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Slimming World Join a warm and friendly group near you today…


Slimming World


Carlton-In-Lindrick The Parish Church Lane JoinCentre, a warm and friendly group near you today… 5.45pm & 7.30pm Tel: Caroline 07860 119208 Email:


Manton Kingston Close Community Centre, Kingston Road save £you5r 5.30pm & 7.30pm Just £9.95 on first night then Tel: Laura 07739 0844 897 8000260300 £4.95 a week. Email:

save £5

0844 897 8000

your Just £9.95 on first night then £4.95 a week.


Creating Dreams We all dream of that show house look, with sumptuous fabrics and stylish interiors, but actually piecing it all together can be a very difficult task. Just ask yourself; how do I start? How can I achieve the look I want? Who can help me, and provide expert advice on colours and textures? Todwick Interiors has the expertise to offer advice and help in achieving your dream home; from a simple curtain or roller blind to a complete home interior design service, we are here to help from concept to completion. Todwick Interiors has possibly the largest selection outside of London of exquisite brands, which have world wide recognition and provide exquisite visual impact; fabulous and beautiful fabrics for curtains, holdbacks, tiebacks, poles, tracks; and bay window tracks and poles made to measure. Our wall coverings, with over 7,000 designs from around the world, offer an exclusive and intimate haven for inspiration to assist in creating a home that is simply stunning. We also offer a fabulous range of paints from Sandersons, Zoffany and the Little Green Paint Company to complement any colour scheme you may have in mind. We have new additions arriving on a regular basis to ensure that your home remains in line with the latest trends and fashions. The team at Todwick Interiors is dedicated to providing free help and advice for you to achieve your perfect home. Whether it is simply extra help you need with a concept or if you need a complete, inexpensive design service. Todwick Interiors can help turn your house into your dream home.

Todwick Interiors 20 The Pastures, Todwick • Mon – Sat 10am – 5pm

01909 771010

Cloudy2Clear Cloudy2Clear Windows Windows – – Service Service With With A A Smile! Smile! ADVERTISEMENT FEATURE

It’s It’s been been aa crazy crazy few months for It’s a crazy few been months for Cloudy2Clear few months forWindows. Cloudy2Clear Windows. The company Cloudy2Clear Windows. The company which which specialises in repairing The company which specialises in repairing windows are specialises in repairing windows which which are steamed broken windows which are or steamed up, up, broken or damaged by replacing steamed or damagedup, by broken replacing the panes – not the damaged by replacing the panes – not the frames has the panes not the frames has– grown grown rapidly as frames grown rapidly has as homeowners homeowners take advantage of rapidly as homeowners take advantage of their their services. take advantage of their services. services. Managing Managing Director Director John Kendall feels Managing John KendallDirector feels that that it’s about John feels that it’s all allKendall about service. service. ‘Our is it’s about service. ‘Ourallproduct product is simple. simple. If double ‘Our product If your your doubleisglazing glazing is misted up we can replace If your up double glazing is misted we can replace the glass at a fraction misted upatwe can replace the glass a fraction of the cost of a new the glass a fraction of the costatof a new window, any type of the costin a new window, inof any type of of frame, aa new window, in with any type of frame, and and with new 5frame, and with a But new 5 year year guarantee. guarantee. But it’s not just saving 5it’syear notguarantee. just about about But saving people although it’s not money, just about saving people money, although people money, although

that that obviously obviously helps. helps. Many tradespeople that obviously helps.have Many tradespeople have struggled since year Many tradespeople struggled since last last have year and I honestly feel that struggled sincefeel lastthat year and I honestly during the good times and I honestly thataa during the goodfeel times minority didn’t during theperhaps good times minority perhaps didn’ta focus care minority perhaps didn’t focus on on customer customer care as they focus on as customer care as much much as they should should have done. We make as much as they should have done. We make sure sure we up we have done. We make sure we turn turn up when when we say say we will, do the job the we turn wethe say will, up do when the job customer requires we will, do the joband the customer requires and leave their house as clean customer leave theirrequires house asand clean as II often leave their house as get clean as aa whistle. whistle. often get comments back from as a whistle. I often comments back fromget customers how they comments back from customers on on how they really that customers onexpect how they really didn’t didn’t expect that sort of service which, really expect that sort ofdidn’t service which, in a way, is very sad sort of service which, in a way, is very sad for for the in way, is industry very sadas foraa theaservice service industry as whole.’ the service industry as a whole.’ whole.’ Cloudy2Clear Cloudy2Clear service the Cloudy2Clear service the Mansfield, Mansfield, Chesterfield and service the Mansfield, Chesterfield and Worksop Worksop areas and John finding Chesterfield andis areas and John isWorksop finding that his approach is areas and John is finding that his approach is that his approach is

aa major major factor factor in in his his success. is asuccess. major ‘The factortruth in his ‘The truth is that that it’s not just the personal success. ‘Thethe truth is that it’s not just personal satisfaction that II get it’s not just the satisfaction thatpersonal get from from doing job satisfaction get also from doing aa good goodthat jobI but but also it good business doing a good but also it makes makes goodjob business sense. II get aa huge amount it makes good business sense. get huge amount of sense. I get afrom hugefriends amount of business business from friends and family people I’ve of from friends andbusiness family of of people I’ve done work which and family of people done work for, for, whichI’ve done work for, which

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Worksop Retford Life

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On the wing��������������������������������������������8 Baking bliss���������������������������������������������14 The history of the home��������������������16 Eggs, bunnies & chocolate������������ 28 Time for a brew?���������������������������������34 Focus on: Driver Developments��� 37 When friends fall out�������������������������40 No GMO? It's already here���44 & 46 First drives: Infiniti Q50 S Hybrid������48 Spend now, save later����������������������50 Nature's nobility�������������������������52 & 54 Climbing the walls!���������������������������� 56 WIN Garden Show tickets��������������� 58 Get set for Forest Live�������������������������61 Perplexing puzzles������������������������������61 Top Pet tech��������������������������������62 & 64 This year's colour trends������������������� 66

Regulars Community�������������������6, 10, 18, 24, 26, ..............................................32, 36, 42 & 60 Index������������������������������������������������������� 70

Submission deadline 10th of every month

Contact us: 4 Worksop

│ Apr 2014

Editors’ message Business Community Partnership Award winners North Notts Business Awards 2013








Welcome to the April 2014 edition month on pages 44 and 46, called of Worksop Life magazine. The Agenda, where we will aim to look We’re delighted that spring is here, in to some of the issues you have and Worksop has so much going on raised. By doing our own research, you can find out the details within this and not always being satisfied to month’s community pages! buy in to the ‘party line’ that we’re We have a fabulous giveaway with a always told by Governments and gardening theme in this April edition, TV (who have their own reasons to hopefully to encourage you to get back spin or market things in certain ways in to the swing for 2014. We have FIVE to us), we are all able to be more pairs of tickets to give away for the empowered when it comes to making next Newark and Notts Garden Show the decisions that are right for us and on page 58. Plus, WIN tickets to see our families. Some of these issues are the Blyth Players performance of "One already starting to affect us all, and O'Clock from the House' on page 36! may continue to do so for years and Overwhelmingly, over the past few perhaps generations to come. If you months we’ve been contacted by have any comments and you would many of you to cover some particularly like to get in touch, please do so. hot topics, as you don’t feel that the We hope you are able to take real questions and issues are being a well-earned break this month highlighted enough to us, the general during Easter and that you enjoy this public. month’s magazine. In the past, we have taken the stance that if we couldn’t put forward positives for both sides of a debate or topic that it wouldn’t be fair to write about it. Yet recently, there are some issues which we all need to be aware of, and quite frankly, the discussions need to take place, with the correct questions being asked. We bring you a new monthly homes & businesses! article this

Leanne & Julian

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01909 480164 Eastgate, (Behind the Kilton Inn), Worksop, Nottinghamshire S80 1QS Charity No: 1112764


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Flat Green Bowls at Whitwell Bowls Club Are you one of those people who think that lawn bowls is for wrinkly old men, or arthritic old ladies? Perhaps years ago this may have been true, but these days’ people in their teens are becoming more and more involved in flat green bowling. Anyone watching bowls on TV at the end of January could not fail to be impressed by the 18 year old lass who beat experienced opposition to win the World Indoor Ladies Championship. Whitwell Bowls Club is a family orientated, friendly Lawn Bowls club based in the centre of Whitwell village on the Derbyshire/Nottinghamshire border. We have an excellent green, probably one of the best, if not the best in Derbyshire. We play in two fairly local bowling leagues, and also take part in three cup competitions. More importantly for new players, we also have several social bowling sessions each week which gives plenty of opportunity for practise and training. The season runs through the summer from April through to the end of September, depending on weather conditions Anyone who would like to try their hand at a new sport would be made very welcome at Whitwell, we are a friendly lot, and we do need new players, young or old. Why not get in touch and give it a try? We can even lend woods (bowls) to any new-comers; all you need to bring is a pair of absolutely flat shoes. If you do decide it could be for you, please contact one of the following people; Jack Hurry, Chairman, on 01909 722284, Alan Hockley, Treasurer, on 01246 575756, Lois Hurry, Match Secretary, on 01909 722284, or Christine Hockley, Secretary on 01246 575756. We look forward to hearing from you. 6 Worksop

│ Apr 2014

For more community events visit your Local Events directory at

U3A choir sounding good for Worksop

Some scientific studies suggest

that singing as part of a choir is good for health and well being. It improves mood and reduces stress; and we think that there might be some truth in that. Whether it works that way for our musical director, Greg Watson, is another matter. For sure, at times, we drive him almost to despair when we struggle with something he feels we should cope with easily. On the other hand, he does get to experience the sheer joy of us sailing through something that should have been really testing; sometimes we even surprise ourselves. The choir started life when some members of Worksop and District U3A banded together to sing. It was led initially by John Fletcher, a local writer and expert on Clumber’s history. We were then, and still are, quite a mixed bunch. Somehow though, it started to come together. With John’s help, we began to evolve into a choir rather than a group of people who just got together to sing. So much so, that we eventually reached the point where John said he had taken us as far as he could and that now, to develop further, we needed to make use of the services of someone with more professional musical skills. Fortunately, with John’s help, we found the very person we needed, in the form of a very accomplished and versatile musician and musical director who has a talent for making learning fun. Greg said, “I knew from the moment I first heard the choir that it had the potential to be something quite special.” Under Greg’s musical direction and that of the choir’s assistant musical

director and accompanist, Peter Colby, the choir has been developing its range, its repertoire and its reputation in the local community, performing for local charitable and community groups. We’ve come a long way since those early days and the choir now offers its audiences a mixed programme ranging from Gershwin to the Beatles. In December of last year, we gave our first performance to a paying audience, when we delivered a Christmas concert at The Acorn Theatre in Worksop. Tickets were sold out and it turned out to be a bit of a triumph! We even had to reprise our rousing rendition of “Hey Jude” as an encore. We did well, but we haven’t been allowed to rest on our laurels. We’ve been hard at work honing our performances of numbers we’re already familiar with as well as developing new material in preparation for future concerts. Comments we received after the Christmas concert ranged from the slightly surprised compliment of, “You sounded like a real choir, only more fun”, to “When can we can we come and hear you again?” We’re arranging a summer concert, which will be held at The Acorn Theatre on 5th July. But before that, there will performance to celebrate St George’s Day on 23rd April at The Crossing in Worksop, where we’ll be offering a range of English music from ‘Greensleeves’ to the Beatles and ELO’s ‘Mr Blue Sky’. Tickets for the St George’s Day concert cost £5.00 and are available from The Crossing. We hope that our singing will make you feel as good as it does us.

Something old, something new Come to a charity ball with a

difference on Friday 16th May at North Notts Community Arena. The MS Charity Ball invites you to re-live your wedding day, or the magic of the wedding, and are asking guests to wear their wedding dress, bridesmaid dress, morning suit, mother of the

bride or even just your best outfit! There will be live entertainment from 7.00pm, with a phenomenal mix of live music and top class showmanship. Tickets are on sale now from the arena, and include a pie and peas supper, and disco till late. All funds raised will be in aid of the Multiple Sclerosis Society. │ e: │t: 01427 881563 or 881565

HOME OWNERS AGED 50+ Protect your home from future Care Home fees “We’ve worked hard and saved all our lives, why should the Local Authority get it all?”

Does this sound familiar?

“ We have made our Wills leaving everything to each other then to the children” These are known as ‘Mirror Wills’. Sounds reassuring enough doesn’t it! But your children could in fact end up with very little or even nothing at all. The main reason for this is your surviving spouse requiring residential care when you are no longer here to look after them. Although the possibility of care may seem a long way off, there are steps your should take now to protect your home.

Care Costs

If your surviving spouse has to go into care, they will have to use all their assets to pay for their care until they get down to their last £14,250. It is therefore not a good idea to leave your half share of the home in your Will to your surviving partner. The answer is to make new Property Trust Wills. You may be unaware that legislation is already in place for you to take advantage of these types of Wills. Our free information pack tells you all you need to know about protecting your home from future care charges and also includes details of our special ‘Bloodline Trust Wills’ which prevent your children and grandchildren from losing their inheritance due to a child’s divorce, remarriage or financial difficulties.

Also available: APRIL KING are your local specialists and most of our clients come to us having already made ‘Mirror Wills’. Rather than leaving everything to each other, you and your spouse (or partner) leave your respective share of your home to the children in Trust but say that they cannot have it whilst the surviving spouse/ partner is still alive. This half would then NOT be included in any future means test calculations. The surviving spouse is free to sell their share of the home, raise cash or move house. Your children are powerless to intervene but simply have to wait for their inheritance, as they would have done under your old ‘Mirror Will’.

Do you qualify?

Property Trust Wills must be written whilst you are both still alive and in good mental health. Unfortunately, these are unsuitable if you are single or a surviving spouse who now owns the property outright. It is Please mention Worksop Life when responding to any therefore important for couples to act now.adverts




To receive a free copy of our information pack, without obligation, call our local office today on

01909 518528 Lines open: Monday – Friday 8.00am – 8.00pm Saturday and Sunday 10.00am – 4.00pm or email your name and address toApr 2014 │ Worksop 7


In the first instalment of this account of local bird life I concentrated on the area’s flagship site, the Idle Valley Nature Reserve. In this edition we will look at a few other local hot spots. A ten minute drive from Idle Valley is Gringley Carrs, a vast expanse of agricultural fields criss-crossed with irrigation channels (cars). Most local birders would say that this site has deteriorated and indeed the days are gone when you needed more that one hand to count the numbers of Corn Buntings. However, Gringley still has its owls with all the species on the British List recorded. The most common are the Barn Owls which quarter the fields from late afternoon. In winter, the fields are alive with visiting Thrushes, Fieldfare and Redwings. Combined flocks of several hundreds are not uncommon. But without doubt Gringley’s star attraction is the Dotterel. A few birds drop in for a while every so often in April and May and can be found feeding with Lapwings. Their arrival is generally well broadcast but be

Goosander 8 Worksop

│ Apr 2014

On the Wing

John Wilkins guides us through the wonderful wildlife we have on our doorstep warned, they do not stay long. Watch for mixed flocks of Tits and Finches on the roadsides. Next we look at Clumber Park, where the rich mixture of habitats is an attraction. The centre point is the Great Lake. Mostly common birds reside here, but in winter look for Goosander. Look over the ornamental bridge for the gaudy Mandarin Ducks. The lake offers good photo opportunities for Great Crested Grebes and watch for the courtship dance in spring. Clumber is one of the best sites nationwide for two scarce birds — the Hawfinch and the Lesser Spotted Woodpecker. The former is mostly seen in small groups in tall trees by the church between October and February. Occasional flocks of around 20 occur. As Woodpeckers go, the “Lesser Spot” is quite tiny being the size of a sparrow. Its drumming is much weaker than its Great Spotted cousin and its habit of flashing from tree to tree makes it hard to find. The car park at Rufford Country Park is another good site and there is speculation that the same birds are spending time in each place. I am often asked to recommend

Mandarin Duck

a good bird book. In my view, the paperback version of Collins Bird Guide remains unparalleled. There are others which offer less detail by such organisations as the AA, RSPB and Shell — all of which are as good as each other and in the end it comes down to personal preference. Some prefer photographs to drawings , some like more text than others, but in the context of “every home should have one”, the recently published ‘Crossley ID Guide’ sets the bench mark for years to come. Sadly size rules out its usefulness as a field guide but if I wasn’t already a birder, this book would convert me. Happy Birding. │ e: │t: 01427 881563 or 881565

Your new Morrisons Worksop il r p A h t 7 y nda o M s n e p O

w/c 31/03/14


• Romans • Rollers • Verticals • Venetians • Wooden • Pleated Roof Blinds • Perfect Fit • Velux Style Blinds • Shutters • Awnings

3 Vertical Blinds for


Tel: 01909 484536 or 07738 833204

For more information visit FREE QUOTATION, FREE FITTING, 7 DAYS A WEEK



All aspects of damproofing undertaken to a high quality of workmanship using the most vigorously tested products on the market ∞ New work ∞ NVQ qualified ∞ Re-skims ∞ Competitive prices ∞ Boarding ∞ 20 years of experience ∞ Coving

Tel 01909 809463 or 07862 722801 Please mention Worksop Life when responding to any adverts

Domestic & Commercial Gas, Heating & Electrical Services • Central Heating Breakdowns • Gas Installations • Air/Ground Sourced Heat Pump Installations • Central Heating Installations (Energy Efficient) • Landlords Gas Safety Certificates • Electrical Safety Checks (ECIR)(Periodic Inspection Report) • Electrical Installations / Testing • Energy Efficient Lighting Conversions • Rewires / Minor Works • CCTV (Web enabled if required) / Intruder Alarms • Fire Alarms / Emergency Lighting • Maintenance Contracts • Shop Fitting Supplying and Installing Innovative, Energy Efficient Products

Electrical, Call: 07812 676261 Gas, Heating and Plumbing, Call: 07427 6631 19 Email: Apr 2014 │ Worksop



For more community events visit your Local Events directory at

Whitwell and District WI of glass through the centuries. Members also went along on 2nd March 2014 to the Wassailing event in the Kitchen Garden at Clumber Park to finish adorning the apple trees with ‘yarn bombing’ and to awaken the trees for spring

At our meeting on Monday 10th March, stained glass artist Cynthia Else gave us a potted history of her career from studying textiles at Bradford Art College through her employment at both Bairnswear and Martin's Knitwear factories as a designer and on to a complete change of direction to teaching stained glass at Rother Valley College. Cynthia is passionate about her subject and her work and gave us a fascinating insight into the history and development

ACWW (ASSOCIATED COUNTRY WOMEN OF THE WORLD) Derbyshire Federation is aiming to raise £4,250 to fund a clean water supply to a village in Cameroon, with water to spare to irrigate surrounding land to grow vegetables for home consumption with any excess being sold in the markets to raise additional income. To support this, at the end of April we intend to join with WI members from the De Rodes Group to walk around Creswell Crags at 10.00am on Sunday 27th April, again to raise money for the project. All over the world at 10.00am their time women will walk to celebrate this special day.


