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One of ten pairs of tickets to Malvern Autumn Show AND A champagne package to see Agatha Christie’s The Mousetrap PLUS One of five family tickets to the Living History Show

Sweet Berry Tartlets


Celebrating local heritage produce


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Welcome What’s your favourite thing about summer? Sunshine apart, mine’s the change of pace. As exam fever subsides and the schools close their doors on another year, the patterns of the world shift and we all, hopefully, get a chance to breathe out. Even if you don’t have children in education, there’s that wonderful lull; a precious pause between one cycle ending and another one waiting to begin. It’s so important how we spend these days. If you’re lucky enough to be going away there is simple pleasure to be found in an alternative to-do list; when to wake, what to read, what to eat and drink. And if you’re looking for things to do closer to home, there’s plenty going on to help you rest, regroup, and rediscover yourself afresh. This issue, among other things, we bring you loads of great events. You can also get daily updates on what’s happening locally by joining us on twitter @lisalambon or visiting our website I wish you a wonderful summer…

Lisa Lambon Publishing Editor

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Summer 2018 |

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21 Win one of ten pairs of tickets to Malvern Autumn Show

10 Damsels & Dragons Wildlife with Wendy Carter

26 Pershore Plum Festival Painting Pershore purple

33 Win a champagne package to Agatha Christie’s The Mousetrap

22 The Aveda Difference Hair care inspired by nature

39 Coughton Court Fabulous summer drama

63 Win one of five family tickets to the Living History Show

25 Personal Pet Care With the team at Folly Gardens

43 Malvern Autumn Record Breaking family fun

64 Money saving vouchers

30 Plum Tarte Tatin A seasonal Belle House recipe

46 Bredon Boat Races Summer fun on the water

45 Expanding Legal Expertise With Paul Johnson

48 Bikeway Ventures Cycling for young and old

60 Sweet Berry Tarts The best Belle House recipes

54 Worcester Stands Tall View the city afresh

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Damsels &




Refine your blonde


WIN!pairs of tickets to

Sweet Berry Tartlets One of ten n Show Malvern Autum Malv AND package to see URE A champagne E | LEIS WILDLIF ng local n | DRINK | D O O F | S GARDEN roduce HOMES |


























59 Beckford Croquet One man went to mow



Damsels &



amsels &


D Dragons

Damsels &



Refine your blonde

WIN! to ten pairs of tickets

One of n Show Malvern Autum AND package to see A champagne trap ’s The Mouse Agatha Christie


Sweet Berry Tartlets


Celebr e heritage produc

PLUS tickets to One of five family Show the Living History


lifeint hevilla

WINtenn!pairs of tickets to One of Autumn Show Malvern A

AND package to see A champagne Mousetrap Christie’s The Agatha C

R S PERSHO STIVA PLUM FES lo brating Celeb age prod herita

PLUS to five family tickets One of fi ng History Show the Livin

lifeint hevilla

Refine your blonde


Sweet Berrry Tart uk

F Front cover image: © / Shaiith


ur blon Refine you


WIN! to ten pairs of tickets One of n Show Malvern Autum

AND package to see A champagne trap ’s The Mouse Agatha Christie PLUS tickets to One of five family Show the Living History lifeint hevilla


Sweet Berry Tartlets


Celebr e heritage produc uk

This page, left to right, Pershore Plum Festival CREDIT Stuart Purfield; Common Darter unfurling its wings CREDIT Wendy Carter; Refine Your Blonde CREDIT Aveda uk

Summer 2018 |


& dragonss Damsels

Enter the magical world of damselflies and dragonflies this summer with local wildlife expert Wendy Carter of Worcestershire Wildlife Trust



Banded Demoiselle Female Credit: Roger Blandford 11

WILDLIFE Beautiful Demoiselle Credit: Wendy Carter

Figure 1: Common Darter Credit: Wendy Carter

feeding on flies, midges and even each other. It’s easy to encounter them up close by simply taking a wander along the Avon, stopping by a lake, or meandering along one of the many streams and brooks than run through the villages of Worcestershire. But what should you look out for?

Wendy Carter


rom dancing damsels to majestic emperors, the enchanting world of damselflies and dragonflies could be wrapped up in a children’s fairy tale. During the long warm days of summer, there are few sights more captivating than these delicate jewelwinged insects in flight. We have over 40 species of breeding dragon and damselfly in the UK, with an extra handful of migrants arriving in the summer months to swell our populations. They are creatures of the water, lording it over wetlands, moorland and woodland glades, 12

How the story unfolds Multi-coloured and iridescent, dragon and damselflies move through the air with such effortless grace that you could be forgiven for not realising that they spend most of their lives submerged in water. Other than their constant ducking and darting over water to catch flies, it’s hard to imagine the connection these stunning aerial acrobats have with life beneath the surface. Yet depending on the species, dragon and damselflies spend their first two or three years living in ponds, streams and rivers as nymphs. They move through a three stage life-cycle, hatching from an egg, developing into larva and only much later transforming into beautiful airborne creatures.

Most live above the surface in the mature form most familiar to us for a fleeting period of between two and eight weeks. Unlike the elegant adults, nymphs are creatures that look hard to love. Small, almost nondescript dull brown insects, they spend much of their time hiding in mud, ready to snatch passing live prey. Study their faces in detail and you’ll see that they have an extending jaw that makes them look like the alien in the famous films of the same name. Hatching from eggs, nymphs moult many times as they mature, breaking out of and shedding their old ‘skin’ multiple times until eventually, they clamber out of the water, shake themselves down, and discard their skin for a final time. It can take the newly emerging adult up to three hours to fully stretch out and dry their wings, and pump the fluids necessary for their new existence around their bodies. See Figure 1, above. Newly emerged dragonflies take a little time to develop their colours too – if you spot a particularly pale dragonfly with extra shiny wings, Summer 2018 |

WILDLIFE Common Darter Male Credit George Hauxwell

the chances are it will have only emerged in the last day or two. As soon as they are able, the adults will start to hunt and this often takes them away from their original bodies of water. They will, however, return to breed and some males will inevitably engage in fights with others to maintain control of a particular territory.

bodies that can appear Prussian blue in certain lights and mallard green in others. However, it’s their wings that make them easy to separate. As the name suggests, male banded demoiselles have a dark band across the central part of theirs whereas the wings of male beautiful demoiselles are dark all over.

Glittering fairies Beautiful and banded demoiselles in flight look just like the fairies of our imagination. Their delicate needlelike metallic bodies and fluttering pearlescent wings could have flown straight off the pages of a child’s story book. At a glance, it can be tricky to tell the females of the two species apart as both have lustrous green bodies. There is a subtle difference in that female banded demoiselles have pale green wings whereas those of the female beautiful demoiselles are dark brown, but in the field it’s often difficult to distinguish these colours. The males, on the other hand, are much easier to identify. Both have magnificent iridescent peacock-blue

Beautiful and banded demoiselles in flight look just like the fairies of our imagination | Summer 2018

However, the two species are not always found together. Banded demoiselles prefer slow-flowing rivers with muddy bottoms whereas beautiful demoiselles prefer rivers and streams with a gravel base. Look for banded demoiselles along the rivers Avon and Isbourne or the Bow and Badsey brooks. Beautiful demoiselles can be spotted on the Carrant, Leadon and Longdon Brook. This species is probably also present on the Broadway

Brook and other small streams but sightings elsewhere have not been reported to us; if you see one on your travels, we’d love you to take a snap and let us know. Majestic emperors The UK’s largest dragonfly, emperor dragonflies, are magnificent creatures on the wing from June to August. At 7cm in length, these impressive insects dwarf many of the other dragonflies in our area but are nothing in size when compared to the UK’s biggest ever dragonfly. The’ Bolsover Beast’, as it’s known, flew over swamps in Derbyshire 300 million years ago when oxygen levels in the atmosphere were much higher, and had a massive wingspan of more than 20cm. Emperor dragonflies stay close to large expanses of water and tend to fly high up, looking for insectprey such as butterflies and other dragonflies. It catches its prey in midair and usually eats it on the wing. Watching out for these feeding habits is a good way to identify different species because dragonflies are labelled according to them. Hawkers 13

WILDLIFE Figure 2. Emperor Female laying eggs Credit: George Hauxwell

tend to patrol up and down, often zigzagging whilst looking for prey and defending a territory, whilst chasers and darters make sudden dashes from a perch and skimmers brush close to the water’s edge. Emperor dragonflies are hawkers, constantly on the move and rarely sitting still, even when eating. Male emperors are a wonderful sky blue colour with an apple-green thorax (the bulky middle part of their bodies). Keep a look out for a fast-moving dragonfly that barely ever comes to rest, even when it’s caught its prey; the down-turned tip of its body is the final feature that will help you distinguish it from its similar looking cousin, the southern hawker. Female emperors are green all over and it’s these that you’re more likely to spot up close as they come down to find suitable vegetation amongst which to lay their eggs. See Figure 2, above.

