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Financial Literacy – Think Debt Free How You Can Improve Your Credit Score Here ph

The next critical shift is your thinking is to think debt free. As you can not create wealth if your money is being consumed by debt. And this consumption of your money could be one of the biggest causes of stress and unhappiness in your life – especially when your debt keeps rising and the bills seem never ending. While credit provides the immediate gratification that we all desire it robs you of the opportunity to create real sustainable wealth. And once you allow yourself to get into debt it is usually difficult to get out. As you can easily get buried in credit card interest charges and service fees alone, not to the mentioned the other consumer loans! But no matter how deeply in debt you are, there still is hope. Therefore, you must shift your thing to being debt free as soon as possible and evaluate every offer of credit critically.

Another good thing to do is to see how much your debt is causing you each month. You will be amazed at how eye opening this simply exercise will be. As you will now know know exactly how much dollar your debt is costing you each month in interest payment and fees. Money that you could be using over time to create wealth if you just did not have the debt. This is why it is so important for you to get out of debt and to do so as quickly as possible. And one of the best way to accomplish this is put in place a debt reduction plan that you are committed to following with each and every pay cheques you receive. It would also help if you had someone that you were accountable to for your actions and debt reduction plan like a trusted friend who like you is focused on becoming debt free or a financial coach. And if you have children be sure that they know what you are doing so that you become a mentor to them. As children usually follow what their parents do. So this would be a great time to educate them about debt’s destructive power on wealth creation. Taking Control of Your Money Workbook is also a useful resource. There is no question that spending money provides excitement and an emotional rush but you should never forget that every dollar you spend has the potential of jeopardizing rather than enhancing your financial future and wealth creation.


Therefore, you should strive to maximize your returns on every dollar you spend. Because if you take care of your dollars, the ten’s and twenties will take care of themselves. Can you please comment below? I'd appreciate it, and I'll send you a free gift.

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Financial Literacy – Think Debt Free  
Financial Literacy – Think Debt Free