Sussex Business Times - Issue 403 2016

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Lee Mansfield, Managing Director/ Publisher

Simon Skinner, Clare Fermor, Group Director/Editor Operation Director

Jenny Ardagh, Deputy Editor

Thomas Allen, Features Editor

Jess Saunders, Features Editor

Lou Dobson, Sales

Elliott Mansfield, Sales

Geoff Diamond, Sales

Harriet Weston, Production Manager

Amy Watson, Amelia Wellings, Production Designer Financial Controller


Neil Taylor, Sales and Marketing Director at Admiral Security

David Mellor, Business Mentor

Glen Foster, Head of Partner Channel at Xero

We’ve had our token British summer – more than one day of sun is good enough for us – and the turmoil that came from our vote to leave the EU seems to have calmed down. For now. This month, we take the Brexit focus to one of the most vital industries to our global economic growth: manufacturing. We look at the previous year’s climate in the manufacturing industry and compare to now, speculating over the impact of Brexit. With our generation-changing news, we also welcome in a new Prime Minister (some may welcome less than others), who has made her mark on politics and the country with her stern words and bold actions. Some, or one of her appointments may have come as a shock to us all, with Boris Johnson taking the post as Foreign Secretary, and her stance on Trident has caused media waves. Having been born and bred in our sunshine town of Eastbourne, East Sussex, we look at her past, her present and what she hopes to bring to the future of a post-Brexit UK. There has been a lot going on in the entrepreneurial community in Brighton this month, with Opportunity Knocks and the Entrepreneurial Spark Awards. We have been following ESpark very closely for over a year now, so we were glad to attend the awards ceremony and celebrate with the Chiclets. See pages 26 – 28 for an overview of events last month. We’ve got some good and informative reading in both our health and finance sections. SBT looks into how pregnancy can become more of a curse in business than a blessing for some women, what their rights are as employees and how employers should be dealing with the non-issue. Our finance section underlines some of the most important factors in debt recovery and what barriers businesses face when recovering invoices. Elsewhere, we have our usual Ask the Expert section, Made in Sussex, motoring, lunch and hotel reviews.

Michael Dent, Managing Director, Inprova Energy

Christina Ewbank, ACES Facilitator

Fred Thomas, Business Support Navigator, Business East Sussex

Happy reading! Jenny Ardagh Deputy Editor 3