Southern hawkers are our largest and fastest flying dragonflies; note how they hover and fly backwards. Like emperors, males and females are blue and green respectively but their bodies have more brown on them, making them easy to distinguish. Unlike emperors, they will patrol garden ponds

It’s a mistake to project human emotions and thoughts onto animals but common darters – the smiling dragonfly – always seems to look happy and woodland rides, hunting for food, well away from water. I’ve seen a southern hawker hunt and

catch a butterfly and even watched one munch its way through a bumblebee. It was not pleasant to watch but I remind myself that it’s all part of a healthy ecosystem; if the predators are doing well, everything else in the food chain must be working too. Smiling dragons It’s a mistake to project human emotions and thoughts onto animals but common darters – the smiling dragonfly – always seems to look happy. One of our later dragonflies, they emerge from early June onwards and hang around until the autumn, sometimes as late as November. They’re ubiquitous around still or even stagnant bodies of water and are frequently found around garden ponds. The females are a pale yellow-ish brown, not to be confused with immature males who haven’t had chance to gain their orange-red

Find out more 14

Summer 2018 |

WILDLIFE colour. Males are easy to confuse with ruddy darters, which are less common, but common darters are orange in tone (rather than deep red) and have yellow stripes down their legs. Their most interesting feature is their two-tone eyes; take a closer look at that smiling face and you’ll see they’re brown at the top and yellow beneath. Group flight The common clubtail dragonfly is a medium-sized, bright yellow and black beast with a club-shaped abdomen, in flight from early May to late June. Unlike most dragonflies it has separated eyes. Elusive as

Did you know? Many old folk tales refer to dragonflies stinging and biting but it’s impossible for them to do either. adults, once emerged they quickly move from the river to woodland as far as 10km away, where they spend most of their time in the canopy of trees. Now only found on fewer than fifteen stretches of river in the UK, they had a stronghold in the Avon for many years. Sadly, surveys over the last two years have found none present in the south of the county. The news isn’t all bad for

Worcestershire as they’re still present in the Severn and Teme but if you think you’ve spotted one, or would like to help out with surveying next year, please get in touch. Clubtail nymphs offer one of natures’ many enchanting spectacles as dense groups of them emerge from the riverbed synchronously and then the adults take flight together, a few hours later, all at the same time. It’s a sight I’ve not yet managed to see, despite many attempts, and the short clubtail season is almost over but I’ve not given up yet. The wonderful thing, when it comes to learning about wildlife, is that there’s always next year…

Southern Hawker Credit: Stuart Andrews | Summer 2018



Did you know?

Sun 24th Jun – Butterfly Walk at Monkwood. Booking advisable.

Worcestershire Wildlife Trust is celebrating its 50th birthday this year. We’d like you to join in with our celebrations by helping to turn Worcestershire wild:

Fri 6th Jul – Swinyard Hill: Flora & Fauna. Booking essential. Wed 18th Jul – Wild in the Woods Survival for families, Lower Smite Farm. Wed 1st Aug – Minibeasts Mystery fun for the family. Lower Smite Farm. Wed 22nd Aug – Whose Poo? Fun for the family. Lower Smite Farm. Thur 6th Sept – Limestone & Grassland Butterflies of the UK talk. Lyttelton Rooms, Malvern. Wed 19th Sept – Antarctica talk. Bishop Allenby Hall, Worcester.

We’re asking you to Pledge a Patch for wildlife pledgeapatch Do you know someone who does amazing things for wildlife? Why not nominate them to become a Wildlife Hero? wildlife-heroes Why not watch our 50th birthday video, featuring some of the 9935 species of wildlife that have been recorded on our nature reserves watch?v=y_tffAkShAU

Emperor Dragonfly Credit: Mike Averill


Summer 2018 |

WILDLIFE Scarce Chaser Credit: Jason Kernohan

Common Clubtail Dragony Female Credit:Mike Averill | Summer 2018


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Enjoy record breaking family fun this Autumn Enjoy a weekend packed full of home-grown family fun with entertainment for everyone including: • CANNA UK National Giant Vegetables Championship – who will be crowned the ultimate veg growing champion? • Vintage Village - kids can whizz around the helter skelter, ride the ferris wheel or take a spin on the vintage carousel and adults can browse retro fashion, homewares and classic cars. • World of Animals – get up close to pigs, sheep and more. • RHS Flower Show – immerse yourself in superb floral displays. • Flower, food and gardening demo’s from celebrity experts. For full details please visit Terms & Conditions: UK residents only. One entry per household. Competition closes Friday 31st August 2018. Winners will be notified by Friday 7th September 2018 and will receive their tickets by post. Prize not redeemable for cash. Judges’ decision is final. No correspondence will be entered into. | Summer 2018


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The Aveda Difference Refine your blonde with natural Aveda colour from the haircare experts at Graham West How can I achieve that elusive perfect blonde? It’s all about

us understanding what you want, studying your skin tone and eye colour, then custom blending. We can use lots of sophisticated techniques from ombre to balayage or babylights. However, we believe what matters most is the first step; listening to you so we can create a style that makes you look and feel fantastic; the best possible version of yourself. How does Aveda colour differ? It’s up to 93% naturally

derived and essentially damage free, using plant power instead of petrochemicals.1 We don’t rely on pre-blended tubes but mix natural tones and pigments into a base, customised for you. It means we always create individual colour that can be adjusted over time to keep it fresh and appropriate to the season.

Nina 22

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How do I choose from the different techniques? Your

colour needs to work alongside your haircut to add shape and texture. A precision crop would look stunning with solid platinum colour whereas longer flowing tresses might benefit from colour ecliptingTM in which multiple shades are woven through a base, giving the illusion of fullness and movement. Our stylists are


experienced Aveda colour specialists who can advise you on what will work best. Following our recent refurbishment, we work from a fabulous colour dispensary – a bit like an artist’s palette with all the tubes of pigment we need to hand - so clients can watch as we custom blend their colour. What’s new this summer?

New Aveda Full Spectrum Demi+ shine treatments are express services that deliver lasting results. Whether you’re glossing your natural colour, refreshing colour or covering grey, they add depth and shine, in just 20 minutes. What signifies your salon experience? We offer men and

women luxury haircare, inspired by nature. Set in a converted farmhouse surrounded by a garden, our salon offers easy access, free parking

Genna Summer 2018 |


and a high level of privacy. With a dedicated product area, we stock the full range of Aveda skincare, bodycare and make up. Since we opened the doors five years ago, we’ve added floor space and grown into a team of eight by keeping the focus on personal service. Also an Aveda Education Centre, we’re committed to ongoing training to keep our style on trend and our services fresh. How can I find out more?

Many clients visit the salon and ‘interview’ us before we touch their hair. Plus, this summer we’re offering 20% off any blonde colour service for new clients*. To book your complimentary consultation with Aveda samples, a skin test and advice please call us on 01386 860361. 1 From plants, non-petroleum minerals or water.

Book your Complimentary Hair Consultation for Aveda samples, a skin test and advice

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Kiall | Summer 2018


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Alexandra Rulon-Miller




e istered



Personal Pet Care Director Sally Cooper on the launch of a new Folly Gardens’ clinic


amily-run, independent and local – our approach at Folly Gardens puts pet health and client convenience at the heart of all we do. By focusing on clinical excellence, preventative care and personal service we’ve expanded our services, year on year, since 2006. In recent months, we’re thrilled to have taken over a long-established family-run practice in Leckhampton, near Cheltenham. With some fresh faces joining us, and a new location for appointments, this development brings several benefits. It means we’re now a team of 37, including vets, nurses, care assistants, management and support staff. We believe that the best clinical care begins with a commitment to education and continual professional development so our team includes those at different stages of their careers, from students and new graduates to professionals with more than 20 years’ experience.

WORDS: Sally Cooper | Summer 2018

NEW! Leckhampton clinic now open This diversity helps us to constantly move forward, keep pace with the latest ideas, invest in new skills and technology, but remain anchored by the wisdom that comes from years of handson experience. Between us we share a broad range of specialist knowledge – from animal behaviour to keyhole surgery and ophthalmology – which helps us deal with the most challenging of cases. It also means we can now offer appointments in four different locations; Walton Cardiff near Tewkesbury, Tewkesbury town centre, Bishop’s Cleeve and Leckhampton, near Cheltenham, as well as home visits via our mobile clinic. Keeping personal relationships high on our agenda, we take care to staff our clinics to ensure continuity of care. RCVS accredited and cat friendly, we regularly undergo rigorous inspection and adhere to recognised clinical standards of

excellence. For help and advice on any pet issue please call our friendly team.