Anytime! Anywhere! MEMORIAL SERVICE

—— — — —— — —— — — —— — —— — — —— — —— — —— — — —— — —— — — —— — —— — — —— — —— — — ——-

29th April, 7pm, Grove Street Methodist Church, Retford

Spring Coffee Morning

12thLUNCH April, 10amAND - 12pm, FASHION Bassetlaw Hospice, Retford LADIES SHOW


Curtain Company

Est. 25 Years

Call Donna for a FREE Home Consultation or pop into our shop to meet our friendly, helpful staff.


Pencil Pleats, Eyelets, Roman Blinds, Swags & Tails, Hard Pelmet &accessories to match.


Verticals, pleated, roller and now perfect fit too.

35 M i l l S t r e et | C lo w n e | S4 3 4J N

Call TODAY on 10 Worksop

01246 811476

│ Apr 2014


DELICIOUS DINE-IN’S - Anytime! Anywhere! Delicious Dine-In’s

MOBILE PHYSIOTHERAPY WHEREVER YOU NEED IT! Specialising in post stroke and neurological physiotherapy


We are also collecting unwanted silver, gold and costume jewellery and watches which will raise funds for ACWW. Already we are making plans for our summer outings — two this year in August — a trip on the Kiveton stretch of the Chesterfield Canal with a meal at the Lock-keeper Inn and a visit to Winthorpe Gardens with the opportunity for a Yoga session and of course afternoon tea. At our next meeting on Friday 11th April we have representatives from Chesterfield Street Pastors coming to talk to us about their work in the community late at night when most WI ladies are tucked up safely in our beds! We are intrigued — and if you are too why not come and hear them speak? Come along and meet us, every second Monday in the month from 7.00pm in the Community Centre, the Square, Whitwell, S80 4QR. Check out our website, or catch up with us on our Facebook page, Whitwell WI, we do need lots more likes!

ALL CURTAINS Manufactured on Site

—— — — —— — —— — — —— — —— — — —— — —— — —— — — —— — —— — — —— — —— — — —— — —— — — —— — —-

22nd May, Ye Olde Bell Hotel, Barnby Moor

Memorial Service

29th April, 7pm, Grove GOLF Street Methodist CHARITY DAY Church, Retford —— — — —— — —— — — —— — —— — — —— — —— — —— — — —— — —— — — —— — —— — — —— — —— — — ——-

27th June, Worksop Golf Club

Ladies Lunch and Fashion Show

22nd May, Ye Bell PARK Hotel, Barnby Moor PARTY ATOlde THE —— — — —— — —— — — —— — —— — — —— — —— — —— — — —— — —— — — —— — —— — — —— — —— — — ——-

Come & join us to celebrate 20 years of Hospice Care in Bassetlaw Charity DayRetford 5th July, Cannon Park FootballGolf Ground,

27th June, Worksop Golf Club

BASSETLAW OFF Party BAKE at the Park GRAND FINAL Come and join us to celebrate 20 years of Hospice Care in Bassetl —— — — —— — —— — — —— — —— — — —— — —— — —— — — —— — —— — — —— — —— — — —— — —— — — ——-

13th September, Worksop College Preparatory School, Ranby

5th July, Cannon Park Football Ground, Retford

MURDER MYSTERY EVENING Bassetlaw Bake Off - Grand Final —— — — —— — —— — — —— — —— — — —— — —— — —— — — —— — —— — — —— — —— — — —— — —— — — ——-

26th September, Ye Olde Bell Hotel, Barnby Moor

13th September, Worksop College Preparatory School, Ranby

BASSETLAW BASH, CHALLENGE WALK Murder Mystery Evening —— — — —— — —— — — —— — —— — — —— — —— — —— — — —— — —— — — —— — —— — — —— — —— — — ——-

25th October, Idle Valley Rural Learning Centre, Retford

26th September, Ye Olde Bell Hotel, Barnby Moor


—— — — —— — —— — — —— — —— — — —— — —— — —— — — —— — —— — — —— — —— — — —— — —— — — ——-

From MEASURE to QUOTE to FIT Satisfaction Guaranteed

Bassetlaw Bash, Challenge Walk 4th December, 7pm, Grove Street Methodist Church, Retford

25th October, Idle Valley Rural Learning Centre, Retford

For further information or tickets for any of these events please contact Helen Eshelby Coffee at The Appeal Office on Christmas Morning 01777 710444 or visit our website 29th November, 10am - 12pm, Bassetlaw Hospice, Retford at —— — — —— — —— — — —— — —— — — —— — —— — —— — — —— — —— — — —— — —— — — —— — —— — — ——-

—— — — —— — —— — — —— — —— — — —— — —— — —— — — —— — —— — — —— — —— — — —— — —— — — ——-

Carol Service │ e: │t: 01427 881563 or 881565 4th December, 7pm, Grove Street Methodist Church, Retford —— — — —— — —— — — —— — —— — — —— — —— — —— — — —— — —— — — —— — —— — — —— — —— — — ——-


ELECTRICAL SERVICES ■ All works carried out to 17th Edition Regulations ■ Part P registered ■ Partial & Full re-wires ■ Consumer unit changes ■ CCTV ■ Security Alarms ■ Inspection & Testing

■ External Electrics ■ Kitchen/Bathroom re-wires ■ Free Quotations ■ Friendly and reliable service ■ Fully insured – details available on request ■ Commercial and Domestic Works

Contact Mark: Office – 01909 532897 • Mobile – 07872 602818 Email – Website – Claylands Industrial Estate, Worksop, Notts S81 7BE

DOMESTIC & COMMERCIAL BUILDING WORKS Lindrick Construction are a local family run business with over 25 years experience in the building trade. Our works range from small maintenance projects through to large new build projects and can include extensions, walls, driveways and new builds. Over the years we have built established relationships with Architects, Consultants and other external trades allowing us, where required, to carry out all aspects of a project from design/planning through to final décor. No job is too large or too small — all our works are treated with the same care and attention to give the best possible outcome we can achieve! Please take a look at our website:

and feel free to contact us for a free quotation.

Office – 01909 532897 • Mobile – 07872 602818 Email – Claylands Cottage, Claylands Avenue, Worksop, Notts S81 7BE

Recommended for Quality

12 Worksop

A FAMILY BUSINESS established over 25 years

assuring personal attention from design to installation n Extensive range of uPVC windows, n Repairs, replacement sealed units doors & conservatories n Conversions n Energy rated windows A,B,C n Landscaping n Soffits, fascias & cladding n Building work

CALL TODAY to arrange a FREE no obligation survey & quotation

01909 472731 Showroom - 10 Carlton Rd, Worksop

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Luxury Bathrooms & Tiles • Showers & Enclosures • Bathroom Furniture • Wide Selection of Taps & Accessories •

Visit our online showroom at

Discover your relaxing haven… At Venus Bathroom Studio Opening times: Monday to Friday 9am-5pm Saturday 9am-4pm FREE PARKING


Tel: 01909 489161


ask for details

Tel: 01909 489161 Fax: 01909 808041 Venus Bathroom Studio Ltd. 146 Carlton Road, Worksop, Notts. S81 7AB Email: Website: Registered in England No: 4433674

Platinum Service Plan Fixed cost boiler maintenance.

Peace of mind from

as little as £11 per month.

Annual service, Parts, Labour and unlimited call outs. Gas, Oil and LPG boilers undertaken subject to our terms & conditions Our team are here to help. To get the boiler cover thatʼs right for you, simply;

Call 01777 872391 Please mention Worksop Life when responding to any adverts

Apr 2014 │ Worksop



Follow on Twitter: /baking_bliss

Helen Stevenson shares her favourite baking treats THIS MONTH Steamed Treacle Sponge

Hello bakers, and welcome

to the April edition of Baking Bliss. The clocks may have gone forward and the daffodils are well and truly out in the garden, but on an evening there is still a chill in the air. So with that in mind I am sharing with you my recipe for steamed treacle sponge with homemade custard. The ultimate in comfort food, and perfect for a chilly spring evening.

│ Apr 2014

the egg and sugar mixture • Slowly heat through, until the custard thickens to coat the back of a spoon then strain into a serving jug • To serve the pudding, remove from the saucepan, remove the foil and baking parchment, place a plate on top and turnover — the pudding will slowly release from the side of the heatproof bowl • Cut a generous portion and serve with the warm custard















14 Worksop

greaseproof paper, securing the edge with string then cover with foil and fold it around the lip of the bowl, and then all around the bowl • Place a small plate upside down in a large saucepan, then place the heatproof bowl on top and fill the saucepan with water, until you hare two-thirds of the way up the heatproof bowl • Cover with a lid and bring to the boil, then simmer for 1½ hours • For the custard, whisk the egg yolks and sugar together in a bowl • In a small saucepan, bring to boil the milk, cream, vanilla pod and seeds, then simmer for one minute and pour in


METHOD • Starting with the sponge, take a 1.2 litre heatproof bowl and rub butter all around the inside and coat with a small amount of sugar • Mix the treacle and golden syrup together and pour into the bottom • In a separate bowl, whisk together the butter and sugar then beat in the eggs, one at a time • Fold in the flour and baking powder, mixing to a smooth, thick batter • Spoon the mixture into the heatproof bowl and cover with

Steamed Treac le Sponge


INGREDIENTS For the sponge: • 2 tbsp black treacle • 4 tbsp golden syrup • 175g butter, softened • 175g soft dark brown sugar • 3 large free-range eggs • 175g self-raising flour • 1 tsp baking powder For the custard: • 4 free-range eggs, yolks only • 40g caster sugar • 150ml milk • 150ml double cream • 1 vanilla pod, split and seeds scraped │ e: │t: 01427 881563 or 881565

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A history of the home Leanne Broadhead looks back at how housing has evolved over the years The real story of how Britain bought into the dream of home ownership is an interesting one, and it’s a concept that’s gripped the national imagination for decades. For many of us, the desire to own our own home is driven by a belief of the promise of a better life through ownership rather than tenancy. But it wasn’t always the case. Over the course of the next few months, I’ll be delving in to how in just two generations, we became a nation obsessed with owning their own homes. Today, more than 70% of us own our own homes, but just a hundred years ago, only one in ten of us were what people called ‘men of property’. Most houses only changed hands when somebody died, and estate agents were an off-shoot of the undertaking trade. World War II created a housing shortage in the UK, as 200,000 houses were destroyed by bombs, and a further 250,000 homes had been made inhabitable. Owning a house wasn’t an aspiration, most people were just thankful if they had somewhere to live. The masses rented their house from a 16 Worksop

│ Apr 2014

private landlord, and for those who did purchase a property, it was very cheap to do so, as there was little demand at that time from people to buy. In the 1940s, property was even cheaper than it had been in the 1920s, and back then, property wasn’t seen as an investment like today. In essence there was no ‘property market’ and definitely no such thing as a ‘first-time buyer’! A house was just somewhere to live, and that was all that mattered. So critical was the availability of places to live, that the government even had a push to make home-owners rent out their houses to families if they were not living there themselves. It was this housing shortage that led to the creation of the first council housing being built by the Labour government at the time. In the five years after the war, over three million homes were built, and the government policy was that only one in four of those were allowed to enter in to private ownership, the rest were council houses. Subsequent political wrangling and party policy even centred around how many more

homes each party would build than the current party in government, when Conservatives vowed to build more than the opposition. These policies enabled young couples and families to finally live in a separate home from their parents, for which many had been experiencing cramped conditions for years, with two to four generations living in a house with only two or three bedrooms. In the 1950s, council tenants became the envy of many, with families enjoying all the mod-cons, such as; three bedrooms, a bathroom, indoor toilets, and even a garden. Although people didn’t own their own home, under the council, it became theirs for life, and thus the ‘council-housing waiting list’ was born. Sixty years on and we’re back to having a shortage of homes for families, with no clear strategy or solution coming from either the cash-strapped government or opposing political parties. It does make me wonder who had it better, the average 1950s family or today’s 2.2 family unit? Image kindly supplied by Bassetlaw Museum │ e: │t: 01427 881563 or 881565

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For more community events visit your Local Events directory at

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As a new member of Worksop

WI, I was very interested to hear the activities report at the Annual Meeting held on Thursday 6th March. The members have had a very busy year with a variety of speakers at their meetings including Maria from Creswell Crags, Gary talking about that sadly missed institution — Woolworths - and on a serious note Richard discussing Worksop town centre development. There were also demonstrations form Paula from Floral Media and the Ladies in Pigs who not only demonstrated pork recipes but gave everyone the opportunity to sample them as well!

18 Worksop

Worksop WI Trips out and about have included stays at Denman College, Visits to Renishaw Hall and Cutlers Hall in Sheffield. A memorable evening was also had on a tour of Welbeck Brewery! They have also been busy fundraising too. Three members held coffee mornings to raise funds for the WI, and coin collections at meetings were donated to ACWW the WI affiliated charity. Foodstuffs collected at Christmas were donated to the Worksop Food Bank and £100 was presented to Bassetlaw Hospice the Worksop WI chosen charity for the year. As hosts for the year of the Sherwood and Ryton Group of WIs, Worksop WI organised the annual Carol Concert — which is always a popular event, and signalling the start of our Christmas celebrations. At the Group May meeting author and journalist Martin Gurdon had everyone in stitches with

stories about his chickens. As a new member I can’t wait to see just what is in store for 2014/15 at Worksop WI. Why not give them a try? Worksop WI meets on the first Thursday in every month at the Cricket Club in Worksop from 1.45pm. There are over 50 members at the moment and everyone will make you most welcome.

“The White Lion is a Jewel in Worksop’s Culinary Crown” Worksop Guardian February 2013, awarded 5 Stars

Early bird menu available Mon – Thur 5.00pm till 6.30pm • Weekly Quiz Nights every Wednesday & Sunday • Cask Marque accredited with regular changing Real Ales • We are situated 200 yards away from the Savoy Cinema •

We look forward to welcoming you to the White Lion soon

The White Lion 50 Park Street, Worksop S80 1HF Tel: 01909 476450 • Email:

View our current menu & opening times on │ Apr 2014 │ e: │t: 01427 881563 or 881565


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and no joining fee

per person, per month

REASONS TO JOIN • Feel healthier • Improve your energy levels • Increase confidence • Lose weight • Be more active • Achieve a healthy body and mind • Be fit for the day ahead • Get set for your holidays • Make new friends

ENJOY THE GYM, A SWIM, CLASSES AND MORE... To join Thoresby Hall Leisure Club or for more information come visit us or call 01623 821 037 or email *Bourne Holidays Limited (trading as Warner Leisure Hotels) is a company registered in England and Wales with company number 01854900 whose registered office is 1 Park Lane, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire HP2 4YL. 66859.

