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Meet the New Mayor: Stephen Mulliner

Schools Directory

List of local schools, and meet some heads

Food Festival

Pints flowed in the Beer Festival in Haslemere Hall

The Haslemere Food Festival 2007 Business, Environment, Health, and Competition


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Welcome News Fair Trade, Christmas Fair, Fashion Show6-8 Haslemere Performing Arts, Gallery One


Profile Mayor Stephen Mulliner


Business Moorlands Kitchens, Blush, Blaze Business News Haslemere Pets, Ruby


Riverford Organic


Health Stricklands Dental Fitness Centre


Food Haslemere Food Festival Community Profile Haslemere Educational Museum


Property Autumn update, by Nick Keith


Environment A3 Tunnel latest


Gardening Water features by Phil Went


Competition Win jewellery from Claytons; Results issue 5


Diary of Events


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Kalglass . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .5

Amesbury School . . . . . . . . . . . . .S v

Labrow Limited . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .35

Applegarth . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .21

Leightons HearingCare . . . . . . . . .17

Arnold’s Garage . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .13

Liss Wools . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .31

Ballard’s Brewery . . . . . . . . . . . . . .21

Littlejohn . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .IBC

BarnKids . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .11

Lower Roundhurst Farm . . . . . . .31

he last month or so has felt


Barrow Hills School . . . . . . . . . . .S iii

Mac & Mac . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .IFC

‘hot, hot, hot’ – whatever

Blush . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .17

MacDonald Oates . . . . . . . . . .19, 35

the weather – as the local area

DeVere Branksome Place . . . . . . . .7

Moorlands Kitchens . . . . . . . . . . .11

has basked in the warm glow

Caring Daycare Day Nursery . . . .13

MTS Tyres Exhaust Centre . . . . . .15

of the 2007 Haslemere Food

Chandlers Opticians . . . . . . . . . . .33

Premier Kitchens . . . . . . . . . . . . . .31

Churcher’s College . . . . . . . . . . . .S v

Primaveris . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .27

Food, glorious food

Festival. People in Beacon Hill, Grayshott, Hindhead, Wey Hill and Haslemere have all felt the

Clarke Gammon Wellers . . . . . . . . .3

Richard C Arnold Opticians . . . . .25

Eden Hair & Beauty . . . . . . . . . . . . .2

Riverford Home Delivery . . . . . . .19

Elizabeth Gordon . . . . . . . . . . . . . .29

Rookery Barns Ltd . . . . . . . . . . . . .15

Enchantment . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .29

Royal School . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .S iii

Field, Moor & Stream . . . . . . . . . .23

Russells . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .OBC

Frensham Heights . . . . . . . . . . . .S vi

Second Thoughts . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .2

Farmers’ Market at the

Hamptons . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .19

St Edmund’s School . . . . . . . . . .S vii

beginning of September, and

Haslemere Cellar . . . . . . . . . . . . . .21

St Hilary’s Schools . . . . . . . . . . . .S v

this will now become a regular

Haslemere Dental Centre . . . .11, 33

St Margaret’s School . . . . . . . . . . S vi

Haslemere Osteopathic & Sports

Stepping Stones School . . . . . . . .S i

Injury Clinic . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .9

Sue Johnson Interiors . . . . . . . . . .27

Haslemere Performing Arts . . . . .13

Ultimate Vision . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1

Haslemere Preparatory School S vii

Utopia Forge Ltd . . . . . . . . . . . . . .35

Haslemere Travel . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .6

Vintage Voltage . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .35

HS Audiological Centres Ltd . . . .13 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4

Isabel Ballardie Ltd . . . . . . . . . . . .19

Yeomans Honda Churt . . . . . . . . .29

heat generated by another successful festival. It started unofficially with the

event on the first Sunday of every month. So open your diaries on Sundays 7 October,

Kate and Pauline - two volunteers serving the Food Festival’s winning sausages at Haslewey Community Centre

4 November and 2 December, and add ‘Farmers Market, 10 to 1.30’. The festivities started in earnest at the Italian Market on Friday 7 September, when Mayor Stephen Mulliner officially opened the festival. This was quickly followed by a hectic parade of events – the first ever Beer Festival, Junior Masterchef,

* S = supplement

Distribution List

the participants and everyone who contributed. It was food,

Nobbs Newsagents, High Street, Haslemere Georgian House Hotel, Haslemere Haslemere Museum Hammonds Newsagents, Haslemere Station Tesco, Weyhill DeVere Branksome Place Devil's Punchbowl, Hindhead Royal Parade Stores, Hindhead Jaycees Foodstore, Beacon Hill Tesco Express, Grayshott Village Post Office, Grayshott Grayshott Pottery Grayshott Spa Applegarth Farm Shop, Grayshott

glorious food, with happy faces and full stomachs all round.

If you would like your name to be added to this list. please contact us at

Applegarth’s barbecue, the Sausage Competition, Beacon Hill’s Pie Fest, the Gentlemen’s Supper, The Mayor’s Charity Gala Dinner, and the presentation to Haslemere of its certificate for achieving the status of Fair Trade town – to mention just a few of them. This magazine has captured many of these events in this issue in words and photographs, celebrating the exuberant sense of community which has enriched the lives of a lot of people. Congratulations to the retailers, the organisers, the sponsors,

As our own gift to the local community, Life In Haslemere has compiled its own Directory of local schools, with the chance to meet some of the heads, in an eight-page special section.

Nick Keith Editor



Londis Stores, Headley Down Martins Newsagents, Headley Passfield Post Office Avalon, Churt Pride of the Valley, Churt The Co-op, Liphook Gables Newsagents, Liphook Old Thorns, Liphook Champneys Forest Mere, Liphook General Wine Company, Liphook The Post Office, Fernhurst The Community Centre, Fernhurst Lythe Hill Hotel, Kingsley Green Cee Gees Village Store, Camelsdale Chiddingfold Post Office


life in HASLEMERE : DECEMBER 2007 - JANUARY 2008 Deadline for copy 12 November 2007 Disclaimer Life in Haslemere is published by Life Magazines Ltd. The views or facts expressed in the content of the of the magazine editorial or advertising are not necessarily those of the editor or Life Magazines Ltd. nor do they accept responsibility for any errors, inaccuracies or omissions or any legal implications arising thereof. Life Magazines Ltd. retains © copyright over the content. Any material submitted to the publishers is done so at the sender’s risk and may or may not be returned, and may be subject to editing without notice prior to publication. Life Magazines Ltd does not necessarily endorse any of the businesses or services featured in this magazine.


Fair Trade Town T

he official ceremony to

but as a collective, we can

award Haslemere Fair

change the world,” said Nick.

Trade status took place in

The steering group includes

September at Haslemere Hall,

Fiona Short, Michele Webb,

where the Mayor was presented

Sandra Gee, Patrick ‘Paddy’

with a certificate from the Fair

Morton and Alison Miller.

Trade Organisation. In making the presentation,

Partly as a result of their campaigning, the town now

Nick Hempleman, Current

boasts a Fair Trade café, a Fair

Affairs Manager at The Co-op,

Trade shop at The Royal School,

said the crucial aspect was “the

and Fair Trade products

fact that a group of local people

stocked in a large number of

have campaigned for the rights


and happiness of people on the

Local students from a number

Nick Hempleman presents the Fair Trade certificate to Mayor Stephen Mulliner

other side of the world. People

of schools, including Woolmer

serve Fair Trade snacks at the

Contact: Paddy Morton, New

whom they will never meet.”

Hill School, have supported the


Leaf Foods, 01428 648882

He gave three reasons to

scheme, holding discussion

support Fair Trade: It alleviates

groups, organising surveys and

poverty, the root cause of

getting involved in town events.

60,000 deaths per day; it’s trade,

Emmaline Barlow gave a talk

not a charity; and it enables an

promoting Fair Trade to her

individual to make a positive

fellow pupils at Wispers School

difference to the world – “We

and many pupils from The

can do very little on our own,

Royal School came to help

New for nurseries T he Little People’s Furniture

Company, Haslemere, have

a new range of nursery and bedroom furniture from the Netherlands. With impeccable quality and attention to detail, the range comes with a superb bedding and also a full deliver customers. Owner, Vickie Visioli said, “We

“The next couple of months will also see the arrival of the Kuster highchair, the must-have

have searched this Summer for

most stylish mealtime accessory

something beautifully made and

around! We will also be

very smart. There are now 12

introducing bed linen from the

new ranges to choose from,

Designers Guild.”

enabling customers to create

Contact: 01428 643158,

beautifully co-ordinated


bedrooms for their little ones. Life


Haslemere Christmas Fair T

he third annual

where you can enjoy tea,

Haslemere Christmas

coffee, snacks and light

Fair will be held on Thursday 18 October, from 9.30am-

lunches. There will be a raffle and

3pm in the Haslemere Hall.

silent auction with superb

There will be some 30 stalls,

prizes such as a balloon

giving you the opportunity to

flight, spa days, a

do some early Christmas

photographic shoot with a

shopping, or just to treat

professional photographer

yourself and your family.

and much, much more.

The wide range of products

collection of co-ordinated and assembly service to all


The fair is organised by ASL

for sale includes: gifts for

Events in order to raise

men, children’s clothing and

money for CHASE children’s

toys, ladies clothing and

hospice. A local charity,

accessories, pottery and

CHASE provides much-

beautiful products for the

needed support for children

home and garden. In

and their families who are

addition there will be a food

living with terminal illness.

hall with products for sale

Entrance is £2.50. All

including locally smoked

proceeds go to the charity.

salmon, and cookies. A café

Contact: Liz Hawes, 01428

will be run by Cheat’s Kitchen

644421 / 07764 577002




Turning heads

All stars


n September Gallery One

over 80 pieces from the print

staged another successful

collection and includes

exhibition, featuring Frank

Lennon’s original hand-written

Auerbach and Lucian Freud.

song lyrics, including

Their “Face to Face” collection

“Imagine”, ‘Imagine Peace’,

of etchings by two of the most

‘War Is Over (If You Want It)’

acclaimed British figurative

and the hand-written lyrics for

artists was a major coup for the

‘Happy Christmas’.

Grayshott gallery. On 9 October 2007 John


Haslemere Performing Arts’

40th anniversary and Disneyland’s

Lennon would have been 67

in the UK. The exhibition

years old. To mark the

provides insight into the life of

occasion, Gallery One will be

a legendary man, who died

opening an exhibition of his

tragically on 8 December 1980,

limited edition lithographs,

but whose philosophies and

serigraphs and copper

perspective still live on through

Training, Arnold’s Garage and

etchings, hand-reproduced

his music and art.

Shirty’s T-Shirts.

from his original drawings. The

Lucky performers at Disneyland Paris

s part of joint celebrations for

This is a rare opportunity to view Lennon’s print collection

If that wasn’t enough, 74 young

The John Lennon exhibition

work is taken from the “Bag

at Gallery One continues until

15th, 52 pupils of varying dance

people performed the stage

One Portfolio”, his wedding gift

27 October, is free to visit and

grades, aged five to 16 took a

version of the Disney Channel

to Yoko Ono in 1969.

all work is available for sale.

three-day venture to Disneyland


The exhibition will contain

original movie, High School

Paris. They danced on the fantasy

Musical, with cast members

festival stage where Winnie The

dressing the set, learning the

Pooh normally takes the spotlight.

songs and complex dance moves

rehearsals were rewarded by the

performing to their parents on the

Fashion Show T

standing ovation given by

final afternoon. Ages ranged from

November from 7pm. This year

Hotel & Spa, who will compere

the international audience. The

5 to 16, and the performers were

the show will be in Haslemere

the evening). Tickets from

split into groups to give a chance

Hall, which will build a catwalk

Marley Flowers, 31-33

Mardi Gras Marching Dance

for everyone to shine in the roles

for the occasion. The organisers

Haslemere High Street.

