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Is it time for a new look at home?


s the new year rolls out ahead of us full of possibility, many people feel the urge to give a new feel to their homes too. That’s why, for 2014, we’ve put together a special Clyde Life supplement featuring some fresh ideas and information from local businesses we know and trust. Whether you’re considering a lick of paint or major renovations, you’ll find something here to inspire and inform you. We’ll start with a look at the new trends for the new season. Here’s what the best-dressed homes will be wearing in 2014:


Through recent years, we’ve seen our share of teal and purple, but now the world is crying out for something bolder, something happier and something that will make us feel energized.


Moving on from florals and bird prints, patterns in general will be making a comeback. Those are old curtains of your granny’s? Get them out of the loft, because vintage styles and chintzy designs will be all the rage.

2 | Homes & Interiors – ClydeLife Magazine


Get ready for a vibrant new trend. Bright ethnic fabrics and primary coloured wall hangings are in, so get you off to Spain, Mexico and Africa to search for inspiration.


No, not the final frontier. The other sort of space will be a high priority. Our love of airy light-filled spaces is at the forefront of this trend. If you’re drowning in clutter, it might be a good idea to have a clear out and create a spacious haven.


Fabrics that stimulate the often-overlooked sensual part of our beings come into our homes with glee. Think sheepskin rugs, suede seating and silky curtains all mixed together to provide a sensory paradise. Read on and find out what our local specialists have in store for you. Expert services, on your doorstep, from interior design to full renovations. Happy new year and happy new home! | 3

revive transform create It takes experience, local expertise and a keen eye for detail to create beautiful homes. The Sterling team doesn’t believe in half measures. When we go to work on a refurbishment project we want it to be the best through a combination of creative design, great workmanship and the best materials, along with ongoing discussion with the client. At Sterling we only work with craftsmen who share our commitment to delivering the best. They’re not easy to find. It’s one reason why we take on only a limited number of projects at any one time - this way we can keep the same exacting standards all the time. We don’t just believe in delivering the highest standards, we believe in delivering these standards in the most cost-effective manner possible. Clever project management is all about working out how best to tackle renovation and the building process so that it runs as smoothly as possible. We’re experts at doing this. Planning is key. Before we begin a project we draw up a full schedule of works. It’s a meticulous process but we’ve been doing

create it for many years so we know a little time spent here is better than a lot of time wasted later. But don’t take our word for it, visit our website to see some of our projects and read our client testimonials. There is also information on how we, as members of The Federation of Master Builders, like to work. You can contact us via our website to arrange to meet us either at our office in Bridge of Weir or at your home.

Spring is coming – let the colour in Building on the beautiful blue themes, interior designer Angela Barr (pictured left) chose for her show-stopping

room set at the last Ideal Home Exhibition, it’s time to get confident with colour. As the sky brightens at this time of year, many people have the urge to bring more light and colour into their homes but are often scared to go ahead. Talented designer Angela was thrilled to get the chance to demonstrate the use of colour. She created Fleurs Bleues which is the perfect vibrant look for spring, which, we are promised, is just around the corner. She chose to create a room inspired by blue and white porcelain. The crisp combination is classic, yet fresh, giving a new feel that won’t go out of fashion after a season. White painted furniture gave the dining room a distinctively French feel. The curve of the chairs set off against the cobalt blue upholstery and fabulously painted floral bouquet wallpaper. Spring is coming – let the colour in In the window, Angela hung a floral fabric that features a lush range of colours printed onto soft linen creating a fresh and uplifting effect.

4 | Homes & Interiors – ClydeLife Magazine

This was matched with a large white dresser which is ideal for storage of tableware and displaying ornaments. However, without doubt, the centrepiece of the room Angela created was an extravagant glass chandelier lending an air of fun and sophistication. Angela is now looking forward to a busy and creative year; Angela Barr Interiors has been invited back by the Ideal Home Show to create another inspirational room-set in 2014 and she will be involved with some exciting new features to the show. Angela will also be heading the interiors section at The Scottish Home Building and Renovating Show where she will be on hand to help visitors with the their design challenges and again provide interior ideas. This year they will be going for a more contemporary look with pops of colour in the show room sets. Get in touch with Angela - visit

Angela Barr Interiors, Carmichael Place, 10 Lochwinnoch Road, Kilmacolm, PA13 4DT | 5

