for in advance or £6.50 for adults and £4.50 for concessions if paid for on the door. For more details, please visit or follow us on twitter @lindrickplayer.

The Synchro Singers A brand new choir has

launched for Bassetlaw called Synchro Singers and they meet every Wednesday at Denman Hall, the home of Retford Operatic Society on Moorgate (opposite Morrison’s garage) at 7.30pm. Everyone over the age of 14 is welcome to come along and have a sing. The material will be a good mixture of pop, musicals and light opera numbers arranged in parts. The plan is to get a number of songs ready to perform and then to do a few charitable or fundraising performances to give the numbers a polish. There is nothing like a good sing to lighten your load and boost your wellbeing. Singing in a choir can boost your mental health, a new study has found.

Researchers carried out an online survey of 375 people who sang in choirs, sang alone, or played team sports. All three activities yielded high levels of psychological wellbeing, yet choristers stood out as experiencing the greatest benefits. The findings could help develop low cost treatment to improve people’s well-being, researchers suggest. Compared with the way sports players regarded their teams, choral singers also viewed their choirs as more coherent or “meaningful”. So if you want to meet new friends and have a jolly good time, pop down to the Denman Hall every Wednesday evening and put some fun back into your life. Call Mike Mahony on 01427 881203 or 07970 662798 for more details. │ e: │t: 01427 881563 or 881565

• T&G • Shiplap • Fencing

• Sheds • Decking • Joists

Fence & Decking fitting service available

• OSB Boarding • Far Eastern • Shuttering Plywood and Plywood sleepers

New 8ft x 10"x5" Tanalised Sleepers £20.00

Tranker Lane, Worksop, Notts S80 3LG

Telephone 01909 487 654

Please mention Worksop Life when responding to any adverts

1 tonne bags of kindling £15.00

Open 6 days a week Monday to Friday 8am – 5pm Saturday 8am – 2pm

May 2014 │ Worksop



A thorny issue Lee Bestall’s top ranking roses Whatever your opinion of roses, there’s no denying that this flower is the epitome of traditional English gardening, and maybe for some that’s just the problem. For some people the memories of insipid flowers sitting above leggy stalks and diseased leaves is enough to put them off ever planting another rose bush again. Classified as a woody perennial, with over a hundred species it is still by far one of Britain’s favourite plants. Native to China, the humble rose grows well in our climate, where the cool moist winters and warm (ish) summers mean that as long as we don’t experience too much rain (which can cause petals to fuse together before fully opening) plants should live happily for many years. That said they are not ‘forever plants’ and should not be held on to for sentimental reasons. I’ve removed no end of beds planted up in the 60s with nothing more than clumps of 46 Worksop

│ May 2014

baked clay soil as their companion. Roses are best planted bare root between November and February but are most often purchased containerised when in flower during the summer months. If well watered in their first year, roses planted this way should establish well. Plant slightly deeper than you think you need, burying the graft (woody knuckle) fractionally below the soil. Humans are not the only admirers of roses and they can suffer from numerous pests and diseases so prepare yourself for battle. Problems include; brown scale, rose aphids, rose leaf-rolling sawfly, rose dieback, rose powdery mildew, rose blackspot and rose rust. That said there are diseaseresistant varieties, and prevention is always better than cure. If planted in good soil (they don’t mind heavy clay) and in a well prepared hole with some homemade compost or manure, then fed in March with a special rose fertiliser

before another layer of compost or manure is placed on top, and watered well they will provide you with a long lasting combination of colour and scent. For added interest, why not grow two varieties together which complement each other, or flower at different times for lengthier impact. On a sunny wall try; Rosa ‘Blush Noisette’, a great repeat flowerer with small double pink flowers, ‘Lady Waterlow’ for silky pink blooms and healthy foliage, ‘Gertrude Jekyll’ for exquisite scent, or ‘Etoile de Hollande’ for a splash of rich scarlet red. Ground cover roses such as the ‘flower carpet range’ are great for covering banks and are extremely low maintenance, or try an avenue of standard roses such as ‘Winchester Cathedral’ which look fabulous when under planted with lavender or lush low growing evergreens. Finally for a wonderful thornless variety try Rosa ‘Mortimer Sackler’. │ e: │t: 01427 881563 or 881565

100’s of Colours & Patterns Free no obligation quotes Weed free Modern alternative to blocks

We have the largest selection of hardy plants in the area. These include alpines, heathers, conifers, shrubs, climbers, roses, grasses, fruit trees, ornamental trees and exotics. Many unusual varieties stocked. We stock a wide range of composts and fertilisers, also ceramic and plastic pots. National Garden gift vouchers sold and redeemed. Summer bedding and basket plants, also ready-filled baskets and tubs now available.

OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK Retford Road, South Leverton, Retford, DN22 0HE

Tel: 01427 880965 windmillviewplantcentre Trade enquiries welcome Please mention Worksop Life when responding to any adverts

May 2014 │ Worksop



A large 95,000 tonne per annum Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) Waste Incinerator has just been proposed in Worksop and is intended to be built at Shireoaks Road right next door to the Vesuvius development site where ASDA are going to build a large Super Store, along with it being the site for a hotel and restaurant. This new RDF Waste Incinerator will not be incinerating household waste from Bassetlaw as this will be going to Sheffield for incineration. Instead it is proposed that it will incinerate waste from elsewhere that has been shredded and pressed or dried to remove water and is called Refuse Derived Fuel. The new Waste Incinerator in Worksop will operate under the Waste Incineration Directive (WID). Residents are concerned of research by top scientists such as the work of Professor Vyvyan Howard and Professor Paul Connett, who have shown that ultrafine or nanoparticles will be created at the very high temperatures required by the incinerators, (850°C for two seconds at least) which are used to destroy pathogenic micro-organisms that will be present in the waste material to be incinerated. We urge residents to do their own research and perhaps suggest that you may visit the internet to find out more. Both Professors state that the

Volunteer Drivers Just a little of your time can

make a big difference! At Clowne and District Community Transport, we are looking for Volunteer Drivers who may have some spare time they could offer us. It may be due to retirement or even unemployment. Perhaps your children are at school, and you would like to train to drive our mini buses. You can give as much or as little of your time as you would like to give something back to the community, helping people to lead more independent lives, make new friends, and gain new skills. If you are interested and would like more information, please call Annette on 01246 573042. 48 Worksop