Routine, involving pom-poms and

of their favourite characters.

are: Julie Brooker (CoCo), Jo

Contact: Julie Brooker,

Pringle (Windmills), Katherine

01428 661299.

All the months of dedicated

students also took part in the

parading through the park’s

in just one week before

HPA’s Musical Theatre Group

fantasy land route along Main

meets on Mondays after school


and is dedicated to productions of

Haslemere Performing Arts

West End and Broadway musicals

he Haslemere Fashion

Bolton (Mzuri Design), and

Show 2007 is set for 22

David Armstrong (Lythe Hill


Round the world

Disneyland Paris Dance Tour



T-shirt thanks to the sponsorship

Contact: 01428 652360. Email:

(pictured) has

with all our other

of The Ian James Orchestra, In


business, I want to

returned to

promote the culture,

work at

history and more


interesting attractions

(HPA) provided each dancer with a

as well as an annual Christmas


New chamber choir G rayshott is forming its own

recruiting trained singers, so if

Chamber Choir, “Excelsis”

you, or anyone you know,

and have been very fortunate

would be interested in

in securing the services of Rob

auditioning for this small, high

Lewis as Director of Music.

quality group, please contact

Rob is Head of Music at St

either Peter or Vivien Harrison.

Edmund’s School. He will train

Contact: Grayshott Concerts,

the choir and present choral

28A Headley Road, Grayshott

concerts as part of the

GU26 6LD 01428 606666,

Grayshott Concerts ongoing,


He is now in the process of




which she is now a


great expert, but as

Travel after six and a half years working in London for one of the top independent specialist Caribbean Tour Operators, Caribtours.

of holidays in this region.” Gemma lives in Liphook, has a small child, and is working three days a week. “It

“Gemma used to work for

is great to be back, she said.

us before,” explained Andrew

“I am hoping to promote the

Brownrigg. “And we are very

Caribbean region by sharing

glad to have her back. I am

my experience and enormous

preparing a PR programme

enthusiasm for the area.”

focusing on the Caribbean

Contact: Haslemere

for holidays, the area in

Travel: 01428 658777.




Michael Dover was mayor, will

Haslemere Initiative, the

soon reach a successful

Chamber of Commerce and the


Town Council.

No time has been wasted in

anxiety over some planning

each group comprising three or

developments, and he is

four members, which will try to

determined to work closely with

meet manifesto promises. The

Waverley, the planning authority.

working groups and their

“We have to make sure that we

objectives are:

have the right type of

1) Beacon Hill and Hindhead:

developments, and it is the job of

continue improvements. 2) Encouraging trade, especially in the High St, Wey Hill and Beacon Hill. 3) Hall and Museum: increase in funding. 4) Health: fight to retain beds at

tephen Mulliner finds himself Mayor of Haslemere

57 borough council seats and

that, if the Borough and Town manage development in the town.”



the permisson. We have learned

Surrey Hospital.

7) Planning: resist over-

Conservatives holding 51 of the

of developments and that they do not stray from the details of

Councils are allied, we can

affordable houses.

The new Mayor of Haslemere, Stephen Mulliner, discusses the prospects for his year in office with Nick Keith

permission only for the right sort

and cancer care at Royal

6) Parking: seek improvements.

Meet the new Mayor

the Borough Council to ensure that developers receive

Haslemere Hospital, and A&E

5) Housing: support for

Town Clerk, Mike O’Neil (left) and the Mayor, Stephen Mulliner

The Mayor is also aware of local

setting up 12 working groups,

8) Policing: campaign for more visible policing. 9) Traffic: improve conditions in Critchmere Road. 10) Voluntary sector: assist and

Stephen Mulliner, who has worked in the City in banking and financial services, had decided to take a year’s sabbatical before the local elections in May. This has given him the time for his work as Mayor and as borough councillor. However, he expects to find a place in his busy

encourage. [The Mayor’s

schedule for croquet, which he

special charities are the

modestly describes as “his main

League of Friends for

summer recreation” – he is one

Haslemere Hospital and

of the top players in the world.

Community Action Nepal].

He says he works well with

11) Waste: improve collection.

Mike O’Neil, the Town Clerk, but

12) Youth: increase facilities and

with only three part-time staff,

reduce anti-social behaviour.

they all have their work cut out. The Mayor summed up: “I have

for a second time, slightly to his

with six of the 18 town

surprise, after the Conservatives

councillors also serving at

monitoring 72 sites in Haslemere

found a good spirit in Haslemere

trounced the Liberal Democrats


in the environmental and leisure

since I moved here with my

in the local elections in May. His

As the Town Mayor’s position

Another initiative involves

areas where the responsibility for

family in 1987, and it remains an attractive town.

previous term of office was in

lasts only one year, the work

upkeep lies with the Borough

2002-2003, and he expects to be

focuses on trying to move

Council. “We want to see signs of

“With one party having such

even busier in 2007-2008.

forward initiatives that other

improvements in standards,” the

massive majorities in both the

people have started. “There is

Mayor says, “and, if there are, it

Borough and Town Councils, we

pressure on small shops and we

will make the town more cared

will be under scrutiny to see that


we get things done. But we can

“Our powers as a town council are fairly small,” Mayor Mulliner explains, “and so we have to

are looking to do as much as we

work in partnership with various

can to support Haslemere’s small

groups if we are to achieve

traders,” the Mayor adds.

anything and get things done in the town.” He is also a member of

Other key partners are

hope for nearly four years of

Haslemere Chamber of

working together. So there’s a

Commerce, the Haslemere

good chance of putting pressure

support the voluntary sector; and

Initiative, and the Haslemere

on the right people to get the

there is pressure for affordable

Society. Mr Mulliner welcomes

right things done.”

“It is also important that we

Waverley Borough Council, an

housing and for car parking in

the recent introduction of the

important partner for Haslemere.

the town.” So, on the issue of car

Haslemere Farmers Market on

Contact: Mike O’Neil, Town

“We hope for a strong spirit of

parking, he hopes that

the first Sunday of each month.

Clerk, Town Hall, High Street.

political co-operation with

discussions with Stagecoach,

This has resulted from a

Haslemere, GU27 2HG. 01428

concerted effort between


started three years ago when





Moorlands Kitchens

Cooking up a storm Sam Madge was trained in interior design at art school and, after being involved in property development in London, set up his kitchen design business in Haslemere in 1995. got to know Harvey Jones


thing they want to change is

kitchens when designing

the kitchen. Or, after looking

them into London houses,”

for a new house for many

Louise Alexander and Sam Madge

showroom. “We now sell a beautiful

November ‘95 our style of business is still customer-

says Sam, who is Managing

months, they may choose to

Director at Moorlands, “I was

upgrade their existing kitchen

travertine floor,” says Louise,

and bathroom instead of

“which was originally put into

have been subtle changes in

moving home.

the showroom as it beautifully

the style of our kitchens. We are

complemented the ‘Kashmir

now looking forward to the

the style at the moment is for

Gold’ granite worktop. So many

next 10 years and believe the

clean, spare lines combined

customers liked the

same Harvey Jones quality will

with pastel colours and design-

combination that we had to

be much in demand.”

led appliances. This is exactly

start selling it!”

so impressed with the build quality and value for money of these products that when we moved to Haslemere, I saw an opening for a Harvey Jones design showroom here”. The business, which looks after the middle to top end of the market, is now well established in the area, largely

“Kitchens are fashion-led and

what we specialise in, so we are well-placed for the future.” Sam Madge works closely on

Moorlands have worked on

Moorlands Kitchens, 1

France and from Cobham to

Hillcroft, Shepherds Hill, Haslemere, Surrey GU27 2LZ

design with his colleague

Cornwall, although there is

many repeat customers.

Louise Alexander and they have

usually some local connection.

“When customers move into

Contact: Sam Madge,

kitchens from Farnham to

by word of mouth and has

a new house often the first

service based, although there

recently completed a major

Sam sums up: “Having

make-over of the Haslemere

opened the showroom in

01428 658300 Life


Stylish stylist Lindsey Lunn is the proprietor of Blush, the exclusive ladies fashion boutique at the top of Haslemere High Street. She has had a number of different careers in the diplomatic service working all over the world in places such as Bermuda, Washington DC, and Buckingham Palace.


keen to have clothes that are durable as well as versatile. So I try to stock fabrics that are at the height of fashion but are also practical, and can maintain their shape and flattering characteristics.” Lindsey is a trained colour and style consultant who has worked

ince marrying and moving to

wardrobe so that not only did all

as a stylist for the past three

Haslemere, Lindsey has

the items complement the shape,

years. As a result, she can provide

pursued her passion for beautiful

size and colour of the lady, but

a colours chart as well as

colours combined with clothing.

nearly all the clothes

suggesting the best cut and style

“I love running the shop as I have

complemented each other too!

of outfit for each figure. “It is

always been fascinated by

To a small extent I try to stick to

important to understand how

beautiful clothes, fabrics and

this idea in the Blush ranges.”

each item works as part of the

styles,” she says. Blush offers an all-round

These include exclusive fashion labels such as Betty Jackson,

service. Lindsey is happy to take

Almost Famous, The Perfect

this service to a more in-depth

White Shirt Company and Hoss,

level by offering comprehensive

Lindsey’s favourite.

styling advice. “I worked as a stylist for years,”

“The ideal outfit can be dressed down for everyday wear and

the person.” “The jeans revolution and strict dress codes at work, means

dedicated and interested customers. She sums up Blush as “understated glamour!”

that often people just don’t know what to wear in a social

Contact: Blush, 2 Haslemere


High Street, 01428 656412,

she explains. “I would help

dressed up for a night out. I also

Lindsey offers previews at the

clients sort out their whole

am aware that women today are

beginning of each season for her


Lindsey Lunn: varied career

overall outfit and impression of Life




“I enjoy thinking up and sourcing those final finishing touches to newly refurbished homes. Marinoni Italian pewter and ceramic ware is extremely popular from us as it is quite exclusive and so is the stunning, handmade Svaja Lithuanian glass and contemporary Danish Holmegaard stock. But the more eclectic items, such as The House Of Ugly Fish glass wall sculptures, are also extremely eye-catching and original.” Lynda and Robin live in Grayshott and as a result can provide a personal customer service. “Robin is a qualified chimney-sweep (Hampshire Chimney Services) which is very useful as it means we can be a one-stop shop for wood burners. “Not only do we sell fire irons


and wood baskets, but we can

Blazing glory

also sweep your chimney and

Lynda Davies was Manager of Human Resources in a lighting manufacturing company for much of her professional life but a few years ago she felt in need of a change. Her husband Robin is a lighting photometrics expert so they decided to pool their expertise and set up an interior lighting business of their own.


laze House Art was born

fit your stove for you so it

in June 2006 and is based

couldn’t be easier. Being a

on Crossways Road in

family run, local business also

Grayshott. “I always wanted my

means that it is easier for

own shop,” Lynda explained.

clients to trust me to ensure a

“And this is a perfect location

good quality service.”

for us because other interiors-

The stunning light fittings -

related businesses are on the

hand-picked for their excellent

same road, making this a great

quality - beautifully traditional

area to source beautiful, quality

and rustic wood burning stoves

items for the home.”

and indulgent smile from

Lynda also specialises in fire-

Lynda will ensure a warm

places and stoves. In particular,

welcome for anyone visiting

beautifully restored antique

Blaze House Art this Christmas.

wood burners. “The antique wood burners are stunning and


perfect for many of the houses

Lynda Davies, Blaze House Art,

in this area but we also offer a

Crossways Road, Grayshott,

bespoke wood burner service

01428 606888

so it is possible to get the

perfect one for your house old or new.” Blaze House Art also offers an

01428 604292,

service. High-quality light

07906 245504

candles, wall sculptures and American baby rattles (exclusive in the UK), fill the show room, giving it a decorative, treasure-trove feel.


