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Welcome Shopping Christmas and New Year shopping in Haslemere, by


Jessica Moon Profile Turkish Delight, Nick Keith gets carried away by Coldharbour Trading


Fashion Haslemere’s 6th Fashion Show, report by Lucy Coates


Local Business Six pages of stories about local companies


Travel: Top winter destinations, by Andrew Brownrigg


History Literary luminaries, by Lucy Coates


Health Get fit for living at Grayshott Spa


Wine The best for Christmas and New Year, by Richard Royds


Eating Out Life’s favourite local pubs for food, by Oliver Gordon


Schools Educational directory in and around Haslemere


Gardening Haslemere company wins national award


Property The state of the local market, by Nick Keith


Contact directory Clubs, organisations and events


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Editor’s View Photo: New Hill Photography

Welcome Here’s your new lifestyle magazine, specially dedicated to the local community in Haslemere.


hat’s what makes Life in Haslemere different, as the first in a series of a new breed of magazines for market

towns. The magazine is full of quality and full of colour; produced for local people and with input from the local community, it is intended for your entertainment and your pleasure. In this Christmas and New Year issue you will find tips about what to buy and where to go in Haslemere for your presents; and our report of the sixth Haslemere Fashion Show in November provides the latest news from the local boutiques. You will read the fascinating stories behind local businesses, such as rug retailers Coldharbour Trading and ironmongers R West; and discover what’s going on in the property market. We trace the literary influences of literary figures, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and George Bernard Shaw. We feature local experts on travel and wine; and we provide detailed directories of local schools, clubs, organisations and events. The magazine will be produced bi-monthly, so it will enjoy an eight-week shelf life between issues. Most of the 11,000 print run will be delivered to selected homes in the area, with copies also available in the town’s shops and hotels. The highly experienced team to produce this groundbreaking publication all have wide experience in the media and publishing magazines. We are in constant contact with the Chamber of Commerce, the Haslemere Initiative, and the Town Council. With your help. we want to make Life in Haslemere a success for your community. We hope you will support us through news, articles, letters, photographs, advertisements and sponsorship to boost your local community. Nick Keith Editor

The Life in Haslemere team: Back row: Sarah Parson, Anthony Parson, Nick Keith, Gareth Gammon. Front: Lucy Coates, Sally Puddick, Andy Burke, Clare Rees life in HASLEMERE : FEBRUARY - MARCH 2007, deadline for copy 12 January 2007


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Holly Park

Shopping locally this season

By Jessica Moon

The beauty about shops in Haslemere is that they provide both wonderful produce to give to others but also to treat oneself both in the pre-Christmas rush and the post-Christmas blues.


he renowned Holly Park

in Britain and with a story to

on West Street contains

entertain both adults and

many beautiful items for your home and specialises in

children. Truely original gifts include

providing bespoke goods. It

100 year-old textile bobbins


transformed into imposing

made-to-measure furniture,

candlesticks for ÂŁ27, working

which can be painted in a style

paraffin lamps, framed photos

of your choice.

and traditional picnic hampers.

There are a plethora of French

For your own home, there is

pieces including wardrobes,

much crockery and bed linen

chests of drawers and side

made without bleach.

tables. In amongst all the

For children, hand-carved

furniture are various treasures

wooden rocking toys made in

including beautiful lamps and

Wales can be removed from

shades, baths oils, patchwork,

their rockers in order to become

cotton, cushions, fabric

ride-on pieces for active

covered boxes, rugs, throws and

children with a sense of

Christmas decorations.

adventure. Woollen soft toys,

Many people are looking to

made by Polish disabled people,

give children something that

can be warmed in the

might tear them away from the

microwave to make a cuddly

television and computer

friend. Bird and bat box-making

screens. Look no further than

kits (all made from fallen trees

Rural Living on West Street

and branches) provide a long-

for thoughtfully chosen

term, fun but educational

beautiful produce for the home

project for children and adults

and garden, nearly all sourced



Rural Living

Holly Park



Classic Cookware

Goat Log and many more

every item one could ever want

cheeses bedeck the counters.

in the kitchen: from the

right reasons and does not let

Similarly, organic salmon, roast

practical Christmas accessory,

its name restrict its produce to

hams at £13.50 per kilo, jams,

the turkey lifter, to the majestic

delicious cheeses. A whole host

pickles, and Topping’s award

Henry Watson Pottery, via half a

of scrumptious goods are

winning pork pies are available

plastic doll to sit atop a ‘skirt

available from the shop itself

in abundance to tantalise the


and more can be ordered

taste buds of the lucky

specially for Christmas before

recipient of these wonderful

a man – as are the various

11 December.


gadgets and gizmos available

Baby Colston Bassett Stilton,

From eating to cooking,

Montgomery and Dorset Drum

Classic Cookware on the High

Chedder Truckles, Ashmore

Street is another family run

Mini Baby Cheese, Ragstone

store and is full to bursting with

Wine racks are a useful gift for

for peeling, slicing, spicing and, well, cooking. For women, go to Jagati on Lower Street. Here, Jaki Life


Just opposite is Cheesebox, a shop that is smelly for all the




Shopping t

Life Haslemere Book Shop

Objets d’Art

Golesworthy makes her own

more than an excellent range of

beautiful jewellery and is

books. Talking books on CD

always happy to make a

and tape, maps of the world,

younger generations now –

(from the more traditional

bespoke piece to order. If you

stationary, wrapping paper and

many of whom have missed

solitaire to coloured

don’t trust your own

even table napkins are dotted

out on the original artwork you

gemstones) or, for the more

judgement, why not take a

around the shelves. If you are

loved – these books are just the

experienced romantics, to

way you remember them!

select eternity rings, pearls and

loved one’s favourite outfit in to

having trouble deciding, go for

show Jaki and ask her to design

a book token and take

a necklace, some earrings or a

advantage of their next day

that is Objets d’Art is well

If you cannot choose, buy a gift

corsage to go with it?

ordering service if the book you

worth a visit particularly for

voucher so that the lucky

Amy Hanigan t-shirts printed with original photos, Ruth M

want is not in stock. Upstairs hosts many second

The wonderful treasure trove


someone who wishes to buy a

recipients are able to select for

more traditional gift. Why not

themselves. Clearly then, on these short

Taylor local landscapes and

hand books - all in good

get a tankard or hip flask

Nikki Golesworthy Save Our

condition – and many of which

engraved for your man or a

days, it is not worth going all

Socks toys are lovely things to

are difficult to source

beautiful antique necklace for a

the way up to London - or even

give or receive and are very

elsewhere. The children’s

special lady?

Guildford - to battle with one’s

reasonably priced.

section is especially

The romantic Christmas period makes this the perfect

fellow shoppers when there is an abundance of diverse,

Do not judge Mr Timms’

recommended as it conjures

Haslemere Book Shop by its

many happy memories and

place for young hopefuls to

original produce on sale right

cover as the outside belies the

might allow you to share a story

come and choose from a wide

here in Haslemere.

large interior, which boasts

you enjoyed as a child with the

selection of engagement rings

Happy Shopping!





Advertisement Feature

Footprints is one of the largest stockists of designer clothes for children aged 0-16 years in Surrey!

Starfish offers a varied selection of high fashion brands for men and women!


tarfish stocks leading brands for both men and women, including Whitestuff, French Connection, Great Plains, Duck


ootprints stocks leading designer brands for children aged

and Cover, Sonneti, Jackpot, Part Two, Cottonfield, Gant Woman,

0-16 years, including Pampolina, Catimini, Oilily, Gant,

O’Neill, Quiksilver, Oilily and more.

IKKS, O’Neill, Quiksilver, Oxbow, Petit Bateau, Berlingot and more. Footprints, also offers a great selection of shoes from Naturino, BMS, O’Neill, Quiksilver and Replay from sizes 19 – 41. School

Starfish, also offers a great selection of footwear from Replay, O’Neill, Quiksilver, Poetic Licence and more from sizes 36 – 41 for women and up to a size 46 for men. There’s also a fantastic selection of bags from Oliliy, French

shoes are also available in brown, navy and black all year round

Connection, Jackpot and Great Plains as well as belts, hats,

in many different styles and up to a size 41.

gloves, scarves and swimwear from February to August. The

There are also new born gift sets, christening wear, baby

jewelry selection from Starfish is the most talked about and

leather shoes, sleeping bags, swimwear all year round,

recommended by so many customers, necklaces from

nightwear, hats, gloves, scarves, tights and a huge selection of

£35 - £165!


Starfish is open Monday – Saturday 9.30am – 5pm.

Footprints is open Monday – Saturday 9.30am – 5pm. 9

Business Profile

Turkish Delights Rugs and kilims have become a way of life for Annie Fabbri and Colin Fletcher, the partnership at Coldharbour Trading which adds a colourful and exotic touch to Haslemere’s Town Car Park. Nick Keith reports

Coldharbour also sells cushions, handbags, purses and other accessories.


ome 10 years ago Annie and Colin were approached

So what is the secret of a good rug or kilim? Annie and Colin

Colin, Annie and Caffy the dog

phones and have a very

by a Turkish rug dealer called

compare them to fine wine,

good idea of

Suleiman who was seeking an

because they improve with age.


agent to sell rugs in the UK.

And the fleece quality derives

market prices, he adds.

They agreed and started buying

from the climate where the

rugs for friends, and before

sheep (and goats) live. The

‘Fellow traders

long they had a house full of

richest fleeces come from the

tease us about

rugs – “we could hardly open

villages south of the

‘having a good

mountainous Anatolian plateau

holiday’ but

where the air is colder. “The

buying is

start their own business,

fleeces are thick and oily,” says

intense work

Coldharbour Trading, and to

Annie, “and rich in lanolin,

and Turkey can be extremely

to urban workshops where they

source the rugs straight from

which is like natural

cold and uncomfortable at this

weave to repetitive patterns.

Turkey. At first they sold ‘on the


time of year,’ says Annie.

“We are not interested in these

the front door,” Annie recalls. So Colin and Annie decided to

hoof’ and at exhibitions, but

Annie and Colin visit Turkey

Coldharbour Trading at the top of Haslemere’s Town Car Park.

They use a cheap and efficient

rugs because we want high

five or more years ago felt like

three or four times a year to

road transport system to get

quality and uniqueness, so no

settling down and giving up the

buy rugs and kilims, relying on

their rugs from the vendors to

reproduction rugs for us,”

travelling life.

their own experience and

Istanbul where they are

Annie insists.

judgement, although they have

collated, repaired and washed

The Ark became available (for

contacts and scouts pointing

before being brought to the UK.

years it was known as Ted’s

them to possible sources along

The process from purchase in

nothing about rugs, but the

At that time their premises at

“People often come through the door and say they know

Shed where people bought

the traditional silk route. They

Turkey to delivery in Haslemere

secret of buying is to buy what

their vegetables). “We liked the

travel extensively in search of

can take up to a month, and

you like.” And at Coldharbour

unique quirkiness of the

interesting pieces.

often the period of going

you can rely on finding a rug or

through British customs can be

kilim to treasure in your home.

premises to show our rugs,”

‘We fly to Istanbul or Izmir,

Annie explains. “We are both

and travel inland,’ says Colin.

the longest part of the rugs’

local people and we like the

“When we are buying there are


individuality of Haslemere and

always great negotiations, even

its shops and boutiques. The

for experienced buyers –

Not all the rugs are new, and a

Contact: Coldharbour Trading, The Ark, Haslemere Town Car

lot are between 30 and 60 years

Park, Haslemere, GU27 2HG.

people here don’t seem to be in

because that is the Turkish way

old (costing between £90 and

Tel: 01428 641816. Web:

such a rush and we have a great

of doing business.’

