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HEAD OFFICE 11a Lower Bridge Street, Chester, Cheshire CH1 1RS Website: General Enquiries 0845 269 0928 EDITORIAL Editor John Sothern 0845 269 0928 Our eye in the sky: Neil Slinger from NS Upholstery often contributes aerial photos to Life in Cheshire

Hello and welcome


irst of all I would like to thank all the staff at Life in Cheshire for all their hard work and commitment on getting the first issue of the magazine out on time and looking great. As the slogan says, this where life get more interesting. Unlike other magazines which are predominantly advertisements, we have made a commitment to ourselves and to you the reader, that we will have more articles than adverts in every magazine that we do. The majority of magazines nowadays have about a 70-30 split, which means 70% adverts and only 30% articles. We are going against the grain and aim to achieve 70% articles and 30% adverts. We promise that in every magazine you will get the same regular articles like home & garden, fashion, technology, cookery and history but we will endeavour to create special features each month that no other magazine will even come close to matching. One of the special features this month is about the fostering crisis that is happening right now across the UK. Also this month we have a fabulous review on the Blackhouse Grill in Chester and also a special review on the Lowry Hotel in Manchester. One final thought. Cheshire is a fantastic place to live, work and play and there will be only one magazine which combines everything to make life more interesting. Can you guess . . . John Sothern Editor

Our cover picture shows Beeston Castle taken by our eye in the sky photographer Neil Slinger


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Deputy Editor Bernard Carey 0845 269 0928 Designer Dean Whittam 0845 269 0928 Feature Writers Catherine Hancock, Amy Poole, Amy Hughes, Rosie Brants, Lauren Houghton, Rochelle Travers, Danielle Brereton, Saisha Kerr, Alexandra Murdey, Peter Leatherbarrow, Jennifer Mulcahey, Alex McCue, Nicola Smith ADVERTISING Advertising Manager John Sothern 0845 269 0928 Advertising Sales Executives Bernard Carey 0845 269 0928 Carl Smith 0845 269 0928 Lee Harding 0845 269 0928 Ian Reilley 0845 269 0928 Classified Sales John Sothern 0845 269 0928 CIRCULATION AND SUBSCRIPTIONS Circulation Manager John Sothern Retail Sales Executive Bernard Carey

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Where life gets interesting.

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ADVERTISING Advertising Manager John Sothern 0845 269 0928 Advertising Sales Executives Bernard Carey 0845 269 0928 Carl Smith 0845 269 0928...