Hampshire Chimney Services,

interior design element to their fittings, mirrors, furniture,

Lynda Davies: personal customer service

Robin Davies,





Your Tyre Specialists


tyres fitted at your convenience at home or work



T: 01428 7511162

MONDAY - FRIDAY: 8.30am - 5.30pm SATURDAY: 8.30am - 3.00pm

Unit 1 Passfield Mill Business Park, Liphook, Hants GU30 7RR


Business News

Organic and evolving! When Haslemere mum of two, Annie Jermain, gave up her high powered job in the City, she had little idea that she would soon be swapping her briefcase for a bum bag. Janet McWilliam caught up with her

Annie Jermain (left) and a typical fresh vegetable box

What made you give up your

I think people like the idea of a

city job?

natural product with no nasty

allotment but without the

I wanted to make a difference

pesticides and herbicides.


and I didn’t think I was doing

People are also concerned

that in my old job in London, so one day I just stopped doing it! Then I read about Riverford

about the health of their internet to order. I was still working long days,

is like having your own

What about the future?

families, where their food has

Riverford is making a real

come from and the effect on

difference in the farming

Farm in Devon and the

but I was working with a

initiatives that farmer and

product I really believed in and

owner Guy Watson was

I knew people appreciated the

Do Riverford also provide local

embarking on. And I thought, I

freshness and value for money

organic food?

expanded and we can now

want to be part of that – this

– a medium size box has 10

Yes. Riverford is encouraging

deliver meat, eggs, milk, wine,

could be fun!

types of organic veg – for £12!

growers to provide produce to

fruit and even seasonal jams

Another bonus was I was

the environment.

community and are starting to get better deals for farmers too. Our organic range has

local communities rather than

and chocolate from the local

How did you start?

getting really fit in the process!

servicing the whole country

Chocolate Alchemist in

I started out as one woman and

Word spread quickly and four

from one farm. We now have a


her van (with dog Bess!),

years on, I have 12 local people

new pack-house at Norton

delivering the vegetables in

working for me.

Farm in Hampshire and have

recycled boxes direct to homes

Contact: Annie Jermain, 01428

six local farms that are


in the area. I loved it. People

Why do you think people are

providing it with much of the


would phone me or use the

interested in organic produce?

produce. Customers say that it,

New shoes

Ruby, a beautiful shoe shop based near the Educational Museum, is run by Lauren Whitbourn who said, “Many people don’t know I am here so please do walk a little further up, come in and have a look!”


New name

(inset) Daryl Goddard, Ray Murphy, James (the dog), Claire Goyer, Patch (the dog). Pets and Gardens have changed their name and rebranded to become The Haslemere Pet Company.


Sometimes years can go by between noticing a hearing difficulty and doing something about it As we get older, our hearing is likely to deteriorate. Usually, it happens so gradually that we learn to accommodate its effects by becoming very good at things like recognising facial expressions, understanding body language or lip reading. As a result, it can often be several years between first noticing a hearing difficulty, and doing something about it. Worth talking to someone who knows

As with most difficulties, it’s best to talk about it. At Leightons we guarantee an impartial, expert and sympathetic approach starting with a FREE HEARING ASSESSMENT, using advanced video otoscopy and diagnostic procedures.

Follow-up appointments and aftercare

For total piece of mind, if you choose a hearing instrument from Leightons HearingCare, you will also recieve:     

30 day full money back guarantee Free supply of batteries Free professional aftercare Regular hearing checks Entirely impartial advice

Leightons HearingCare is available locally in the following Leightons Opticians branches: Alton, Farnham and Haslemere

Leightons HearingCare 0800 40 20 20 the best place to talk about hearing

If you want to talk to us FREEPHONE

Or please visit us at



White knights

playing sport or they can eliminate the need for conventional bridgework or dentures.

A long-established, independent dental practice in Haslemere, “Implants are fast growing in acceptance in the UK, but we Stricklands now offers an ultra-modern ‘fitness centre’ for lag behind the US, the Far East teeth and gums. Nick Keith reports and indeed other parts of Western Europe in the numbers placed per year,” says Dr Allen. Another trend is more and more adults undergoing orthodontic treatment to straighten their teeth. The types of braces available are becoming much more discreet. In the last 10 to 15 years, cosmetic dentistry has also grown in popularity. “People Front (r-l): Colin Frazer, John Pereira, Simon Allen, Emma Cook Back (r-l): Darren Jones, Ken Soal, Clair Squires, Claudia Mayston-Taylor, Emma Hookey, Andrea Fleming, Cathy Bishop, Zena Pemberton, Clare Shapcott, Sheila Farr, Lara Stevens, Kelly-Marie Bartlett

have become more conscious of their teeth and aware of the power of a smile, partly through television makeover

r Simon Allen is one of


can offer patients a wide range

four partners at

of opening hours. It is also a

articles.” adds Dr Allen. “Tooth

Stricklands, a name it has been

buzzy, social and fun place to

lightening and veneers are

known by in Haslemere since

work and to be treated in.”

the 1930s, although the origin

Dr Allen came across

programmes and magazine

some of our most commonly performed procedures.”

of the practice goes back well

Stricklands 26 years ago when

over a century. “We like to keep

he used to visit his sister (who

up to date in all spheres of

ran a highly successful turkey

dentistry: childrens’, gums, root

dentistry.” he says.

farm in the area at the time); he

canal, orthodontics and oral

Stricklands works in-house with specialists in every field of

Top tips for healthy teeth and gums • Clean between the teeth with floss or interdental brushes in addition to around them with your manual or electric toothbrush. • Change your toothbrush or toothbrush head regularly – about every 6 weeks. • Avoid snacking on sticky, sugary foods. • Water and milk are the only safe soft drinks for teeth. • Don’t take fizzy drinks straight from a can or bottle, because that erodes the enamel. Use a straw! • Visit your dentist and hygienist regularly. • Some food and drinks stain teeth: e.g. tea, coffee, red wine, broccoli, curries, red berries. • Do not use your teeth for anything other than chewing food. Fracture of teeth after using them to open containers or bottles is a common occurrence; • Wear a professionally-made mouthguard for contact sports. • Give up smoking! Nicotine stains teeth, causes halitosis, worsens gum disease and leads to mouth cancer.

particularly in men over 30. “Bacteria in dental plaque left

found there was an opening

surgery. It is also a referral

shopfront for our ‘Dental fitness

just as he was finishing a House

centre for other dentists in the

unchecked in gum pockets can

Centre’ on the lower ground

job at a hospital in South

area; and has formed close

get into the bloodstream and

floor for our team of five

London and took the chance.

working relationships with

affect the heart tissues,” Dr Allen explains.

“We have created a new

“There was something I liked

other medical and beauty

number. We wanted to

instantly about our ‘Tardis’-like

specialists on a number of

emphasise the importance of

building and the people in it - a

preventative dentistry and gum

positive, happy ambience that I

hygienists – an unusually high

occasions. Getting involved in facial

“Research increases knowledge and leads to innovative treatments. When the results of these new

health maintenance.” They now

noticed immediately. It was

aesthetics is a new area for

attract passers-by although

very much a light and airy

some dentists. Dr Allen says:

treatments become apparent,

most of their patients are

rambling county town house

“The potential for professional

people are increasingly taking

personally referred. They are

and was ideally situated

crossovers and alliances with

them up. Dentistry is an

also proud to treat several

opposite the railway station.”

orthodontics and oral surgeons

exciting profession because of

is hugely exciting. For example,

the huge developments in the

comprises Drs. John Pereira,

jaw surgery, nose operations

last 20 years, because of the

being a four-dentist

Colin Frazer and Darren Jones,

and eyelid tucks in

possibility to learn new

partnership. “A long term

an implant specialist who

combination with tooth

techniques, and because of the

working relationship between

joined the practice 18 months

straightening might be

increasing sophistication

two dentists is unusual,” says

ago on leaving the Army Dental

appropriate to consider in some

available. For patients, modern


dentistry can be a life-changing

generations of many families. What sets Stricklands apart is

Dr Allen, ”but such a long term one between four dentists is

Now the partnership

Corps. Implants are a relatively recent

Stricklands will continue to

experience, and with

almost unique in the country.

development, involving the

follow developments in dental

Stricklands you don’t have to go

Being stable and large gives us

replacement of missing or

medicine and health, taking

to Harley Street or travel

several advantages. We can

untreatable teeth with titanium

extensive training in the latest


discuss cases between us: we

implants (or threaded posts).

techniques. For example, recent

can provide an out-of-hours

They help people who have lost

research has linked heart

Contact: Stricklands Dental

service 365 days a year; and we

their teeth in an accident or

problems with gum disease,

Fitness Centre, Longdene


SCHOOLS around HASLEMERE Detailed directory listing of local schools

Meet the Head

Adam Walliker St. Edmund’s, Hindhead

Headmaster since 2000, Adam Walliker came from The Dragon School, Oxford, where he was a boarding housemaster.


e has made some innovative changes. The

school will be fully coeducational from September 2008. He replaced Saturday school with an optional and very popular Saturday Morning Activity programme. The school offers “an unusually flexible boarding

to have gone to. Aim: All children should leave

option, from one-off nights to

not only well prepared

regular weekly boarding.

academically but with a sense

Boarding is used as a treat and

of self worth and an

is hugely popular, especially

enthusiasm for everything.

the gala nights – The Great Escape, Dr Who, Hogwarts and Star Wars to name just a few”. Adam makes no secret of the fact that he is creating the school that he would have liked

Personal: Married with three young children and a dog. Interests: Golf, writing (first novel published October 07), plays drums and bass guitar. More profiles, page viii


Detailed directory of Schools in Haslemere

State Primary Schools: Beacon Hill Primary School (4-11, mixed, 185 on roll)

State Secondary Schools

Head: Mrs Jenny Dennett Beacon Hill Road, Beacon Hill, Hindhead, Surrey GU26 6NR.

Bohunt School

01428 605597.

(11-16, mixed, 1280 on roll)

Head: Alan Taylor-Bennett

Camelsdale First School

Hampshire GU30 7NY.

(4-10, mixed, 204 on roll)

01428 724324.

