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BE in the FLOW! | FALL/WINTER 2020



BE inthe flow!

20 12 I’M NOT PICKING ANYONE ELSE RELATIONSHIPS | PMD shares reasons why allowing God to pick your mate is important in life.

14 COVER STORY L.O.S.S. Founder, Treva Gordon shares Life, Love, Loss and Moving Forward.

20 SAYING GOODBYE TO A LEGEND ENTERTAINMENT | A TRIBUTE: A reprint of our interview with the late, Legendary Bishop Rance Allen




07 LETTER FROM THE EDITOR Be sure to read our letter from our Editor, Shanica LaShay Bell

08 SENDING YOUR CHILD BACK TO SCHOOL FAMILY | Making the best choice for your family

10 5 TIPS ON REMAINING FOCUSED LIFESTYLES | D’Andrea Bolden shares 5 tips on remaining focused during this season


IS IT IDOL WORSHIP? LIFESTYLES | What does God say about our custom holiday traditions?

25 NOT BUSINESS AS USUAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP | How to deal with your stressors and distractions in business during COVID-19



Our Editor shares her favorite beauty products



“All of it goes to Him, every bit of it. I’m a firm believer of the scripture that says without me you can do nothing, but with me we can’t be stopped. When God is for you who can be against you?” - Bishop Rance Allen 4

BE in the FLOW! | FALL/WINTER 2020




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BE in the FLOW! | FALL/WINTER 2020

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BE inthe flow!

The year 2020 began with just as much enthusiasm and optimism as any other new year. America celebrated and life went on as the world normally does, but then the world suffered a great loss, and we have not bounced back yet. January 21, 2020, the CDC confirmed its first Coronavirus case in the United States of America after the announcement of the mysterious virus was unveiled in Wuhan, China on January 9, 2020. On January 26th, NBA-star Kobe Bryant lost his life, along with her daughter Gigi and 7 other members of the helicopter that went down in Calabasas, California that Sunday morning. Then, a month later February 23. 2020 the black community felt the jolt of the murder of Ahmaud Arbery. He was a 25-year old black man that was pursued and fatally gunned down while jogging in a city near Brunswick, Georgia. Then about a week later, March 1, 2020 police, with a no-knock warrant entered the residence of Breonna Taylor, shooting and killing her. With civil injustice and unrest in our communities, protesting, rioting, and looting became a familiar scene across America. With the blatant police knee on the neck of George Floyd, 43 of Minneapolis which resulted in his death - black Americans took to the street to cry loud and spare not. As if that was not enough trauma, the world was ordered under quarantine and many people began to slowly see the Coronavirus hit their homes, families, and even themselves. We heard a President say that it was not real amid hearing about people dying from it. My own mother and stepfather would contract the virus yet survive. There was still so many that did not, so many ‘Rest in Peace’ posts on social media; I saw so many funerals posted on social media that were virtual. Many family members were unable

to say goodbye or farewell to their loved ones because of this pandemic. Those that could attend were required to wear a mask. My own Aunt Deloris Houston’s funeral was virtual, she passed away from cancer on June 30, 2020. There was also a virtual link to join her homegoing. What is this world that we have come to know? During these tragedies – world known and personal, we have held on to our everlasting faith and trust in the Almighty God. When the doors of the churches closed, we got close to God. We became innovators and entrepreneurs and tapped into our gifts to get by when jobs were closed. We figured out ways to fellowship through social media and other virtual methods. We are resilient. Even amid loss. In June 2020 Rayshawn Brooks was murdered by officers in Atlanta, Georgia in a Burger King parking lot. This was another unarmed black man shot and killed by law enforcement. Just two months later in August police would shoot an unarmed Jacob Blake seven times in his back in Kenosha, Wisconsin. This sparked more riots and looting – even murders. So many people have suffered so much loss this year and have had to find ways to be resilient, keep busy while confined within their homes, and stay mentally sane. I invite you too keep the Word of God close to you and place all your cares at the feet of Yeshua Hamashiach. He is your peace, the Truth, the Way and the Life in times of trouble. I pray that 2021 brings you an abundance of peace and prosperity. Trust and believe that God still has His best intentions at heart for you.