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The Fireplace Showroom Classic Choice Surrounds Visit our showroom and see a fabulous choice of fires and surrounds, quality products and expert service.

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lty DOORS Our Specia

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20 Worksop

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DC Interiors lend a hand DC Interiors recently answered the call from the BBC’s DIY SOS team, who were in need of help on a project for a family in Misterton The company was please to offer their services to supply and fit a fabulous new kitchen for the family. Owner Bill Powney said, “all at DC Interiors are proud to have

been able to help boy the DIY SOS team and the family.” DC Interiors have two showrooms, in Maltby and Doncaster and offer an expert, friendly design service with no high pressure selling. All the DC Interiors designers are experienced and there’s a free no obligation quotation, allowing you to make the most of their expertise.

DC Interiors Trusize Works, Rotherham Road Maltby S66 8ES 01709 790145 Unit 2, Fairfield Road, Tesco Precinct Edenthorpe, Doncaster DN3 2NS 01302 886790

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Approved Member

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at an

Affordable Price

• Quality service at an affordable price. • Fast Efficient, Hassle Free Bathroom Installations. • We buy direct from the manufacturer to save you money.


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Carrington Bathrooms

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Become a professional foster carer

In response to the significant increase in looked after children, Nottinghamshire County Council has launched a scheme to recruit professional foster carers who could offer a home to children aged 11+. The Council is looking for homes in Nottinghamshire so children can remain close to their friends and family but the challenge is significant with 60 carers needed every year. There is a particular need for homes for older children in north Nottinghamshire, and the Council is appealing to people to consider joining their 11+ scheme. FOSTERING 11+ OFFERS: • a guaranteed income • generous tax exemptions

• excellent training and support • a rewarding career • an addition to your family

YOU OFFER: • home based care • a spare bedroom • understanding • patience • a good sense of humour • experience of caring for, or working with, older children either in a professional capacity or through your own experience of parenting The assessment process takes

Become a professional foster carer

around six months and there are few barriers to beginning a rewarding career as a professional foster carer with Nottinghamshire County Council. The Council welcomes applications from people who are married, single, gay, straight, over 21 or retired, home owners, those in rented accommodation, employed (one carer does need to be home-based for the 11+ scheme), unemployed or looking for a career change. If you think you could offer a safe and stable home to an older child call us today on 0845 301 8899 or visit www.nottinghamshire.


We’re looking for people who could offer a home to children aged 11+ Call 0845 301 8899 Please mention Worksop Life when responding to any adverts

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Carlton-in-Lindrick Methodist Church & Centre

After five years of planning and fundraising, the Methodist Schoolroom in Carlton has been completely refurbished to become a multi-purpose building with easy access. It had been the Sunday school since 1895, and a place for activities and youth groups. It had been increasingly difficult to maintain this and the Chapel built in 1861, which has stone steps, making access difficult. It has now been concluded that the Chapel will soon be sold. The refurbished building has a worship area and vestry on the ground floor, along with a kitchen, toilets and storeroom. There is a lift to the activity rooms, office, toilets and small kitchen upstairs and everyone is welcome to come and look around. Sunday Worship takes place each week at 10.45am, and coffee mornings are every Monday from 10.00am to midday. Hand bell ringers and a percussion group will perform at a concert on Saturday 3rd May at 7.30 pm, as well as accompanying Sunday worship at 10.45am the next day. Another special event will be a talk by George Buchanan on ‘Growing up at Hodsock’ on Wednesday 11th June at 2.00pm. We hope to see many more visitors to the church and centre this over the coming months.

The story of Mary, Bess & George A talk about “Mary, Bess, and George”, will take place at Worksop Library on Thursday 17th April, from 2.00 to 3.00pm. Hear the fascinating story of Mary, Queen of Scot’s captivity in our locality, under the custodianship of George Talbot, Earl of Shrewsbury, and his formidable wife, Bess of Hardwick. This is a free event, but booking is essential, so please call Worksop Library on 01909 535353 or email 24 Worksop

│ Apr 2014

For more community events visit your Local Events directory at

Frack Free Nottinghamshire In the 1980s, coal miners across

the country united to picket and demonstrate against closures of the coal mines, leaving communities, men and families broken and shattered by the devastating effects of unemployment. Three decades later, those same communities are coming together again to protest and demonstrate against decisions being made by the government to start drilling into rocks under your homes again. This time, the demonstrations are against the start of new drilling procedures and plans for the extraction of coal-bed methane. Families, individuals, groups and ex-miners have been joining together over the past few months to campaign against the awful threat of fracking or the extraction of unconventional hydrocarbons in Nottinghamshire and South Yorkshire. Members of Frack Free Nottinghamshire visited the County Council offices and asked for a meeting with the head of the council. They also handed over thousands of signatures against investigatory drilling currently being allowed to take place in the North of the county. The group also visited the Environment Agency who oversee the drilling permits and appreciated being able to have a productive meeting with the staff. The group are keen to work in partnership with organisations and councils to show that local people are not in favour of the proposals and that we will not be swayed by offers or bribes

of money from the government. Frack Free Nottinghamshire are just general members of the public, concerned about the impact that hundreds of wells will have on our area including our landscape, the wildlife, health, traffic congestion and drinking water. The more the members have researched the topic, the worse they have found that fracking to be. The process occurring in the USA and Australia has seen explosions and leaks of radioactive water from the wells and methane coming out of people’s taps. Fracking towns and villages will see dramatic increases in noise and traffic around the wells (each well will have over 40 HGV visits per day for between six months and two years). The original claim that fracking will lower gas prices has now been dropped and no-one has mentioned the additional costs that will be going on your water bills, to bring in thousands of gallons of water per site and to take away and clean up the chemically filled and potentially radioactive waste water. France, Spain and Italy have said no to fracking, why on earth does our government think it is right? Frack Free Nottinghamshire invite you to join us, learn more and make your own mind up about the process. The next meeting of Frack Free Nottinghamshire will be on Tuesday 8th April, Govinda’s Restaurant, Thurland Street, Nottingham. Alternatively you can email or visit

Worksop & District Stroke Club The Worksop and District Stroke

Club meet at the Crossing Centre on Newcastle Street, Worksop, on the first and third Thursdays of the month, from 7.00pm to 9.00pm. We have now been established for 34 years, and we welcome anyone that has survived a stroke to come along, with or without their carer and we offer friendship and support to everyone. Transport is also available in some circumstances. We have varied entertainment throughout

the year, which also include interesting speakers, slide shows, music nights with Worksop Miners Brass Band and others too. We also have a specially adapted coach to take us to the seaside and other interesting venues. Please come and see what we have in store for 2014 and meet some very friendly people. If you are interested and want further information please contact Pauline on 01909 487669 or Lynn on 01909 720985. │ e: │t: 01427 881563 or 881565

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Publicise your for free! event Onlin e: Visit In the magazine:

Welbeck Tennis Club has a coaching programme that runs on a Friday evening for all age groups from four years to 16 years of age. The sessions run from 5.00pm to 8.00pm and our new term is just starting. We have three age brackets for coaching; Tots and Mini Red, Mini Orange and Mini Green. Mini Tennis Red is for players aged eight and under. It is played on small courts with short rackets and soft balls. It’s just like the real game and gives

For more community events visit your Local Events directory at

Welbeck Tennis Club players opportunities to have long rallies and play different types of shots. Mini Tennis Orange is a great way for players to continue their progress from Mini Tennis Red and is for players aged eight and nine years old. It is played with shorter rackets, softer balls and courts are bigger and wider than the red stage but still smaller than full-size tennis courts allowing players to develop a rounded game whilst learning a range of techniques and tactics. Mini Tennis Green is a great way for players to continue their progress from Mini Tennis Orange. It is played on a full size tennis court, with bigger rackets and balls which are a little softer than yellow balls. It’s the next stage before moving on to full compression yellow balls on a full sized court and helps players develop and

improve all aspects of their game. The timetable on Fridays at the club is as follows:

• Mini Red 5.00pm to 6.00pm for ages four to eight years • Mini Orange 6.00pm to 7.00pm for ages eight and a half to nine years • Mini Green 6.00pm to 7.00pm for nine and 10 year olds • Full Ball is from 7.00pm to 8.00pm, for aged 11 to 16 years To book a place for your child on the coaching programme or for more information please contact the Head Coach Andy Bell on 07738 394785 or email Welbeck Tennis Club is at the Lady Margaret Hall (off A60) Welbeck Estate, Worksop, Notts S80 3NB.

Freed Beeches 10th Anniversary Party Night

Freed Beeches is a local holistic Eating Disorder Charity that offers free help and support to sufferers and their carers. It was set up initially in 1996 as was set up as a self-help group. Armed with a vision and endless work by the Trustees the service was set up. Through continued efforts by the Trustees and its dedicated staff, Freed is celebrating 10 years at our centre on Park Street, and is going from strength to strength. We offer counselling, complementary therapy and dietetics to clients living within Bassetlaw, Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire. Freed was set up using grants from The Big Lottery and other businesses and trusts.

We are now funded by the NHS and this year we have been Sainsbury’s (Worksop) chosen Charity of the Year for which we are extremely grateful. To celebrate this iconic achievement, we are holding a 10th Anniversary Party Night, at North Notts Community Arena, Eastgate, Worksop, on Saturday 26th April, at 7.30pm. It is an evening of live entertainment featuring Tony Casino ‘the voice’, Ratpack crooner, two local talented singers, street dancers from The Palms and the resident Phoenix Roadshow Disco. The evening includes an auction of fabulous prizes donated from our generous sponsors, including a night at Z Hotel Liverpool, a night

Whitwell Local History Group

Whitwell Local History Group

meets every Tuesday at 7.00pm in the Whitwell Community Centre. There is a charge of £1.00 per entry for each meeting, which also includes refreshments. The topics for meetings vary widely. For instance on Tuesday 11th March, John Taylor argued ‘It’s not really British, you know’, and then on the 25th, Andy Firth talked about ‘Signs of the Times’. We also enjoyed talks by members Tony and Ken, who both

26 Worksop

│ Apr 2014

spoke about their own special interests. In April, George will give a talk on the 1st about ‘Chartwell’, and Polly will talk about ‘Gypsies’ on the 15th. On 29th April Ron declares ‘That Record Always Fascinated Me’. We’re also looking forward to the well-known historian Malcolm Dolby who will take us on ‘A trip Down the Trent’ on 8th April and Joan Grundy will talk about ‘Death and Dying’ on the 22nd. The

at The Earl of Doncaster Hotel, Dine with Wine at Markham Inn, Beauty Treatments, Finger Print Jewellery, Pleasure Microflight, Dress/Hat Hire from High Society, Hamper from Vanilla Rooms and many more. We also have a luxury raffle including champagne and chocolates from M&S, Flowers, toiletries from Sainsbury’s and many more. All this for £10, including Hog Roast Cob or Jacket Potato, enjoy a night of entertainment, drink and dance the night away whilst supporting a great cause; perhaps even booking a whole table. Tickets can be bought from on 01909 479922, North Notts Arena 01909 480164, Sainsbury’s Worksop.

group is heavily involved in research into local history and anyone who would like to engage in this fascinating research would be welcomed. We’re always on the lookout to welcome interesting speakers, and help can be offered to anyone needing assistance with images, etc. For further information, enquiries can be directed to June Walker by calling 01909 481752 or by calling Jo Wheldon on 01909 723230. │ e: │t: 01427 881563 or 881565




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Comfy Beds at Dream Prices

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P Flammability P Health & Hygiene P Trade Descriptions




Tel: 01777


24 Grove Street, Retford, Notts, DN22 6JR



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It’s been a long road from the glory of the resurrection of Jesus Christ’s — the central miracle of the Christian faith — to gorging on chocolate. And it’s a road that those of a philosophical bent might liken to the descent of Western civilisation into gluttonous consumerism. But leaving such considerations aside, how did it happen? Let’s start with the word itself, Easter. We have it on the word of the Venerable Bede, writing in the very early 8th century, that “Eostre” is derived from “Eostre-monath”, the month in which pagan Saxons celebrated the festival of the goddess Eostre. It’s a simple explanation, and one with which with which scholars of philology have had endless fun ever since — some even denying that there ever was a goddess Eostre and that Bede (uncharacteristically) made the whole thing up. But “eostre” is cognate with “öster”, the German for east, and is therefore associated with sunrise and hence spring, so Bede’s explanation at least has context on its side. Indeed the feast is only called “Easter” in Germanic countries. In France it’s called “Pâques”, a variation on the Jewish spring festival Pesach, and other Latin countries 28 Worksop

│ Apr 2014

Eggs, bunnies & chocolate

How Easter became what it is today use names of the same derivation. Fascinating stuff, but it doesn’t get us much closer to the chocolate. And the answer is eggs. Eggs have been associated with spring since... well, since birds started laying them in spring. There are Persian wall-paintings of eggs being given as gifts from 2,500 years ago; the tradition survived the country’s conversion to Islam and persists to this day. In Egypt, another Islamic country, there is a seasonal tradition of egg decorating of unknown antiquity; in eastern Orthodox countries they paint eggs red (for Christ’s blood) and green (for returning spring); in England and North-Western Europe there is a tradition of rolling coloured eggs down hills at Easter time, echoing the rolling away of the stone from the Holy Sepulchre; in America the White House puts on an annual display of decorated eggs from every state of the union, and favoured children (how are they selected?) are invited to a spot of egg-rolling on the White House lawn. Egg decoration seems to have evolved into making eggs out of solid chocolate

in France or Germany in the early 19th Century, and the first Easter egg in England came from Cadbury’s in 1842. These eggs can hardly have been for the mass market since the chocolate of the time was very expensive and also very bitter. Finer, less harsh, and less expensive chocolate was made possible by more sophisticated processing equipment in the later 19th Century, and Cadbury’s produced its first hollow egg (filled with sweets) in 1875. The first milk chocolate Easter egg followed exactly 30 years later and... well, what more do we need to know? Except that Easter eggs sell for a far higher price per gram than the slab chocolate of which they’re made, and as they’ll keep almost indefinitely any left unsold can simply go into cold store until next year — at which time next year’s prices can be charged for last year’s stock. As I said, it’s all a very long way from the Mount of Olives! Well, that’s just about it for Easter — except that I forgot Easter bunnies. Well, springtime, fertility, rabbits, breeding, etcetera... need I say more? Oh, and Easter bonnets? Sorry, no idea. │ e: │t: 01427 881563 or 881565

GDBTravel Wedding Transport Specialists 8-16 SEAT MINIBUS TRAVEL

All Occasions Catered for Airports Transfers, Nights Out, Day Trips, Race Nights Call Male & Female Drivers

01909 477934 Mobile: 07717 755664 or 07863 240101

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Interested in Model Railways? THE GOODS YARD Why not visit the area’s newest Model Railway shop?


FRIENDLY SERVICE AND FREE ADVICE Large selection of new and second-hand model railway equipment. Controllers, Locomotives, Rolling Stock, Track, Scenic Accessories, Tools etc. Cash paid for your model railway items, from single items to complete collections. Open on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays from 10.00am to 4.00pm (see website for further details)

Plenty of FREE Parking

Visit or call 07930 557601 for more details

Station Lodge, Lodge Lane Industrial Estate, Tuxford, Notts, NG22 0NL (Just off the A1 at Tuxford, In the Former Tuxford Carriage and Wagon Works)

Apr 2014 │ Worksop



Window Repair Services can repair your windows, doors or conservatory by replacing the individual component that is at fault, rather than you having to pay for a complete new installation.

as pre-2002 double glazing containing two panes of ordinary float glass. Therefore even relatively modern double glazing can benefit from upgrading the glass and keeping the existing frames.

New double-glazed units can be installed into the existing frames when the original units are broken or steamed up, new handles, hinges and locking mechanisms can be fitted to windows and doors, patio doors can be fitted with new corner gearings, sliding blocks or rollers, doors can be adjusted if they have fallen out of square, conservatory roofs can be repaired if leaking or the polycarbonate and glass panels can be re-fitted or replaced…..…the list of repairs is endless.


We offer these services at a fraction of the price of installing new windows or doors, which is good news when new installations are not affordable, and most of the time not necessary.

