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Tips for Deer Hunting With a Pistol or Revolver Indepth Hunting Here ph


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One key to hunting deer with a handgun is to be able to accurately determine distances in the field. If you aren’t able to gain skill in doing this then you need to get a range finder. Being able to properly know the limit of your effective range with the handgun and how to compensate for various distances is important when firing a slow moving bullet from a revolver or pistol. Practice firing your handgun at various ranges and be skilled in compensating bullet drop to assure that you fire only ethical shots at deer that will result in a quick kill. Pick deer hunting stands that take advantage of the firearm that you are using. Choosing stands that provide close up opportunities to take deer at an effective handgun range is just one thing to consider. Handguns actually have some advantages over rifles and shotguns that you need to consider as well. For instance hunters using a handgun need less space to maneuver due to the shorter length of the gun. Also it is much easier for right handed hunters to shoot to the right with a pistol than with a rifle (and vice-versa for lefties). Pick a stand that plays to the advantages. One place to consider is ridge tops. A ridge is often used by deer to move from one area to another, yet is a difficult ground stand for a rifle hunter due to the uncertainty of the direction of the deer’s approach. Another advantage that pistols and revolvers have over rifles is that large bullet. While not moving fast compared to a rifle bullet, that large slug will open up a large wound cavity providing an easy blood trail to follow and generally quick drops to the deer. Hunting near large patches of brush, hillsides, and other difficult tracking areas is not a big problem with a handgun as long as shots are taken at an effective handgun range. Good luck with your handgun hunting. Be ethical and be safe! Visit my Content Producer page for additional articles on hunting, fishing, and much more.


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Tips for Deer Hunting With a Pistol or Revolver