Tewkesbury 01684 292244 Bishop’s Cleeve, Cheltenham 01242 679880 Leckhampton, Cheltenham NEW! 01242 234392 Home Visits 01684 292244



Words: Angela Taylor Photos: Stuart Purfield

Pershore Plum Festival, a unique event that runs throughout the month of August, is celebrating the ďŹ rst ever official National Plum Day on Saturday 11th August. Be sure to come along and enjoy the #PlumFun


very summer since medieval times, the orchards of Pershore have produced tonnes of glorious plums, including highly sought after heritage varieties like Pershore Purple, Pershore Yellow Egg Plum and Pershore Emblem. The 2018 Pershore Plum Festival offers a range of events, suitable for all, in passionate celebration of this humble fruit.

Sunday 8th July from 12noon, Plum Blossom Sunday - The Angel Hotel Celebrate the start of the 2018 Pershore Plum Festival with plum refreshments whilst listening to 26

some of the finest young musicians in the area and observing the crowning of this year’s Plum Princess. Guest appearances by Trevor Harrison (Eddie Grundy) from the Archers and our famous Plum couple - Eggbert and Prunella. Admission is free. Tuesday 31st July, The Angel Hotel Pershore Plum Festival Evening Races at Worcester Racecourse, WR1 3EJ The Festival resurrects prestigious local racing history courtesy of Worcester Racecourse. A purple themed evening packed Summer 2018 |

SUMMER EVENTS with Victorian and Edwardian antiquities and the revival of many horse races which celebrate the famous Pershore plums. For full details visit Saturday 4th, 11th & 18th August - Plum Alley Visit Plum Alley every Saturday throughout August to enjoy superb musical entertainment from local artists raising funds for their chosen charities. Buy a memento of your visit from the Festival merchandise stand and savour the plum delights of the unique plum food and drink on offer. Wednesday 8th & 15th August, Plum Coach Tours Enjoy a unique plum coach tour suitable for all plum lovers. Complete with a Plum Tour Guide, | Summer 2018

Thursday 23rd August Pershore Plum Festival BikeNite Held throughout Pershore, this event offers something for all the family. All bikes, mopeds, motorbikes, scooters, choppers and combinations and trikes are welcome for a night of live music, fun, excitement and plenty of plum food and drink‌

your day out will provide you with an entertaining insight into the Pershore Plum and you will also have the opportunity to pick your own fruit from the Vale Landscape Heritage Trust orchards located in The Lenches. To book your seat call 01386 792206.

Saturday 25th to Monday 27th August, Bank Holiday Festival Weekend Enjoy a three day extravaganza of purple plum fun. Join The Angel Hotel for its Big Plum, Beer, Food and Music Festival, visit Plum Alley which will be bustling with plum products, tastings and entertainment, and don’t miss the excellent yellow and purple shop windows throughout the town.



Sunday brings the family fun day where all ages can enjoy the Pershore Plodders 10K run, the Plum Pooches in the Park Dog Show, a plum craft market, children’s entertainment in the Plum Fun Zone, an open air plum praise service, the Plum Peddle Push and plum food and drink in

abundance in the food village. Plum Festival Fayre Day on Bank Holiday Monday is the pinnacle of this month long extravaganza – Pershore’s largest annual event last year attracted 25,000 visitors. It’s a great day out for all the family with attractions and entertainment throughout the town, including

classic and vintage cars, an award winning famers’ market, boat trips, arts and crafts, children’s activities and a food village. For more details contact Angela Taylor 01386 565373 or, join us on social media or visit Pershore Plum Festival @PlumFestival



Summer 2018 |

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Belle House Plum Tarte Tatin French Tarte Tatin is traditionally made with apples that are cooked in caramel, covered in puff pastry and baked in the oven until golden and crispy. Try this seasonal alternative from the menu at Belle House, Pershore



25g butter 25g caster sugar 2 cinnamon sticks 4 tarte tatin moulds or a tarte tatin tin or ovenproof frying pan 1 puff pastry sheet 500g plums, ripe but firm, stones removed

• Butter the tarte tatin pan or individual moulds liberally, cover with caster sugar and place the cinnamon sticks on top; halve the sticks if making individual ones. • Wash, dry and halve the plums and remove stones. • Place the plums into the pan/moulds, presentation side down. • Put onto the stove and caramelise the plums to a nice rich brown but not black! • Once caramelised, place the puff pastry over them and press around the edges so the plums are fully covered by the pastry. • Place in the oven at 180°/Gas 6 and cook for approximately 12 minutes, until the pastry is crisp and golden.


• Make the plum syrup for garnish by placing all the ingredients into a pan over a medium heat; bring to a simmer and cook for 5 minutes, stirring frequently so it doesn’t burn. • Strain the syrup and use to serve around each portion of tarte tatin. • Allow to stand for 5-10 minutes then turn out (use a large plate to invert the tarte onto) and serve with ice cream.

150g plums, washed & chopped 25g brown sugar dash of port ½ tsp ground cinnamon 25ml water & an extra dash if needed

Serves 4


Summer 2018 |

RECIPE | Summer 2018


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Win a Champagne Package to see Agatha Christie’s The Mousetrap in the West End The world’s longest running stage show It all started in 1947 when the late Queen Mary was approaching her 80th birthday on 26th May. The BBC wanted to do a special radio broadcast as a tribute. You must remember that in 1947 TV was virtually unknown and radio was the most popular form of home entertainment. The BBC made enquiries as to what she would like; Opera, Shakespeare, anything she chose was hers for the asking. Back came the reply, ‘an Agatha Christie play’. Agatha Christie wrote a 30 minute play for Queen Mary’s birthday called, ‘Three Blind Mice’. Little did she ever consider that from this little commission, a legend would be created. Five years later ‘Three Blind Mice’, was adapted into ‘The Mousetrap’. Now in its 66th incredible year, this world recordbreaking production continues to attract audiences to the St. Martin’s Theatre from every corner of the globe. For full details please visit or call the box office on 020 7836 1443. St. Martin’s Theatre, London, is offering Life in the Village readers the opportunity to win a Champagne Package to see the world’s longest running stage production. The prize consists of a pair of tickets (up to £105.00), a bottle of champagne, a programme and a souvenir brochure.

HOW TO ENTER It’s simple; just visit and enter your details as requested by Friday 31st August 2018. The winner will be notified by Friday 7th September. Terms & Conditions: UK residents only. One entry per household. Prize valid Monday – Thursday (exc. Bank Holidays), subject to availability. Matinees are available on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Must be taken within 3 months of notification on a date to be agreed with the promotor. Travel to London and accommodation not included. Prize not redeemable for cash. Judges’ decision is final. No correspondence will be entered into. | Summer 2018


Eleven regional offices

FLYFORD FLAVELL Superb Detached Bungalow With Four Bedrooms, In A Rural Location & Grounds Of Approx 3.7 Acres, With A One Bedroom Detached Annexe : Meadows Reception: Cloak/Shower Room: Kitchen/Breakfast Room : Conservatory: Snug : Sitting Room Open To Dining/Living Room: Inner Hall/Study : Four Bedrooms : En-Suite Shower: Family Bathroom. Annexe Hall :Sitting Room : Kitchen/Breakfast Room : Bedroom & Shower Room : Parking Area : Double Garage : Gardens, Paddocks & Two Stables : EPC Rating D


DRAKES BROUGHTON Substantially Extended & Refurbished Property Providing A Lovely Family House, Situated On The Outskirts Of The Village With A Large Triple Garage : Reception Hall : Cloakroom : Sitting Room With Log Burner : Dining Room : Study : Superb Kitchen/ Breakfast Room : Utility : Four Large Bedrooms : Two En -Suites : Character Family Bathroom : Attractive Oak Flooring Throughout : Spacious Parking Area : Triple Garage Block : Lovely Decked Seating Area & Lawned Gardens : EPC Rating E


PERSHORE Individual Detached House With Four Bedrooms, On The Outskirts Of Town But Convenient For The Town Centre, With A Plot Of About 0.4 Of An Acre In Total : Scope For Updating & Improvement : Reception Hall : Cloakroom : Three Reception Rooms : Attractive Kitchen Breakfast Room : Rear Lobby & Utility : Four Bedrooms : En-Suite & Family Bathroom : Separate Cloakroom : Gas Fired Central Heating : Double Glazing : Drive : Attached Tandem Garage : South Facing Rear Garden & Orchard : EPC Rating D :