ENERGY SAVE For those customers who want to increase the energy efficiency of their existing windows in order to save energy and reduce heating costs, we can install Pilkington energiKare™ glazing units into your existing frames. These units consist of a low-emissive pane which helps prevent heat escaping from your home and a low-iron pane which increases the amount of heat coming into your home from outside. Using a warm edge spacer bar and an argon filled cavity also help increase the efficiency of the unit. Pilkington energiKare™ glazing units are twice as energy efficient

We also offer a solution to remedy a problem experienced by many conservatory owners; their conservatory is too cold during the winter, but far too hot during the summer. For this problem, we can install Solar control film into the existing polycarbonate roof panels, which work by cooling your conservatory in the summer by rejecting 95% of the sun’s solar heat, eliminating glare and blocking 99% of the suns harmful UV rays. They also provide insulation in the winter by re-radiating heat back into your conservatory. Similarly, completely new solar reflective polycarbonate panels can be installed into your existing conservatory roof. Both options drastically improve the everyday living environment within your conservatory, allowing you to make the most of it all year round. We are a small family run business that has been trading locally since 2007. With over 25 years experience in the double-glazing industry, our extensive knowledge base enables us to offer educated advice to our customers regarding products and options available to best suit their needs. If any of our services would be beneficial to your home, please contact us on 01909 720878 or 07743 967243 to discuss further or arrange for a free of charge estimate.


REPAIRS TO UPVC, TIMBER & ALUMINIUM WINDOWS, DOORS & CONSERVATORIES • Steamed & Broken Glazing • Locking Mechanisms • Seals & Gaskets • Handles • Hinges • Letterboxes • Leaking Conservatory Roofs • Patio Rollers • Door Panels NEW INSTALLATIONS ALSO AVAILABLE • Windows • Doors • Conservatories • Fascias, Soffits & Guttering

10 Year Insurance Backed Guarantees FOR FREE ADVICE AND QUOTATIONS CALL 30 Worksop

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NEED PLANS DRAWING, OR A BUILDING SURVEY? If you are thinking of extending your home or business premises; look no further. As experts in Design, Planning and Building Regulations, we provide speedy, professional and high quality Architectural and Surveying services


Neil Brodie

Carpets & Flooring Specialists

DOMESTIC - CONTRACT - BESPOKE • Better Prices • Better Fitter • Better Service Choose at Home flooring Service

• Carpets • Vinyl • Safety Flooring • Solid Wood • Laminates • Amtico / Karndean Refits / repairs and relaying of carpets also undertaken All carpets supplied & fitted by genuine specialist

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MOXON’S TOURS 4 Days 3 Days 2 Days 4 Days 5 Days 5 Days 5 Days 3 Days 4 Days

Torquay May Day Break Alnwick Castle & Beamish Mystery Weekend Ilfracombe Isle of Wight Newquay Llandudno & Snowdon Liverpool Brighton & Bluebell Line

£137.00 £190.00 £77.00 £179.00 £279.00 £297.00 £279.00 £174.00 £234.00

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London Hilton Metropole Chelsea Flower Show# May Day in London London Waldorf Hotel Metropole Hotel Metropole Hotel Hampton Court Flower Show All london hotels are central

£23.00 £105.00 £159.00 £297.00 £23.00 £110.00 £106.00 £106.00 £145.00

Sun 6th April Sat 12th April Tues 15th April Wed 16th April Tues 17th April Sat 19th April Sun 20th April Mon 21st April Sun 27th April Sun 27th April


Bridlington Beverley Mkt & Cleethorpes Chester or Chester Zoo* Hull or The Deep* Pickering & Whitby York Scarborough Skegness Harrogate Flowershow* Whitby & Scarborough

Ad £13.00 £11.00 £14.50 £11.00 £15.00 £10.50 £14.00 £13.50 £11.00 £15.00


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Industrial & Domestic Grant Work & Insurance Work


• Extensions 25 Years Experience • Garages • Chimney Stacks Fibreglass Flat Roofs • Lead Work Tanking and Flashing • Block Paving • Concrete Drives Firestone • Tile Roofs Rubber Roofing • Slate Roofs • Ridge Tiles Hot built up • UPVC Felt roofing • Fascias & Soffits • Guttering & Down Pipes All kinds of Work undertaken Large or Small ALL WORK GUARANTEED

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The Dukeries Decorative and Fine Arts Society met on Wednesday 5th March at St Anne’s Church Hall, Worksop, to hear a most enjoyable and informative lecture on the subject of “The Great Twelve: an introduction to the livery companies of the City of Lond. The talk was given by Fenella Billington, who is a Liverywoman of the Worshipful Company of Skinners of London. Fenella began her talk by explaining that Livery companies originated as trade guilds, which started in the medieval period when men and women working in the same crafts or trades began to join together in informal associations. They decided who could trade, controlled prices and wages, working conditions and welfare. They also controlled quality and carried out inspections. In return they would care for members unable to work and ensure they had a decent burial. Several companies still retain their special pall cloth. The term ‘livery’ was the word used for clothing and since members of each guild wore their own particular clothing on ceremonial occasions, the guilds became known as livery companies. The ways of becoming a member of a Livery Company were by apprenticeship or by patrimony, that is, if a parent was a liveryman. In 1515 the Court of Aldermen of the City of London settled an order Come along and enjoy the spring fair at St Joseph's Catholic Club on Wingfield Avenue, Worksop S81 0SF, on Saturday 26th April. The fair will run from 1.00pm to 3.00pm and entry costs just 20p.

Dukeries Decorative & Fine Arts Society of precedence for the 48 Livery Companies then in existence, and the first 12 Companies are known as the Great Twelve City Livery Companies, number one being The Worshipful Company of Mercers, number two being The Worshipful Company of Grocers, and so on. The Merchant Taylors and the Skinners have always disputed their precedence, so once a year they exchange sixth and seventh place in the order. This alternation is one of the theories for the origin of the phrase “at sixes and sevens”. The companies also became important in the government of the City of London, responsible, among other things, for the election of the Lord Mayor. Fenella concluded her lecture by explaining that over time, the involvement of livery companies with their trades began to wane. Some companies such as the Goldsmiths, Fishmongers, Saddlers and Gunmakers are still active in their trade. Others such as the Horners and Fan Makers have changed to modern equivalents (plastics and

St Joseph’s Catholic Club Spring Fair Stalls will include; flowers, cards, bric-a-brac, jewellery, books, big raffle, chocolate hampers, games, piety cakes,


. Bespoke Joinery . Kitchens . Spindles . Doors . Architraves . Decking . Stairs . Laminate & Solid Flooring

Unique programme to make it easier for you to be a Non-Smoker


. Windows . Doors . Conservatories . Soffits & Fascias . Replacement Sealed Units

Call Mark, Stop Smoking Specialist 07973 847190 or 01623 405589 Worksop Chiropractic Clinic │ Apr 2014

tombola and light refreshments. We hope once more for a good attendance and everyone will be welcome.

NEED A JOINER? Then look no further!


32 Worksop

air-conditioning) whilst many have lost their trade. Most still support associated industries with prizes, fellowships and scholarships and some have founded or support schools and colleges and maintain almshouses or provide pensions. Although the social and economic conditions which gave birth to the medieval guilds have long been overtaken by the development of industry and commerce, today’s livery companies still survive and are flourishing. The next meeting of the Dukeries Decorative and Fine Arts Society will be on Wednesday 2ndApril at 1.50pm, in St Anne’s Church Hall, Newcastle Avenue, Worksop S80 1NJ. The lecture will be given by Anthea Streeter on the subject of ‘London’s Changing Skyline’. Guests are welcome at a cost of £6.00 per lecture. There is a free car park at the hall and light refreshments are available after each lecture at a cost of 50p. If you are interested in becoming a member, please contact the Chairman, Val Williamson on 01777 228918. You can also visit our website www.


. Walls . Patios . Lintels . Plastering . Conservatory Bases


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Is your hair a work of art?

Dukeries FOOTCARE WORKSOP • Corns • Callus • Fungal infections • Ingrowing toe nails • Verrucas • Toe nails cut & filed

Treated in the comfort of your own home by a qualified foot health practitioner

£17.00 All Inclusive Price Cut & Finish Root retouch Root retouch &foils 1/2 head foils Full head foils Semi permanent Permanent Tint Perm

Stylist £15.00 £15.00 £23.00 £17.50 £25.00 £17.00 £21.00 £20.00

Senior Stylist £19.00 £17.00 £27.00 £20.00 £29.00 £19.00 £25.00 £25.00

Kedleston Road, Worksop S81 0LL

Call 01909 489504

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Tel: 01909 488 720 or 07599 134819

10% DISCOUNT on first visit

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Worksop, Retford, Ollerton and surrounding areas

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Time for a brew?

Brewing your own beer can be straight forward and rewarding Maybe it’s the rubbish they put

on the telly these days. Maybe it’s the fact that computer games are, at bottom, all the same? One thing’s for sure, though: crafts and hobbies are making a big comeback. And not unnaturally, if you’re going to spend all your evenings and weekends bent on the obsessive pursuit of artisanal perfection, you want the end result to be something that you can be proud of and that your friends can enjoy. Marquetry, macramé, sure they’re fine. But nothing beats beer, really; and that’s why home brewing is emerging as one of the most popular hobbies in the country. In days of yore, the main reason why people brewed their own beer was that they were either broke or miserly. Students were the worst offenders, producing vile brews in grimy cupboards that even they could only just force themselves to choke down. Hobbyists who brewed their own would inevitably

34 Worksop

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and gloatingly tell you how much their beer had cost them to brew and would compare it triumphantly to the price of a pint in the pub. “You’d have to be mad to pay that when it costs less than half as much to brew your own!” they would cry, before forcing you to drink some of the stuff. And as soon as you’d managed to escape, guess where you’d head... That’s not it any more, though. These days it’s more to do with lifestyle, and home brewing guru Nigel Sadler puts it down to what he calls the Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall effect. Nigel runs a training company called Learn2brew and says he’s seen interest in home brewing skyrocket in recent years. “Crafts in general have a much wider appeal now than they used to,” he says. “Home brewing, home winemaking, and home cidermaking have really taken off. Partly it’s because there are now so many microbrewers that people have the chance to try many different beers and are getting generally

more interested in the whole subject. Partly it’s because TV chefs and lifestyle presenters like Hugh FearnleyWhittingstall and Heston Blumenthal are encouraging a have-a-go attitude.” To that potent combination has to be added the miracle ingredient of the modern age — the internet. Twenty years ago, when interest in home brewing was at a low point, Boots, the only national retailer of home brew supplies, reluctantly decided to pull out of the market, leaving it to not much more than a handful of specialist shops and mail-order firms. Many established home brewers suddenly found it hard to get the equipment and ingredients they relied on, and in many places it was all but impossible for a novice to get started. Then the mail-order firms, quickly followed by the independent shops, discovered internet trading. The whole craft took off again; and now Wilkinson has taken up where Boots left off. So now it’s easy to get started. And at entry level, it’s an easy craft to pursue; you don’t need anything more than a brewing bucket with a tight-fitting lid, a kettle, and a brewing kit comprising a packet of ready-hopped malt extract and a sachet of yeast. You don’t need any particular skill, either, and if you just follow the instructions you’re pretty much bound to get a more than passable beer for your efforts. Once you’ve mastered the basic techniques the beer world really is your oyster. Fancy a Belgian lambicstyle beer, sour and quenching? Or a volcanic barley wine made to a recipe nearly 200 years old? Or just an inexhaustible supply of everyday quaffing beer? You can have it. And you can have all the shiny equipment your heart desires, too — an insulated thermostatically controlled mash tun; a refrigerated stainless-steel conical fermenting vessel with floating lid; even a paraflow! Or, of course, you can just stick with your bucket... That’s the beauty of home brewing: it can be as simple or as advanced as you like. There’s a UK Craft Brewing Association as well, which holds its own competition; so one day you might well find yourself being crowned national champion... and toasting your triumph in your own beer! │ e: │t: 01427 881563 or 881565





No.1 CHO



n Area’s ONLY REHAU authorised partner n A - B rated windows - reducing carbon emissions & fuel bills n Shoot Bolt & anti-snapping locks as standard n Unique full 10 year guarantee on windows, units, locks, handles & fitting n Price promise - We WILL beat any genuine ‘Like for Like’ quote *FENSA & CERTASS



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Tra d W eA el c co co m un e ts




Tel 01623 822205 - Steve Holmes


VISIT US AT: SHOWROOM OPEN: 6 DAYS A WEEK | Mon - Fri 9 - 6pm | Sat 9 - 4pm

A Helping Hand for all your Home & Garden Maintenance needs Edwinstowe Road, Rufford

NG22 9DB

opposite Centre Parcs entrance

Two separate floodlit tracks:

300m Junior circuit - 550m Prokart circuit Four types of kart - Juniors to Adults

Just some of the Jobs Completed by myplace

All quotes are FREE, call today 07513 910 918 or 01909 547 077


Arrive & Drive - Private groups/races Corporate Events - Owner Driver Corporate Function room, Snack shop & catering

home & garden maintenance

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Parkinsons UK

The March meeting brought

43 members together to hear the presentation by Jane Douthwaite, Community Neuro Rehab team leader and colleagues. They spoke to us about the work of the team and the services available for Parkinson’s patients. Rachel, a Parkinson’s Nurse, also attended and answered members’ queries. It was a lively chatting session which rounded off a splendid afternoon. New friends are made very quickly when members join the Branch, and many tips are swapped with each other and laughter is shared. There will be a trip to the Leeds Music Hall later in the month with the passengers dressing up for the occasion. Much discussion took place regarding suitable outfits and head wear — for both the male and female guests! Friendship and good humour is always part of our meetings and new members are warmly welcome. The Branch meets on the first Tuesday of every month at Worksop Cricket Club, at 2.00pm. The first April meeting will welcome Sam Glasswell, the Curator from Bassetlaw Museum, who will talk to us about Anglo-Saxon Arts and Treasures. For more information about the group, please call Chris on 01909 730629.

WIN tickets to

Blyth Players play!

Blyth Players present

‘One O'Clock from The House’; a Comedy by Frank Vickery and directed by Deborah Pickwell. Don't be concerned that the occasion revolves around the funeral of an elderly father, which admittedly is not usually an occasion for hilarity. When the family concerned includes amongst its members; a wellingtonclad cook that bakes almond-less almond cakes, another person who is convinced that his shopping trolley is a clever dog called Rover, and a sister who's a happy inmate of a psychiatric home, then the proceedings are bound to be lively! The sisters Miriam, Margaret and Maureen are devastated by the death of their father; at least they would be, if they weren't scheming and squabbling over arrangements for the funeral. That’s in addition to issues such as; what to do with their "non-compos mentis" sister Mavis, and who will inherit the house? However, their dead father has one last comic card up his sleeve, and sibling rivalry suddenly becomes all-out sibling warfare. Performances take place on Thursday 15th to Saturday 17th May, and all start at 7.30pm. Doors open at 7.00pm at the Barnby Memorial Hall, High Street, Blyth, Worksop, S81 8EW. Tickets are

Blyth Players competition

Email your entry to community@ or post us this entry form Name.................................................. ............................................................. Telephone No. ................................... ............................................................. Email................................................... ............................................................. Post entries to Blyth Players Competition, Life Publications, Roses Farm, Station Road, Sturton le Steeple, Retford DN22 9HS. Closing date Wednesday 14th April 2014. Tick if you would not like to be contacted about promotions and offers

£5.50 for adults and £4.50 for concessions, and can be obtained by calling 07784 916250 or by email on We’ve got TWO PAIRS of tickets to give away, so simply fill in the form opposite, or email your entry.

RB Plumbing & Maintenance Services

Bassetlaw Blinds

Bathrooms, Kitchens, Heating, Tiling and Flooring Disability aids, hand rails, higher toilet seats; anything you need installed. FREE no obligation quote Covering all areas of Worksop, Rotherham, Doncaster and Sheffield Realistic prices and no hidden costs CRB checked and fully insured


Call Richard any time:

07838152280 36 Worksop

01909 809500

Based in Carlton-In-Lindrick, Worksop.

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Quality supplier of made to measure blinds Verticals • Venetians • Wooden Pleated • Roller • Roman Perfect fit • Conservatory 7 DAYS A WEEK • EX HILLARYS

Looking for blinds? For more information please visit

Call Steve 07917 230 756 or 01909 479878 │ e: │t: 01427 881563 or 881565

Focus on: Driving Developments







 Competitive rates  Quality assured concrete  Efficient, reliable service  Small trucks for easy access  Small loads from 0.5m to 4m  Free technical advice for DIY & building projects. DON’T HAVE AN ACCOUNT? NO PROBLEM! You can pay by cash, credit or debit card.









