Sussex Business Times - Issue 403 2016

Page 56


Test Drive Infiniti Q30 1.5 Premium Tech Manual

I’m still moderately in essence. I took my first look at the fascinated by the car in the flesh and I was transported Infiniti brand. It’s back to my youth and days of playing Luxury a company that cars with my good friends on the seems to have crept banks of the school field. Hot wheels up on us through were, and probably still are, the best clever marketing toy cars around - they were well built, campaigns and elements of witchcraft; overstated, bullish and strong. Most aligning themselves early on, as they importantly, they rolled for longer and did with motorsports were faster than all and notably, Red Bull. of the others. No “The design team at question. All of that seems like a distant memory Infiniti have managed It was all down to now and the brand their huge, sprung to refine this look, has concentrated on wheels and that’s resulting in a car building cars. Decent what caught my that boasts the cars at that. attention first with It’s fair to say that the Q30; ‘those’ aforementioned they have a certain wheels. Someone class” ‘signature’ style; an has actually designed aesthetic mixture of and recreated a fully class and boy racer-esque flourishes functional, real-life Hot Wheels car. and a far cry from their parent Brilliant! company, Nissan’s current range. These 18” light alloys came with 5 That’s certainly the case with the Q30 (double) spokes and were accented anyway. The Q30 is a sort of hot-hatch with red for good measure, so looking


mean and punctuated by the body shape, which only served to say, ‘look at my wheels’ and ‘look at me’. Somehow, the design team at Infiniti have managed to refine this look, resulting in a car that boasts the aforementioned class. The Q30 carries elements of styling that wouldn’t be out of place in the Jaguar range; in fact, the front grill has a lot in common. That said, this is an entirely more curvaceous car. It looks a little bit mean and sturdy but suggests that it will look after you so far as your safety’s concerned, at the same time, bullying other cars from your path. Jumping into the driver’s seat, it’s very quickly apparent that the car also includes an impressive variety of gadgetry: fitting of the £27,550 price tag, (£28,950 with the optional Infiniti InTouch navigation system). The seats are full of pitted leather - along with the dashboard. It has electric everything and is extremely comfortable.