£7000 at Coldharbour). Many of

the women weavers no longer


variety of customers, young and old.”


The rug vendors are often nomadic but all have their cell

work from home but have gone



Advertisement Feature: Haslemere Dental Centre

Something to smile about Do you smile confidently, or are you self-conscious? If you are unhappy with your smile, don’t feel bad, as you are part of a staggering 76% of the population who feel the same. In fact, three quarters of the population don’t feel confident even to smile in a photograph*.


‘They’ve made me feel younger. I think everyone is jealous of my teeth, they’re so fab!’ Ms B back my smile. I’m getting used to my new smile with no problems. Thank you!’ Ms L With our 0% finance offer, why not speak to us about


ou may be surprised to

Lift, he coaches dentists in

our free, no obligation

know that improving

the UK and US.

cosmetic consultation? As

your smile is more accessible

We pride ourselves in

well as smile lift

and more affordable than you

offering you a fantastic

transformations, HDC also

would think, and is available

customer experience, from

offers reshaping, cosmetic

right on your ‘doorstep’!

friendly and welcoming staff,

dentures, Isolagen, teeth

fresh coffee and a relaxing

whitening from as little as

Leading practitioner

massage chair, to DVD glasses

£95.00 and the latest Zoom

One of the leading

to watch your favourite films

power whitening.

practitioners in the field of

whilst your dental care is

cosmetic dentistry, Dr Barry

carried out. This is a dental

Oulton (see advertisement on

experience like no other!

page 19) practises with HDC

Haslemere Dental Centre

(Haslemere Dental Centre). A

like to let our customers to do

leading exponent of the Smile

the talking! And smiling!

Before and after (above and belwo)

‘Thank you for giving me

* AACD poll 2004 Contact HDC T: 01428 643506 W:

Testimonial “I remember my aunt many years ago expressing surprise that I never opened my mouth when I smile: and without really being conscious of it, it has been like that until the last couple of months - they weren’t awful but they were not beautiful! Now I never miss an opportunity to give a wide smile to everyone. The team at HDC were absolutely wonderful, all very considerate and Barry is such a perfectionist with the most brilliant eye for detail - I started the procedure as a patient and left as a friend.” Diana – Haslemere Travel




Haslemere steps out and struts its stuff The sixth annual charity fashion show, organised by Haslemere Chamber of Trade and Commerce, was held in November. Lucy Coates went along to check it out


his remarkable



sport and leisure wear including an extensive

evening, in aid of

range of ski-wear for all

Macmillan Cancer Care, was divided into six main

ages, tennis, hockey and

sections. Compéred by

rugby wear. In-Training

toastmaster Nick Smith, the

showed a range of more

show provided ample

casual daywear too and

opportunity for the audience

Sports Locker had

to appreciate the different

interesting jogging tops

clothes, footwear and

with detachable sleeves (to

accessories on offer in

avoid over-heating) and a clever, flashing armband for


safety on dark nights.

First off were the ‘red, white

Several Haslemere outlets

and blue’ clothes which were

took part in ‘Casual Days’

designed and modelled by pupils at Stepping Stones

including the only shop

School. Wearing white t-shirts

selling solely menswear –

with each pupil’s impressions

Davids. The models

of the USA printed on the

(including owner Joe Ball)

front, the imaginative designs

looked extremely handsome

included both positive and

as they swaggered down the

negative aspects of America,

catwalk causing quite a stir

from burgers to rocket ships.

in the audience! The versatility of CoCo’s

Wispers School pupils also wore their own designs, made

snappy geometric patterned

largely by themselves, around

wrap dresses were shown

the same ‘America’ theme.

dressed up or down – with

These included a beautiful

heels or boots. Luigi’s stylish

fitted red dress and a three-

shoes modelled with

skirt, extravagant number that

Ultimate Vision’s

could be easily spotted in a

sunglasses, and handbags


from Osprey were modelled

Next came an incredibly confident and charismatic


beautifully but perhaps the star of this display was the

bunch of young models who

handbag used in the new

bopped along to the music

James Bond film!

wearing wonderful and

Blush exhibited a wide

unrestrictive children’s wear

array of trendy daywear,

from Footprints and

and announced that

Windmills. Accessories from

they are now giving full

these outlets were also

colour and style

shown including fun,

consultations for £75

feathery bags in pink, and

and will have new

cool rucksacks claiming

brands after

that ‘boys rule’!


In-Training and Sports Locker showed an impressive range of


Fat Face and Starfish had a good range for the


ISSUE 1 DECEMBER 2006 / JANUARY 2007 Photos: Peter Searight - The Remarkable Studio

Stepping Stones

Joe Ball models clothes from his shop, Davids

Hannah from Amazing Grace


younger generation while the

Many styles were displayed:

was some dashing menswear

wonderful evening, which

Starfish models’ raunchy

Starfish started with a chic,

from Davids.

boasted a real community

choreography seemed to imply

simple classic; CoCo added

that if you could not find a top

interest and detail to theirs

you wanted, you may just find a lover instead! Amazing Grace stunned the audience with beautiful

Much praise goes to Julie

feeling and celebrated the

Brooker of CoCo Boutique for

stunning shopping

with eye-catching sparkles and

largely organizing the whole

opportunities available to

a animal-print trim; Blush’s

event. Julie said that she was

people of all shapes, ages and

black dress was fitted and

pleased with the evening: “It

sizes right here on their

layered to give it a romantic,

was in a bigger and better


underwear modelled by

floaty feel whilst Lily had one

venue and a bigger and better

Hannah. In particular, a black

pulled in at the hip by a black

success!” Due to popular

Indeed, the fashion show’s achievement was underlined by

corsage and one full length,

demand, Julie was forced to

Mayor Brian Howard’s “do shop

flared number which oozed

change the venue from the

locally” message. The audience

gorgeous green, sheer gown

Hollywood with its glamorous

Georgian House Hotel to

went home already itching to

printed with banana plant


Branksome/Verve Venues; so

go to their favourite local

The ‘Wedding Belles’ section

the audience almost doubled in


showed beautiful gowns, from

size (from roughly 100 last year

‘Glamorous Nights’ section was

Danielle Prior, Guests, and

to 180 this year).

to invest in a little black dress.

CoCo – Bridesmaids; and there

leaves. The main message from the

All in all, this was a


two-set covered in red sparkles – perfect for Christmas – and a



Fashion M


Programme Schools Stepping Stones Wispers

Boys and Girls Footprints Windmills

Sport In-Training Sports Locker

Casual Days Star Fish Blush Davids CoCo, Claytons Jewellery, & Ultimate Vision Lily Fat Face

Glamorous Nights Amazing Grace Starfish Blush CoCo & Objets d’Art Blush

Wedding Belles Danielle Prior Davids CoCo - Bridesmaids Clockwise from top left: Adidas menswear from In Training; wedding clothes from ??; tennis gear from Sports Locker; more wedding dresses from Danielle Prior and Coco; and Sports Locker sports wear

Hair Nigel Turner Hopkins Life





Local Businesses

This series of profiles of businesses in and around Haslemere opens with arguably the oldest in the area (R Miles), and includes the discovery of a couple of treasures in Wey Hill (Chamberlain Music and Aerial Systems) and colour and sparkle (Clayton Fine Jewellery)

R. Miles & Son Ltd.

Town’s oldest retail outlet the help of his wife, Angela,

Martin Burt

who is company secretary, and his daughter-in-law Gemma (pictured). The vast range of goods still gives the ironmongers a traditional feel, and customers value the personal service, which can include free delivery if they wish. “Most of our hat is the oldest business

customers are served and

remaining in Haslemere?

helped directly, in the old-


R Miles, the ironmongers in West Street have a strong claim

fashioned way,” Martin said. Yet the service goes well beyond the four walls and

to that title.

multiple shelves in the shop. R

Founded in 1896, R Miles

Miles also offer to undertake all

continues to provide a customer service under family

kinds of jobs around the house,

ownership. Now the man in

including glazing.

charge is Martin Burt, whose

R Miles is a joy to behold and,

father Frank took over the

beauty, they say, is in the eye of

running of the business from

the beholder. When you enter

the Miles family in the 1960s

the shop you feel excited because the shelves are

bristling with bright and shiny

Most of our customers are served and helped directly, in the oldfashioned way...

‘goods’ they are in every sense,

and new household goods. And

offering abundance and stimulating the urge to buy. Many shops strive to achieve this effect, using all sorts of means to the end of getting

December Shopping in Haslemere

shoppers ‘in the buying zone. R

• Haslemere is Open for Business on all the Sundays in

Miles seems to take you there effortlessly.

(having joined as the manager

Contact: R Miles & Son

in the fifties). At the time the

20 West Street, Haslemere

business was run by Sydney

GU27 2AB

Miles, son of the founder.

Tel: 01428 642686

In 1966 Martin joined the business, and he remembers the wooden floors and oldfashioned range of drawers which the shop had in those days. Now he runs Miles with


December up to and including Christmas Eve. • Free Parking on Sundays • Something for everyone to buy – all in one place • Bring all the family – for family shopping and a family day out • Eat, Drink (& be merry!) • Wide variety of shops, cafes, restaurants

If you know a business or retailer in the area which is older than R Miles, please contact the Editor at:

• Many of the shops stock larger, and often more unusual selections than can be found in other towns • Lots of Independent Retailers offering Individual Service • Find it in Haslemere

Local Businesses



Branksome is beaming


ou will find smiles all

Show in October and the

round at Branksome since

Haslemere Fashion Show in

the September relaunch of this

November, Branksome has

business and social events

geared up for a busy Christmas

location. You might expect the

period, hosting many business

staff to smile because

and social parties.

Branksome is famous for its

Branksome is also becoming a

peerless customer service but

favourite for wedding

even the Edwardian building

receptions with 20 already this

appears to beam as it gazes

year. In 2007 the grounds will

down from its 32 acres high

have a permanent marquee

above Haslemere.

from May to October to cater

Branksome is enjoying a plan of steady refurbishment and improvement as it sharpens its

for wedding receptions. Branksome has already enjoyed a varied career as a

focus as a comfortable and

home, a school and a corporate

capacious venue for both

training centre. Having

business and social events.

acquired it for conferences,

“We get great feedback from

Olivetti commissioned Sir

our customers for our service,”

James Stirling to design

sales and marketing executive

purpose-built training facilities

Susie Brooker told Life in

in the seventies. Part of the

Haslemere before going on

Verve Venues stable since

maternity leave. “We have a

November 2005 which will

loyal, friendly and experienced

soon re-brand to De Vere

local staff, and their excellent

Venues after the acquisition of

service encourages customers

the hotel group – Branksome

to come back to Branksome

can look forward to a bright

again and again.”

future. It is part of in the wide-

Business people bustle

ranging property portfolio of

around the 33 meeting rooms,

the Alternative Hotel Group –

which can hold groups of 10

which also includes De Vere

upwards, and the training zone

Hotels, Malmaison and Hotel

includes space dedicated to

du Vin.

computer training.. Many

The best of is yet to come.

conferences are residential, using Branksome’s 60

For further information, contact Katy Dovey, event

the hub of the conference area,

coordinator, on 0870 609 1141.

has space for 150 people.