A big question parents have right now is how students can go back to school safely during COVID-19.


ince the 2020 school year has begun, parents and students have had to readjust and adapt to a new life amid a host of changes during this pandemic. With schools closing their doors and going to a remote learning model, many parents have had change their work schedules, quit their jobs, or rely on others to stay at home with their child to oversee their school day. Teachers have also had to readjust their lives, teaching students from a virtual platform, while implementing a new routine to keep the students engaged while being indoors, looking at a computer screen all day for 5 days a week As 2021 closes in, the question has been asked, do we send our children back to school and is it safe? Although schools encourage parents to send their children back to school, there are others


BE in the FLOW! | FALL/WINTER 2020

that are adamant that they will not send their children back to school. School officials have stated tht they have taken the necessary precautions, thoroughly cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing the schools. They also say that they will allow more breaks for handwashing.

Why students should go back to school– safely The AAP guidance is based on what pediatricians and infectious disease specialists know about COVID-19 and kids. Evidence so far suggests that children and adolescents are less likely to have symptoms or severe disease from infection. They also appear less likely to become infected or spread the virus.

The latest American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) advice says children learn best when they are in school. However, returning to school in person needs careful steps in place to keep students and Schools provide more than just staff safe. academics to children and adolescents. In addition to reading, Ideally, local school leaders, writing and math, children learn public health experts​, educators social and emotional skills, get and parents can work together exercise and access to mental to decide how and when to rehealth support and other things open schools. These decisions that cannot be provided with onwill need to take into account line learning. For many families, the spread of COVID-19 in the school is where kids get healthy community, as well as whether meals, access to the internet, and schools are able to make inother vital services. person learning safe. Schools and families should also prepare Parents must ultimately make the to go back to virtual learning if best decision for their families to COVID-19 cases increase in the stay safe and COVID-19 free. community.




5 Tips to Remain Focused This Season by D’Andrea Bolden


his is a season of many distractions and if you are not careful you will lack the ability to be productive due to a lack of focus and consistency. When I say productive I am simply referring to using your time in the way that is best suited for your life..


BE in the FLOW! | FALL/WINTER 2020

Distractions can come in many forms such as the news, social media, current happenings, tv, and other things that seem to pop up. This is an unusual season for all of us which adds to the struggle to remain focused. The events taking place around the country along with the plethora of news headlines are enough to keep anybody unfocused. However, this is a very critical and prophetic period of time that requires discipline, focus, and great intention. Below are a few tips to help you stay focused so that you can be more productive. 1. Make a schedule - As more people find themselves at home the lack of structure in their day is showing. Set a schedule so that you can ensure you have time set aside to be productive on a daily basis. 2. Exercise - It’s good for your health and when I say health I’m including your mental health. Get out of the house and get moving. A lot of people have accidentally gained some unwanted pounds due to being in the house more snacking. YOu will be surprised how a sedentary lifestyle can affect your concentration and productivity 3. Book a mental health appointment - There is so much fear and anger running rampant in this country. For many, this is making it hard to rest and to focus. 4. Rest more - If you feel tired take a nap and rest. I don’t ascribe to the belief that you need to start 5 businesses, write 4 books, and launch 10 products during this time. For some, this is simply a time to get some rest and relax a little bit. 5. Prayer and meditation - You can never go wrong being rooted and grounded in prayer and meditation especially when we are praying and meditating on the Word of God.




