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Nothing beats feeling the wind on your face as you are sailing across the waters of your favorite lake. You are free, just you and the lake, leaving all your worries and troubles behind while you glide across the waves! Do you enjoy sailing on the lakes? Do you live in Chicago or visit once in a while and would like to rent a boat while you are here? If you are looking for a way to spend some free time out on the water, then here are some ideas on how to rent sail boats Chicago! * Sail Chicago Here is a unique opportunity to maximize your time pursuing your favorite hobby. Sail Chicago offers a program that will allow you to contribute service time in trade for rental of a boat. For just 20 hours of service time per year, you are free to sail as often as you like. You can also set up a prepaid Rental Deposit Account, so that you can indulge your hobby anytime you desire and have it pre-paid. If you enjoy sailing and would like the chance to give back a little of your sailing knowledge, this is a great program for you. *Fairwind Sail Charters Serving Chicago since 1978, Fairwind Sail Charters provides a complete service for your sailing needs. They also have courses on sailing, certified by the American Sailing Association, which will provide the knowledge and licensing you need in order to sail these exotic yachts. Fairwind Sail Charters feature the Beneteau Yacht line and are one of the best companies around to rent sail boats Chicago. *Chicago Sailing Providing everything from sailing lessons to rentals and group programs, Chicago Sailing is an all-inclusive full-service sailing program and known as one of the nations largest facility. Their fleet includes the J-22. J-24, J-30, Hunter 326, T-10 and the 53 ft Bumblebee which can


accommodate up to 40 people. * SailTime A new program in boat rentals, Fractional Sailing allows you to share the lease on a boat so that you pay far less than normal rates, while being able to sail a boat that you are familiar with. No more guessing what kind of boat you will have and trying to get use to it. Know what you will be getting before you get there. Relax and spend your time sailing. The best part is that as a SailTime member, you have access to boats around the world. Wherever SailTime operates, you are a member with full privileges. *Lakeshore Sail Charters Imagine chartering the 77 ft – Red Witch Schooner to watch whales or just cruise the lake on the 36 ft- Crescendo. Whatever you desire, Lakeshore Sail Charters is there to take care of you. These are just a few of the ways to rent sail boats Chicago. Check them out, you’ll be glad you did.

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How to Rent Sail Boats in Chicago  
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