│ May 2014

For more community events visit your Local Events directory at

Proposed Waste Incinerator for Worksop particles are coated with dioxins, and that these extremely small particles will pass through the gaps between cells lining the lungs and then directly into the blood stream. The particles then circulate around the body and accumulate in fatty tissue. Unfortunately the Environment Agency does not include nanoparticles as a separate group in the standards that they use to monitor Waste Incinerators. Some 50,000 thousand people live in Worksop within a mile or so from the proposed new proposed Waste Incinerator. Though as the Environment Agency use a radial 10k (6.23 mile) emission fallout zone, the affected area would appear to be a lot larger and will include Whitwell, Dinnington, and a wider area. Apart from the possible effect of emissions on our health, other concerns include local land and crops, wildlife and more. There is also the Sites of Nature Conservation interests close by to think of, such as the rare Slow Worm colonies which have a protected status and can be

More people living in Worksop and surrounding areas, who are not in full-time employment, are finding more and more to do in their spare time, thanks to the University of the Third Age (U3A). Worksop and District U3A recruited 332 members last year. It meets at 2.00pm on the third Thursday of each month for a general meeting at St Anne’s Church Hall, Newcastle Avenue, Worksop, and we usually have a guest speaker. Each U3A has smaller groups that come together to make new friends, learn new things and have fun. Members can join different interest groups based on learning something new. Whether you like

found at Tranker Wood Marsh some fifty yards north of proposed environmental issue incinerator site. Another environmental concern involves the Prospective Sherwood Forest Special Protected Area (SPA) which has been set up to protect Nightjar and Woodlark in the area, Worksop is within the Prospective Sherwood Forest SPA. More technical information can be found on where the local Elkesley Group were successful last year in stopping the go-ahead of a locally planned waste wood incinerator, because of the ’associated health risks’ and ‘the effect on biodiversity’, quoted as being two of the six main reasons for doing so. So if you’re interested in helping with our recently formed campaign group then please email worksopagainstincineration@ for more information. Worksop Against Incineration is non-political, community-based project, of local people working together towards a common end.

Worksop U3A physical activities or just social there’s something for everyone including trips and holidays. There are currently 31 Interest Groups, which meet either weekly or monthly including Badminton, Computing, French Conversation, Gardening, Jewellery Making, Italian for beginners, Natural History, Photography, Steel Band, Swing Band, Tap Dancing, Choir, Walking, Watercolours and many more. The new U3A year starts this month and already folk are signing up. Why not join us? Contact Mary Mitchell, our membership secretary on 01777 816258. │ e: │t: 01427 881563 or 881565

The local mobility store for local people

Sales · Service · Repairs Pride Rapid Apex £995 Speed: 4mph Carries: 21stone 6lbs Range: 10 miles





Kymco Mini LS £1,295 With up to £300 trade in you pay only £995


Call: 01909 476 500

Open: Monday – Friday 9.00am – 4.30pm 24-26 Ryton Street, Worksop S80 2AU

North Leverton Boarding Kennels & Cattery The Dog Matters Grooming Salon Bright and clean boarding facilities Large exercise area and lead walks Individually heated beds All diets catered for Medication administered

Full dog grooming service Clipping, nails, ears & eyes Styling, bath & condition Australian ‘Fidos’ Hydro bath Most breeds catered for

Special pet care provided by an attentive and caring team of professional and friendly staff Our reputation speaks for itself Viewing highly recommended All your pet needs under one roof Close to Retford, Gainsborough and surrounding villages

Like us on Facebook Call 01427 880744 07733 482881 07775 641651 Please mention Worksop Life when responding to any adverts

Problem With Your Shower? Call Showersolve

Installation & Repairs to all leading shower brands, Pumps, Cubicals & Spares Call our team today on:

01909 482 747 or 07769 667 227

A guaranteed professional friendly service •

Installation • Sales Repairs • Servicing May 2014 │ Worksop



you’ll need either a pelmet or a valance. Pelmets, normally made from wood or medium density fibreboard, can either be painted or covered in a fabric to match or co-ordinate with your curtains. A valance is a set of ruffles made entirely from fabric and attached to a track, pelmet board or rail.

Curtain call Katherine Sorrell on the long and short of it

A well-designed set of curtains

can complement your architecture, provide a starting point for an interior design scheme and, in general, give your room a sophisticated feel. HEADINGS AND HANGINGS The way in which a curtain hangs is determined by its heading, often created by a tape which is sewn onto the back of the curtain and pulled to form gathers, pleats or a variety of other styles. Some headings are only suitable for certain weights of fabric and sizes of curtain. Tab- and tie-tops are a less formal look and often found on ready-made curtains. Curtains can also be hung from a deep hem which is simply slid over a pole, from large eyelets punched in the top, from clips or even just from hooks.

50 Worksop

│ May 2014

POLES, TRACKS, WIRES AND RODS The most straightforward way to hang curtains is from a pole, ideal for short, straight runs. Poles might be fixed or extending, made from wood, wrought iron, steel, brass, bamboo, acrylic or glass in various diameters. Designed to be on show, they require a certain amount of clearance above and below to look right. To finish off the pole at either end, there’s the option of a plain cap or a pair of finials, from simple or highly ornate. A more subtle effect can be achieved by using a track rather than a pole; this is usually a better option for bay windows, too, as they can be bent around to fit. WINDOW DISGUISES Curtains will cover tracks but only, of course, when they’re closed. When open, if you don’t like the look of a bare track,

LENGTH AND WIDTH To let maximum light into the room, fit a pole or track that overhangs far enough each side to allow the curtains to be drawn right away from the window. If there is space on one side only, fit a single curtain. Floorlength curtains are more fashionable than sill-length these days, though shorter curtains can be practical when radiators or window seats are in the way, or in stairways or kitchens. FABRIC Curtains can be made of practically any fabric, from cotton and linen to velvet, silk or wool. As well as the conventional fabrics, consider unusual ones such as tweed, fleece, mohair or denim. The heavier the fabric, the better it will hold a fold, though very heavy fabrics will be too bulky for smaller windows. Very light fabrics will look floppy unless supported by a lining. LINING Lining is recommended for all curtains except sheers, as it helps fabric hang neatly and protects it from fading, dirt and condensation. Thermal linings are coated on one side to reflect heat back into the room, and blackout lining has the same properties, but also blocks out light and, to a certain extent, noise. Inter-lining, as its name suggests, is sewn between the fabric and the lining to improve drape, body and heat retention. It’s worth knowing that linings can shrink at a different rate to curtains when washed, so either have them detachable or prepare to have the whole lot dry-cleaned. │ e: │t: 01427 881563 or 881565