by PMD It is critical that we must be patient, to allow God to spiritually, strategically match us perfectly without our so-called “help“. So we willingly give Him this task. I think we’ve already done enough to know that if we want what God has for us, we will seek his face and obey. Through trials and tribulations of picking not quite the right ones, it teaches us to trust our Savior, in all matters. Acknowledge the fact that your husband should love you as he loves himself, by God‘s commandment, and by his heart. (Ephesians 5:28; so ought men to love their wives as their own bodies. He that loveth his wife, loveth himself.) And you will submit to him by commandment, and by your heart. (Ephesians 5:22; wives, submit into your own husbands, as unto the Lord.) Together, you will do your best to fulfill his will for his kingdom in your marriage. Since you are a man of God, she can feel certain that you already know what he expects of the two of you, as God reveals it. Thereby, satisfying your needs as well. It’s a spiritual match because God ordained it. It’s such a great match, that you will get each others unfunny jokes; You’ll be incompatible to be compatible; You’ll be opposites that attract; You’ll like the same movies. Dislike the same political and world issues. You’ll both love ballet, and football; You’ll dislike each other‘s favorite book. You’ll think each others idiosyncrasies are cute, not weird like everyone else thinks. You’ll have each other‘s back, and to scratch. She’ll like how God will make you like her personality. He’ll like how God will make her like your ugly feet so much that she won’t mind grooming them for you. How she’ll watch over you all night when you are sick, how she love the sound of your voice, how you‘ll love watching her, just because. Who but our God can put all that together in such an excellent way? While always remembering that God is your first love. Wait on Jesus. I say all that to say this, I am so exuberant in my patience, knowing that God is choosing each of us just for each other. So without God’s help, I’m not picking anyone else. Ahhh, don’t at like you don’t know, or at least have heard of one or two. You know, the kind of quality that God honors. It may be a trillion years ago that we have to go back to remember that there actually is such a thing. That may be why I find it so refreshing when I actually hear of a present day quality relationship. Yes, They still exist. I think of my parents relationship. That was quality. I was taught morals and values, although some I forgot for a time, and most I remember now that I have asked for God‘s forgiveness, and ask God to come into my life. I’d like to also refer to the present day relationship of my Apostle Samuel, and Prophetess Carlita‘s marriage. I’ve witnessed their love and devotion to each other. (Heb 13:4; let Marriage be held in honor in all things). They have a serious and playful side. True examples of quality, can extend to your relationships with your family, friends, and career. I think about what Mary and Joseph had with one another, that Joseph initially doubted Mary’s reality about the Holy seed that God planted in her womb. Before the angel visited Joseph in a dream, he said, “I’m not your baby daddy.” Afterwords Joseph stood by Mary and her impending birth of Jesus. Joseph loved Mary and was told by an angel that Mary truly was a virtuous woman. Joseph’s relationship with God was of true quality, enough to stay with Mary, and father Jesus as his Child. To have a saved mother and father, and all that a loving family entails is a blessing. To be able to just grow up in God‘s beauty and sweet air. Without all the pure pressure, violence, drugs, etc. these things were present back then, but much more prevalent today. I’ve been told so many times that I am spoiled. So does spoiled mean that being brought up in a two parent loving home, or living on Sunnybrook shady Apple tree Lane, with a dog named Spot, and my siblings names are Dick, Jane and Shawanda? I agree that we were certainly sheltered.


BE in the FLOW! | FALL/WINTER 2020

Psalms 62:5; My soul, wait thou only upon God; for my expectation is from him. But, as adults now, I can see the damage that some of that protection caused. Mind you, I am not saying by any means that I don’t appreciate my parents and they’re doing the best they could. Imagine the shock my siblings had when we found out that families actually screamed at each other, hollered, fought, stabbed, and killed each other! I’m saying to you it is still very hard to wrap my mind around this! When unsaved I don’t know if I could have withstood the pressures that some young people of today deal with. I know that God has a grace on our lives. (Ps 41:1; The Lord will deliver him in the time of evil in trouble.) So I pray that all that don’t know God, will. And, I say all that to say this, put God first, and through his word, he will guide you to the truest quality relationships. Most importantly of all, the one that you have with all mighty God.




