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How to Clean Boat Carpet Stains? Indepth Boating Here ph


Carpet in boats acquires stains as easily as indoor carpet. The process to remove such stains is also similar to that for indoor carpet. Outdoor carpet composed of olefin, a thermoplastic resin, can stand up to the challenges a boat presents: sharp fins on skis and wake boards, hooks from fishing lines, fish that get loose and lots of concentrated foot traffic. Like it or not, you’ll have a difficult time while you’re trying to remove oil-based stains in particular from that tough material. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t manage to handle with such cleaning. Carpet cleaning Putney advises you to use the following tips in order to facilitate the cleaning process: In case you have to clean a fresh stain, start by removing loose material using a spoon or credit card, and a clean, white cloth to blot the remaining material. Dampen the cloth with water if a dry cloth won’t do.

Prepare a mixture of ¼ teaspoon dish-washing liquid per each cup of water if the plain water isn’t enough. Wet a cloth with this cleaner and blot the stain. Treat slowly and gently to transfer the stain from the carpet to the cloth. Do not rub the stain—this can press it even deeper into the carpet fibers. Try to remove oil-base stains using the same cleaning solution and blotting process. Alternatively, you can use a commercial carpet stain remover.


After that rinse the areas where you’ve applied the cleaning solution with water. You can soak outdoor carpet, unlike indoor carpet. Press dry, clean cloths onto the wet area in order to dry it or let the area air-dry. Vacuum the entire carpet with a powerful wet/dry vacuum first. By doing that, you will remove any loose particles at the base of the carpet and prevent them from rising to the carpet surface. Rinse the carpet with fresh water from a hose. Mix one part white vinegar with seven parts water to prepare a cleaner. Put the solution in a spray bottle and spray your entire carpet with it. Rinse again with the hose and let the carpet to air-dry. Good luck!

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How to Clean Boat Carpet Stains?  
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