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O’Halloran have spent the last few years developing a solution to this growing dilemma. Harnessing a combined total of 80 years experience in software development, aerospace and defence, the trio has successfully developed a way of automatically testing software to government regulations at 50% of the usual cost. The software tools are based on the emerging technique of ‘Formal Methods’ - a combination of mathematical methods that can be applied to the designing, implementation and testing of computer systems. The methods ensure that every aspect of the system does what it was designed to do, while simultaneously providing evidence to meet government regulations. Their company, D-RisQ, is based at Wyche Innovation Centre in Worcestershire, although joint-founder David lives and works in Sussex and is a director of Sussex Enterprise, the Chamber of Commerce for Sussex. He said: “Both software packages reduce risk, lower development costs, reduce support costs and reduce time to market. “It eliminates the need for inspection on a mass basis by building quality into the product in the first place.” The software can be used without


special training to help engineers develop software systems architectures rigorously, while gaining evidence as a by-product to appease authorities. • Modelworks® allows the designer to check that the design does what is requires, while providing proof that undesired properties will never occur.

• CLawZ® produces evidence that the code correctly implements the design, or shows where the coder has made a mistake. To discuss these systems in more detail, contact 01684 252452 or info@drisq.com

or visit www.drisq.com

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Sussex Business Times - November 2014  

Sussex Business Times - Issue 382 2014

Sussex Business Times - November 2014  

Sussex Business Times - Issue 382 2014