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Theatre Royal Glasgow - BoxOffice: 0844 871 7627 A Midsummer Nights Dream 25th Jan - 26th Jan Now in its eighth year, the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland’s ambitious Winter collaboration with Scottish Opera continues with a celebration of the 100th anniversary of Benjamin Britten’s birth with a revival of Olivia Fuchs’s 2005 production for the Royal Opera House of A Midsummer Night’s Dream.


Adapted from the Shakespeare play in collaboration with Peter Pears, Britten’s version is centred on the ethereal world of the fairies rather than the human action at the heart of the original.

Go Dance 13

From 29th January Call For Entries Go Dance 13

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Go Dance 12 was our most successful festival to date with 50 groups and a record breaking 1300 dancers performing over five nights. We are the largest community dance festival in Scotland, with participants from every region of the country showcasing dance in all its forms. If you would like to participate in Go Dance 13 please email creativelearningglasgow@theambassado to receive an application pack.

w w w. h i g g i n s t h e b u i l d e r. c o. u k

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SERVICE S How dealing with an impartial insurance broker saved Lanarkshire grandmother from a £4000 bill The harrowing story of a 75-year-old grandmother from

the year, during which time her grandson had limited

Lanarkshire who was caught up in a distressing dispute

access. It was only in the winter months that he used the

with a multinational insurance firm has illustrated Once

vehicle more frequently than her. Over the year as a

again the benefits of dealing with a trusted insurance

whole, she did significantly more driving.


Moreland was able to obtain access to an underwriter

goods or assets for others or who arranges or negotiates

with decision-making capability. Presented with the

an agreement. I prefer to think of a broker as the

facts of the case, he was sympathetic to the lady's

cushion between the customer and the often faceless

argument and immediately agreed to pay the claim.

giants of the insurance industry.


Where the call centre had stonewalled its customer,

The strict definition of a broker is one who buys or sells

The disturbing thing about this episode is that it appears

We were certainly the buffer when the Lanarkshire

that someone within Aviva actively wanted not to pay

woman, a customer of many years, bought a new car.

and became deaf to argument. It is understandable that

She added her teenage grandson to her insurance policy

people make mistakes and uninformed decisions, but

as a named driver, which raised the premium from the

the measure of an organisation is how they react when a

£300 she was used to paying to in excess of £1000.

decision is queried.

The lady, who still very much enjoyed driving, did not


use the car particularly frequently in the rain and snow

"gatekeepers" of the call centre and persuade people in

of the winter months and the grandson took the

the organisation who were authorised to make decisions

opportunity to use it to commute to his job.

to review the situation and consider the grandmother's









in £4000 of damage to his gran's car as well as damage

It is extremely difficult for a private individual to make

to the other driver's. When he was asked by the

any headway with call centre teams who are restricted

insurance company, Aviva, if he was the main driver, he

to interaction on the basis of rigidly defined scripts. The

said that he was, on the grounds that he was the one

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general perception of the contact centre model of doing

using the car most at that particular time.

business, from the customer's point of view, is

The company took the view that this was a case of

overwhelmingly negative.

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One icy morning, however, he had a crash which resulted

"fronting", or using a good risk name to obtain insurance

A broker who does regular business within the inner

for a person who might be viewed as having a higher risk

citadels of the insurance companies has far greater

profile - and rejected the claim out of hand.

influence with its key personnel and knows the routes

insurance company's call centre staff, the aggrieved grandmother was ready to concede defeat and pay for the damages and costs out of her own pocket - until she turned to Moreland as the broker which had arranged the policy. On inspection of the facts, it became clear that the lady was the main user of the car for at least nine months of

into the decision-making areas. When you are dealing

with these commercial giants, it pays to have someone on your side.

For further information, contact Alan Johnston, director, Moreland Insurance Brokers, 117 Cadzow Street,

After trying unsuccessfully to argue her case with the

Hamilton, South Lanarkshire ML3 6JA . T: 0845 1800 500.

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We focus on helping our clients manage, safeguard, and pass on their family wealth. We would be happy to discuss the following topics:

Gordon Sommerville

Wills and Estate Planning - Making a will

longer do so for him or herself. It is a means

allows you to determine how your Estate is

of protecting individuals who do not have

distributed. Simply put, the only way to


ensure that your money, property and possessions pass according to your wishes is to make a Will. 1 Kenilworth Ave Wishaw ML2 7LP 01698 373365

Set up a Trust Fund - If any of your potential beneficiaries have special needs or learning difficulties, then Discretionary Trusts can be

Powers of Attorney - A

very useful in providing

Power of Attorney is an

for their future.

extremely useful document which gives 08 someone the authority to deal with your

financial and welfare affairs when you no longer have the capacity to do so.

