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The Future of Deer and Deer Hunting Indepth Hunting Here ph


My reasoning is this. When we go hunting for deer what are we always hoping to shoot? Usually for most people they want to hunt and shoot the illustrious trophy deer. However, most people are finding that these trophy deer are becoming more rare every hunting season. It is not difficult to understand why this occurring when you look at these deer populations at a genetic level. When we decide to shoot a deer we look for deer that display the best traits. Antler size, body size, healthy and strong looking deer are the most strongly sought after game. This is also the most sought after traits when it comes to mating season. We are actively removing these deer through hunting, and leaving the smaller weakly deer behind. These smaller deer are the only deer left to repopulate their numbers. Of course not all the large trophy deer will be hunted, but when you think of these two different populations of male traits the scales will be skewed towards the smaller weakly deer. Essentially, the traits that choose for smaller deer will be passed on to the next generation, which will lead to future generations of smaller deer. This is happening so quickly that I have even witnessed this change in my lifetime. There are also other issues that are exacerbating this problem. There are much more females left in the population, which still provides the smaller deer with greater mating opportunities, which is also leading to overpopulation of the species. In their natural environment the natural predators of these smaller weakly deer such as wolves and cougars, which have been extirpated from most areas in the country again allow for these deer to survive and reproduce passing on their genes. We are doing this everywhere with wild populations of animals, and not just with deer. Regardless if we are hunting or fishing we always want the biggest animal there is. That is why there are shows like River Monsters who are trying to get these trophy animals on tape before they are gone forever.


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The Future of Deer and Deer Hunting