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The likelihood that a person age 65 will need Nursing Home, assisted living, home or community care during their lifetime.1


The average cost per year of a Nursing Home in Florida in 2013.2

2.5 years $228,125 $5,518

The average length of stay in a Nursing Home (901 days).3

The average cost per year of a Nursing Home multiplied by the average length of stay.4

Household wealth remaining AFTER a family member lives in a Nursing Home for six months or more.5

The risk of future long term care costs pose the single greatest financial threat to your estate. 1 2 3 4 5

Brooking/ICF Long Term Care Financial Model, 1995. Genworth Financial, 2013 Cost of Care Survey Centers for Disease Control, 1999 Nursing Home Survey See footnote 3 Employee Benefit Research Institute, “Effects of Nursing Home Stays on Household Portfolios,� June 2012

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Five Numbers  

Five Numbers