34 Hill Street Wishaw ML2 7AT 01698 373365

Land and property – We offer competitive rates for the purchase, sale, and letting of property, family owned

commercial property, and Equity release. Protect Family Assets - We can also advise on steps that you can take to protect your assets (including your family home) against

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possible long term care costs. You may wish to consider setting up a Property Protective Trust Will which is a very effective way of

Home visits – If you are unable to get to the Office or you would simply prefer to discuss matters in your own surroundings we are happy to arrange a home visit.

protecting if not your property, then your parents’ property.

Why not give our team at 1 Kenilworth Avenue, Wishaw a call on 01698 373365 or



79 Quarry Street Hamilton ML3 7AG 01698 891616




email on

appoints an individual or professional to act and make decisions on behalf of someone who can no Follow us on Twitter

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w w w. l i f e i n . c o . u k

To A d v e r t i s e i n t h i s m a g a z i n e p l e a s e c a l l 0 1 6 9 8 4 2 3 0 1 8



SERVICE S Do you have dentures? Do they sometimes feel

“I would definitely recommend dental implants as

loose? Can you laugh naturally without panicking

an option to provide a long term, solution that is

about your dentures slipping out? Do you have

easy to look after as part of my normal dental

spaces in your mouth that your self conscious of?

care. Having the implant fitted has restored my

Over the last 35 years the use of dental implants has transformed dentistry. Implants are often the first choice of treatment for the replacement of

confidence completely in my teeth/smile and is indistinguishable from my own natural teeth” E. O’Kane 2012

missing teeth and to secure dentures in place. The World Health Organisation now recognises


that the best way to hold dentures in place is by the use of implants.

Come & talk to us to see how we can help you on 01698281205

01698 281205 A dental implant is essentially a substitute for a natural root. The implant is used to support a

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denture or even a crown or bridge. They feel like natural teeth and behave like natural teeth. Once placed and you have your new teeth or denture you will be able to laugh, smile and eat with much more confidence. Here at L & H we have been placing implants for over 10 years years now and we are perfectly placed to help you. We have undergone advanced training in the techniques required to give you the very highest standard of treatment. We offer 0% payment plans to allow you to spread the investment in your smile. ‘Caring for you better’

72 Cadzow Street Hamilton ML3 6DS


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The Gentle Approach / Natural Healthcare

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Holistic medicine is a natural based treatment system

insert fine needles by soft tapping into defined spaces around the body which create the correct mild stimulating effect. Overall patients feel a state of relaxation during treatment and this continues after treatment too. Treating back pain , sciatica, frozen shoulder, arthritis, spondylitis. Massage, Biothermal lamp, Cupping, Moxa, Magnetic therapy, Aromatherapy – also available for relaxation and pain relief

Herbal Clinic- Full range of organic herbal extracts and tinctures, Herbal creams, balms, ointments, poultices, capsules, teas/infusions, lotions and oils. The herbal clinic helps many varied conditions such as colds, influenza, coughs, digestive problems, chronic fatigue, viral illness.

Homoeopathic medicine-many people seek help from this most gentle form of medicine. Practitioners patiently listen and observe using the unprejudiced techniques of homoeopathic casetaking. Patients report feeling calmer, believed and truly understood after a homoeopathic interview. Many can feel more able to make decisions, confront problems and become functioning human beings again. The practitioner prescribes homoeopathic medicines to take until all symptoms reduce and the patient is back to normal.

Stress-anxiety and depression-- These are unpleasant symptoms for the client/patient. Holistic treatment requires a full appraisal of lifestyle, one to one support and the use of relaxing therapies such as acupuncture, homoeopathy, psychotherapeutics and herbs. Consultations are available daily-telephone 01698 428889 for an appointment PAIN RELIEF CLINIC and Acupuncture- activates endorphins which are chemical messengers released in the nervous system to reduce pain and induce a state of relaxation. Treatment is carried out by qualified therapists who initially assess suitability for treatment, explain the treatment required,

Natural Healthcare Brandon House

(Bus station) 23 Brandon street,Hamilton Tel-01698 428889

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ta n e r -

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co . s l a nt

.c s l a t n

k u .

