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Art in Glasgow Special

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October/November 2014


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nce 1999

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5 Whither Now? 6 Dementia friends


arrive in Scotland

9 Where does your money go?

10 Prepare your home for winter

12-19 Art in Glasgow Special 24 Hallowe’en’s no joke 6 27 Mae West in Glasgow 30 Fashion Trends 34 The Scottish Children’s Book Awards

36 The Big Shoogle 40 Scotland’s Boat Show 46 Autumn Gardening



Contributors this issue: Rob Reid, Charles Briggs, Ann McKechin, Brian Milne, Marilyn Thompson, Ellen Arnison

Historical Association talks Hillhead Library 5.30pm For further information, contact the Secretary gwsbhistoricalassociation October/November Issue 24, 2014 Publisher: West End Life Deals Ltd Co editors:

Charles Briggs

Noreen Ferguson

Thursday 9th October “Kings and Mighty Subjects: How Scotland Decided in the Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries.” Hear Dr. Elsa Hamilton on her in-depth research into how Scotland was governed in the 13th century.

Features Editor: Rob Reid Advertising Sales Manager: Nicky Murphy Advertising Sales: Lisa Sanderson

Thursday 13th November “The Poor Had No Lawyers. Who Owns Scotland (and how they got it).” Andy Wightman in contrast to the role of the mighty in our first talk looks at the poor.

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My office and I are always on hand to assist West End residents with any problems you might have. Ann McKechin MP

You can contact me via my office: 154/156 Raeberry St, G20 6EA or call: 0141 946 1300


Fully Seasoned firewood logs & Kindling Delivered in Bags or Bulk Loads Order your regular supplies from Andrew on M: 07793 158 817, T: 01360 660 911 or by email:

4 | West End Life – October/November 2014


The Referendum is Over – Whither Now? By Ann McKechin MP

After two years of campaigning; hundreds of meetings and debates; tonnes of literature distributed; and hundreds of thousands of conversations in homes, workplaces and streets, the people of Scotland have made their decision and have determined to remain in the political union that forms the nations of the UK. It has been a campaign like no other in our lifetimes – passionate and at times all consuming. Record breaking turnouts across the country showed how important this decision was to every family. But a debate revolving around a binary question can also be divisive and at times social media and other

West End Life Magazine

forums have been far from social or constructive. For those of us who supported the NO campaign, there is no sense of a “victory” or “defeat” but rather that we have witnessed and accept an act of selfdetermination by millions of our fellow citizens. I hope we can now channel the extraordinary energy of this debate on how we can together create a fairer, stronger and more compassionate society. Some of the improvements people seek involve the constitution; many do not. I am convinced that the undertaking made by the three main UK political parties to provide further powers to the Scottish

Parliament will be upheld but we shouldn’t be surprised or disappointed about the constitutional debate extending to other parts of the country. Devolution isn’t just about how powers are shared between governments at Westminster and Holyrood – I believe we now need to see the same urgency in devolving more powers away from Edinburgh to communities and local councils across Scotland. Whatever side of the debate you were on, the vast majority of voters wanted change. In Glasgow, it is clear that the overwhelming majority reject the policies of the current Coalition government and want to see policies that truly address the problems people are facing in their daily lives. Many local constituents spoke to me over recent weeks about the growing demands for better social care of the elderly; the lack of housing options for younger people in both the public and private sectors; the problems that arise with insecure work; the failings of our welfare system; and the disastrous impact of college funding cuts. I will be focusing my attention over the coming months on continuing to listen to constituents and to advocate for policies that will address their concerns – as always I am keen to hear your views and meet with local groups. | 5

Dementia Friends to launch in Scotland this Autumn Around 800,000 people in the UK have dementia.

The word dementia describes a set of symptoms which include memory loss, and difficulty with thinking, problem solving and language. These symptoms can sometimes be caused by other things however, so it’s important to get a diagnosis as soon as possible. Your GP may refer you to a specialist consultant. Assessments are likely to include conversations with you and your loved ones, a physical examination, memory tests and/or a brain scan.

Dementia is caused when the brain is damaged by diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease or a series of strokes. Alzheimer's disease is the most common type of dementia, affecting 62 per cent of those diagnosed. Other types include vascular dementia affecting 17 per cent, and mixed dementia which affects 10 per cent of those diagnosed. Those with dementia may be given medicines to help with symptoms and slow down progression, but as yet there is no cure. Some sufferers also attend day centres and support groups. Carers can get help from local Carers Groups, Social Services and specially trained nurses. These nurses specialise in dementia and provide practical and emotional support as well as information to families, friends and professionals. One of the other major charities working in this area, providing practical support to patients and carers is the Alzheimer’s Society. This is a membership organisation which provides local support services, including day care and home care and befriending and support for families and partners of those

6 | West End Life – October/November 2014

Where to find help and support

The Alzheimer’s Society (Scotland) : Helpline: Call 0808 808 300 Dementia Friends: NHS Scotland www. Helpline 08456 001 001 with dementia. They also provide fact sheets and publications and have a helpline and an online forum called talking point. In addition, the Alzheimer’s Society fund research, provide training and development and campaign to raise awareness. One of their recent initiatives is Dementia Friends. You may have seen the television adverts for this which included lots of celebrity support. Anyone can become a Dementia Friend. Dementia Friends Scotland is launching this autumn, but you can register now at their website. This campaign is all about increasing understanding about dementia, and educating people so that they can help those with the condition. Dementia Friends learn a little bit about what it’s like to have dementia and then turn this understanding into action. This could include helping someone get on the correct bus, or being patient if someone with dementia is taking a long time to find the right change when paying for their goods at a till. To become a friend you watch a short video on the website then register or attend a local information session.


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Are you learning a new language? Do you already speak another language? Preparing for the IELTS exam? Interested in world cinema? Going on a foreign holiday?

Whatever your interest in languages you are welcome to join the Language Centre Library The Library offers:- Books • CDs • Newspapers Magazines • Foreign language DVDs Satellite TV • Audiobooks • IELTS material To find out more, please call or Email:

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MALL! S O O T B NO JO Competitive pricing!

Contact David on:

07843 006840

8 | West End Life – October/November 2014


It’s the little things that make the difference By Brian Milne

is repaying debt. If this makes up more than 20% of your income, it’s time to take serious mitigating steps to cut back. Re-budget Review the smaller discretionary items, annualise their costs and see if they still seem value for money. See if you can identify cheaper alternatives: bring your own coffee to work; do you really need a full satellite package? Over the next few articles, I’ll discuss what else can be done to save money, in the meantime there are plenty of apps for smartphones that can help track your monthly spending and monitor what you’ve spent against your budget. Brian Milne is a partner in the business recovery practice of French Duncan Chartered Accountants

My columns over the last few months have made comment on various issues, such as interest rate rises, the uncertainty over independence and rising house prices. All these big issues will no doubt, regardless of their outcome, filter out to affect all of us in varying degrees. However, over the course of the next few columns, I thought it would be worthwhile detailing from my experience the steps that you can take right now that can have a quicker impact on your finances. Where does your money go? Most folk have no idea where they spend their money: sure everyone has a fair idea of how much the big ticket items such as rent or mortgage payments are, but it’s the smaller things that can easily add up. Spending £2.50 for a morning latte on the way to work may seem like a small sum, but adds up to around £600 per year. Another big ticket item West End Life Magazine

FD Debt Solutions is the debt expert department of French Duncan Chartered Accountants. Our trusted advisors have been providing debt solutions across Scotland since 1989. Providing a quality service you can trust, we tailor every debt solution to the individual to ensure you can maintain and then exit the specific solution, debt and stress free.