View the Verve stable at

Since theHaslemere Travel or Life


bedrooms. The auditorium, at


Local Businesses M


Chamberlain Music

Magical musical mystery tour

and his wife Charlotte teaches the clarinet. “I played piano and violin (quite badcly when I was young,” he says self-


ou will discover a world of

effacingly. “My three children

pleasant musical surprises

and my wife are far more

inside the doors of

musical than me.”

Chamberlain Music in Weyhill.

Chamberlain was founded in

Front of house, you find a

1990 occupies 8,000 square feet

general and educational music

in its third location in Weyhill.

shop stocked full of pianos,

While the first impression is of

brass, and woodwind

a welter of pianos and stacks of

instruments, and sheet music

sheet music you discover that a

for a national and international

small army of musical experts

market. They have 50,000

beaver away behind the scenes.

books for all musical

Chamberlain employ 25 people


who, in John Hughes-

Owner John Hughes-

Chamberlain’s words are “an

Chamberlain says: “Our catalogue forms a big part of

amazing collection of varied The Chamberlain team

talents. The point is that to

what we do, as we supply instruments and sheet music to

Another line lies in John Hughes-Chamberlain

school and adult musicians all

distributing for the British

over the UK.”

Choral Composer’s catalogue –

says he “fell into” the business

for the renowned choral

after starting a bookshop in

become the referral agency for

musician John Rutter and his

Guildford. At one point he was

the world’s leading musical

company Collegium.

running the music and

In addition, the firm has

examination body. Two years

Behind the scenes, in

bookshops, but found that

ago, the Associated Board of

cyberspace sheet music has

Chamberlain Music became

the Royal School of Music have

taken off online, and

the more “serious” business.

selected Chamberlain as the

Chamberlain Music have a part

provider of the ABRSM referral

in this development, in

stock: his mother Anne runs


cooperation with

the Hindhead Music Centre

In fact he comes from musical

have a successful one-stop music shop you need lots of different skills and a huge variety of knowledge to answer all the questions your customers might have. Contact: Chamberlain Music, Weyhill, Haslemere, GU27 1HN. Tel: 01428 658806. Web:

Clayton Fine Jewellery

Coruscating colour K

eith Clayton has been in

they like to support local

Plain elegance is what we aim

the jewellery business

businesses and get good

to have on offer.”

since 1969. Having trained in

service and choice from

London for three years he

independent retailers.”

moved out to Farnham and in

But his customer base

Also involved are Keith’s sister Tina and assistant Ellie, who all worked at some time for the Farnham jewellery business.

2004 establishedhis business in

extends much further afield,

Haslemere, where he has lived

and he benefits from

for the past 28 years.

Haslemere’s attraction as a

in because they are attracted by

“Most of my customers come Keith Clayon

‘great place to shop’. He offers a

my displays, have seen a small

my knowledge, and my ability

large selection of coloured

advertisement – or they are

to deal with customers,

stones and diamonds, with a

driven to come by word of

suppliers, and manufacturers,”

growing reputation for

mouth. Only last week a young

and Monday, but open every

he says. “I believe people

engagement rings.

woman came here and

day until Christmas Eve). 9

introduced herself by saying,

High Street, Haslemere, GU27

increasingly want to travel less and shop locally. In Haslemere


“We stock contemporary and traditional jewellery watches.

‘My best friend raves about

your shop’.” Clayton Fine Jewellery is open five days a week (closed Sunday


“My business is based round



Local Businesses


Local Businesses M


Aerial Systems and Bluestone FX

Two for the price of one

The shop at 97 Wey Hill contains two businesses

Howard Meikle, working at his computer for Bluestone FX


find margins in property deals

businesses in a single space. At

banks, broadly, do not operate.

t the foot of Wey Hill one

around £500,000 where the

shop houses two distinct

He has 10 foreign agents in

face value Aerial Systems does what it says on the outside:

countries such as France, Italy,

they install aerials for

Spain, Portugal and the US. In a


recent deal he saved a client about £3,000 on a property

This is one of three Aerial outlets – the others are in

purchase of around 500,000

Bognor and London – with over

Euros. He aims to take his

14 highly trained staff. When

experience into new property

you are behind the scenes at

markets, such as Australia and

the back of the shop the phone

New Zealand, and into new

never stops ringing, good news

sectors, such as polo. With two Haslemere

for partners Jason Weller and

businesses to nurture, Howard

Howard Meikle.

will have less time for country

Old friends for 12 years, and both in their early thirties,

Aerial partners: Jason Weller and Howard Meikle

pursuits such as walking and shooting, but he knows

Jason and Howard joined forces in August last year, to offer

determined to remain leaders

their needs. Bluestone provides

clients in Haslemere and

in the field.

a personal foreign exchange

business life will never be dull.

elsewhere their expertise,

At the same time Howard

service, trading worldwide for

Contact: Arial Systems

which is necessary for the

Meikle has another interest,

individuals or corporates,

Tel: 01428 6538050

changeover to digital television

Bluestone FX, which is one of

particularly in the international

in the next few years.

the newest businesses in

property sector,” Howard said.

Bluestone FX

Haslemere. ‘FX’, of course,

“I have the contacts and the


work on that effort, with a

stands for Foreign Exchange

expertise to save people money

97 Wey Hill, Haslemere,

dedicated staff of 14 (in

and, during his time in London,

in foreign exchange if, say, they

GU27 1HS

contrast to many similar outfits

Howard built up a reputation in

are looking to buy a property

which rely on contract

a multi-million pound plc.

abroad or transferring funds.”

installers). As founder

When he left London two

He positions himself in the gap

members of the trade body of

years ago, he stayed in touch

between the banks and the

installers, the Confederation of

with his client portfolio and

global inter-banks in FX

Aerial Industries Ltd, they are

started this company to service

transactions. Typically he can



If you want your business story told in Life in Haslemere, please contact us. Tel: 01730 235669 Email:


At present they are hard at



Local Businesses t


Haslemere Initiative

National award for rewards scheme T

very positive meeting with the

Scheme loyalty card in winning

told Life in Haslemere.

he achievement of the Haslemere Rewards

the National AMT Award 2006

retailers in mid October,” she “They told us that they want

bodes well for plans to shift

to continue. The Initiative will

from pilot stage to full-scale

still be involved although the

operation in early 2007. The rewards scheme, created

retail groups will have ownership. And Haslemere has

to attract customers to the

shown itself willing to share

area’s mainly independent

best practice with other towns.”

shops, had to overcome

Launched a year ago, the

L to R: Nick Paul (Chairman, Advantage West Midlands), Phil Bates (Chairman, Grayshott Pottery), Janet McWilliam (Project Coordinator, The Haslemere Initiative), Iain Lynch (Corporate Services Manager, Waverley Borough Council) Melanie Odell (Chairman, The Haslemere Initiative), Julian Owen (Chairman OMT), Arya Ingvorsen (President of The Haslemere & District Chamber of Trade)

competition from 80 other

town’s ‘smart card’ loyalty

entrants to win this prestigious

scheme was developed and

award, “The award was the

piloted by the town and its

result of hard work and

surrounding villages. The

scheme has been beneficial

Haslemere, though especially

persistence” said Melanie

scheme uses ‘chip’ technology,

because it gives people a sense

in the bookshop, the children’s

Odell, of the Haslemere

which allows shoppers to use

of supporting their local shops.

shop and in the two

only one card in the 30-plus

There’s a feelgood factor but we

participating shoe shops, ‘ I have found it to be an excellent


participating retail businesses,

have to make sure that we keep

partnership between the

and costs around £5. It is

customers aware of the

scheme. It allows me to use just

retailers, the chamber of trade

recognised for its creativity, its


one card in lots of shops and I

and the town council – their

innovation, its engagement of

support in legal and

the business community and

discounts or points worth up to

different cards in my handbag.

professional matters was

for its significance on a local

10% from the participating

It makes shopping enjoyable

crucial. I am confident that the

and national level.

“We established a good

rewards’ scheme will continue after February, and we had a

Shoppers benefit from

love not having to hunt for

outlets. Jane Scott, a local

particularly when I get a

Keith Clayton, of Clayton

Fernhurst resident said that she

voucher back or even a

Jewellery, said:” The reward

uses her card regularly around


Haslemere Chamber of Trade and Commerce

Get in the Christmas mood aslemere is a great


market, street entertainers,

will be opening each Sunday

destination for shoppers

Father Christmas, and lots of

up to and including Christmas

right now, with a number of

entertainment for all the family.

Eve. With free car parking and

On Wednesday 13 December

lots of great places to eat and

events and initiatives organised by Haslemere Chamber of

at 7pm the annual High Street

drink, it makes Haslemere a

Trade to get you into the

Carol Concert will include free

great option for Christmas

Christmas spirit.

mulled wine and mince pies,

Shopping and an enjoyable

served by the Chamber of

day out for the family.

The annual Christmas Market

Finally Haslemere Chamber

returns for its sixth year on

Trade, to thank the people of

Sunday 3 December. Based in

Haslemere for their custom

of Trade would like to wish

the High Street and West Street

throughout the year. Haslemere

you a very merry Christmas

it will be bigger and better than

Town Band will provide the

and a prosperous new year.

ever with over 100 stalls.

music and The White Horse

Simon Labrow

Organised in conjunction with

Hotel and Plumb Scaffolding

Haslemere Chamber of Trade

Haslemere Initiative and

are again supporting the event.

Waverley Borough Council,

This is a lovely traditional

attractions include Christmas

Christmas event for all the

of shops, including

crafts and gifts, farmers’

family and it’s free!

independents and nationals,


Many of the town’s wide range





The best winter destinations Andrew Brownrigg provides notes on some favourite holiday destinations.




and local culture are served by

facilities, high quality hotels,

They cover the whole of this

auritius boasts fantastic

beaches and sporting

The diversity of historic sights an expanding variety of flights.

great service, wines and food.

vast country, from the

Albeit with longer flights and a

Himalayas to the spectacular

limited amount of local culture

cities of Agra, Jaipur, Udaipur,

or historic interest, this is

Jaisalmer and Jodhpur in

nevertheless a superb winter

Rajasthan and down to the old

destination. To avoid prevailing

colonial south of Kerala. Many

winds and the worst tropical

high-class hotels, beachfront

rainstorms, go to the west coast

and rural boutique category,

in winter. Seychelles has some of the

with great beaches, colonial


history, inland waterways,

most beautiful small island

varied wildlife and many classic

and British Virgin Islands, the

more varied attractions than

resorts, many with just a few

fortresses of old.