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On the buses David Cook takes a look at the history of public transport in our area

The popularity of motorised

travelin the early 20th century brought with it massive improvements to the road network as people wanted to travel further. Soon a new revolution happened where vehicles with several seats appeared to replace the small amount of horse drawn carriages and coaching services which still existed. This month we look into the history of Bassetlaws biggest bus operator. The history of East Midland goes all the way back to 3rd September 1920 when William Thomas Underwood, a manager from United Automobile Services in Lowestoft, started operating services from Clowne and Staveley to Worksop using 16 grey liveried AEC YC’s hired from United. The fleet expanded rapidly although not all their new operations lasted such as those in Doncaster started in 1922 which was handed over to the borough run Doncaster Corporation less than a year later. 1922 also saw the company become limited selling 2000 founders shares at one shilling each and 5796 ordinary shares at £1 each Ernest Boyd Hutchinson became the chairman of the meetings (he was also United’s founder). United officially

52 Worksop

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overtook the company in 1923 during which time Underwoods net profit was £4,475 including the parcel carrying side of the business. In 1924 a new routes out of Worksop were Newark and Retford and new repair facilities in Clowne were being constructed under the watchful eye of engineer; Frederick William Holmes, net profits had also risen to £6,058, Underwood put the success down to pneumatic tyres and improved vehicle design. The Mansfield to Worksop route was extended to Doncaster in 1926. The General Strike of 1926 was a problematic time for the company, as the company didn’t have a union services kept running but several staff took part in the strike which boiled over and in May buses were attacked with stones and a driver was injured from then on police rode on the services to stop further attacks. All staff who took part were fired by the company, they began their own fleet called Unity (a common word used during the strike) in direct competition finding it easy to get passengers in coal mining districts where Underwoods were seen as strike breakers. Things got heated between the companies with fines being issued

for dangerous driving whilst racing each other to bus stops to collect passengers. The company was renamed East Midland Motor Services during July 1927 by which time several other operators had been taken over and the ownership of the company had entirely passed to United, Worksop bus depot was also opened during the year taking over the Empire garage on central avenue and fifty new AEC ADC single-deckers with Shorts coachwork were delivered. During the next year Retford Motor Services who operated services between Gainsborough and Mansfield was acquired for £15,000 becoming the depot for the town. In 1929 the company was taken over by the London Midland & Scottish and London North Eastern Railway companies along with British Electric Traction and Tilling becoming a limited company the next year. In 1932 a new garage was built in Worksop incorporating offices and workshops. The company’s first new double-deckers also entered service; two AEC Regents with Brush bodywork (these lasted until 1950s being rebodied by ECW during World War II). In August 1935 Retford Coachways was overtaken including eight vehicles and depot for £18,500. By the end of 1945 the company had a fleet of 159 vehicles including 12 purchased during the war years with austerity bodywork With the nationalisation of the railways on 1st January 1948 their bus operations also became the government’s property under the British Transport Commission. Smaller fleets were still absorbed such as ► │ e: │t: 01427 881563 or 881565

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On the buses… ◄ Glover & Bates who ran the Worksop to Langold Service and Portland Coachways from the Moaks family. In 1954 the fleet comprised of 80 doubledeckers, 116 single-deckers and 26 coaches carrying 46.2 million passengers that year alone. The formation of the National Bus Company in 1968 .With this came standardisation of fleets and colour schemes; East Midlands biscuit, cream and chocolate livery with red lettering had made way for a dark red and ivory livery in the 1950s but in 1972 this was replaced with the rather sombre all over green with white stripe on buses. Single deck Bristol LH and RE along with VRT double-deckers became standard. When Bristol was absorbed into Leyland the National I & II and Olympian models were purchased in large numbers. Deregulation in 1985 brought new life into the industry and the company was bought out by the management. Gone was the drab NBC green replaced

by a two tone green and cream livery with the ‘Frontrunner’ logo and hare appearing on buses in February 1987. Minibuses became the order of the day with purchases of MCW Metroriders and Iveco’s with Carlyle bodywork. Services in Essex and Manchester were also introduced by the company. The same year one of the company’s Metroriders won the ‘top minibus’ at Showbus. In 1988 the buyout was complete with the company becoming the 60th to leave the NBC Peter Jenner, Bob Stamp, David Wood, Philip Calderwood, Irwin Dalton and David Grenham as the management. In April 1989 Stagecoach, a rapidly expanding Scottish company snapped the company up selling off the Frontrunner London and Manchester operations and repainting vehicles into their vibrant white with orange, red and blue stripes. This also brought an influx of new and second-hand buses into the area including ex-


Find out more about the Priories Historical Society at www. Image kindly supplied by Bassetlaw Museum


Private Hire

A A Family Business FamilyRun Run Business

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Funerals From £1500  All Inclusive 



London Transport Routemasters and the huge 110 seat Leyland Olympian Megadekka from Magicbus in Glasgow as well as Dennis Darts, Volvo B6s and Mercedes Benz minibuses. Nowadays the company has been rebranded ‘Stagecoach in Bassetlaw’ and their fleet consists mainly of Scania and Dennis vehicles which are environmentally friendly. The future also looks bright with new bus stations being built including the new terminus on Queen Street in Worksop to replace the Hardy Street site. Several vehicles from the past have been preserved and there are transport museums close by at Sheffield and Sandtoft. Many models of the fleet are also available in varying scales to suite the collectors’ tastes.