BE in the FLOW! | FALL/WINTER 2020


LIFE I am from Detroit, MI. I grew up loving God and family. I remember my mother taking me and my sisters to church every Sunday morning. I loved God and knew that I wanted to serve Him. I grew up in River Rouge, MI, and attended public school. Since the beginning, I was faced with learning challenges, difficulty learning. I was placed in special education from the 1st through he 6th grade. I felt like, “I didn’t belong.” I got baptized at my local church at the age of 8 and one day while visiting the city of Atlanta, GA on vacation with my family, at age 13, God filled me with His Holy Spirit. I could immediately feel a change. Things were good. Life was great. I never had a boyfriend in high school. I was shy when it came to boys. After high school, I hung out with friends, dated, eventually had a boyfriend or two. We broke up. So, I was single. I attended college for 2 semesters but ended up dropping out because I could not afford it. I quit. I started working dead end jobs. Often times, I had no place to stay from the ages 1822. I needed a change. Home life was getting complicated to live because of so much arguing in the family home. At the age of 20, my mother was diagnosed with cancer. I needed an out and prayed much for strength and guidance. So, at the age of 22, I joined the Army. I needed a change, I was going through a change. LOVE I joined the Army. Something I never thought I would do; but I did. After basic training and attending school for my field, my military occupation was in the field of transportation, I was a truck driver and was sent to Ft. Campbell, KY where I was assigned. I arrived in summer, June 1992. Upon the first day of arrival, I was introduced to this good-looking Sergeant. This Sergeant made me feel welcome and asked me where I was from. He was from Texas. We later became friends, and in one month, he was my boyfriend. I was 22 years old and Robert was 26. We were 4 years apart. We began serving various missions together as truck drivers in the military. He liked me. I liked him. For the first time in my life, I felt like I had a person who was truly in my corner. A man who loved me for me. One to not take advantage of me, but who loved me unconditionally. Within 6 months of dating, Robert proposed on a beautiful clear night in December. I said, “Yes.” We thought we would wait at least a year to marry, but God led us into another direction. On March 13, 1993, I said yes to this beautiful man and became his wife. It was the best day I ever had. I remember the vows we had spoken unto God and to one another. As he looked into my eyes and I stared into his eyes, I remember being honored to be his wife. As a young married woman, I first experienced loss of my mother’s failing health. I was stressed out and prayed to God for healing. Then one day while sleeping, I received an urgent call that woke me in my sleep. A family member who told me about my mother being in the hospital and that I needed to come. It was serious. My mother was dying. My mother had cancer. My husband and I arrived at the hospital. I was in disbelief. But never lost hope in God as I prayed for healing. I remember my mother, having such a warm smile as she lay in bed, she put our hands together, and quietly prayed a prayer over my husband and I and told us that no matter what to stick together. The next day, she went home to be with Jesus. I believe that is the prayer that kept Robert and I together. My mother prayed for us. continued on page 17




BE the FLOW! | WINTER 2019

LOSS Throughout life, we have ups and downs. Highs and lows. But all in all, I’m grateful and blessed for everything I’ve been through. They say, “It’s not where you been but where you are going.” I disagree. I say, both are equally important. Because it is your journey. It is the person that you are today. Your past is your fiber. It is your DNA and because of your scars throughout life, it dictates your future and how you respond to life. I believe that we can all change, but certain situations such as death, we cannot. So, it begins with one question, “What is Your Truth?

Through networking, I soon started working in the field of television and in radio. I founded Leading Ladies, led women groups and conducted conferences, traveled as a playwright and life was really good. Then, in 2013, my husband entered a battle with his health for 7 years. I never knew that it would be such a journey. Through it all, Robert always gave God glory. He even became a pastor and started Mile High Church in 2015. I was now a Co-Pastor serving alongside my husband in ministry. Life was good, God is good.

I was a stay at home mother for 5 years. Blessed to have 3 beautiful children (Robert Jr., Tevin, and Robyn). They help keep me grounded. In the year 2000, at the age of 30, I went back to school to continue my education and graduated with honors at the age of 35 from Austin Peay State University. I even cheated death in 2004, after giving birth to my daughter and survived it. I had toxemia and the doctors said I would not live. But God. I am still here by God’s grace and mercy.

In June 2019, I experienced one of the greatest losses in my life. My Husband Robert ended his battle with cancer. Robert was the love of my life and we were married for 26 years. I was lost. I found myself completely heartbroken and devastated as if my heart was shattered into a million pieces. I found myself depressed and in a low place. But found comfort therapy, support groups, in travels, and sharing my broken heart with strangers in airports, airplanes, staying with family and friends who showed love Years later, my testimony went viral in 2013; around and kindness with great empathy, acceptance and no the world, thanks to the 700 Club with Televangelist judgment. Pat Robertson. In 2005, I started a business. Who would have ever thought that the little girl in special education from the 1st- 6th grade would graduate from college with honors or even start her own busicontinued on next page ness? Phil 4:13. God is great. LIFE IN THE OVERFLOW MAGAZINE