k u . o .c s n l e l a r e a e a b r t r t r a n n n t u n a . e n e n a b r a r w r e b r r n .u rb n u a . u a n . w ww b a b w r w w r b u . w u r . w w u w w . w w w w k w k u w w Year? w.u . k w u . o u w . o c Thinking of renting in the New . k o c k . s c u l . . u k s w . l a s o u l o . a t w c a . c t o n . t s c l . n ls re k en a s a l r t u . t a n n o n t n a e c e n . b r r r e s ba l r r u n . a n u a . t a n w n b n a b w r e w r e b r u . r w u r . w n w .u n w a a w w b k w b r k-w u w w r . w u . u o . w c w . k w k s u l w . u k w . a o u w o . t w c . c o n . s c l e s . k u l r . k a s u a l . t o u . t a n o c n . o n t a c e . s c e n l . r s r l e a s l r a t n .urb a n t n a t n n e b n a ba r r e r e b r u . r u r n . u n a w . n w a b a w w r b w b r u w . w r n w u . u a . w w b w k w w r k u w u . u k . w w . o u w o . w w c . c o k s w c l . k u . k a s w u l . t o u . a o c n . o t k .c s c n l . re u s . l e a s l r o a t n a .c c t n a . t s n n l e s b n l a r r e a e a b r t u t r n n -r n u n a . e n e a b r a r ww. w r b b r n .u w r n u a . u a . w w b b w r w w r .u w u k . w w n u w w . w w a o w b k w r k u w . k w u u . . o u . als.c o c w . k o k .c s c u l w . . u s . l a s o l w o a t c a . c t n . t s n l e k n ls r e a u e a r . t r t n o n n n a c e . n e a b r k s a r r l b u b . r a u n . r n o t a .u a c .u w n . b b w r e s w r l r u . w a u . w t n w w w n a w e b k w r r k w .u w u u . . n o a o c w . b k c b k r s . u l w r . u s u . . l a u o . w o w .c c nt w . s l w e s k l w r enta a u w a . t w t n o n n a c e . k e b r k s r u r l . u . a n o .u no t a c . a c w n . b s b r l e a s w r l r a t u . a u t . n w t n w n e w n a r e w e b r w r r n uk w w u n a . n a b a w r b k b k r u u . w r . u u . . u o . w w c w . co w w . s l w s k . l w w a u w a . t w w t o n k n w c . k u re . k s w u l . o u . a n o c . n-re o t a c k . s c n l . b s .u r l e a s l r o a t u . a c t n . t n w n e s l r e w en a ba r r t r n w n u n a . e n e a b r a r w r b k b r u n u . w r . n u . a .u w ba b w r .co 01698.u423018 -w w w r u . w u k . w w w w w w o w k w c . k u w . w u ls . o uk w . a o c . k o t c k . s c u n l . . u k s . l e a s o l o .u a t c a . c t o n . t s n-r 84 Cadzow c n l e s . n l r e a s a l r t reStreet t a n n n t n a e n e n a b r a r r e b b r r u n . r a n u a . t u a n . w b Hamilton n a b w r w w r e b .u r u r . w u w . n w a w w - ww ML3 - ww k w b u w w r . w u o . w c . k w k .c u ls . u k s w . l a o u o . a t w c . c t o n . s c n l e s . k l r k e a s u a l r . t u nta ban ren rent


Smoothies with more sugar and calories than a can of Coke Packed with fruit and with no added preservatives, fruit smoothies are billed as the healthy option when it comes to drinks. But a new study shows smoothies might not be as healthy as they are cracked up to be as they contain surprisingly high calorie and sugar levels. Research by Which? tested 52 fruit smoothies from leading brands and major supermarkets and found 24 contained 30g or more of sugar per 250ml, the equivalent of six teaspoons of sugar.


Which? tested 52 fruit smoothies and found they might not be as healthy as they are cracked up to be. Nearly four out of five smoothies contained more sugar than a 250ml bottle of Cola (26.5g) with the worst smoothie per 100ml for sugar was Pineapple, Mango and Passionfruit smoothie with 14.7g of sugar.

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Scientists say that while the sugar in smoothies is from the fruit and not added, it is just as damaging to teeth and weight as the sugar in fizzy drinks. All the smoothies were also found to have surprisingly high calories - all 52 tested contained more calories than a 250ml bottle of Coca-Cola (105 calories). Scientists say the high calorie and sugar content found in fruit smoothies is due to the high concentration of fruit included.For example drinking one 250ml Innocent Blackberries, Strawberries and Blackcur-

rants smoothie contains: 3.5 blackberrries, one strawberry, 31 blackcurrents, 5 white grapes, one apple, half an orange and half a banana - which someone would be unlikely to eat in one go. While the findings reveal shockingly high levels of sugar and calories, smoothies do still provide valuable vitamins and minerals, which you would not get from a bottle of Coca Cola which only contains added sugar. The demand for smoothies has boomed in the last decade with the rise of brands such as Innocent and the market is now worth an estimated ÂŁ109m a year. Smoothies are a good source of fruit and provide valuable vitamins and minerals, but they can contain high levels of sugar and calories so should be consumed as part of a balanced diet. Which? Also surveyed over 2,000 UK smoothie drinkers and found that nearly a third (29 per cent) wrongly believe that you can get more than two of your five a day from drinking a smoothie, with one in ten under the assumption they can get all five portions. However research shows a person can only get their five-a-day by eating a mixture of fruit and vegetables, it is not possible to do this by drinking smoothies alone.

