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life•line n. 1. 2. 3.

a. b. c.

An anchored line thrown as a support to someone falling or drowning. A line shot to a ship in distress. A line used to raise and lower deep-sea divers.

a. A means or route by which necessary supplies are transported. b. One that is or is regarded as a source of salvation in a crisis. A diagonal line crossing the palm of the hand and believed to indicate the length and major events of one’s life.

There are times in our lives when we find ourselves in utter distress. We need someone or something to save us from our situation and sometimes even ourselves. It is my intent that the content within this publication be a source of strength and encouragement to the kingdom of God and the world. We all need a hand outstretched in the time of need. We all need a Lifeline.

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Celebrating A Father of Many VOLUME 2, ISSUE I



By Mattie Stone-Williams


SIGNIFICANCE OF 40 By Mattie Stone-Williams



By Kira Channer


By M’Ronald Keith Tuck

This edition of Lifeline is dedicated to the ministry and man, Bishop Jeronn C. Williams, I. In order to understand and appreciate the man, you must understand his ministry, and his heart. “As for me, behold, my covenant is with thee, and thou shalt be a father of many nations.” Genesis 17:4 (KJV)

Revealing Order Part 2 By Mattie Stone-Williams

We must understand that “Order” is involved in everything we do as humans and it has life application to the world, its system and connections• In the studies of a practical nature: all creative processes and skillful works, working with materials whether they be fluid or solid, the knowledge of attachment and separation, the investigation of the essence of a mixture, understanding it as an entire entity and in its specific parts as well, allows us to recognize the specific attributes of each ingredient in the composition and the power or force that together they share. • This investigation allows us to discern what is precious from that which is worthless and to extract the full understanding of the purpose of what is being studied from its true hidden power.

• This knowledge opens gates of light and gives a glimpse of the sensation of the creation of the world. • It can reveal to us the buried secrets of nature and we can become aware of the hidden aspects of creation, and from it arises great wonders in this world. • Just as with the studies of a practical nature, in the realm of educational or theoretical studies, understanding order is the key that unlocks many sealed gates.

Lifeline / AUGUST 2013


• Order is the first among teachers, as it brings a knowledge to the heart • It allows an individual to comprehend and grasp the qualities and intentions in an educational debate, because within the realm of logic exists connections and divisions. • In expository teachings, there is an operation existing in the subject matter and a bond between various calculations. • Through our inquisitive searching through the words of the wise man, it is incumbent upon us to understand the reason why their words were ordered in a specific way, to investigate the relationship between the passages they composed, and the connection of each utterance to the one before it and the one after it. • This knowledge will allow us to open the gates to the essence of the matter itself. The order reveals deep secrets of wisdom so we may comprehend the subject matter in its entirety and in its specific parts, through the mechanism of finding the underlying reason behind the order.


and bone, every joint and orifice with their specific qualities and their relationship to the overall mechanical operation, • It is through this knowledge; one can extract the practical application and the purpose that is sustained within, the doctor to his practice of medicine and the engineer to his design of machinery. • When the knowledge of the relationship of one limb to the other, and the proper alignment of joints, cogs, gears or spokes is lacking, all is lost, because without the knowledge of the order, no actions can occur, proper calculations are impossible, and there truthfully is no understanding.

Order requires:

A Guidelines that are comprehensible and functional for all A The order should be based on program goals and values; A The order should be understood by participants A

The order should be restorable by all parties

• Similarly, with the operation of living beings, or the knowledge of mechanics and engineering, the knowledge of the relationship between the limbs, the attachment of sinews and tendons, and the order of the joints and vertebrae, is essential.

A The program order should be functional, working to make life easier, better, and more productive

• Our inquiry is into learning the nature of that which lives, the characteristics of its operation in general and the properties of each specific limb

A The order should contribute to a sense of aesthetic harmony.

Lifeline / AUGUST 2013

A The order should reflect changing conditions


40 Years of Life... in honor of Bishop Dr. Jeronn C. Williams, Ph.D. The Biblical Significance of his 40th Birthday Note: The Bible’s patterned numbers teaches us spiritual truth. It can be said that the Bible’s holy numbers cannot be mistranslated, paraphrased improperly, changed over time, or misinterpreted like words can be. A number in the Bible is never simply a number. Every number is there for a purpose. God calls us to search for meaning, hidden messages, and codes in the Bible. There is simply not enough substance in the words of scripture alone without scripture’s supporting numbers to meet all our needs and make us profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for instruction in righteousness. For the numbers of Scripture is God-breathed just as His words are. (2 Tim 3:16). “teach us to number our days aright, that we may gain wisdom of heart” (Ps.90:12) Only God’s numbers interpret God’s Word! The study of the number equivalent of alphabetical symbol and numeral value of words formed by letters is known by the Greek work , “Gematria”. Ancient traditions of Hebrews, Greeks, Romans and other ancient peoples

have used their alphabets for numbers with each number having significance.

Biblical significance of 40 years of life Birthdate 8/25/1973= 8= new beginnings; 25= repentance & forgiveness; (20)- redemption + (5)-grace; 1973= 20-redemption. Age 40- a time of consecration; a time of probation, trials & testing; a time of fulfillment He walks in this grace and favor, humbly; He preaches with revelation knowledge and power, He teaches to inspire and challenge leadership and discipleship, He leads by example both seeking forgiveness and repenting to encourage healing , personifying the true nature of a shepherd who loves the sheep.