Leeward and Windward islands,

the Canaries, plus attractive

the Grenadines and Trinidad

countryside, sea and bird life,

chalets, renowned for great food, beautiful beaches, good


and Tobago near the

and local culture. Madeira and

fishing and a really relaxing

Regular flights to Jamaica,

Venezuelan coastline.

the Azores are fast developing a


Antigua, St Lucia, Barbados,

The Maldives lie just off the

Bermuda, Bahamas, Turks &

good variety of comfortable

and Grenada with internal

Caicos are also reachable by air

coast of Southern India, and

connections to smaller, more

and host a first class variety of

are a haven of minute atolls,

secluded islands. High-quality

hotels, with superb fishing and

coming destination, with a

some with luxurious hotels,

hotels, good sports facilities,

diving attractions.

direct flight once a week, and a

some with a few beach

reliable climate, good beaches

bungalows, and others with

and local cuisine.

over-water villas on stilts. This

There is such a contrast

Cape Verde is the new up and

fledgling tourist economy.


Highly recommend a visit to an unspoiled delight.

is a real fly-and-flop beach

between the islands of the

Direct short flights with no

lovers’ paradise destination.

North Caribbean, with the US

time difference; with much

On safari in Kenya

A lodge in East Africa


and well-run hotels.

these islands now to appreciate



class accommodation and ski facilities; popular ski resorts such as Whistler in Canada, and Aspen and Vail in Colorado are now joined by Beaver Creek, Jackson Hole and Stowe in Vermont as more and more British skiers venture further afield. Snow reports in Europe are already looking promising for this ever popular activity, with chalets and great hotels to suit both families and adventurous skiers; well known resort areas such as the Trois Vallees in the French Alps, the Dolomites in Italy, The Bernese Oberland in Switzerland and the Tyrol and Arlberg regions of Austria, will


continent of Australia, to North

the African Coast and offshore

be welcoming the British in

and South islands of New


greater numbers this winter.

Many direct flights into Cairo,

Zealand provide a variety of

Botswana, Namibia, Zambia

Luxor, Sharm el Sheikh,

contrasts. The area provides

and Malawi also offer unique

Hurghada and Taba make this

great opportunity to mix Far

game and adventure

There is an ever-growing

a special winter destination.

Eastern cultures en route

experience, all of which can be

variety of winter cruise

Historic wonders of the world

eastbound and carry on around

combined to create an

itineraries from UK ports to the

aligned with good winter

the globe through the Pacific

unbeatable selection of

Canaries; destinations farther

climate, fine beaches,

and North America, or even

independent itineraries.

afield including Caribbean, Far

watersports, snorkelling,

South America.


East, Australasia, Africa, Antarctica and South America



The fantastic attractions of

Old-established short break

and the vast array of small and

climate, and an ever

South Africa, with great

city favourites such as

large ocean going cruise ships

developing choice of first class

beaches for surfing, the Garden

Barcelona, Venice, Istanbul,

offers an almost unfathomable

hotels; fabulous shopping,

Route and the Wild Coast near

Seville and Florence are now

choice of holidays at sea to suit

local culture, wadi bashing

Durban combines with a

being chased hard by the

this blossoming market.

and great golf courses. With

perfect winter climate. There is

delightful Eastern European

fairly short, direct flights this is

a fascinating history of the Zulu

gems of St Petersburg, Tallinn,

comfort and security of first

a popular year round

and Boer wars; the many game

Riga, Krakow, Dubrovnik,

class modern ships, unbeatable


parks with such fine safari

Budapest, Prague, now much

quality of accommodation,

lodges, providing great food

more affordable with the

cuisine, on board

has direct flights, some good

and wine; plus direct flights

growth of low cost flights, and a

entertainment and activities,

hotels, and offers a more

and little time difference.

burgeoning boutique hotel

and with the chance to visit


such a variety of interesting

friendly service, great value and good food. Dubai offers a cast iron

Oman is a bit less developed,

cultural experience. The United Arab Emirates

The growing attractions of Mozambique, with vast areas of

North Africa offers some

are all easily reachable by air,

Such great value, with the

destinations around the world.

mainland earmarked for

winter sunshine ideas with

onward connections to

wildlife development, and

extra flights and the growth of

Andrew Brownrigg is

Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam,

some beautiful untouched

Riads in Marrakesh in

managing director of

indeed all South East Asia.

beach and island resorts, all of

particular, with many other

Haslemere Travel,

which can be combined with

good value hotels in Morocco,

01428 658777

the other established game

and also in Tunisia.

can easily be combined with



viewing opportunities. Kenya

Ever-popular with independent

and Tanzania offer the best


travellers visiting relatives or

game viewing and link through

Europe and North America are

combining with round the

Nairobi or Dar Es Salaam to the

seeing a real boom in skiing

world itineraries, this must be

exotic and fascinating beach

holidays, with fantastic value in

one of the most unbeatable

destinations of Zanzibar, Lamu

America and Canada in

areas for winter travel. The vast

and secluded gems all along

particular. With a variety of first


Local History

Hilltop Literary Figures by Lucy Coates

The London and South Western express train approaching Haslemere Station Photos: Around Haslemere and Hindhead In Old Photographs (1991)

Alfred Lord Tennyson (1809-1892)

aslemere’s barren heath


Hindhead as ‘certainly the most

Lord Tennyson. Hopkins is

lands lay relatively

villainous spot that God ever

thought to be the only Jesuit

untouched by the ‘inner-city

made.’ J M W Turner, visiting in

with a memorial in an Anglican

loved the view

types’ of London until the

1807, sketched what Trotter


Long known and loved by me,

introduction of the railways in

describes as ‘a gloomy,

1859. Suddenly it became

uninviting landscape of bare

as far away from the city as

possible for people to commute

and barren hills’ and entitled it

possible: Grant Allen and Lord

Tennyson was especially fond

to and from London allowing

Hind Head Hill. The church

Tennyson (Poet Laureate) even

of the walk to Grayswood and it

them to avoid, what Grant

and its congregation were

went to the extreme lengths of

has been argued that the small

Allen described in his 1895

described as dreary by a settler

having houses built to enable

stream running along the way

novel, The British Barbarians,

who wrote:

them to live in the wilderness.

is described in his poem The

They all shared a wish to get

General Hamley he wrote, You came and looked and

Green Sussex fading into blue With one grey glimpse of sea;

‘the crowded town, [which]

Long had stood the old Church

Designed by a young architect

Brook. Tennyson’s memorial

stagnates and ferments,


whom Tennyson had met at

describes him as ‘being himself

polluted with the diseases and

Old and dreary, dark and

Haslemere Station, Tennyson’s

schooled by love and sorrow’ -

vices of centuries.’


‘Aldworth’ was 800 feet up.

perhaps he felt the ever-flowing

There was an influx of many

And an old man droned

Tennyson already had estates

water taunted him as he grew

notable literary figures but

within it,

at Farringford on the Isle of

older and less steady on his

descriptions of the area by

And the old Clerk droned

Wight but preferred ‘Aldworth’

favourite walk along its banks:

others before them are pretty


as there were fewer tourists. He

‘for men may come and men

negative. The Devil’s

And a droning people

jokingly referred to his retreat

may go, but I go on forever.’

Punchbowl provided a stage for


as “this little hut” as, what had

Charles Dickens’ character

These somewhat gloomy

originally been intended as a

of great importance for George

Smike in Nicholas Nickleby to

portents failed to deter the

modest summer retreat, had

Bernard Shaw and Sir Arthur

imagine the ‘foul and

literary figures after 1859;

turned into a 10-bedroom,

Conan Doyle, both living in the

treacherous murder committed

indeed they merely added to

Victorian Gothic mansion.

Haslemere district. They

there by night’:

the romance of the area. People

He is reputed to have walked

The height of one’s house was

conceived a bet: a surveyor

had begun, once again, to

his dogs on Blackdown wearing

would measure the heights of

had once been dyed with gore,

associate fresh air with good

a dark cloak and a black

both their houses – if Doyle’s

and the blood of a murdered


sombrero. Winter and Collyer

was higher than Shaw’s ‘Blen-

man had run down drop by

Beatrix (neé Potter) and

note that ‘he wore a whistle

Cathra’ where he wrote Ceasar

The grass on which they stood

drop, into the hollow which

Sydney Webb are associated

around his neck in order to

and Cleopatra (now St.

gives the place its name. “The

with the area. Gerard Manly

frighten away any sightseers’

Edmund’s School), he would

Devil’s Punch Bowl,” thought

Hopkins lived and died at ‘The


triumphantly rename his house

Nicholas, as he looked into the

Garth’ in Haslemere and is

void, “never held a fitter liquor

commemorated in the stained

profile, Tennyson did share his

than that!”

glass windows of St.

passion for the surrounding

Unfortunately for Doyle,

Bartholemew’s Church, as is

countryside in his writing. In

Shaw’s house was the higher

William Cobbett denounced


Despite his longing for a low

‘Overshaw’, but if it was lower, ‘Undershaw’.

Local History


and it is still possible to see

tribute. For, although the area

‘Undershaw’ on the South-East

has retained its natural beauty,

side of the traffic lights at

some has been left to waste.

Hindhead. This was where he

Most notably perhaps is Sir

wrote his world famous

Arthur Conan-Doyle’s house as

detective novels and was built

it stands resolutely but with a

to provide comfort for his

lessening sense of dignity as it

consumptive wife who had

falls into disrepair.

been given only a few months

Rumour has it that it was

to live in 1893 but she lived

turned down by the National

there for 13 years!

Trust and yet it was Sir Robert

Both Shaw and Conan Doyle

Hunter who, whilst living down

threw themselves into local life.

the road from Doyle in Three

Shaw was always ‘attending this

Gates Lane, founded The

function or speaking at that

National Trust with two

event’, whilst Conan Doyle

colleagues to conserve local as

played cricket for Grayshott,

well as national treasures.

had his own shooting club and

The people of Haslemere have

supported the first Hindead

a keen interest in history. The

footballers, using a billiard

wonderful Haslemere

table as a model pitch. Local gossip has it that ‘The

Educational Museum is firm evidence for this. Yet, as Conan

Spinney’ was the home of

Doyle’s world-class reputation

Conan-Doyle’s mother and that

continues to grow, his old

she haunts it. The last sighting

house – an excellent potential

was by a child staying there

resource - falls into the

who explained innocently that


“the mist got into my room last night.” Trotter points out that it is strange that these literary

This information brings new weight to Shaw’s premonition. Perhaps the plans for a new tunnel through Hindhead will

figures did not form a tight

at least divert the traffic

community like the

allowing the wilds to once

Bloomsbury Group and,

again take over, leaving the area

instead started to drift away

free for the poets and literati of

from 1900 onwards.

the future.

Haslemere had become popular with true commuters:

For more information, visit

the middle classes wanted a

Haslemere Educational Museum,

share of wilderness and arrived

78 High Street, Haslemere GU27

in droves. They too built houses

2LA, open 9am-5pm Mon to Sat.

and pushed the wilds further

back. The literati foresaw a built-up

Lucy would like to thank Julia

Haslemere. Bernard Shaw

Howard of the Haslemere

expressed in Missalliance: ‘The

Educational Museum for her

writing is on the wall! Rome

kind help researching this piece,

fell! Babylon fell! Hindhead’s

which is the first of a series of

turn will come!’

articles on local history.

