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First thing you do is sign up- you start with a small lot (which you can increase in size later) and you plant seeds, add friends as neighbors, receive and give gifts, all to earn experience points to get you to the next level. So here’s a breakdown.

Leveling- for the first few levels you only need to get 1000 experience points (which I’m going to abbreviate as ex points from this point on) to get to the next level, then it goes up every few levels, making it more difficult as you get higher up in the game. The higher the levels you are the more options are available to you, more crops you can plant, more gifts you can send, more buildings and items and even more options like farm expansion. Ex points can be earned from plants, animals, trees, buildings, friends, and more, read below to find out how. Planting- first you plow the ground, this alone gets you one experience point, and you have a few crops that you can plant to start out with, each plant (or seed) has a cost and an amount of time that it takes before you can harvest the crop. Ex. strawberry’s are 10 coins and they take 4 hours to grow, and then you have 4 hours to harvest them before they wither. And they yield a profit of 35- so from the 15 it takes to plow and the 10 to plant, 4 hours to harvest, and strawberries earn you 2.5 coins per hour. compared to coffee beans which are not available to you until level 20 or so, they cost you 120 to plant (plus the 15 to harvest) and yield a profit of 243 in 16 hours, which comes to 6.12 coins per hour. Each crop remains ready to harvest for the same amount of hours that it took to grow- and then withers. You also earn ribbons from crops- for the variety of crops and for the amount harvested- gaining you fv coins and dollars as well as experience points. And most recently fv has added levels to the crops- I haven’t figured out what this means yet, but when I do I’ll add it on as a comment to the article. Oh and ex Friends/neighbors- anyone of your friends who also has a farm can be added as your neighbor, and you can join groups to find friends to add specifically for Farmville. The reason for friends are plenty, *first they can send you gifts, animals and trees, *second you get points for helping them on their farms, *third you earn ribbons for the number of neighbors you have and the number of them that you help *forth you can earn ribbons for taking pictures of their farms. Trees- you can either buy them or receive them as gifts from neighbors, there are a few that you can only receive as gifts, and they produce crop similarly to the seeds, they take a certain amount of days to produce c rop and the longer it takes, the more you get from harvesting. You can also sell your trees for coins. And if you buy a tree you earn 5 ex points. Some farmers claim that to make the highest profit you should fill your farm with trees instead of crop due to the fact that you can fit a lot more trees into a square “plot” than you can crop, but it takes a lot longer to harvest trees (averaging days instead of hours) and I think it takes down the level of


fun if you don’t have any crops. Animals- you can buy animals, and earn 5 ex points but you can only buy cows, chickens and sheep, you can be given (or give) a whole lot of animals however, from goats to bunnies and even (just added) baby elephants, you can keep the animals and let them yield you a profit, eggs, milk, horse hair, with similar time/profit comparisons to the crops and trees or you can sell them for a one time profit. Several ribbons can be earned from how many animals you have, and how many you collect from, to how many you rescue- sometimes one of your neighbors (or you) will be notified that a stray has wondered onto your land and you can then give you’re neighbors a chance to save the stray and add it to their flock, the animals to date are, black sheep, brown cow, ugly duckling, and I believe there is even a stray bunny of some sort (though I’ve not seen him yet). And animals can now wonder around aimlessly if you want them to, though most farmers tend to fence them in with hedges or fences. Décor- in this category I’m putting buildings, and all other non profit yielding items, these can earn you ribbons and ex points and make your farm look pretty but they don’t really do much else, you can sell them but for a much smaller price that what you bought it for, its great for when you’re just a few hundred points away from the next level but you have 20,000 coins or so, you can buy a fruit stand or a grain silo and instantly boost yourself into the next level. FV dollars- this is the hardest thing to come by in the Farmville game, and there are quite a few items that can only be purchased with the fv dollars, they can be earned by leveling, (1 $ for each level) and sometimes from ribbons, or you can purchase them with PayPal or credit card or by filling out trial memberships- which is how Farmville makes a profit. Tricks- I’ve learned a few tricks in the time I’ve been playing on how to be more successful in the game- one way is to box in your farmer, this keeps them from walking to do everything and makes it go much faster, second is to get as many friends as possible, this will give you unlimited options for points (though you only get 5xp points for the first 20 neighbors you help each day and 1xp after that) and unlimited gifts, which you can either keep or sell, I pick and choose the items I sell and keep depending on how many I have already and how badly I need money. – I will add friends just for Farmville and then hide them on my home page so I’m not bombarded with news and such from people I don’t know. There are also plenty of cheats out there but I don’t use them, I think if I you cheat your way to a higher level you aren’t really getting the real Farmville experience, all in all it’s a great game, fun way to pass the time and be warned- highly addictive. Well I hope that’s helped, I am sorry I didn’t write about the vehicles available in fv, I don’t use them cause they confuse me, but I’m sure you can find another article on here that will talk about them. Happy farming! Post a comment below...and I'll send you a free gift.


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