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Shooting.22 Caliber Rimfire Indepth Hunting Here ph


Shooting.22 caliber rimfire rifles and handguns makes an excellent choice for training beginners in the sport. There are a number of quality rifles available to the shooter including.22 caliber variants of the more popular AR platform. With handgun manufacturers, there is a large selection of short and long barrel varieties that work well for target shooting or small game hunting.

All of these guns possess substantially low recoil and, with the low ammunition cost of the.22 Long Rifle (22 LR) cartridge, this makes them ideally suited for training purposes. Expert target shooters and hunters everywhere agree that shooting.22 caliber rimfire is the best start for firearms education and hunter safety.Many.22 caliber rifles and pistols are designed to be either single-shot or semi-automatic. Using the gun as a single-shot is quite helpful when training, as instructors can monitor proper use of the firearm one bullet at a time or through the use of dummy rounds. A good instructor will train the novice shooter on all aspects of handling a gun and the safety precautions one takes when using a firearm correctly. Every gun should always be treated as a loaded gun. The variety of 22 LR ammunition on the market today allows those shooting.22 caliber rimfire to select a round with specific intended purposes. There are sub-sonic bullets designed specifically for accurate target shooting, hollow-points for small game hunting, and special hyper-velocity rounds for varminting and pest control. The performance of each round varies dependent on which type of gun is being used. Some semi-automatic rifles or pistols have difficulty cycling truncated types of ammunition so care needs to be taken when selecting the right bullet to use.Rifles are most common for.22 caliber rimfire shooting and quite accurate at ranges of 50 – 75 yards. Longer range shooting can be done beyond 100 yards but accuracy is greatly diminished and almost non-existent past 150 yards. For pistols, typical shooting takes place at 25 feet where tight groupings can be made by more experienced shooters. Those looking for a challenge may prefer shooting a.22 handgun out to 50 feet. There are a number of quality optics that can help increase accuracy at the longer ranges.


If you are new to the sport of small game hunting or just looking to improve your accuracy, shooting.22 caliber rimfire will be the most effective way to get started. The low cost of 22 LR ammunition, low recoil, and high accuracy of.22 rifles and handguns makes this the ideal type of gun for beginners. For the expert hunter or shooter, the availability of popular platforms chambered in.22 caliber, such as the M1911 pistol or AR15 carbine, make for an economical way to maintain accuracy or brush up on skills.

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Shooting.22 Caliber Rimfire  
Shooting.22 Caliber Rimfire