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Practice is the Key For Goose Calling Indepth Hunting Here ph


You may have found the perfect location for hunting geese. The hiding spots are as plentiful as the birds. But this is still no guarantee that you’ll go home with a large catch. If you can’t master the art of goose calling, the odds are good that you’ll end your day empty handed. It’s a sad truth: Many novice goose hunters think all they need is a good gun and a great hiding place to catch geese. They skimp on the goose call, buying the cheapest model they can find. Even worse, they skimp on their practice sessions, too. Yes, practice sessions. Blowing a goose call doesn’t come naturally, at least not to most hunters. And novice hunters almost never understand how to blow a goose call so that it sounds like an actual bird. Far too frequently, newer, and some experienced, hunters frighten their prey with a goose call that sounds artificial. Geese are too clever to fall for goose calling that’s such an obvious fake. The solution is a simple one, though it’s not one many hunters want to hear: You have to practice your goose call before you take to the woods. You need t make sure that your goose-calling abilities are honed before you take that short reed call into the field.

No one likes practicing and it’s hard work but practice always pays off. How many great athletes, musicians or artists credit their successes to the long hours of practice they’ve endured? You’ve heard the phrase, “You perform how you practice?” It may sound corny, but it’s usually true. And it’s almost always true for goose calling. Your hunting buddies will certainly appreciate your hours of practice. How many times have you ruined your friends’ chance to bag perfectly good geese by blasting an unnatural goose call? Be thankful your friends haven’t turned their shotguns on you yet. Until you become a pro, it’s best to practice the simplest of goose calls. Concentrate, then, on the single, basic honk. This is the call geese make the vast majority of times, so they will respond if you master it. There will be plenty of times to learn more advanced calls, such as triple honks, later. Work on the basics first. Remember, it’s easier to do a more complicated call incorrectly. This will frighten away geese. At the same time, it’s easier to master the simpler single honk call. And if you focus on this particular call, you’ll be far less likely to scare away your prey.


No one wants to be the one person who hasn’t yet mastered goose calling. Not being able to operate your goose call properly is a serious handicap when it comes to hunting. Put in the hours of practice now, even if you’d rather not, and it will pay off in several big hunting days in the future.

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Futhermore: Practice is the Key For Goose Calling

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Practice is the Key For Goose Calling  
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