Perhaps this was a fitting


‘Undershaw’ Photo: Kathryn Ferry



Grayshott Spa

Fit for living

Fab food which fills and keeps you healthy

Grayshott Spa aims to be a health and leisure ‘destination’, successfully sending guests back into the outside world ‘relaxed, re-energised and better equipped to manage their lives’. Nick and Geraldine Keith tested the Spa’s credentials for healthy and balanced living : I treasure the sense of


dress code is so relaxed you can

peace, health and well-

potter about in your dressing

being that people get from

gown all day long.

Grayshott Spa, and this feeling seems to be shared by many of

N: It is also a place for people

the enthusiastic band of

of all ages. At breakfast we sat

regulars who have visited since

next to a young group who

its opening. You can tell by

were having a lively discussion

Bubbles Bar (once the billiard

their smiling faces and relaxed

about music. Apparently most


demeanour. Nowadays people go to spas

exercise, you may feel like a drink in the Bubbles Bar,

of the visitors are women but Grayshott is definitely for men

G: After all that treatment and

Space and comfort suffuse the

followed by food, in the recently reopened

as much for nurture and good

as well, and I can heartily

whole spa – the bedrooms, two

nutrition as to lose weight.

recommend it as place where

dining rooms, drawing room,

Conservatory Restaurant or The

They want to be healthy, to

everyone can unwind for two

cinema/lecture room, and

Dining Room.

exercise, to eat well, to escape

or three days (or more) and let

treatment and activity areas.

the rat race, to take stock, and

go of the stresses and strains of

The treatment rooms have an

N: The Grayshott healthy eating

to establish harmony and

modern life.

oriental character, painted in a

plan is OK by me – for a few

pale grey colour suffused with

days at least! You apportion

G: What has been done is

lilac. And you will find a huge

your food intake in ratios of

N: We do hope that the regulars

fantastic – the décor is

choice of treatments - too

50% fruit, vegetables and salad,

are as enthusiastic as we are

contemporary, stylish and

numerous to list here.

25% protein, and 25%

about recent changes. During

wonderfully comfortable. The

parameters you can eat

balance in their lives.

carbohydrate and within those

new rejuvenated interior sits

N: Yes, I really enjoyed the de-

Spa has undergone an

comfortably within its

stress muscle massage and the

extremely well. I never felt

enormous facelift since it was

impressive early Victorian shell.

men’s intensive face and back

hungry, and I daresay we would

taken over by Simon Lowe, who

I liked its calm, neutral walls,

treatment (which lasted 65

have lost weight if we had not

tells us that he is passionate

accent colours in plums and

minutes and left me feeling like

enjoyed a good breakfast, and

about design.

reds, the large modern flower

a new man). And I arrived with

three-course lunches and

paintings, the comfortable

some back twinges, which were

suppers – but we were there for

G: The place feels like a luxury

drawing room with its big sofas

dispelled by the osteopath.

only for two days.

country house hotel but the

and cosy throws, and the

the last 18 months Grayshott




A treatment room

G: The food at Grayshott is

(Usuallly you can get a two-,

organic, colourful, healthy and

three-, or four-day spa break

absolutely delicious.

with rooms from £180 per person, including meals and at

N: Sports stars, such as tennis

least two treatments).

player Annabel Croft, credit Grayshott with putting them on

Contact: Grayshott Spa,

the right track in terms of

01428 602000.



G: On my first visit to a health


farm 20 years ago I can clearly recall three large ladies sitting


round a formica-topped table in their dressing gowns morosely contemplating their ‘supper’. They each had a mug of Bovril and a peach and were plainly fed up with each other, with Bovril and with peaches. They faced the prospect of a long evening ahead without even a small gin and tonic. N: The decision to re-name it ‘Spa’ instead of ‘Hall’ highlights the changes in the business of health management. G: How things have changed! The abiding memory of our recent visit to Grayshott will be of pax et salus (peace and health): proper pampering, top treatments, fantastic food, and great design, Offer: Grayshott’s early 2006 Christmas present means special prices to celebrate the Spa’s 40th birthday – 40% off per person per night between 4 and 21 December. Rates for Christmas start at £595 per guest for 3-5 nights; and from £495 for a New Year stay.

Grayshott Spa Factfile Once of the home of Alfred Lord Tennyson, Grayshott was acquired by the Stalbow family in 1960, reopened as a health farm in 1965 and soon earned itself a reputation as a leader in this field. Acquired in February 2005 by Simon Lowe, owner of Fawsley Hall in Northamptonshire and the Park Resort at Wick, near Bath, he immediately appointed Peter Wood as general manager to oversee a three-year refurbishment programme. In 2007, an additional 16 luxury suites will be added to the existing 59 guest rooms. Exercise facilities include indoor and outdoor pools, outdoor and two indoor tennis courts, a wellstocked gym, a nine-hole golf course, and acres for walking, running and cycling.



What to drink at Christmas With Christmas upon us again Richard Royds recommends what we should be drinking obligatory to drink red wine



Madeira hits the spot and this

come, we have a light supper

goodies – nuts, glacé fruit and

The English tradition is to

of smoked salmon. A crisp dry

Christmas cake. You might like

drink Claret [Red Bordeaux]

But why not consider a full-

white, such as Chablis or

to consider Madeira instead of

and jolly nice it is too. If you

flavoured Italian white from

South African Sauvignon

Port to accompany mince pies

are feeding the five thousand,

Veneto? For a crowd-pleaser,

Blanc, is the perfect

and Stilton cheese. I love good

go for a Lussac-Saint-Emilion

go for a Sauvignon


Sherry and an Oloroso or Palo

or Canon-Fronsac; if you are

Blanc/Semillon blend.

Cortado – dark but dry – are

dining à deux choose

n Christmas Eve, in anticipation of what is to

goes well with many Christmas

After church on Christmas Day a glass of

Back to the turkey & pudding!

with turkey and a traditional alternative is white Burgundy.

With Christmas pudding I prefer something fruitier than

good alternatives for those

something with a little more

who don’t like things sweet.

class. But bear in mind that

traditional Sauternes, such as a

A glass of sparkling wine is

turkey is not very strongly

Muscat, and Italy has several

obligatory while opening the

flavoured and something

to offer. Try one from

presents before Christmas lunch. Instead of

softer may be preferable to

Pantelleria (an island near

please everyone.

Sicily where they call it Zibbibo) or a delightfully light

Champagne, try

I adore Pinot Noir, the grape

Blanquette de

of red Burgundy, and it makes

Limoux from

lovely wines throughout the

Frizzante [lightly sparkling]

the foothills of

New World too. New Zealand,

from Piedmont.

the Pyrenees

with its cool climate, has a

or local award

great reputation, but also look

remember to do it justice by


out for delicious South African,

decanting. It’s not just great


Australian and North

vintages that benefit. I favour

from West

American examples. For a

Crusted Port which is a Vintage

lighter European red, the

Port in all but name at a

delicious cherry fruit of Italy’s

fraction of the price.

Valpolicella or a Dolcetto from Piedmont would also go well. It’s not

and refreshing Moscato

If you are serving Port

What will I be serving my family this Christmas? My problem is having too much to choose from – I never decide until the last minute! Life




Examples of some of the wines mentioned over: 2004 Chablis, Domaine

Valpolicella, from £7.99 for

Billaud-Simon, £11.50

2005 Falasco Organic

2005 Pouilly-Fumé, Cédrick


Bardin, £10.99

2004 Dolcetto di Dogliani

Madeira, from £9.50 for

San Luigi, £9.99

Barbeito Veramar Boal

White Burgundy, from £7.99


for 2004 Mâcon-Prissé

Port, Churchill’s Crusted

Veneto, from £6.75 for 2005

£17.00; other Ports, from

Falasco Garganega;


2005 Hollick

Blanquette de Limoux, £8.50 Nyetimber Classic Cuvée, £23.00 2001 Château du Gazin, Canon-Fronsac, £8.99 2001 Château La Croix de Grézard, Lussac-St-Emilion, £9.99 Pinot Noir: from £8.99 for

Sauvignon/Semillon, South Australia, £8.99 2003 Morsi di Luce Passito di Pantelleria, £13.99 2005 Moscato d’Asti ‘Aurum’, Boroli, £10.50 Richard Royds owns the haslemere cellar 01428 645081



can provide

your wines for

Christmas and the

New Year, from £4.25

per bottle. Minimum order is 12 bottles (can be mixed).

You can order online from or call us on 01428 741165 and ask us for our latest wine-list. II

The Vintry Wine Co Park Farm, Milland Near Liphook

2005 Hollick Pinot Noir, South Australia


Eating Out

Reputations at steak

by Oliver Gordon

Eating habits continue to change around the country, with decent food offered increasingly in pubs as well as restaurants. This kind of eatery-inn has become known as a ‘gastro-pub’ in some places.

Dave Etchell and Clair Johnson at the Fox & Pelican, Grayshott


someone had to do it!

charge for often indifferent

was the White Horse, where

food. My personal preference

you can enjoy a first class steak

in a pub is for decent old-

sandwich, tender, tasty and

problem with some gastro pubs is the price they

First stop in the High Street

fashioned food at reasonable

cooked to order (with good

prices. It seems that Haslemere

chips). My companion (who

pubs (fortunately) have chosen

will remain nameless to protect

this path.

the innocent) professed himself

To test the local market in

happy with his choice of a fish

Haslemere, I have visited a

finger sandwich – the

selection of pubs to try their

consequence of being a father

staple fare. To ensure a fair test,

of young children, he

each pub has been judged on


its steak sandwich (and chips).

The next venue for this

Inn on the Hill, Lower Street, Haslemere

this is the closest you get to

By the way, if you are in the

finding a ‘gastro-inn’ locally.

middle of your Christmas

A tough task, and perhaps not

dedicated research focused on

But the more modern décor

shopping (or taking in New

so ‘PC’ in this day and age, but I

the Inn on the Hill , opposite

still allows for some pub-style

Year sales) and don’t feel like a

love a good steak and, well,

Haslemere station. I suppose

nooks and crannies, where you

steak sandwich, go to Arco

can eat, drink and talk with

Felice. Joseph Guardaseione,

privacy if you so wish. Here the

who comes from Naples, owns

steak sandwich came in fine

this ristorante & pizzeria.

strips, with good salad and

With its great position at the

chips. It was slightly more

highest point of the town car

expensive but still good value.

park, Arco Felice offers you a

The third port-of-call in this

taste of Italian home-cooking

short ‘steak crawl’ took me to

and a great choice of pasta and

the Fox & Pelican, Grayshott.

pizzas. Ciao for now!

The pub certainly offers a great choice of food, which provided

Arco Felice above Haslemere town car park



a big temptation to leave the

Arco Felice, 01428 642681

path of steak and chips.

Fox & Pelican, 01428 604757

However, I stuck to my guns,

Inn on the Hill, 01428 642006

and was rewarded with a fine

White Horse, 01428 661276

meal at a fair price.