01386 554747

Eleven regional offices

DEFFORD Detached Bungalow, Situated On A No-Through Road On The Edge Of The Village, With A Garden Of Approx. Half An Acre In Total & Rural Views To The Rear : Scope For Extension & Improvement Subject To Consents : Spacious Reception Hall : Sitting Room Part Open To Dining Room : Kitchen : Utility : Three Bedrooms : En-Suite Shower: Family Bathroom : Propane Gas Fired Central Heating : Double Glazing : Drive & Ample Parking Space : Large Attached Garage : EPC Rating F

OFFERS ON £450,000

LOWER MOOR Detached Property, In Need Of Improvement, With A Good Sized Garden : Reception Hall : Sitting Room : Family Room : Small Conservatory : Dining Room : Kitchen : Utility & Cloakroom : Three Bedrooms : Dressing Room : Shower Room : Gas Central Heating To The Main : Double Glazing : Photovoltaic Panels : Block Paved Drive : Good Sized Gardens Extending To Just Under * Of An Acre In Total : EPC Rating D

OFFERS ON £265,000

LITTLE COMBERTON Extended Bungalow With Two/Three Bedrooms, Situated Within This Popular Village, With A Good Sized Garden : Reception Hall : Sitting Room : Kitchen/Breakfast Room : Rear Lobby & Store : Shower Room : Dining Room/Bedroom Three : Two Main Bedrooms : Bathroom : Gas Fired Central Heating : Double Glazing : Off Road Parking : Short Garage : Attractive Good Sized Gardens : EPC Rating D



01386 554747


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NEW! Dog Grooming now available at i o leeve clinic

Donna, Sue & Lynsey Sue provide a top quality grooming, clipping & shampoo service To find out more and access FREE GUIDES on financial advice please visit my website

 What do you want for yourself and your family in the future?  Would you like to improve the returns on your savings and investment in 2018?  Is your Financial Adviser 100% independent? offer a o o gat o f rst s t at our ho e or a er off ce to su t a to a a e ease to he

Paul Urmston

DipFA, CeMAP, CeLTCI, CeRER & MIFS Business Development Award 2015

Independent Financial Adviser

01905 421196 07738 121 636 Open Space Business Centre Willow End Park, Malvern Worcs WR13 6NN

E: 2plan wealth management Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. It is entered on the Financial Services Register ( under reference 461598. Registered office: 3rd Floor, Bridgewater Place, Water Lane, Leeds, LS11 5BZ. Telephone 0113 302 1360. Registered in England and Wales: 292 6377 68.

 The Full Monty  Wash & Go

 Maintenance  Hand Stripping

Call 01684 536840

Furniture made to last for generations

VAT free

on Hepplewhite Fitted Bedrooms ordered by 30/9/18

At Vale we’ve been in business since 1969, ĂůǁĂLJƐ ŽĨĨĞƌŝŶŐ Ă ƉĞƌƐŽŶĂů ĂŶĚ ĨƌŝĞŶĚůLJ ƐĞƌǀŝĐĞ If there’s lots of wasted space in your bedroom it might be time to give ŽƵƌ ƚĞĂŵ Ă ĐĂůů͘ tĞ ĚĞƐŝŐŶ ĂŶĚ Ĩŝƚ ƐƚŽƌĂŐĞ ŝŶ Ă ƌĂŶŐĞ ŽĨ ƐƚLJůĞƐ ƚŽ ƐƵŝƚ LJŽƵƌ ŚŽŵĞ ĂŶĚ ďƵĚŐĞƚ͘ tĞ ĂůƐŽ ƐƚŽĐŬ Ă ŚƵŐĞ ƌĂŶŐĞ ŽĨ ďĞĚƐ ĨƌŽŵ ^ŽŵŶƵƐ͕ Slumberland and Myers. Stuart Jones bespoke headboards and ottomans are available to order.

54 C 01386 76 59 59


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Summer events at Coughton Court Enjoy a summer day out at one of Warwickshire’s most beautiful family homes suggests Abi Cole


fter a wet start to the year, the award-winning gardens at Coughton are flowering with abundance. Designed to complement the stunning Tudor house, a summer highlight is the walled garden offering a series of informal ‘rooms’, each with a different theme or colour, including hot and cool borders and a spectacular rose labyrinth displaying over 200 varieties. Set against this beautiful backdrop, our summer of events offers something for everyone. The programme begins with our annual Village Fete including a range of food stalls, music and traditional games suitable for all ages. On Friday 20th July the Lord Chamberlain’s Men will return with Shakespeare’s spellbinding masterpiece, The Tempest. This award-winning, all male company perform Shakespeare as it would

have been; in the open air, in full Elizabethan costume and with traditional music and dance. On Sunday 12th August talented theatre company, Illyria, are staging their version of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s classic story, The Hound of the Baskervilles. Sherlock Holmes, the original and greatest literary detective of them all, and his assistant Doctor Watson, will tackle the most baffling case of their careers in this faithful, cheeky but chilling adaptation. Seasonal refreshments and gifts will be available on both dates. These popular events offer a unique opportunity to gather the whole family together for an evening of theatre, enjoy spectacular live drama and watch the sun set over the Tudor court. Book your tickets now… and don’t forget to bring your picnic!

For opening hours please call 01789 400777 or visit: www.nationaltr t | Summer 2018

Dates for your Diary Coughton Village Summer Fete Sat 7 July, 12noon – 4pm. Traditional stalls, games and competitions on the lawn to raise money for local causes. Free admission to the gardens. Outdoor Theatre: The Tempest Fri 20 July, gates open at 6.30pm for a 7.30pm start. The Lord Chamberlain’s Men perform this Shakespeare classic against the beautiful backdrop of Coughton Court. Adult £15.75, child £8.40, family £40. The Duck Race Wed 25 July,Wed, 1, 8, 15, 22 and 29 Aug, 2pm. Celebrate the summer holidays by getting all the family together to sponsor a duck on Coughton’s traditional duck race down the River Arrow, plus traditional games for families. £2. Outdoor Theatre: The Hound of the Baskervilles Sun 12 August, gates open at 6.30pm for a 7.30pm start. Join Illyria theatre company for this production of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s classic tale against the beautiful backdrop of Coughton Court. Adult £15.75, child £8.40, family £40. Box office - 0344 249 1895

Follow us on Twitter @NTCoughton



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Cleaning & Ironing A reliable domestic service carried out to the highest standards, including all household chores, offered 7 days a week Small



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Laundry Service Caring for all your washing & ironing Linen & owel ire Fresh baskets delivered & collected Local Collection & Delivery





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Call ristina 0 8 4 41168

01684 34 501

hristina bredonhillcleaningservices co uk


Picture Scene


 Our a il uneral o e is ust t at and as e cellent, i

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 Personal and pro essional attention olders o t e

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ssistance availa le wit pre need arran e ents or pre pa ent plans

 ocal people servin local people  ried and t a ilies or


 Needlework Specialists  Re ra in


air ield ouse, e ord Road, Pers ore WR1 1


Paintin s

 P oto rap s

 Me ora ilia

01386 552141 .

 Prints

radin 1




Call 01386 750547

Find us at Church Street, Birlingham, Pershore Worcs WR10 3AQ - on the way to The Swan Inn!


Live Entertainment In Tewkesbury

Explore the full fantastic line-up at

Saturday 21 July 7.30pm

Thursday 26 July 1pm & 4pm

9 & 10 August 7.30pm

Friday 31 August 7.30pm

Friday 21 September 7.30pm

in Victoria Gardens

Saturday 25 August 7pm

The Roses also offers a packed season of ďŹ lm this summer, including Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again from its UK release date of 20th July!

01684 295074 |

Get AWARD WINNING advice from our HETAS approved experts

All Types of Roofing Work Covered Domestic & Commercial  Fascias, soffits & gutters  Specialists in rubber & fibre glass roofing  EPDM & GRP proven to last 50+ years  20 & 25 year guarantees  Fully qualified & insured  Free Inspection Call for a FREE survey

07590 191700

01684 770074

Suppliers & Installers of Quality Window Blinds Wooden • Rollers • Roman • Pleated Verticals • Venetian • Velux easured and itted ree Perfect Fit Conservatory Blinds antastic it and inte rated inis usin a re olutionar lind ittin s stem no drillin or scre s aila le as Pleated one com or Venetian Curtains Made to Measure oose our a ric and e ill measure su l and it or ou Exterior Awnings reate s ade and s elter en ance and rotect our atio all ear round Call Andy Pike

07749 795085 01386 725361 Search Homechoice Blinds 42

From cast iron to steel, boiler to heat only, wood-burning, multi-fuel, gas, oil or electric … there's a stove to suit every situation. As a local family company with 10 years’ experience we can help you choose.