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Shop Local

Eat Local 26

Support Our Town

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Enjoy Local

Drink Local

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Alastair Jackson Joiner Hello to you all! As some of you may be unlucky enough to recall, I used to regularly write in these pages. It's been a few years since, and I thought it was high time I subjected you to some more drivel. I still do all of the things I used to (from

tiny jobs to kitchens, windows, extensions,

etc). But what better way to start than with the cheery topic of dry rot.

within a year. Another means of introduction can be via spore transferrence from clothing, pets, shoes etc. More modern houses, with treated timbers, are far more resistant to attack than older untreated properies, but, as I've personally witnessed, it can still happen. And, a word of warning...many people are under the impression that their buildings insurance will cover them. It won't. Unless you have a speciallist policy specifying dry rot cover (and a detailed survey

When I was around 20, I worked with a company that dealt

of your home would be required before the policy would be

solely in the treatment of woodworm, dampness, wet rot and

accepted) you will have to cover the cost yourself. Could

dry rot. I stayed with that company

this possibly get any worse? Well,

forabout 4 years and saw countless

unfortunately, yes. If your home is a

instances of the devastation these topics can cause if left untreated. In

be liable to pay for any damage

my experience though, by far the

caused to adjoining property if it


can be demonstrated that the

I don't mean to be a scare-monger,

thing, like a fungal cancer, and like

really I don't. I'd just rather that if you

most living things it needs air and moisture to survive. It initially

have any suspicions whatsoever, do something about it sooner

attacks a small area and develops a fruited body, from which

rather than later. Give me a call and I might be able to save you

vein like strands grow in any direction. These strands go in

thousands by nipping it in the bud. If you've got rot, I'll tell you. If

search of moisture, and timber, with it's natural healthy moisture content, is an ideal source of nourishment. The strands suck all the moisture out of the healthy timber (hence 'dry' rot) leaving it strands will seek out tiny gaps and work their way through. In order for it to attack any property, it has to be somehow randomly blowing in the wind. Some seeds will land in areas

you don't, I'll tell you. All my dry rot remedial work is chemically treated and guaranteed. And, feel free to call me with any other joinery work you need done, regardless of how small a job it is. Till next time

All Joinery and Building Works Undertaken

unsuitable for growth, others will land in areas with ideal growth

For an Unrivalled Quality of Service and Craftsmanship

scary thought, but given these ideal conditions undetected

Call Alastair on

(and it likes to hide), it can destroy a perfectly healthy home

07508 374913

rot actually is: it's a living plant-like

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source came from you.


First Class Learning... Maths and English Children Learning to Succeed Has your child lost confidence in their studies at school? Does your child struggle to keep up with their classwork? Does your child need more challenging work than school provides?

Every parent knows that success at school in Maths & English is an essential foundation for their child’s future. Today, many parents are investing in their child’s education. They realise that their child 30 needs support and confidence to succeed and really enjoy their learning experience. Children, after all, are sponges for learning new concepts, provided they are presented with tasks that they find easy to understand and do. Our structured yet flexible programs, designed for children in the UK, will help

your child to succeed at school and grow in confidence. First Class Learning is a tried and tested method of providing the correct level of study and rate of progression to suit the individual needs of your child. Raymond Pelosi, centre manager says “It’s amazing to see children’s faces light up, their confidence growing by their own efforts. Sometimes the effect is immediate because suddenly they discover they really can do it.”

Ages 4 - 18 years Based on School Curriculum Raises Confidence and Self Esteem

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Hamilton Learning Centre

Every Thursday - Almada Community Centre Hamilton


Assessments For more information contact:

R a ym ond P e los i B .S c . 0 1 6 9 8 2 9 3 3 0 8 / 0 7 8 4 7 7 1 6 2 3 1 w w w . fi r s t c la s s le a r n i n g . c o . u k

re n a b a r b u . u r . u w . w w ww w w w Thinkingoof krenting in the.ukNew - Year? u . c . o s c l . k a s l t u . a n o t e c n . e s l r n-r a t n n e ba r r u . n a w b r w r u . u . w -w w w w w w k k u . u . o o .c c . s l s l a a t n en r e ent r n n a a b r b r u . .u w w w w w w w k w k u . w .u o c . k s l u . a co nt . e s l r a t n n a e b r r r u n . n a w b ba r r u . u . w w w w w w w k k u w . u . o w c . s l k a u . t co en . r s l a n t a n b r e s l r u . a t n w en ba r r ww u . n a w b w r u . w w k w u w . w o c . k k s u . u . o o c . c . s l s l a a t t n e Cadzow Street a 84 en r r n n b r Hamilton u . rba01698 423018 w.urba w w w w ML3 6EF w k k u . o c . k .co.u s l e r n rba

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