A real fire, a statement bath and a huge sumptuous bed to lose yourself in - who wouldn’t love an epic bedroom. Whether you want laid back luxury or classic romance, take your cue from the experts and think boutique hotel-suite when designing your bedroom. Go for the biggest and most comfortable bed space price will allow for. Team with a statement headboard or back onto a feature wall so the bed is the focus of the room. Hotel-style bedrooms are all about symmetry so have matching bedside cabinets. Interior designer Roberta Cunningham says think Barry White when designing a bedroom! ‘Don’t make it too feminine – it has to be inviting enough for a man - think sexy not sweet,’ says Cunningham. ‘Use less pattern and think tone-on-tone colours and fabrics layered on each other’ Colour-wise it’s probably best to steer away from pink. Go for calming colours. Grey is neutral and very current. Nothing says hotel-style chic more than a freestanding bath. And every epic bedroom needs a dressing area or walk-in wardrobe, which leaves the sleeping area for just that. Furnish your room with an elegant chaise longue for a classic touch. Next focus on lighting. ‘Lots of

6 | Homes & Interiors – ClydeLife Magazine

low lights and dimmers are a must, you can always add readers for next to the bed,’ suggests Cunningham. Hang a beautiful chandelier over the bed for dramatic effect. If you do only one thing, opt for high-quality linen. Beautiful bedding is a fail safe way to ensure you feel special as you slip between the sheets. Think the softest sheets, plumpest pillows and a deep and sumptuous duvet that urges you to dive inside. ‘It is all about texture’, says Cunningham ‘and the fabrics need to be all naturals - cottons, linens, silks, cashmere.’ You could start with crisp, white sheets, which never go out of fashion. Go for high thread count - 300 plus - the higher the softer. Aim for fine linens or spoil yourself with silk - which has great benefits, helping to aid sleep, regulate body temp and is naturally hypoallergenic. Lavish the bed with cushions of different patterns and textures. Tactile throws will add to the sumptuous feel and will help build the comfort and snuggling factor in the midst of all this cool! Finish the room with high pile rugs on each side of the bed. And finally, splash out on a pair of opulent crystal glasses and fine Champagne - and settle in for romantic Valentine’s - all year round!

Room for all the family The family room is where friends and loved ones gather so make it a space that’s great to socialise and relax in. Getting the layout and atmosphere right is key to ensuring you can go from cosy family nights in to entertaining a crowd.


Open plan rooms that combine the kitchen with laid-back living space cater brilliantly for modern family life. So, if you have a dining room that’s hardly used, think about knocking through to make one big open-plan space. Install an island if a kitchen refit is due - it’s perfect for entertaining around.


If your family room has several functions think about zoning it. Keep things simple with streamline furniture and a theme or colour running throughout. For an informal feel, modular low-level sofas work well. Multifunctional furniture really is the way to go, so opt for an ottoman which works as seating, a coffee table and storage, too and invest in large cushions so there are plenty of comfy spots to sit when visitors arrive. Anchor the living area with a practical rug and make the focus a fireplace or log burner. Inevitably the TV will compete for centre stage but it will protrude less if included in a media unit that can close or in shelving, which blend with your decor. There is nothing quite like gathering around the table and chewing the fat. But if it’s a squeeze already, consider investing in a larger or extendable table before the relatives descend. A mixture of chairs is very on trend and benches and stools that can double as side tables are ideal as occasional seating.


Media units are ideal for all the family’s entertainment equipment. Keep clutter at bay and remove non-essential items. Hang family photos to free up shelf space and personalise the walls. In the kitchen, review what’s on your surface and de-clutter think bar and buffet area for social gatherings. Check appliances are up for to the job of catering for the masses - it may be the perfect time to trade in the fridge for a bigger one or to squeeze in an extra oven.


Lighting creates ambience so cover all bases: from task to mood lighting, your room should be able to go from snug family hangout to full on party venue | 7

A unique personalised wooden hanging name plaque for girls. By Ella & Jo, from £20.

Baroque Style Console Table & Mirror, from £650, Angela Barr Interiors

Give a little White, carved photo frame, from £22, Angela Barr Interiors

Part of the Chesney’s range of stoves, ‘The Beaumont’ stove draws its inspiration from the delicate interiors and fine furniture of Barrington Hall, a neo-classical mansion owned by the National Trust.