One of the most important things you do in life is to learn to drive! As a parent it is a stressful time with the cost of motoring rising all time, and the extra stress it causes when you are trying to teach your child or other family members as well. As a rough guide, the Driving Standards Agency research shows that the average person needs at least 47 hours of tuition with an approved instructor and 22 hours of private practice before they pass their test. So choosing an Approved Driving Instructor to help you learn to drive is an important decision. As an Approved driving instructor myself, I have over 60 hours of training to a very high standard in latest training techniques. I use a modern dual controlled car which is always maintained to very high standards. Using the latest training methods, you will learn at a pace that suits you and in ways that help you long after you complete you goal of passing your test. As everybody learns in their own way, your training will be tailored to suit you and the way you learn. I work as Franchisee for the AA driving school. By doing this, I have the support of a large organisation, allowing you to have peace of mind and great value for the investment you are putting into your training and the future years of motoring. Please feel free to contact me on 07890 681295 or send me an email

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FAST FRIENDLY RESPONSE TO ALL ENQUIRIES • Bathrooms & Kitchens • Coving • Floor and Wall Tiling • Laminate Flooring • Curtain Rails / Blinds Installed • Storage built • Joinery • Flat Pack Assembly • Plumbing • Painting & Decorating • And much more!

For all your DIY & General property maintenance Affordable hourly and daily rates


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01302 750288 or 07935 433454

A.C t: 07854 910798 e:

BUILDING SERVICES ■ All aspects of Bricklaying ■ Re-Pointing of Brick/Stone ■ Conservatories ■ E.P.D.M. Rubber Roofing/ Traditional Roofing Felt ■ Block Paving ■ Bathroom Fitting

All Work Guaranteed

■ Wall & Floor Tiling ■ Roofing ■ Joinery ■ Patios & Slabbing ■ Fencing ■ Painting & Decorating

Friendly, Reliable Service

No Job too Small Apr 2014 │ Worksop



Quality uPVC Windows, Doors and Conservatories dard • Est 24 years

A Rated Windows Fitted As Stan

Problem With Your Shower? Call Showersolve

Installation & Repairs to all leading shower brands, Pumps, Cubicals & Spares Call our team today on:

01909 482 747 or 07769 667 227

A guaranteed professional friendly service •

Installation • Sales Repairs • Servicing

Email: Gateford, Worksop, Notts



0800 0132341

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l Catch up TV l 10% OAP Discount l Digital Aerials l Phone Lines l CCTV Installations

Domestic Appliance Repairs

Funeral Services 24 HOUR SERVICE & CONSULTATION Independent Funeral Directors Family Run Business 40 Years Experience Private Chapel of Repose Pre-payment funeral fully arranged

98 Lowtown Street, Worksop Telephone: 01909 509444 or 07814 399559 │ Apr 2014

Tel/Fax: 01909 482701 Mob: 07931 776449



38 Worksop

• Steamed up sealed units replaced • Broken and sprained hinges • Door adjustment • Existing door cylinders replaces • uPVC Facias, Soffits and Guttering • Conservatory roof cleaning service also available

with 40 years experience

“It’ s usu ally cheaper to repair” Vacuums Washing Machines Microwaves Tumble Dryers Electric Ovens Parts & Labour Guaranteed

Call Brian on 01909 733116 or 07768 523042 │ e: │t: 01427 881563 or 881565

N U F L A ANoIM ! e n o y r e v e r AL FUN f IM AN eryone! for ev

Open Open

Mond 10.30 ay-Sunday Last a am to 5pm dmiss . ion 4. OPEN 30pm ALL Y EVEM ndEaAyR ROUN RYoD CH1R0IS .3T0MAaYmE-XSCuEnPdTaDy, AS to Last a dmiss DAY5!pm. ion 4. OPEN 30pm ALL Y EA EVER R RO YD UND, CHRIS AY EXCE PT TMAS DAY!

EXOTIC & DOMESTIC ANIMALS A great day out Special Offer EXOTIC DOMESTIC ANIMALS for all the & family... Set over 32 acres of beautifulout lakes & A ingreat day woodlands, in the north Nottinghamshire Special Offer for all the countryside about 5 miles family... from Retford. Set in aover 32 acres of beautiful & Enjoy selection of delicious hotlakes and cold woodlands, in the north Nottinghamshire drinks and snacks served in our Lakeside Cafe. countryside about 5 miles from Retford.

The Café and Gift Shop are easily accessible for everyone - wheelchair, disability buggy friendly. changinghot facilities also available Enjoy aandselection of Baby delicious andarecold



Easter Sunday & Monday Bring this coupon & we will admit

at the on site Bring this coupon & OF we willONE admit THE PRICE Falconry Centre 01777 818099 TWO ADULTS FOR Lound Low Road, Sutton-cum-Lound, PARK ADMISSION £5 Retford, Notts DN22 8SB 01777 818099 THE PRICE OF ONE Lound Low Road, Sutton-cum-Lound, drinks and snacks served in our Lakeside Cafe.

Follow us on The Café and Gift Shop are easily accessible for everyone - wheelchair, disability and buggy friendly. Baby changing facilities are also available

Normal admission price of £7.50 per adult. Offer applies Monday-Friday excluding Bank Holidays. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer.

Follow us on

Normal admission price of £7.50 per adult. Offer applies Monday-Friday excluding Bank Holidays. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer.


When best friends fall out

Louise Addison on picking up the pieces when children fall out

Falling out with a friend is hard

for most children. As parents we can't protect them from all life's ups and downs but we can help them through it. Much as we might like to we can't take their hurt or confusion away but we can hug, talk to and reassure them. Resist the temptation to say, “Well I never liked him anyway. I'm glad he's not your friend any more”, even if it's true! You may feel justifiably angry, but try to keep that from your child. Let them process it in their own way. Let your child talk about the issue. They may have been instrumental in the break-up of the friendship and it's good to discuss this. Don’t apportion blame though; children are not always developmentally ready to accept that they may have played a part. Talking about treating others as we might want to be treated is a good strategy. Also don’t be afraid of sharing stories

from your own childhood. It can help them to realise that bad things happen and people learn and move on. Keep an eye open for new friendship opportunities, at school and at any out-of-school clubs they attend. Work on helping them build and strengthen new friendships in a healthy way. This is especially useful if your child has up to now favoured one friend over all others. Having a wider social network can help cushion them against future fall-outs. If your child continues to be really sad about the loss of the friendship for an extended period of time then you may need to ask for external help. His teacher is a good place to start, or your GP. Fall-outs happen to just about everybody at one time or another. Helping your child through one will hopefully teach them a bit about life and strengthen your relationship with them too.

New Beginners Latin & Ballroom Class at Oldcotes Village Hall l Maltby Rd l Worksop

Learn salsa, waltz, cha cha, rock n roll, tango, quickstep & social foxtrot

Easter 2014 FRIDAY 11th APRIL 2014 END OF TERM EASTER TODDLER DISCO From 10.30am – 12.30pm END OF TERM EASTER DISCO For the older children From 4.30pm – 6.30pm EASTER SUNDAY 20TH APRIL 2014 EASTER EGG HUNT From 9.30am – 10.30am

EASTER SUNDAY & MONDAY 20th & 21st APRIL 2014 MEET THE EASTER BUNNY 11.00am – 12.00pm 1.00pm – 2.00pm 3.00pm –4.00pm ONLY £3 PER CHILD (One-to-one meeting includes Easter treat) PLUS SPECIAL HOME MADE EASTER TREATS FOR THE ADULTS TO PURCHASE ON BOTH DAYS

1ST BIRTHDAY IN MARCH WE PROUDLY CELEBRATED OUR Sandbeck Way, Hellaby Industrial Estate, Rotherham S66 8QL Tel: 01709 533688

40 Worksop

│ Apr 2014

To Commence: Tuesday April 29th from 8.15pm till 9.15pm £6 pp. l Available for private lessons in Latin & Ballroom. l First wedding dance.

Check web-site for details of other classes

MONTHLY SOCIAL DANCES at The Lyric Theatre Dinnnington every last Friday of the month, non members welcome


School of Dance T: 01909 772065 m: 07800 524134 │ e: │t: 01427 881563 or 881565

The largest choice of new inflatables & Bouncy Castles in our 40mile service area. Our lowest price ever Children’s H-Frame 10ft X 12ft Bouncy Castles £39.99 Children’s themed bouncy castle’s A-Frame 12ft X 12ft Full Rain Cover £49.99 Jungle Combo Bouncy Castle £59.99 Adult Large A-Frame Bouncy Castle’s Full Rain Cover £69.99 Price’s Quoted are for a standard 8 hour hire, delivery charges may apply in some cases.


Some of our stock for the 2014 season:-

n Disco Dome n Penalty shootout n Army Assault Course n Spider Web 3D Bouncy Castle n Giant Connect4/Jenga/Tug of War rope n Giant Twister/Snakes ladders n Sumo Suits Adult/Children’s n Medieval Stocks n New 2014 Bungee Run n Themed bouncy box units/Ball pools n Rodeo Bull/Surf board/rugby ball n Apollo 50ft Rocket Slide n Paintball Shootout n Swimming pool pirate ship Inflatable

We are the only PIPA & RPII Inspected Company in Nottinghamshire for your piece of mind and your child’s safety, PIPA is the only scheme recognised by the Health and Safety Executive in the inflatables industry. All Bouncy Castles must come with annual RPII or PIPA safety test certificate or bouncy castle operators insurance will be invalid and there bouncy castles unsafe for use and the operator will be breaking the law.

Check out our web site, we have the only fully automated booking system with Secure 3D card payment system with in the inflatables industry, all major cards accepted. | e: Apr 2014 │ Worksop Tel 07807 903786 or 0845 6805371

Please mention Worksop Life when responding to any adverts



For more community events visit your Local Events directory at

Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust A warm welcome is extended

to all those who wish to join us at the Worksop local branch of the Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust, (NWT). Our indoor meetings are held in Worksop on the second Tuesday of each month, and costs £2.00 per entry for visitors and £1.50 for members. In summer, there is also short season of guided walks to enjoy. Past speakers this year have given us some very interesting and knowledgeable talks. They have included such talks as that from a Professor from Nottingham University, to local individuals who have passion and have dedicated years of their spare time, to studying

a wildlife topic or even a single species. Either way, their passion and enthusiasm is always a pleasure to listen to. One speaker shared his travels and we transcended to the other side of the globe, with his powerful presentation and with breathtaking photos. So inspired were two of our members from this presentation, that they are planning a once-in-a-life-time holiday, in order to experience it for themselves. Our venue at the Station Hotel in Worksop has friendly staff, offers drinks at the bar, or if you prefer a nice pot of tea on a tray. Stay behind and extend your evening out, or sample the bar menu. The next two meetings of our 2014

Shireoaks & District WI At a recent meeting we all experience

a Japanese evening, when we were visited by Mrs Patsy Raynor who spoke about the Japanese culture and their way of life, using slides and her own personal knowledge of the country and the people. It was a most enlightening talk and we all learnt a lot about their history, food, dress and of course, the Geishas. The latter are quite rare now as they have to train

for a long time and pay a lot of money to learn all the customs and the behaviour required and appear to have come more into the Western ways in this respect. We then had a selection of Japanese food and drink, some supplied by our speaker and some by the newly opened Japanese restaurant in Retford. The food was viewed with suspicion at first, and wasn’t to everyone’s

programme will be on Tuesday 15th April at 7.30pm, at the Station Hotel, Carlton Road, Worksop S80 1PS. The presentation will be about ‘Birdsong’, when we will also welcome back Nigel Slater for the last of our indoor meetings. On Tuesday 20th May, at 7.00pm we will start of our summer guided walks programme, with a walk at Treswell Woods, near Retford. We will meet in the main entrance car park, and we hope to bring you further details in next month’s magazine. For further information and any enquiries, please contact Su McIlwaine on 07790 098707 or Alvin Green on 01909 476276. Visit our website palate, some loved it, others not so. The April meeting will be our members meeting and AGM and the members will make their own entertainment - no doubt with varying degrees of success - and will be held in the Village Hall at 7.00pm on Thursday 17th April. We always like to welcome visitors and of course new members too. This season, we have interesting programme planned for the 2014/2015 year with various outings, visits and speakers, details of which will follow in due course.

Move & be Ryton Chorale’s Spring inspired in Blyth Move and Inspire Me is a not-for-

profit dance fitness organisation in Blyth. Our aim is to keep the locals fit and provide classes for the middle age group that are suitable for those with injuries and also new to fitness. We meet every week at 5.30pm on Thursdays in Barnby Memorial Hall, and we would love to welcome new beginners any time. Because we are not-for-profit, we can keep the price down to just £3.00 per class, (when paid up front for 6 week courses) which just covers the expenses involved. For further information, please call Deborah on 07788 262783.

42 Worksop

│ Apr 2014

Concert in Worksop Priory Ryton Chorale presents a

performance of Brahms’ Requiem in the Priory Church on Saturday 12th April at 7.30pm and will be conducted by David Wynne, their new Musical Director. The choir’s accompaniment on this occasion will be the piano duet version, arranged by Brahms himself and offers a rare opportunity to hear this popular choral piece in a different way from with the usual orchestral accompaniment. Included in the first half of the evening’s concert, will be popular choral classics such as Faure’s

Cantique, Mozart’s Ave Verum Corpus, Schubert’s Psalm 23, to name a few, and our evening’s soloists will delight us with their own solo items. Tickets are priced at £10.00 each in advance of the event, and £12.00 on the door until sold out, with accompanied U16s free of charge. Purchase your tickets in advance from any Ryton Chorale choir member, or from Bookworm, Spa Lane, Retford 01777 869224. Please call 01909 482683 or Email sing@rytonchorale. for further information. │ e: │t: 01427 881563 or 881565

IF YOUR CONSERVATORY ISIFTOO COLD IN WINTER & YOUR CONSERVATORY IS TOO COLD IN WINTER & TOO HOT IN SUMMER TOO HOT IN SUMMER WE’VE GOT THE ANSWER! WE’VE GOT THE ANSWER! A Guardian™ solid roof will instantly turn your conservatory beautiful ‘garden A Guardian™ solidinto roofawill instantly turn room’ a whole new dimension to your adding conservatory into a beautiful ‘garden your home - giving younew extra living space room’ adding a whole dimension to that you can -enjoy your home givingall-year-round! you extra living space that you can enjoy all-year-round! Our professional installation team will take great care ensure the installation whole process completed Ourtoprofessional teamiswill take great quickly and with the thewhole minimum disruption. care to ensure process is completed quickly and with the minimum disruption.


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Guardian Guardian Warm Roof Warm Roof

Guardian Roof system exceeds the required UK Guardian Roof system Building exceedsStandards. the required UK Building Standards.