  

 54 Worksop

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Planning the perfect party

Leanne Broadhead on planning your child’s birthday bash

When it comes to childrens birthday parties, parents have always gone all out to ensure that it is as special as possible. As a relatively new parent, I found myself faced with having to plan a fourth birthday party for our daughter, the first she has ever had. I’ll readily admit that it wasn’t something we welcomed or even instigated, and it was more than a surprise to us when Holly announced to the nursery staff and friends that she was ‘having a party’ — aren’t they precious sometimes? So, as you do, we decided we would roll with it, and organise our first ever children’s party — after all, how hard could it be? Well, it turns out, more time consuming than we thought, and by the end of it, we thought we’d just been through planning another wedding, yet it was a lot of fun planning it, and everyone had a brilliant time. One of the easiest options, to give your child a great party, is to let someone else have all ►


Guaranteed! Birthday Party

The largest choice of new inflatables & Bouncy Castles in our 40mile service area. Our lowest price ever Children’s H-Frame 10ft X 12ft Bouncy Castles £39.99 Children’s themed bouncy castle’s A-Frame 12ft X 12ft Full Rain Cover £49.99 Jungle Combo Bouncy Castle £59.99 Adult Large A-Frame Bouncy Castle’s Full Rain Cover £69.99


Price’s Quoted are for a standard 8 hour hire, delivery charges may apply in some cases. We are the only PIPA & RPII Inspected Company in Nottinghamshire

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Large play frame & separate toddler area

Exclusive hire at competitive rates after 3pm at OPEN the weekend 7 (Summer) & after a Days Wee 5pm weekdays in k the school holidays. All details are on the website. • Follow us on facebook for up-to-date news and offers (link from the website)


2 for the Price of 1 Valid until 18th With this adveJuly rt

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Hundreds of Amazing Deals In Store NOW ed Selecdtels o “THE CLASSICS” m


Comfy Beds at Dream Prices

If a bed doesn’t carry our mark, you could be looking at a crime scene.


P Flammability P Health & Hygiene P Trade Descriptions




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Flat Roofing Solutions WE OFFER: A 25 Year Guarantee.

Commercial or Residential. New Roof or Re-board. UPVC Fascia & Guttering. High Quality. Friendly & Professional. Competitive Prices.

We are a family business with over 40 years combined experience in Fibreglass manufacturing & pride ourselves on providing a friendly, reliable & professional service to all our customers.

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Planning the perfect party ◄ the headaches of the planning, organising, hosting the party and even the clearing up. By going for a complete package, you would only have to write out the invites, and even these are sometimes provided. In 2013, the average children’s party cost £214, with parents having more variation than ever to choose from as an idea to create their child’s perfect bash. There are companies who offer parties based on being active, such as sporting or fitness themes, craft parties, fancy dress themes such as Princess and Pirates — which is the one we chose for Holly — and so much more, the choice is endless and is only limited by your imagination. We did however, choose the alternative option, organising the party ourselves, and decided to make use of our fantastic village hall, with hourly hire rates from just £8 an hour. We organised the decor, the catering, the

goody bags, and even had Michael, one of our designers to create a bespoke Pirate and Princess invite too! We focused on what we were good at, and left the most important job to the professionals — the entertainment. There are some great entertainers out there, from fantasy character themes, to ventriloquists, and many of them combine a multiple activities and games to keep your child and their friends happy throughout. A trip to the cinema also makes a great party; you can even take your own snacks. If your child is lucky enough to have their birthday in the summer on a great weather day, then how about an outdoor BBQ or picnic, with inflatable games, rounders and a bouncy castle? Failing that, most village halls will now allow you to put up a small bouncy castle within their function rooms — which means fun can be had no matter what the English weather throws at you!


Top party tips • Get as much help as you can, plan who will do what and delegate as much as you can! If you are planning and doing the party yourself, don’t underestimate the work involved before, during and after the party — especially to clean up! • Set a budget and stick to it, It may be cheaper to pick an external party venue with an all-inclusive cost per child, or it may work out cheaper to do it yourself at home; your child will have fun no matter what is spent on the party! • Choose a theme or idea that suits your child’s personality — not what you think everyone else might want. Children will have fun no matter what the theme. • Give people plenty of notice, and ensure you make sure you ask people to RSVP — you don’t want to cater for anyone who can’t make it!

Suppliers of: n Washing Machines n Fridge Freezers n Tumble Driers n Dishwashers n Cookers n Built in Appliance n Toasters n Kettles n Irons n Microwaves Same Day or Next Day Delivery Full Installation Service


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From ages 5 to 100

Candle Making Needle Felting Crochet Jewellery Making Tilda Dolls Patchwork Cup Cake Decorating Sewing Groups Craft Afternoons Roman Blinds Festive Wreaths Flower Arranging Card Making And much more

Pamper Parties Cup Cake Decorating Arts & Crafts Breakfast at Tiffany’s Under The Ocean Pirates Children’s Club Holiday Club Mother & Child Workshops

little wishes studio

07799 474460 · Studio 5 · Worksop Creative Village · Canal Road · Worksop S80 2EH

07725 465821

All Castles available 7 days a week Prices between £35 & £45 Indoor and Outdoor use Fully Insured and Pat Tested


Birthday Experience Batting For Goal!

What’s your score?

Crazy Catch!

Speedo Challenge!

How fast can you throw?

The crazy catching challenge!

Cube elimination!

Don’t drop the ball!

Introducing the Batting 4 6 Cricket Cube Birthday experience

Michael’s Music Studio MUSIC LESSONS 30 YEARS EXPERIENCE PIANO/KEYBOARD/ORGAN ALL AGES WELCOME CONTACT MICHAEL Some spaces are available due to students returning to University

07977 709083 OR 01909 472911 Please mention Worksop Life when responding to any adverts

Book a party for you and your friends and enjoy hours of fantastic fun in the Cricket Cube supervised by our qualified coaches. After enjoying your food and drink everyone will receive a certificate, ball and prize for the birthday boy/girl Prices from £30 To book or for more information call us today

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The average householder doesn’t usually have enough spare cash to enable them to walk into a car showroom and make an outright purchase. Yet as current figures are showing healthy growth in the new car sales market, it’s clear that the money is being raised one way or another. In fact over the last 12 months the number of vehicles obtained using a finance arrangement has risen by 27%, whereas the number bought outright was below 15%. To purchase a new car, obtaining finance is a necessity for almost everyone. As the majority of finance

What to consider when buying a new car

Wheely good deal?

deals come with fixed interest rates, new car owners know exactly what their monthly/weekly repayment costs will be for the lifetime of the arrangement. But there are many finance options available and many terms to understand and this can be pretty confusing for a prospective buyer. NOT JUST MONTHLY PAYMENTS There is much to consider when looking into a finance plan, and a low monthly repayment alone is not enough information on which to base your decision. For example, many finance agreements have a mileage limitation, with penalties for going over this. Some manufacturers will charge more than others but the average pricing is between 5p and 20p for every mile you exceed. You would probably be surprised at just how many miles you do so it’s important to be realistic — you don’t want to find yourself in the position of avoiding using your vehicle for the last few months of your agreement, just to avoid the penalty.

