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ISSUE 14 | FALL 2017


LIFELETTER LifeHouse is a Christ-centered ministry ensuring life for unborn children by providing opportunities for housing, help, and hope for young women during their pregnancies and beyond.


LIFEHOUSE RESPONDS TO THE WETTEST HURRICANE IN U.S. HISTORY Once the storms calmed and the LifeHouse staff checked in as safe, the team went to work looking for pregnant women displaced by Hurricane Harvey. Executive Director, Meredith Phillips led the charge visiting local urban shelters Her first stop was nearby Lakewood Church. “They created a shelter on one floor and were offering services on another floor,” Phillips said. “There were so many volunteers that came, they were turning them away, but I went because I wanted to offer LifeHouse as a resource to any displaced pregnant women.” Introducing herself to a volunteer who was overseeing the medical station at Lakewood, Phillips told him what she was there to do, and in return, he asked her to stay and work the rest of the day. By the end of the day Wednesday, Phillips had talked at length with five

expectant mothers who lost their homes and had nowhere to go. She was able to immediately place one of the women in LifeHouse, which has the capacity for as many as 18 moms at a time, while the team helped connect 10 more women to vital resources within the community. “We really worry about the pregnant woman who has been in this kind of stress,” Phillips said. “We want to be able to give her an environment where she can rest physically and emotionally and be able to nurture the baby who is growing inside of her.” By God’s grace, the LifeHouse homes were spared of any damage and the ministry continues its work to help women, including past residents, who were affected by the storm. *This story is an edited version that originally appeared in Pregnancy Help News.

BOARD OF DIRECTORS Houston Lane, PRESIDENT Cason White, VICE PRESIDENT Robert Finch, TREASURE Leiselle Sadler, SECRETARY Greg “Buzz” Baker Rod Desroches Shenille Engelhart-Skopik JaNae Lyon Danielle Mitchell Stephanie Price Adam Roark Tom Rourick Matthew Slataper Darren Smith Yvette Simpson

ADVISORY COUNCIL Courtney & Doug Abernethy Brock C. Akers Reverend Tom Allen Dr. Voddie Baucham Sue Baumgarten Laurence & Henry Bragg The Honorable Jeff Brown Courtney Claiborne Jane Costello Ben Cowart Jeff Cranford Kevin Delaney Bill Donovan Barbara Elliot Beth Flinn Phillip Franshaw Dr. Celeste Garbarino Jason George Ashley Hanna Trey Hendershot Mindy & Jeff Hildebrand Emily Kelley Kristi & Robert Kincannon Matt Kuryla Susan & David Light Lesley & Kevin Lilly Emily & Louis Macey Candace Mullervy Ann P. Makris Poland Paul Rasplicka Oralia Rios-Nunez Nathaniel Richards James Marshall Rorie, Jr. Chris Seger Robert Shults Charles Simpson Reverend Jeff Smith Reverend Rufus Smith Allison & Spencer Stasney Nicole Stelivan Mark Strange Elizabeth Taaffe Kerr Taylor Jim Weatherall Cynthia & Chris Wenz Laura & William M. Wheless, IV




LifeHouse is grateful to partner with Texas Right to Life and their young professionals group, Y’ALL (Young Adult Life Link). In October, they came to the campus for some heavy duty indoor and outdoor fall cleaning! The residents also had a great time at the Hope City Pop Up Shop! They enjoyed facials, haircuts, shopping, and refreshments. Volunteers from Hope City church have faithfully served at LifeHouse throughout 2017, and the ministry continues to see the fruit of their love! LifeHouse resident Angelina



Hi, my name is Kena. I am a woman in recovery. Before I came to LifeHouse, I was living at a women’s recovery/sober living facility. The transitional living facility that I was in was not for pregnant women, so my time was running out and I had to find somewhere safe to live soon. Thank God LifeHouse welcomed me with open doors and open arms. When I came to LifeHouse I had a desire and effort to do differently. I had to make serious and healthy decisions, continue to put effort into my recovery, and prepare for me and my unborn child’s future. I learned how to have a better relationship with God. I also learned how to listen for God’s voice. I began to understand, experience, and know peace. I was able to have a healthy and stress free pregnancy. I am truly grateful for LifeHouse. Today, I am living in my own apartment and raising my child. Although it’s not easy, I’m grateful, because I look at my daughter and recognize that she is a blessing and so is life itself.

Kena’s daughter, Baby August

(Written by Kena, a past resident, in her own words.)



Blessing arrived at LifeHouse just three short weeks after leaving Nigeria. Initially, she planned to have an abortion as she felt the shame from her community of having a child out of wedlock. Before moving forward with the abortion Blessing cried out to the Lord, and He heard her prayers! She went online and searched “pregnant, homeless shelter, and Houston.” After calling several places with no response, Blessing called LifeHouse and received a

call back within 24 hours. During her time at LifeHouse she was challenged in many ways and learned to trust God more. She now knows that she is not alone and that God is with her. She says that in the past, she “used to struggle for everything good” and now “before I get to the door, it opens!” One of those doors is a new career. Blessing has been accepted into the nursing program at Prairie View A&M and plans to start in the spring!



Jesus Christ remains the center of the ministry through the many changes over the last 29 years. Hebrews 13:8 is a powerful verse that supports this. Keeping this at the forefront, LifeHouse is excited to announce that Meredith Phillips has accepted the role of Executive Director. She has served faithfully in the ministry for over three years and is excited to use her talents in this new capacity. Sue Baumgarten, who has served in every role at LifeHouse over the course of 24 years, will be stepping down to spend more time with her family. Please pray for this change

Thank you for your generosity in the wake of Hurricane Harvey! We are still in need of a washer and gas dryer, patio furniture, and women’s accessories

including make-up and jewelry. Please contact Amber Wilmeth at for more information.

Executive Director, Meredith Phillips

of leadership, and ask the Lord how you may be involved in this upcoming year!

CAMPUS WISH LIST We have created an online wish list that lists items needed for all three homes. Please visit the list at > Registries & Lists > Advanced Search > Organization Name “LifeHouse” If you are interested in donating something not on the registry, please contact Amber Wilmeth at



If you know of a young woman who is experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, LifeHouse stands ready to help: 713.623.2120