133 Finnieston Street Glasgow G3 8HB Telephone: 0141 221 2984 | 9

It’s getting cold out, so get your home ready for winter Battening down the hatches in preparation for winter involves much more than dismantling the rotary dryer and giving the lawn a final mow. Our harsh Scottish winters inflict considerable strain on our homes, from gutters to gardens, and some advanced preparation can pay dividends. Winter is just around the corner so make sure you don’t get caught out.

Some useful precautions  lear fallen leaves from gutters, C downpipes and gulleys. ■ Know where the water main is located - both inside and outside the house. ■ Fix dripping valves, or taps before the onset of cold temperatures ■ Ensure external taps are isolated ■ If you have any unlagged pipes – get them lagged. ■

If temperatures drop extremely low it is good to leave doors open, loft hatches open and cupboards where there are water pipes open to allow better heat circulation. It is always advisable when extreme temperatures are forecast to leave the heating on 24 hours at a low temperature to ensure full protection of the property. In extreme temperatures, a good idea is to put salt into wastes, traps, basins, WCs, especially those with external cast iron pipes.

10 | West End Life – October/November 2014

If you plan to be away for a prolonged period or even a long weekend, leave heating on 24 hours. It is advisable to isolate the mains water, but make sure if you have a combi-boiler it is well topped up before you leave. We only have to think back to a few years ago when temperatures were very low and over a prolonged period and remember all the things we said we should do or could do if this happened again - make a plan and action it.


Broomhill Shopping Centre Where shopping and eating is just around the corner.


Broomhill Shopping Centre Broomhill Drive, 2-26 Norby Road Broomhill, Glasgow G11 7BN



Major Artistic Supplier drawn to Glasgow with a Massive New Store As one of the most creative cities in the UK, Glasgow is a natural home for Cass Art which will open a new 6,000 square feet store on Queen Street in October 2014. The company, a major supplier of artistic resources and products, established its first shop next to the National Gallery in London in 1984. Now it is rolling out an ambitious expansion programme and Glasgow is the second city in the UK to be involved. Cass Art’s continued growth and development is down to supplying top brand products at prices that are hard to beat – and a clear focus on what the customer wants. Chief Executive Mark Cass said: “We negotiate directly with all the leading suppliers. They help us, so we can help the customer and keep our prices as low as possible.” An extensive range of products is matched by the quality of service and expertise. All Cass Art staff are art graduates. The new store’s manager, Fiona Meldrum, is returning to her home city of Glasgow after a highly successful period running a Cass Art store in London’s Soho. West End Life Magazine

The Queen Street store also reflects the company’s distinctive style – designed by the famous Pentagram company – which provides an appealing environment in which to browse and shop. Glasgow is an obvious city for the company to move to, says Mark. “Glasgow already has a thriving artist community, and we simply want to put a quality pencil or paintbrush in the hand of every artist. “Art students are also a major part of our target market and the presence of Glasgow School of Art makes complete sense for us. Students are the lifeblood of creativity for future generations – and we are on a mission to provide them with the best art materials possible.” The Cass (or Cassirer) family has been involved in the world of art for hundreds of years, in terms both of business and philanthropy. Mark’s great, great uncle Paul was the leading dealer for the impressionists in Europe. Mark and his father Wilfred (Wilfred turns 90 this year) established the Cass Sculpture Foundation, which commissions

large-scale, monumental work to encourage emerging talent. And following the recent fire at Glasgow School of Art, the company has donated 250 easels to help re-equip the iconic place of learning. The Cass Art mission statement – “Let’s Fill This Town With Artists” – reflects the family’s love of creativity and their desire to spread the creative message. Mark said: “We want everyone to think about art the way they now do about cooking. More individuals now participate in the creative process of cooking for personal enjoyment. “And we believe many more will discover the personal pleasure that can be achieved through creativity in art. “Cass Art believes in art. We know the freedom and creative pleasure it brings. So we want everyone to realise they can do it and afford it.” | 13

30 Years of Excellence

DM Design celebrate 30 years in Business this October and are offering 30% OFF all Kitchens, Bedrooms and Bathrooms for a limited time only. Manufactured in Scotland since 1984 Place your order before the 16th of November and be fitted in time for Christmas! 14 | West End Life – October/November 2014

t: 0800 185 186 e: @westendlife




House for an Art Lover and ART PARK, Glasgow

House for an Art Lover is a truly unique venue, originally designed for a German Design Competition in 1901 by the internationally acclaimed Scottish architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh. The House is situated within the beautiful landscape of Bellahouston Park, ten minutes from Glasgow City Centre, providing visitors with an international centre of excellence in the visual arts. With a remit to stimulate public interest in art, design and architecture, the House has successfully developed a rolling programme of visual art exhibitions with related masterclasses and talks by some of Scotland’s leading artists and designers, including Adrian Wiszniewski, Patricia Cain, Elspeth Lamb and June Carey – to name just a few!

An innovative term-time programme of weekday / weekend arts courses and holiday schools has also been developed to provide the impetus for everyone from tiny tots to aspiring adults to discover their own unique creativity, with the encouragement of professional artist-tutors to develop participants’ skills and interests in the most inspiring surroundings. This summer saw the launch of the House’s new ART PARK Centre for Arts & Heritage which aims to support the wider creative and cultural interests of their guests. While the Heritage Centre presents a digital model and archive of the 1938 British Empire Exhibition along with information on the social and industrial heritage of the area surrounding the park, the Studio Pavilion provides first class accommodation for visiting artists and participants to explore a range of specialist art-forms ranging from botanical drawing and painting to Japanese woodblock printing in a spacious architect-designed studio

16 | West End Life – October/November 2014

with North light and windows opening on to the adjacent Victorian Walled Garden. The House is also home to the award winning Art Lovers Café which has a passion for good food and friendly service, supported by a great team of chefs who source the highest quality ingredients from local suppliers. Open daily from 10am to 5pm, House for an Art Lover is the perfect location to learn more about the work of Charles Rennie Mackintosh, take in an exhibition, stroll round the grounds to discover intriguing public art works and explore your own creative potential in one of the many arts workshops, short courses or masterclasses that take place throughout the year. To find out more about the House for an Art Lover and ART PARK, Glasgow please visit the website at www. or call 0141 353 4770/4776 to request a brochure on their arts events and classes.


