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Disadvantages of Using PayPal Debit Card How You Can Improve Your Credit Score Here ph

PayPal is an excellent way of doing business online, which allows payments and money transfers easily. It acts as an alternative for other conventional paper methods namely cheque, money orders and demand drafts. Nowadays, people buy a lot of things over the internet and PayPal is the suitable way to make a payment. Many people across the world use these electronic fund transfers for online shopping. However, these days, people are facing a lot of challenges while making a simple payment online through PayPal. What is a PayPal Debit card? PayPal debit card is given to the customers who hold an account with this company. This card is quite similar to a debit card, and it deducts the purchases made from your PayPal account balance.

How to get a PayPal Debit card? There are many formalities involved in getting a PayPal debit card and the basic requirement to get it is to be a company’s customer for at least sixty days and should have a business or premier account with the company. These debit cards are more like any other cards issued by a bank. You could easily withdraw cash from the ATM and can make debit purchases with a PIN. Safety measures for PayPal For security reasons the PayPal debit card has a withdrawal limit of only $3000 for daily purchases and a limit of $400 for ATM withdrawal. The worst thing about using PayPal is that whenever you spend money, it gets credited from your credit card and not from you PayPal balance. It is so inconvenient to again make payments to the credit card. The major disadvantages of using PayPal are: • It is not safe and the account can be misused by anyone • It has limited access to your funds • It is a must to have a credit card for verification, in order to get a PayPal account • You could face a number of problems related to phishing emails • It is difficult to get any kind of refund from PayPal • It is not so easy to add funds to your account whenever you want • limitations on withdrawals • Most of the customer do not know how to use PayPal services


• Fee charges for transactions are high when compared to other service providers To conclude, it is advisable to not to go with PayPal services, as the process generally takes more than 20 days to get any refund or resolve an issue with eBay. It is best to find an alternative and get rid of this loot company. Can you please comment below? I'd appreciate it, and I'll send you a free gift.

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Disadvantages of Using PayPal Debit Card