Set of 3 Floor Standing Decorative Candle Holders, from £180, Angela Barr Interiors

White carved mantle clock, from £28 Angela Barr Interiors

8 | Homes & Interiors – ClydeLife Magazine

Imagine this little looker of a cooker in your kitchen… Jet-black glass creates an atmospheric background. Just one of the vast range of Miele appliances available as part of the stunning kitchen ranges from Affordable Luxuries

From striking room makeovers, to complete renovations and new builds… Sterling have the knowledge, expertise and passion, to create rooms and homes that dreams are made of…

to your home...

e A Personalised Valentine Print, by Hanna Melin. This Valentine print features a bold heart and “love” painted with clearly visibly pencil marks, from £12.

Silver Bauble Lamp, from £290 Angela Barr Interiors

Deco Style Wenge Console. Table Prices from £800, Angela Barr Interiors

Domalti is just one of the ranges available from Alvic Sliding Wardrobes. Contemporary, stylish wooden panels in six finishes. A Striking look to transform any space… | 9

Replacement Windows Checklist Replacement windows vary significantly in their ability to keep in heat, their lifespan, their ability to keep out high winds and driving rain and their ability to keep out intruders. If all double glazing was the same, cost would be the only issue to consider, but this is far from the case. Buying replacement windows and doors based on cost alone will seldom result in getting the best replacement windows or double glazing for your needs or the best value for money over the lifespan of your installation. ■ Thermal Performance: The average heat loss through replacement windows ranges from 50 watts per square meter to as little as 13 watts per square meter. For a three bed house, this can amount to a huge difference in annual energy use. To maintain a constant room temperature of 21C across the year, the difference could be 11,400 KW hours compared to 3,150 KW hours per annum. This could be a difference of over £500 a year. ■ Lifespan: In contrast to correctly fabricated replacement windows which use quality materials could last more than 30 years, while some replacement windows can present major

problems within 5 years. The way in which the double glazing units are installed is also critical. Incorrectly installed, a double glazed unit that could have had a 20 year lifespan could fail in less than 5 years.

■ Weather Resistance: Windows are tested to measure their ability to resist air infiltration, water penetration and deformation under wind loading. Some replacement windows will only be able to resist low levels of wind pressure before they leak. Others are able to resist the equivalent of a gale. The three broad categories for weather resistance Sheltered, Moderate and Severe exposure rated. ■ Security: Replacement Windows can be subjected to vigorous testing to assess how resistant they are to forced entry. At best, they will be a total barrier, resistant to the greatest force any attacker could bring to bear. At worst, they will offer virtually no resistance at all. Some replacement

10 | Homes & Interiors – ClydeLife Magazine

windows and doors can be deglazed from the outside without difficulty. Some multi-point locking systems can easily be manipulated from the outside.

A local window company that really cares…

Tommy Bradley of WindowCare Scotland has over 25 years experience in the joinery and double glazing industry and he gives us a few more reasons why making a home improvement investment in replacement windows is a prudent move: Keep the heat in Saving you money on your heating bills. Keep the noise out Added insulation will keep the noise out which is perfect if your house faces a busy main road or is near a school. Reduce your carbon footprint If less heat is escaping from your home then you will need less energy to keep it warm which in turn means fewer CO2 emissions Maintenance free A lot of the UPVC and double glazing windows you find on the market nowadays are guaranteed and take little maintenance or up-keep. WindowCare Scotland offers a complete solution, from initial design and planning to installation, to ensure the process is as seamless for you as possible. WindowCare is an established double glazing specialist that strives to bring a fantastic range of styles and options to make sure those new windows suit your home perfectly. Don’t just take our word for it. Here is just one testimonial from a happy customer: “Having spoken to a number of double glazing companies, WindowCare tops the lot for cost, professionalism, courtesy and service. I would highly recommend. A very satisfied customer.” Tommy Hutchinson, Greenock For further information, get in touch.