CONTRACTS Bank loan — You can seek a loan agreement from your bank for the purchase of a vehicle, which will give you the sum outright. If you are successful then the car will be your own and it will be the bank you owe the money to. Your success in securing personal finance will depend on your credit rating, 60 Worksop

│ May 2014

employment status and ability to prove you can repay the money. As with all loan agreements it is important to look for any small print, and to check you aren’t signing up for payment protection insurance (PPI) unless you want it.

Hire Purchase (HP) — You will usually have to put down a deposit and then you will pay the balance in instalments over 12 to 60 months. Because you are repaying the full value of the car, the monthly payments can be high, especially if your deposit was small. Although this sounds similar to a bank loan, the dealer will usually organise hire purchase for you which can make it less hassle. Be warned though that you will not own the car until the final payment, so the vehicle can be repossessed if you don’t keep up with the repayments. On the other hand, as this gives the finance company some security, it can be easier to get a hire purchase agreement than it is to get a bank loan. Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) — This is a variation of hire purchase but rather than paying for the car in full, you agree to pay the difference between the sale price and the estimated value at the end of the agreement period. This will usually mean the monthly payments are lower. At the end of the agreement you have three choices: just hand the car back; trade-in using the residual value as a deposit on a new model or

pay the final value in full (a ‘balloon’ payment) and keep the vehicle. You could of course look at taking out a bank loan to meet the balloon payment. Personal Leasing — Essentially you are just hiring the car for the duration of the agreement. The servicing and maintenance will be included (but not insurance). You will agree a limited mileage. At the end of the agreement, you hand the car back — it never belongs to you. Be aware though that as with any hire car, if you send the vehicle back with a scratch, a dent, or damaged upholstery, there are likely to be penalties to pay. WHO TO USE When looking into where to obtain a finance agreement, using a company with a car showroom and brand name will give you more protection than a private person or an internet agency. In the former case the contract will be two sided whereas less scrupulous companies can apply fees, charges and new rules and regulations throughout the agreement and, as this will have been a private transaction, it is unlikely you will be able to do much about it. A new car is likely to be the second highest value purchase you ever make after your home, so take your time to ensure that you are getting value for money, both in the car itself and in the repayment method. │ e: │t: 01427 881563 or 881565





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Independent financial advice


Paul Gladwin is a local Independent Financial Planner and can advise on:

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Pensions Retirement planning Insurance Investments ISAs


FAST FRIENDLY RESPONSE TO ALL ENQUIRIES • Bathrooms & Kitchens • Coving • Floor and Wall Tiling • Laminate Flooring • Curtain Rails / Blinds Installed • Storage built • Joinery • Flat Pack Assembly • Plumbing • Painting & Decorating • And much more!

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Contact Paul today for a free initial consultation: T: 07790 415 763 E: Thomas Heald Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Registered office: 6 Feast Field, CHARTERED FINANCIAL PLANNERS Horsforth, Leeds LS18 4TJ

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Window Repair Services can repair your windows, doors or conservatory by replacing the individual component that is at fault, rather than you having to pay for a complete new installation.

as pre-2002 double glazing containing two panes of ordinary float glass. Therefore even relatively modern double glazing can benefit from upgrading the glass and keeping the existing frames.

New double-glazed units can be installed into the existing frames when the original units are broken or steamed up, new handles, hinges and locking mechanisms can be fitted to windows and doors, patio doors can be fitted with new corner gearings, sliding blocks or rollers, doors can be adjusted if they have fallen out of square, conservatory roofs can be repaired if leaking or the polycarbonate and glass panels can be re-fitted or replaced…..…the list of repairs is endless.


We offer these services at a fraction of the price of installing new windows or doors, which is good news when new installations are not affordable, and most of the time not necessary.

ENERGY SAVE For those customers who want to increase the energy efficiency of their existing windows in order to save energy and reduce heating costs, we can install Pilkington energiKare™ glazing units into your existing frames. These units consist of a low-emissive pane which helps prevent heat escaping from your home and a low-iron pane which increases the amount of heat coming into your home from outside. Using a warm edge spacer bar and an argon filled cavity also help increase the efficiency of the unit. Pilkington energiKare™ glazing units are twice as energy efficient

We also offer a solution to remedy a problem experienced by many conservatory owners; their conservatory is too cold during the winter, but far too hot during the summer. For this problem, we can install Solar control film into the existing polycarbonate roof panels, which work by cooling your conservatory in the summer by rejecting 95% of the sun’s solar heat, eliminating glare and blocking 99% of the suns harmful UV rays. They also provide insulation in the winter by re-radiating heat back into your conservatory. Similarly, completely new solar reflective polycarbonate panels can be installed into your existing conservatory roof. Both options drastically improve the everyday living environment within your conservatory, allowing you to make the most of it all year round. We are a small family run business that has been trading locally since 2007. With over 25 years experience in the double-glazing industry, our extensive knowledge base enables us to offer educated advice to our customers regarding products and options available to best suit their needs. If any of our services would be beneficial to your home, please contact us on 01909 720878 or 07743 967243 to discuss further or arrange for a free of charge estimate.


REPAIRS TO UPVC, TIMBER & ALUMINIUM WINDOWS, DOORS & CONSERVATORIES • Steamed & Broken Glazing • Locking Mechanisms • Seals & Gaskets • Handles • Hinges • Letterboxes • Leaking Conservatory Roofs • Patio Rollers • Door Panels NEW INSTALLATIONS ALSO AVAILABLE • Windows • Doors • Conservatories • Fascias, Soffits & Guttering

10 Year Insurance Backed Guarantees FOR FREE ADVICE AND QUOTATIONS CALL 62 Worksop

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DAVID GODLEY Plumbing & Heating • Expert fault finder • Heating systems supplied & fitted • Boiler exchanges • Fires & surrounds fitted • Cylinder changes • Bathroom suites • Annual servicing & landlord safety certificates • All aspects of plumbing & heating repairs • Fully guaranteed • No call out charge • Call for a fast & friendly service

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A beginner’s guide:

