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How to Claim Back PPI How You Can Improve Your Credit Score Here ph

Did you know it is possible to claim back PPI payments you have made? There have been thousands of UK citizens who have taken out major loans such as mortgages, store and credit cards. Some of these borrowers have been mis-sold PPI plans that they did not need. If you have taken out or paid off a major loan, store or credit card in the past six years that has included PPI, you may be eligible to get your money back with interest. Does PPI Protect Borrowers?Payment protection insurance was originally designed to protect borrowers from missing loan payments due to unemployment, illness, or injury. For many, PPI is mandatory and must be part of the loan; however, this is not true for all people who take out mortgages, store and credit cards. Over the past few years, it was discovered that certain bank and lending institutions had offered mis-sold PPI plans to tens of thousands of their customers. The resulting overcharges due to either mis-sold PPI or having the borrower pay higher than the standard rates were due to a number of reasons. - Borrowers were told PPI was mandatory when it was not. - Borrowers were not fully informed of all of their options when being sold PPI. - The lending institution overcharged the monthly PPI rate, sometimes by a factor of 4 or more. - PPI was added to the loan without the borrower’s knowledge. - Borrowers were not informed that PPI could be purchased elsewhere. - The term of the PPI did not match the length or value of the loan. - If the loan was paid off early, the remaining PPI payments were not refunded. These are just a few of the reasons tens of thousands of UK citizens were mis sold payment protection insurance. The resulting scandal made nationwide news, and today, thousands of borrowers have successfully reclaimed their PPI payments through the reclaiming process. However, as with most programs, the process is somewhat complicated and a single mistake on any of the forms or in the procedure for filing can cause a PPI reclaim case to be rejected. In order for the thousands who are still owed money, based on being mis sold PPI to maximize their chances of getting their money returned, a team of professionals was set up to handle PPI cases for borrowers looking to reclaim their money. These professionals have handled hundreds of PPI cases and have successfully filed to have PPI overcharges returned time and time again. The best part for those who are unsure if they qualify to reclaim PPI payments is that these professionals do not charge for their services unless they are successful in getting money back for their clients. This means that if it is discovered that you were mis sold PPI legitimately, and at the proper rates, you would not qualify for a refund and you would not pay any money whatsoever for


services rendered. For those who are not sure about whether they are owed a PPI refund, you can now take action and find out. Contact the professionals who are experts in handling PPI reclaim cases to see if you can get back the money that you may be owed all without any risk to you. Your Turn: Do you have any advice you would like to share? What tips would you like to add? Please comment below. And I'll send you a free gift.

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How to Claim Back PPI