“Consistently inventive cooking, offering strong flavours, handled with sensitivity”. Hardens

“Absolutelydeliciousallofitfullstop” Sunday Telegraph

The critically acclaimed restaurant has moved to 20 Dragon Street where we can now offer car parking, function room, 40 seat restaurant, courtyard for the Summer and letting rooms for the New Year. We are able to take bookings for Christmas parties/dinner, Christmas Day & New Years Eve. We are open Tuesday - Saturday for lunch and dinner. Lunch from £19.50 for 2 courses £25 for 2 courses on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday Evenings. Opening possibilities for Sunday & Monday are available for large parties. JSW, 20 Dragon Street, Petersfield, Hampshire GU31 4JJ Tel: 01730 262030

Advertisement Feature Tanning Level also offer a

Tanning Level

full range of nail treatments ,

in Charter Walk offer a variety

ranging from Jessica

of services. The three state-

manicures and pedicures to

of-the-art lay-down sun beds

acrylic and u.v. gel nail

provide year-round tanning

enhancements. Their

in comfort and style. Whether

experienced technicians can

you are after a holiday or

pamper you fully and make

wedding tan, need a vitamin

you proud of your nails!

D boost, suffer from S.A.D,

A variety of items are

ecszema, psoriasis or just

available in the gift shop,

fancy a nice warm kip then

ranging from tan enhancers,

Tanning Level is for you.

teeth whitening kits and heated eyelash curlers to lip

“They are truly marvellous

volumisers and nail care

beds” Dr.Statham , Chertsey.


“I’ve never been on a bed

available for both tanning

offering aromatherapy

and nail services.

Gift vouchers are also

before, it was great!” Mrs J Greensmith, Midhurst.

If you are after a break from the hustle and bustle why not pop in and pamper yourself?

“I found the staff to be very friendly and knowledgeable

See advert on page 8.

about tanning” Mr C Lovell ,


Tel: 01428 648877


Schools Directory

Educatonal listings in and around Haslemere Adult Learning:


Adult Learning in Haslemere


State, male and female (over


a/ Conifers School

Bidbury for English

Preparatory School for boys


Individual and small group,

and girls in Easebourne near

professional and general

Midhurst, 01730 813243

Independent Schools:

English courses, summer

Please see advert on page 37


school for young learners and

Haslemere Preparatory School

Bidbury for English

Day School for boys and girls

boarding school preparation.

Day school for boys (4-13

See Schools, column 3, this

(3-13 years).

Also Adult Learning.



Nursery, Pre-prep and

Head teachers: John and

Headmaster: K J Merrick

Preparatory Education

Shireen Weston

Address: The Heights, Hill


University of the Third Age

Headmaster: Nigel Taylor

Address: Greywalls House,

Road, Haslemere, Surrey GU27

Adult learning

Address: Hazel Grove,

Hillbrow, Petersfield,


Telephone: 01428 682052

Hindhead, Surrey GU26 6BL

Hampshire GU33 7QR

Telephone: 01428 642350

Website: www.haslemere-

Telephone: 01428 604322

Telephone: 01730 894246


E-mail: bidbury-


Website: www.haslemere-



WEA Liphook Branch to develop education and

Barrow Hills School

Brookham School

Highfield School

learning with and for the

A Catholic Independent Day

Pre-Prep School for boys and

Day or boarding, (7-13 years)


School for boys and girls (aged

girls (3-8 years)

Headmaster: P G S Evitt

Chairman: Joyce Mounsey

3-13 years). All denominations

Head teacher: Diane Gardiner

Address: Highfield School,

Address: 43 Chiltley Way,


Address: Highfield Lane,

Highfield Lane, Liphook,

Liphook, Hampshire GU30

Head: Matthew Unsworth

Liphook, Hampshire GU30 7LQ

Hampshire GU30 7LQ


Address: Roke Lane, Witley,

Telephone: 01428 722005

Telephone: 01428 728000

Telephone: 01428 723041

Godalming, Surry GU8 5NY




Telephone: 01428 683639







Voluntary organisation works



Schools Directory M

Life King Edward’s School Boarding and day pupils, boys and girls (11-18 years) Offers the International Baccalaureate Headmaster: P K FultonPeebles Address: Witley, Godalming, Surrey GU8 5SG Telephone: 01428 686735 E-mail:



The Royal School Nursery

Headmaster: Henry Beltran

Girls and boys (2-4 years)

Address: Wispers School For


Address: Farnham Lane,

Girls, High Lane, Haslemere,


Haslemere, Surrey GU27 1HQ Telephone: 01428 605805

Surrey GU27 1AD Telephone: 01428 643646

Hambledon Nursery School



Independent, boys and girls


(2-5 years)


Head teacher: Lesley Whittle Address: Rock Hill, Hambledon,

Timbers Pre-School and

Barnkids Ltd.

Surrey GU8 4DR


Independent, full day care,

Telephone: 01428 684892

Independent, girls and boys

nursery (1.5-5 years), after


(3 months - 5 years) Address: 7 College Hill, Haslemere, Surrey GU27 2JH


school clubs and holiday clubs

(2-11 years)



Manager: Jeannette Walker

Telephone: 01428 645 001

Address: The Barn, Penang

Haslemere Preparatory School

Farm, Combe Lane,


Toad Hall Nursery

Chiddingfold, Surrey GU8 4XL

Independent, boys and girls

Independent, girls and boys

Prep School for Boys (2-13

Telephone: 01428 685633

(aged 2-4 years)

(3 months – 5 years)

years) and Girls (2-7 years)


Headmaster: K J Merrick

Louise Nettle: 01428 654117

Address: The Heights, Hill

Address: Chestnut Avenue,


Road, Haslemere, Surrey GU27

Haslemere, Surrey GU27 2JH


E-mail: haslemere@toadhall-

St Edmund’s Schools

Headmaster: Adam Walliker Address: Portsmouth Road, Hindhead, Surrey GU26 6BH

Camelsdale Playgroup

Telephone: 01428 642350


Independent, boys and girls


Website: www.toadhall-

(2-5 years)


Head teacher: Fiona Brodrick

Website: www.haslemere-


Address: Church Hall, School

Weydown Nursery School

Madhatters Nursery School

(2.5-5 years)

Telephone: 01428 643495

Independent, girls and boys

Manager: Clare Hitchmough


(2-5 years)

Address: Parish Hall Our Lady

Supervisor: Mrs Chiverton

of Lourdes, Weydown Road,

Telephone: 01428 609875

Surrey GU27 3RN St Ives School Girls and Boys Nursery and Girls Prep School (3-11 years) Head teacher: Sian Cattaneo Address: Three Gates Lane, Haslemere, Surrey GU27 2ES Telephone: 01428 643734 E-mail:

Independent, girls and boys

Road, Camelsdale, Haslemere,

amelsdaleplaygroup/ Caring Daycare Day Nursery

Address: Longmoor Road,

Haslemere, Surrey GU27 1BS

Liphook, Hampshire GU30 7NY

Telephone: 01428 654677

Telephone: 01428 727288

(School Hours) or 01428 722702

Independent, boys and girls (0-5 years)

Messy Mornings


Manager: Amanda Vaus

Independent, art and craft

Address: Pitfold House,

group (18 months - 5 years)



Woolmer Hill Road, Haslemere,

Address: Camelsdale Scout Hut,

Surrey GU27 1QA

Marley Lane, Camelsdale

Weyhill Montessori School Independent, girls and boys

Telephone: 01428 658666 Website:

St Ives School Nursery

(2-5 years)

Independent, girls and boys,

Principle: Mrs Dows-Miller

(3-5 years)

Address: Scout Headquarters,

Grayswood Nursery School

Head teacher: Sian Cattaneo

Weyhill, Haslemere, Surrey

Independent, boys and girls (2-

Address: Three Gates Lane,

GU27 1BX

Telephone: 01428 63052

5 years)

Haslemere, Surrey GU27 2ES

Telephone: 07774 936960


Supervisor: Mrs Monica

Telephone: 01428 643734




Address: Grayswood Village


Hall, Grayswood, Haslemere,



Surrey GU27 2DE

Mixed nursery (2-4 years) and Girls School (5-18years) Address: Farnham Lane, Haslemere, Surrey GU27 1HQ

Website: Wispers School Boarding and day pupils, girls


Telephone: 01428 658931

weyhillmontessori/ Life


The Royal School


Schools Directory

Wispers School, Haslemere

CONIFERS SCHOOL A preparatory school for GIRLS and BOYS

Come and see our new science laboratory and new year 6 classroom common room and changing facilities


Easebourne, Midhurst • Tel: 01730 813243 • email: • website: 37

Schools Directory M


Camelsdale First School

Grayshott, Hindhead, Surrey

Woodlands Montessori

Head Teacher: Sarah Palmer

GU26 6LR

Nursery School

Address: School Road,

Telephone: 01428 605596

Holme CE Primary School

Independent, girls and boys

Camelsdale, Haslemere, Surrey


Head Teacher: Miss Helena

(2-5 years)

GU27 3RN


Principles: Isobel Wood and

Telephone: 01428 642177


Lara Patrick

Email: office@camelsdale.w-

Address: Chichester Hall,

Grayswood C of E Infant

Telephone: 01428 714409

Petworth Road, Witley, Nr.

Website: www.camelsdale.w-

School (4-7 years only)


Head Teacher: Anne Bristowe


Address: Lower Road,


Godalming, Surrey GU8 5PL Telephone: 01428 685463

State Primary Schools: Boys and Girls (4-11 years) unless otherwise stated

Beacon Hill Primary School Head teacher: Mrs Jenny Dennett Address: Beacon Hill Road, Beacon Hill, Hindhead, Surrey GU26 6NR Telephone: 01428 605597 E-mail: head@beacon-

Fernhurst Primary School

Grayswood, Surrey GU27 2DR


Head teacher: Mrs Margaret

Telephone: 01428 642086


Liphook (Voluntary

Address: Haslemere Road,


Controlled) Junior School (7-11

Fernhurst, Haslemere, Surrey

years only)

GU27 3EA


Head teacher: Richard



Telephone: 01428 653144

Address: Avenue Close,

E-mail: office@fernhurst.w-

Hollycombe Primary School

(4-10 years only)

Liphook, Hampshire GU30 7QE

Website: www.fernhurst.w-

Headteacher: Stephanie Fiske

Telephone: 01428 722490

Address: Wardley Green, Milland, Liphook, Hampshire

Liphook Infant School (4-7

Grayshott Primary School

GU30 7LY

years only)

Head teacher: M J. Hills

Telephone: 01428 741332

Address: School Road,

Website: www.hollycombe.w-

Address: Openfields, Headley, Bordon, Hampshire GU35 8PQ

Head teacher: Mrs E A Cole Address: Avenue Close, Liphook, Hampshire GU30 7QE

Advertisement Feature


anceArt is an exciting new dance school in

have Mr Jeremy Kerridge, a

Haslemere, Surrey. In its first

full time teacher at Arts

year it has become successful

Educational, Tring Park, and

at festivals and ISTD

ex-principal form Northern

Competitions. This year at

Ballet Company and the

Tudor Rose Festival of Dance

Royal Ballet. Charlotte

and Drama DanceArt Gained

Gorton – performing in Guys

15 1st Places, 14 2nd Places

and Dolls the West End

and 11 3rd places . Many

Company – gave her time at a

students gained an 84 mark

Musical Theatre Workshop.

which qualifies them to the

This exciting week ended

next round in the All England

with a small presentation to

Dance Festival. DanceArt

the parents to show what we

were also awarded trophies

had been working on. A

for the highest mark in

senior and intermediate


award was given with a

Summer School 2006 was


We were very privileged to

scholarship to next years

hosted by DanceArt – pupils

summer school to Zoe Travis

from other schools attended,

for the intermediate group

Students had the rare chance

and Natasha Andrews for the

to be taught by professional

senior group.

vocational tutors, who are

Summer school 2007 –is July

actively within the dance

30 - August. For information,

industry, many of them ex-

contact Kahli Hayes on 07830

soloists and principals.