Call today to book your Free Home Survey

01684 210614 07930 639488

Ben Bowers Heating Solutions Ltd

Wimber Hill, Dingle Lane, Hill End, Twyning, Tewkesbury Glos GL20 6DW



Celebrating Autumn Malvern Autumn Show, Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th September offers a day packed full of home-grown family fun. We talked to Diana Walton, Head of Shows

Diana Walton

What does the show offer families? It’s a celebration of autumn with plants, celebrities, giant vegetables, entertainment and cookery workshops for everyone to enjoy. What are the highlights? No Malvern show would be complete without a giant vegetable or two and the CANNA UK National Giant Vegetable Championship is always so much fun. Visitors will be amazed by the

sheer size of the entries - whether it’s pumpkins, carrots or onions, they all come in size extra large. Last year four world records were beaten including a red cabbage weighing in at a staggering 23.3kg. You can also enjoy gorgeous floral displays and buy top quality plants as nurseries go head-to-head for the last RHS flower show medals of the year. What else is there to enjoy? The World of Animals offers the chance to get up close and personal with farmyard favourites like horses and sheep and this year pig agility returns to the arena. Visit the Vintage Village where youngsters can whizz around the helter skelter, ride the ferris wheel or take a spin on the carousel in The Old Tyme Fairground whilst adults can browse the retro fashions and classic cars.

Food, flower and gardening experts will also be on hand including BBC Gardener’s World presenters Carol Klein and Alys Fowler, food writer Mark Diacono and florist Jonathan Moseley. Advanced tickets are now on sale, with a 10% discount for readers with code LITV18 before 14/9/18. For full details please visit or call 0844 811 0050. Calls cost 7ppm plus network extras.

10% off advance tickets booked before 14 Sept 2018. Quote LITV18 | Summer 2018


Chipped ark by the Load  ll spects of Tree  Garden Clearance  Stump Removal


 Hedge Trimming  encing & Turfing  Seasoned Hardwood Logs

Professionally Qualified & Fully Insured Domestic & Commercial Projects Undertaken Free Advice & Quotations

Call Chris on 07962 436211 or 01684 299378


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With decades of local experience, our experienced team has a solid reputation for consistently high levels of sales, honest professional advice and superb customer service. We cover Evesham town and the surrounding villages in WR10, WR11 & WR12. Call our friendly team today to arrange a r al a o .

Jon James


Andrew Leggett

Colin Morris

Karen Nightingale

Alex Worrall

o 01386 761241

7 Merstow Green, Evesham, WR11 4BD a 44

Kelly Harris







Expanding our Legal Expertise Paul Johnson, Managing Partner of Thomson & Bancks Solicitors reveals a significant new chapter for this major local legal firm.


onathan Davies, former Partner of Davies Murray-White, now Partner of Thomson & Bancks, and I are delighted to announce that, from April 2018, Davies Murray-White Solicitors in Stratford-upon-Avon has become a part of Thomson & Bancks LLP. The team in Stratford-upon-Avon provide an experienced, professional service with an all-important personal touch that Thomson & Bancks are renowned for. We are extremely pleased to welcome Davies Murray-White to our firm and it’s clear that the existing team in Stratford-uponAvon will fit in well with our established offices. This development to our business will benefit existing clients of Thomson & Bancks, and Davies Murray-White, as well as those seeking legal support in the counties of Gloucestershire, Worcestershire and Warwickshire. With the combined expertise of our highly respected practices, you can be even more certain of accessing a personalised legal service in Pershore, Tewkesbury, Cheltenham, Stratford-upon-Avon and the surrounding areas. About Davies Murray-White Davies Murray-White is a wellestablished law firm based in Stratford-upon-Avon. Like Thomson & Bancks, the firm provides specialist legal support for both private individuals and business clients. The existing services in | Summer 2018

Paul Johnson

Stratford-upon-Avon for residential conveyancing, commercial property, wills, probates and administration of trusts and estates are now supplemented by the specialist business, employment, family law, civil disputes and accident and injury services of Thomson & Bancks Solicitors. Whether you are looking for expert legal advice for your business or individual needs, our ethos “You matter to us” means that your case will be handled, from beginning to end, by someone who cares about you and the outcome of your matter. Please contact your local office for help with any legal concerns.

Visit our website to view our client testimonials 45



Bredon Boat Races

Bredon Boat Races are launching again this summer so put Saturday 1st September, 12noon-4.30pm in your diary and be sure to enjoy the action on the river. Words Amanda Bath Create a team We are now taking entries for teams so could you be a captain? It’s eight paddlers to a boat and the helmsman and all equipment is provided. If you’d like an entry form, please visit or email Entrance is £25 per team. Run a stall If you fancy having a stall of your own or would like to help run a stall, please email Amanda It’s still only £10 per table but no commercial stalls please. Donate a prize We’ll be running a bottle and a book stall so if you can donate a bottles, books or give your time please contact Amanda. We are also looking for high value prizes for a ‘Top Tombola’ stall to replace the raffle. If any local organisations would like to donate a prize and earn some publicity please email Amanda at 46

TIPS FOR BELL BOATERS Turn up at midday or you may miss your first race

Wear team kit or fancy dress and bring your family and friends Don’t worry about equipment as it will all be supplied but do be prepared to get splashed!

Join us on the day The racing takes centre stage, obviously, but there will also be live music by The ReVivals. It’s wonderful to see the village coming together to catch up with friends and enjoy the atmosphere in such a beautiful location so please come along. Refreshments will include a barbeque, pig roast, cider marquee and the cake-laden tea tent. This year, if the weather is as good as 2017 we’ll have more soft drinks and there’s even talk of Pimms and G&T… Support St Giles It’s all for a good cause, to maintain our historic church, a beautiful building which has hosted weddings, funerals, baptisms and services of worship for hundreds of years. It costs such a lot to maintain so please help us ensure this can continue. Admission remains just £2.50 per adult. U16’s free. Find us at The Old Rectory Meadow, off Dock Lane, Bredon, Tewkesbury, GL20 7LG. Summer 2018 |

Expand your living space this summer

Helping you Create a HOME you LOVE Windows, Doors & Bi-Folds Conservatories & Orangeries Garage Doors & Conversions Fascias, Soffits & Guttering Extensions

MONARCH HOME IMP ROVEMENTS Call Neil Hunt for a FREE Survey or advice

01386 861256 or 07970 979831 Quality is remembered long after price is forgotten!

Building all kinds of ponds & water features from the smallest garden focal point to an entire lake... PLEASE CALL TODAY FOR ADVICE Having trained at Pershore College 20 years ago, been awarded an RHS Chelsea Gold Medal and undertaken many projects, both domestic and commercial, I offer a complete design service from a new patio, pergola or fence to a comprehensive garden makeover. I only construct one project at a time and will always be on site myself. Whatever the size or scope of your project, call today for your FREE Consultation.

Contact Richard on

07860 603598

RHS Chelsea Gold Medal Winner 47


Back in the Saddle Rediscover the simple joy of cycling through the countryside with Bikeway Ventures


et yourself back in the saddle, sign up for a mini cycling adventure, and rediscover the simple joy of feet on pedals as you explore the best of rural Worcestershire this summer. The picture perfect villages of Bredon Hill and the Vale of Evesham offer the ideal setting for getting outdoors, filling your lungs with fresh air, and losing yourself in the rolling green of the countryside. You might even make new friends and get fitter along the way. Whether you are already a keen cyclist, a rusty novice who would like to improve, or a parent who wants to encourage their children to ride, Bikeaway Ventures, can help. An established family-friendly organisation situated in the Vale of Evesham, it has, as part of a


wider group, been hosting cycling events for over 20 years. One of the group’s main aims is to raise funds for local charities but it also seeks to promote a healthy lifestyle through cycling and hopes to improve opportunities for the Vales’ cycling community. Bikeaway Ventures has three established annual events; the Blossom Bikeaway which takes place in the spring, the Plum

All three Plum Bikeaway routes around Bredon Hill offer stunning views and spectacular viewpoints

Bikeaway and the Plum Peddle Push. The two remaining events on this year’s calendar are both linked to the Pershore Plum Festival. The Plum Pedal Push Sunday 26th August