Keeping chickens Terry Beebe’s guide to keeping a family of fowl Keeping chickens has become

one of Britain’s most popular pastimes. Everyone wants their own fresh eggs, but there’s more to it than that: chickens aren’t just productive; they’re also absorbing and friendly. They become pets. They’re relatively inexpensive to keep, but they do need a certain amount of daily maintenance to keep them in good condition. GENERAL CONSIDERATIONS Before you jump in, though, there are a few considerations you need to take into account. First – and this is really important! Check with your local authority in case there are restrictions on keeping livestock on your property. Next, you need to decide how many birds you would like to keep. As a beginner you need to be sensible and start small. Depending on how much space you have, two to six is a good start and will supply enough eggs for the average family. HOUSING For such a small flock, a henhouse measuring 6ft by 4ft will provide all the space the birds need, as long as they have an outside run and the house is just for sleeping. It certainly won’t be large enough if you have to keep the birds confined. Buying a henhouse needs careful thought. A ready-built one can be expensive, but if you’re handy enough you can build your own. Whether ready-built or home-made, it needs to be easy to access and maintain – that is, both chicken- and keeper-friendly. As well as access, check for good

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but not draughty ventilation, enough perches and nest-boxes, and robust, secure construction – you don’t just want to keep the chickens in, you want to keep the foxes out! Having said that, you need to be able to move the henhouse from time to time as the soil on which it stands becomes fouled and soggy. SUITABLE BREEDS Chickens come in all shapes and sizes, which can be a bit confusing. But if you’re looking purely for egglaying birds then commercial hybrids may be your best bet. Isa Brown, Black Rocks, White Star, Lomans, and Bluebell will all lay in good quantities for most of the year: an average of 300 eggs per bird isn’t out of the way. These hybrids are excellent as a starter bird, being both productive and quite easy to feed and keep. If you’d prefer something a little more special such as a pure breed chicken, though, then you need to track down a recognised breeder and get expert advice. There are some spectacular pure breeds that will still give you a good supply of eggs,

although not as many as the hybrids. Look for breeds such as Rhode Island Red, Light Sussex, Barnavelder, Maran, and Wellsummer – all reasonably easy breeds, and not too flighty. WATER A constant supply of clean, fresh water is absolutely central to your flock’s wellbeing. Chickens by and large are happy to drink out of a bucket, but a proper poultry font will keep their water cleaner and fresher. Keep it outside the henhouse – if it’s left inside it can create damp which can easily lead to health problems – but it needs to be under cover to protect the water from wild bird droppings. And change the water every single day – something you need to remember at holiday times. FOOD A balanced feed is very important. It generally comes either in pellet or mash form and both should contain all the nutrients the birds need. You can, however, add extra ► │ e: │t: 01427 881563 or 881565

The Dog Listener


All aspects of dog training & behavioural problems

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shavings for the bedding – not straw. Straw gets damp very quickly and then goes mouldy, which is guaranteed to cause respiratory infections. OUTSIDE The chicken run also needs to be kept as clean and fresh as possible. It is very important that the birds are not running on soiled and sour ground. Giving the chickens’ outdoor area a good digging over from time to time helps keep it fresh.

A wide range of runs are available, from the practical to the retro

◄ vitamins and minerals and even cod liver oil to give them that extra boost. A small amount of wheat is quite good as an afternoon treat. GENERAL MAINTENANCE Like all domestic animals, chickens need to be looked after. Cleanliness is essential to keep them disease-free and in good general health. Muck out the henhouse regularly (another thing to remember when you’re jetting off on holiday!) and use dry, dust-free NOW OPEN

New Luxury Cattery

Personally designed with extra large penthouse units each having fully insulated and heated sleeping quarters. They have a spacious lower level exercise area with two raised seating points to create a comfortable home for your cats to sit back & enjoy the panoramic view of our countryside. White Gates Farm, Blyth Road, Ranskill, Retford DN22 8LT web: email: Prop: Carol Jackson T: 01777 817389 | M: 0781 358 9124

SANMAR DOG GROOMING Tel : 01909 470490 Mobile: 07841 1166 38 * Bathing * Grooming * Clipping * Scissoring * Ear cleaning * Nail Clipping * Anal glands * Tick & flea treatments 16 Gateford Road, Worksop, Notts S80 1EB Across from Victoria Car Park

OPEN: Mon - Fri 9.00am - 5.00pm Sat 9.00am - 1.00pm 66 Worksop

│ May 2014

INSECTS There’s quite a variety of fleas and mites that will regard your chickens as free board and lodging, and some of them can cause loss of condition and even sickness. Control them with regular doses of good-quality powders and sprays. Chickens are beautiful and endlessly fascinating birds, and keeping them is a very rewarding pastime, with the fringe benefit of a steady supply of eggs. Why not give it a go?

Domestic & Commercial Gas, Heating & Electrical Services • Central Heating Breakdowns • Gas Installations • Air/Ground Sourced Heat Pump Installations • Central Heating Installations (Energy Efficient) • Landlords Gas Safety Certificates • Electrical Safety Checks (ECIR)(Periodic Inspection Report) • Electrical Installations / Testing • Energy Efficient Lighting Conversions • Rewires / Minor Works • CCTV (Web enabled if required) / Intruder Alarms • Fire Alarms / Emergency Lighting • Maintenance Contracts • Shop Fitting Supplying and Installing Innovative, Energy Efficient Products

Electrical, Call: 07812 676261 Gas, Heating and Plumbing, Call: 07427 6631 19 Email: │ e: │t: 01427 881563 or 881565

For more community events visit your Local Events directory at

People over 60s Friendly Circle The brand new club, aptly named

People over 60s Friendly Circle, now meet every Friday, at the Kilton Forest Community Centre in Larwood, from 2.00pm to 4.00pm. The entry is only £1.00 per week, with tea and coffee refreshments from just 20 pence each. We play board games, cards, dominos, and even talk about and swap books. If members want to partake in gentle exercise they may, or even just chat with a cuppa. There will be small group trips to the cinema, garden centres and more on offer too. Whatever our members would like to do, we will try it out. The club is for both men and women who would like to make new friends and support each other, in a friendly atmosphere. We would love to welcome visitors each week to come along and find out what we are about, we can’t wait to see you there.