Schools Directory


Telephone: 01428 722036

Email: admin@shottermillinfant.surrey.sch

Northchapel Primary School


Head teacher: Miss Claire



Bohunt School, Liphook

Address: Pipers Lane, Northchapel,

St Bartholemew’s C of E

West Sussex GU28 9HZ

(Aided) Primary School

Telephone: 01428 707352

Head teacher: Mrs C. A.


McCracken Address: Derby Road,

Shottermill County Junior

Haslemere, Surrey GU27 1BP

School (7-11 years only)

Telephone: 01428 643634

Address: Lion Lane, Haslemere,


Surrey GU27 1JF


Telephone: 01428 642096



State Secondary Schools: Boys and Girls, (11-18 years) unless

Shottermill Infant School (4-7

otherwise stated

years only) Head Teacher: Miss M. E.

Bohunt School


Headteacher: Alan Taylor-

Address: Lion Lane,


Shottermill, Haslemere, Surrey GU27 1JP Telephone: 01428 642902

Address: Longmoor Road, 7NY

Amesbury School Founders Day Dinner in November: Mark Wood (Chairman of Governors), Mayor Brian Howard, Viscount Montgomery of Alamein (President), and Nigel Taylor (Headmaster)

Telephone: 01428 724324


Liphook, Hampshire GU30




Transform wins national award Haslemere-based Transform Landscape Design and Construction have won a national award for garden design. The award, for domestic gardens costing between £20,000 and £50,000, was sponsored by the British Association of Landscape Award Industries, and Transform’s management team went to London for the ceremony. We have been creating

hard work and expertise of our

gardens in Haslemere and

dedicated team.”

surrounding areas for many

The winning garden, which is

owner, said: “We are delighted

and commercial clients. The

with the new area; it is now the

company, which was started in

most used part of the garden,

1988 by Simon Gray, prides

years and so are thrilled to have

on the outskirts of Haslemere,

previously we walked past with

itself on courtesy, enthusiasm

won this award in a national

presented some significant

our eyes closed.”

and ingenuity with challenging

competition,” said Simon Gray,

challenges including several

Managing Director of

access points and changes in

constructs, restores and

Contact: Simon Gray,

Transform. “It recognises the

level. Mr M Stead, the garden’s

maintains gardens in private

01428 652222

The Grayshott Spa Club

Indoor and Outdoor Swimming Pools, fully equipped Gym, Indoor and Outdoor Tennis Courts, resident Tennis Pro, 9 Hole Golf Course and so much more. Go on, indulge yourself! For membership details, please call Amanda on: 07886 837638 Headley Road, Grayshott, Nr Hindhead, Surrey GU26 6JJ -


Transform designs,

sites or difficult access. Life





Orchard House, Church Lane, Haslemere, Keats Harding

Something in the air Established as a commuter town since the arrival of the railways in 1859, Haslemere and the surrounding area also benefits from having a great choice of schools and a wide range of properties. But change is in the air, as Nick Keith reports

Wood House, Haslemere, Clarke Gammon Wellers

he two big factors in the


from £185,000 to £165,000 and

that firm acquired by

2006-07 property market

have only returned to their

Prudential Property Services

are: the internet and the new

previous values this year. Keats

during the 1980s takeover

Clarke Gammon Wellers

Home Information Packs,

Harding have sold a two-

boom, and set up the present

seeking better schools, lower

which come into force next

bedroom flat in a converted

firm with his partner Andrew

prices and greater security. The

country house in The Lances,

Meehan in 1990. Keats Meehan

firm offers a wide range: from a

Farnham Road, for £215,000.

has nine franchised branches

£140,000 flat at one end to the

in Surrey, Sussex and

£1 million Wood House in

Hampshire, each independent

Chase Lane at the other – with

Modern technology means that people no longer need to

With demand strong,

Many Londoners approach

go to an office in London every

homebuyers can expect to pay

day, and many work from

around £500,000 to £750,000

but with shared marketing and

a gated entrance, swimming

home on one or two days a

for a good four-bedroom

a central database.

pool in secluded grounds and

week. “Houses within walking

house. And Nick Harding

distances of the station used to

expects the market to have “a

Gammon Wellers has five

much involved in selling new

sell at a premium,” says Nick

bit more bounce” next year,

offices, including one in


Harding at Keats Harding in the

adding: “We try to make sure

London and the branch in

High Street. “Now people

that houses in Haslemere are

Haslemere High Street (which

have offices in the High Street

search increasingly for more

marketed properly, that we test

opened in 2003). Steve Cooke,

as well as in Cranleigh,

rural outlying areas.” The housing market in Haslemere has rallied this year after a “gritty” 2005, he adds. Last year two-bedroom flats fell


Founded in 1919, Clarke

five bedrooms. They are also

Burns & Webber – who also

the market as fully as we can,

who has lived in Haslemere for

Godalming, Farnham, and

and we achieve the best price

nearly 35 years, believes that

Guildford – tend to sell houses

out of the negotiations.”

the experience and local

in the range of £300,000 to

Nick Harding joined Cubitt & West as a junior in 1978, saw

knowledge of the staff makes a major contribution to serving








Property t

Life evolved through the decades

the discussion and trial stage,

since the Victorians came here.

although the Government is set

The market, which is mainly

to launch the new scheme on 1

middle to upper, is still fizzing,

June. Vendors will probably

even in November.”

have to provide key documents

Typical Grayshott houses handled by Gascoigne Pees include Woodpeckers in

The Shealing, Headley Down, Gascoigne Pees

– such as searches, deeds and energy efficiency. So local agents are adopting a

Headley Road, with plenty of

‘wait-and-see’ approach as the

downstairs rooms (snug,

discussions continue; and trials

conservatory and study on top

have begun this November in

of the usual accommodation),

Bath, Newcastle, Southampton,

four bedrooms and a third of

Northampton, Huddersfield

£900,000. “The beauty of

Haslemere to Midhurst, with

an acre – for an asking price of

and Cambridge. Watch this

housing in this area is that

huge drawing room and master


space, the press, and the

there are properties to suit all

bedroom suite, plus a ground

Barn Oaks in Tudor Close _ a

tastes,” says Adrian Hardwick.

floor annexe (a guest, relative

modern detached refurbished


“For us the market is still driven

or staff living space).

house with four bedrooms –

by the railway station and the

In Grayshott, Clive Richards at

Government’s website at:

was priced at £445,000; and

Gascoigne Pees says the local

Lyon Lodge in Glen Road, with


market is “buoyant”. He adds:

2/3 bedrooms, was showing at

Burns & Webber,

& Webber include a two-

“Grayshott has everything you

£350,000. Neighbouring

01428 644001

bedroom cottage in Fernhurst

expect from a village – people

Headley Down has experienced

Clarke Gammon & Wellers,

for just under £240,000; a four

know everybody and they are

substantial development, and

01428 664800

bedroom family home in

friendly; there are lots of shops

buyers can find houses 25-30%

Gascoigne Pees,

Hindhead for £475,000; and

and everything you want in a

cheaper than in Grayshott.

01428 604747

Wheelwrights, a large house

community. The style of

close to the road from

property is varied, having

schools.” Typical offerings from Burns


Finally, the new Home Information Packs are still at

Keats Harding, 01428 661622











Useful Contacts

Canine Partners for

Service: 01428 605498

Independence: 08456 580480 Care In Haslemere:

Places of Worship:

01428 652505

Church of England:

Cats Protection: 01428 604297

All Saints’ Church,

Celebrate Marriage: 01428

Grayswood GU27 2DB


Telephone: 01428 656504

Childline: 0800 1111


Citizen’s Advice Bureau: 0844

8487969 Crossways Counselling Service: 01428 644333 Environment Agency: 08708 506506

Contacts in Haslemere & District: Emergency Services: Fire: Surrey Fire and Rescue Service, St Davids, 70 Wray Park Road, Reigate RH2 0EJ Telephone: 01737 242444

Telephone: 0845 125 2222 Surrey Police, 6 Carshalton Road, Sutton Surrey SM1 4RF Telephone: 0845 125 2222

Arts Groups: DanceArt (3-18 years) Telephone: Kahli 07830325426 Website: Haslemere Players Telephone: 01428 643334 Website: Haslemere Symphony Orchestra

Gas, Water and Electricity: Electricity Emergency: 0845 770 8090 Gas Emergency: 0800 111 999 Southern Water: 0845 278 0845

and Chorus Telephone: 01428 605612 Website: Haslemere Thespians Telephone: 01428 643585 Haslemere Town Band

Health: Dr C Taylor & Partners, Haslemere Health Centre, Church Lane, Haslemere, Surrey GU27 2BQ Telephone: 01483 783000 Dr C.P. Taylor & Partners, Fernhurst Surgery, Crossfields, Fernhurst, Haslemere GU273JL Telephone: 01428 651040

Telephone: 01252 331828 HHH Concerts Telephone: 01798 831242 Website: Opera South inc. Opera Omnibus Telephone: 01428 684291 The Grayshott Stagers Telephone: 01428 751898

Friends of Holy Cross Hospital: 01428 683144 Guide Dogs for the Blind: 01428 727617 Haslemere and District

Liphook Church Centre, Telephone: 01428 723119/01428 725390 St Alban’s Parish Church, Tilford Road, Hindhead Telephone: 01428 605305 St Bartholomew’s Church, Haslemere GU27 1BP Telephone: 01428 644578 St Christopher’s Church, St Christopher’s Green. Haslemere

Volunteer Bureau: 01428 661166

Telephone: 01428 644578

Haslemere and District Macmillan Cancer Care:

St Joseph’s Church R.C. Headley Road, Grayshott.