Head: Sarah Palmer

Longmoor Road, Liphook,

School Road, Camelsdale, Haslemere, Surrey GU27 3RN.

Godalming Sixth Form College

01428 642177.

(16-18, mixed, 1650 on roll)


Head: David Adelman

Tuesley Lane, Godalming


Surrey GU7 1RS. 01483 423526.

Fernhurst Primary School

Woolmer Hill A Technology

(4-10, mixed, 97 on roll)

College (11-16, mixed, 647 on

Head: Mrs Margaret Edwards


Haslemere Road, Fernhurst,

Head: Mrs Sue Bullen

Haslemere, Surrey GU27 3EA.

Haslemere, Surrey GU27 1QB.

01428 653144.

Sussex GU28 9HZ.


01428 654055.

Holme CE Primary School

01428 707352. www.fernhurst.w-

(4-11, mixed, 135 on roll)


Acting head: Catherine Scott Openfields, Headley, Bordon,

Shottermill Junior School

Grayshott Primary School

Independent Schools:

Hampshire GU35 8PQ.

(7-11, mixed, 260 on roll)

(4-10, mixed, 200+ on roll)

01428 714409.

Head: Mrs Linda O’Boyle

Head: Mr John Hills


Lion Lane, Haslemere, Surrey

School Road, Grayshott,

Head: Mr David Aston.


GU27 1JF. 01428 642096.

Godalming, Surrey GU8 6AS.


01483 409020.

Hindhead, Surrey GU26 6LR. 01428 605596.

Liphook (Voluntary

Controlled) Junior School

ott Grayswood C of E Infant School (4-7, mixed, 79 on roll) Head: Ms Anne Bristowe Lower Road, Grayswood, Surrey GU27 2DR. 01428 642086. rayswood/ Hollycombe Primary School (4-10, mixed, 63 on roll) Head: Mrs Stephanie Fiske Wardley Green, Milland, Liphook, Hampshire GU30 7LY. 01428 741332.


Aldro (7-13, boys) Alton Convent School (2+ to 11

(7-11, mixed, 374 on roll)

Shottermill Infant School

Head: Mrs Clare Williams

(4-7, mixed, 180 on roll)

Head: Mrs Sue Kirkham

Avenue Close, Liphook,

Head: Mrs Cathy Cooke

Anstey Lane, Alton, Hampshire

Hampshire GU30 7QE.

Lion Lane, Shottermill,

GU34 2NG. 01420 82070

01428 722490

Haslemere, Surrey GU27 1JP.

mixed, girls 11-18, 492 on roll)

01428 642902. Liphook Infant School


Amesbury (Day, mixed, 2+ to

(4-7, mixed, 244 on roll)


13+ years, 325 on roll)

Avenue Close, Liphook,

St Bartholemew’s C of E

Preparatory Education

Hampshire GU30 7QE.

(Aided) Primary School

Head: Nigel Taylor

01428 722036

(4-11, mixed, 300+ on roll)

Hazel Grove, Hindhead, Surrey

Head: Mrs Liz Cole

Nursery, Pre-prep and

Acting head: Mr Paul Beach

GU26 6BL. 01428 604322.

Northchapel Primary School

Derby Road, Haslemere, Surrey

(4-10, mixed, 60+ on roll)

GU27 1BP. 01428 643634.


Head: Mrs Jane Kent

Pipers Lane, Northchapel, West

Barfield School

(2+ to 13, mixed, 250+ on roll) Acting head: Mr James Reid

Churcher’s College (4-18, mixed,

Guildford Road, Farnham,

226 in junior 727 senior on roll)

Surrey GU10 1PB. 01252

Head: Mr Simon Williams


Ramshill, Petersfield,

Hampshire GU31 4AS.

Barrow Hills School

01730 263033.

(3-13, mixed, 267 on roll)

Catholic independent day


school. All denominations.

Conifers School

Head: Mr Matthew Unsworth

(2 to 11, mixed, 70+ on roll)

Roke Lane, Witley, Godalming,

Head: Mrs Louise Fox

Surry GU8 5NY. 01428 683639.

Preparatory school, Egmont

Road, Easebourne, near

Midhurst, GU29 9BG. 01730 813243

Bedales School

(Mixed, 3-18, 600 approx on roll) Head: Keith Budge

Ditcham Park School

Steep, Petersfield, Hampshire

(4-16 mixed, day, 349 on roll)

GU32 2DG. 01730 300100.

Head: Mrs KS Morton

Petersfield, Hants GU31 5RN. 01730 825659.

Bidbury for English

Summer school and boarding school preparation.


Heads: John & Shireen Weston

(Co-ed. 3-13. 350 on the roll)

Greywalls House, Hillbrow,

Head: Mr & Mrs Jackson

Petersfield, Hants GU33 7QR.

Farnham, Surrey GU10 3AH.

01730 894246.

01252 792495. Boundary Oak School (2+ to 13, mixed, 150 on roll) Head: Mr Basil Brown Fareham, Hampshire PO17 5BL. 01329 280955. k Brookham Pre-Prep School (3-8, mixed, 157 on roll) Head: Diane Gardiner Highfield Lane, Liphook, Hampshire GU30 7LQ. 01428 722005. Frensham Heights (3-18, mixed, day/boarding, 500 on roll) Head: Mr A Fisher Farnham, Surrey GU10 4EA. 01252 792561. Great Ballard School (2+ to 13, mixed, 200 approx on roll, day/ weekly boarding) Head: Mr Richard Jennings Eartham, Chichester, W Sussex PO18 0LR. 01243 814236.

Charterhouse (boys 13 -18,

girls 16 -18, 735+ on roll) Head: Rev John Witheridge

Guildford High School for

Godalming, Surrey GU7 2DJ.

Girls (4-18, 930 on roll)

01483 291501.

Head: Mrs Fiona Boulton

Guildford, Surrey GU1 1SJ.


01483 561440.


Detailed directory of Schools in Haslemere

(11-18, mixed, 500 aprox on roll) Head: Mr Ian Power Hook, Hampshire RG29 1TB. 01256 862201. Mayville High School (6 months to 16 yrs, mixed (taught separately), 455 on roll) Head: Mrs Linda Owens Southsea, Hampshire PO5 2PE. 02392 734847. m Meoncross School (2+ to 16, mixed, approx 400 on roll) Head: Mr Christopher Ford Fareham, Hampshire PO14 2EF. 01329 662182. More House School (9 – 18, boys, 300 on roll) Head: Mr Barry Huggett Farnham, Surrey GU10 3AP. 01252 792303. Oakwood School (2+ to 11, mixed, 280 on roll) Head: Mr Johnnie Kittermaster Chichester, W Sussex PO18 9AN. 01243 575209. alex.kearney@church-

01428 728000.

(3 -13 boys, 335 approx on roll)

Head: Mrs Clare Turnbull

Portsmouth Grammar School

Guildford, Surrey GU1 2EL.

(2+ to 18, mixed, 1500 on roll)

01483 880650.

Haslemere Preparatory School

Day school for boys (4-13

King Edward’s School (11-18,


mixed, day/boarding, 460 on

Head: K J Merrick

roll) International Baccalaureate

Lavant House

The Heights, Hill Road,

Head: Mr Kerr Fulton-Peebles

(3 – 18 years, girls, 165 on roll)

Haslemere, Surrey GU27 2JP.

Witley, Godalming, Surrey

01428 642350.

GU8 5SG. 01428 686735.


Highfield School

Kings Court School (2+ to 11,

(co-ed prep, 221 on roll)

mixed, 160 approx on roll)

Day or boarding, (8-13 years)

Head: Mrs Jacky Easton

also pre-prep (3-8 years)

Catherington, Hants PO8 9NJ.

Guildford, Surrey GU5 0NQ.

Head: Mr Phillip Evitt

02392 593251.

01483 893225.

Highfield Lane, Liphook,

Lanesborough School

Lord Wandsworth College

Hampshire GU30 7LQ.


Head: Mrs Marian Scott Chichester, W Sussex PO18 9AB. 01243 527211.

Head: Dr TR Hands Portsmouth, Hants PO1 2LN. 02392 360036. Portsmouth High School (3-18, girls, 600 on roll)

Head: Mrs J Clough

Longacre School

Southsea. Hampshire. PO5

(2+ to 11, mixed, 235 on roll)

3EQ. 02392 826714.

Head: Mr Mark Beach Prebendal School (6-13, mixed, 143 on roll) Head: Mr Timothy Cannell West Street, Chichester W

ST HILARY'S SCHOOL IAPS Preparatory Day School Boys 21/2-7, Girls 21/2-11

Open Mornings

11 October, 15 November 10.00-11.30am

Giving your child a head start Holloway Hill, Godalming

01483 - 416551


Directory of Schools in Haslemere

Sussex PO19 1RP.

School (7-11, girls, 580 on roll)

01243 782026.

Head: Mrs K Jefferies

Guildford, Surrey GU5 0DF. 01483 899665.

Prince’s Mead School (2+ to 11,

mixed, 230 on roll) Head: Miss Penelope Kirk

St Catherine’s School

Winchester, Hants SO21 1AN.

(11-18, girls, 580 on roll)

01962 888000.

Head: Mrs AM Phillips

Guildford, Surrey GU5 0DF. 01483 893363.

Prior’s Field School (11-18, girls, 350 approx on roll)

St Edmund’s School (Prep 2-13,

Head: Mrs Julie Roseblade

boys and Pre-Prep 2-7, mixed)

Godalming, Surrey GU7 2RH.

Head: Adam Walliker

01483 810551.

Portsmouth Road, Hindhead,

Surrey GU26 6BH. 01428 609875.

Rookesbury Park School

(2+ to 13, mixed, day/boarding,


under 100 on roll) Head: Mrs P Harris-Burland

St Hilary’s School (3-7 mixed,

Wickham, Hampshire PO17

7-11 girls, 400 on roll)

6HT. 01329 833108.

Head: Mrs S Bailes

Godalming, Surrey GU7 1RZ. 01483 416551.

Royal Grammar School

(11-18, boys, 903 on roll) Head: Dr JM Cox

St Ives School (Mixed nursery,

Guildford, Surrey GU1 3BB.

girls 3-11, 150 on roll)

01483 880600.

Head: Sian Cattaneo

Three Gates Lane, Haslemere,

Rydes Hill Preparatory

01428 643734.

(3-7 mixed, 7-11 girls. 150 on


Surrey GU27 2ES.

Head: Mrs Stephanie Bell Guildford, Surrey GU2 8BP.

St John’s College

01483 563160.

(Mixed, 2-18, 600 on roll)

Head: Mr N Thorne Southsea, Hampshire PO5

Seaford College

3QW. 02392 815118.

(10-18, mixed, 520 on roll)

Head: Mr TJ Mullins Petworth, GU28 0NB. 01798

St Margaret’s School


(Mixed, 2-11, 200 on roll) Head: Sister M Joseph Clare

Sherfield (3 months - 17 years,

Midhurst, W Sussex GU29 9JN.

mixed, 424 on roll)

01730 813956.

Head: Professor Pat Preedy


Hook, Hampshire RG27 0HT.


01256 884800.

