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might not know what's inside your fridge ( that would be creepy ), but I do know you have a deep desire to create big tsunamis of change in the world, the good kind, without being chained to a correctional facility, or worse, the scale, do you? Me neither.


you dream to be on Oprah one day or speak at TED, so you can share your story with the world + feel like you’ve made it. Maybe you want to rock a backless maxi dress with fuchsia lipstick + not feel like Fiona from Shrek. Or you might be day­dreaming about The New York Times Best Seller list for the obvious reasons, plus the satisfaction of rubbing it in the face of all those haters who called you Coo Coo for Cocoa Puffs. Who’s laughing now... losers! Deep down, we all have our own metaphorical Mount Everest to climb, but I’ve noticed that somewhere along the climb we get rear-­ended by a cacophony of loser thoughts ­"I'm not good/smart/ talented enough" + "I have a muffin top, so I don’t do pool parties.”

I get it. Been down that lane. Done that dance many times before.


why, when I sat down to manifest this project, I asked myself: "Why is this book worth writing? What am I trying to achieve?" I trust that the most valuable contribution I could ever make stems from letting you see behind The Wonderful Wizard of Oz curtain + exposing my

messy life in progress. It's like winning a golden ticket to my factory, where I'll be de­-programming my diet­-whacked brain + decoding decades of numbing myself with tiramisu.


appiness can’t be about deprivation, revealed only to the law­-abiding who manage to strictly follow the Grapefruit Diet. It can’t be about gluttony either,

found post-­anesthetizing our troubles with Chunky Monkey ice cream. Not on my watch!

Happiness is not to-­do material. It’s soul work. My mission is to reset our intentions around food with a sense of humor + good appetite. I hope you'll be my co­pilot for this messy adventure. What? Of course we’ll have waffles. You silly thang! Please prepare for departure. It's on!

Life is Messy Kitchen  

Product Preview Catalog. A quirky guide to sane, happy + clean eating. Created by Mayi Carles + friends. -- Ov...

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