Welbeck Abbey Bowls Club Established in 1905 Welbeck Abbey Bowls Club is situated in the grounds of Welbeck Abbey. This thriving club only plays flat green bowls and takes great pride in being a club that concentrates on friendship first, coupled with the enjoyable game of bowls. Our main aim is to provide a convivial atmosphere so that all may participate regardless of their level of skill. We welcome all ages whether they have never played before or are experienced. We do not play in any of the leagues and as such everybody are able to join in all the matches that we do play. Our season for 2014 started on Sunday 13th April and after the games all enjoyed welcome refreshments in our well-appointed clubhouse. During the season we play amongst ourselves for several cups and also play friendly matches against other

clubs in the area with mixed success. This year we now have a few vacancies and would welcome anyone to come along to meet the crowd and if you have never played before have a go. All you need is have a pair of flat soled shoes, there is no need to feel embarrassed; we are not professionals. All ages are welcome, if you would like to learn more about us or would like to try the game, give Maureen a call on 01909 477744 or email on morgan@

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1 Clock Court, Campbell Way, Dinnington, Sheffield, S25 3QD Please mention Worksop Life when responding to any adverts

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Publicise your for free! event Onlin e: Visit In the magazine:

Charity Ball for Special Care Unit A charity ball in aid of the

Special Care Baby Unit at Bassetlaw Hospital takes place on Saturday 14th June at The Charnwood Hotel, Blyth, from 7.00pm till midnight. Local parents who have been extremely grateful for the unit’s help have come together to organise a spectacular evening, which includes a three course meal, a raffle with amazing prizes, a live band accompanied by a singer and disco until midnight. Tickets cost £40 per person and all the money will go to the Special Care Baby Unit, who have done and still do an amazing job taking care of our premature babies. We are also looking for local businesses that would be willing to donate goods or services to add to the raffle. So get your gorgeous gowns on and your smart suits and come and help this amazing cause and have a fantastic night! Tickets can be bought individually or you can book a full table for either eight or 10 people. For tickets and for further information, please contact Laura either by email at or by calling 07854 584186, alternatively please email Demi at Demilgoodridge@ or call 07787 411565.

There’s plenty of activities at CSL to keep you and your family busy:

• Monday — Rainbow Playgroup from 9.15am to 11.15am (term time only) 50p per child and hot drinks available to buy for adults • Wednesday — Language Cafe 4.00pm to 6.00pm — Free entry • Thursday — Junior Street Dance 8–15 Years £3, 6.00pm to 7.00pm, Street 68 Worksop

│ May 2014

For more community events visit your Local Events directory at

Get back to hockey with Worksop Ladies Hockey Club

This spring Worksop Ladies Hockey Club will be joining over 170 clubs across the country in a national Back to Hockey campaign.Worksop Ladies HC are supporting England Hockey in their endeavour to open the sport to beginners or previous players of any age. Perhaps you played hockey at school and would relish the chance to have another crack at it? Perhaps you would like to take up something new? Back to Hockey sessions are coached sessions for women who may not have played hockey for a long period of time, or who are looking to try the sport for the first time. Our coaching sessions will provide you with a great opportunity to make

new friends and will give you the basic introduction if you haven't played before in a friendly and relaxed environment without the pressure to perform. We welcome you to join us at our Back to Hockey sessions which will run from 7th May until 11th June. Based at Worksop Ladies Hockey Club, Worksop College, S80 3AP (Bottom pitch), each session will start at 6.00pm and last for one hour. The total cost for the course is just £10. Anyone interested in booking or receiving further information should contact Erica Hancock on ericahancock@ or ring 07880 748367, you can also find Worksop Ladies Hockey Club on the internet.

Welbeck Estates Brass Band On the 14th and 15th June players

from the Welbeck Estates Brass Band will be available at the band’s marquee during Welbeck Estate’s open weekend. This is an occasion when many of the activities associated with Welbeck will be showcased. Any player looking for a band or anyone wishing to learn should come along for a chat. Tickets for the band’s Summer Concert at Lady Margaret Hall on the afternoon of Saturday 28th will also be available. The band is hoping to repeat the near sell-out achieved for the Christmas Concert last year. Meanwhile we are still looking for players and hope that we can add to the dozen who have joined us since last December. All are progressing well in the

happy and industrious atmosphere of practice under the baton of Geof Benson. So, come along and see us over the weekend of the 14th and 15th June when you can find out about the band as well as enjoying the many other attractions of the weekend. If you are unable to visit over that weekend but are interested in joining then further details are available from the band’s musical director, Geof on 07730 569498 or alternatively email at The band practices every Monday and Wednesday evening from 7.30pm to 9.00pm and beginners (of any age) practice from 7.00pm. Please come and join us; you will be made very welcome!

Community Sports Learning Manton Dance 16-+ years, 7.30pm to 9.00pm • Thursday — Knit and Natter 9.15pm to 11.15am • Thursday — Coffee and a Chat 1.00pm to 3.00pm • Friday — Coffee Morning, 9.15am to 11.15am • Sunday — Gut Busters Community Dance Group, 6.30pm to 8.30pm, £4

per session with free bottled water For all enquires please contact 01909 473078 or office@ Find us at Shrewsbury Road Community Centre, Community Way, Just off Shrewsbury Road, Manton, Worksop S80 2TU │ e: │t: 01427 881563 or 881565

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INDEX Aerial Specialist ADI Communications Worksop.............................. 69 Architectural Design & Surveying CS Surveying & Architectural Design....................11 Bathroom Design & Installation Carrington Bathrooms..............................................37 Venus Bathrooms & Kitchen Studio......................15 Beauty Clumber Park Hotel & Spa...................................... 33 The Palms Hair & Beauty..........................................11 Bed Showroom The Bed Chambers....................................................57 Priory Carpets & Beds...............................................36 Bedroom Interiors DC Interiors.................................................................. 12 Blinds Bassetlaw Blinds....................................................... 12 RS Blinds.......................................................................21 Bouncy Castles for Hire Apollo Entertainment.................................................56 Simmos Castles..........................................................59 Building Services AC Building Services....................................................7 Lindrick Construction................................................32 MA Construction.........................................................15 M West Roofing and Building Services.................10 RHCS Construction....................................................67 Wellow Park Building Services............................... 12 Building & Roofing Supplies Discount Roofing & Building Supplies..................29 Business Expo B Expo............................................................................19 Care — Residential & At Home Leda Homecare..........................................................41 Car Services Your Car.........................................................................61 Carpet Showrooms Neil Brodie Flooring......................................................7 Children's Indoor Play Area Kids Zone......................................................................56 Children's Parties Batting 4 6....................................................................59 Little Wishes Studio...................................................59 Chiropody & Foot Health Best Foot First..............................................................31 Jane Cavanna..............................................................21 Coach Tours CW Moxon Ltd..............................................................55 Community & Leisure Arena North Notts Community Arena.................................5 Computer Repairs & Servicing Chris Guest Computing.............................................67 Haven Kaye IT Solutions...........................................36 Conservatory Roof Conversions Another Level...............................................................23 We Fit Conservatories Windows & Doors........... 35 Country Clothing Retailer Reynards.......................................................................39 Curtains The Curtain Company................................................51 Damp Proofing DW Plastering & Damp Proofing............................ 69 Dental Surgery & Teeth Whitening Dental 22..................................................................... 35 Dog Grooming Services Competitive Edge....................................................... 53 Pawprints Grooming Salon........................................9 Sanmar Dog Grooming............................................ 66 Dog Training Competitive Edge....................................................... 53 K9 Academy................................................................ 65 Domestic Appliance Repairs Domestic Appliance Repairs...................................36 Mat Gee.........................................................................55 Driving Instructor Driver Developments...................................................7 Electrical Contractors DC Electrical................................................................ 66 Lindrick Construction................................................32