St Swithun’s School (11-18, girls, 480 on roll)

St Catherine’s Preparatory


Head: Dr HL Harvey

Winchester, Hants SO21 1HA. 01962 835700. Stepping Stones School Mixed, non-maintained, for people with mild learning difficulties (11-16 years) Head: Michael Lohan Tower Road, Hindhead, Surrey GU26 6SU. 01428 609083. The Royal School (Mixed nursery 2-4, girls 5-18) Head: Mrs L Taylor-Gooby Farnham Lane, Haslemere GU27 1HQ. 01428 63052. . The Pilgrims’ School (Mixed siblings 4-6 years, 7-13 boys, 54 on roll) Head: Rev Dr BA Rees Winchester, Hants SO23 9LT. 01962 854189. Tormead School (Girls 4-18 years, 700+ on roll) Head: Mrs Susan Marks Guildford, Surrey GU1 2JD. 01483 575101. Treloar College (Mixed, for 16-25s with disabilities, 180 on roll) Head: Patricia Teague London Road, Holyboume, Alton, Hampshire GU34 4EN. 01420 547400.

Twyford School

01243 782739.

Winchester, Hants SO23 9NA.

01962 621247.

(Mixed, 3-13, 300 on roll) Treloar School

Head: Dr D Livingstone

West Hill Park (Mixed, 2+ to 13)

Wispers School (Boarding/day

(Mixed, for 7-16s with

Winchester, Hants SO21 1NW.

Head: Mr EPK Hudson

pupils, girls 11-18 years)

disabilities, 180 on roll)

01962 712269.

Fareham, Hampshire. PO14

Head: Henry Beltran

Head: Mr Harry Dicks

4BS 01329 842356.

High Lane, Haslemere,

Upper Froyle, Alton, Hampshire GU34 4LA.

Westbourne House

01420 526400.

(Mixed, 2+ to 13, 403 on roll)

Surrey GU27 1AD. 01428 643646.

Winchester College

Head: Mr BG Law

(Boys, 13-18 years, 675 on roll)

Chichester, W Sussex PO20 2BH

Head: Dr Ralph Townsend


School Profiles

Matthew Unsworth - Barrow Hills

Lynne Taylor-Gooby - The Royal School

Celebrating Outstanding “As I start my second year as Head of Barrow Hills I can reflect on a successful first year leading this very happy school. We are a co-educational Catholic prep school, with boys and girls of all denominations from 3 to 13.

Started working at The Royal as an English teacher 16 years ago. Head of Sixth form for four years prior to becoming Head eight years and one term ago.

“Because our ethos is

times the national average at

educating the whole child, we

GCSE this year demonstrates the

“Our outstanding results of three

excel in finding their talents

effectiveness of our teaching.

and celebrating this in the

Emotional security leads to the

school community, achieving

greatest success academically:

more than purely high

when a girl feels that her

academic standards. Education

performance and conduct matter

includes sport, art, music,

personally to her teachers, it is likely to improve. So we have an

pleasures is to receive updates

programme by building a mini-

exceptionally happy and relaxed

from Old Girls! It’s great to share

hockey astro-turf ready for


in their successes”.

drama, leadership and service. Every child feels they belong. “Looking to the future we are continuing our development

September 2008.”

“We now have planning permission to develop the

Kerr Fulton-Peebles - King Edward’s, Witley

Individual care One of the most integrated schools in the country. Committed to a broad education, a wide range of activities and the high standard of pastoral care to support this. Care for the individual is paramount. KES is a “digital campus” where

extends choice for pupils in the

classrooms and boarding

6th Form. Results this year

houses are connected to the

place King Edward’s School in

internet and a Microsoft

the top 10 UK IB schools.

Mentor School, where teaching

Hobbies/passions: family,

sporting facilities of our Junior

Personal: Married with four grown up children Interests: Medieval History and

School. We have opened our

Literature. Reading fiction of all

very first Baby Daycare

periods. Family life most

department and one of my

important thing of all.

Phillip Evitt - Highfield School

Innovative Head since 1999, Philip Evitt is extremely proud as the school celebrated its centenary this year. It is exactly 100 years since Canon Mills founded the school. Described by the Good Schools Guide as ‘a delight and one of the most innovative and successful boarding and day preps going,’

and learning through laptops

walking, sailing, sub aqua,

has been pioneered. The

natural history, reading, theatre

Mr Evitt feels that this sums

country prep and pre-prep in

International Baccalaureate

& the arts.

Highfield up perfectly – it is a

sumptuous 175-acre grounds

happy place that enjoys its

where children can be children.

reputation as a charming

Kevin Merrick - Haslemere Prep School

Understanding “At The Heights our focus is entirely on the 60 boys in our care. We believe that the better one knows and understands a child, the better one is able to educate them.

Nigel Taylor, MA - Amesbury

Valuing Founded in 1870, designed by Lutyens and set in a 34-acre estate, Amesbury is the oldest preparatory school in the Haslemere/Hindhead area.

“The class size / teacher ratio is

enjoyable year,” said Mr

all important to us and that is

Merrick, who has been head for

The three schools’ principle

in an environment where their

seven years. His hobbies are

purpose is straightforward: “To

talents can prosper to the

in our successful teaching

rugby, football (goalkeeper),

ensure that every child enjoys

benefit of the community.”

groups. We hope to have

cricket, gardening and fishing.

why we opt for small numbers

another successful and


his or her time with us; that they feel valued as individuals,



Keeping you on track

Moving home | Wills, probate & tax planning Divorce & family | Your business

Litigation & accident claims | Employment law

Walltree Court, St Peter’s Road, Petersfield, Hampshire GU32 3HT Tel: 01730 268211 Knockhundred Row, Midhurst, West Sussex GU29 9DQ Tel: 01730 816711


Food Festival

First Farmers’ Market The 2007 Haslemere Food Festival opened with the first of the town’s regular Farmers’ Markets on Sunday 2 September. The market was identified as a Haslemere Initiative project since the 2003 Healthcheck, when Haslemere’s residents confirmed their desire for a regular market in the town.


ver 30 stallholders greeted the public when the

market opened at 10am. The sun shone and, it was cloudy towards midday, the rain stayed away. Delicious wafts of barbecue filled the air; and pies, cheeses, cider, fish, meat, herbs, soaps, flowers and plants were on sale from local producers. Waverley Borough Council, leader of the project, worked

The Co-operative. More stalls

Byham, and the Mayoress

with the Initiative to find a

were in the High Street.

attended the first event,

suitable “home”. The car park at

The Farmers’ Market has been

accompanied by Haslemere’s

the rear of the shops in the

part of the annual Christmas

link for Waverley, Cllr. David

High Street was made available

Market which started in 2000,

Inman. Full details of the

– thanks to the understanding

and will now be a regular event

markets organised by Waverley

of the local shops, and

on the first Sunday of every

Borough Council are available

particularly Collingwood

month in the same place. The


Bachelor and the freeholders,

Mayor of Waverley, Cllr Maurice


Mayor of Waverly and his wife

Beer Festival



Haslemere’s first Beer Festival went down a treat in Haslemere Hall on the first weekend of the Food Festival. The Life in Haslemere team felt it was their duty to support this local event and so popped down to Haslemere Hall to sample the delights of local beer and company. Nick Keith’s favourite was the Surrey Hills’ ‘Ranmore Ale’ (3.8%) – which he described as “a good, clean beer.” Lucy Coates’ favourite was the malt-tasting ‘Oktoberfest’ (5.2%) by Ascot Ales. Cat Jarman was sampling the local ciders on offer. Her favourite (also the strongest available at the festival) was Mr Whitehead’s ‘Boxing Dog’ made from Worcester and Cox apples.




Food Festival M


The Italian Market

The town welcomed a slice of Italy to the J D Wetherspoons’ car park. The Italians opened their stalls bright and early on Friday 7 September, offering a delightful range of cheeses, cured meats, pasta, pizzas, biscuits, oils, breads and sweets.

Fernanda and Antelmo Zorzal take a break from Italia in Piazza, the real Italian food market

Sausage competition T

he Sausage Competition had four entrants and two

categories. After a tough tasting session, it was decided that Lower Roundhurst Farm’s ‘Pork and Onion’ won the best traditional sausage while Kaighin & Daughter won the Speciality Sausage with their ‘Duck and Orange with Cointreau’. Haslewey Community Centre in Weyhill supported the competition by serving the winning sausages (with a choice of mash or chips) for lunch on Wednesday 19 September. Life in Haslemere’s Jessica Moon sampled the Duck and Orange with Cointreau and was delighted with the results: “A delicious and surprisingly sweet-tasting sausage,” she said. Contact: Lower Roundhurst Farm, 01428 656455; Kaighin & Daughter, 01428 604806; Life

Kate and Pauline - two volunteers from Haslewey’s Harlequin Cafe where they served the award-winning sausages



Crafty Chefs

Head Chefs: Morag Price and Nicola Mundy


n action-packed one and a half hours greeted the

Best kept secret

lucky young people who signed up to the cooking workshops on offer as part of the Food Festival. Morag Price and Nicola

Looking for the finest in classic and European country clothing and footwear, for ladies and gentlemen?

Mundy were the Head Chefs and explained that this was a workshop with a difference as many of the children attending had severe food allergies. “We specialise in these workshops because Nicola knows everything there is to know about children’s food

Out of town between Petersfield and Rogate

allergies due to her own children suffering from different ones,” explained Morag. “In order to avoid any problems, we catered for the worst case scenario and we have been

Call 01730 263477

The children had a lovely time making dairy-free pizzas

really pleased with the results!” “It is a great opportunity for

chefs’ hats before getting going

children with allergies and their

on making their own dairy free

delicious goodies. Look out for a full profile on Crafty Chefs in a future issue.

friends to take part in a positive

pizza, cakes and ‘melted

and fun cooking experience

moments’. When cooked, these

from which they might

all disappeared with

Contact Nicola, 01428 653251,

otherwise be excluded.”

astonishing rapidity and any or Morag,

leftovers were placed into a

01428 648663,

as they chatted away to each

lunchbox to take home with an

other, decorating aprons and

allergy-free party bag full of

The children had a lovely time


Community Profile: Haslemere Educational Museum

museum’s offering. Louise Lamming became the full–time Education Officer in November 2006 when Maggie Monteath retired. Thousands of people benefit from the educational service, and a specially equipped Education Room. With 27 affiliated schools, the museum also plays host to many students and schoolchildren from three local counties – as well as from further afield. “Our activities reflect well on learning programmes we offer for people of all ages - including ‘silver surfers,’” adds Alan Perry. “After all, we live in an age which respects ‘lifelong learning’. “Financially we have to run a tight ship. We need revenue to cover our running costs of about £250,000 a year. But I don’t suppose there is a museum or art gallery in this country which doesn’t need funds. We have a lovely Georgian building with grounds of some 7-8 acres, but inevitably there are upkeep costs,” he adds. So all bequests are very much appreciated, and the museum hopes that local people keep it in mind when they are making their Front row (l-r): Robert Neller (IT Advisor/Collections Assistant), Trudy Powell (Development Officer), Jane Laver (Honorary Secretary), Alan Perry (Chairman), Mike Haynes (Financial Assistant), Louise Lamming (Education Officer).Back row (l-r): Julia Tanner (Curator), Karen Noad (Administrator)

wills. “Bequests can make a big difference,” Alan Perry admits.