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No GMO? It’s already here Leanne Broadhead on a shift in UK government policy on GM food The subject of genetically modified

(GM) food isn’t one that crops up in conversation very often in the UK at the moment, as it isn’t something as a country we’ve had to worry much about over the past few years. In 1999, Labour announced trials of GM crops, and immediately the trials were criticised because of the threat posed to neighbouring crops and honey, by cross-pollination. Indeed the critics were proved correct, when later that year, pollen from GM oilseed rape, grown at a trial site in Oxfordshire, was found at beehives 2.8 miles away. The research was carried out by experts at the Britain's National Pollen Research Unit. Then in May 2000, honey on sale in supermarkets was found to be contaminated with GM pollen from British

44 Worksop

│ Apr 2014

crop trials. Two out of nine samples showed contamination. A Governmentfunded study concluded that nine out of ten people rejected cultivation of GM varieties without further proof of their safety for health and the environment. The story continued in 2004, when the then Environment Secretary Margaret Beckett told the Commons that the Government was approving the commercial planting of GM maize for animal feed. But within weeks, the firm behind the product dropped its plans, saying that Government restrictions on how the maize is grown would make it uneconomical. After early concerns were proved correct, that it would be impossible to ensure that non-GM crops would not contaminate GM crops due to cross-

Questions are the answer

pollination, the agenda for growing GM crops in the UK was dropped; but it has proved to be short-lived. In this instance, being part of the EU has helped the UK, in that it has helped GM foods to not be sold to us directly. Yet despite this, Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) already have a foothold in the UK foodchain. It is mainly Spain that currently grows GM crops, which are used in the production of animal feed. GM seeds supplied by companies such as biotech ‘Big Farmer’ corporations Monsanto, Syngenta and Du Pont are not grown here in the UK (only under supposed small-scale strict trials). Last year I looked in to the possibility that we were still consuming GM crops indirectly, because they were still being fed to our livestock, and unfortunately my concern was proved correct. Starting with Asda in 2010, UK supermarkets — with the exception of Waitrose — have being quietly lifting their bans on meat and dairy supplied to them, which are sourced from animals fed on GM feed. This now means that we are nonthe-wiser whether the meat and dairy we consume has been fed GMOs or not (Source: The Guardian, The Independent, The Soil Association). In November 2013, (although only released to the public this March), five science advisers presented a report to the Government calling for the immediate expansion of the GM programme ► │ e: │t: 01427 881563 or 881565

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No GMO? It’s already here

◄ in the UK, on the basis that there is no risk to people who eat GM food. Looking at the change in stance on GMOs the UK Government is now putting forward, we now see a huge shift in attitude from the statement on their website last year. I can therefore only conclude, as the national newspapers have, that the UK Government has already made up its mind. Visit, search ‘genetic modification’ and click on the top link labelled ‘genetic modification’. It’s easy to empathise with the arguments in favour of GM food. GM crops can be engineered to be resilient to individual pests that can devastate crops, as well as introducing benefits such as modifying corn and rice to help combat blindness in children in Third World countries. The world’s population is growing in some areas faster than we can feed it and Governments express concern over shortages and food security. So what’s the problem? The main issue here is that GM food has not been proved to be safe at all. It would be naive not to realise that it is in the very interests of the biotech companies to say they are safe, yet there is no evidence that they are safe, and not one single human clinical trial has ever taken place. It hasn’t gone unnoticed that of the five scientists who presented their report to David Cameron, all 46 Worksop

│ Apr 2014

have a connection to at least one biotech company, and many of their own research fields are partfunded by these companies. Famed Canadian geneticist David Suzuki explains, “The experiments simply haven’t been done and we now have become the guinea pigs.” He adds, “Anyone that says, ‘Oh, we know that this is perfectly safe,’ I say is either unbelievably stupid or deliberately lying.” In contrast, the few independent clinical trials that have been done on animals raise alarming concerns, even though the scientific lobbyists paid by the biotech companies, are quick to play them down, and are keen to dismiss the feasibility of such studies. A two-year study in France, which concluded in 2012, led by Gilles-Eric Seralini, was conducted on 200 rats, which were fed GMO maize foods. Unfortunately, 50% of the males and 70% of the female rats died prematurely, and researchers also described late-developing, large mammary tumours and severe liver and kidney damage. In the very least these studies should be raising questions. Unfortunately, the people who are asking the questions are finding that their voices are not heard, or are shot down by the powerful companies who will profit from countries in the EU starting to grow their patented crops. One such company spokesman said, “Animals have been eating our crops for years, with no safety issues whatsoever.” Yet they do not go on to explain that the animals he is talking about, are the livestock that we eat, and their very young lives are not an accurate test of the long-term effects GM foods may cause to human health. As a primary stance, this is the main question we all should be asking; what are the long-term health implications for us, if we start to consume GM food on a large scale? It can take years for disease to manifest, and quite simply with no clinical trials, we are as David Suzuki pointed out — living in a real-life guinea pig trial. So what about UK food security, or problems such as Aphids causing an

estimated £100 million of damage to crops each year in the UK alone? They are concerns, but not ones that I believe will be solved by the introduction of GM crops. Problems with monoculture are far more complicated than just looking at pest problems, which has always been, and will continue to be an issue with or without GMOs. Just like in the healthcare system — or ‘sickness industry’ — I think we’re treating the symptom not the cause. What about the huge percentage of crops from UK farmers that are rejected by supermarkets each year? Or the fruit and vegetables which are never even harvested? In some instanced, farmers know there is no point in harvesting, because again they won’t meet supermarket standards (estimated to be between 20 and 30% of vegetable crops in the UK). Let’s also not forget about the 40% of food we throw away as consumers each year, simply from buying too much, or food spoilage. There is no shortage of food, we just don’t manage our food chain correctly and ultimately this is down to profit chasing and farmers and food producers being exploited in the UK and worldwide. The main concern I have as an individual and for my family, is once GMOs go mainstream here in the UK and in our locality, those of us who don’t want to eat GM food may still do so indirectly. Referring to the start of this article, it’s simply impossible to control nature. Cross-pollination and contamination occur — take a moment to research the plight of the non-GMO farmers in the USA — and if a local farmer decides to start growing GMO carrots and potatoes two miles down the road, or in the field behind us, how long will it be before our own garden crops are cross-pollinated by GMOs? Despite the concerns over the safety of GMOs and the discussions on how to feed the populace in years to come, the largest concern I have is that once we go down the path of GMOs — even if just a few of the concerns I have voiced here come to fruition — it will be just too late; there will be no turning back. │ e: │t: 01427 881563 or 881565


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First Drives: Infiniti Q50 S Hybrid James Batchelor tests out the hybrid hype

Max speed: 117 mph 0-60 mph:

5.1 secs



Power (bhp): 364

Remember the Infiniti G37? No, I didn’t

Torque (lb/ft): 403 CO2:





Build quality Handling Spec



48 Worksop

think so. When it quietly appeared on the scene in 2009, it was one of the first Infinitis Brits could buy. But with — how should we say this — interesting styling, a thirsty 320bhp 3.7-litre V6 petrol under the bonnet and acres of switchgear poached from low-rent Nissans, it wasn’t terribly successful. But that was then and Infiniti now has a far more appealing proposition for the nation’s fleet managers used to buying 3 Series BMWs and Mercedes C-Classes. Infiniti UK is understandably proud of its latest product. “It’s a halo car for us,” a spokesperson told us on our test drive. “A real performance car with the added benefit of low running costs.” We have the all-wheel-drive Q50S Hybrid on test, it sports a 364bhp 3.5-litre V6 petrol mated to a 50kW electric motor. It tops out at 155mph and reaches 60mph in 5.1 seconds. To put that into perspective, a BMW M5 will reach 60mph in 4.1 seconds but the Q50S will return a combined MPG of 41.5 and emit 159g/km of CO2. It’s quick and punchy, but it won’t be the bestseller in the UK — that’ll be the diesel. When it comes to the specification, it seems to have everything you could want from this type of saloon. The Q50S Hybrid retails at £41,635 and comes absolutely loaded with tech and electric wizardry. The headlines are; full leather upholstery, NASAdeveloped ‘fatigue free’ front seats,

│ Apr 2014

climate control, parking sensors, Bluetooth with streaming and Infiniti’s clever new infotainment system. The latter not only looks neat but works well too — although I wasn’t behind the wheel for long so we can’t say how easy it would be to live with. The Q50S has another crafty little piece of tech too. Called Active Lane Control, the system reads the white lines on the road and keeps the car tracking safely between them. It’s the three big guns that make up the biggest competition for Infinity — namely, BMW’s 3 Series, the Mercedes-Benz C-Class and the Audi A4. There’s no doubt the Infiniti matches the Bavarian threesome in many areas and it does have individuality up its sleeve too. For other left-field choices, there’s also the Volvo S60. There’s no doubt it’s smooth and relaxing to drive. Complaints have been aimed at the Q50S’s steering-by-wires system that can feel artificial. But on our admittedly short test drive, we had little complaint. While it doesn’t match the sheer precision of the 3 Series, the Q50S can be set up for the driver’s tastes — whether sporting or comfort — and is perfectly adequate. A hybrid saloon will spend most of its time navigating city streets and motorways and for this the Q50 would seem to excel. This is a car with seriously impressive build quality. Add in smooth driving dynamics and European styling, the Q50S is a fine car. Whether it’ll make a dent in the executive saloon car market is yet to be seen, but Infiniti deserves to do well with this car. │ e: │t: 01427 881563 or 881565





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These days, we’re all being

urged to return to ‘make do and mend’; to reduce, reuse and recycle because it’s economical and ‘green’. But sometimes this can be false economy — and false ecology, too. Some things may be worth replacing or investing in.


Once again, we can hang on to boilers too long and they can be expensive to repair, particularly if you need to call someone out overnight or during a holiday. Maintenance contracts aren’t always cheap either.

ECONOMY Boilers account for around 55% of your energy costs; replacing your old one with an A-rated condensing boiler and modern heating controls will ensure your home and water are warm when needed but aren’t wasting energy when not, and could save you up to £305 a year on energy bills. ECOLOGY A new boiler will reduce your energy use and carbon dioxide emissions. 50 Worksop

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Spend now, save later Alison Runham on why making an outlay no could save you money in the future

WATER SOFTENERS About 60% of UK households have hard water that can damage and lessen the efficiency of appliances and heating systems; just 1.6mm of scale build-up can cause a 12% loss in heating efficiency. Shower heads, toilets, taps, pipes, radiators, boilers, kettles, dishwashers and washing machines will all need more frequent repair and replacement, not to mention the cost of limescale removers for appliances, sinks and toilets, and the greater quantities of detergent, shampoo, shower gel, washing-up liquid and toilet cleaner required. ECONOMY British Water estimates that a water softener could save the average four person household around £200 a year. ECOLOGY Softened water can remove existing scale deposits over time in heating systems. Fewer chemicals and less energy are used, and appliances will need less frequent repair or replacement.

SOLAR PANELS The government’s FIT (feed-intariff) scheme offers 20 years of guaranteed, tax-free, index-linked payments to households that produce their own electricity from renewable technologies. To make the biggest saving, use as many appliances as possible in the daytime when generating your own power. ECONOMY You’re paid for every kilowatt of energy you create, and every kilowatt you don’t use, which feeds back into the National Grid; and of course the bills from your supplier will drop dramatically too (solar panels create about two thirds of the energy necessary for a family of four). On average, installation costs around £7,000 and you may need to replace the inverter, which links the panels to your domestic supply, once every 20 years. It takes around 10-12 years to get back the cost of installation. Bear in mind that the FIT has dropped dramatically over the past few years, but then installation costs are dropping too. ECOLOGY Your household will be producing renewable energy and none will be wasted, as it’s fed back into the Grid when unused. Always research any major purchase to ensure you get the best deal for you. │ e: │t: 01427 881563 or 881565


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ADELE, RACHEL & TEAM formerly of Planet Hair would like to announce that we are pleased to be celebrating our

1st Year of Successful Trading HAIR BY

S O LO We have training members of our team who require models for colouring and cutting etc.

A staircase in a as semi detached house t featured would cos


The finish gives the look of oak with the durability to stand the test of time.

Your staircase is often the focal point for anyone who enters your home and a reflection of your personal style. Many people would love to change their staircase but are discouraged by the thought of the potential upheaval. John is a qualified joiner with 23 years experience and qualified with full City & Guilds so he can offer you complete peace of mind with all work guaranteed. He also undertakes extension work and kitchens if you are looking at a larger project. John will renovate your staircase and replace it with a material of your choice. From traditional timbers to modern designs incorporating glass and stainless steel the choice is endless. Whether you have a style in mind or looking for inspirational ideas John will work with you to turn them into reality.

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Nature’s nobility David Cook on deer in our region through the ages Deer have been and important

part of Bassetlaw’s history since before the last ice age. Early evidence comes from reindeer skeletons found in Creswell Crags. Remains of a lower back leg butchered by Neanderthals with stone tools over 40,000 years ago whilst other specimens showed hyenas had gnawed and digested antlers before passing them. After the ice age only roe and red were left whilst the coming centuries saw the introduction of several species Sherwood and deer have co-existed for thousands of years the poor soil meant that farming was kept to a minimum and thus the deer had natural protection. This was further enhanced when the Normans made it into a huge hunting forest. Camden noted the forest had “infinite number of deer, and stags, with lofty antlers”. Numbers of hunting stock were devastated by the English Civil War and restocked after the Restoration but by the 1770s deer were destroying corn crops on the Dukes of Newcastle and Kingston’s lands. People were instructed to keep fires and blow horns to scare them off but demand for profitable agriculture soon meant herds were decimated. At the northern extent Sherwood

52 Worksop

│ Apr 2014

several deer parks existed in a relatively small area; Gateford, Haughton, Welbeck, Thoresby, Scrooby, Worksop and Norbeck Woodhouse. The oldest remaining document for Worksop Manor’s Deer park dates to 1161 allowing the priors at Worksop Priory to collect firewood from the estate. Deer belonged to the King so a Royal licence was required to construct the park pale and hunt this valuable animal. The pale consisting of a bank and ditch with a wooden fence to keep them confined. Keepers were required to maintain the pale and grounds as well as feeding the deer in winter. In the late 14th century the pale to become neglected and deer from the forest had entered it and were destroyed, the land was confiscated but later returned to the Lovetots after it was fixed and a fine of £20 paid. The park keeper was also responsible for catching intruders. Robert Smyth, pardoned for poaching deer in 1474 whilst Richard Cotter reported to the 6th Earl of Shrewsbury George Leygot and Robert Procter had been prosecuted for hunting and other men had fled into Yorkshire and a writ was required. A few years later Robert Kirkby complained about the ‘slackness of his fellow keepers’ and

the amount of poaching occurring. No maps exist of the first deer park but historical evidence shows they were often round to economise on building materials. Stand Hill and Stand Close were located just to the north-west of the manor, the name suggests it was where parties would begin the chase by looking into the park to see where the deer were, most of the south facing hillside was removed by quarrying during the 20th century. In 1618 Ben Jonson visited Worksop Manor and stated only 400 of the 1,500 deer survived the ‘great snow’ a few years earlier. John Harrison’s 1636 survey for the Duke of Newcastle noted the manor was set in a 1,675 acre park stocked with 800 fallow deer. There were two hunting lodges; the New Lodge,designed by Robert Smythson, and the Old Lodge half a mile north of the Manor. Close to Darfoulds (Which derives its name from deer foulds) was Great Dewes Green where land was set aside to feed the deer. William Poynton maintained the pale whilst Francis Tonge was the park keeper. Next to Worksop stands Welbeck, whose deer park dates back as far as 1301. During the height of the Crimean War in January 1855, 100 ► │ e: │t: 01427 881563 or 881565


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Nature’s nobility ◄ head of deer, along with bullocks and hare were potted and sent out to feed the troops. The park is famous for its white deer. In 1892 fourteen pale red deer were recorded whilst there were over 130 white fallow deer. The fallow deer were born white and any off colour fawns were killed to preserve the linage of their coats. There were also 360 normal coloured fallow deer and 130 red deer. During 1856 new wrought iron railings and gates were installed around the “White deer park” by the Brierley Hill Ironworks in Staffordshire. The contract also included maintenance of the railings for 20 years. The red white deer have long since gone leaving only the fallows and the ‘White Deer Park’ has become arable land although some of the railings and ha-ha survive next to the bridleway on Drinking Pit Lane. In 1509 the village of Haughton was removed to make way for a deer park.

Only the church was left becoming the chapel for the hall. In 1705 Thomas Kempshall was employed to maintain the parks fencing which along with feed for the 446 deer and pay cost the Earl of Clare over £200 per year. Archbishop of York had a park at Scrooby at the edge of Hatfield Chase. In 1373 Cardinal John de Thoresby (Wensleydale) wrote that he had chased red deer through the woods. The park was dismantled by James Bryne around 1558 and the deer disposed of although stag hunting on the surrounding carrlands continued. Clumber was part of Sherwood forest until 1707 when it became part of John Holles lands. 3,000 acres were enclosed and stocked with red deer for use by Queen Anne and Clumber House was made into a hunting lodge. In 1713 There were 1,069 deer recorded in the park. The grounds were improved right into the 1780s by

three successive men; Fuller White, Stephen Wright and John Simpson. Thoresby and Welbeck still have parks containing fallow and red deer whilst the feral population has growin rapidly in recent years. A survey carried out in 2002 found 70% of Nottinghamshire’s deer population are fallow and found in the western side of the county whilst Red deer are only found around Clumber and Clipstone. Large population of roe deer around Elkesley are a problem to plantations eating young saplings. Few Muntjac have been noted but no Sika or Chinese water deer have been sighted. Venison is being hailed as a way of controlling the population via “Fair Game Initiative” whilst the University of Nottingham is looking into deers relationship with mankind with the ‘Fallow Deer Project’. Find out more about the Priories Historical Society at www.