70 Worksop

│ May 2014

Electrical Goods Penningtons................................................................ 58 Estate Agent My Place Property Consultants..............................23 Fencing C & R Fencing...............................................................55 SCO Paving Ltd............................................................47 Fitness Centre Clumber Park Hotel & Spa...................................... 33 The Palms.....................................................................11 Funeral Directors Dolby Funeral Services.............................................31 Robert Priest............................................................... 54 Furniture Showroom Now & Then..................................................................36 Further Education & Training Courses North Notts College......................................................1 Gardening Services DC Garden Services.................................................. 43 Greenthumb................................................................ 45 Handy Help.................................................................. 40 Garden Centre & Garden Features Wayside Water Garden............................................ 43 Windmill View Plant Centre......................................47 Gold Bought & Sold Castle Jewellers...........................................................71 Hair Salons Masterpiece Hairdressing........................................39 The Palms Hair & Beauty..........................................11 Handyman & Property Services Hammond Property Services................................. 69 Mr Handyman..............................................................61 The Handyman............................................................23 Hypnotherapy New Beginnings Hypnotherapy..............................55 Independent Financial Advisor Paul Gladwin................................................................61 Ink Cartridge Supplier Image Tek Supplies................................................... 12 Interior Design Colourbox Design........................................................51 Todwick Interiors...........................................................2 Jewellers Castle Jewellers...........................................................71 Joinery Lambert Joinery............................................................9 Kennels & Catteries North Leverton Kennels & Cattery........................49 White Gates Cattery.................................................. 66 Kitchen Design & Installation DC Interiors.................................................................. 12 Venus Bathroom & Kitchen Studio........................20 Loans Mutual............................................................................32 Locksmith Metro Locksmiths...................................................... 63 Mediation Service CP Family Mediation..................................................11 Memorials Lindrick Memorials.................................................... 40 Mobility Scooters & Aids Clark & Partners......................................................... 53 Eco Scooters................................................................49 Music Tuition Michaels Music Studio..............................................59 Will Langdale................................................................31 Outdoor Musical Event Sherwood Pines..........................................................21 Oven Cleaning Oven Butler...................................................................25 Opticians Vision Express.............................................................72 Painting and Decorating Brush Strokes..............................................................51 Paving Services FM Paving......................................................................25 M West Roofing and Building Services.................10 SCO Paving Ltd............................................................47 Personal Development Re New You.....................................................................7

Pest Control Buzz Off Pest Solutions............................................ 43 Retford & District Pest Control................................25 Pet Care & Supplies Super Pets................................................................... 65 Physiotherapy Equinox Physiotherapy............................................. 65 Plastering Service DW Plastering & Damp Proofing............................ 66 SJ Plastering................................................................ 12 Plumbing & Heating Services David Godley Plumbing & Heating........................ 63 TC Plumbing & Heating.............................................61 Removal Firm Jays Removals...............................................................9 Restaurants, Pubs & Cafés Best Western Plus Aston Hall Hotel.......................27 Clumber Park Hotel & Spa...................................... 33 The Shireoaks Inn.........................................................7 Roofing Specialist C&C Fibreglass............................................................57 Shower Repairs Showersolve.................................................................49 Soft Furnishings & Fabrics Todwick Interiors...........................................................2 Specialist Sports Store Batting 4 6....................................................................56 Staircase Installations John Lawson................................................................29 Stoves, Fireplaces & Ranges Classic Choice Surrounds....................................... 13 Taxi & Private Hire GDB Travel................................................................... 43 Shireoaks Travel......................................................... 54 Theatre Acorn Theatre..............................................................51 Tiling Service BJB Tiling Service........................................................25 Timber Supplies & Sheds Worksop Timber......................................................... 45 Veterinary Clinic Best Friends Veterinary Group............................... 65 Wedding Venue West Retford Hotel.....................................................39 Weight Loss Slimming World...........................................................15 Wills April King.......................................................................17 Windows, Doors & Conservatories Charm Windows......................................................... 13 Cloudy 2 Clear................................................................3 Countywide Homecare...............................................9 G & M Tomlinson.........................................................23 Peacock Windows......................................................31 Truestyle Windows.....................................................41 Wellow Park Building Services................................10 We Fit Conservatories Windows & Doors........... 35 Window Repair Services Ltd....................................62

Sudoku solution 2 6 3 1 9 8 7 5 4 9 4 5 2 7 3 1 6 8 8 7 1 4 5 6 3 2 9 5 1 2 6 8 9 4 3 7 7 8 4 5 3 2 9 1 6 3 9 6 7 4 1 2 8 5 6 5 7 3 2 4 8 9 1 4 2 8 9 1 5 6 7 3 1 3 9 8 6 7 5 4 2 │ e: │t: 01427 881563 or 881565

Castle Jewellers 70a Bridge Street, Worksop.

• Jewellery Repairs on the Premises • Over 25 years experience • Large selection of Precious and Semi Precious Gemstones to choose from to design your own jewellery. • Ring Alteration • Chain Repairs • Fastener repair or replacement • Claw Work and Gemstone replacement • Rhodium • Valuations • All Repairs in our trust are Fully Insured • No posting your Family Heirlooms all over the country at great risk of loss in the post. • Speak to the person who actually does the work and discuss your requirement with someone who knows about repairs. • Dealing direct with repairer cuts the price. • We have done repairs many shops have said cannot be repaired. • Free same-day alterations for items purchased here

Best prices paid for Gold Tel:

01909 478636


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Worksop Life magazine May 2014 edition  

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