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The King doesn’t rule, he reigns! the pompous ex-pat yelled at me from across the deck. Still, it didn’t bother me in the least. I was on my favorite mode of transportation: the slow night boat from Koh Samui to Sura Thani, Thailand. There are two boats, I suppose, each traveling opposite each other at night. And the boat only travels at night. I don’t think passengers are allowed above deck, and even if they are, there’s only a tiny place to stand. You go directly below deck, where you find there are no windows, tables, chairs, or even a place to get snacks (so bring your own). There are only two very long rows of mattresses (with clean, fresh bedding and pillows), and no curtains to separate you from your next mat neighbor either. Sound horrible? Well, it’s the night boat and I always loved it. The Gulf of Siam is very tranquil, for one thing, so when the lights are dimmed, all you can hear is the hum of the engine and all you feel is a gentle baby rocking from the long, lazy waves. Nobody talks and it’s utter peace (the ex-pat shut up long ago). Visions of Koh Samui’s green still crisscross your mind, and since Sura Thani is no one’s idea of a destination, where you are ultimately going is still too far ahead of you to keep you awake with excitement. It doesn’t take long for a lullaby sleep. Before you know it the ship anchoring at pier awakes you, and the Sura Thani markets are there to greet you with smiles and a pleasant breakfast of rice gruel, chili pepper, Thai (really Chinese but who’s counting?) pickles, and soft-boiled eggs. Ah, the night boat! I wonder if it’s still around?


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The Koh Samui Night Boat