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Man Attemps to Buy Crack with Credit Card How You Can Improve Your Credit Score Here ph

PerpPlexity is a periodical celebration of criminals who have yet to reach the mastermind status — we’ll settle for asking them to simply think the next time. For the most part, criminals aren’t the smartest people. Take the case of a Flint, Michigan man who reported to police that his car was stolen — a car that, allegedly, he stole himself just a few days prior. And oh, this same fellow tried to buy crack cocaine with a credit card. Yes, a credit card. Needless to say, Flint Police have the man in custody and he is temporarily calling the Genesee County Jail home. Of course, crack addicts are known to be unpredictable and a bit sketchy. But perhaps attempting to purchase an illegal drug with a credit card isn’t the brightest idea. In fact, since when have drug dealers carried around credit card processing terminals? Why didn’t he just go to the local gun store and buy a gun to rob someone for nickels and dimes and head to a Coinstar like a normal druggie? Better yet, buy the gun at Wal-Mart; that way, the Coinstar is in the same building and it’s less walking around for him to do. Additionally, the criminal mastermind would still have his stolen Malibu.


We expect more from you, Crackheads of America. Do better next time, or we’ll have to downgrade you to below the Methheads of America.

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Man Attemps to Buy Crack with Credit Card  
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