“Take as long as you need.” - Treva Gordon, L.O.S.S. MOVING FORWARD “WHAT IS MY TRUTH?” This is the one question that helped me to move forward. My grief had caused me to shave my hair, I was spending money, traveling. I was running. Traveling was my drug because I did not like coming home and Robert was no longer there. I stopped living. I disappeared from social media. Then one day it hit. I just got back in from a trip. I looked around and Robert was not there. In sadness, I screamed out. I dropped to my knees in my bedroom and cried and cried and cried. All I could do is give it all over to God. My truth was, I missed Robert, and that he was never coming back to me. I was not happy about it. I did not want to accept this reality. This pain. I missed my best friend. Then God spoke to me. Once I gave it to God, His message was to lend my story and to share my story, my pain, my broken heart with others. Can you believe that my first speaking event was to a group of widows. The date was 26. Everything significant in my life happens to be the number 26. From meeting my husband and he was 26, to the number of years we were married. I shared my story for the first time in public. It was incredible. Life changing. I felt healing. I felt the strength of God. It was the beginning of His plan for me. God calls my “Beloved,” and gave me a ministry called L.O.S.S. – Lending Our Shared Stories. Everyone in life has experienced some form of loss and pain. Through L.O.S.S. we will get through this. “This too shall pass.” Where the mission is to rise from devastation to elevation, and where we stand upon these 5 pillars that are: Love, Empathy, Compassion, Kindness, and Respect. We are Agents of Change on an assignment to listen and to care. I am the proud Founder of L.O.S.S. and we are here to encourage others who have experienced loss and traumatic loss, whether from spouse, relationship, child, pet, job/income or business, self-identity or more. Serving widows and widowers. We are here to support. Here to care. Regardless of your loss, please know that you are not alone and that there is purpose in pain. God has a plan for you. Sometimes the things we go through and experience in life are hurtful and even unexplainable. If you are grieving a loss, here are some tips for you: Take your time. Breathe. It’s ok to cry. Find your group. A place where you feel acceptance and love. Don’t allow anyone to rush you. Take as long as you need.


BE the FLOW! | WINTER 2019


ORDER YOUR L.O.S.S. is a nonprofit 501c3 organization dedicated to lending our shared stories and helping PRINT in theCOPY community. We do not gossip or share your story. The only person can tell your story is you. We have been blessed to travel to 14 states and 2 countries sharing our mission and purpose. We have a widow support helpline and a pet loss helpline. We are here to serve. Loving on communities by providing community city coat drives, local and national Release the Loss Meetups, Conferences and More. We recently celebrated our 1-year anniversary with nearly 100 Agents of Change throughout US and Canada and daily growing. Together We Can. If there is ever anything, I can do to help you or anyone dealing with loss, or perhaps in sharing their story. Feel free to visit L.O.S.S. online at loss-events.org.





Life in the Overflow magazine shares our last interview with the Legendary Rance Allen from our Spring 2018 Stellar issue. Interview by Treva Gordon

LITO: Our special guest comes to us today, all the way from Toledo, Ohio. He is Bishop Rance Allen - the Legendary Gospel recording artist, songwriter, international evangelist, church leader, and so much more. Please welcome my great friend Bishop Allen, how are you today sir? 20

BE in the FLOW! | FALL/WINTER 2020

but they’ve come back now, and they are more happy with Jesus than ever before. I have six sisters and five Bishop Rance Allen: I’m doing wonderful Treva, brothers and praise God that all of us are still alive and, for the most part, everyone has had a good relationship glad to be with you with the Lord. LITO: Well I am so glad, and thank you for this interview. I want to first begin I read somewhere and I know this you’ve been preaching since the age of twelve. And thank you for what you do for God and the Kingdom. Did you know even back then that you would be where you are with Christ today traveling all over the world singing and preaching did you know at the age of twelve that God would open so many doors for you?

LITO: I love it, now for several years I have covered the Stellars from the red carpet to backstage congratulations on your three Stellar nominations sir, at the 33rd Annual Stellar Gospel Music Awards. How does that make you feel? Plus, you have already received Stellar Awards; you are still an award winner, twice I believe. How many Stellar Awards do you have Bishop?

Bishop Rance Allen: I was preaching throughout the ages of five to twelve. I was now preaching in different states: Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and so on. While I really didn’t have a true concept of what God was doing and where he was taking me, I did know that my relationship with Him was real; and then I was blessed to have people around me who believed that God was going to take me by the hand and use me around the country and in other parts of the world. And my grandmother in particular, she was a great, great force that I had with me for a number of years and she let me know from day one that God wanted to use me to preach; and not only in my own community, but around the country. That was instilled in me by the age of twelve.