Now in its second year, the Plum Pedal Push aims to promote cycling for children and is suitable for cyclists aged four to sixteen. It will take place on Sunday 26th August in Abbey Park, Pershore and will include a plum slalom course for beginners, a new Plumodrome, plus timed races on a 250 metre circuit. All entrants are encouraged to wear purple or decorate their bikes plum-coloured and everyone will receive a Pedal Push certificate showing their race position. Registration is essential and

Summer 2018 |


can be completed by visiting or in person from 10.30am on the morning of the event. The Plum Bikeaway Sunday 16th September

Offering cyclists the option of three plum routes from 8 to 52 miles (two of them newly extended for this year) this cycle ride takes place from Pershore College – a national centre for horticulture - and travels around Bredon Hill, offering stunning views and spectacular viewpoints. Registration is required and application forms can be found on the Bikeaway Ventures website. Pre- registration is cheaper, so why not save money and register today? Bikeaway Ventures are associated with the Pershore Unit of St | Summer 2018

John Ambulance and the Vale of Evesham Community First Responders. For more information concerning these organisations call Tony Haines on 07968 073634. For further information on The Plum Pedal Push or the Plum Bikeaway, please call 01386 565564 or email, join us on social media or visit

Facebook Bikeaway Ventures @BBikeaway


Give Your Carpet a Facelift         

Boiler Breakdowns Boiler Services from £50 Boiler Installations Radiators & Controls Underfloor Heating Oil & Gas Systems Renewable Energy Bathrooms Over 0 years e perience

All aspects of plumbing and heating undertaken

01684 210614 07930 639488 Wimber Hill, Dingle Lane, Hill End Twyning, Tewkesbury Glos GL20 6DW


We Get Right Down To The Grime So You Don’t Have To  Quality Service 20 years’ experience

offering domestic and commercial carpet cleaning to the highest standard

 A Superior Clean including Pre-spot

ON THE LEVEL Carpentry & Joinery

Stain Treatment, Hot Water Extraction, Residue Free Rinse, Carpet Grooming & Rapid Dry System

 Eco Friendly We use only the newest hot water extraction units with ecofriendly & bio-degradable chemicals

 Safety First Fully Insured

Call Bredon based professional Julian Woods for a FREE no obligation quote

General Building, Maintenance & Makeovers All types of Joinery for the Home & Garden from Minor Repairs to Kitchen Fitting A Reliable Quality Service ver 0 years e perience Please contact Mark Hunt on:

07500 847 585 01684 773 898 50

Imperial Carpet Care Book today on

01684 773900 07530 090898


flower festival

classic cars open gardens river trips dog show

fun run Saturday 7th & Sunday 8th July 2018 11am – 5pm FladburyWalkabout 52


WR10 2QX

Enjoy a splendid day out for all the family in one of Worcestershire’s most beautiful villages. Fladbury Walkabout has been a fixture in the Vale of Evesham’s summer calendar for decades, and offers activities and attractions throughout the village, from beautiful open gardens to boat trips on the tranquil River Avon, from the stunning flower festival in the church to the ever-popular dog shows. We have fun for children, live music on the green, an art exhibition for the connoisseurs, and a fun run for athletes of all ages. With a choice of our two pubs, lunches served in the Village Hall, and tea-and-cake venues dotted around Fladbury you’re never far from refreshment! Come and join us this summer and let us welcome you to our village festival Saturday 7th & Sunday 8th July 2018 11am – 5pm Adults £6.50 / U15 free / Weekend £8.50 Free parking & shuttle bus

J6 A44







Evesham 53


Worcester Stands Tall Rediscover Worcester with the giraffe art trail next month. Words: Helen Griffee


iraffes are set to take over the streets and open spaces of Worcester next month for a spectacular, ten week public art trail. The technicolour tower of 57 decorated sculptures will be displayed in all their glory from Monday, July 9th to Sunday, September 16th. The interactive, free art trail is called Worcester Stands Tall and is a Wild in Art event brought to the city by St Richard’s Hospice. It will be a fabulous attraction for tourists


while also encouraging county residents to explore the city in a new light. Of the 57 giraffes, 30 large sculptures are sponsored by organisations from across Worcestershire and will eventually be auctioned in October to raise funds for the hospice’s Build 2020 Appeal. The appeal aims to raise the final £1.4 million needed for a £5.3 million extension and redevelopment of the hospice building in Worcester – enabling it to care for more patients, loved

ones and the bereaved in the future. Artists from across the UK – and closer to home – have clothed each 8ft tall, fibreglass sculpture in dazzling artwork which will soon be revealed to the public. Alongside the large giraffes will stand 27 smaller calves, decorated by schools and community groups for a display in Crowngate Shopping Centre, Worcester. There will be an app in time for the trail too – which will be available from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. The

Summer 2018 |


app will allow visitors the chance to track their progress as they walk the trail, discovering giraffes and facts about the city along the way. Trail maps will be available from points around the city, including Worcester Tourist Information Centre, Worcester Cathedral, Crowngate Shopping Centre and the Worcester Stands Tall pop-up shop – also located in Crowngate.

On Sunday, July 22 the Worcester Stands Tall team is inviting everyone to discover their inner explorer and join its Safari Walk of the entire trail. Explorers can wear their best giraffe or safarirelated fancy dress and help raise as much as possible for the Build 2020 Appeal. There will also be a Farewell Event at Worcester Cathedral

from Friday, October 5 to Sunday, October 7 – giving visitors the chance to see all the giraffes together for the last time before they are auctioned on Thursday, October 11. To find out more, or to get involved with any of the events, visit For more information about the appeal visit

About St Richard’s Hospice St Richard’s Hospice provides free specialist palliative care for patients living with life-limiting illnesses and supports their loved ones. Each year the hospice team supports over 3,000 patients and family members in Worcestershire. The hospice strives to provide the best medical, practical, emotional and social support they can to help people live life to the fullest, as independently as they can, for as long as they can. St Richard’s is an independent charity and is grateful for all donations to help it continue its work. | Summer 2018


Natural Paving & so much more

Summer Offer Artificial grass from £8.25m2 + VAT (33mm) Ends 30/9/18 Fit also available Now Stocking Solid Composite Decking

Compare Our Prices Sensational Sandstone Autumn, Light Grey & Raj Blend Collected £14.00 m2+vat Delivered £16.50 m2 + VAT Camel Collected £14.95 m2 + VAT Delivered £17.00 m2 + VAT Fossil Mint Collected £16.50 m2 + VAT Delivered £17.50 m2 + VAT Sawn 6 Sides Honed Grey & Raj Delivered £29.50m2 + VAT mixed size patio packs

Offers end 30/9/18 or while stocks last

Yellow Limestone Collected £19.00 m2 + VAT Delivered £21.00 m2 + VAT Tumbled Yellow Limestone Collected £22.75 m2 + VAT Delivered £27.00 m2 + VAT Black Slate Collected £26.00 m2 + VAT Delivered £27.00 m2 + VAT Garden Sleepers Softwood 8'x8"x4"£15.50 + VAT New Oak 8'x8"x4"£28.00 + VAT

Tongue & groove sheds from £379 inc vat

Prices apply to full packs only

our local supplier of all types of  garden fencing  timber & plywood  concrete fence posts  aggregates  ironmongery

 gates  iron railings  turf & topsoil  artificial turf  sheds

 summerhouses  garden furniture  quality oak flooring  bark mulch  play grade chippings 56

The ld awmill Evesham Rd Toddington 4 F Call 01242 620 000

European fence panels from £31+vat



40th Overbury Street Market Andrew John invites you to enjoy the 40th anniversary of this annual fundraiser from 10am-12noon on Saturday 14th July


or the past 39 years Overbury’s unique street market has opened promptly at 10am and run for just two hours on the second Saturday in July. Set in our beautiful Cotswolds village, the event always draws a crowd and with only a short window available, trading is brisk and fun. Initially, the funds raised supported St Faith’s Church but over time the proceeds have also been shared with the village hall and other deserving causes within the parish. This year is our 40th anniversary event but we’ll be sticking to the popular traditional format. There can be few better ways of beginning a Saturday morning than enjoying a late breakfast with one of our infamous bacon butties, browsing our many stalls then relaxing in a beautiful garden with refreshments and an ice cream while listening to live music and song. Children can play in an area set aside in another lovely garden. There will also be demonstrations of local crafts such as corn dolly making.