courses for art lovers

LIFEdrawing | DRAWINGroom | ARThouse 5-15 years | Beginners Classes | Lino Print | Portraiture | ART of Glass








All courses take place in purpose designed studios at House for an Art Lover and Art Park Glasgow, 10 Dumbreck Road, Bellahouston Park, Glasgow G41 5BW

For further details on our full range of arts courses telephone 0141 353 4770/4776 or visit, | 17

West End Life Magazine

By Distinction Art…

Four years ago, he decided to move into a new and adventurous market, opening a gallery in the Drymen area. The venture was a great success, but Bruce felt that his personal interest in selling Glasgow and Scottish works was best suited to a location in the West End. So a year ago By Distinction Art was re-located here. The gallery draws strongly on local talent, and the majority of the works have been produced in Glasgow or by Glasgow School of Art graduates such as Ryan Mutter, Patricia Cain, Pam Carter, Joe Hargan and many others. Their works reflect the colourful, bustling and sometimes gritty

Glasgow Style finds a warm welcome in West End Where better to find the finest in Scottish art than the West End of the city? By Distinction Art, a spacious and selective gallery on Byres Road, has just celebrated its first year here. Director Bruce Finnie says his choice of painters, sculptors and designer jewellery has already found favour with the market in the heart of the West End. His gallery is ideally suited to meet the demands of current trends in buying art. Strong, bold and substantial paintings are very much in vogue at the moment with buyers keen to make a statement about their taste and inclinations. Bruce said: “At one time, people might tend to buy two or three smaller paintings to cluster. “Now, the choice lies very much with the more substantial works, say canvases of three to eight feet across, with striking subject matter.

“Fortunately, our gallery has 18ft high walls, so we can accommodate such works to great effect.” Bruce has an impressive record in the worlds of art and antiques. He operated successfully and gained a great reputation in the antiques trade for some 30 years and could be spotted on television programmes such as Antiques Road Trip where his expertise was sought on a number of occasions. Bruce was also a regular member of the vetting committees which ensure the integrity of major antiques fairs held across the country. Art, however, is in Bruce’s blood. His father was a governor and senior lecturer at the Glasgow School of Art and Bruce has strong connections with both the school and many of its graduates.

18 | West End Life – October/November 2014

elements of Glasgow including its industrial heritage. The quality and sweep of paintings and sculptures is reflected in the wide price range. For those in the market for less imposing objets, By Distinction Art also features a dazzling array of handcrafted silver jewellery by GSA graduate Ruth Swan and some Arts and Crafts furniture. Bruce said: “I’ve been very lucky in that my approach and choice of art and artists seems to have found a home here in the West End. “Glasgow Style antiques and Scottish contemporary art in general strike a chord here,and I am delighted with the welcome my gallery has received in the West End.” @westendlife

By Distinction Art

The Kelvin Tenements by Pam Carter 24” x 24”

Queen of the Clyde by oil on canvas by Ryan Mutter 48” x 60”

For Contemporary Glasgow Art, Sculpture and Jewellery. 100 Byres Road, G12 8TB • Tel: 0141 334 4342 • Sun 12noon-5pm • West10am-5pm End Life Magazine | 19 Tues-Sat

Cu l c r e• u c h• Cas tle COUNTRY ESTATE



To Start

Festive Season at the Castle

Come and relax over the festive period by one of our roaring fires. Walk on the estate in beautiful winter surroundings and come in to warm yourself by the log burning stove with perhaps a small glass of mulled wine or chef’s own eggnog. You can enjoy the informal setting of our 700 year old Dungeon Diner for lunch or dinner and choose from either our Christmas menu or our full bar menu. For a small supplement enhance your experience by booking a candlelit dinner in our oak panelled Dining Room with its cosy open fire from Wednesday to Sunday. The evening will start with chef’s canapés and a glass of prosecco in the Drawing Room while you peruse the menu. A wee warming shot of homemade soup will be served at your table along with our artisan bread. After a superb dinner you can either stay at your table or retire to the Drawing Room with coffee and a warm mince pie.

Please call us for details and booking.

Traditional Scotch Broth with Braised Mutton Croquettes Ayrshire Pork & Apple Terrine, Prune & Armagnac Puree, Pumpernickel Bread Ballotine of Shetland Salmon, Rolled in Garden Herbs, with Sweet Mustard Winter Greens Pumpkin, Gruyere & Local Mushroom Fritters, Radish & Beet Salad

To Follow

Pan Fried Breast of Turkey, Garlic & Herb Roasted Vegetables & Potatoes, Pigs in Blankets, Culcreuch Stuffing, Sprout Fricasse & Chestnut Jus Butter Poached Cod, Chorizo Braised Spoots, Warm Leek & Potato Terrine Slow Cooked Beef Brisket, Pot Roasted Vegetables, Horseradish Potato Puree, Red Wine Jus Caramelized Shallot & Potato Torte, Braised Chard, Roast Salsify, Spinach Emulsion

To Finish

Classic Apple Tarte Tatin with Cinnamon Ice Cream Coffee, Walnut & Caramel Chocolate Tart with Espresso Mousse Culcreuch Christmas Pudding with Brandy Butterscotch Truffled Arran Mist Brie, Pear Honey & Bread Crackers Tea/Coffee & Mince Pie

2 Courses £22.95

3 Courses £27.95

@westendlife 20 | West End Life |– October/November|2014 01360 860555 | Culcreuch Castle Hotel & Estate, Fintry G63 0LW

Kelvinside Academy welcomes you to our open day “School is where young people find out about themselves, about others and about the world.� Mind Learning is a journey of personal discovery for every child. Through inspiring teaching, we encourage young people to ask questions and make connections, to think critically and imaginatively, and to reflect and evaluate. Some learners excel in logical thinking and problem solving; some are practical learners; others think visually and creatively. Our key to unlocking individual potential is to know each boy and girl and to provide challenge and support for them all. Body Students take part in a wide range of sports and physical exercise. These activities not only promote their health and wellbeing, they help them to develop

West End Life Magazine

leadership skills, learn about teamwork and enjoy a sense of achievement. Creativity plays a vital part in the education of the individual. The expressive arts flourish and contribute to the rich cultural life of the school. Young people gain confidence through performance; they learn to explore their feelings and appreciate things of true beauty and lasting worth; they listen, observe and interpret their world in music, drama and art. Spirit From Nursery to Senior School, outdoor education is an integral part of the curriculum at Kelvinside Academy. We want boys and girls to explore the natural world and to experience

Robert Karling - Rector

new challenges. Kelvinside Academy is an inclusive and caring community which values the individual for his or her unique contribution. In building self-worth and a sense of belonging, we emphasise the importance of courtesy, kindness and concern for others. Educating the spirit, as well as the mind and body, helps them to be hopeful and thankful and to lead lives with meaning and purpose. Equally, we want boys and girls to learn with a sense of fun, playfulness and humour. For more information please visit www.kelvinsideacademy. or attend our Open Day on Thursday 6th November, 6.30pm-8.30pm | 21

St Aloysius College... A journey of discernment Nestling in Glasgow’s cultural quarter, St Aloysius’ College is set in the centre of an educationfocused corner of the city, a stone’s throw from Glasgow School of Art and the Royal Conservatoire. A Catholic school for boys and girls aged from three to 18, its pupils are part of a strong community in which they are nurtured and inspired to uncover their full potential.