Bishop Rance Allen: Yeah, I actually have six of them. I tell you it took thirty-seven years to get the first one. This is why I tell younger artists; don’t feel bad if you don’t get chosen to receive an award for a number of years. What you’re doing, you’re doing it for the Lord. Once you settle in on that fact, then it’s kinda like Matthew 6:33 “But seek first his kingdom and its righteousness and then all these things shall be aired unto you”. So, it took me thirty-seven years, but I praise God now I have six of them that I can show”.

LITO: Wow, well that’s the word that the Bible declares that we should train up our children on the way that they should go, so when they are old they will not depart from it, so clearly you are an example sir, in your family. A family of twelve, were all of your siblings singing, preaching and ministering as well?

Bishop Rance Allen: It is a family affair, my brothers love music. We write together; for many, many years we played together. I was the guitar and the keyboard man. My brother, Steve was the bass man, my brother Tom was the drummer. For about eighteen years or so we played together, and after that, new blood started to come in such as my nephew being the drummer, and people from my church that I knew from when we were young boys, now to young men. They now played for us, and going on the road with Tom and Steve can be a real pleasure if you have the same frame of mind that we have. We are thankful to God for allowing us to be musical carriers of the Gospel. We have loads of fun out on the road. continued on next page

Bishop Rance Allen: Well, all of us were raised in Christian homes and we’re church kids. I mean, at one point we were having church every night of the week. But even with that said, not all of my brothers and sisters are preachers. But, a great many of them are in the church. Some of them had to make that trip out into the world to see what they thought they had missed,

LITO: I love it, now what is it like performing and touring with your brothers? I tell you what it’s a family affair.




BE in the FLOW! | FALL/WINTER 2020

LITO: I can tell, I’ve seen it, I’ve seen it backstage. You all are just happy Christians, just the joy of the Lord, Bishop Allen. I said, “This Bishop is real”. I mean, you’re on the stage we see you one way, but behind the scenes you are just full of life and the Lord. And you credit all success to God, you always pointed back to the King. Bishop Rance Allen: All of it goes to Him, every bit of it. I’m a firm believer of the scripture that says without me you can do nothing, but with me we can’t be stopped. When God is for you who can be against you? LITO: Okay, a few more questions for you Bishop. This is an awesome interview and I thank you. Are you performing this weekend at the Stellars sir?

he told me that the Lord had changed his life. He told me that he had received Jesus as his Lord and Savior. He told me out of his own mouth, he told that because of the changes God had made in his life, he wanted to do an album of Gospel music. He also told me that he had been listening to me ever since he was fourteen years old. Yeah, and you never know who’s listening to you. Although, he may have gone a wayward kind of way, that Proverbs 22:6 was in him, his mother taught it to him that if you bring up a child in the way that he should go, when he is old he can never really depart from him. He can never get out what the Lord has put in him. We talked and next thing you know, we came up with this song that I had written fifteen years ago, and I told him that I had him in mind when I wrote it; and he was blown away to think that I would have him in mind with what he was doing at that time. LITO: Fifteen years ago, Bishop, you had Snoop Dogg in your heart. Bishop Rance Allen: Yep

Bishop Rance Allen: No, I won’t be performing.

LITO: Wow!

LITO: Okay, well we’re praying for all of your team and your ministry with three nominations, I tell you what; the people of God truly are blessed in such a creative way. There’s this rapper that’s out there and we have heard of him, by the name of Snoop Dogg. Oh, ‘Bible of Love’, oh my goodness! You have a particular project you’re on with Snoop Dogg himself; can you tell us how that came to be?

Bishop Rance Allen: And I’ll tell you why. This has to be the working of the Lord, because I did not listen to his lyrical content at all. All I noticed was that he was a rapper and I liked the way he handled his craft; and so when I wrote this song, I said I want to do it with a rapper’s approach. And I had him in mind. Boy, when he found that out, he said I want to hear this song; and he pulled it up on his phone while we were talking. He heard about ten seconds of it, and boy he went in. He said, “Man I got to have this song, this is the one you got to do for me on the album”. The next week or so, he sent me a track. After that, I put my voice on the track. The next week after that, he put his voice on the track and all of a sudden, we have this beautiful song called ‘Blessing Me Again’.

Bishop Rance Allen: Well, that has a very unique story to it. Myself and the Rance Allen Group, the band, all of us we were in Chicago, summer of 2017 somewhere around July or August; and we played before a crowd of ten thousand outside the amphitheater. Just before going out to perform, my manager got a call and he told me, ‘you won’t believe this’. It’s a call from Snoop Dogg’s office. He said that ‘his people wanted you to talk with him’. I don’t know why, but I got immediately excited about it, and you know how you say you don’t know what God is up to, but you know he is up to something.