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Climbing the walls! Lee Bestall’s pick of the creepers If your garden is short on space, rammed with plants, or you simply have an unsightly vertical surface to cover, climbing plants can be used to great effect: from clothing frameworks such as pergolas and arches to hiding sheds and even neighbours! Whether it’s as fast growing as a Triffid, a dainty floral twiner, or an evergreen clinger, I’m certain there’s a climber out there for you, it’s just a case of meeting your perfect match. For those of you lucky enough to have a south-facing doorway, why not spoil yourself with the highly scented fragrance of Star Jasmine (Trachelospermum jasminoides). Not only is it evergreen, but it boasts the added benefit of a claret-red leaf colour in autumn. For those with a north-facing entrance, how about a plant combo starting with an early flowering Clematis tolerant of shade, such as ‘Frances Rivis’, followed by the stunning pink flowers of Rosa ‘Zephirine Drouhin’, perfect in shade with the added bonus of being a thornless variety. If it’s a shady spot and a fast growing evergreen you require you 56 Worksop

│ Apr 2014

really can’t beat Ivy, but I understand many people are not huge fans, so why not put in the extra effort and seek out a great alternative known as Pileostegia viburnoides. It’s a bit of a mouthful but not only is it evergreen, it will provide white flowers in summer and like Ivy is a self clinger, but nowhere near as vigorous. As well as the other common examples, such as Wisteria (only plant this in full sun and if you are prepared to tie it in and prune it twice annually), Honeysuckle and Pyracantha (great for deterring intruders due to its woody thorns), there is a whole range of other shrubs which can be grown against a wall or fence, not forgetting trees of course, such as the beautiful trained fruit trees we often see in Victorian walled gardens. Shrubs planted at around 30cm away from the base of the wall or fence can be manually tied in and make excellent wall cover, often with the added benefit of flowers. Photinia ‘Red Robin’ for example, or Garrya elliptica make unusual evergreen wall coverings, and look great with a second flowering climber twining through. Don’t forget the huge variety

of annuals available which you can grow from seed, such as Sweet Peas, Morning Glory, or maybe try climbing French beans as an edible wall covering? Do ensure that you provide sturdy wires for plants to travel up. The best and most cost-effective way is simply to fix vine eyes (spaced horizontally around 2m apart) to the fence or wall and vertically at 30cm intervals. Then use a taught network of galvanised wires to provide support. Be sure to tie climbers in horizontally and not vertically as most people do… this way they will look great in your garden rather than flopping over the fence and delighting your neighbour… now that really would drive me up the garden wall! │ e: │t: 01427 881563 or 881565

• T&G • Shiplap • Fencing

• Sheds • Decking • Joists

Fence & Decking fitting service available

• OSB Boarding • Far Eastern • Shuttering Plywood and Plywood sleepers

New 8ft x 10"x5" Tanalised Sleepers £20.00

Tranker Lane, Worksop, Notts S80 3LG

Telephone 01909 487 654

1 tonne bags of kindling £15.00

Open 6 days a week Monday to Friday 8am – 5pm Saturday 8am – 2pm

100’s of Colours & Patterns Free no obligation quotes Weed free Modern alternative to blocks

Please mention Worksop Life when responding to any adverts

Apr 2014 │ Worksop



WIN tickets to Newark & Notts Garden Show Competition

Email your entry to community@ or post us this entry form Name.................................................. ............................................................. Telephone No. ................................... ............................................................. Email................................................... ............................................................. Post entries to Newark & Notts Garden Show, Life Publications, Roses Farm, Station Road, Sturton le Steeple, Retford DN22 9HS. Closing date Wednesday 14th April 2014. Tick if you would not like to be contacted about promotions and offers

the spectacular Newark & Notts Garden Show!

The Newark and Notts Garden

Show is set to burst into bloom again this April and to celebrate this showcase of the very best of gardening in the UK, we’ve got FIVE pairs of tickets up for grabs. Packed with inspiration and vibrant colour, the sweet-smelling three-day flower show will return to the Newark Showground between 25th and 27th April and will feature over 150 garden and home stands, garden landscapes, a ‘How to’ Theatre and lots more including fine food and produce as well as refreshments and family activities. Celebrities already confirmed to help green-fingered enthusiasts transform their gardens into their own personal tranquil havens include ‘Grow Your Own’ expert Pippa Greenwood on Saturday 26th April and




n Registered Professional pest technician.

If you have used n 25 yrs experience. n Fully insured. Bassetlaw District n All aspects of pest control undertaken Wasps, Council pest control bees, fleas, bedbugs, ants, cockroaches, rats, in the last 20 years in mice, feral pigeons, Squirrels, moles. the Bassetlaw from £39 area you will have with OAP met me Paul. discounts Any other Pests Please

Phone for advice

mob 07706747073 eve 01777816074 58 Worksop

│ Apr 2014

Groundforce duo Charlie Dimmock and Tommy Walsh on Sunday 27th April. Visitors can also use their Garden Show ticket to visit the adjoining event, The All About Dogs Show (Saturday and Sunday only) at no extra cost. Here four-legged enthusiasts can enter their dog into Fun Dog Shows, have-a-go at dozens of heart-racing activities, watch arena displays, chat with experts or shop! Visit for more information and tickets



GS LO AILABLE AV │ e: │t: 01427 881563 or 881565

We have the largest selection of hardy plants in the area. These include alpines, heathers, conifers, shrubs, climbers, roses, grasses, fruit trees, ornamental trees and exotics. Many unusual varieties stocked. We stock a wide range of composts and fertilisers, also ceramic and plastic pots. National Garden gift vouchers sold and redeemed. We are now taking orders for refilling your hanging baskets with summer bedding plants.

OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK Retford Road, South Leverton, Retford, DN22 0HE

Tel: 01427 880965 windmillviewplantcentre Trade enquiries welcome Please mention Worksop Life when responding to any adverts

Apr 2014 │ Worksop



For more community events visit your Local Events directory at

Yoga can help improve peoples’

wellbeing. Research shows that it can help reduce fatigue stimulate muscles, improve both flexibility and strength, clear toxins, boost the immune system and calm the nervous system. Local cancer charity, Aurora Wellbeing Centres, is offering gentle yoga classes for men and women, including cancer survivors, to help improve their wellbeing. Classes will be modified to each person’s needs and energy levels. They don’t have to be experienced, coordinated or flexible – yoga can even be modified to be practiced against a wall or in a chair. The class will offer a variety of simple yoga postures, deep breathing techniques and relaxation which are great for the whole being - body, mind and spirit. There is an increasing interest in using holistic approaches to help with rehabilitation and recovery. For example, yoga for individuals living with and beyond cancer is emerging as one of the

Yoga helps wellbeing… and local cancer charity more successful methods for combating the physical discomfort of cancer and cancer treatment. A new US study shows that yoga can benefit breast cancer survivors by reducing fatigue and inflammation. The breathing techniques and postures help to strengthen the body and deal with the uncomfortable sideeffects of treatment, both during and after treatment. For men affected by cancer of the prostate, some yoga postures can help to tone the deep pelvic muscles thereby promoting circulation as well as stimulating the liver meridian which is one of the key factors in prostate health. Come along and try this weekly ‘Yoga for Wellbeing’ Class and feel the benefits. Classes are every Friday from 12.15pm to

1.15pm at the Aurora Wellbeing Centre, the old Library building, Canch Park, Memorial Avenue, Worksop. The classes will be suitable for all levels, and costs just £4.00 per session, with all proceeds going to Aurora Wellbeing Centres. Why not stay for lunch afterwards in Valerie’s Tearoom? For more information and to register, please call 07551 900344, or email fundraising@ Other classes at the Aurora Wellbeing Centre, Worksop, include; Modern Pilates on Wednesdays from 9.30am to 10.30am, and then from 10.30am to 11.30am. Please call 07806 702942 or email carol.lonsdale@hotmail. for details on this class.


FREEPHONE: 0800 002 9051 Email: Web Site: We Care About You In You’re Time of Need

Steve Johnson Plastering SPECIALISING • Coving • Rendering IN ALL • Overskins TYPES OF • Overboarding DOMESTIC WORK • Skim Over Artex • Free Quotes Professional, Reliable, Affordable

Call 07917 401772

email: 60 Worksop

│ Apr 2014

Do you need a Quality Decorator?

For peace of mind - 5 good reasons why you should use a City & Guilds qualified decorator • Work is guaranteed for 12 months • Experienced professional providing quality work • Public liability insurance - for your peace of mind • Best quality Dulux Trade products used • Respect for your home - leaving it secure & clean

All plastering work undertaken for further information or to arrange a no obligation estimate please call John on

Freephone 0800 6890432 or 07576 186175 │ e: │t: 01427 881563 or 881565

Stars set for Perplexing Forest Live 2014


Forest Live takes place June to July every summer. An eclectic mix of acts perform in seven spectacular forest locations around the country as part of the annual concert series arranged by the Forestry Commission. Woodland clearings are temporarily transformed into a concert arena creating a safe and relaxed atmosphere for gig-goers. Income generated from ticket sales is spent on improving the forests for both people and wildlife. Forest Live in this region takes place in Sherwood Pines Forest, near Edwinstowe and this year’s participating acts are Boyzone (12th June), Jessie J (13th June) and Paul Weller (14th June). For more information visit or call 03000 680400.


Look out for the solutions on page 70.

5 7 4 9 6

8 1 4

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2 9

7 8

3 6


7 5 2 9 1

7 4

CONSTRUCTION With 25 Years Experience

Quality Builders at Affordable Prices ♦ New Builds ♦ Extensions ♦ Loft Conversions ♦ Structural Alterations ♦ Kitchen & Bathroom Installation ♦ General Building Work ♦ Plastering ♦ Tiling ♦ Roofing ♦ Plumbing & Heating ♦ Electrical work

FULLY INSURED ALL WORK GUARANTEED FREE advice and FREE quotations without obligation



Contact Mark on 07855 271 714 or 01909 472 722 Online at: Please mention Worksop Life when responding to any adverts

Apr 2014 │ Worksop



High tech gadgets for your furry or feathered friends

Top pet tech Pet owners are famously free with

their cash: nothing’s too expensive for a beloved dog, cat, budgie or Vietnamese pot-bellied pig. It’s taken a while for the technology industry to notice, but

now they have and there are all kinds of high-tech gizmos for your furry or feathered friends. Forget automatic pet flaps and anti-bark collars: the new wave of pet tech includes health

monitors, cameras and even exercisers. The star of this year’s Consumer Electronics Show — or its pet division at least — was Voyce, which is essentially a fitness tracker for dogs. It isn’t cheap — it’s around £200 for the collar and another £10 per month — but the pitch is that by monitoring your dog’s activity, breathing, heart rate and calories it’ll give you early warning of any potentially dangerous and expensive health problems. Voyce will go on sale later this year, and it’s entering a market that’s already looking a bit crowded: in addition to Voyce there are pet fitness trackers including Fitbark (around £60) and Whistle (also around £60). If you think that’s a bit odd, wait until you hear No More Woof: the £50 No More Woof gadget promises to convert doggy brainwaves into human speech. Don’t expect to engage in scintillating ►

SUPER Quality for your PETS






d oa

dR e

n y La

d San



from Beds & Mats to Toys, Leads & Grooming Products.

WE ALSO STOCK A RANGE of accessories

r tefo Ga

WE STOCK A RANGE of DOG & CAT accessories,

We are


Our aim here at Superpets is to offer quality service & excellent value for money at all times.


RANGE that is of an excellent quality - it skips the fancy packaging but makes for fantastic value. Your dogs and cats will love it!


WE STOCK an extensive range of foods and treats for Dogs, Cats, Small Animals, Fish, and Reptiles.

available and help is always available if you need assistance in moving heavy products to your car.


For high quality pet foods in Worksop, why not get in touch with the friendly, family run company at Superpets?


for smaller, scalier, & subaquatic pets


there’s bound to be something for the furry, feathered or scaly friends that brighten your life.

See us online at:

Call or visit us TODAY You & your pet will LOVE IT!

203 Gateford Road n Worksop n S81 7BB n T: 01909 479433 62 Worksop

│ Apr 2014 │ e: │t: 01427 881563 or 881565


The Dog Listener Worksop Life Ma All aspects of dog training & behavioural problems

Now Cat & Dog Vaccines Open £14.99

Norfolk St, Newcastle Av, Worksop, S80 1LB

Tel: 01909 488008

Obedience Classes

Ranby Hall 7.00pm – 8.45pm Every Wednesday

Call Fred on:

01777 719502 or 07939 368261



One-to-one in your own home

Qualifications Guild Master Dog Trainer


! Neutering TC PLUMBING & HEATING Cat & Dog Vaccines GAS SAFE ENGINEERS from


! !

! ! !




Consults from



only £25

Neutering from

! !


Monday – Friday: 8.30am – 6.30pm Sat: 8.30am – Noon




Tel: 01909 591432 Mob: 07805 084380


! ! ! ! Consults ! ! ! ! ! £25 Tel : 01909 470490 Mobile: 07841 1166 38 * Bathing * Grooming * Clipping * Scissoring * Ear cleaning * Nail Clipping * Anal glands * Tick & flea treatments 16 Gateford Road, Worksop, Notts S80 1EB Across from Victoria Car Park

OPEN: Mon - Fri 9.00am - 5.00pm Sat 9.00am - 1.00pm

Community Foot Health Practitioner Footcare in the comfort of your own home All inclusive price £18 10% Discount for Over 60’s Introduce a friend and get your next visit half price

Telephone: 07977 931123 or 01909 482560

Please mention Worksop Life when responding to any adverts


North Leverton Boarding Kennels & Cattery Street Norfolk The Dog Matters Grooming Salon

Bright and clean boarding facilities Large exercise area and lead walks Individually heated beds All diets catered for Medication administered

Tel: 0190

Full dog grooming service Clipping, nails, ears & eyes Styling, bath & condition Australian ‘Fidos’ Hydro bath Most breeds catered for


Norfolk Street, Newcast Tel: 01909 488008

Special pet care provided by an attentive and caring team of professional and friendly staff Our reputation speaks for itself Viewing highly recommended All your pet needs under one roof Close to Retford, Gainsborough and surrounding villages

Like us on Facebook Call 01427 880744 07733 482881 07775 641651 Apr 2014 │ Worksop



Top pet tech ◄ conversation with your Shih-Tzu, though: the repertoire is currently limited to “I’m hungry”, “I’m tired”, and “Who are you?” The developers say that No More Woof is a work in progress, though, and early sales of the device will enable them to make it smarter, more useful and — we hope — more comfortable. We can’t imagine our own dog putting up with a No More Woof headset for more than a few seconds. Another way to get an insight into your pet’s life is to shell out for an Eyenimal camera. The Petcam is available for cats and dogs, attaches to your pet’s collar and records whatever he or she sees; you can then transfer the footage to your computer. Expect to pay around £60. Some pet gadgets appear to be practical jokes, but the GoDogGo is perfectly serious: its Automatic Ball Thrower is a £99 gadget based on the automated tennis ball machines that tennis players use in training. The GoDogGo will happily hurl tennis

64 Worksop

│ Apr 2014

balls five to 10 metres, exercising your dog while you sit back and relax. Have you ever wished you could take your pet bird for a walk? The people behind the Feather Tether hope you have, because their £12.99 bird harness means your bird can go wherever you are without fear of injury or “the tragedy of fly-aways”. The harness comes in five sizes and a range of colours. If you can’t always be with your pet, Petcube might be the answer: it’s a smartphone-powered gadget which contains a wide-angle camera and microphone for streaming high definition video and audio to your iPhone or iPad. There are speakers and a low-intensity laser pointer to transmit your voice and amuse your cat respectively. It’ll cost around £160 when it goes on sale in May. If you don’t have a pet, the iPhone/iPad app also enables you to log into other people’s public Petcubes (with their permission) and annoy their pets instead - and if it’s just the laser pet toy you want, the Frolicat Bolt automatic laser toy is currently £20.01 on Amazon.

PREVIOUS Voyce fitness tracker for dogs TOP GoDogGo Automatic Ball Thrower BOTTOM Eyenimal Petcam │ e: │t: 01427 881563 or 881565



 


A A Family Business FamilyRun Run Business • Private Chapel of Rest

 ClAwS  AnAl glAndS QuAlIFIEd And Fully InSuREd 

FREE COllECTIOn And dElIvERy  SERvICE AvAIlAblE MICROChIPPIng  In wORKSOP SERvICE AvAIlAblE  168 Plantation Hill wE AlSO SEll WorksoP lARgE bREEdS dOg ACCESSORIES CATEREd FOR notts s81 0dt And TREATMEnTS  PRICES FROM £5.00 STAFFIES £10.00 wE gROOM PuPPy dAy CARE CATS CAll lISA On. 01909 531542

Funerals From £1500  All Inclusive 



  wE hAvE An OnlInE ShOP.


  


• SANTA SPECIALS •   • From RETFORD •     on the Chesterfield Canal  

This could save your LIFE! How about spending 30 minutes in Santa’s company, cruising in his 12 seater, beautifully Scrap Gold Me to You Bears Radley Bags decorated, heated narrowboat? All adults can enjoy a seasonal sip and bite, whilst every child receives a gift. a H el p Places must be pre-booked, telephone Vicki / rs 2 4 hou  Pete on 01246 280660. • •  Price £5.00 per person     Trips run every Saturday and Sunday   from 5.12.09 until 20.12.09. on the hour  every hour from 10am.


A telecare alarm will enable you to call for help 24 hours a day from anywhere in your home.