Sharing in a tradition of academic excellence dating back 500 years, the College has a distinguished academic record, with the majority of pupils moving on to university and entering the professions. Balancing an academic foundation is the wide variety of activity-based opportunities, such as drama, art and outdoor education, all of which give students the chance to develop new talents.

Investment in sport has begun to reap its rewards, with the Under 16 rugby team reaching the final of the Scottish Schools Cup Final. Meanwhile, the Schola, an innovative choral music programme, is also blossoming, with the Junior Schola performing for 12,000 people at the Hydro with world-famous tenor, Andrea Bocelli. Encouraged to use their Godgiven talents for the common good, pupils demonstrate impressive commitment to helping others, in keeping with the College’s charitable ethos ‘in the spirit, from the heart, practically’. Much of the work of the Jesuit Formation at St Aloysius’ College is about allowing young people to start their journey of discernment, a fulfilling adventure. The voyage is one shared in partnership with families and the College community, helping children live by the College motto ‘ad majora natus sum’ – born for greater things.

We have tenants looking for rental properties in West End & North Glasgow, please get in touch. 22 | West End Life – October/November 2014



“A journey of discernment, a fulfilling adventure...”

OPEN EVENTS 2014 OPEN EVENING: Thursday, 13th November. 6.45pm for 7pm start OPEN MORNING: Saturday, 22nd November, 10am - 12pm Tel: 0141 332 3190 45 Hill St, Glasgow G3 6RJ Email: | 23

West End Life Magazine

Company Limited by Guarantee No. SC405951. Registered Charity No. SCO42545

Hallowe’en’s no joke – or at least not a funny one

By Ellen Arnison.

I don’t have a problem with the spookiness, the ghouls or even the spirits of the undead prowling our streets, what gives me the willies at Hallowe’en are dreadful jokes. So it’s Hallowe’en, the time of year when souls stuck in purgatory come back to haunt the living, when winter begins and fear is struck into even the bravest heart. It’s also the season for supermarkets to fill their shelves with plastic things that are black, orange or luminous (but not in a good way). Our children will carve pumpkins – and not believe that we used to slave for hours over a turnip with a blunt knife to much smellier effect. Come to think of it, pumpkins are possibly what’s

wrong with the youth of today. There will be parties with toffee apples and ghost stories, costumes and far too many sweeties and enthusiastically applied face paints. There may even be scared children to soothe to sleep after the “fun” all got a bit much. Or, even, that someone in charge of the Cubs and Beavers thought that the Michael Jackson Thriller video was suitable entertainment for six year olds. (Just saying) I don’t even mind that what started off as a dark and sinister celebration, has turned into something that could have been – and sometimes has – created by Disney. Moderately ghoulish mechanical things will say slightly sinister phrases in an American accent. It’s all part of the stuff that spills out of our TVs, turning our children into people who understand ‘sidewalk’ and ‘diaper’

24 | West End Life – October/November 2014

and are absolutely convinced that life is much better on that side of the Atlantic. And, I don’t really see a problem with guising’s reinvention into trick or treating. It’s just an evening stroll that has the side effect of redistributing confectionary around the neighbourhood. You could even re-brand it as exercise at a push. I’m totally happy that the children I normally tell not to talk to strangers are ringing the bells of people they don’t know, in the dark. Much as I’d rather see costumes carefully made from scraps at home using glue, effort and imagination, the generic ones from the shops will do, so long as you remember they’re a bit of a fire risk. Perhaps the kids will eventually get fed up with swathing themselves in black nylon or shivering in skeleton suits. And I’ll admit the empty carrier bags make a handy place to carry the spoils of the evening. Although I haven’t quite organised my thoughts about little girls in the kind of witch costumes that presume that the weird sisters were the other kind of ladies of the night. But what I hate about October 31 are the dreadful jokes, the one-liners that are so old they’re all wrinkled or, worse, the slightly rude joke the teller doesn’t understand. I’ve also heard racist, sexist and homophobic jokes coming from kids younger than my sons. I don’t mean to be a killjoy, but some of these so-called jokes are just stomach turning. I’m not really sure how come we’ve got to this. In my day you @westendlife

were supposed to earn your loot, recite a poem, sing a song or even do a dance. You would have even practiced your turn in front of your friends until you got it right. Now, though, it’s a quick joke from the cracker factory reject pile and stick your hand out for a bag of sweeties. Actually, I know I said the dismal jokes were the only thing that annoyed me – sweetie bags do too. All of you who spend hours putting appropriately themed confectionary into little pokes ready for the appointed hour, must stop now. You’re just encouraging them. What’s wrong with them sticking And my heart sinks. This year, please, I want to see something new. Or even something old as long as you’ve put some effort into it. Perhaps you’ll join me in a campaign. Let’s call it Don’t Make This Hallowe’en A Horror. I urge you to withhold your treats unless you see a trick that makes you smile. We could organise a pumpkin of quality system whereby the really good ones get a badge or a sticker. Something to aim for. Maybe in time we’ll see five lantern turns on our doorsteps instead of the current mouldy neeps. I’m determined to stop the frightful display of unfunny jokes, it’s enough to have corpses birling in their graves. Oh, hang on....

their hands into a dish and helping themselves? I’d like to know who decided we needed to prepare little parcels of tooth-rotting treasure for Hallowe’en visitors. Really? I consider that I’m making quite enough of an effort by putting some toffees into a bowl and, perhaps, some fun-sized chocolates. Where was I? Oh, the jokes. So you’re all ready. You’ve put the pumpkin in the window as the universal sign of a house that doesn’t mind opening the door to children begging treats with menaces and bad jokes. You’ve got some new sweets ready, plus the leftovers – the chocolates with the yukky coconut centre that no one likes. Then the doorbell goes, and some costumed children shuffle into the light of your hall. “What are you going to do then?” I ask. “Erm,” they sniff a bit and look around. “No turn, no sweets,” I’m tough that way. “OK. A joke. What do you get if you cross ... ? Have you heard the one about? An Englishman, Irishman and a Scotsman...” West End Life Magazine

The SenTry Box TrADITIonAL ToyS

Opening Hours: Mon - Sat 9.30am - 5.30pm, Sun 11 - 5pm

Halloween Fun

Decorations, Facepaints, Partyware, Novelties, Dressing Up, Masks, Tattoos, Spooky Dip. Tel: 0141 334 6070 175 Great George Street, Glasgow G12 8AQ (Beside Hillhead Underground) | 25

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We are always looking to take on new contracts. Our side range of highly trained and experienced cleaners will meet your every need and exceed your expectations.

for first three months starting in October or

for first three months if a contract for one year is signed.