t l i

New local stallholders welcome by arrangement | Summer 2018

Credit: Sarah Farnsworth

One of the most popular stalls is ‘Going for a song’, providing something for everyone at reasonable prices. Gardeners will love the selection of quality plants plus there’s books, toys, a bottle raffle and a superb prize raffle. Delicious homemade cakes and pastries from Anne’s Pantry always sell out quickly and locally produced lamb, beef and honey are on offer. Admission is free and complimentary car parking is situated within a few yards of the market making access easy for all. In the event of bad weather the event is relocated to the village hall. A visit to Overbury Street Market offers something for everyone and guarantees a great start to your weekend. New stall holders and offers of help are always welcome so if you are interested please ring Andrew John on 01386 725229 or email Find the market at Church Row, Overbury, Glos GL20 7NR 57

Get Motoring with our Great Value Bundles  Full Service + MOT £195 incl. parts  MOT only £36 with a full or mini service  Air Conditioning Service £95 or ReGas £69  Tyre fitting & laser alignment tracking service  FREE tyre pressure & under bonnet checks

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Station Yard Station Road Beckford GL20 7AN opposite The Beckford Inn

n tio Sta

Call 01386 882011

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LC MILLAR & SONS LTD Custom built with local expertise  Local family-run business

established over 40 years

 Highly experienced in all

aspects of construction

 Specialists in Cotswold stone  Complete service from

design to completion

 Extensions, renovations,

alterations and new build

 Ground works, drainage

and landscaping

 Domestic and commercial

Eamonn Millar Lawrence Millar Office 58

07973 427040 07976 738705 01386 725392




One man went to mow How one man’s vision led to the creation of Beckford Croquet Club with Susan Peters


eckford croquet club was founded by a man who looked at a field and saw a croquet lawn. In 2012, Chris Hague, having gained permission, set about carving a playable lawn out of rough grass, weeds and ruts. People passing by thought him a little odd to be mowing a field with a modest petrol mower; if asked what he was about his merry reply was ‘Well, I’m making a croquet lawn, of course!’ Gradually, with the help of friends and volunteers, 2,000 square yards of rough turf was tamed sufficiently to be described as a lawn; the croquet bit would come later. The Croquet Association (croquet’s National Body) were impressed enough to donate a startup package of basic equipment; mallets, balls and hoops. Beckford Village Hall provided safe storage in a small outhouse and the Club was off the ground! | Summer 2018

Try a taster game for just £5

Gradually local people became interested and took up membership, enjoying social interaction with friendly competition. Word spread and the number of players slowly increased to the 38 people who today enjoy both Golf and Association Croquet. Our modest clubhouse adds to the ambiance, providing shelter when it rains and shade to sit in when it’s hot. Players with a more competitive leaning participate in matches against other clubs in the South West Federation League. Croquet is a fun, sociable game, akin to chess or snooker, which provides gentle exercise for the body and mental stimulation. It can be picked up in a few hours but takes a lifetime to master. Annual membership is available at just £80, reduced if joining after July 1st. You can try a no obligation taster game for £5 per

session, under the guidance of experienced players or the club coach if present. Just turn up on a Wednesday or Saturday afternoon, wearing flat shoes and you’ll be assured of a friendly welcome and a fun game or two. For full details please contact Chris Hague 01242 621288 or visit



Belle House Sweet Berry Tartlets Crisp pastry, sweet vanilla custard and fresh raspberries combine in this light summer dessert from the menu at Belle House INGREDIENTS – SWEET PASTRY TART CASE

500g flour 150g soft butter 100g caster sugar 100g icing sugar 2 eggs 50ml cold water


426ml/ ¾ pint whole milk 4 egg yolks 4oz/113g caster sugar 2oz/56g corn flour ½ vanilla pod 100ml double cream 2 punnets of raspberries



• Put flour, butter and sugars into a mixing bowl or food processer and mix until it becomes the texture of breadcrumbs. • Whisk water and eggs together, then pour over flour mixture. Mix to create a dough. • Knead briefly on a floured surface then wrap in cling film (in a log shape) and refrigerate for 30 minutes. • Line a 7” tart case and blind bake, filled with greaseproof paper and baking beans, at 170 degrees for 12 minutes. Remove the beans and bake for 4 minutes. METHOD – CRÈME PATISSERIE

• Mix the sugar, egg yolks and cornflour together in a bowl until thoroughly combined. • Boil milk and vanilla then pour milk mixture over egg mixture and whisk together. • Return the combined mixture to the saucepan and stir continually over a medium heat until thick. Be careful not to let it burn on the bottom. • Remove from the heat, transfer to a bowl and cover fillm to prevent a skin from forming. with cling fi Allow to cool and place in the fridge until needed. • Before filling the tartlets, whisk the crème patisserie for a smooth finish h. • Garnish with fresh h raspberries.

Summer 2018 |

RECIPE Recipe courtesy of Steve Waites,proprietor of Belle House Restaurant & Deli-Traiteur, Bridge Street, Pershore,WR10 1AJ. | Summer 2018


Would you like to get paid to keep fit?

We are looking for distributors to join our growing team. We enjoy working with people who:  Like walking & being outdoors  Are honest, reliable and polite  Are fit, healthy and practical

 Have a few hours to give, five times a year  Want flexible, part time hours to suit  Can drive and have their own car

Rounds of various sizes are currently available in villages across Bredon Hill and the Vale of Evesham including: Stanton, Laverton and Buckland Wadborough and Severn Stoke Kinnersley, Besford and Hanley Swan

For full details or an informal chat please contact Lisa on

01684 773135 or 62



Will you be a lucky winner? Entering is easy; just visit by Friday 27th July 2018 Prizes: 5 x Family Tickets (2 adults & 2 children) for use on 11th or 12th August 2018


Watch over 300 re-enactors from ten periods of history live, drill and slug it out in mock battle scenes this August. With a wonderful atmosphere, it’s fun for all the family. Learn how Greek Hoplites, Viking Warriors, Tudor Doctors, English Civil War protagonists, Napoleonic Musketeers, WW2 Tommies and the German Wehrmacht lived, cooked, fought and socialised. Admission £8 adults, £3 ages 5-16, under 5s free. Family ticket (2 adults & 2 children) £20. Tickets only available on the day. Sorry but no dogs (unless assistance dogs), 2 for 1 offers, HHA passes or concessionary rates at this event.

Terms & Conditions: One entry per household. UK residents only. Competition closes Friday 27th July 2018 and the winners will be informed by Friday 3rd August 2018. Tickets will be held for collection on the gate. Prize not redeemable for cash. Judges’ decision is final. No correspondence will be entered into.

Join us 10am - 4pm 11th & 12th August It’s a great day out for all ages!


visit and enter your details as requested by Friday 27th July 2018

Enquiries 01905 345 106 | Summer 2018




For new customers of Beauty Beyond until 30/9/18. Please present voucher at reception. Offers cannot be combined. T’s & C’s apply.

New clients only. First visit. Any stylist excl. Graham West. Ends 31/8/18. Please present voucher at reception. Offers cannot be combined. T’s & C’s apply.

The Coach House, 2a Bull Lane, Winchcombe GL54 5HY. 01242 604 017

Craycombe Farm, Evesham Rd, Fladbury, Pershore WR10 2QS 01386 860 361





*Current Spar Bredon price £37.99. Ends 30/9/18 or whilst stocks last. Call & Collect on 01684 772394 Church St, Bredon, Tewkesbury GL20 7LA DRAPERS SPAR BREDON




Autumn, Light Grey & Raj Sandstone from £14.00m2+VAT. *Full packs only, collected. Ends 30/9/18 or whilst stocks last. The Old Sawmill, Evesham Rd, Toddington Glos GL54 5DF 01242 620 000

*Free pudding or ice-cream when you order a hot main course or daily special by 30/9/18. Excludes soup, sandwiches, baguettes and paninis. One voucher per person. Worcester Rd, Mythe, Tewkesbury GL20 6EB 01684 299996





*Artificial grass supply and fit also available from our in-house landscaping team. Ends 30/6/18 or whilst stocks last. The Old Sawmill, Evesham Rd, Toddington Glos GL54 5DF 01242 620 000


Ends 30/9/18. Bredon based mobile service 01684 773900 or 07530 090 898

*Booked by 14/9/18. Call 0844 811 0050, calls cost 7ppm plus network extras, or visit & quote LITV18.