Lifeline / AUGUST 2013 6

Your Servant’s Prayer

By Khia Stone

Dear God, I know that you would never put more on me than I can bear But sometimes this burden seems like more than I can bear More than I can understand or comprehend Sometimes I feel like the beginning was the end And I am just living in a memento Drowning from the undertow Of all things you said, so I’m patiently waiting on manifestation Of sons and daughters to find their way home Of prodigals who cease to roam The harvest of many seeds sown I believe‌ The word you gave me... That I would be a father to many nations Thank you for patience To raise the faceless To raise a up a righteous seed A chosen generation Lord, give me the strength to do all that I can To build up a people and serve the whole man. Amen. 8

Lifeline / AUGUST 2013

Planned Fatherhood

Photo courtesy of Lendel Marshall.


efore God formed me in the womb, he prepared a father to cultivate me to be in need of yet another Father‌ one born again not of the same blood, but yet His blood.

One who serves as the counteraction To a generation made faction

By Kira Channer

Within the heart of a little girl who was born a daddy’s girl. Not sharing the story of many growing up in the fatherless generation. INSTEAD, I was the spoiled girl who could be found on any given weekend strapped in the car with my father either helping him drive, or traveling from lot to lot surveying the newest model cars.

Lifeline / AUGUST 2013 9

INSTEAD, I was the daddy’s girl who ran to my daddy when mommy said “No.” The same dad who would spend his last on my wants…the color television in my room, Westie’s shoes, and the cutest coordinated outfits.

Photo courtesy of Lendel Marshall.

INSTEAD I was the comforted child who sat on the floor falling asleep while my father braided my unrelaxed locks of hair. MISREAD as the young girl who could do no wrong. MISLED into believing that I was above correction and that I had achieved the uninhabited state of perfection. Until I was introduced to my Father’s counteraction, who was not to blaze against the trail already paved, but reclaim and rename it according to THE FATHER’S blueprint.


Lifeline / SEPTEMBER 2012

DEAD now to the old version of self. Having now folded to the Master’s will. Willing to hear and listen to correction. Open to learn by way of direct instruction, and even the tumultuousness of the storm.

DEAD now to that old version of self who always needed applause or approval. DEAD now to that old version of self who believed her way was the best and only way. BRED to attract the promises of His Word. BRED to win, one victory at a time. BRED to chase Him just because… Because of a FATHER built to rebuild the building I AM.

Hard Shoes to Fill

Photo courtesy of Lendel Marshall.

By M’Ronald Keith Tuck

Sitting on the couch, to catch his breath each evening I’d find my Dad sat to rest. After a long days work to feed the family he rarely had the time nor strength to play with me. But, I could always find fun and games pretending that mine was his name. It would start with his hat the brim covering my eyes then a jacket or shirt added to my disguise. But, the most fun I found was trying to fit in his shoes size 12. First, with just sox, steps... and I was on my face Yet, I would stand aright and slow my pace. Stumbling about, still I was determined to try again I would don them once more with MY shoes within I stumbled less but still frustrated, because I could not walk like like my dad - the greatest! Exhausting all my novel and novice solutions to no avail I would settle for stumbling around and I did I not fail to try to be, to fill his shoes one day with my little heart fixed, and my mind made. But, one day dads shoes were not there and he could not be found resting in that old chair.

No hat and no shirts for me to use as a measure of my manhood I had no clues. I would soon learn that it’s not the clothes that make a man as I once supposed. Seemingly, working morning, noon and night, Dad was now rarely in sight. My new definition of being a man was living by what you produced with your hands. “But the work you’re doing is not for me”, there has to be something else BETTER for me. It was rough and rugged hands that I saw produce really tough, I thought for me to fill those shoes. With each passing day I found it harder to finish this journey so long ago started. The dream and the dreamer growing farther apart and soon a new journey would I embark. Mark the perfect man, I was taught and that was the man that I now sought. Iconoclastic images now me would surround each with a story so profound, of what it took for them to achieve Manhood, or so I was led to believe. The work ethic was soon to be an outdated ways and means to what could be achieved through scholastic schemes. Suited and booted and by all means well read was the journey, the path to get ahead. Lifeline / SEPTEMBER 2012 12

The shoes I now sought most to fill could only be achieved with franklins bills. No longer would my brow have to sweat in order for me to have what I get. But, train up a child in the way to go and it will remain when he gets old. I could not escape from what was instilled by the one whose shoes I still sought to fill. In a strait “betwixt� two, a dichotomy, I would soon find that sons were now watching me. I would rest my shoes, and doff my cap Now, these young ones that I’d not begat could be found stumbling falling flat on their face trying to fill my shoes, I was once in that place. Little did I know, that GOD was preparing me for the moment of inevitability.


Lifeline / SEPTEMBER 2012

The shoes, shirts and hat that I loved best had taken their final and eternal rest. It was then, that I realized that I was allowed to play not shunned but prepared for the day, that no matter how it was for me to walk I had to fill those shoes for other folk. In those shoes was more than tired feet, but a work ethic to get the job complete. The drive for a man to always provide for his children and the woman by his side. The dedication of a man to his God not spoiling the child by sparing the rod. We have not many fathers in this day and time with the ability to engage in something so sublime..... Boy becomes son, becomes man, becomes father ...hard shoes to fill!

Lifeline - 40/25 Edition  
Lifeline - 40/25 Edition