Here are just some of our services: General cleaning • Polishing • Toilet cleaning Vacuuming • Floor cleaning • Glass & mirror cleaning Carpet shampooing • Floor buffing We also now carry out domestic cleaning and are flexible to suit your needs. We can provide regular or one off cleans including end-of-tenancy deep cleaning for letting agents. Please contact us for more information of a no obligation quote.

Office: 0141 389 9257 | Mobile: 07756 746 558 E: |

26 | West End Life – October/November 2014



At the Cutting Edge for 90 Years The Hely family have double cause to be cheerful. The Hely Hair Studio has just celebrated 90 years in business in the heart of Glasgow. And with three generations of creative flair and style behind them, the family believe they may be Scotland’s longest-running hairdressing business. The studio has also gone back to its roots, to use a hairdressing pun, returning to the site of one of their original salons in the West End of Glasgow set up by founder Robert Hely Snr (pictured below) in the 1940s. During its long and successful history, the business moved to a number of different locations including Sauchiehall Street. But Gary Hely says: “We’re happy in the West End. It’s a bit like coming home.” Gary’s grandfather Robert was a colourful and enterprising individual. He won more than 75 awards between 1947 and 1960 including the National Hairdressers’ Championship. Robert was quick to capitalise on this success and established

Robert Hely Snr with Mae West circa 1945

West End Life Magazine

an international reputation. He became a stylist to major stars of the time, including the legendary Mae West. Mae was a regular visitor to the salon when visiting Glasgow for her highlypopular stage appearances. Grandson Gary has also maintained links with the world of international fashion and celebrity. He regularly styles photoshoots for leading magazines – and was also responsible for styling the models for the famous Tennent’s Lager lovelies of the 1990s. The Hely’s have hairdressing in their genes, with more than 60 members of the family having worked in the business. Gary said: “Many things have changed in the years since the business was started by my grandfather – but we have made every effort to maintain our passion from hair from styling and cutting to colouring and relaxing. “We try to do everything possible to keep a close relationship with clients and at the same time, keep abreast of trends.” Ninety years not out suggests the formula is a winner. The Helys may have gone full circle in returning to their original studio – but how things have changed. The new studio embraces the digital with iPads available for clients to view images of styles, buy products online and read their favourite magazines. Gary said: “Social media is now vital for our business. “In today’s world, with the ever-

increasing use of smartphones and tablets, it is really the only way to keep in touch with clients. “When my grandfather started out, the awards he won and the media publicity he generated helped spread the word to new and existing clients. “At one time, we also used to send out cards to our clients, advising them of special deals and offers – who can afford to do that now?” The history of the Hely Hair Studio reflects the styles and fashions that have come and gone over three generations – and many of the colourful and entertaining characters that shone in their day. They have collected an amazing selection of photographs which you can see on | 27

“ The interests of our patients is at the heart of every consultation and treatment at Clinetix”

28 | West End Life – October/November 2014


Wrinkle Relaxing Injections • Dermal Fillers • Aesthetic Medicine

Many people in the West End have now noticed the new shop that opened it’s doors on Hyndland Road in May of this year. Within a few months Clinetix Rejuvenation has quietly and quickly developed a firm reputation for excellence and is becoming seen as the new “place to be” amongst those in the know! What exactly is Clinetix Rejuvenation? From the outside with it’s slick ultra-modern uber cool design it looks like a combination of a futuristic medical clinic, an Apple store and a luxury health and beauty spa. Clinetix Rejuvenation is the Brain Child of Dr’s Simon and Emma Ravichandran, a husband and wife team of an ENT Surgeon and a Dentist. They created the concept of Clinetix Rejuvenation 8 yrs ago when they both turned 30 and have been driving it forward with determination ever since. Simon says “What we provide at Clinetix is a complete aesthetic West End Life Magazine

medical service in a relaxing and comfortable environment. We are incredibly customer focused. Our entire concept is built around the idea that the customer is at the heart of everything we do. I can’t make a decision for a customer who is concerned about an aging appearance. What I can do is give them the tools to understand the options and make the right decision themselves. When you have that degree of customer involvement in the process, the customer satisfaction level rockets.” Emma agrees saying “Our outcome measures are not based on number of treatments performed or products sold. It’s the improvement in happiness and quality of life we see when they come back for review.” Their vision has paid off, with Emma Ravichandran being named “Cosmetic Dentist of the Year 2013” and Simon being a finalist for Aesthetic Doctor of the Year 2014. The clinic is also a

finalist for Best Clinic of the Year UK 2014 and Best Clinic of the Year Scotland 2014 Medical treatments including wrinkle relaxing injections, dermal fillers, chemical peels, laser resurfacing, thread lifts and vampire facelifts are performed by the Doctors and a Varicose Vein treatment service is run by a specialist vascular surgeon. The team of Aestheticians provide a full expert service including medical facials, photo facials, body contouring and laser hair removal. For more information about Clinetix Rejuvenation visit the website on email or phone 01412210229

medispa | 29

s e l i F E L Y T S e Th The Top Fashion Trends for Autumn Style expert Marilyn Thompson, who and Winter runs The Fashion Class, shares some tips for looking good next season.

When it comes to fashion, Autumn/Winter is my favourite season, it just seems, well, easier to dress better whilst wrapped in cosy layers and refreshing your wardrobe is easy, just take your pick from the best of the fabulous new trends. Shops are already showcasing their new collections. Here are my top five: Fairytale: Fashion fantasies were created when the runway girls at Dolce & Gabbana and Valentino stalked the catwalk wearing amazing clothes taken straight from the pages of a couture fashion fairytale. Beautiful detailed

embroidery featured heavily on sublime fabrics creating clothes that had an ever so slightly gothic feel, which for me made them even better – more Grimm’s Fairytales than Disney princess! Capes played a huge part in this trend with oversized fur trimmed hoods and lavish embroidered sections, they were simply enchanting. I want one! (maybe fairytales will come true?) The 1960’s Think London in the swinging 1960’s. This trend features really wearable clothes with a modern vibe. Easy to wear A line shift dresses with long sleeves and high necks are perfect for comfortable but smart daywear, you can choose from graphic and bold vintage inspired prints or keep to neutral block colours, either way when teamed up with opaque tights and knee high shiny boots or flats, this look is an all round winner.

30 | West End Life – October/November 2014

Suits: At the other end of the fashion spectrum, tailored classic suits for women were shown on lots of designer’s runways. Whilst still being undoubtedly an androgynous look, some designers, like Ralph Lauren and Stella McCartney choose to nod towards a slightly more feminine look by using clever cutting techniques to create a less masculine shape and using more female orientated colours and fabrics. There’s a shape that will suit everyone.