Local heroes The museum in Haslemere represents so much more than just the dictionary definition of “a building used to store and exhibit objects of historic, scientific or cultural interest”. By Nick Keith.


local attraction, the

for the arts and education,


providing leisure, cultural

Educational Museum is a centre for the community,


and learning opportunities. “We like to think of the

museum as a ‘Mini British Museum’,” says Alan Perry,

The museum has benefited from several

who succeeded Bernard

successive grants from the

Coe as Chairman of the

Heritage Lottery Fund

Museum two years ago.

(HLF) – an indication that

“People like the museum –

the outside world

and we are proud of it

recognises the value of

because it is a vibrant place

their offering. A key figure

and very much part of the

in administration and


fundraising is the Curator,

As the title suggests,

Julia Tanner, who has been

education represents an

in the post for five years.

important part of the

“We have a diverse


The museum also has close ties with all of the local

authorities, and many local

We like to think of the museum as a ‘Mini British Museum... People like the museum – and we are proud of it because it is a vibrant place and very much part of the community.

and national organisations. Apart from schools, the museum’s audience mainly comprises children and families, visitors for events and exhibitions, researchers, tourists and special interest groups. It is supported and used by numerous organisations and groups for room bookings and special events. With a membership of some 1000 people, the museum attracted over 30,000 visitors in 2006. But there is no resting on laurels. “We need to sustain our position as an important part of the community and ensure that the museum keeps going to serve the public,” said Alan Perry. Contact: Haslemere

programme and visitors are

Educational Museum, 78

often surprised by what we

High Street, Haslemere.

do and offer,” she says. As a result, they have recently made two new

01428 642112 k Life

appointments: Arabella Christou started work as the HLF-funded Audience Development Officer in


August; and Trudy Powell joined the staff as

1888 Founded by Sir


Jonathan Hutchinson

Officer at the beginning of

FRS, eminent Victorian

September funded jointly by Haslemere Town Council, Waverley Borough

surgeon; first chairman was Sir Archibald

Council and the Museum.

Geikie, President of the

In all there are now 14 staff

Royal Society.

(five of them full-time), and some 80 volunteers. A hectic schedule of administration involves

1926 Moved to present site in the High Street

weekly meetings about events and exhibitions;

2002-03 Major

fortnightly management

refurbishment, with

meetings, two monthly

Heritage Lottery Fund

Trustees and quarterly


museum council meetings.



Maple House, Haslemere: 11 viewings in three weeks

Highercombe Lodge, Haslemere

Rock steady

Highercombe Road had both

away by dealing with these for

attracted 11 viewers each in the

our clients.”

As the UK takes stock after recent storms in the financial markets, local estate agents offered realistic messages about the state of play in the property world.

modernised four-bedroom

year. As the market is “normal”

Maple House is on the Market

once again, agents have to work

for £1.2m; and the other three-

harder to sell the properties.

last three weeks. One of them, the spacious,

He sees “very exciting” prospects for the rest of the

bedroom Highercombe Lodge

“This is always when our

is asking £650,000. Steve Cook

business model excels,” Adrian


Nicholas Harding summed up. “Indeed we have a good stock

added: “Both properties have

Law explained, “as it is set up to

tended to show strength from

of houses between £250,000

second viewings booked so

sell properties rather than a

early Spring through June, slow

and £700,000.”

sales may be imminent.”

huge marketing machine to

raditionally a sound property market has

down during the summer

Clarke Gammon Wellers have

Kelway Law report that the

generate instructions. “A lot of our new instructions

holidays in July and August, and

enjoyed a record July and

market is “normal”. Adrian Law

recover its position in the

August, said Steve Cook, who is

commented: “There is a

are coming from other agents.

Autumn. Has this year been any

a Partner. “Although activity has

shortage of new instructions

It is always a very good feeling


slowed in September, the

but we are arranging good sales

when a client asks ‘how come

market is still relatively good for

on those that are coming onto

you have had so much interest

Keats Haslemere, said: “The

us. There are still people who

the market.

and have sold my property

market was overheated in

want to buy and they will show

places. With factors such as

interest in good properties,” he

be attracting good interest as

rates rising five times, buyers

said. So far Home Information

the buyers are understanding

have become wary and people

Packs (HIPs) had made little

the probable price increases

are taking stock.

impact on the market as far as

now that the A3 tunnel has

01428 661622

he was concerned.

been started.”

Clarke Gammon Wellers,

Nicholas Harding, a Partner at

“Of course there is business going on, but volumes are lower

“In the early part of the year

“Hindhead generally seems to

“HIPs have affected

whilst the previous agent generated very little?’” Keats Haslemere,

01428 664800

than earlier in the year.” After

there were no disturbances like

instruction numbers,” Adrian

Kelway Law (Beacon Hill

good sales in June and July,

Northern Rock or US share

Law agreed. “I think that

office), 01428 604488

Keats have experienced a quiet

issues or media

potential vendors are unsure

Nick Keith

August – as they expected –

scaremongering,” Steve Cook

how they work. Kelway Law will be able to take all of the hassle

and now they are “watching

added. “There were some

and waiting” like many people

inflated prices, but they have

involved in the market.

returned to normal. Perhaps

He was not the only local

buyers were prepared to pay a

agent who suspected that

bit more because they knew

negative press reports may have

good houses were on the

fuelled the flames surrounding

market and, if they bought, they

Northern Rock and the

would own them for a long

financial markets. “Realism is


the key,” he added.

Whereas earlier in the year the

“I don’t believe we are on the

firm were showing the best

verge of something really bad in

houses to up to 15 people,

the property market, but

viewing levels now are between

perhaps we will not see house

5 and 10. In fact Steve Cook said

price inflation for a while.”

that two houses in



Italian homes from only £20,000


here is the chance to buy renovated borgo homes in Italy from as little as £20,000 part-furnished and ready to rent

out. The Lady Jane Events and the Italian Homes & Holidays team and partners work closely with the municipal councils in selected regions of Italy to bring you these unrivalled opportunities. For more details, call 01428 645963




A3 Tunnel update

Snakes and adders Despite the wet and windy summer weather, preparatory work for the A3 tunnel is now “well underway”, it is reported by the constructors, Balfour Beatty.


outh of Hindhead, the

worms. They have been moved

construction of the

to National Trust land at

Canadian Memorial underpass

Highcombe Edge and Hurthill

has begun, after the switching


A dormouse in a nest-box

mid-September. Traffic has

includes twin-bored tunnels

of the southbound traffic to the

At Hazel Grove, tests have

been switched to the

under the Devil’s Punch Bowl, a

northbound carriageway. Three

been done on the soil-nailing

temporary Boundless to

Site of Special Scientific

memorial maple trees were

system that will retain the

Thursley Link Road for


relocated and the plaque

steep-sided cutting for the new

approximately five months, to

Watch your speed

moved to St Mary’s Church,

A3 as it emerges from the

allow construction of the

Speeding motorists face the

Bramshott. The plaque will be

tunnel. “So far these trials have

underpasses. The new road is

prospect of being caught on

returned in time for Canada

been very successful and

single carriageway with double

camera – and risk a penalty –

Day 2008.

provide a good deal of

white line and studs in the

as they drive through the

confidence in the proposed

middle. The speed limit is

temporary diversion route. The

archaeologists have found two

design,” a spokesman for

40mph, with a camera in

limit is 40mph, and

limekilns, which would have

Balfour Beatty said.


enforcement will be provided

At the memorial site

been common in the 18th and

by the Surrey Safety Camera

To the north of the Devil’s

19th centuries. They would

Punchbowl, a new temporary

Contact: Ian Whyte,

have been fed with limestone

access road from the

Community Relations

the Highways Agency, which is

or chalk from local sources,

constructors’ compound beside

Manager, Balfour Beatty, A3

managing the project.

such as Petersfield, and fuelled

the A3 to the north portal of the

Hindhead Project Office.

Two fixed cameras will

from coppiced wood. The lime

tunnel at Gibbet Hill will allow

Tel: 01428 686080. email:

enforce speed limits both

produced would be used

delivery of materials for the

northbound and southbound.

mainly as a soil conditioner to

foundation of the main

counteract acidity in the land.

embankment. It will serve as

Tunnel timeline and

motorists drive at safe speeds,

Partnership at the invitation of

The aim is to ensure that

the main access for the tunnel

key dates

protecting other road users and

has affected animal life just as

construction next year. And

June - October 2007:

contractors working on the

much as humans and

switching the northbound

Construct the Boundless Road

project. This will be particularly

motorists! Environmental

traffic onto a short section of

cutting and excavate ground to

important during off-peak

The impact of this early work

activity has focused on the

the southbound carriageway

form the northern entrances to

hours and at night when traffic

relocation of wildlife. Dormice

provides room to build a

the tunnel.

moves more freely.

hibernate in the base of trees,

retaining wall for the Hindhead

July - December 2007:

and stumps which were left in

Hill underpass.

Construct the Greensand Way

Signs (VAS) will illuminate if

Vehicle Activated Warning

and Hindhead Hill

drivers approach too fast,

have now been removed. New

Boundless to Thursley link road


advising them of the speed

nest-boxes have been placed in

(to the west of the A3) have

July 2007 - July 2008:

limit and the presence of

suitable woodland habitats – 50

been finished and drainage

Construct the Canadian

cameras. Fixed safety camera

the ground over the winter,

The earthworks for the

boxes have been set up in

installed. This link was being

Memorial Underpass at

warning signs will be combined

Boundless Valley and 50 more

used as a temporary diversion

Bramshott Chase.

with speed limit repeater signs

in Tyndalls Wood. The next

for the A3 from August, paving

Early 2008: Start tunnelling

on both sides of the road. If

stage of tree-felling in

the way for the construction of

from the north portal.

drivers fail to heed warnings

September and October will

the Hindhead Hill underpass

2011: Completion. This dual

and reduce their speed, they

happen after the young

and the Greensand Way

carriageway link between

risk being issued with a penalty.

dormice have left the nest but

underpass across the existing

London and Portsmouth will

before they hibernate.


remove a major source of

Partnership comprises four

The Surrey Safety Camera

congestion, particularly around

public sector organisations:

been found in Boundless

both the northbound and

the A3/A287 traffic signal

Surrey County Council, Surrey

Valley: adders, grass snakes,

southbound side of the A3 at

controlled crossroads. The new

Police, the Highways Agency

common lizards and slow

Thursley were introduced in

road will be four miles long and

and Her Majesty’s Court Service Life

Four types of reptile have


Changes to the traffic flow on




Water wonderland

Phil Went (above), of Haslemere Garden Centre’s World of Water, offers some watery options based on his 15 years experience in the business (5 years at Haslemere)


ater is not only a precious resource but also offers

Types of pond include: formal, jug feature, raised, informal,

made from high-density

are three basics: feature pumps,

polyfibre and glass-fibre

general-purpose pumps, and

materials, to highly durable

solid handling pumps.

Indestructa ponds made by

Seek advice from the experts.


