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Out on the High Sea With a Remote Control Boat Indepth Boating Here ph


Everyone needs a hobby, right? Some people collect comic books, others collect sports cards. Some people collect dolls, others might collect little trinkets that only sit on a shelf, collecting dust and are only good for looking at. For the last few decades, since the mid 1960?s actually, another hobby has been adopted by vehicle and toy enthusiasts alike.

That hobby deals with RC vehicles (remote control boats, trucks, cars, airplanes, and helicopters.) Not only can these models be put on display for others to look at and enjoy, but unlike many collectibles, they can also be played with. Back in 1893, Nikola Tesla actually gave a demonstration of an RC boat, and radio technology was used on various vehicles by the military in WWII, but the model versions didn’t appear until much later. Today’s RC remote control boats come in many different types and classes and they are divided by the type of hull and the type of engine. And those categories are divided up even more by the type of battery used, how many batteries, engine CC, etc. Remote control boats generally feature one of 4 different ways to power them; electric, sail, nitro and gas. Electric powered boats are usually cheaper to buy, easier to maintain, and are also quieter than the other types of model boats. If you want to save money, and have an electric remote control car, you use the battery pack, battery charger, plus the motor all on an electric boat. A basic electric boat can get speeds of around 15 to 20 mph. If you are new to the world of racing model boats, then that is pretty fast already, but you can upgrade the motor or batteries to increase the speed once you are a little more experienced in controlling the boat. Some of the more popular companies who make electric remote control boats are Megatech, Nikko, CEN, and Traxxas. Nikko is known for toy boats, CEN is good for cheap and fast boats, and Traxxas is known for high quality boats for hobbyists. In addition to electric boats, you can also buy nitro or gas boats. Nitro boats use a special fuel designed for model boats, while gas boats use a fuel similar to what you would put in a weed eater.


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Out on the High Sea With a Remote Control Boat  
Out on the High Sea With a Remote Control Boat