Sportswear: Sports and athletic style fashion isn’t going anywhere, if anything

it is getting stronger as women realise the need for smart but easy to wear clothes. Translating easily through ages, anyone can adapt this trend with the sheer variety and choice of clothes and accessories to suit their own lifestyle. Sports inspired footwear is still dominating the

Novelty Prints: Okay, not perhaps clothes you would want to wear every day but still worth noting as there will be no getting away from novelty prints and motifs as the high street will be full of filtered down designer versions.

catwalks and the shops (hooray) as the classic trainer goes with just about everything and is perfect for busy, active women. If you feel like splashing out then Chanel featured trainers in their signature tweed fabric. Take your chequebook! carton! Anya Hindmarsh also showed an amazing selection of handbags that looked like they came straight from the shelves of the local supermarket. Choose your favourite from Frosties, Cornflakes, Custard Creams or even Daz washing powder. Autumn and Winter Fashion Loud & fun - certainly not boring!

Jeremy Scott from Moschino kick started this trend by showing his McDonalds fast food inspired collection of clothes and accessories by sending his models down the runway in red and yellow uniforms with bags in the shape of French fries in their

West End Life Magazine | 31


Meallmore Ltd


Antonine House, our new flagship private care home on Roman Road, Bearsden, is among the country’s finest, offering 24-hour personal nursing care including expert care for people with dementia and its related conditions. Rooms at Antonine House far exceed national care standards and provide a wide range of high quality care and personal services including a hairdressing and beauty salon. Owned by Meallmore Ltd, a leading Scottish provider of nursing and residential care, we understand that moving to a full time residential care home is not a decision that is taken lightly, It's often seen as a last resort. However, at Antonine House Care Home, those concerns will be banished, In fact, making that move can reward older people with a range of health and social benefits, as well as bringing families together.

Being a family business, our priority is to maintain a standard of care and services that improves the well-being and quality of life of our residents. We strive to create a happy and stimulating home where people enjoy working and living. Residents are offered a variety of activities that can be tailored to their needs, to ensure they can socialise and continue to enjoy hobbies. We believe our residents should have choices about what they do and how they're cared for and so we involve them and their families in developing their own personal care plans. We listen to what people say and treat them with respect. Just as we would want for our own family.

If you are interested in finding out more about Antonine House please call Ms Bobby Dougan, the care home manager on: 0141 942 4644

ANTONINE HOUSE, BEARSDEN 16 Roman Road, Bearsden, Glasgow, G61 2SL Tel: 0141 942 4644

advertise call Scott or Natalie on 0141 945 4210 or email: @westendlife 32 | WestTo End Life – October/November 2014

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Two glasgow authors shortlisted for scotland’s biggest children’s book award Scottish Book Trust has announced, that Glasgow-based children’s authors E.B. Colin and Ross Collins have been shortlisted for this year’s Scottish Children’s Book Awards, celebrating the most popular children’s and young adult books by Scottish authors or illustrators. Run by Scottish Book Trust with support from Creative Scotland, these are Scotland’s largest book awards, split into three age categories. Over the next four months, children the length and breadth of Scotland will be reading the three shortlisted books in their age category and voting for their favourite. The three winning books will be announced at a special award ceremony on 4 March 2015. E.B. Colin is shortlisted in the Younger Readers (8-11 yrs) category for her children’s novel,

Pyrate’s Boy, published by Kelpies, a swashbuckling adventure set on the high seas in 1750 which follows a young lad’s experiences on board a pirate ship. Commenting on her nomination, she said: “I’m delighted that ‘Pyrate’s Boy’ has been shortlisted. I had a lot of fun writing it, researching all sorts of things from poisonous snakes to Bonnie Prince Charlie. I loved living in 1750 and sailing the High Seas, if only in my imagination, and hope that lots of other readers will too.” Ross Collins (pictured right) is shortlisted in the Bookbug Reader’s category for the illustrations in picture book Robot Rumpus, written by Sean Taylor. Ross is the author and illustrator of numerous picture books, and is a previous winner of a 2008 Scottish Children’s Book Award for Billy Monster’s Daymare. Commenting on his nomination, Ross said: “It’s wonderful to be shortlisted for the award. To know that ‘Robot Rumpus’ will be in the sticky hands of so many Scottish children is a lovely feeling and an award that is voted for by the readers themselves is worth so much more.” The Scottish Children’s Book Awards also encourage budding authors or journalists to put pen to paper: the popular Book Review Competition offers pupils the chance to win book tokens for themselves and an author visit for their school. Budding film makers can enter the Book Trailer competition to entice their peers to read the books too and win book tokens for their school. Scottish Book Trust provides extensive learning resources for teachers on how to create book trailers. To find out more about the shortlisted books or the competitions visit:

34 | West End Life – October/November 2014

THE SCOTTISH CHILDREN’S BOOK AWARDS FULL SHORTLIST: Bookbug Readers (3-7 years) Princess Penelope and the Runaway Kitten by Alison Murray (Nosy Crow) Robot Rumpus by Sean Taylor, illustrated by Ross Collins (Andersen Press) Lost for Words by Natalie Russell (Macmillan)   Younger Readers (8-11 years) Precious and the Mystery of the Missing Lion by Alexander McCall Smith (Birlinn) Attack of the Giant Robot Chickens by Alex McCall (Kelpies) Pyrate’s Boy by E.B. Colin (Kelpies)   Older Readers (12-16 years) Dark Spell by Gill Arbuthnott (Kelpies) The Wall by William Sutcliffe (Bloomsbury) Mosi’s War by Cathy MacPhail (Bloomsbury)


Braw BRGRs arrive in Glasgow’s West End

Burger lovers in Glasgow’s West End are in for a treat with the arrival of BRGR on Great Western Road.

and Glasgow’s Direct Foods for fruit and vegetables.

The new restaurant, which takes inspiration from burger joints across the pond in America, will bring the ultimate burger experience to Glasgow including the arrival of Scotland’s first burger holder, the aptly named ‘hawder’ – because it ‘hawds’ your burger. The ‘hawder’ ensures less mess, spills and an all-round better burger eating experience for Glasgow’s diners.

Housed in a bright red exterior, BRGR will be hard to miss. The more subdued interior creates a relaxed and cosy eating space with a vintage vibe, making it the perfect spot to enjoy a bite to eat with family or friends.

BRGR also features its very own milk station with a selection of classic and special boozy shakes available.

The stylish new venue boasts six different varieties of meat-based burgers with the addition of a seventh vegetarian option. All burgers are handmade using the freshest ingredients and can be paired with a range of sides including wings, mac n cheese, charred corn with jalapeno butter and a selection of fries.

BRGR is open seven days a week for lunch and dinner, serving food until 10pm. There will also be a live DJ on Friday and Saturday nights making it the perfect weekend spot.