Don’t choose the pump until

Choose the liner to suit your

you have decided on all your requirements.

peace and tranquillity. That is

pebbled, and with one or more

budget and plan. Stainless steel

why many people choose to have

fountains and waterfalls. More

is popular at present.

a water feature in their garden.

ambitious ponds can take in


sufficiently powerful.

bridges, stepping stones, jetties

Whether you want waterfalls,

Autumn and Winter

and summer houses.

cascades, or fountains, World of

tips for health

Water has a huge choice. They

• Reduce feed as water cools • Use netting to keep out

You can pay anything from less than £100 to tens of thousands of pounds. It all depends on your

One of the final stages of

Make sure the pump is

ambition and your pocket.

planning is to draw the garden

are realistic, durable and flexible.

Medium to large ponds, which

plan, with paths, trees, shrubs

Fountains made from drilled

leaves, which sink to the

have been fully planted, can cost

and features. Then, on tracing

monoliths are very popular, and

bottom and create sludge

from £15,000. For the annual

paper, overlay the proposed

can cost around £500; so the

Hampton Court Show, I create a

water garden.

pond with one monolith may

£40,000 water garden. But those


cost around £1,000. Most of the

• Treat with general tonic

are top of the range.

Plants improve the look and

stone is available from Lindsay

• When cold, use heater to keep

oxygenation of the pond; they

Clarke in Churt.

start or revamp your water

absorb excess nutrients and


• Drain UV filters if not in use


carbon dioxide and they attract

Choose high-calibre filtration



wildlife. If you have fish, then

systems; the size of the pond

You will find huge choice, help

When planning your garden, you

choose the right plants for the

area will determine the cost of

and expertise if you visit the

need to consider the position,

size and positioning of the pond.

the system. Filters are important,

World of Water Aquatic Centre at

Here are some tips to help you

• Cut back plants and remove dead vegetation

an ice-free area

acting as the pond’s mini-sewage

Haslemere Garden Centre.

the pond where there is both sun

containers and compost. Aquatic

system, but they do not remove

Founded in 1984, World of Water

and shade, and in sheltered, frost

compost has slow release

the physical dirt and waste.

has 20 centres in the south,

free areas to help plant growth;


There are millions of helpful

midlands and northwest.

size, shape, and depth. Position

away from overhanging trees, to minimise falling blossom and

You need to use the right

Then there are planting zones – for bog plants where the soil is

bacteria in the pond, and clear water does not mean healthy

Whatever your budget, we can advise you and kit you out with

leaves; and allowing sun for at

wet but not submerged; for

water. Buy the right filter which

the right water feature for your

least half the day.

marginal plants along the edge;

copes with the pond level.

garden, whether native or fish

Avoid placing the pond near to

for deep water plants, such as



where there is a high water table,

lilies; and for floating species,

The pump is at the heart of the

or where water collects. Avoid

such as water chestnuts and

pond, enhancing its beauty with

Contact: Phil Went, Haslemere

making deep excavations near

water hyacinth.

ripples and light reflections, and

Garden Centre, Brook Road,

walls. And, if you need electricity,


keeping it healthy by circulating

(between Hashemite and

install this at the same time as

There are many types of water

and aerating the water. Out of

Goodling), GU8 5LB. 01428

the initial building project.

liners and pre-formed ponds,

the many different types, there






Premier prize

the same retailer, before

Contact: Clayton Fine

Clayton Fine Jewellery was

Jewellery Ltd, 9 High Street,

formed on Haslemere High

Haslemere, Surrey GU27 2HG,

Street. Their combined 60 years of

Clayton Fine Jewellery in Haslemere High Street have established themselves as the premier jewellery shop in this area.

experience means that they

01428 656138,,

have much knowledge about


seemingly unusual and difficult to find products, unknown to others. So if you are looking for something that’s not in stock or wish to have something especially designed and made, the Clayton team will be

QUESTIONS Answer 3 questions about Claytons to enter a draw and the possibility of winning a first prize voucher for £100, and a second prize voucher for £50.

delighted to organise it for you. Brands stocked include Thomas Sabo, Trollbeads, Michel Herbelin, Bulova,

1. What year was Clayton Fine Jewellery established?

Swatch, Cross and Dunhill and there is a selection of clocks, gifts and silverware. With an amazing selection of jewellery alongside a comprehensive collection of

2. What is the combined number of years experience amongst the Clayton team of directors?

watches, Keith and his team specialise in, and enjoy, having stock that is that little bit different. You can browse much

3. What is the Clayton Fine Jewellery website address?

of these unique items in their shop on the High Street but also on their splendid website. From a simple pair of silver earrings to an unusual fancy coloured dress ring or necklace

Send your answers and your contact details to: Life Magazines, 22 High Street, Petersfield, GU32 3JL. Email:

with a Lemon Quartz or a Tanzanite, via a Diamond Bracelet with 6 carats of Fine


hilst Clayton Fine

Director started his career

Jewellery has been in

within the antique jewellery

to find something to suit.

trade in 1969. He spent 32 years

Diamond set Engagement,

the directors have worked

working for a major high

Eternity and Wedding Rings in

within the high quality retail

quality jewellery retailer in the

both traditional and modern

jewellery industry for many

South-East. Keith’s sister, Tina,

designs are shown in

years. Keith Clayton, Managing

and wife, Rita, both worked for


business since November 2004,

Diamonds, you are very likely

Terms and conditions Entries must be received by 31 October 2007. The winner will be decided by a draw and announced in the December-January edition of Life in Haslemere. No cash alternative is available. Employees of Life Magazines Ltd and Clayton Fine Jewellery are not allowed to submit entries. One entry per reader.

Competition Winner


ast month Life in Haslemere

Mr David Wright, Sales and

teamed up with Inn on the

Marketing Manager at Hindhead

Hill to offer you a chance to win a £150 hotel and dinner voucher. Many thanks to everyone who

Mr Wright (pictured on the left being congratulated by Rodney Hillis, General Manager of Inn

entered the competition - we

on the Hill) said, “I’m very

had entries from as far afield as

pleased to have won and can’t

London and Waterlooville.

wait to try out the delights at the

Congratulations go to the winner and Blackmoor resident


Hot Tubs.

Inn on the Hill”. Contact: Inn on the Hill,


Advertisement Feature: Haslemere Dental Centre

Microdermabrasion now available at HDC HDC is the first in the area to introduce a brand new treatment for a complete skin rejuvenation treatment— Medical Microdermabrasion. It is a deep exfoliating procedure which reduces the appearance of scarring, fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation problems, uneven skin tones, and sun-damage.


his treatment, suitable for all skin types, is a

safe and effective way of exfoliating the skin without using any chemicals or laser.

The result is a glowing, smooth, even and bright complexion. There are no side-effects to this treatment (which

The machine produces a jet

takes about 30 minutes) and

of crystals that are propelled

no recovery time is required.

across the skin’s surface

For optimum results a

through a sealed tube, and

course of six treatments is

with a sterilized hand piece,

recommended, two weeks

it vacuums them off to

apart. Each treatment costs

Please call us on 01428 643506

SPECIAL OFFER Save £50 on any facial treatment with a copy of this advertisement before 31.10.07. Offer valid on microdermabrasion, Laresse® and BotoxTM

remove the unwanted dead

£65 but if you buy six

skin cells and

treatments together you can

56 Weyhill, Haslemere,

scarred tissue.

save £60 and pay just £330.

Surrey GU27 1HN.


Diary of Events

What’s on Thursday 4 - Sat 6 October A Month of Sundays Haslemere Thespians Venue: Haslemere Hall Time: 8pm Book/Info: 01428 642161 Saturday 6 October Formosa String Quartet HHH Concerts Venue: St Christopher's Church Time: 7.30pm Book/Info: 01428 652448 Potty about pots: how the Ancient Greeks did it Junior Club (5-12 year olds) Venue: Haslemere Educational Museum Time: 10.30am-12pm Book/Info: 01428 642112 Sunday 7 October Peter Katin (piano) Hindhead Celebrity Recital Series Venue: Hindhead Music Centre Time: 4pm Book/Info: 01428 604941 Haslemere Farmers' Market Venue: Haslemere High Street Time: 10am-1.30pm Info: Tuesday 9 October Alton Organ Society Concert Daniel Moult, London concert organist Venue: St Lawrence Parish Church, Alton Time: 8pm Book/Info: 01420 543628 What makes an ancient civilisation? Adult Lecture Venue: Haslemere Educational Museum Time: 10.30am-12pm Book/Info: 01428 642112 Saturday 13 October An evening of sacred and secular songs La Folane Choir (Paris) Venue: St Bartholemew's Church, Haslemere Time: 7.30pm Book/Info: 01428 644578 An evening with Maria Callas The Diva and the Woman Opera South Venue: De Vere Venues, Branksome Place Time: 6.30pm Book/Info: 01730 817547 Tuesday 16 - Sat 27 October Haslemere Camera Club Exhibition


Venue: Haslemere Educational Museum Time: 10am-5pm Book/Info: 01428 642112 Thursday 18th October Haslemere Christmas Fair In aid of CHASE Children's Hospice Venue: Haslemere Hall Times: 9.30am-3pm Info: Liz Hawes 07764 577002 Saturday 20 October Autumn Concert in aid of The Rosemary Foundation Haslemere Town Band and the Mulberry Singers Venue: St Wilfrid's Church, Padnell Rd, Cowplain Time: 7.30pm Book/Info: 01730 261199 Tuesday 23 - Saturday 27 October Gershwin's My One and Only Haslemere Players Venue: Haslemere Hall Time: 7.30pm (Sat matinee, 2.30pm) Book/Info: 01428 643334 Tuesday 23 October The Big Draw - Drop in and draw what is most important to you Venue: Haslemere Educational Museum Time: 11am-4pm Book (advised): 01428 642112 Wednesday 24 October Fabulous Fabrics Junior Holiday Workshop (5-12 year olds) Venue: Haslemere Educational Museum Time: 10.30am-12pm Book (advised): 01428 642112 Thursday 25 October Horrible Halloween Headgear Junior Holiday Workshop (5-12 year olds) Venue: Haslemere Educational Museum Time: 10.30am-12pm Book/Info: 01428 642112 Friday 26 Oct - Sat 15 Dec Cards for good causes Venue: Haslemere Educational Museum Time: 10am-5pm Book/Info: 01428 642112 Saturday 27 October New London Chamber Ensemble HHH Concerts Venue: St Christopher's Church Time: 7.30pm Book/Info: 01428 652448

Southern Orchestral Concert Society Concert Conductor: Jonathon Willcocks Venue: Petersfield Festival Hall Time: 7.30pm Book/Info: 01730 261199 Sat 3 Nov - Sat 1 Dec Slavery Exposed Venue: Haslemere Educational Museum Time: 10am-5pm Book/Info: 01428 642112 Saturday 3 November The Armed Man, A Mass for Peace by Karl Jenkins Grayshott Concerts Venue: St Luke's Church, Headley Rd Time: 7.30pm Book/Info: 01428 606666 Strata Art Junior Holiday Workshop (5-12 year olds) Venue: Haslemere Educational Museum Time: 10.30am-12pm Book (advised): 01428 642112 Sunday 4 November Haslemere Farmers' Market Venue: Haslemere High Street Time: 10am-1.30pm Info: Tuesday 6 November Alton Organ Society Concert Clive Driskill-Smith (Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford) Venue: St Lawrence Parish Church, Alton Time: 8pm Book/Info: 01420 543628 Saturday 10 November Viennese Gala Concert Joint fund-raising for Opera South and King Edward's School Education Trust Conductor: Tom Higgins Venue: King Edward's School, Witley Time: 7pm Book/Info: 01730 817547 Otters return to Surrey? NHS/Museum Lecture Speaker: Chris Matchem Venue: Haslemere Educational Museum Time: 2.15pm Book/Info: 01428 642112 Saturday 17 November Sounding Brass Concert Haslemere Town Band Conductor: Peter Yarde Venue: St Christopher's Church, Wey Hill Time: 7.30pm Book/Info: 01428 723940 Christmas Choral Concert Fernhurst Choral Society Conductor: Giles White

