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Happy rabbits, happy owners… How important is rabbit companionship?

With bunny’s being the in thing this time of the year, we thought we would highlight the things that make them happiest – after all, they are not just for Easter you know!

PDSA’s Care Advice

Rabbits are highly social animals and so companionship is very important to them. The best rabbit company combination is usually a neutered male with a neutered female. Rabbits should not be kept with guinea pigs because rabbits can bully and injure guinea pigs, and they both need company from their own species. Adequate care and provision should be provided for pet rabbits when the owner goes on holiday.

My rabbit lives alone – should I get another rabbit?

Yes, but you need to get advice on how to introduce a second rabbit safely. Rabbits living on their own get lonely and bored, but keeping the wrong pairings together can lead to unwanted kits (baby rabbits) and fighting. You can make sure this does not happen by getting your rabbits neutered (a neutered male and neutered female is best) and introducing your second rabbit carefully and gradually. Ask a vet, vet nurse or other qualified pet care specialist for advice on how to do this and rabbit companionship.

Very! Rabbits are very social animals and need the company of other rabbits. Rabbits kept on their own become stressed, and their behaviour may change as a result of this. Think about wild rabbits that you see in fields; they are almost never on their own. Rabbits get lonely.

What’s the best combination of rabbits to keep?

The best combination is usually a neutered male with a neutered female. Un-neutered males and females shouldn’t be kept together, as they will breed and it can be difficult to find homes for the young.

Is a person a suitable companion for a rabbit?

Company from people that a rabbit trusts is better than the rabbit living alone. But a person isn’t really a good substitute for living with another rabbit, as people and rabbits have separate needs and different methods of communicating. A rabbit living with just people is like a person living with just rabbits. Would you be happy living with just rabbits? If a rabbit is kept alone they should have the opportunity to interact with trusted people for several hours each day.

Who should care for my rabbits if I go on holiday?

If you go away, you should leave your rabbits in the care of a trusted friend or neighbour.

Top Tip: If you are thinking of getting a companion for your rabbit, make sure you find out how to introduce them safely to prevent fighting, and ensure they are neutered in order to prevent unwanted babies.

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