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Logical Steps to Surviving the Hard Times Ahead How You Can Improve Your Credit Score Here ph

Unless you’ve kept your head in the sand as our less then illustrious leader Mr. George Bush, you are fully aware of the current price of gas and the projected dramatic increases yet to come. It’s only going to get worse, there is no relief in sight. There isn’t going to be any relief either until our economy moves away from oil, as no matter what there is only so much left. Regardless of what that amount is. As times get harder what steps can a person or couple take to place themselves in the best possible position to maintain a level of comfort and financial flexibility to roll with the punches so to speak. 1. Maintain no debt: A controversial idea, living within your means regardless of what those means are. For some this may require a heavy handed approach to separating your wants from your needs. Life’s necessities can still be acquired at a modest expense. Discount food stores, even food shelves, thrift stores, rummage sales, clothing doesn’t have to be new or the latest fashion to keep you warm. There are may ways you scale down the cost of food and clothing, leave no stone unturned. 2. Cost effective housing: This can mean different things for different people. If you have five kids it is quite obvious you can’t comfortably live in an efficiency apartment. As a single person or a couple living without children this can be a more cost effective solution when compared to owning a home. As the economy changes, leaving some areas of the country with high unemployment the ability to relocate easily may be a life saver. Consider a mobile residence, such as an RV, or even a smaller mobile home that you can move on your own. Tumble Weed Homes has the right idea, small super energy efficient homes mounted on a trailer that can be easily moved to new locations. Maintaining flexibility will be the key to survival, the ability to hitch up and leave town can be very helpful.

What ever place you call home, make it as energy efficient as possible. You’ll be seeing more of your dollars going up the chimney in the future, what you do now to slow that down is to your advantage. 3. Mass transit: More cities will be required to provide bus service to areas never before taken into consideration. Moving to an area on a bus route now will put you ahead of the game. The price of gas will continue to climb until demand drops. That means if you can afford to drive it will keep going up until you can’t, permanently. This will happen regardless of how much oil is still in the ground. No matter what the measurement is, there is only so much left. It will be many


thousands of years before enough carbon decomposes to makes more. 4. Grow your own: When it comes to food, it will go to the highest bidder. With world wide hunger growing, and the cost of transportation climbing soon the basics of life will be priced too high for the average consumer. Back yard gardens, roof top planters, it will soon become mandatory to good health that you learn the techniques required to grow fruit and vegetables. Meat will follow as the price of animal feed will drive the price up. Maintaining small livestock such as chickens, pigs, and goats may soon be a part of every day life. 5. Protect your space: Sadly humanity isn’t very nice. When times get tough, crime increases. A person who is starving will do what ever it takes to get food. Establishing a neighborhood group that realizes what it will take for all to survive. How working together to grow crops and raise livestock as a group may be more workable then striking out on your own. Communes were in vogue back in the 60?s when hippies chose to drop out of society. A similar approach could help a neighborhood provide for everyone. It’s not unrealistic to think a garden may require 24hr guards if transportation of goods and prices cause an economic breakdown of society. Hunger is a powerful force that can easily turn people against each other. 6. Learn forgotten ways: Canning, putting up tomatoes, making the most of your harvest. Pioneers did it years ago, our Grandparents did it during the depression. Anyone who thinks similar hard times can’t return is a fool. To be knowledgeable of how to preserve your crops to carry you through the winter months just makes sense. Mason jars can be found at almost every rummage sale, or farm auction. Now is the time to stock up. The same goes for seeds, there is a reason why there is Doomsday Seed Banks around the world. They were set up in case of disaster. As they aren’t in your neighborhood the availability to seeds stored there is not meant for you. Now is the time to collect seeds for your own protection. There are many things that can be done now to prepare for the coming hard times. You don’t have to jump off the deep end and go live in a Bomb Shelter, but you can start working towards a way of life that is more ecologically sound and better for our environment. This will go a long way toward assuring you have a comfortable future in our changing times. Anyone else have feelings about this? Tell me and I'll send you a free gift.

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Logical Steps to Surviving the Hard Times Ahead  
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