LITO: Oh, my! I love it! Thank you, Bishop, for blessing the world. I’ve been playing it in my car, I play it when I go to the gym. I said, ‘I don’t care’. My sister said, “Who are you listening to?” I say, Snoop Dogg. Yes, I thank you so much for lending your talent to the world, you’re a crossover, God is LITO: Yes sir. using your ministry; and if I could ever present you with an award you know what that award you be Bishop Rance Allen: That’s the feeling that I had. That Bishop? next week Snoop Dogg and I talked on the phone and continued on page 28




eCornell University Study Growth Leadership for Female Entrepreneurs BE in the FLOW! | FALL/WINTER 2020


This year has taken a toll on many businesses. With Coronavirus looming at every turn and the numbers of those infected rising daily, many companies have had to search for other means of survival in a declining ecomony. Restaraunts, movie theatres, and most corporate companies restricted their employees to work-from-home social distancing and some furlowed their staff and forced them into unemployment. During this pandemic, many stay-at-home mothers had no choice but to get creative and pursue another stream of income through entrepreneurship. Perhaps you were already a small business entrepreneur and your business has suffered greatly during this pandemic. If your small business is suffering and you were not able to get financial relief through government grants - you are not alone. The year 2020 has taken a toll on us all. Here is an excercise to help you deal with stress and worry in your business. This will help you keep what’s most important in perspective. Take a blank piece of paper or open a new document file and write down everything that is causing you stress or worry right now. Don’t stop writing until you’ve captured as many things as you can possibly think of. You may fill up the page, but that’s okay. Get it out of your head and put it down on paper. Now go back through the list and put a line through everything that can be ignored, at least for now. Yes, cross it off. Before you leave something on the list, make certain that it is something that has to be dealt with now, and has to be dealt with by you. Ask yourself, “What would happen if I ignored this particular stressor for the time being?” There is a very good chance that the answer is either “Nothing” or “It might just go away” or “Someone else will deal with it who is just as able to do so as I am.” For those things that are left on your list, answer the following questions: 1. What is this stressor/setback TEACHING YOU that you could someday teach someone else and/or that is helpful to your development as a leader of this business? 2. What is this setback MAKING POSSIBLE FOR YOU NOW? What opportunities is it creating? For example: 3. If you lost a customer, how could you take the resources—time, money, and personnel—that would have gone toward serving this customer and put those toward something else that will help your business? 4. If a valuable employee quit, what growth opportunities might this provide for another employee who would like to “step up” into that employee’s role? What weakness did the departed employee have that a new employee whom you hire into the role might not? Once you have completed this exercise, you will find that you have freed up the energy you would have spent worrying about these stressors so you can do something more productive with it.




I, the LORD, hate and despise your religious celebrations and your times of worship. Even though you bring me burnt offerings and grain offerings, I will not accept them. Though you bring choice fellowship offerings, I will have no regard for them.- Amos 5:21,22

It’s that time of year. So many homes have been decorated with their beloved Christmas trees and other decor that brings in the holiday spirit. The tradition or ritual is that sometime after Thanksgiving or on that day, it is okay to put your Christmas tree up. You can put up your real evergreen tree or a fake one. I grew up in a home where my parents always had a Christmas tree and to be honest, most black families did. Chrismas time was a time of gifting and celebrating with family. We’d pull names and give each other gifts and my brother and I would stay up on Christmas Eve to open our gifts at midnight. It was a great childhood memory. It was part of a culture that we didn’t know where it’s origins derived. It was just something that our parents did at Christmas time and now we did it for our children and grandchildren. Christmas is a big time of year in the church. It is said to be the day that Yeshua Hamashiach was born. We know that this isn’t true - but somehow we get sucked into the rituals of Christmas. There are Nativity plays, Christmas songs about an infant Hamashiach, we put up the tree, decor, buy and give gifts, have family gatherings all in the name of Jesus. What does God have to say about some of the rituals we do in the name of Christ? Does he even care about a tree that we decorate for a season of remembering His son’s birth on? I believe the answer is yes. In His Word, there are many instances where God has punished Israel for their idol worship. He has destroyed their false idols many times as well. Does God speak to the prophet Jeremiah about what we call the Christmas tree? Let’s take a look and read the Word of the Most High.