*Free chocolates when you order flowers over £25 by 30/9/18. Excludes wholesale & Interflora. 01684 290288 Tewkesbury Garden Centre, Worcester Rd, Mythe, Tewkesbury GL20 6EB

Ordered by 30/9/18. Please present voucher at showroom. T’s & C’s apply. 54 Cheltenham Road, Evesham, WR11 2JZ T: 01386 76 59 59



Summer 2018 |

Agricultural Supplies P & D Engineering Tewkesbury Garden Centre Alarms & Security Buzz Electrical Vale Heating & Plumbing

6 68 20 5

Animal Supplies Crofts @Folly Gardens Folly Gardens Vets P & D Engineering Tewkesbury Garden Centre

36 25 6 68

Appliances The Vale Group


Aquatics Tewkesbury Garden Centre Art & Picture Framing Picture Scene Awnings Homechoice Blinds Bathrooms Ben Bowers Heating Solutions Gary Williams Building Services Vale Heating & Plumbing Beauty Therapy Beauty Beyond Beds & Bedroom Furniture The Vale Group Blinds & Curtains Homechoice Blinds Boiler Repairs & Installations Ben Bowers Heating Solutions Vale Heating & Plumbing TEM Plumbing

68 40 42 42/50 6 5 6 37 42 42/50 5 24

Building & Groundworks Gary Williams Building Services L C Millar Ltd On The Level Park & Landscapes

6 58 50 18

Building Merchants Cotswold & Vale Supplies


Business Services Cluer HR Solutions


Cafés & Restaurants Brown’s Garden Restaurant Calor Gas & Coal Tewkesbury Garden Centre Cars & Motorcycles Eddie’s Autos

7 7/68 58 | Summer 2018

Carpentry & Joinery Gary Williams Building Services On The Level

6 50

Carpet Cleaning Imperial Carpet Care


Central Heating Ben Bowers Heating Solutions Vale Heating & Plumbing TEM Plumbing Charities St Richard’s Hospice Worcestershire Wildlife Trust

42/50 5 24 38/54 10

Chimney Repair & Repointing LCM Flat Roofing


Chiropodist Treat My Feet


Cleaning & Ironing Bredon Hill Cleaning Services Imperial Carpet Care

40 50

Coal & Calor Gas Tewkesbury Garden Centre


Convenience Store Drapers Spar Competitions Malvern Autumn Show Spetchley Living History Show The Mousetrap Complementary Therapies Beauty Beyond Conservatories & Orangeries L+L Installations Monarch Home Improvements

Dry Stone Walling LC Millar & Sons


Electrical Appliances The Vale Group


Electricians Buzz Electrical 20 Vale Heating & Plumbing


Electric Gates Buzz Electrical Vale Heating & Plumbing

20 5

Estate & Letting Agents Allan Morris Gusterson Palmer & James

34 44

Fascias, Soffits & Guttering L+L Installations LCM Flat Roofing Monarch Home Improvements

9/24/67 42 47

Fencing Chris Radbourne Cotswold & Vale Supplies Park & Landscapes WaterStone

44 56 18 47


Financial Advice Paul Urmston


21 63 33

Fires - Gas, Electric & Stoves Ben Bowers Heating Solutions Vale Heating & Plumbing

6 9/24/67 47

Firewood Chris Radbourne Cotswold & Vale Supplies Tewkesbury Garden Centre Florist The Flower Shed

Curtains & Blinds Homechoice Blinds


Days Out & Events Beckford Croquet Club Bikeway Ventures Bredon Boat Races Coughton Court Fladbury Walkabout Spetchley Living History Show Malvern Autumn Show Overbury Street Market Pershore Plum Festival The Roses Worcester Stands Tall Worcestershire Wildlife Trust

Function Venues Brown’s Garden Restaurant

59 48 46 39 52 20 19 57 26 41 54 10

Funeral Directors E Hill & Son Merstow Green Funeral Home

Dog Food Folly Gardens Vets


Dog Grooming Crofts @Folly Gardens


Furniture – Indoors & Out Severn Seating 3 Tewkesbury Garden Centre The Vale Group Garage Eddie’s Autos Gardening Gary Williams Building Services Garden Centres & Supplies Cotswold & Vale Supplies P & D Engineering Tewkesbury Garden Centre

42/50 5 44 56 7/68 29 7 40 51 6 68 37 58 6 56 6 68





INDEX OF ENTRIES Gardening & Landscaping Chris Radbourne Cotswold & Vale Supplies LC Millar & Sons On The Level Park & Landscapes Ltd Severn Seating Tewkesbury Garden Centre WaterStone

44 56 58 50 18 36 68 47

Gas Engineer Vale Heating & Plumbing Ltd


Green Issues Buzz Electrical Ltd Vale Heating & Plumbing Guttering L+L Installations LCM Flat Roofing Monarch Home Improvements

20 5 9/24/67 42 47

Hairdressers Graham West Hair Design


Handyman Gary Williams Building Services TEM Plumbing

6 24

Health & Wellbeing Beauty Beyond St Richard’s Hospice

6 38/54

Heating Engineers Ben Bowers Heating Solutions Vale Heating & Plumbing TEM Plumbing

42/50 5 24

Logs & Fuel Chris Radbourne Cotswold & Vale Supplies Tewkesbury Garden Centre Massage Beauty Beyond Newspapers Drapers Spar Painting & Decorating Gary Williams Building Services

44 56 68 6 32 6

Pensions & Investments Paul Urmston


Pet Supplies Folly Gardens


Plastering Gary Williams Building Services Plumbing & Supplies Ben Bowers Heating Solutions Vale Heating & Plumbing TEM Plumbing

6 42/50 5 24

Security & CCTV Buzz Electrical Ltd Skips Budget Skips

20 3

Soft Furnishings Homechoice Blinds


Solar Power Vale Heating & Plumbing TEM Plumbing

5 24

Solicitors Thomson & Bancks


Swimming Pools Waterstone


Theatre The Roses


Tiles & Tiling Vale Heating & Plumbing


Timber Merchants Cotswold & Vale Supplies


Tree Surgeon Chris Radbourne Park & Landscapes Ltd

44 18

Podiatrist Treat My Feet


Ponds, Pools & Aquatics Park & Landscapes Tewkesbury Garden Centre WaterStone

18 68 47

Tyres Eddie’s Autos


Property Letting & Sales Allan Morris Gusterson Palmer& James

34 44

Veterinary Surgeon Crofts @ Folly Gardens Folly Gardens Vets

36 25

Human Resources Cluer HR Solutions


Insurance Paul Urmston

Pubs, Cafes & Restaurants Brown’s Garden Restaurant



Volunteering St Richard’s Hospice Worcestershire Wildlife Trust

Ironing Service Bredon Hill Cleaning Services

Recycling & Waste Removal Budget Skips


Waste Removal & Recycling Budget Skips


Reflexology Beauty Beyond


6 50 37 24 5

Restaurants, Pubs & Cafes Brown’s Garden Restaurant Belle House

Water Gardens, Pools & Ponds Park & Landscapes Tewkesbury Garden Centre WaterStone

18 68 47

Weddings & Events Brown’s Garden Restaurant The Flower Shed

7 29

Kitchens Gary Williams Building Services On The Level The Vale Group TEM Plumbing Vale Heating & Plumbing Legal Services Thomson & Bancks Lettings Allan Morris Gusterson Palmer & James Log Burners Ben Bowers Heating Solutions Vale Heating & Plumbing


45 34 44 42/50 5

7 30/60

Roofing & Chimney Work LCM Flat Roofing


Rural Supplies Crofts @Folly Gardens Folly Gardens Vets P & D Engineering Tewkesbury Garden Centre

36 25 6 68

Schools Dodderhill Independent Girls


38/54 10 3

Windows & Doors Cloudy2Clear L+L Installations Monarch Home Improvements

32 9/24/67 47

Wood Burning Stoves Ben Bowers Heating Solutions Vale Heating & Plumbing

42/50 5

Summer 2018 |

Superb quality annuals and perennials selected with care by your local independent garden centre Plant, herbs, bulbs, seeds and grow-your-own goods Fertilisers, weed control, garden tools, pots & planters Greenhouses & garden buildings, homewares, gifts & cards

Free Pudding or Ice-Cream with a hot meal or daily special until 30/9/18. One per person

We are much more than just a garden centre Brown’s Garden Restaurant - Florist - Greengrocers Brookes’ Greengrocer open all day Thursday & Friday + Sat morning - FREE parking Open every day including Bank Holidays Mon-Sat 9-5.30, Sun 10-4

Call us on 01684 293103

T E W K E S B U RY G A R D E N C E N T R E , W O R C E S T E R R D , M Y T H E , T E W K E S B U RY G L 20 6 E B

Life in the Village - Folly View - Summer 2018  

Life in the Village - Folly View - Summer 2018

Life in the Village - Folly View - Summer 2018  

Life in the Village - Folly View - Summer 2018