Sussex Business Times - Issue 403 2016

Page 44

Book Review

SBT Recommends: I DON’T WORK FRIDAYS By Martin Norbury

I Don’t Work Fridays is the latest book written by the Scalability Coach and Business Mentor of the Year 2015, Martin Norbury. Here SBT gives an insight into what the book is about and why anybody in business, those thinking of starting a business, or simply anybody who is interested in business, should read it for themselves

Essential Reading

Here is a short snippet from the ‘I Don’t Work Fridays’ Introduction... Are some people just born lucky or

naturally brilliant? I’ve never been much of a ‘people’ person – although I am a person who understands a lot about people. Just like all of the other discoveries that we are going to explore through the pages of this book, that was something I learned much later on in my journey. It was only by looking back and getting under the surface of those experiences, that the ‘Scale’ philosophy for creating and managing business growth ever saw the light of day. The process was there but it needed defining in order to release its potential and turn it into something I could share. It is an interesting observation, and far more common than you’d imagine, that successful people often don’t know how they got there. Many of the pioneers,


gold-medallists, award winners and inbuilt, instinctive behaviours that drive multi-millionaires of our world simply the great and the good to live amazing can’t understand why other people lives can become learned behaviours for aren’t like them. Often it is only by anyone. soul-searching and self-examination The same goes for successful that they can even businesses and their start to get a handle on owners. If you have what they do differently. that spark which led “Useful Lessons Typically it is only when you to go out on for any budding other people start your own and chase business person, studying their seemingly the dream, or even however, for those if you were led there super-human instinct who are looking and passion that the through circumstance rest of us can learn for hoops to jump and necessity, you the processes and are already half way through or a motivations that make escaping the quick-fix, it’s not a to them tick. So, if many of norm. That is a partial miracle ‘get-richthe greatest people who compliment, but it quick guide” ever lived can’t tell you is mainly meant as what makes them so an encouragement. different, it seems logical You see, no one ever to conclude that they genuinely were won a race by doing really well at the just lucky enough to be built that way. beginning but not finishing. Likewise, If that is true, then life is pretty unfair, the business that shows potential although nobody ever said that it was then fades away or barely touches the supposed to be fair! surface of average is as far from the The really exciting news is that those headlines as it is a healthy bottom line,