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LP4Y’s Pedagogy

Life Project 4 Youth LP4Y’s Vision Young People facing extreme poverty are capable of becoming great entrepreneurs if someone gives them a smile, a supporting word, room to grow, and trust.

Life Project 4 Youth created the Life Project Centers: economic activity incubators located in poor neighborhoods, close to the Young Peoples’ dwellings. In each Life Project Center, the youngsters follow the “Professional Training for Entrepreneurs”:

LP4Y’s Mission To assist in the professional and social integration of Young Adults between 17 and 24 years of age facing extreme poverty and exclusion.

The Young Adults attending the LPC have a desire to change their lives and they commit to attend the Professional Training for Entrepreneurs every day from 7 am to 5 pm.

Contact Us # 0919 886 64 08

Green Garden Green Village Southville 7, Site 2, brgy Dayap Calauan City, Laguna

Life Project Center Calauan City An initiative of LP4Y Foundation Inc.

Our story - Life Project Center Calauan City “We are Young Adults -17 to 24 years old- coming from different squatter areas of Manila and Calauan and various situations of exclusion. We created with LP4Y The Green Garden, as many people, foreigners & Filipinos alike, were complaining about the difficulty of finding organic herbs. Week by week our garden is growing and flourishing. At the very beginning, the Green Garden started with only one plot of Italian Basil. Now we have one green house area and 16 kinds of organic herbs.”

Our Services & Products Our Services We adapt our offer to you: when buying our plants, you can ask for our gardening service. Not only we deliver the plants but we also make sure they continue to grow healthy by taking care of them in your garden. Why should you buy our products?

Simply because they are: Natural Aromatic Organic

Our healthy organic herbs nourish a healthy mind and body. They are 100% chemical-free from seed to harvest so that you can use them for both cooking and natural medicine.

Mint Fresh and tonic, mint can be used as a thirstquenching drink or in salads. Mint is also good for treating skin problems. Basil (Italian and Thai) It gives Mediterranean flavour to any dish and is especially good as a seasoning for pizza and pasta. Basil also helps digestion. Oregano Spicy and tasty, it is very good as a pizza topping. It is also a strong antiseptic. Tarragon Intense and fresh, it is good in salads, lasagne, fish dishes and herbal tea. Additionally, it contains anti -oxidants. Chives It adds savoury seasoning to bread, potatoes, salads, omelets… Stevia: the leaves of stevia are sweet and organic. Rosemary: delicious with potato, chicken, fish. New products Malunggay, Lavender, Rau-Ram, Lemon, Mint, Italian Oregano, Green Tea. We are still expanding our herbs selection.

The Green Garden  

Leaflet of The Green Garden's program. Who are the Youth? Where do they come from? What do they do in the Life Project Center?

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