Although owner Chris Lessani has been inspired by many of the burger joints he has encountered whilst visiting America, BRGR is firmly focused on Glasgow, celebrating the best ingredients from local suppliers throughout its menu, to make the highest quality burgers. Suppliers include Rodgers Butchers and George Mewes Cheese on Byres Road, Big Bear Bakery in Glasgow

@brgrgla brgrglasgow West End Life Magazine

Tel: 0141 339 1199

w | 35


Shoogle Get your feet stomping to one of

Scotland’s coolest ceilidh rock bands in support of the National Trust for Scotland


Theatre & Bar 93-95 Hyndland Street, Glasgow G11 5PU Wednesday 19 November 7.30pm–11.45pm Tickets: £20pp ticket price includes buffet on the night

Raffle tickets: £5 on the night to win some fabulous prizes!

For more information and to book your tickets visit or contact Laura Beaton and Rachael North on 0131 458 0285, email

(The proceeds from ticket and raffle sales on the night will support conservation work on Ben Lomond)

36 | West End Life – October/November 2014 The National Trust for Scotland for Places of Historic Interest or Natural Beauty is a charity registered in Scotland, Charity Number SC 007410


Ceilidh for Ben Lomond! Cottiers Theatre & Bar in Glasgow’s West End is the venue for this latest in a series of events being held by the National Trust for Scotland (SC007410) to raise funds for the ongoing conservation of Ben Lomond. The ceilidh on November 19th will celebrate 30 years of the Scottish charity’s caring for Ben Lomond and its memorial landscape.  Proceeds from this event will help support the work of the rangers and staff working throughout the year at Ben Lomond to maintain its footpaths and wilderness environment for the benefit of the nation.  Alasdair Eckersall, Property Manager at Ben Lomond says: “This is a fantastic way to help raise funds for the work of the National Trust for Scotland at Ben Lomond. By coming along to this ceilidh you will not

only have a great night out, you will also be contributing to help ensure we have the staff and materials needed for a whole range of ongoing conservation management work on the mountain, which the Trust cares for on behalf of everyone.” Music on the night will be provided by The Big Shoogle who are renowned for their highenergy, rock-influenced ceilidh sets, cleverly merging rocky riffs and tunes with traditional Scottish jigs and reels.  You’ll be officially Shoogled! This is the first fundraising ceilidh organised by the conservation charity and is part of its new community fundraising programme. This aims to get more folk involved in activities to raise cash for its vital work to promote and conserve Scotland’s special heritage places.

So, join us for a fun filled extravaganza ceilidh dancing and hospitality with The Big Shoogle at Cottiers Restaurant and Bar on November 19th and help support the work of the National Trust for Scotland and its work at Ben Lomond. When: Wednesday 19 November, 19.30 - 24.00 Where: Cottiers Theatre & Bar, 93-95 Hyndland Road, Glasgow G11 5PU Tickets: £20.00pp to include buffet on the night Raffle Tickets to win some fab prizes: £5.00 for raffle tickets*. *Raffle tickets can be bought on the night

West End Life Magazine | 37

THE SHUTTER STATION The Shutter Station is a family run Scottish company. We measure, supply and fit custom made internal wooden window shutters for our customers in Glasgow and surrounding areas, although we are happy to cover other areas.

Custom made to your exact requirements | Professionally measured and fitted Choose design and colours in your own home | Excellent & Friendly customer service If you would like to find out more about window shutters: from how they work to how they would be designed to suit your windows or doors, and also find how much they would cost you, we offer a free home visit that will cover all these topics and more. No pushy salesman. T: 0141 628 7175 or 07977 336658 | E: |

Your online pet shop

Pet food, supplies & accessories direct to your door! All major brands of dog, cat, bird and small animal food available.

If we havenʻt got what you want in stock please email us at and we will do our best to get it for you.

The Pet Shop Postie – one postie your dog will be glad to see!

38 | West End Life – October/November 2014

To order call 0800 999 2035 or text 07963 174547 or visit our online shop at


LET Us Impress..


0% Full Management for three months

0141 357 0436 Scan the code with your smart device to read what our landlords & tenants West End Life Magazine have to say about our service! | 39

Flying High at Scotland’s Boat Show this year

Once again the middle of October will see activity around Kip Marina reaching fever pitch as it plays host to Scotland’s Boat Show – for the 29th year. Scotland’s Boat Show takes place on October 10th, 11th and 12th. Last year’s show attracted over 13,000 visitors from all over the UK and Europe. This year organisers are expecting to exceed that with an impressive and vast range of vessels, exhibitions and a fantastic range of events and activities for visitors to enjoy. There is expected to be a huge selection of new and pre-owned boats, including new yachts from prestigious manufacturers Hanse, Dehler, Fairline and Sunseeker. However, those with a more modest nautical bent will still find more than enough to keep them satisfied. With craft from £500 dinghies to £1million luxury motor yachts, there will be something for every budget. Organisers are delighted to welcome RYA Scotland as major sponsors for the 2nd year. The RYA Marquee will be filled with companies exhibiting the latest trends and developments in marine products plus an ever-expanding portfolio of leisure exhibitors many of whom are travelling straight from Southampton Boat Show to Kip Marina.

But the RYA’s involvement isn’t just about exhibition stands. They are also showing the RYA Theatre – a space for a varied range of workshops, lectures from experts, an RYA Gold member reception, competitions, special RYA membership promotions as well as activities for the kids. Also on the water but for the more adventurous visitor there will be the chance to try Flyboarding which was spectacularly demonstrated to large crowds at last year’s show by Mike Dear of WetJets. Elsewhere on shore expect cars from Bentley, Maserati, Morgan and, for the first time, McLaren together with motorcycles from HarleyDavidson. HG Helicopters are also returning and will be offering short pleasure rides. Passengers will get a bird’s eye view of the show as well as the chance to swoop over the spectacular scenery of the Clyde and surrounding area for only £35 per person.

40 | West End Life – October/November 2014

The Lifestyle Marquee is even bigger this year following a hugely successful launch last year. Visitors will find everything from designer furniture, clothing and candles to Scotland’s top crafters with an amazing range of handmade goods. Visitors will also get the chance to enjoy the fare on offer at the Farmers Market which this year features a wide range of local and organic food and gifts. Scotland’s Boat Show 2014 is open from 10am to 6pm each day and admission is free! Car parking is available adjacent to the Show area for the nominal fee of £3 per vehicle. With performances from choirs and pipe bands, helicopter flights, two marquees packed with exhibitors and a Farmer’s Market, Scotland’s Boat Show 2014 is not to be missed. To keep up to date with what’s on offer visit: @westendlife


Open Events KELVINBRIDGE, G12 8HE                 Tues 4 November 6.30pm - 8.30pm     MILNGAVIE, G62 8NP                         Tues 11 November 9.30am - 11.30am   DAIRSIE, G43 2JG                              Wed 12 November 9.30am - 11.30am   KELVINBRIDGE, G12 8HE                 Wed 19 November 9.30am - 11.30am Our Nurseries at Kelvinbridge, Milngavie and Dairsie take children from the age of 3. For an information pack, call Suzanne on 0141 342 5494 or e-mail her at | 41

West End Life Magazine

42 | West End Life – October/November 2014


WIN Tickets to the Cinderella at the SECC this Christmas… Have a ball at Glasgow’s biggest family pantomime, starring John Barrowman and The Krankies, who are joined by Glasgow’s own X-factor star Melanie Masson. Cinderella is the most magical of all pantomimes and with John Barrowman as Buttons you can be sure of a breath-taking trip to the Ball! With unique special effects and a strong twist of local humour, the traditional rags-to-riches fairy-tale will be brought magically to life on

West End Life Magazine

the Clyde Auditorium stage. West End Life magazine has teamed up with the SECC to give our readers the chance to win tickers to this fantastic festive Panto. 5 lucky readers will each win a pair of tickets to any performance from 26th December to the 4th January.