Venue: St Luke's Church, Grayshott Time: 7.30pm Book/Info: 01428 642775 Sunday 18 November Hindhead Celebrity Recital Series Peter Donohoe (piano) Venue: Hindhead Music Centre Time: 4pm Book/Info: 01428 604941 Thurs 22 - Sat 22 November Party Piece by Richard Harris Grayshott Stagers Venue: Grayshott Village Hall, Headley Rd Time: 7.30pm Book/Info: 01428 605194 Saturday 24 November Linden Trio HHH Concerts Venue: St Christopher's Church, Wey Hill Time: 7.30pm Book/Info: 01428 652448 Perfect Alibi - The Definitive Pink Floyd Tribute Band White Mountain Productions Ltd Venue: Chiddingfold Rock Club, Woodside Rd Time: 8pm (doors), 9pm Book/Info: 08700 600100 Tuesday 27 Nov - Sat 8 Dec Earth Echoes Venue: Haslemere Educational Museum Time: 10am-5pm Book/Info: 01428 642112 Saturday 1 December Make your own advent calendar Junior Club (5-12 year olds) Venue: Haslemere Educational Museum Time: 10.30am-12pm Book (advised): 01428 642112 Painting Demonstration by Bridget Woods Venue: Haslemere Educational Museum Time: 11am-4pm Book/Info: 01428 642112 SeYes - The Classic 70s YES Tribute White Mountain Productions Ltd Venue: Chiddingfold Rock Club, Woodside Rd Time: 8pm (doors), 9pm Book/Info: 08700 600100 Life

If you would like your event listed here, email details to


Charity Art Competition - 'The True Meaning Of Christmas' We are once more running an art competition for all children (under the age of 12 years on 1st December 2007) either at school in the Haslemere area or living within the electoral district of Haslemere Town Council. The Theme: ‘The True Meaning of Christmas’. We hope this will help to make children more aware of other children less fortunate. Entrance fee: We ask that each entrant make a small donation of (minimum) £1 for 'CHASE hospice care for children' the local children's hospice in Guildford. The Prize: The winning entrant & their family (maximum 4 persons) will be taken by limousine to see ‘Jack & The Beanstalk’ at The Yvonne Arnaud theatre who are kindly donating the tickets for the matinee performance on Saturday 5th January 2008. Closing Date for Entries: Friday 30th November. More Information: Christine Chapman, Co-operative Funeralcare, 80 Weyhill, Haslemere, Surrey GU27 1HN, 01428 651153,

What you need to make a Power of Attorney now Since 1984 it has been possible to anticipate and plan for a person’s possible loss of mental or physical capacity by setting up an Enduring Power of Attorney (EPA). EPAs allow individuals to appoint one or more people to deal with their financial affairs if they become mentally or physically incapable in the future.


he absence of an EPA in such

circumstances requires an application to the Court of Protection, by family or friends, to appoint a Receiver to deal with the affairs of the person who has become incapacitated - a costly and protracted process. EPAs are convenient and easy to set up and relatively cheap, with most solicitors charging between £50 and £80. If, after being set up, the EPA

appointing an attorney and

never has to be invoked, then

although the precise fees are

that will be the only cost ever

not yet known, the total cost


of making an LPA and

However, the Government is planning to abolish them in October of this year. At that

registering could be in the region of £500. If your main concern is

time Lasting Powers of

appointing attorneys to deal

Attorney (LPAs) will come

with your financial affairs, if

into effect.

you become mentally

The good news is that an

incapable in the future, or

LPA allows for the

you simply want your family

appointment of both a Health

to assist you now, we would

& Welfare attorney and a

strongly recommend that you

Financial & Property attorney,

consider making an EPA

which an EPA does not. The

while you still can. Any EPA

former would be a person

drawn up before October will

thought appropriate to look

remain valid indefinitely.

after the person’s health and

If you wish to make an

welfare issues, the latter

Enduring Power of Attorney

someone with more financial

or would like further advice

and commercial acumen.

please contact James Sawers

However, the form is likely

or Jessica Pye at our Midhurst

to be longer and more

office (01730 816711) or

complex and the LPA has to

Robert Sawers at our

be registered with the Court

Petersfield office (01730

of Protection in order to be


valid. Both these factors will

James Sawers

increase the cost of

MacDonald Oates

Legal Life column sponsored by MacDonald Oates Solicitors



Arts Groups:

Environment Agency:

DanceArt (3-18 years)

08708 506506

Telephone: Kahli 07830325426

Useful Contacts in Haslemere & District


Friends of Holy Cross Hospital:

Sports and Leisure:

Haslemere Art Society

01428 683144

Broadwater Park Golf Club

Telephone: 01428 642291

Guide Dogs for the Blind:

Telephone: 01483 429955


01428 727617

Camberley Health Golf Club

Haslemere and District Volunteer

Telephone: 01276 232258

Haslemere and District Recorded

Bureau: 01428 661166

Champney's Forest Mere Health

Music Society

Haslemere and District Macmillan

Resort: 01428 726013

Telephone: 01428 605002

Cancer Support:

Cowdray Park Polo Club


01252 794434

Telephone: 01730 813257

Haslemere and District Round

Cranleigh Golf and Leisure Club,

Haslemere Camera Club:

Table Society: 07717836809

Telephone: 01483 268855

Telephone: Clinton 01428 727403

Haslemere Blind Club:

Dean Farm Golf Course, Bordon


01428 643971

Telephone: 01420 489478

Haslemere Gateway Club:

Haslemere Bowls Club

Haslemere Performing Arts

01428 654496

Telephone: 01428 656431

Telephone: 01428 652360

Haslemere Hard of Hearing

Haslemere Hockey Club Director of Hockey: Heidi Wells


Support Group: 01428 658190

Haslemere Players

Haslemere Library: 01428 642907

Telephone: 07973 345547

Telephone: 01428 643334

Haslemere/Midhurst Committee

Director of Junior Hockey: Mandy


for Macmillan Cancer Support:

Telephone: 01428 604643

01428 652238

Haslemere Recreation Association

Haslemere Symphony Orchestra

HAV4D: 07930905016

Telephone: 01428 661486

and Chorus

Haslemere Society: 01428 661379

Haslemere Cricket Club

Emergency Services:

Telephone: 01428 605612

Haslemere Stroke Club:

Telephone: 01428 654459



01428 645855


Surrey Fire and Rescue Service, St

Haslemere Thespians

Haslewey Community Centre and

Haslemere Educational Museum

Davids, 70 Wray Park Road, Reigate

Telephone: 01428 643585

Age Concern Day Centre:

Telephone: 01428 642112


Haslemere Town Band

01428 648716

Haslemere Lawn Tennis Club

Telephone: 01737 242444

Telephone: 01252 331828

Hazlehurst Trust through Surrey

Telephone: 01428 661486

HHH Concerts

Community Foundation:

Haslemere Rugby Club:

Gas, Water and Electricity:

Telephone: 01798 831242

01372 861609


Electricity Emergency:


Helen Arkell Dyslexia Centre:

Haslemere Youth Football

0845 770 8090

01252 792400

Telephone: 01428 656215

Gas Emergency: 0800 111 999

Opera South inc. Opera Omnibus

Hindhead Community Group:

Hindhead Golf Club: 01428 604614

Southern Water: 0845 278 0845

Telephone: 01428 684291

01428 607816

Hurtmore Golf Club: 01483 424440

The Grayshott Stagers

Home-Start: 01252 737453

Kinetika Gym, The Herons Leisure


Telephone: 01428 751898

Home-Start Butser: 01730 233 755

Centre, Kings Road, Haslemere

Dr C Taylor & Partners, Haslemere


King's World Trust for Children:

Telephone: 01428 658484

Health Centre, Church Lane,

01428 653504

The Edge Leisure Centre, Woolmer

Natural England (was Countryside

Road, Haslemere

Haslemere, Surrey GU27 2BQ Telephone: 01483 783000

Helplines, Support Groups &

Agency): 020 7932 5800

Telephone: 01428 644577

Dr C.P. Taylor & Partners, Fernhurst


Relate: 02392 827026

Milford Golf Club

Surgery, Crossfields, Fernhurst,

Alcoholics Anonymous:

Royal British Legion:

Telephone: 01483 419200

Haslemere GU273JL

0845 769 7555

01428 642675

Nordic Walking and Outdoors

Telephone: 01428 651040

Alzheimer's Society:

Samaritans: 08457 909090


Haslemere Health Centre

01428 642055

SPACES Young Parents Group:

Telephone: 07950031538

Telephone: 01483 783000

Arthritis Care Grayshott, Telephone

01428 723910


Haslemere Hospital

01428 643625

Visitor Information Centre:

Shottermill and Haslemere FC

Telephone: 01483 782000

Arthritis Research Campaign:

01428 645425

Telephone: John 07770568793

Holy Cross Hospital, Hindhead

01428 724741

Women's Royal Voluntary Service:

The Herons Swimming Centre

Road, Haslemere GU27 1NQ

BLISS: 01428 642320

01428 605498

Telephone: 01428 658484

Telephone: 01428 643311

Books On Wheels:

Homecall Doctor, Warrenden,

01428 604558

Places to Stay:

Weydown Road GU27 1DS

British Heart Foundation:

Georgian House Hotel

West Surrey Golf Club Telephone: 01483 42127

Telephone: 01428 654786

01483 419774

High Street, Haslemere, Surrey

Travel Numbers:

Royal Surrey County Hospital

Canine Partners for Independence:

Telephone: 01428 656644

Public transport information:

Telephone: 01483 571122

08456 580480

Inn on the Hill, Lower Street,

Telephone: 08706 082608

Care In Haslemere:

Haslemere, Surrey GU27 2PD



01428 652505

Telephone: 01428 642006

Train tracker: 0871 200 49 50

Haslemere Police Station,

Cats Protection: 01428 604297

Lythe Hill Hotel and Spa

46 West Street GU27 2AB

Celebrate Marriage: 01428 652368

Petworth Road, Haslemere, Surrey

Funeral Directors:

Telephone: 0845 125 2222

Childline: 0800 1111

Telephone: 01428 651251

Cooperative Funeral Care

Surrey Police, 6 Carshalton Road,

Citizen's Advice Bureau:

Wheatsheaf Inn, Grayswood,

80 Wey Hill, 01428 651153

Sutton Surrey SM1 4RF

0844 8487969

Haslemere, Surrey GU27 2DE

G M Luff & Partners

Telephone: 0845 125 2222

Crossways Counselling Service:

Telephone: 01428 644440

84 Lion Lane, 01428 643524

01428 644333


Life in Haslemere  

Lifestyle magazine of Haslemere

Life in Haslemere  

Lifestyle magazine of Haslemere