WINDOWCARE A company you can trust



WINDOWS • DOORS FRENCH DOORS • SLIDING DOORS PATIO DOORS • ROOFLINE Fitted by skilled Tradesmen - NO Salesmen - NO Hassle! Call Tommy for a friendly, free, no obligation quote. Open Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm 72 Lyn


St, Gree

Please call for an out-of-hours appointment

nock PA1 5

k .co.u l i a m 4AE Email: win t o dowcaregreenockltd@h

CALL 01475 787272 | 11

Simply the perfect heating solution, available from Auldton Stoves… As modern life requires more and more complex and expensive solutions to everyday problems, it’s refreshing to see that sometimes the simple things are the best. Without a doubt, this is true in the world of wood-burning stoves. Danish stove manufacturer HWAM – who have been creating beautiful and innovative stoves for more than 35 years – have created a simple way to improve burning efficiency. The family-run company’s patented Autopilot system uses a bimetal spring to automatically control airflow to the combustion chamber. It’s exactly this kind of innovation that results from HWAM’s long-standing ambition to develop more intelligent stoves.

HWAM founder Vagn Hvam Pederson said: “When the business is one’s own, he acquires a very special feeling for the employees, the business and the products. One must go the extra mile to make things work.” The Autopilot certainly does work. It is an integrated air-regulation system that controls the air inlet automatically, benefiting both the user and the environment. The heat-sensitive spring ensures the correct air supply for the different combustion phases enabling an optimal combustion at all times. This simple, yet ingeniously brilliant system offers: • Simple, convenient operation. • Clean burning. • More energy, better economy, • Easy on the environment. Automatic dampers ensure that the combustion air is led to the right places in the combustion chamber, in the right quantities and at the right time to ensure optimum combustion. To find out more about how continual optimum combustion can benefit you, contact Auldton Stoves.

The little things that mean so much

When you’re upgrading or renewing your kitchen, it’s easy to concentrate entirely on the big decisions such as layout or the design of kitchen units. Obviously this is important as you’re, hopefully, going to be living with and working in your fantastic kitchen for many years to come. However, it’s crucial that you pay attention when you make choices about the finishing touches – as they can make or break the success of your kitchen. For example, if you just plump for the first kind of door handles or taps that you’re shown, you may end up regretting it for a long time. After all, these fittings are going to get used many times a day for many years to come. However, when you choose Affordable Luxuries you can be

12 | Homes & Interiors – ClydeLife Magazine

sure that the tiny details will get just as much careful attention as the big-ticket items. With their wealth of experience, the couple who run the Inverclyde business Tom and Helen McDonald know how much these things matter. As well as designing and supply jaw-dropping kitchens, they understand how everything in the room adds up to create the wow factor, yet must be durable and useful. Affordable Luxuries will advise every step on the way, guiding you to make choices you know are the right ones. And because the kitchen studio is independent they can supply everything you’re likely to need… including the kitchen sink! For more information visit:

Wide range of traditional and contemporary wood, multifuel, oil and gas stoves

VISIT OUR SHOWROOM at Auldton Farm, Lugton Road, Dunlop

Opening Hours: Tue-Sat 10am-4pm, Sun & Mon Closed

Telephone: 01560 480002 | 13


When you need a storage solution Alvic Sliding Wardrobes is a family-run business with wealth of knowledge and experience in the world of wardrobes – both sliding and hinged doors plus storage solutions for any room. So if you are looking for the perfect way to finish a room and contain all your possessions, pop into Alvic’s showroom in Johnstone and open your mind to the vast range of possibilities. What you’ll get when you go to Alvic is a stunning selection of floor-to-ceiling, made-to-measure solutions to suit every budget. Fitted wardrobes will make sure you use every precious inch of available space properly, creating a more comfortable living environment. And you don’t just end up with shelves, drawers and hanging spaces – you get an amazing new look for your room. At the showroom in Quarry Street you’ll find a range of thirty shades of coloured glass, seventy different wood finishes and a wide choice of handles and frames. There are also five different interior colours to choose from – white, cream, oak, light walnut and dark walnut. Alvic’s

14 | Homes & Interiors – ClydeLife Magazine

experienced designer will give you a free, no obligation quote along with advice on the best storage solutions to meet your needs. Satisfied customer Linda Collins described the “wonderful” job Alvic did in making her new wardrobes. She said: “We are so pleased with the sliding wardrobes and think that the amount of space we have is fantastic.”


Visit our newly opened family run showroom at

2a Quarry Street, Johnstone, PA5 8DZ Open 6 days Monday to Friday (10am-5pm) Saturday (10am-3pm)

Tel: 01505 324486 We offer fully fitted with interiors, or doors only (DIY) and all trade welcome

Superior Systems at smart prices designed for you! | 15




16 | Homes & Interiors – ClydeLife Magazine

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