01428 605185

Telephone: 01420 472415

Haslemere Blind Club:

St Luke’s Grayshott Parish

01428 643971

Church, Headley Road

Haslemere Gateway Club:

Telephone: 01428 604540/01428

01428 654496


Haslemere Hard of Hearing

St Margaret’s Fernhurst, Church

Support Group: 01428 658190

Road GU273HZ

Haslemere Library: 01428

Telephone: 01428 652229


St Mary’s Bramshott

Haslemere Stroke Club:

Telephone: 01428 723119/01428

01428 645855



St Paul’s Camelsdale

Committee for Macmillan

and St Paul’s Lynchmere

Cancer Support: 01428 652238 HAV4D: 07930905016 Hazlehurst Trust through Surrey Community Foundation: 01372 861609 Helen Arkell Dyslexia Centre: 01252 792400 Hindhead Community Group:

Telephone: 01428 642983 St Stephen’s Church, Shottermill GU271NS Telephone: 01428 645878 Website: Three Counties Church, Church Office, Kings Road GU27 2QA Telephone: 01428 653011

01428 607816 Home-Start: 01252 737453

Jehovas Witness:

King’s World Trust for Children:

Jehovas Witnesses, 88 Weyhill,

Haslemere Hospital

01428 653504

Haslemere, Surrey GU27 1HS

Telephone: 01483 782000

Natural England (was

Telephone: 01428 642080

Haslemere Health Centre Telephone: 01483 783000

Holy Cross Hospital, Hindhead Road, Haslemere GU27 1NQ Telephone: 01428 643311 Homecall Doctor, Warrenden, Weydown Road GU27 1DS Telephone: 01428 654786 Royal Surrey County Hospital Telephone: 01483 571122 Police: Haslemere Police Station, 46 West Street GU27 2AB



Helplines, Support Groups & Charities: Alzheimer’s Society: 01428 642055 Arthritis Research Campaign: 01428 724741 BLISS: 01428 642320 Books On Wheels: 01428 604558 British Heart Foundation: 01483 419774

Countryside Agency): 020 7932 5800


Relate: 02392 827026

Haslemere Methodist Church,

Royal British Legion:

Lion Green GU271LD

01428 642675

Telephone: 01428 644334

Samaritans: 08457 909090


SPACES Young Parents Group: 01428 723910 Visitor Information Centre:


01428 645425

Religious Society of Friends,

Women’s Royal Voluntary

Useful Contacts


Portsmouth Road, Godalming, Surrey GU7 3BU Telephone: 01483 429955 Camberley Health Golf Club, Golf Drive, Camberley. Surrey GU15 1JG Telephone: 01276 232258 Champney’s Forest Mere Health Resort, Liphook, Hampshire GU30 7JQ Telephone: 01428 726013 Website: Cowdray Park Polo Club Dancers from Danceart performing their routine at the Haslemere Fashion Show in November 2006

Telephone: 01730 813257 E-mail: Website:

Quaker Meeting House, Mill

Cranleigh Golf and Leisure Club,

Lane, Godalming.

Barhatch Lane, Cranleigh, Surrey

Sunday Services: 10.30am


Roman Catholic:

Dean Farm Golf Course, Bordon

Telephone: 01483 268855 Haslemere Catholic Parish Cluster, 21 Derby Road GU27 1BS Telephone: 01428 643877 United Reformed: Beacon Hill United Reformed

GU35 9NG Telephone: 01420 489478 Haslemere Hockey Club Director of Hockey: Heidi Wells Telephone: 07973 345547 Director of Junior Hockey: Mandy

Church, Churt Road, Beacon Hill


Telephone: 01428608990/01428

Telephone: 01428 604643


Haslemere Recreation Association

Haslemere Rugby Club’s studs!

Woolmer Road,

Surrey GU6 8JE

Haslemere GU27 1QU

Telephone: 01403 753255

Telephone: 01428 644577

West Surrey Golf Club,

Milford Golf Club, Station Lane,

Enton Green, Enton, Godalming,

Milford, Godalming,

Surrey GU8 5AF

Surrey GU8 5HS

Telephone: 01483 42127

Places to Stay:

Telephone: 01428 661486

Georgian House Hotel

Haslemere Cricket Club

High Street, Haslemere, Surrey

Telephone: 01428 654459

GU27 2JY

Haslemere Educational Museum

Telephone: 01428 656644

Telephone: 01428 642112


Haslemere Lawn Tennis Club

Telephone: 01428 661486

Inn on the Hill, Lower Street,

Haslemere Rugby Club

Haslemere, Surrey GU27 2PD

Telephone: 07771530510

Telephone: 01428 642006

Haslemere Youth Football


Telephone: 01428 656215

Lythe Hill Hotel and Spa

Hindhead Golf Club, Churt Road,

Petworth Road, Haslemere,

Hindhead, Surrey GU26 6HX

Surrey GU27 3BQ

Telephone: 01428 604614

Telephone: 01428 651251

Hurtmore Golf Club, Hurtmore


Road, Hurtmore, Godalming,

Wheatsheaf Inn, Grayswood,

Surrey GU7 2RN

Haslemere, Surrey GU27 2DE

Telephone: 01483 424440

Telephone: 01428 644440

Kinetika Gym, The Herons

If you would like your organisation to be added


Leisure Centre, Kings Road,

to this directory, please e-mail your details to

Haslemere GU27 2QP

Sports and Leisure:

Telephone: 01428 658484

Broadwater Park Golf Club, Old

AND The Edge Leisure Centre,

Telephone: 01483 419200 Nordic Walking

Travel Numbers:

Andy Webb

Public transport information:

Telephone: 07950031538

Telephone: 08706 082608

Shottermill and Haslemere Football Club

Website: Train tracker: 0871 200 49 50

Telephone: John 01428 642296/07770568793


The Herons Swimming Centre

Telephone: 01428 658484 The Wild Wood Country Club, Horsham Road, Alford, Cranleigh,

FAO Lucy Coates. 47

Arts Diary

Arts Diary Friday 1st December Handel’s Messiah Guildford Philharmonic Orchestra Conductor: Malcolm Archer Venue: Holy Trinity Church, High Street, Guildford Time: 7.45pm Book tickets: 01483 444789 Charles Villiers Stanford: Arguably Britain’s greatest all-round musician Haslemere and District Recorded Music Society Guest Presenter: John Humphries (ARIBA) Venue: Shottermill Hall, Holy Cross Hospital Time: 7.45pm Saturday 2nd December Mozart’s Overture to Magic Flute, Mendelssohn’s Violin Concerto, Brahms’ Song of Destiny, Handel’s The King Shall Rejoice and Schumann’s Symphony No. 4 Haslemere Music Society Symphony Orchestra and Chorus Conductor: Darrell Davison Venue: Haslemere Hall, Bridge Road, Haslemere GU27 2AS Time: 7.30pm Book tickets: 01428 605612 The Parlay of Instruments, Telemann, Handel, Purcell and Bach Director: Peter Holman Venue: Petersfield Festival Hall, Heath Road Time: 7.30pm Book Tickets: 01730 261199 Sunday 3rd December Salsa Dance Classes Every Sunday evening until Christmas and again in January Venue: Hasleway, Lion Green Time: 6-6.25pm, Free Absolute Beginners Intro; 6.15-7.15pm Beginners; 7.30-8.30pm Improvers; 8.30-9pm Music and dancing. A Service For Advent The Bartholomew Singers Conductor: Anthea Morton Venue: St. Bartholomew’s Parish Church, Derby Road, Haslemere GU27 1BP Time: 6pm Tuesday 5th December JS Bach, Dupré, Franck, Jongen, Mulet, Mushel, Sweenlinck and Vierne Alton Organ Society Starring International Concert


Organist: Gillian Weir Venue: St. Lawrence Parish Church, Alton, Hampshire GU34 2BW Time: 8pm Saturday 9th December Mozart’s Mass in C Minor, Parry’s Ode on the Nativity Godalming Choral Society Conductor: Nicholas Steinitz Venue: Great Hall, Charterhouse School, Godalming GU7 2DF Time: 7.30pm Book Tickets: 01483 422006 Musica Sacra Ensemble Petersfield Chamber Choir Director: Ann Pinhey Venue: St. Peter’s Church, The Square, Petersfield, Hampshire GU32 3HS Time: 7.30pm Carols By Candlelight Tilford Bach Society and The London Handel Singers Venue: All Saint’s Church, Tilford, Surrey Time: 3pm and 6.30pm Book Tickets: 01428 713338 Christmas Concert The Waverly Singers and Locke Brass Ensemble Conductor: Malcolm Hicks Venue: St Andrews Parish Church, Upper Church Lane, Farnham, Surrey Time: 7.30pm Book Tickets: 01252 613765 Sunday 10th December Salsa Dance Classes Every Sunday evening until Christmas and again in January Venue: Hasleway, Lion Green For details, see Sun 3 Dec Tuesday 12th December Schubert’s Die Schöne Mullerin Hindhead Music Centre Venue: Hindhead Music Centre, Hindhead Road, Hindhead GU26 6BA Time: 7.30pm Book Tickets: 01428 604941 Wednesday 13th December Town Centre Carol Singing Chamber of Commerce dispenses mulled wine, mince pies and Town Band provides music Venue: Haslemere War Memorial Time: 7pm

Friday 15th December Christmas Pr0gramme Haslemere and District Recorded Music Society Venue: Shottermill Hall, Holy Cross Hospital Time: 7.45pm Saturday 16th December The Blues Band on tour Venue: Haslemere Hall, Bridge Road Time: 8 for 8.30pm Book Tickets: 01428 642161 Handel’s Messiah Farnham & Bourne Choral Society Conductor: Robin Wells Venue: St. Andrews Parish Church, Farnham, Surrey Time: 7.30pm Book Tickets: 01483 425575 Sunday 17th December Salsa Dance Classes Every Sunday evening until Christmas and again in January Venue: Hasleway, Lion Green For details, see Sun 3 Dec Friday 5th January John Eliot Gardiner Haslemere and District Recorded Music Society Guest Presenter: Paul Graber (Guildford RMS) Venue: Shottermill Hall, Holy Cross Hospital Time: 7.45pm Saturday 6th January Twelfth Night Concert Opera South Venue: Georgian House Hotel, High Street, Haslemere GU27 2JY Time: 6pm Book Tickets: 01730 817547 Sunday 14th January The Elixir of Love (L’Elisir d’Amore) by Donizetti Opera South: Introductory talk by Tom Higgins, Director of Music Venue: Capron House, North Street, Midhurst, W. Sussex GU29 9DH Time: 2.30pm Book Tickets: 01730 817547 Friday 19th January Celebrating Elgar’s 150th Haslemere and District Recorded Music Society Presenter: Rhona Morey Venue: Shottermill Hall, Holy Cross Hospital Time: 7.45pm Saturday 20th January Poulenc, Elgar, Laillet and Beethoven The Louisa Denby Trio – bassoon, oboe and piano

Venue: St Peter’s Church, The Square, Petersfield, Hampshire GU32 3HS Time: 7.30pm Tuesday 23rd January Alton Organist Society Organ Concert Alton Organist Society Starring international concert organist: Thomas Trotter Venue: St Lawrence Parish Church, Alton, Hampshire GU34 2BW Time: 8pm Yeoman Of The Guard Farnham Amateur Operatic Society Venue: Farnham Maltings tbc Time: 7.30pm Book Tickets: 01252 726234 Wednesday 24th January Yeoman Of The Guard Farnham Amateur Operatic Society For details, see 23 Jan. Thursday 25th January Yeoman Of The Guard Farnham Amateur Operatic Society For details, please see 23 Jan. Friday 26th January Tilford Bach Society Concert Venue: Farnham Castle, Castle Hill, Farnham GU9 0AE Time: 8pm Book Tickets: 01428 713338 Yeoman Of The Guard Farnham Amateur Operatic Society For details, see Tues 23 Jan Saturday 27th January Southern Pro Musica – Mozart Southern Orchestral Society Conductor: Jonathon Willcocks Venue: Petersfield Festival Hall, Petersfield, GU31 4TF Time: 7.30pm Book Tickets: 01730 261199 Yeoman Of The Guard Farnham Amateur Operatic Society For details, see Tues 23 Jan. If you would like your arts event featured here, please e-mail the

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Life in Haslemere Issue 1  

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