BE in the FLOW! | FALL/WINTER 2020

SCRIPTURE “Do not learn the way of the nations or be frightened by signs of the heavens— though the nations are terrified by them. The customs of the peoples are useless: it is just a tree cut from the forest, the work of the hands of a craftsman with a chisel. They decorate it with silver and gold, and fasten it with hammer and nails so it won’t totter. Like a scarecrow in a cucumber garden, their idols cannot speak. They must be carried because they cannot walk! Do not fear them for they can do no harm —nor do any good.” ~Jeremiah 10:1-5

The Most Hight referred to the tree as an idol! It has been decorated with silver and gold and fastened so that it won’t totter. The customs of the people are useless and it is just a tree from the forest. Sounds just like a Christmas tree to me. We know that there weren’t Christmas trees in the time of Jeremiah, but there was certainly some time of similar custom. A precept of Jeremiah is Isaiah 41:7, the prophet points out the use of the tree to make wooden idols. Whatever it maybe the truth is that Christmas itself is rooted in paganism and idolotry. Saints, we must be careful with following the customs of men. Especially when we do not know what we are practicing. So, where did the idea of the Christmas tree come from? Since these are not the traditions of Christ, what ritual are we following? It has been said that the origins of the tree are Babylonian during the time of Nimrod, the first Babylonian king (1 Kings 14:23). Although that is not proven, we can say that the holiday is absolutely pagan and idolotrous and has nothing to do with Yeshua Hamashiach. We must use wisdom in all things that we do. It was things like this that caused Israel to be diminished and scattered as a people when God gave them the blueprint of things that would separate them from their land and their protection. LIFE IN THE OVERFLOW MAGAZINE


“All of it goes to Him, every bit of it. I’m a firm believer of the scripture that says without me you can do nothing, but with me we can’t be stopped. When God is for you who can be against you?” - Bishop Rance Allen RANCE ALLEN INTERVIEW CONTINUED

Bishop Rance Allen: What would it be? LITO: It would be best hair. That silver curly hair that lights up the room. Talk about the hair, what is the secret to that great hair? Tell us. Bishop Rance Allen: Well I started to turn gray at the early age of sixteen and by the time I was maybe twenty-six, going on thirty I said I don’t want to be dying my hair black all the time, because I thought it was going to be too much of a problem. So, I said I’m gonna let it go gray and see what it looks like. So, I did that, and my wife’s beautician saw it and said to me, ‘now if you’re not careful all that gray hair might turn all kinds of weird colors’. So, she said you need to let me treat it for you. She started treating it and she is the one that even to this day, who makes it look this nice silvery looking gray. LITO: And now it’s your brand, it’s a part of your brand. We all know you have silver hair. Bishop Rance Allen: It sure is. I’ve had people ask if they can run their fingers through it; others have tried to pull it to see if it was a wig. It’s a part of my persona. LITO: What advice would you give to up and coming artists? Those who are trying to be where you are today and sometimes may get a little frustrated along the way. What do you say to those artists who are sitting at the award show maybe in the back row; they’re outside passing out fliers and they’re saying God did you call me to do this? What do you say to those artists? Bishop Rance Allen: Well, because they’re human I would say; and the frustration is part of the package, but when you get past that, you have God on your side and God on your side makes anything bearable. You can come through it and I would like to say to them also, to make sure Gospel music is what they want to do. That will end a lot of the frustration and the confusion, if you’re just certain that Gospel music, giving God glory through your talents and gifts is what you want to do. And if you know that, and take just a few scriptures, like the one I mentioned before, Matthew 6:33. Put His kingdom and his righteousness first; you can’t just sing Gospel, you’ve got to live a life that represents Gospel and then all these other things that God has for you, they will come in time; and you’ve gotta be patient. You have to count all that time that you’re waiting, count it as joy. Really take that time to write some beautiful music, take that time to come up with some words that can change men’s’ lives; come up with some music that can make even the world dance. You’ve got to make use of your time in a godly way, and I promise you, if you stick it out God will come for you, he will come through.

Well Done Good & Faithful Ser vant 28

BE in the FLOW! | FALL/WINTER 2020

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BE in the FLOW! | FALL/WINTER 2020

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BE in the FLOW! | FALL/WINTER 2020

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