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Munkedal’s paper movement


Munkedals Herrgürd — Harkerud forest

In Munkedal, about 100 km north of Göteborg, is one of the most beautifully-situated paper mills in the world, Arctic Paper Munkedals AB. The site was chosen with care by the monks, who later gave their name to the estate, the paper mill, the village, the district and, finally, our brand. Where the Munkedal and Örekil Rivers meet, the monks used to fish for salmon for the monastery at Bokenäset, alongside the beach at Gullmarn fjord. That was eight hundred years ago, but the Örekil River is still considered to be one of the country’s finest salmon rivers, with many keen anglers visiting every year. During the last 20 years there have been major investments, and the mill today is one of the most environmentally-friendly paper mills in the world. Today, Arctic Paper Munkedals AB is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of uncoated paper, with significant exports to many parts of the world.


No easy solutions for complicated matters

Munkedal, Sweden, 5—6 May 2011.

Huvelle Etienne — Arctic paper An Decoster — Arctic paper Nick Hoet — Hoet-Hoet Sofie Van Vlaenderen — Hoet-Hoet Fanny Khoo — Meandmisterjones Monique Rutten — cc Hasselt Ludovic Driessen — cc Hasselt Randoald Sabbe Tim Oeyen — Oeyenenwinters Sammy Winters — Oeyenenwinters Katrien Daemers — Gestalte Jessika L’Ecluse — Gestalte Luc Vermeire — New Goff Herman Vanaerschot — IJsbreker

Munkedal, Sweden, 5—6 May 2011. Special thanks to An Decoster & Etienne Huvelle for organiziing this inspiring event.

Photographed by Herman Vanaerschot — IJsbreker

Photograph by Ludovic Driessen



Munkedal, Papermill visit - SWEDEN  

Munkedal, Papermill visit - SWEDEN by Belgian graphic designers

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