•   

FUNERAL SERVICES 

  • 24 hour personal service   White Gates Farm, Blyth Road, Ranskill, Retford DN22 8LT  • Home Visits web:  email:  Pre-paid funeral plans Prop: Carol Jackson T: 01777 817389 | M: 0781 358 9124 • • Headstone Supply & Maintenance    All dOgS gROOMEd TO OuR SERvICES InCludE:  Office Open Monday to Friday  PEdIgREE STAndARdS bATh



Our newly built cattery is personally designed with extra large penthouse units each having fully insulated and heated sleeping  quarters. They have a spacious lower level exercise area with two  raised seating points to create a comfortable home for your cats  to sit back & enjoy the panoramic view of our countryside.


th April

To get a Telecare Alarm  Trips depart from outside Bay Tree café /  bar, Wharf Road, Retford DN22 6AS  from A1 Housing please call:  

01909 533735  

  

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All proceeds to the Chesterfield Canal Trust for complete restoration of this wonderful canal. Reg Charity no: 1071376

•  

Tel: Pete / Vicki

on 01246 280660

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BEX KNIGHT looks at this year’s favourite colour trends

Follow on Twitter: @bexxxknight LEFT Zara Knit Sweater £35.99 MIDDLE ASOS Oasis Ponte Jacket £40.00 RIGHT Topshop Mini Rib Tube Skirt £20.00 BOTTOM ASOS Urban Code Cobalt Blue iPad Cover £15.50 ROYAL BLUE I think royal blue can sometimes be a bit daunting to wear as a main piece of clothing as it’s a very deep colour and can sometimes drown people out if not worn with confidence or something that makes it really pop like white. So your safest bet is to opt for an accessory. This iPad case is brilliant as it also dips into the (faux) pony skin trend, and even if you don’t have an iPad, it makes a super glam clutch. DOVE GREY Grey is a really flattering colour on absolutely everyone so you have no excuse to not buy into this trend! I love this Topshop pencil skirt as the ribbed cotton material makes it slighty more casual which is great because I think sometimes pencil skirts have the reputation of being something you wear when you’re dressing up. This year I’m determined to wear pencil skirts to any occasion! 66 Worksop

│ Apr 2014

BLOOD ORANGE I was originally going to pick a nail varnish option for blood orange, but I think it’s such a gorgeous colour it would be a shame not to pick an item of clothing! Be careful if you have fair hair as this colour can often wash you out if not worn with a dark colour. Layer this jumper with your favourite coat for a subtle nod to the fashion pack. CAMEL I honestly think everyone should own a camel jacket or coat. It’s so on trend at the minute it hurts, and even when it’s not at the forefront of current trends, it will never go out of fashion and will always look timeless. This ponte jacket will look great with jeans for a more dressed up feel to a casual weekend lunch, it’ll give a more stripped back feel to your favourite cocktail dress, and will basically look fantastic with almost everything in your wardrobe. If you only take one thing from this article, invest in camel! │ e: │t: 01427 881563 or 881565

Our sales team will gladly help and give advice. 31 Potter Street, Worksop Tel: 01909 530315

Leading makes of knitting yarns and patterns.

Extensive range of haberdashery, ribbons, etc Cross stitch and tapestry Aida cut to measure

Our fabric department has a wide range of dress fabrics and patterns. We offer clothes alteration and sewing machine repair services.

Try Mediation

You have nothing to lose! Your local Specialists in Divorce, Separation, Children & Finances Contact Arrangements, Residence of Children, Parenting, Communication, Education, Child Support, Holiday Arrangements, Family Home, Finances, Maintenance, Sharing Possessions, Savings & Investments, Pensions, Settling of Debts, Wills, Inheritance, Probate, Re-establishing Contact, Extended Family Members & Care of Older Relatives

Bawtry | Harworth | Retford | Doncaster | Worksop Gainsborough | Lincoln | Scunthorpe | Mansfield

We are open: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday Friday, 10.00am to 4.30pm Saturday 10.00am to 2.30pm Closed all day Thursday. Tel: 01777 818193 Legal Aid Still Available

Sherwood Prime Care provide companionship, care and domestic assistance in your home throughout Worksop and surrounding areas Whether you want extra assistance when you come out of hospital, need a little help around the house whilst maintaining your independence, or are looking for company, support and friendship from a professional carer, Sherwood Prime Care are here for you… Care at Home You can get the assistance you need in your own home, whether you are disabled, returning from hospital or just need a little extra help Domestic Assistance You can keep your independence with a little support from Sherwood Prime Care to help you keep your home in order. We can help with cleaning, shopping and even help you entertain guests.

Companionship More than anything, it’s important to have the friendship and support you deserve. With Sherwood Prime Care your carer will be there for you, to listen, laugh and enjoy life with. Personal Care Sherwood Prime Care are here to make those everyday tasks easier, from help with washing, dressing, eating, medication and more.

We currently have vacancies for Health Care Support Workers

Registration No: 1-738302088

Worksop Turbine Shireoaks Triangle Business Centre Coach Close Worksop S81 8AP

If you want to find out more about expert, compassionate home care services Tel: 01909 512127 or Email: • Please mention Worksop Life when responding to any adverts

Apr 2014 │ Worksop


REMAIN INDEPENDENT IN YOUR OWN HOME A discreet personal care service that is designed to support you with day to day living. Our clients are at the heart of our business, our carers are a local dedicated staff team. From a short visit to 7 days, full one to one service to match the needs of our clients.

• Help with personal care • Meal preparation and help with eating / drinking • Dementia care • Medication reminders • Support to get ready for the day • Assistance with evening care / tuck in • Light housework / laundry • Complex needs / healthcare • Shopping • Plan and escort to outings / appointments • Reminiscence • Help to continue hobbies / socialisation

CQC registered : 1-101682706 UKHCA Member

For a free no obligation introductory home visit, please call: 01909 512550 or alternatively email to:

PC PROBLEMS? n Is your computer slow,

noisy, or not starting? n Concerned that you might have a virus? n Need help setting up a computer, printer, internet, email, or wireless?

Call Chris Guest

01909 472260 or 07985 935789

n Home Visits - Daytime or Evening n

n Most Problems Fixed in a Single Visit n n Very Reasonable Prices n n Virus Removal n Repairs and Upgrades n n Internet Problems Solved n n Broadband and Wireless Setup n n New Computers Custom-Built n 68 Worksop

│ Apr 2014

Independent financial advice Paul Gladwin is a local Independent Financial Planner and can advise on:

Pensions Retirement planning Insurance Investments ISAs Contact Paul today for a free initial consultation: T: 07790 415 763 E: Thomas Heald Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Registered office: 6 Feast Field, CHARTERED FINANCIAL PLANNERS Horsforth, Leeds LS18 4TJ

thomasheald │ e: │t: 01427 881563 or 881565



        

 

  Join a group of like-minded women  on Renew You

The smart way to a clean oven

running near   courses you now!   This day can change your life forever! 


  Gainsborough 27th April    Retford 8th June Lunch and motivational   journal included contact Think Differently   To onbook07971261476 or go to  and click on events

Cash Loans UP TO £500 Available


Credit  with Care

Full or Partcollected Rewire The best home credit company around! Fuse Board Upgrades Visit us at Emergency Call Out FreeOr Quotations Help & Advice call 01623 622 186 (Mon – Fri 8.00am – 4.00pm) Fully Qualified Electrical Engineer Security Lights/Alarms/CCTV Representative example: Compare the-price of home £13.80 Landlords Inspection & Pat per week to borrow £500 collected andTest other&cash loans over 51 weeks – Total amount payable £700 Domestic/Agricultural/Commercial available in your area at 1 YEAR MUTUAL PROVIDENT SHOPACHECK

LOAN £500 £500 £500

INTEREST £200 £410 £375

Part P Compliant

Representative 104% APR Fixed Rate of Interest 104% TOTAL REPAYABLE £700 £910 £875

WEEKLY REPAYMENTS 51 x £13.80 50 x £17.50 50 x £17.50


 104.0 254.5  254.5

Contact Graham All home credit customers are entitled to a free   detailed statement once every 3 months – just ask 



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All loans provided by Mutual Clothing and Supply Co. Ltd. Registered office 39 Bedford Street South, Leicester LE1 3JN Tel 0116 2518106. Registered No. 181701. Loan interest correct as at 1.10.12 source Lenders Compared website.

67  Please mention Worksop Life when responding to any advertisements


INDEX Aerial Specialist ADI Communications Worksop.............................. 38 Architectural Design & Surveying CS Surveying & Architectural Design....................31 Bathroom Design & Installation Carrington Bathrooms..............................................22 Venus Bathrooms & Kitchen Studio..................... 13 Beauty The Palms Hair & Beauty..........................................15 Bed Showroom The Bed Chambers....................................................27 Priory Carpets & Beds...............................................55 Bedroom Interiors DC Interiors...................................................................21 Blinds Bassetlaw Blinds........................................................36 RS Blinds.........................................................................9 Bouncy Castles for Hire Apollo Entertainment.................................................41 Building Services AC Building Services..................................................37 Lindrick Construction............................................... 12 MA Construction.........................................................61 M West Roofing and Building Services.................31 RHCS Construction....................................................51 Wellow Park Building Services............................... 53 Care — Residential & At Home Leda Homecare......................................................... 68 Sherwood Prime Care...............................................67 Car Services Your Car.........................................................................49 Carpet Showrooms Neil Brodie Flooring....................................................31 Charity Fundraising Bassetlaw Hospice Appeal......................................10 Children's Indoor Play Area Treasure Island........................................................... 40 Chiropody & Foot Health Best Foot First............................................................. 63 Dukeries Footcare..................................................... 33 Jane Cavanna............................................................. 69 Cleaning Services Maid 2 Clean............................................................... 53 Coach Tours CW Moxon Ltd..............................................................31 Community & Leisure Arena North Notts Community Arena.................................5 Computer Repairs & Servicing Chris Guest Computing............................................ 68 Haven Kaye IT Solutions...........................................55 Conservatory Roof Conversions We Fit Conservatories Windows & Doors........... 43 Curtain Supplies The Curtain Company................................................10 Damp Proofing DW Plastering & Damp Proofing...............................9 Dance School Margaret Huntley School of Dance....................... 40 Dog Grooming Services Competitive Edge....................................................... 64 Pawprints Grooming Salon..................................... 65 Sanmar Dog Grooming............................................ 63 Dog Training Competitive Edge....................................................... 64 K9 Academy................................................................ 63 Domestic Appliance Repairs Domestic Appliance Repairs.................................. 38 Mat Gee.........................................................................49 Driving Instructor Driver Developments.................................................37 Electrical Contractors DC Electrical...................................................................9 Lindrick Construction............................................... 12 Estate Agent My Place Property Consultants............................. 35 Family Day Out Wetlands Animal Park...............................................39 Fencing C & R Fencing.............................................................. 53 SCO Paving Ltd............................................................57

70 Worksop

│ Apr 2014

Fitness Centre Palms.............................................................................15 Flooring Timber Floor Studio....................................................72 Fostering Service Nottinghamshire County Council...........................23 Funeral Directors Dolby Funeral Services............................................ 38 Robert Priest............................................................... 65 Furniture Showrrom Raw Furniture...............................................................25 Gardening Services DC Garden Services.................................................. 58 Greenthumb.................................................................59 Handy Help...................................................................49 Garden Centre Windmill View Plant Centre......................................59 Go Karting Amen Corner Karting................................................ 35 Gold Bought & Sold Castle Jewellers...........................................................71 Hair Salons Masterpiece Hairdressing....................................... 33 Solo.................................................................................51 The Palms Hair & Beauty..........................................15 Handyman & Property Services Hammond Property Services..................................20 Mr Handyman..............................................................37 My Place Property Consultants..............................31 The Handyman........................................................... 53 Health/Leisure Club Thoresby Hall Hotel....................................................19 Independent Financial Advice Thomas Heald............................................................ 68 Interior Design Todwick Interiors...........................................................2 Jewellers Castle Jewellers...........................................................71 Joinery Lambert Joinery..........................................................32 Kennels & Catteries North Leverton Kennels & Cattery....................... 63 White Gates Cattery.................................................. 65 Knitting Supplies The Knitters Shop.......................................................67 Kitchen Design & Installation DC Interiors...................................................................21 The Kitchen Works.................................................... 45 Venus Bathroom & Kitchen Studio....................... 13 Loans Mutual........................................................................... 69 Locksmith Metro Locksmiths...................................................... 33 Mediation Service CP Family Mediation..................................................67 Memorials Lindrick Memorials.................................................... 60 Mobility Scooters & Aids Clark & Partners......................................................... 54 Eco Scooters................................................................15 Model Train Shop The Goods Yard...........................................................29 Oven Cleaning Oven Butler.................................................................. 69 Opticians Vision Express.............................................................11 Painting and Decorating Brush Strokes............................................................. 53 Colour Scene............................................................... 60 Oliver Vaux................................................................... 53 Paving Services M West Roofing and Building Services................ 33 SCO Paving Ltd............................................................57 Personal Development Re-new You.................................................................. 69 Pest Control Buzz Off Pest Solutions............................................ 58 Retford & District Pest Control................................55 Pet Care & Supplies Super Pets....................................................................62

Physiotherapy Equinox Physiotherapy..............................................10 Plastering Service DW Plastering & Damp Proofing...............................9 SJ Plastering................................................................ 60 Plumbing & Heating Services Clifford Heating........................................................... 13 David Godley Plumbing & Heating.........................47 Gas Safe Heating....................................................... 43 RB Plumbing.................................................................36 TC Plumbing & Heating............................................ 63 Readymix Concrete Lafarge Tarmac...........................................................37 Restaurants, Pubs & Cafés Best Western Plus Aston Hall Hotel...................... 63 Springhead Brewery..................................................29 The White Lion............................................................ 18 Shower Repairs Showersolve................................................................ 38 Soft Furnishings & Fabrics Todwick Interiors...........................................................2 Specialist Sports Store Batting 46.....................................................................49 Stair Case Installations John Lawson................................................................51 Stoves, Fireplaces & Ranges Classic ChoiceSurrounds.........................................20 Harworth Heating...................................................... 45 Supermarket WM Morrisons...............................................................9 Taxi & Private Hire GDB Travel....................................................................29 Shireoaks Travel..........................................................47 Theatrical & Music Productions Acorn Theatre..............................................................27 Tiling Service BJB Tiling Service........................................................55 Timber Supplies & Sheds Worksop Timber..........................................................57 Touring Park Wolds View Touring Park...........................................55 Veterinary Clinic Best Friends Veterinary Group............................... 63 Weight Loss Slimming World.............................................................1 Wills April King.........................................................................7 Windows, Doors & Conservatories Bluebell Conservatories...........................................25 Charm Windows......................................................... 12 Cloudy 2 Clear................................................................3 Countywide Homecare.............................................47 G & M Tomlinson........................................................ 38 Peacock Windows..................................................... 35 Wellow Park Building Services............................... 53 We Fit Conservatories Windows & Doors........... 43 Window Repair Services Ltd................................... 30

Sudoku solution 9 4 5 7 2 1 6 3 8 8 6 7 4 5 3 9 1 2 2 3 1 9 6 8 7 5 4 6 1 3 5 8 7 4 2 9 5 2 4 3 9 6 8 7 1 7 8 9 2 1 4 3 6 5 1 9 6 8 7 5 2 4 3 3 7 8 1 4 2 5 9 6 4 5 2 6 3 9 1 8 7 │ e: │t: 01427 881563 or 881565

Castle Jewellers 70a Bridge Street, Worksop.

• Jewellery Repairs on the Premises • Over 25 years experience • Large selection of Precious and Semi Precious Gemstones to choose from to design your own jewellery. • Ring Alteration • Chain Repairs • Fastener repair or replacement • Claw Work and Gemstone replacement • Rhodium • Valuations • All Repairs in our trust are Fully Insured • No posting your Family Heirlooms all over the country at great risk of loss in the post. • Speak to the person who actually does the work and discuss your requirement with someone who knows about repairs. • Dealing direct with repairer cuts the price. • We have done repairs many shops have said cannot be repaired. • Free same-day alterations for items purchased here

Best prices paid for Gold Tel:

01909 478636

Quality Wooden Flooring

at Realistic Prices!

Fully guaranteed Reliable after care service, extensive range of wooden & laminate flooring Hardwood THE Engineered TIMBER Laminates FLOOR Under floor heating SPECIALISTS Architraves Skirtings

Large stocks available to take away

Any genuine like for like quote will be beaten including internet quotes. Please bring your printed quote with you

SUPERB FITTING SERVICE. ALL our fitters are employed by us. . . So you get the best possible service! Sainsburys A57


Lock Keeper

Unit 11 | Sandy Lane Industrial Estate | Worksop | S80 1TN

T: 01909 509020 | e-mail:

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