To enter, simply visit click on competitions and follow the instructions from there. Closing date Monday 30th November 2014. Good luck! | 43

Kirstie Price and Her Team have the New Scottish Curriculum Covered As schools enter the Autumn term, the prospect of reports, assessments and exams are never far from parents’ thoughts. Kirstie Price, owner and director of the Kip McGrath Tutoring Centre based in Milngavie is only too aware of the pressures faced and the benefits of additional support for many students. As well as having additional support needs, there are many reasons why parents my seek tuition for their children.

For example: • Children are not reading at the level required to fully understand questions asked in class. • There are gaps in basic skills, particularly in maths, making it difficult for children to move on. • Children are shy or lack the confidence to speak out in class. • Children who have moved from primary to secondary find themselves not at the level expected. • Students preparing for exams are not equipped with skills to study and need extra help. Since taking over the Centre, which offers professional tutoring in Maths and English to students of all stages of primary and secondary school, the demand for tutoring has exceeded expectations. Within a very short time, Kirstie expanded into Glasgow’s West End and now also tutors students who travel from as far as Argyll. With awards for Tutoring Centre Excellence for 2013 and 2014 and a growing team of experienced and fully qualified teachers the Centre is building a reputation for student achievement. “Parents come to us knowing that their child will be offered individualised tutoring in a positive environment where their child will be assisted to do the best they can, whether this is through reconsolidating skills or by thorough exam preparation. Our students benefit from the combination of personal teaching and opportunities for independence”. For further information please call Kirstie on 0141 955 2141 / 07766315225. Kip McGrath Education Centre Milngavie Enterprise Centre Ellangowan Court, Milngavie G62 8PH

44 | West End Life – October/November 2014


DONATE YOUR FURNITURE AND ELECTRICALS and we’ll pick up your items for FREE

Your unwanted furniture and electricals can help us fight back against heart disease. We collect all sorts of items: • • • • •

Sofas, beds, tables, chairs TVs, Hi-Fi’s Washing machines, fridges Small electrical items Games consoles, docking stations

Call 0141 413 4028 or book online at Please don’t be disappointed if we are unable to accept items for reasons of safety or quality © British Heart Foundation, registered charity in England and Wales (225971) and in Scotland (SC039426).

Willis-West Ltd has more than 40-years of experience


Green Deal cashback on new boiler installations

Tel: 0141 239 7808 or Mobile: 07761 985 340


We are gas safe registered company and specialise in full central heating systems along with all gas appliances. We offer advice on the most effective heating solution for your home from a combination boiler to full unvented heating systems. For a no obligation quote email:

Quality you can rely on West End Life Magazine

A reputation you can trust | 45

Autumn Gardening Tasks and Tips

Autumn is just the right time to start thinking about spring bedding plants. If you want a good show, now is the time to plant while the soil is still warm enough to encourage germination. It’s also damper than in high summer so the plants will become well established before the rigors of winter stop all growth. Make sure all early flowering bulbs are in too. Later blooming ones like tulips however, can be left till later on. You can also sow hardy annuals in more sheltered parts of your garden. Don’t forget to label what you have sown though, it’s easy to forget. This is the time to have a general clean-up. Get rid of all the old leaf litter - put it on the bonfire not the compost heap. There may be weed seeds and insect pests hiding that would be better

destroyed. Placing them on the compost heap could be laying up problems for next year. Pay particular attention to the areas under hedges and shrubs. Rake them out, loosen the soil and, if you feel like it, lay down a thick mulch, stone chippings or gravel are excellent in this position and they look attractive as well. Tidy up the borders and beds, cut the edges straight, take out the weeds, remove dead and dying herbage, dead-head plants that are still blooming then hoe and rake over the soil. Search amongst the stems of plants that grow in clumps. You are sure to find snails bedding down cosily, remove them. Evergreens may be planted at this time of year, choose container or root-balled specimens. Plant them in prepared holes of sufficient size and water well in. Apply a thick mulch - pulverised bark is ideal, but don’t extend it right up to the plant’s stem. If you buy bare rooted trees, they should not be planted until all the leaves have fallen, so don’t buy them until then. Check over all your climbing plants. Make sure they are firmly fixed to wall or trellis and re-tie them where necessary. If you have trellises or climbing frames, it’s worth checking they are firmly fixed to their supports

46 | West End Life – October/November 2014

before winter winds blow them down. Young trees that still have supports must be firmly fixed to the supports but don’t use string or twine. Special straps will keep them secure without rubbing the bark away in the wind. As the season draws on it is time to take tender plants indoors. Geraniums, fuchsias, begonias, spider plants and other tender foliage subjects should be transplanted to pots and taken indoors. A cold greenhouse is ideal, as long as the vents are closed at night. Failing that, a garage or shed windowsill or windowsill in a spare room will do. They should be kept cool but not allowed to freeze.

In the greenhouse, clean all the glass so the maximum amount of light can get in. Replace cracked and broken lights and check for gaps where rodents may get in. Block each one securely or your plant stock may end up eaten. @westendlife

T: 0141 892 6310

McMillan’s Rug Spa have been involved in rug cleaning and carpet cleaning for around 20 years and have recently invested in a purpose built rug cleaning spa. This is where we take your rugs through our extensive cleaning process, leaving them cleaner, revitalised and sparking. BEFORE






• Persian • Silks • Oriental • Indian

• Pet urine odour removal • Supply non-slip rug pads • Remove smoke/soot odours • Moth treatment • Fringe cleaning • Stain guard

• Turkish • Kilims • Tribals • and others


T: 0141 892 6310 West End Life Magazine


Be the best you can be. Open Evening Thursday 6 November 6.30 – 8.30pm

Visit Us. Be Inspired. | 48 West End Life – October/November 2014

Charity Number SCO 03962


Profile for LifeMags

West End Life Issue 24 Oct/Nov 2014  

A lifestyle A5 full colour magazine delivered free to homes and local outlets in the West End of Glasgow.

West End Life Issue 24 Oct/Nov 2014  

A lifestyle A5 full colour magazine delivered free to homes and local outlets in the West End of Glasgow.