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What adhesive should I use for the best result? Paul, Milton Keynes The vast majority of our papers need tub adhesive. In many cases, there is a recommended adhesive from the Supplier, and we would always encourage you to use that. However, if there is no suggestion we recommend Albany Super Smooth tub paste. It is the perfect consistency (do not add water) and gives good results. The strength of the adhesive is important and it is critical to remove any from the front of the paper before it dries. Albany Super Smooth can be used for traditional papers or paste the wall. We also recommend Albany Concentrated wallcoverings adhesive, which comes in a concentrated liquid form and you just add water to obtain the correct consistency.

I’ve seen a lot about the trend ‘hygge’ in magazines. What would you recommend to create this look in my home? Gaynor, Lewes


There is no literal translation for the Danish word hygge, it is more about promoting a sense of wellbeing and calm in your life. So a subtle backdrop, perhaps a ‘faux effect’ wallcovering such as animal skins, brick or a wood effect would be the perfect expression of this trend or a paper with a soft chalky finish like our ‘bark effect’ Simplicity Erin design.

Can I paper over existing wallpaper? Hannah, Newport You can but ‘should you?’ is another question! Ideally you should always strip the existing wallpaper, repair and clean the wall to create the best possible surface for your new wallpaper. (There are some Vinyls which have a base layer and this means you can strip the colour/top layer off the wall, leaving a smooth surface however it is advisable to stripe this away and start again from fresh.) Professionals alway apply a new lining paper and if you are out of practice with hanging paper start with a lining paper first. It is the perfect surface to put your top paper on for the perfect result. There is a ‘paste the wall’ lining paper which is the easiest of all!

Strip the existing wallpaper, repair and clean the wall to create the best possible surface for your new wallpaper TI62PWALLPAPERDIRECT


Wallpaperdirect Magazine - Spring/Summer Edition 2017  

Wallpaperdirect Magazine - Spring/Summer Edition 2017